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face was not having a face at a low expectation of life. i accepted that i accept the fact that i made that work . we had no fears. dow change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. a thought for this, i live on our t european household, the hit by soaring, build a, me to record natural gas prices. now russia is a key supplier, and president putin has bound to keep the gas flowing through ukraine while criticizing to you lose the pitch long term contract. to try to smear perry is in mrs. carrie's just with just how a school board you as parents are speaking out against mosque wearing and critical race theory could soon be investigated by the f. b i. it's off to the national
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school boards claim. the threat sits received a tantamount to domestic tara. it is exactly 20 years now since the u. s. coalition invaded afghanistan and remove the taliban only to see them back in power after the war ended with a country now with an economic insecurity meltdown. families are resorting to drastic measures when your stomach is empty, you can't think about the dark side salad. i'm forced to sell a few of my kids to feed others. there's no option leverage and also an ethics commission in new york launch is a probe into its own decision to allow for mega andrew cuomo to rake in $5000000.00 for his book about the pandemic that we hear from the daughter of a care home residents. who died in the states covered crisis. this whole entire investigation feels like one big show to mean our family members. for us me be nursing home with families there they're jet, they're not coming back. ah
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. thursday, october, the 7th on down just after 8 am here at moscow. a very good morning to you from all of us here at auto international. i'm role researching. so europe is in the grip of a full blown energy crisis, with natural gas prices soaring to an old time record. and households are already feeling the impact right ahead of the winter season. ah, a
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tooth . now if you didn't know it, russia is europe's biggest gas supplier, and president putin has said the current shortage is partially down to the e use on mistakes. he accused brussels of short sightedness for insisting on a switch from long tom gas contracts about of spot trading. let's understand what this is really all about. meal hobby discussed all of this with axis ecos down off . well, i guess the whole point of this cabinet meeting, at least to a large extent, was to outline russia's stance in this crisis. letterman couldn't talk to russia's energy minister and basically gave very clear instruction as to the country's actions and how russia will navigate this well this market crisis, because as of now, you've seen the gas prices on the market and well as of now again, it looks like the winter is going to be very, very costly to the end of the line. european consume him, so the russian president,
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what he did, he called on the minister to seed through that russia remains a loyal partner and doesn't make things any more difficult and pod than they already are. and that the gas prom rushes will national gas export in company that gas from remains a faithful partner as well and follows the contractual obligations strictly prevalent restroom. as she does, she has prom believes that it would be more profitable for it to pay a fine to ukraine and increase the gas volume pumping through the new systems. but there's no need for that. there's more pressure in the pipe, less c o 2 emissions into the atmosphere. everything turns out cheaper and at $3000000000.00 a year, it is necessary to fully comply with the contractual obligations for the transit of gas through ukraine. although it is more profitable to sell it on the exchange, but there is no need to put anyone in a difficult position including ukraine,
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despite the difficulties in relations. second has no need to undermine gas poms. confidence is an absolute, reliable partner in all respects. so i think maybe understandably, with gas prices rocketing up, some people in the west, the pointing fingers at russia and, and basically suggestion is that they're exploiting as it's getting colder. and that price gouging that, that the trying to just milk, as for will they can get what to put enough to sever the thing is i, the european lawmakers might have shot themselves in the foot hair. and well above conceptually nukes the wallets of the, the line consumers of ordinary europeans. so his is the thing about natural gas. it's not oil, you consciousness, get it one time stored in a barrel until you need it, and then you will access it. no, it doesn't work like that is to was beach to speak to self speculative demand and excitement in europe. you propose stock trading. it can be done, but of course this can and should be done. not in a spot in europe, but on an exchange in st. petersburg, but in general,
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exchange trading is not very effective because it carries a lot of risks. is not a watch shorts and ties or a car or even oil that can be produced and stored anywhere. gas is not sold like that on the market. so what the european lawmakers came up with, they decided that they would switch from contractual from contractual trade when they receive a gas steadily throughout the year. at the current market price, they decided that they would be buying the gas of the market and they would, he would be doing so in the summer when the demand is very low. so it's essentially dirt cheap. but they would only ask for the, for gas in physical, you're physically receive it in the winter when the well, obviously need this gas, but what they didn't well add into this equation is the fact that the simple a pipeline infrastructure is simply not robust enough. it is too old and dated in ukraine. so gas from, even if it wanted,
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it's simply can't squeeze this much natural gas in such a short period of time. so lawmakers, they were hoping that russia would be able to pack all this gas that, you know, a year long supply of gas into, you know, the winter months. and it simply doesn't work this way. and of course, the nodes for him to project would have held because the infrastructure is much newer and they, they can put more pressure into the, into the pipes. but well, nordstrom to has been long opposed for political reasons, including by ukraine and poland. well, with the crane, the irony is, well is beyond comprehension here. so, so far, again, russia has been making these steps, increasing the volume and you know, like my food has been very understanding and he's been saying that, well, we will do everything in our power. but it has to be beneficial to both the buy and the seller. and the so it's really unclear as to how many more steps unreciprocated russia will take and is ready to take. it could have been prevented. i think at,
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i think we understood that in may, june, july, that with the economy i starting to recover with the ability of citizen to live with a bit. we needed more than gas if the european commission came out publicly stating where we need more gas and we will if the price of the 40 percent or market dominance. i think a gap from way to have a look at this request and i believe they would have pushed more gas in europe. and so therefore, we wouldn't be in such a dire situation today. the energy crunch is exposed divisions within the e u of a green policies. the hungarian prime minister has blamed soaring costs on an over reliance on renewables. we spoke with our german economist and publisher, i can. huh. politically, it is would be perfect for. busy the german and energy policy to
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change to a green policy, but it wouldn't suit all the other european partners because they have a completely different thoughts on germany and their energy supply. for example, the french, especially the polish, want to keep the like mailing position or germany. they don't want germany to be energy sufficient or energy independent with russian gas. they would like to be to keep the hand on the energy supply for germany. so. busy with an austrian, to pipeline the energy supply would be a, would be secured. and that's why these european partners don't want education. authorities in the united states are asking the government to use anti terror laws and involve the f,
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b i against parents who protest against the way that children are being taught at the national school boards association sent an open letter to the biden administration. these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased. the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes for you to dare to try to smear parents as domestic harris just reflects just how tone death, school boards and school administrators become about the please of parents on behalf of their children, the u. s. attorney general has also stepped in writing to the f. b i and criminal attorneys, and announcing plans to combat what he called it, a stoping spike, and harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school personnel. artie contributed lauren, china thinks that many of the accusations have just been blown out of proportion.
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the board's letter does site some specific incidents, but if you actually look at the video footage from those incidents, most of the quote violence that they cite is actually things like parents refusing to wear masks. oh, keep a calm. no, no, no. do you need to do it for about critical race theory, which is pretty much will be picking to how to hate each other? how does this look at these meetings? a lot of what they side as actually being domestic terrorism or violence actually is just tantamount to some harsh words being said in terms of actual violence. though i believe there's only one or 2 specific incidents that were actually led to an arrest that were mentioned in that letter. i think trying to get the f b i involved at all, frankly, just reeks of political activism. instead of actually trying to put students 1st, and i think parents are completely justified in seeing this as an attack on their rights as parents, the parents aren't shutting up for now though for the same the attorney general is going to conflict of interest in this case, what do they mean by the,
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the reason why the age is taking this letter from the school board association. so seriously is specifically because his daughter through marriage has ties to a firm that actually specializes in critical race theory, training or something akin to that. his family potentially might benefit financially from c r t actually being implemented in more and more schools throughout the country. how politicized a school life become these days seems like it's increasingly political. and there have been viral videos that have been leaked of students filming their teacher is going on tirades against trump systemic racism, america in general. we've even had teachers themselves posing to their social media accounts. i think a lot of parents have started to wake up that no, you cannot simply take for granted that in education, the public school system is the same as what was happening when we were younger. recently, dozens of parents of launched campaigns against covey restrictions on the teaching of a subject called a critical race theory. it's led to angry protests targeting school board officials
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who they accused of violating their children's rights april chapman, who was a mother to 4 children in the state of georgia. as many parents have simply had enough hired by in today's culture. it's the government think that they, they, they believe what is proper and right and what should your children should be taught. and so parents are experiencing a very difficult time trying to, in that change and their local communities as it relates to what's being caught in the government school. people are starting to wake up and they're starting to recognize that wait a minute. this is not the public education system that i am familiar with or that i grew up in. and it's time for me to take my head of the fan and caught up, pay attention to what's going on. because they don't like what's being propagated and pushed and down frankly, it's downright indoctrination to what their children are experiencing when they go to school and they're supposed to be learning violence is never acceptable. so if
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there are instances where parents are crossing the line and threats turn into physical violence, then absolutely those incidences should be handled on the basis of their own individual merit. but that's not what we see happening here. they're taking one or 2 isolated in some instances and trying to make it seem as if parents who are be humanly opposed to what's being caught to their children in a government school. today marks 20 years since the us and its allies invaded afghanistan, toppling the taliban regime for its failure to hand over osama bin, latin. and now in the wake of the west and pulled out many questions are still being asked. not least, why the taliban, the initial offer for negotiations was ton down leading to 2 decades of war lives. last and that the rule of the militants back in charge were garcia. now reports from cobbled on the cost of this war the afghan war and is just shy of it's it's
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20th anniversary, the, the war, a vengeance that was launched by the united states. as revenge for 911 and quickly morphed into something else. one of the most protracted conflicts in modern history, an exercise, and a nation building before losing all lame and tylenol towards the end. neither the united states nor any of its allies, still knew what it is that they hoped to achieve. here the end result is, is that it was unanimously considered an abject failure. but taliban is, is back in control. and more absolutely than it was before the united states invaded afghanistan. and the question that we're hearing now in the halls of congress, in parliament, in europe, and the press and either on television internationally is he is who the we lame. we need to consider some uncomfortable truth that we did not fully comprehend the
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depth of corruption and poor leadership and nursing ranks. that we do not grass a damaging effect of frequent and unexplained rotations by president ghani of his commanders. and that we fail to fully grasp why there was only so much for which and for home men of the afghan forces would fight. this has been a 10 year bought by administration, drawdown. not a 19 month or 19 day neo, these scandal is no n yet over the americans calling it been ghazi on steroids, the republicans as well as ordinary americans that she, the end of the war is humiliating. for america, they want someone held responsible, the biden, the miss administration, as well as the pentagon. so far they have done their best to absolve themselves of all accountability for what many americans again see as the catastrophe. they argue that the fault is with many american administrations that,
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that preceded them. and that is ignoring the tremendous financial cost of the war. some that could have made the lives of americans and many of their allies at the taxpayers so much better and so much easier. ah ah ah, ah ah.
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you're the wealthiest country in the history of the world, and yet we have the highest child poverty rates of almost any country on earth from the perspective of a civilian. there is scott evidence here on the ground in afghanistan of any of that money, other making its way here. aside from half finished clinics in and broken roots testament to record breaking levels of corruption that, that so brilliant siphoned off into the bank accounts of corrupt officials into the pockets of private contractors. though the evidence of these billions being here is in the hands of the taliban, the guns that they wield, stamped with made in america, the vehicles military vehicles left behind the industrial quantities. the town about her, of course jubilant. they have dismantled everything with the united states. built here with human rights, the tolerance, the democratic institutions,
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and the matter of weeks. and they are jubilant. they have after 20 years of, and selection and rebellion believe they want. mm. by virtually any measure. this war was a failure in some respects, it even made things worse, from a humanitarian perspective, or a 3rd of afghans near an offer on the verge of starvation, with no hope inside the drugs manufactured and export to that of, of gustavo, kill countless youth world wide from a geopolitical perspective, the taliban considered an international pariah since its inception is now having to
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be negotiated with it. i counted with even a, the un bob from a security perspective. yes, i'll car the eat of ghana stud may have been degraded but, but something worse has taken its place in that is isis which has bound to the challenge to afghanistan, dominance by the taliban. well, in the meantime, afghanistan's banks have almost run out of cash and people are running out of food less than 2 months after the taliban take over. with foreign aid is in short supply with western donors now reluctant to deal with the new government and aid groups are wanting of a major humanitarian crisis. and i know this is not easy, but that needs to be some solution to the financial flows into afghanistan to ensure that at least salaries can be paid and that essential supplies, power and bowl to being 2 of them can be procured. the absence of that will seriously exacerbate vulnerability for ordinary afghans or severe hardship. and
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afghanistan has prompted some people to take desperate measures. we spoke to a man who try to sell his kids to feed his other kids. they go up to cambridge anxious, who just had a good business and a happy life and couldn't do smaller, but then the war began. we migrated here are my savings were exhausted formula and some people got some aid here. hodge, but the others did not. my pockets are empty now and i have no option left, but to sell some of my kids in the world to fight for the survival of my other kids with the money i get that way. we get him from the human facial. when your stomach is empty, you can't think about the dark side is our sub apology. i'm forced to sell a few of my kids to feed others. there is no option left for which on the previous government did not help me. but i hope this new one will support me. i'm not asking for support for myself alone, but for all these people living here quickly, they are all from my tribe. but in michigan, all of us refugees here are one families. i asked for financial help for everyone. i could as yoko, my former new york governor andrew cuomo was under yet another investigation this
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time from the states public ethics commission over its own approval of his book. on the pandemic. cuomo, who's miss steps, blame for thousands of copa deaths in care homes is set to make $5000000.00 from the memoir and the daughter of one of those k home victims gave us her response to the commission's announcement. the commission has voted to approve the retention of independent counsel to conduct inquiry into the legal and procedural operations of the commission. this whole entire investigation feels like one big show to me. you know, the ethics commission already allowed homo to keep the $5100000.00 he made off of his blood money book allies. so frankly, i don't see the point and having the ethics commission investigating sells, i want to try to be optimistic and on its face it's a small victory. and it's a step that browser that a lot earlier. but i'm a realist in a month encouraged by this move, our family members
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a for us really nursing home families, their, their dad, they're not coming back. so number one, he should apologize. number 2 is she give every cent that he made off his book to his many, many victims, and number 3, what i hope and he won't voluntarily he do this, but i hope he ends up in prison. what he's done, klemmer's book deal is just one of a series of scandals involving the former governor. he resigned in late august off to numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. now, earlier in the pandemic, the governor was praised for his decisive action to prevent the spread of covert in february, at most, the new york authorities had massively under reported deaths in nursing homes. it turned out that over 9000 patients had been prematurely sent back to care facilities, leading to thousands of preventable infections and tracy albino again, things chromos, lucrative book, deal as insult to injury. in the beginning,
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when cold it emerged to new york. she was telling us to go out, you know, don't panic, panic is worse than the virus. and then at the last minute, he panicked and he made really, really poor decisions. he hasn't been held accountable yet. his resignation as governor is not accountability. and as nursing on families, not only want answers, but he needs to be held accountable. what he's done, he's destroyed our lives. hormones book, once again, it is a blood money book of lies, and it was written on the graves of over $16000.00 innocent senior citizens. and it's not only reason to write a book on how you conquered a pandemic in the middle of the pandemic. but it's still right evil. actively omit jets from public health record to make money off of a book deal to my father's death may have been an inconvenient number that he left on the report to get a 5000000 dollar book deal. but to me,
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my father was my whole world for senior russian prison officials have been fired and a criminal probes been launched off the videos appeared on line, showing inmates apparently being raped and tortured. let's look at the story right now. forcing live dualities or to me, cuz how could morning thema they won't be showing any of these videos? of course, but can you tell us about these a horrific allegations? yes. well, right now we received information that the russian prison service has actually fired 4 of its employees in the serrato freezing, which is actually after the videos immersed online, showing the torture and sexual abuse of inmates in one of the prisons instantly the serrado region. now earlier this week, a team of investigators was sent to the region. so 1st of all, confirm whether or not these videos were actually authentic and true. well with these firings, it seemed that some of the stuff has actually been confirmed at this point. the federal penitentiary service has said that more people will be brought to justice. any people who had anything to do with these violations. now the videos themselves
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have been released by an organization called gulag that net. it's an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of inmates throughout russia. russia's prison system, apparently now they have about 40 gigabytes of videos and other materials showing the torture raven abuse of inmates throughout several russian presence. r t spoke with the head of the organizational as him recession. and here are his comments on the ongoing investigation. we managed to identify almost all the perpetrators. now lawyers and investigators will work with them. there will be more than 10 criminal cases based on those horrific scenes. among them was the head of security of the facility who gave the orders to filmed the torture and was told to hand the footage over to the federal penitentiary service. that head of security is actually one of those 4 people that have been fired recently. apparently from what we know so far, there have been 4 confirmed victims in this case and the throttle freezing. however,
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14 more current inmates and former inmates have also said that they went through this abuse. now as far as the an organization understands, there have been some 200 people, 200 victims of this abuse over the course of several years of dating back from 2018 . however, the photos they have apparently only shows about 40 of those cases. and apparently what happened is that the inmates were ordered by the workers of the penitentiary service to commit abuse against other inmates film it. and then later, use it as blackmail against those prisoners to force them to sign the force testimonies a report on other inmates and carry out of abuse even against other inmates. again, under this blackmail and threat of violence. now of course, this whole story has received a lot of reaction on line. and even from, of course, the kremlin, ah, the crumbs spokesperson needed a bisco earlier said that these allegations are extremely serious. and that a com thorough investigation would be needed to 1st of all confirm the authenticity
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of all the videos and later bring anybody who had anything to do with these heinous crimes to justice. all right, i'll talk to major power. thanks for that. well, that story continues more information online right now at r t dot com. for the meantime though, your thursday morning program live for moscow does continue. we return to the top of the hour. ah, my gas prices skyrocket to record highs as the demand continues to grow. plus that is this facebook whistleblower. really trying to do the right thing or paved the way for even more censorship. and what may have caused that massive oil fil off the coast of southern california. all that and more right here are news hughes on our t. america. ah.
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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm natasha suite in for scotty now hughes . we have some developing news coming out of texas an 18 year old, open fire inside a dallas area high school, leaving for people injure the shooting happened at timber view, high school in arlington. authorities said the shooting occurred after a fight broke out at the school. according to reports, the all clear has been given at the school and the shooter is now in police custody . he has been identified as 18 year old timothy george simpkins. 3 of the 4 victims were taken to the hospital. the other refuse treatment. the natural gas price in europe has sword to in all tie record $6.00 times higher than it was in the spring . it's put the continent on a course for a major energy crunch, revealing internal divisions within the block. over brussels as green policies are cheese peter oliver reports from berlin,
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while prices are as high as they are the commodities markets. this isn't so much going to trickle down to consumers as perhaps these prices are gonna full homeowners from a more domestic home uses. form a great height. what we've heard from the european commission president ursula found a lion is that she recognizes that there are major problems that we're facing right now. and problems that are coming down the pipe further along. but says that in the long term, it's renewable energy that are going to keep energy prices low across europe. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but the renewables, the prices have decreased over the last 2 years. and our stable so for us is very clear that with energy in the long term, it is important to invest in renewables. that gives us stable prices and more independence because gas is important. 90 percent of the gas is important to the
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european union. the renewables we are the mass.


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