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ah, was it that was the speech of the people who designed the internet does always buy it as a feature a limit person warns year up against trying to reach carbon neutrality, rushes, expand some mid day, made the gas crisis in the u. rush, president, also blame, dearest, preferred method of trading for making it vulnerable to the current surging price. or within the e you itself, all lines emerges. some member states are increasingly saying read over these determination to go green solid cindy santa marine faces potential trial for daring to criticize president biden's african pull out. now, despite another office, a big held a hero to years ago with tongue lashing trump and also pulling
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the plug. france threatens to cup power supplies to the u. k. and the to post for exit route of the fishing lines. ah good evening. great to have you with us. this is our to international run. this starts with a developing story coming out of texas. were a suspect is said to be on the loose following a high school shooting in arlington, where 4 people had been injured. lease have identified the suspect as an 18 year old. black man shooting reportedly happened after a fight between students. one person received minor injuries. another 3 people ended up going to hospital for treatment. students are being transported to another area to reunite them with their parents. police are searching for the suspect in
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that shooting for simplicity says that the european union made a costly mistake when it decided to ditch long term gas contract seals as stress that brussels preferred method of gas trading overlooks some of its crucial characteristics. that is, it cannot be easily stored like other commodities. other interesting statements also came out of a cabinet meeting. president putin held earlier today. and he goes from he gets done of to be in the studio with the, with more on this seems like the gas markets are in flux at the moment. what's the russian plan moving forward? well, the russian president has been quite clear about the plan during this cabinet meeting . he talked to the energy minister alexander nova, and very clearly put out a well, he could say a road map as to what stance russia will taken all of this because indeed, the gas prices in europe up through the roof. and as of now, it looks like a very, very costly winter, but according to the russian precedent, russia should remain
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a reliable partner. and so should gas prom brushes will larger than main national gas exporting giant. and according to the russian president, gas from should do so. and stick to its contractual obligations, even at the end of the day, if it spells out a loss of profit for the company have listened. a strong shortage to yes from believes that it would be more profitable for it to pay a fine to ukraine and increase the gas volume pumping through the new systems. but there's no need for that. there's more pressure in the pipe, less c o 2 emissions into the atmosphere. everything turns out cheaper. and at $3000000000.00 a year, it is necessary to fully comply with the contractual obligations for the transit of gas through ukraine. although it is more profitable to sell it on the exchange, but there is no need to but anyone in a difficult position including ukraine despite the difficulties in relations. second, there's no need to undermine gas prompts confidence is an absolute,
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reliable partner in all respects. of the old nipple. so effectively, these words, they come very shortly after some european officials accused moscow. and while russia of actually orchestrating this energy crisis on the european soil, but according to vladimir putin, in fact, reality couldn't be further from the truth. not only did gas from stick to whatever the contractor obliged the company to do, in fact, or the energy giant even increase the volume of gas it is putting through these pipes, which it absolutely didn't have to do so. so far, so far guys from has been proving to be this is all true, a very reliable and well very client orient oriented partner. but according to the russian president, again, all these steps that russia is making still, it doesn't mean that they are running a charity here. have a lesson so as to was bid sir, be to sell off speculative demand and excitement in europe. you propose stock
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trading. it can be done, bird, of course, this can and should be done. not in a spot in europe, but on an exchange in st. petersburg. but in general, exchange trading is not very effective because it carries a lot of risks. is not a watch shorts and ties or a car, or even oil that can be produced and stored anywhere. gas is not sold like that on the market. the europeans are trying to maintain carbon neutrality at our expense. i hope that we will build an appropriate dialogue taking into account the interests of all parties represent you. as i was reading, a lot of comments are coming from western europe about, you know, the, the, the price of gas in the feel like rushes exploiting them are good, low sympathy for people that because people do pay a lot to, to cope with heating bills. it gets very cold and there is not cheap to keep your house europe on the wall that said, a supply and demand, isn't it? so if ross has got the gas, people have to be willing to pay the price or find alternative supplies. and i
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think what putting was saying was that people haven't been entering into these long term contracts, so that, that taking that risk. so, i mean, does, does russia have any obligation to do anything about high prices? well, obligation, i'd say no, but according to the russian president, again, the european law make as the kind of shot themselves in the foot. and the, the, as you've said, it is very expensive to, well, the get gas is very expensive to the, and the line consumer or for an ordinary joe. but apparently it's because because the e, you, law make as they wanted to abuse this spot system, you know, the market system because his, his, for those who are not savvy and the question is how it works. gas is not oil. you can just, you know, get some gas and store it in a barrel somewhere. no. if you want gas, you get it now. but if the whole point of switching of going from long term contracts to this, you know, market tre, reading was in the e. lawmakers mind was to purchase the gas to pay for the gas in the summer when the
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prices are at its lowest, but to physically request the gas through the pipes in the winter, so that they would save some money. but what they didn't, what they didn't, you know, are seeing this equation, is that the euro, that the ukraine's whole infrastructure gas infrastructure is very dated. so it's simply can't, you know, the, it can't, it, it will just burst if get if gas from was to, you know, send all the gas just during the winter or the gas that it, that was supposed to come steadily at a steady and a slower pace throughout the whole year. so right now, well, it is what it is you can see just as well as i can or what, what sort of wood about the situation. you know what the situation is like on the market. so not stream to again, could help them out, could help europe, europe out and because it, well it is, it is a new technology and it can handle the large volumes. but well, it is being opposed to the launch of nord string to is being opposed due to
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political resit reasons. russia says, so. so far russia has been very understanding and will, has been doing according to the russian president again, everything that it could. but it is unclear as to how many more steps russia will take, you know, are which won't be reciprocated for some of her dates relation. i really enjoyed as well. basically, a u energy officials got greedy thought of being clever, and they messed up. thanks so much enjoy that they get it better than i did. now, thea, natural gas price in europe, as we said, it's in soaring salt on ice recently. it's now nearly 6 times what it was in the spring while and is put the continent on course for major energy crunch and laid bare internal divisions within the block over brussels green policies. what is peter oliver explains? while prices are as high as they are on the commodities market, this isn't so much going to trickle down to consumers as perhaps these prices are gonna fall upon homeowners from a more domestic home users form
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a great height to what we've heard from the european commission president ursula found a lion is that she recognizes that there are major problems that we're facing right now and problems that are coming down the pipe further along. but says that in the long term, it's renewable energy that are going to keep energy prices low across europe. i think we have to be very clear that the gas prices are skyrocketing and her, but then the renewables, the prices have decreased over the last years and a stable. so fast is very clear that with energy in the long term, it is important to invest in renewables. that gives us stable prices and more independence because gas is important. 90 percent of the gas is important to the european union, the renewables we are the master. without plants being dismissed out of hand by hunger as prime minister, victor or bon, his country just assigned a new deal with russia to import gas into hungry for the next 15 years. victor or
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bonds blamed these problems on the european commission saying they have far too many restrictions in place. far too much regulation. and that is what's causing the issues when it comes to buying gas. you must change policy because partly partly the reason why the prices are up is the 4th of the, of the commission. so we have to choose some regulations. otherwise, everybody we suffer. the problem for hunger is other the new regulation of greenfield, which is an inside expectation or left owners. owners card owner or the e u energy commissioner has warned that prices will most likely continue to rise throughout the winter. won't see any respite until the spring of 2022, just how high prices rise may well come down to something as fickle as the weather . if it's a particularly cold winter, we could well see prices soaring, higher and higher. and what we've also seen though is a number of european countries coming together and saying things half the change,
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france paying grease, the czech republic and romania, all of their finance ministers signed a joint statement saying that there needs to be a complete overhaul of the way energy is purchased in europe. that isn't going to be a short term solution though. perhaps in the long term it may change something. it's not gonna change energy bills or this coming winter. what we're also seeing is the european union is saying that they're going to investigate claims that russia is behind attempts to manipulate the gas price that they've been trying to drive up prices. this is something that's been fundamentally denied by the kremlin, the spokesperson for the russian government saying that russian suppliers are living up to the very letter of contracts that have been signed. we insist that russia is playing no role in what is happening on the european gas market that could not happen. russia has fulfilled and will continue to fulfill to the letter all of its obligations on existing contracts. there is war way to get more gas into
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europe, and that's through the nod stream to gas pipeline, not huge infrastructure projects. construction was completed this summer. however, it's still awaiting the green light in terms of all of the certification and approvals from various agencies before it can stop providing energy. once that does get the approval that it's needed while it could provide as much as 55000000000 cubic meters of russian gas to europe every single year, that's around enough to power $27000000.00 european homes. okay, speak now to dr. ica, hama is a german economist and the publisher vis shaft actual business newsletter. good evening, dr. hammer was stressing today the, the, the new gas pipelines that russia has significantly smaller carbon footprint than has been seen in the past. does this mean it will fit in russian gas supplies that
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still fit in with what you're at once in terms of a green future where you are? absolutely right. that would be the perfect match to the green new green deal box. this is just part of the story. politically it is would be perfect for. busy the german and energy policy to change to a green policy, but it wouldn't suit all the other european partners because they have a completely different thoughts on germany and their energy supply. for example, the french and especially the polish want to keep the black mailing position for germany. they don't want germany to be energy efficient or energy independence with russian gas. they would like to be to keep the hand on the energy supply for germany. so. busy with the north spring to pipeline,
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the energy supply would be would be secured, and that's what the european partners don't want. but definitely it would be the perfect match to the german energy policy up with him if it's and also said that, you know, russia's flood gas to europe for, for, for decades. it's not some trust that's been built up there. if you, when you've been buying a product from a supplier for so long, wouldn't you think that there would be a comfortable relationship, establish the seems to be an awful lot of attention? is that resentment for some reason? well, this is exactly the problem. yes, there it's, russia was always very, very reliable. even in war times they fulfilled all their commitment and business. the problem for the other european partners who don't want germany to be energy secure. this is the main, the main problem of this. i think it is
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a public political thing and especially now. busy the high prices have economic purpose, which has nothing to do with russia. the americans want to get rid of their environmental, catastrophic pricking gas, which is far too expensive. so 1st the people have to get the german consumer use to high prices before they can export their natural, freaking gas or liquid liquidated, breaking gas to germany. and i think this is the thing that is behind the b hi style or taking prices. otherwise, there would be no other explanation for this because the german supplier, energy suppliers, they can still bite the gas very cheap from russia, but they just don't do it as de la pro. recently,
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just set europe is trying to go green is it's pretty clear. doesn't want to pay what it seems. our spiking price is at the moment. well, i don't know what the issue here is. you can choose to go green, but it seems like it has to pay higher prices if it wants to be great. or we could just, you know, crack and get trading zone energy. i'm sure it could manage to do that if it wanted . but if it's choosing to be green, doesn't have to accept what comes with that. yes, they, well, you, you think that european politicians want anything good for the european people, but i have my doubts about this. i think they one more good be in, in favor of their partners, especially in the overseas, in the us and so on. so they have company, different background, what they make the policy for you are absolutely right. it would be pretty easy to combine the good guess because the energy supply from russia pretty cheap wherever,
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very good carbon footprint and so on. and combine this with the renewable energy that are in germany or other parts in europe, but the bureaucrats in brazil, they don't want this, they want higher prices. and now they just want, especially higher prices for the german consumers and the german industry. because these are metals dividing, these matters how to devise the economy within europe. and this has nothing to do with russia or something. this is something that goes against the german economy and the german taxpayer is the worst possible time for energy prices to be going up to the consumer. europe is inexpensive business trying to keep warm. it's going to, it's gonna be difficult time for a lot of people just, you know, spending money, the little money. they've gone on just trying to keep the home their apartments was
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. did you see this coming the worst possible time? yes, i saw this coming and i already set this couple of times before because i don't think, but this happened on the thought of, you know, as a lot of lever offset, the german energy suppliers, they just don't order the energy from russia, which they easily could so they must be a political will to let the price of climb to get the german consume i use to higher prices, maybe to, to get the easier way to change the economy, to the very high cost and very expensive green energy. but also probably to use the german consumer for. busy these very expensive american fricking gas, which has a catastrophic environmental footprint, but nobody cares about this is especially the very wrong time for this fight.
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and another thing with the energy prices who write rays like l. 8, that this has nothing to do with the real economy. these are speculators who shoot up the price. it would be super easy for the german or for the european suppliers, just to buy the gas pretty cheap from, from russia, because they get to meet and medium price from the last 10 years, which is still below $200.00 per 1000 cubic meters of gas and the present market price is over a $1000.00 euros per cube, 1000 cubic meters. so they could make an awful lot of money just by ordering more. dr. harmer, thanks so much for joining me. this evening of agger harbor. german economist is my guest. ag rights. okay,
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let's see story. now you as republicans have accused the military of double standards over a marine, his face in potential charges for criticizing the by the ministrations pull out from afghanistan. it stands there in stark contrast to another officer who early was hailed as a hero. when he stood up, the trump administration, what is kennimore? ben takes a closer look at the 2 cases. $2000000.00 from over $27000.00 different donors. that's how strongly people are feeling the case of lieutenant colonel sheller. he's facing potential criminal charges over criticizing commanders over the withdrawal from afghanistan. now, his hearing has been delayed until next week, but his family is not very optimistic or we have been told to prepare that it could be a long prison term. sheller was an active duty u. s. marine, whose frustration over the bungled retreat from cobble lead to making videos, bashing biden. and the pentagon brass that quickly went viral. people are upset
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because their senior leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we messed this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table to say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate? everyone. i am submitting charges against general mckenzie for his bad assumptions . not because i'm vindictive, but because the senior leaders need to be held accountable to the same standard as us. he's now accused of breaking for laws, though there are not formal charges yet. now sheller is not the 1st military man to raise a voice about issues. lieutenant colonel alexander vin damon was on active duty when he 1st spoke up against the pentagon. brass, he testified at trumps impeachment proceedings as a pentagon whistleblower. he claim the donald trump had made a quid pro quo with the president of ukraine. he was anointed by mainstream media
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and the democrats as a st. this guy 0. this guy is a patriot. and one of these 2 men, the president and lieutenant colonel whitman, devoted his life to duty and honor. right matters what an extraordinary statement from an immigrant who served this country proudly his entire life. now the answers from the white house quickly turned evasive when they faced some tough questions about parallels person by incompetent colonel alexander vin minute hero, for speaking out against his manners, she even has for the capitol hill in uniform. so how is this different, especially since you just said the president welcomed the candor and the advice of his military adviser? does the president also feel with sheller hero? i dont have all the details on these circumstances. i understand that can be frustrating to you. um, but we will work to get you an answer on republicans or speaking up saying that
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they see a double standard if you speak out against the democratic president who get thrown in the brig. but if you're doing something against a republican president, you are lord of the hero. this is double standard. lieutenant colonel vinland was celebrated by media while of tenant girls sheller is in prison for demanding accountability on the disastrous withdrawal. both challenged leadership. one was treated as a hero and the other punished. i remember when military leadership wasn't an oxymoron, it's no wonder they can't see the obvious coming any more. the best bureau cuts on the absolute worst wolfowitz is of the ones that get promoted and make the decisions. military leaders who criticize donald trump got talk, show appearances, and look deals treated almost like heroes. while one who just criticized biden is facing a hearing and a potentially long term spell behind bars. the double scene that we see be an exercise here today. it's a very dangerous precedent escort or gets the standard by democrats, 1st of all it,
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but also manifested tremendously by the mass media tends to be predominantly, less leaning in you know, very much and pocket b. o, the democratic partner, anything that was an antique trump was hailed and so it's not surprising anything republican, as the chase minimum was treated with kid gloves now and as a consequence, or he gets off scott frame, having no leak classified information. the political landscape has certainly evolved from what it was a year ago. democrats are no longer celebrating those with the courage to speak up against those in power. being a hero isn't so much about what you do, but who you do it against? kayla mopping r t new york. francis sending to cut cross
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channel electricity supplies to the u. k. over post for exit. fishing dispute on the davis could be pulls from paris now on the fight, the threatened to end up and a series of crucial agreements between the european allies france could be about to slam the brakes on the relationship with the u. k. as this right over fishing rights is pretty much imploding. last week the u. k refused the majority of licenses that came from french, smaller fishing vessels to fish in it's would it only approved 12 out of $47.00. and as a result of that, iris is furious. it's now saying the bilateral agreements that cover everything from security, border control to trade in energy are now under threat because paris says that london simply cannot keep its commitments under the brakes. it deal. bruton does not respect it some signature month after month. the u. k. presents new conditions and delays given definite if licenses this cannot be tolerated. we know the u. k is
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facing this unprecedented energy crisis, just like pretty much all of the countries across continental europe. and it could be a back to get even worse because francis said that it could in the next few days decide to turn off electricity supplies to the u. k. well, how significant is that pretty darn significant. according to you, k governments own papers in july of this year, france supplies almost half of the energy for electricity for the u. k. to this really could see the lights being turned out. well, you mean it both buquet depends on our energy exports. they think they can live alone while also beating up on your own. and given that it doesn't work, engage an aggressive one. upmanship. we negotiate a commie nicely. you know, 9 months in our dotson ult littleton and add to this pretty much perfect storm, a threats that are coming directly from the french fishermen themselves. now we know that boss johnson has already wound the u. k. to put the supply issues in the
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lead up to christmas, that with energy, that's with petro, that's also with products in stores. and now french fishermen, the st. you know what if you do not a move or fishing licenses, we are going to block the ports. we'll make sure that there'll be no imports and no exports between europe and the u. k, which really could add to, boris johnson was and those are threats that the u. k. should also take pretty seriously, given that we know that the french one, they like to protest and to the have already been tense stand offs in the last year over this issue over fishing licenses. now the u. k, for its part says look, we've done nothing wrong. in fact we keeping to our commitments and we're keeping the agreement over fishing licenses. we have granted 98 percent of the license applications from the u boats to fish in our waters. so we do not accept the we are not a biden by traded cooperation agreement. we have been extremely generous and the french
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folks in, in, on a small category of boats and claim. and we have behaved, unreasonably, i think is not really a fair reflection of the efforts we have made. france as well as pulling out the big guns with those threats over energy. and bilateral trades has also asked for the european commission to take a much tougher stance when it comes to the u. k. over this and other issues. the u commission though, isn't sort of really wanting to get into the murky waters over at this particular spot. it's saying what it's going to do is to ask the u. k. can explain its methodology and it will sort of go from that or limp from that. the reality is though, in this prose bankers it will as the issue surrounding that are beginning to bite. there is a real threat coming from france at the moment, and it does seem as if boris johnson has some really tough decisions to make. he is essentially caught between the devil and the deeply se. okay,
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that wraps it up for this news. i think he company called it back with updates in 30 minutes. ah ah. it's open, i think the most basic, but i still, i believe we did. who bought i bought a dial from our company for deed on your way. but i don't recall additions to athletes and movies. does the musicals does it seems every big name in the world has been here? let's see over ms. you can look up a booklet you who doesn't give me a glove with new school. but she said basil makes dreams come true the every one who falls in love with people.
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luke with good room but the one bed the show you care at the board to mit. i'm brent to bore and i'm rachel blevins in washington. coming up u. s. officials are pledging to resume trade talk with china after 8 months, but the binding ministration is refusing to let trans kara in the process. well, take a look at whether the trade war will come to an end at any time, feel free energy credit continues to hit the economy's across the world. europe and
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