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ah, ah green water. and we go through the streets that i will say are some of them make them feel that they are fellow human beings that people in the communities did fund them? i think you in brita water, a burritos, like i started saying water. that's the straw point, the burning the trust of the connection that they have lost with read bill. if you need to get
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with the la flashy food in front of you, we have 2 blocks from the old of auto pilot. and this is where we are pretty much in the slums, a blog and i have with a with them
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i with no got you all. * is with i know so many vibrant, beautiful homeless people. and there's this saying that homelessness is a temporary condition. so it's not, it's something that you experience. it's a phase of your life, but it's not who you are. you don't say i am a homeless. you say hi, i am homeless right now. i won't be forever. i wasn't before and i won't be forever .
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you say we're lost? no. i got a map out law. yeah. but we don't, we don't we. i know where we're going. like no back. thank. you can help. okay.
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ah okay, here we go. i own here. they do. they do. i've never been homeless my entire life. until a year and a half ago. i am on the street. i live on the street for. i'm not sad. i'm actually happy. i work every day towards my dream. i don't think anything is hopeless. i just happen to live on the street. haven't found enough consistent income for me to have
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a place to live or somebody to stay with improvisation is what we're doing. and we've been talking about this for a while. can prove is in there, we're improving. we're starting with nothing with only what we've got, we're improving we'll take the top of the homelessness. josh hold on. all right, here we go with the use of the topic homelessness. so we're moving around right around with the topic of homelessness. we are going to present a piece that we call stop and go. oh, listening to her work, trying to go with a lot of people don't realize. i think that word has a lot of jame or guilt or something surrounding it. hopeless. i heard the term home
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was not a lot of people hear that word it's, it's not their fault. they just think that they can't do stuff because of that word . this isn't life. i chose, this is what i want is like everything went at once, all at once. first it was my job, then it was my family feeling was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is passing time. everyday we say every day knocking on the door of some church. what i want more than this, someone told me there was more oh my god, i am so tired of the smell of urine everywhere. i can't get away from it. somebody give me life or something. it's not enough. there's like enders, down the street everywhere. trash. so many get me out of this place and we're not
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going to leave any food on the brown. but if someone is sleeping, we at least want to leave a water for them by their 10. and if the women would please take the feminine product, because that makes more sense. i think there's a bag for everybody now. more or less. right. okay. i hear you. yes. i was like oh no, that's something i remember. yeah. okay, let's go with the nice thing to give away with that you have an hour and a half. right?
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i remember everybody's doing ohio and they're saying, i mean i'm in a while. what chair meal dedicated itself to is at least let's not have people starve or become dehydrated on the street. with that is no such solution. other than to educate people that these are somebody's son, daughter, brother, father, mother who are on the street. we need to give them
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a hand to get them off in one of the 193 neighborhoods. the best donuts in los angeles. don't it? and i've been to get on i don't know if you're thinking way too much and it's obvious that this group has been like eric shaking his head. we don't think in here. it's okay. it's okay. we get out of our heads. we trust our instincts, our guts, our stories. don't think, don't think sometimes i look homeless. sometimes i don't. sometimes i tell people i told people i was on the street before they say i, you don't look like it. and i have
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a smile. my face happy. i'm excited and i'm happy because i'm doing, i'm living, i'm living, i'm not making any excuses. i have things interests, i'm in and i pursue all time. you're very welcome. people should not be on the street in the richest country in the world. or we have some food and water. they can have a breed of ways. one rudo got there. yeah. one spicy with welcome. okay. i was strong. faith believing god. i go to church. i read the bible lot. i keep my
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head focused on the bigger picture. i pray, constantly pray i do things for other people. that's a big one. mm. i choose a jew tight. jimmy got me shoes, free from the salvation army to where i had johnny with where he had body over by insurance. yeah. right on get your current on the cab. i got like molly? yeah. baby. alright on. are you good, good. good. already going to nice. nice night. on the bed, sitting on the bench. you got old story, right. odd. yadi. thanks again. body. love. yeah. all right,
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a sweet guy in the way of life of reindeer herders leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. while the men drive, the women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders and show them that when she met with. however, in the vast expanse of russia, there is a spot where a house wife could secure a regular income. and it's in the final semester
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with ah, and i make no, no borders line to tease and you fresh as a merge we don't have with the we don't on the back seen the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people who judge, you know. 2 come in, crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together
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with either financial to why we're gonna get a we owe them money laundering 1st aid to put it this cash to 3 different. oh good . this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas. in the cayman islands, you never know all these banks are complicit in the club piper. so we just have to give him a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious my laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about ha ha. luxury automobile again for my, you know it money wondering if i don't get a report. oh,
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seemed wrong when all proofs just don't hold. any world to shave out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah ah, i try and help you. if there's one thing you should do when you're on the street,
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if you want to get better, if you wanna feel better, you gotta do something for other people. gotta find some way to serve people, give skills, use your skills, and what you have to help people with one joins for personal do whatever you can help to be serviced. and that's why i think i'm so happy. one of the reasons i'm always sharing night and thank you for this evening. jesus name, we ask you to bless us with the holy spirit are gathered here under your roof, father, god, we ask you to lift us to guide us at all times. father, god, help us. stay up in aware of your presence guide us always thought of god. keep
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any negativity and phyllis the positivity both with love, joy, hope in peace. jesus name, amen. ah . oh ah life living? yes, dying breath alive in her chest and
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a human warning wary a body left behind an untold obituary, a journal. an unrecorded light on a bench ah ah ah. 4 8 6 4 4 # please enter your password followed by the pound. 0 1 0 4 # you have 5 unheard messages and 40. 1 cents received today. 8 22 am from 140
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a and a message received today. 1045. am a message received today a ah,
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yes. when the historians begin to write this chapter of american history is going to be a very sad chapter, a very shameful chapter. though with you intrude our neighbors, right? ah, ah, we made a mistake. it
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ah ah ah. when is the egg with a mirror lifting? one up a one. good? yes. i was just that survey. i wonder then going through the the okay. lemme monet
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johnny wilkinson. where an in natal then he got our i'm going to be there. okay. is it in the future? correct? yes, ma'am. thing i was told that it does mean the circle made it you sorry, the length of monthly and then 10 days later than he had when i called on complet. okay. okay. yes, i was on the way then because im or less and because amelia okay. the law. oh okay. which is emma this is the 3rd hi. good morning. the for has this is mira
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good. how are you doing? and i just wanted to let you know that we just received a missing person from somebody that i was just in case you have seen somebody with his description. he is 23 years old, paid between 66 and 67 into fall. the only distinctive feature that he has is that the 2 in his arm with the name on my to yeah, that's a quarrel. yes, i don't know which arm is because of the family can remember. yeah, that's the only thing that he has. he doesn't have any factors or dental work. he was feeling okay. he went just traveling with a group and he came back to try to help her pregnant women, an older guy. and does the last name that the so
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a i found this can somewhere in the letters last tuesday totally polluted. whitland component is here to. 2 can do i just want to dna, the leper seneca community? it's a lot because you guys are close tomorrow. sandra is to to point to las cruces, can you or go? no, so really yourself with this one? no monica. we'll get him real. no, monica kid, him witcher. i mean because shown as he read that, the short application is a percent. i'm way 8 impulsive is i'm wanting council in grand event to luck, a persona or when i'm worth a key,
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a person for some work to anybody. unless you got elected to the discipline, you in this up a 1000000 ah. equal seen policy move here to see this also gives every campus ah, we of the 3000 bodies that we have found about 2000 have names there, but a 1000 that we don't have a name but, but now they now they're doing dna sampling. you know from, from families and from the bones. so now we'll be able to match those. the
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a day samples hadn't identified some people. but sometimes all we find is just one bone and his and the bomb could be there for 10 years. so it's very difficult to make a match we just from one moment. we have struggled over time with how to examine these remains. what to do with the remains of people who we are are not able to identify. we try to gather whatever information we can about them to compare against missing persons reports that we may receive up to including comparing dna to family members. if we are in contact with them to see if they're related to the remains that we recovered
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about 86 percent of the people that we found have been male and most of them are in their twenties or thirties. this is a demographic of people that are crossing usually for work or for family reasons. not with a large group of family members seeking amnesty ah, the way of life and reindeer herders leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. that the main drive
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the carry, the weight of the household work on their shoulders rather than with that one. also he now with however, in the vast expanse of russia, there is a spot where a housewife could secure regular employment. it's in the fall semester with ah, for is your media a reflection of reality in
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the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great in the world corrupted you need to descend, have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger and survive something on survival. one of the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation or life. i accepted accept the fact that i made that work. we had
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no fears. del change pre fashion for shots, different stories behind the bullets. a facebook accused of spreading hayes and weakening democracy by whistler. the revelations as a u. s. senate hearing is found in contrast to just a few years ago when social media platforms were hailed for bringing about the spring ah, europe. as your crisis, depos was easily bearing the brunt rec, old gas prices have left many unable to pay the bills or jeremy. i'm really shocked. i'm aware of what is going on and i have to say we're ob, such an absolute shame the italian state instead of protecting it citizens does exactly.


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