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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 7, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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hello to legislation between western states in particular has been effective. that could be a way for what we're going to do incrementally. now, i think just it's just a big bang and here we are. i don't think that will be the way forward on that. also do get incrementally, would increase, or perhaps trust them they'll always be those will never trust when they always think they're being watched, perhaps to see too many too much fiction in films and television. but, you know, we, we have to have a point where most people say we are, well, i can trust in this. well, i want it for, i want to be safe. i want, that's the important point. you know, we talk a human rights article to him in europe, the right to life. that's the most important human right. to preserve all chance, we'll have to wrap it up. i'm afraid we'll enjoy speaking to you both in getting your your views. senior research fellow leads back at universities law school, david low on my left, that retired police officer thomas is out on the right. thanks t both no need for facial recognition today where i'll be in half an hour. okay, with the headline to say that
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ah anonymity on the internet, the allows own problems and what was going to invite everybody's lloyd. that wasn't the glitch. that was the feature let the people who design teams and that is all in ah hello, i'm ash kaiser. this is the kaiser report. hey, we're going to do a little bit of magic right here, stacy? well, to do magic a need either cards or coins. well, i've got this little tiny coin here, but you know,
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like the biggest forces in the universe are quite tiny, like a collapsed star. it being like it really dense mass which sucks and all sorts of it has very high gravity. well, this coin is going to save the day because, you know right now in america, everybody's talking yet again. the last time they talked about this was $22009.00, the trillion dollar platinum coin. now again, of course, a trillion dollars. what 1213 years later, is not nearly as much as it was back in 2008, back in 2008. we, you know, the richest man on the world was like, warren buffett, and he was worth like $40000000000.00. now it's jeff bezos and either mosque and bernard or no, and they're worth like $200000000000.00. so it would have to be at least $40000000.00. but you know, the have on here reads to prevent a potentially catastrophic debt default. and increasingly vocal chorus is saying
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that the treasury should issue a small platinum coin, give it a value of one trillion dollars and deposit it at the fed. so max, my trillion dollar coin, my trillion bell, aquinas special. so they go from your trillion, i'm going to call it a sex cillian toine. right? we're going to have full sex telling has trillion is very dr. evil. as we said, it's not that much anymore because you see a trillion dollars only has 12 zeros. a sex dillion coin has 210 is on at fact rescue that entire global financial system. wow. the we're, we're going are the way venezuela. they're lopping zeros off much their currency in america. they seem to be dedicated at adding zeros on. but i have a question for you. i would like to get your thoughts on this shoot. this idea that mentoring a trillion coin is somehow going to mitigate the problems of the debt that america
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has and the debt to fault. so why can't we just be honest about this and say that a mere to has defaulted on it's on its sovereign obligation because one trillion dollars as you point out with a are roughly 30 trillion dollars in exposure. and if you add the unfunded liabilities of medicare medicaid, social security is closer to $300.00 trillion dollars, you know? and they could just as easily say, they're benting a $300000000.00 coin. as they say that they're mentoring a one fine dollar coin. they still believe, stacy, as i understand it, that this is a stop gap measure because at any moment now, and they've been saying this now for 30 years, but at any moment now the g d p is going to start up, skyrocketing enough. so that income, so go up so that the tax revenues collected, which is approximately, just under 3 trillion dollars last year to start paying down the debt. i think that's what they think that they're just doing a stopgap measure. they still believe that at some point,
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taxpayers are going to pay down that $300.00 trillion dollars. well, max, you used to be a magician. so remember, a magic show will be like i got a mind show, but nevertheless i get your point in. so there's a lot of like, you know, fingers and gestures and point bare and distraction and diverge this direct like that mr. action. so you have a lot of that and people are like, wandering around and they don't see what actually happens, right? they say they're the malevolent intent. ah, maybe a well, are you taking magicians or malevolent, unfair, i'm dying of magicians are purposefully opt. you skating the truth about what it is they are presenting to the audience in a way to cross the audience, to miss direct and not see how the magic is done. so you're suggesting that this $1000000.00 coin is just a huge, deeper david copperfield, like mr. action,
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so that people don't focus on the magic of money fronting create the billionaires and the, and the deca billionaires. is that what you're saying? yes. in a kind of leo strauss way back in the, you know, from the chicago school 19 fifties. his thing was that basically the deplorable and the masses are really too stupid to be told this stuff. and it's better just to be kind to them by mr. acting and entertaining them with various like television programs, movies. oh, vision. so wow. was watching the bozo, the clown show. yeah. as a kid or captain kangaroo. sure. wish i had an excellent character by the way, bunny rabbit, who made it rain ping pong balls more of the greatest moments of television ever. and we had a winkie, think you put a piece of plastic on the tv screen and he stare 2 inches away from the screen. any draw winkie dank, a little bridge to save winky dank. you're saying that the policy makers in the federal reserve bank and joe biden, the president thinks america is so freaked and stupid,
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that they can make them believe that picking up a worthless, shiny round object. and going hocus pocus over it magically turns it into a trillion dollars that that again, can deposit at the, at the federal reserve or the treasury to somehow mitigate that. $300000000.00 debt crisis. is that what you're saying? that's why we have you here on the kaiser store in order to explain this sort of stuff. yes, that is pretty much monetary paula: quick draw, trillion bell or platinum, going for a winkie dig so that he can save america. do it on the screen, right. thou, i rescued the economy. that's really cynical. i'm a, i'm a part of the policy makers out there who don't seem to care about the collateral damage of their fraud in there. really bad magic in winkie didn't show. gosh, golly, i'm upset. right. well,
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i think like all empire heirs and stuff like ultimately and the whole grab bag of magic tricks back to the roman empire, clipping their coins. that was like a magic trick gray. and the end of the day, we all get to this point in terms of the cynicism that you mentioned. this headline here was interesting because it ties in with an audience. when, when you're a magician, you lose your audience when they're all cynical, right? they already, they know what you're doing, you want them to be like amazed and wow. and ah, this is great. well, when they start going me, whatever. most americans today believe the stock market is rigged and they're right . new research shows insider trading is everywhere. so far, no one seems to care. no one seems to care. they say, except of course on kaiser fort where we see beyond the magic tricks. yeah, it's
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a remarkable statement for a couple of reasons. number one, the job of journalism is to highlight these things in a way that would get people to care. right. i mean they're, they're saying that the markets are completely fraudulent. and instead of digging into more specifically how in the damage this causes, they're charging their shoulders and saying, ah, what's fraud these days in america? there's nothing that's i've, i've said many times the business model of america is fraud. and if you took fraud out of america's business life, you would have nothing left except a bunch of the, you know, native american reservations in north dakota somewhere, the laughing hysterically and they predict the goal. well the, the thing is, is this is a can tell you an error economy. and though the cable news will say that most people are deplorable and dumb. the fact is they see what's right from that. they see the emperor has no clothes, they see the can tell you in
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a fact they understand the magic trick. now, they're totally bored. and now you see that many, many openly corrupt dictator economy, right? so the 2nd point is that it's not that they don't care, it's that the vast majority of americans are desperately trying to mimic and ape. the fraud that they see being committed by goldman sachs, jamie diamond, all the wall street bankers, the federal reserve bank, 2 of them caught for insider trading just the last few weeks ago, or than that, there's another one. okay, so that the bankers, the central bankers are being caught, such as trading on insight information, nasty policy caught trading on inside information. right. so the americans, it's not that they don't care, they're like how to we cache on this insight information. and so they're desperate because inflation now is creeping in and they can't afford the food, the shelter, the clothing and the energy any more, they're only way to survive is to commit fraud. and that's when that's what an air
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air, that's what an empire truly collapses is when the majority of the population i can have in america today, they in order to survive, they have to commit fraud. it's like a victor hugo's masterpiece. les miserables, the st urchins to survive had to steal. you know, that's the great, dramatic, of course, of this, of this great novel. and in america, the majority of americans in order to survive, they must steal and the media. is this media saying yes. ok to still will absolve you from stealing and be the worst moral unethical piece of garbage you possibly can america, because that's the only way you're going to survive. well, let's look at what's happening over the past year and a half, 2 years across america. you see it in a san francisco, new york, people gangs of young eyes, mostly just going in a robbing everything. and what they're told, the shop owners are told not to stop them to just let them do it. so it is les miserables, this is the end came so nevertheless, that the, the problem is,
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it's fun at the beginning because it all in places are fun at the beginning because you feel rich, you're getting rich, especially like, you know, domestically, america versus the rest of the world because we can print more money so we can be like, ha, ha, send us all your good, send us that you good, we're rich. but then the can tell you in our class who owned more assets in the beginning, start to just like fly away with everything. so 1st time homebuyers and housing advocates want more action to tame prices. of house prices, but economists and policy makers worry aggressive moves, could her existing homeowners and upset the global recovery. oh, existing homeowners, the ponzi scheme, nature of this, the 1st in on a pyramid scheme are the ones with the most gains that can tell you a fact. and now this is the conflict that the highlighting of this wall street journal piece about a house. prices are huge per cent. the past year incomes are only up 3 percent
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houses are upped up to 36 percent. right. and as we've been saying since the central banks over the past 30 years and getting worse with each successive fed chair has failed to do their duty by raising rates in the face of too much money printing or inflation. they have created this and situation right now, and the says they never raised rates of what they did was they transferred trillions of dollars to a few oligarchs, the america, and they took the entire country and they threw under the bus that has like a magic trick in i was just looking for my sex till in coin, and i can't even find that like, no i out of the day i've cashed it already on e bay and bought myself some brand new. this feels like all those sticks that bruce lee used to use none. chuck number chucks. thank you. we're going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming your way. i found my coin. oh elsie. bruce dispersed them for,
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oh, ah hey, these are the full people who pulled the trigger. i survive something on survival.
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one of the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face. i had a low expectation of life. i accepted that accept the fact that my dad's work, we had no fears. jell change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets with ah, welcome back to the kaiser report, i'm max kaiser time now to return to our conversation with lawrence apart. lawrence, welcome back. thank you man. it's nice to be here. all righty. so i, you're the man to talk to in the gold bug community that understands a little bit. or i should say a great deal about big coin saying that go to guy. and you're going to be appearing
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at the gold show in new orleans coming up real soon, talking about sound of money and gold and big coin. now, up recently, morgan stanley pointed out that big coin has replaced gold here thought, well, big coin bitcoin is a really sound form of money and it's a digital form of gold. in my opinion, i called bit point digital goal. it's limited in supply, it's actually deflationary, you know, the supply of gold will double in the next 40 years. it grows at about 1.7 percent of ear. and so big coin obviously, we all know the supplier specs are approaching a fixed number. you know, i don't think it's entirely replaced old couple of reasons. one, it just hasn't been that widely spread. you know, there are a lot of people around the world who don't even know what it is. um and i goal will have residual value for quite some time. i could maybe make an argument as i know
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you do that bit. quinn will slowly but surely replace gold and i think over many, many years that probably will occur. but to say it's happened immediately, no one advantage to advantage gold does have or are there many balance to that are very clear to me that it has its bare money. that's not a block chain. so if i have gold coins, nobody knows i have nobody get out of there. so trace how i got it. and that's a nice thing. the 2nd thing is that the gold i have the energy is brought in mining it, a lot of energy spent to get the gold out of the ground. it really money. it throw site is just been stored energy. and because it's a standard to use, i don't think that's the problem. and we all discussed that issue and how modest the energy is, per se a value provides. but the point is a goal. once mind, there's no cost additional energy costs or i, but there is a cost and with golf and you've got a saying, the goal to make sure it's real. i a 3rd party that you have to trust, which is
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a huge problem. you've got storage, that's costly, you've got other costs involved in gold which i would posit exceeds the, the minimum cost of big coin on the network. but anyway, let's, let's continue on here. so you wrote and this is a very interesting point. i know you're a deep thinker and you came up with an interesting little thing here. if your you say, if your cost of capital is 0, the market value of every enterprise with a profit becomes infinite by definition. ok, tell us about this. well, the point here is that the 0 cost 0 interest rate policy is really a crime against economics and capitalism. the notion, me, money is supposed to have value, right? and time has value. and so the notion is when you have money, you would get paid interest for loaning it out over time. but if the interest rate is 0, then by definition it's a talk ology. by definition,
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the money has no value. and turn, it implies that you know, everything that earns money, every business is profitable in a capital asset pricing model, which are all talk business school has an infinite value, which, you know, obviously they don't. but what i'm describing max is really what you're very where, which is like the cotillion or effect. i mean, when you give free capital to people and allow them to buy yielding assets just what they end up rich. and the rest of us who don't have access to that free money at the spigot, we don't end up rich. and this is why, you know, the people who are in the finance business, you know, in the, in the financial centers of the world have become billionaires, is term, you know, the average man pays a higher price for every or else, bad woman. there's a higher price for everything to buy year after year. right, well, we live in an economy that's driven by accounting as i'm thinking, which is basically the idea that we don't really encourage you to save or to become individually sovereign. but we try to make credit easy for you to access.
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you have easy credit, and that's all you need. you don't need savings. yeah, panda, this is what you know when i hear washington discuss, are paul goodman over the new york times in the system monitor. this is how he was trained. you know, that the policies being discussed in washington now are all was about raising the debt, sailing or increasing the debt or it that there, there's this notion that i think it was reagan, ronald reagan, the fact you said that that doesn't matter. they aren't, that doesn't matter essentially what, what the, what the bottom line is it. so if that does the same sustainable, it seems like growing that gravity doesn't matter, lawrence. and i totally agree and it's, it's a complete, well, i mean, change, you know, them is, is just downright wrong. i mean, the fact that it always has been it's, it's a method of the state to get more control over our lives. i mean the fact of the matter is what makes it what makes things better in the world. ready or savings and
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then the savings are invested in productive things and those productive things increase productivity. so. ready we get more for less and as a result of getting more or less, we get a higher standard of living. and that's what happened between 79 on this country. ready was founded and 913 when the fed was created. and since then, although we've got all these amazing technological developments, you know, we've, we've been carrying around this albatross of change, you know, some particularly since 71. and you know, it's, it's, it's made our lives much, you know, 10 times harder than they need to be. the fact of the matter is the change was ra, a per from the fact that individually wasn't a very good guy. that's a different issue, but change in his theory are wrong, and unfortunately, the entire economics, professional universities, everybody's and who came to know some because that's how they get paid. and those of us were out there trying to build things that are more productive, you know, at the austrian economist to understand the business cycle. understand that
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investment is the key to increase productivity. you know, we get dumped on by the cane sense. and the fact of the matter is, you know, it's going to be, it's going to be very sweet or you know what i mean back because they are going to fail. they're going to fail spectacularly. and, you know, we're, we're going to end up with all the marbles, and that's going to be really fun. no, i'm having fun already. but i, you know, what, you know, what one of the things the observed here in the last 20 or 30 years is this model the keynesian model, which is the central bank model, the de greenspan put. remember that from alan graham that no market can go down a one percent or 2 percent without the interventionism of the fed stepping in to flood the system with more keynesian credit. but we have a we, we have a lot of collusion and co operation amongst the global central bank. so with cars are all on a theat standard, not a st. single bank. is on a gold standard or other than
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a fair money standard. so they all collude with each other. they've met, there's never been a taper in 40 years, been either the net aggregate global money. terry policy has always been expansionary. and, and it's just been and we see it on the charts as thought hard to follow. ok into this mix comes bitcoin. and now we've got el salvador that's gone on a big coin standard. they're mining big coin with their volcano. they just minor 1st big coin with their alt furshly free volcano energy. this they're going to be the only let me, let me say this way. i'm in 1071, was the beginning of the fia standard. in 202150 years later with el salvador. is this the beginning of our return to a hard one, a standard thanks to el salvador, bitcoin larnes. i think we are a really do think we are like normal development. and i think bitcoin is really a thing of beauty because it's just in my speech. i talk about the society one, so you know what, it's going to be really hard to take control of the uh, money away from the state. the only way we can do it is to introduce something
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slyly that they don't understand that they can't stop. and you know, hire was talking about bitcoin, you know, it at the time. but as you know, bitcoin is very attack rules and bitcoin is incredibly sound money and over time the sound of money winds. and so yes, i do believe that we will ultimately return to somebody's standard and it could be, there could be a goal piece to this to as you are very well aware. you know, i say china likes bitcoin. china is a pretty big economic power. china is accumulated a lot of goal and i would think one of the moves they might make would be to try and introduce a gold standard in china when we do go to some. yeah, yeah, i think i see that happening. i. one of the problems with gold has to do with the energy required to mine, goal and energy, all the, you know, big coin, ultimately a 51 percent attack on global energy, which may and, and starve gold and fat to death. but that's it. that's for another time to discuss,
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let me, let me get into one other topic here. ah, you know, looking at these gold miners and even the silver miners have their worst month in history last month. and you know, what's going on with these, the, the, you know, you manage the money. if you're looking at the, does the quote tron is we used to call it when we go bird machine? what's going on over there? it's been a it's, it's been absolutely friggin brutal. um you know, stocks so much that helps a little bit. but, you know, the fact of the matter is that the, the, the stocks are the, you know, the telling us wag by the dog. i mean, the underlying, i was, i was just as the goal shows out west earlier this last month earlier this month, x to last months, governors for america. and you know, all the miners are there and they're saying, look, you know, where we go, you know, our goal, we got a $1000.00, a sick, which is across to take it out of ground. that's a 100 products. and we feel like we don't want to have and, but the stock market sure doesn't know it. you know, the gold stock market. and the reason is that, you know, gold stock investors are what i call being dogs. i mean, we've been beat up for,
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you know, with us manipulation in these prices. i mean, are, we're charlie brown and, you know, lucy's got that book on. we're, we're ready to take another swipe out and she's going to pull it away. and the minute, you know, you see any softness in the goal side. on the gold price side, the starts get pounded, but it just get pounded. and so, yeah, lawrence, markets are discounting mechanism right now they, they, they take all the information, they assimilated, they chew, they process it, they develop, they create a price that price break. dina tells us really looking forward. it's always forward looking what, what are these gold mining stocks, the price is telling us that $500.00 announce gold is in our future? no, they're actually it's about $1500.00, a good kind of discounted in about $1500.00 gold and, and you know, the guys in toronto all think that's going to occur. and if you look backwards, you know there's this, is this ryan's a little bit with 2011 to 2013 and people have long memories. they remember that
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time period, we got them to us. i mean, i lost so much money. it's ridiculous in that time frame. and yeah, this is different than those type in that time, because at that time warner, we're still buying our bonds. and now there's really only one person buying a bond semester. and at that time they didn't have direct money going to consumers . now we're sending checks directly because it was really more at that time. and this is a huge 1. 40 percent of all the money in existence. all us dollars in existence have been created in the last 2 years. max, 40 percent. and it's not slow. it's slowed down from the pandemic push, but it's still continuing. and so the fact of the matter is that inflation is there and it's going to filter through to gold. and it's going to filter to a bit coin, obviously, as you and i both know the gold price has been suppressed. i mean, they created paper goal. there are tons of papers that showed how they did that, why they did that. they know it's a fire alarm, that's the,
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that's the beauty of bitcoin. the beauty of bitcoin is the fire alarm. it hasn't been silence. i get a bull case from gold. and the price of big coin skyrockets to the point where he can't get any big coin, michael, sailors fine at all. and so in a desperate bid people are forced to have to buy the poor man's bitcoin. and that of course is gold. i like that, that works for me. so i'm just trying to make it to the other side. max. i mean, this is, is crazy stuff, lebanon. i mean, you look at what the government's is doing. it's a mass man at some mass. yeah. well, anyway. ok, great. talking to you, lauren, but hard, you know, he's a, he's a clear thinker, i'm ball pick coin and gold is a rare breed. a thanks for being i kaiser report. dollar to be your max. thank you very much. well, that's going to do it for this edition of casa report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert want to thank our gas lars, the park until next on bio. ah
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ah, imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what are the chapters cold, gun violence, school shootings, homelessness? first, it was my job and then it was my family. didn't was my siblings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs. i look for everything i can to make this pass and i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees. it's very idealized image is older america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modem history of the usa, my america. oh, now t ah
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ah, that even putins pledge to boost the gas flow to europe finally take some heat out of the market. thumbs up to record breaking price surges this week, which of seen so me, you members questioning brussels energy policies the news moscow files that count to request to the global chemical weapons watch dog, etc. america st. questions about the alleged poisoning of criminal critic alex in a valley. despite the o. p. c. w. still refusing to cooperate with russia on the case, we get her son from russia's envoy to the organization and gave a supercilious, there's a feeling that something else. how that goal.


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