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this is a modern history of the usa by america. oh, naughty. oh . but even a prudence pledge to boost the gas flow to europe finally take some heat out to the market. thumbs up to reco breaking price. surgeries this week, which have seen so many you members questioning brussels energy policies the news moscow files that count a request to the global chemical weapons watch dog, etc. america st. questions about the alleged poisoning of criminal critic alex in a valley. despite the o. p. c. w. still refusing to cooperate with russia on the case with her son from russia's employed to the organization. and so the super center school, there's
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a feeling that something else how that goals are driving them. it is possible that this whole story is connected with the escalation of sanctions pressure. and it's exactly 20 years since the u. s. coalition invaded afghanistan with the country. now in meltdown family, sarah, having to resort to unthinkable measures when your stomach is empty, you can't think about the dark. sorry about that. i'm forced to sell a few of my kids to feed others. there's no option large mission with y'all. i appreciate you joining me this evening on our tea international versus our boiling gas prices have been reduced to more of a summer after intervention from vladimir putin who said that russia will ramp up exports to europe, addressing the continents energy crisis. on wednesday,
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the president added moscow would continue its commitment to ukraine with regards to gas transit. as from yesterday, she has prom believes that it would be more profitable for it to pay a fine to ukraine and increase the gas volume pumping through the new systems. but there's no need for that. there's more pressure in the pipe, less c o 2 emissions into the atmosphere. everything turns out cheaper and at $3000000000.00 a year, it is necessary to fully comply with the contractual obligations for the transitive gas through ukraine. although it is more profitable to sell it on the exchange, but there is no need to buy any one in a difficult position, including ukraine despite the difficulties in relations. second, there's no need to undermine gas prompts confidence is an absolute, reliable partner in all respects. of that m. f as in statements and the subsequent let up in the gas price search have seen some in the mainstream media changing that
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tone towards the node stream to pipeline. and more generally on russia's role as europe's key energy supplier concerns about moscow's alleged attempts to use oil and gas is leverage of, lessened at russia, wants it to be approved. but i don't think she's really doing anything wrong here. you know, europe has a supply crunch. russia has the gas to supply it. russia does instantly benefit from care for the market. they want high stable prices, and they want to be seen as a reliable partner. some are words soothing words, i guess which we rarely get from mr. potent actually helped reverse that. 3540 percent jump over night in natural gas over in europe. desson element off of russia playing politics. but there's also an element of a lot of money having been invested in noise being do not just on the russian side from the european side as well. i'm going german chance langler america has been
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vocal in her supportive. russia is a supply partner speaking it in a you balkan summit in st. levine, is she stressed that moscow's always stuck to contractual obligations to father is our gift. this, if you ask me whether there have been orders that russia has taken and then failed to fulfill as it stands. now, that is not the case. various, there are no orders that frush has said, no will, they'll not deliver those to you and we're not pumping gas through the ukrainian pipelines, rather, russia can only fulfill orders that have been contract it out. so the questions really isn't have been ordered for still, the russian leader also put the current crisis in the european gas market down to the use rushed push for green transition coupled with brussels decision to switch from long term gas contracts to immediate spot trading. the current volatility can be traced back to april this year, but it all came to a head this week, leaving european citizens delving deeper into already strained pockets. ah.
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when tending a trusted and the g partnership between russia and europe is a key focus of an international gas form that's taking place in st. petersburg estate. 3 of the gathering that on corresponding to the patrol car is on sites and on the sidelines of that event, he caught up with the ceo of the association of european businesses. that's tunzia shelley in the end,
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her pragmatism prevailed. it also showed that the interests of different stakeholders need to be taken into account. there is no sense in insisting on a, on one perspective and denying the to the fact that others view a project differently. you need to sit together. so it also showed the need for international cooperation the, the fact that now the stalemate has been overcome and that we have avoided or a complete blockage of the project is actually very good news. as europe, as a soon as a station of european businesses, we've also always been very clear that we are against the application of sanctions, especially in an extra territorial perspective that we think this is a purely commercial project. and we also think that the european energy security,
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something that should be decided in europe natural gas has an actually tremendous role to play as a transition shoe. we are here talking now about the traditional fuel mix that we need to move away from and move to greener or energy sources. but there is also a way how we need to bridge this process between a status that is the current status and, and out of future desires status. in the wake of the gas price search. busy spain has said that the european commission should negotiate gas contracts on behalf of all a member states that instead of the present system where individual nations agree contracts. the proposal our government is making is that the commission negotiates on behalf of all 27 member states. what we propose is a strength and co operation. but not everybody is happy with madrid's proposal with critic saying it encroaches on the sovereignty of individual states. alternative
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germany party emi p. gonna back belize, this game woodrum. contrary to the eas own current rules, it clearly contravene for article $194.00 of the eel treaties. there is a very bad habit. on the part of the e were institutions themselves, as well as many benefit states to disregard its own goal. they think their national interest justifies a breach of the treaty. they don't hesitate to ask others to disregard the treaty. now as a purely hypothetical scenario, if the treaty didn't dis allied, would i support this proposal? when it depends on the perspective? is it necessarily sensible for a contract to shy its energy supplies with everyone else?
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this pretty little sort of data t, the power to bother you repeat countries with germany generally. so i'm not sure i bought a solution. on the other hand, what is the german government likely to do because it ever has any regard fritz, a country's national interest. it's quite conceivable that the german government will choose to disregard the treaty and do what isn't in its own country's interest . the russian foreign ministry has found a count to request the o. p. c. w. after the u. s. and 44 other countries officially submitted a list of questions to the body. demanding laska give details about the alleged poisoning kremlin critic alex in evolving. russia said several times that the global chemical weapons watchdog is bluntly refusing to cooperate any one who calls on russia to conduct an investigation incorporation with the
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o. p. c. w into what happened to miss in a valley meets to once again be reminded of the facts. a year ago, russia replied to the technical secretariat of the o. p. c. w, for technical assistance under article 8 of the convention, but we never got any help. in august of last year in the valley, fell ill on board an internal flight to moscow. after an emergency landing, he was taken to hospital and they're placed in an induced coma. it was later lifted to germany at the request of his family. doctor's in berlin said in the valley, had been exposed to the navi chalk, nerve agent, and ultimately they blame the russian government. both russian officials and medical professionals who treat in the valley though claimed no poison. the southern says were detected in his body while he was in the russian hospital. moscow repeatedly i spoke germany and the o. p. c. w, for a joint investigation to making a recovery. and i've only returned to moscow where he was arrested and sentenced to 2 years in jail for breaking his parole conditions with regards to
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a corruption case. we spoke with a russian representative to the o. p. c. w. alexander, she'll get who gave his 1st and information in latest developments. ah, there's a feeling that something else. ah, the goals are driving them judge for yourself to day. i was not allowed to speak for more than an hour. the pretext were different. for example, the absence of the bulgarian representative should have been great in the appeal of 45 countries, i asked the ambassadors of the united states, great britain to brittany not want to hear the answer from russia. there was no desire to listen to us. apparently of the goals being pursued, it is possible that his whole story is connected with the escalation of sanctions pressure. look, ah, we wanted to do a joint investigation and what do you think the technical secretariat began to drag out the whole thing? one of the excuses was that there were no similar incidents from the u. k or the u
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. s. were putting forward a counter request within the same framework and expect that from sweden and the technical secretariat will never less sounds. the same questions that we asked earlier. we close this subject with a request from 45 countries and sent a counter request. the bowl is on this side. ah autos kristin, some nato countries of working with substances cold, navi chunk. i recall the statements of the check president who said in his country, there were laboratories where work is carried out with the substance cold. a tooth for yo, which can be attributed to novi choke the pretty sight admitted that in their potent down laboratory work was carried out with substances from the family of navi choke the united states is the only country that has not freed itself from chemical weapons. 140 peyton's have been developed there for the use of ammunition that contains chemical warfare agents such as no v choke. not
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today mark's 20 years since america and his allies invaded afghanistan, toppling the taliban regime. now in the wake of the west and pull out many questions is still being asked, not least why the telephones offer to hand over some have been loaded was rejected back then by the bush administration and led to 2 decades of war. countless lives lost, and at the end of it all the militants back in charge correspond him or i guess they have reports from cobble on what the conflict achieved. the afghan war, and it's just shy of it's it's 20th anniversary, the, the war a vengeance that was launched by the united states as revenge for 911 and quickly morphed into something else. one of the most protracted conflicts in modern history, an exercise, and a nation building before losing all lame and tiring on towards the end. neither the united states nor any of its allies still knew what it is that they hoped to achieve. here, the end result is,
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is that it was unanimously considered an abject failure that was before the united states invaded afghanistan. and the question that we're hearing now in the halls of congress, in parliament, in europe, and the press in here on television internationally is, is who though we lay, we need to consider some uncomfortable truth that we did not fully comprehend the depth of corruption and poor leadership and nursing arrange that we did not grass a damaging effect of frequent and unexplained rotations by president gunny of his commanders. and that we fail to fully grasp why there was only so much for which and for home. many of the afghan forces would fight. this has been a 10 year bought, i, administration, drawdown, not a 19 month or 19 day neo, these scandal is nowhere near over the americans calling it been ghazi on steroids
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. the republicans, as well as ordinary americans that see the end of the war as humiliating for america. they want someone held responsible, the biden, the miss administration, as was the pentagon, so far they have done their best to absolve themselves of all accountability for what many americans again see as the catastrophe they argue, storing that the fault is with many american administrations, that, that preceded them, and that is ignoring the tremendous financial cost of the war. some that could have made the lives of americans in many avail allies of the taxpayers so much better and so much easier. ah ah ah,
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ah ah. we are the wealthiest country in the history of the world, and yet we have the highest child poverty rates of almost any country on earth from the perspective of a civilian. there is scott evidence here on the ground in afghanistan of any of that money, other making its way here. aside from half finished clinics and broken roots testimony, the record breaking levels of corruption that, that so brilliant siphoned off into the bank accounts of corrupt officials into the pockets. the private contract. though the evidence of these billions being here is
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in the hands of the taliban, the guns that they wield, stamped with made in america, the vehicles military vehicles left behind the industrial quantity. the taliban are of course jubilee. they have dismantled everything that the united states beauty with human rights, the tolerance, the democratic institutions, and the matter of weeks. and they are jubilant. they have after 20 years of, and so wretched and rebellion, believe they want. mm . ah. by virtually any measure, this war was a failure. in some respects,
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it even made things worse. from a humanitarian perspective or a 3rd of afghans near an offer on the verge of starvation, with no hope inside the drugs manufactured and exported out of of got to start gil countless youth world wide. from a geopolitical perspective, the taliban considered an international pariah since its inception is now having to be negotiated with it, accounted with even the un bob from a security perspective. yes, al qaeda either ganga. stock may have been degraded but, but something worse has taken its place in nappies, isis, which has bound to the challenge to afghanistan. dominance by the taliban. of kenneth stands. banks of almost run out of cash. people are running out of food to less than 2 months after the taliban took over. added to that foreign aid is in short, supply with western donors,
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reluctant to deal with the new government and charities, a warning of a major humanitarian crisis. and i know this is not easy, but i need to be some solution to the financial flows into afghanistan to ensure that at least salaries can be paid and that essential supplies, power, and water being 2 of them can be procured. the absence of that will seriously exacerbate vulnerability for ordinary afghans. we spoke to an africa man now living in dire poverty. he admitted to the unimaginable, some would say indefensible. act of trying to sell his own children. he claims it was an attempt just to get money to feed the rest of his family. they go up to cambridge anxious to have a good business and a happy life, some new snow, but then the war began. we migrated here and my savings were exhausted, validated some people got some aid here about it, but the others did not. my pockets are empty now and i have no option left but to
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sell some of my kids in the world and to fight for the survival of my other kids with the money. i get that way when you get them and they give a patient. when your stomach is empty, you can't think about the dark side. he's out of a gene, i'm poor to sell a few of my kids to feed others and there's no option lashonda for which on the previous government did not help me. but i hope this new one will support me. i'm not asking for support for myself alone, but for all these people living here, like they are all from my tribe where they measure all of us refugees. here are one families. i asked for financial help for everyone. i couldn't eto slams is doors shut, st. and only half the russian delegation to the alliance, citing a rise in malign activity will bring the reaction from an angry moscow after the break. ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah. with ah good what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, his on offense, very dramatic development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk ah,
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a facebook whistleblower is being accused of bias after it was discovered that she has ties to the democrats make comes days after she said the company was harming children and stoking division in an impassioned plea that she made to congress calling for a crackdown on the social media jaunt. but i am here today because i believe facebook's products harm children, stoke division and week in our democracy. the companies leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram saver a won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical prophets for people. congressional action is needed. they won't solve this crisis without your help. frances, how going that is represented by a co founder of whistle blower aid john ty, himself a former official from the
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a bomb administration. the other co founder of the organization that helps whistle blows with legal aid is mark zaid. a legal representative for alexander lindman. the white house staffer who spoke donald trump's 1st impeachment and was more it turns out francis, how good has been regularly donating to democrat affiliated organizations all working to get more democratic candidates elected in the us legal media analysts line or believes that halligan's sudden appearance rings along bus she said what got her into this initially? was that friends of hers, friends fell down. i guess the rabbit hoyle, whole of conspiracy theories are who and, and, and hate a big it. oh, come on. this is classic bathing for what is considered to be, you know, right wing conservative up to pry, she didn't say white nationalism or white age when or where. i mean, seriously,
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she, i think me about of coverage or she actually made or the attendance you paid to children being victimized that was rather de minimis compared to the overall kind of a obscured message. it is interesting how she came out of nowhere. and i know there's a lot of interest as to who she is and where did she come from men? or why did she get blue checked so quickly and she was, she just started twitter on october. now that doesn't mean anything and, and of itself. but there's a lot of people who are saying, no, this is interesting. i believe nothing, nothing. i am told, whatever the news is, it is an insinuation, it is a suggestion. it is a presumption of truth. i don't believe anything. rushes on, it's delegation to nato nilly. hobbs with the alon superior, vague in offering explanations. why, you know,
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8 diplomats were banned from his brussels h q. moscow says that the move shows nato's clearly not interested in improving relations. artes donal quarter, has more nato made that decision to expel those 8 russian diplomats on wednesday. and so why was this diplomatic mission cut in half? well, according to nato, no reason in particular, this decision is not linked to in the a particular events of esau. a undeclared russian intelligence officers on the, on the we have seen an increase in ocean malign activities. sky news said that these diplomats were suspected of espionage and even suspected of killing people. i mean, is quite a 180 from nothing in particular. right now the kremlin has responded. danny shock doesn't move by nature surprised us, but it was not an expected. we were shocked face impertinence because there were no official explanations of the reasons behind it. at the same time the campaign
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started on social media, a smear campaign characterized by number fakes and straight up disinformation. voice from the side of meda now rushes foreign minister, a survey lab. rob did have a talk with stolen, berg about convening the nato, russia council for talks, but so far nothing's been agreed on. so we're gonna have to see how relations go from here. okay, the reps it up for this news. our thanks. we company here and i'll see i'll be back in half an hour with these are the full people who pulled the trigger. i survive something on survival. one of the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation of life. i accepted death. i accept the fact that i made that work. we had no fears. del change pretty fast for shots.
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different stories behind the bullets joined me every thursday on the alex silent. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess of the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, it was the most basic. okay. but i still bagley's go. he did. who bought, i bought a toyota from our company, who did on your way by that i was from politicians, to athletes and movies. does the musicals, does it seems every big need in the world has been here this year, pope of music marcus, corrosive. oh and when you get the go for anything with give me a glass with me for but she said basil makes dreams come true. the every one who
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falls in love with people like what mm. a way of life of reindeer herders leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality which sharply contrasts with the usual realities of megacity. while the men drive the hoods, women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders, but no one would ever put housewife on this cd. it's not considered a profession or an occupation that you'd get a salary or a pension for however, in the vast expanse of russia, there is a spot where a housewife could secure
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a regular employment status. it's in the far north that there's just one tricky bit unlike any other housewife. such a woman would have to live in a cham attend, covered with reindeer hides that moves location several times a week for ah, yeah, let's cool. so when you can, i'm you sort of with semester issue i'm with in usually with why do with that i did you get a new book with
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us on the phone with the police a while the man watching the hood, women are doing their best to make the a to make a dwelling as comfortable as can be in the middle of the frozen wasteland. you can do then you will get you over to the quote and i spoke with a fellow with the phone with the vehicle. you're good. i am with it. also thinking .


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