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yes, this is the kaiser report to show you love stacy grey. well, i have an important piece here that i want you to discuss because it is a got a lot of attraction from the blue check twitter crowd. namely those who are more democratic, leaning liberal, leaning economists, and they see this as a good solution. the headline of that topic we're going to get to is biden's spending. bill won't save the middle class distrust of paper money and the fear that the currency would be worthless if the uncertain revolutionary regime collapse soon cause he asked cigna to depreciate. i hyper inflate memory. it's a political event as a change of mindset that happens that is very dangerous to any fear, currency for right. so the peasants, after winning the revolutionary insurrection against the royals, and proceeded to collateral eyes, lots of stuff, including church, property,
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to issue some paper money. and this was met with this stunning, ah, kind of repudiation of the laws of physics by suggesting that they could simply collateral eyes everything under the sun to create more paper money to pay off the interest on the previous paper money to create more paper money. so in the united states and around the world, what we've seen the over the past 20 or 30 years, a water call collateralized debt obligations. see the o's, this is essentially the modern equivalent of the s and yacht. panic gave us the subprime crisis. they gave us the global financial crisis. they gave us the stock market created by $397.00. a gave us the bomber contrast 1993. and today, what the article that you're talking about is that by it and stimulus plan won't really work. that they're pointing out that there is always an and again to the
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amount of, of tickets chicken sell on the same item that the kids just like that movie the producers. remember, they sold more tickets than they had seats, knowing that the show would be a bomb. and the, so this is sir the end game and to map it with the, the present revolt of the french revolution. you know, we were just in, in paris in on this is still a hot sewing item in paris. these are t shirts featuring the getting. and so the memory of the reign of terror were approximately $40000.00 bankers were decapitated. is still fresh in the minds of france, population and they considered earth one of the greatest events of their history. so yet there the reign of terror or the terror as it's called in france, it did happen during the asking not stage in terms of what they're talking about in the biden story in the bivens spending bill won't save the middle class. the
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article here which was widely circulated, as i said, it's written by 2 university of sydney professors, a martin job coatings, and lisa adkins and another author, garrath brown. and it came out last week and it talked about the fact that employment is no longer away to the middle class. that the only way to be in the middle class is through asset ownership in particular property. and they note that that for some reason, this is a marked feature of the past 4 decades and anglo capitalist societies. we don't know what happened in the last 40 years. something they say before the 19 seventy's property ownership was only one element of a lifestyle organized around stable, lifelong employment. so the deplorable as in america will say that was the time make america great again, was when you had an organized structure life around stable employment. that house price lottery,
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the luck of the draw of having like your house price go up 2030. the rich, the rich income earners the top one percent of income earners and to i tax, you know, some other other things that are not asset related, right? if they could tax of income in america, 100 percent. and you wouldn't make a dance in the debt for 20 years. and we know exactly what happened for 40 years ago. it was reagan fatuous and the deregulation. and they did auction of the modern derivatives market, which separated labor from the economy in a way that allowed asset speculators on wall street to become fabulously rich, without having the burden of rising wages, which they shipped over to china. also, to help them become fabulously rich at the expense of everybody else. so as the article points out there is an end game, you can all the collateral eyes the same thing. so many times you can only sell the same, don't it. so many times before, somebody figures out that, hey, there's no,
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don't it here that's just the whole. and that's what's happening in america. they're trying to survive on the whole in the don't it. and they're saying, we sold this whole in the don't. 15 times at goldman sachs and we got rich because we got paid a fee on the collateral session of the whole and the don't it. and now the, everybody else america's broke, and they don't generate enough income for us to tax, to pay down the debt that we incurred by deregulation. anderson, i point your attention once again to this t shirt. the french figured it out, racked in lin, 01896 or so this is what's waiting america. silly. hello for. hello to your new friend. out there in east hampton. chopped up. of course i will. correct people's at the for have lucian happened to $1787.00 that $1890.00. so yes, of course. little rid of it. change in there. the reign of terror happened and like $1790.00 to $93.00 sort of area. so. 6 whatever, okay, this is not
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a history lesson, this is a financial and economic lesson. so that they've identified the point they're saying basically the united states is like french revolutionary france, right? we've set up a system whereby the only way to have any wealth is the own one of these, the asking not to have a property backed economy. so we have a property back economy. but they point out that this middle class politics contains a built in self destruction mechanism over time. rising property prices make it more and more difficult for ordinary people, even those earning decent wages to buy into it. so i want to continue with this. is that what we're seeing right now, the conflict that the stress, the distress, the unrest in economies in these anglo saxon economies that they point out the united states. britain, ireland, australia, new zealand,
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where all these house price, property bubbles are the substitution for what used to be an organizing principle of having of a job to go to that was exposed. the article also points out. during the pandemic, we were all got sent home and we all get sent money. everybody got sent money, the bankers got that money. the lawyers got sent money. the doctors got sent money . all the p. p. p loans, all the free money for all these businesses. everybody got enhanced unemployment benefits. and what did we see? we saw massive, massive increase of property prices. we saw massive increase them and profits for, for a big corporations. we saw the stock prices, cattle pulled up higher. we saw like with huge gap up. so they're suggesting they, they come to exactly the wrong conclusion. like what you should have done with the ass. if not, we looked at it instead of doubling down and tripling down and, and quadrupling the money supply. we have to do is end the pansy because that's the
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only way to stop a ponzi is the end. the pansy need to seize the assets from these people and that we need to introduce unconditional payments or the end game of the new world of asset inflation. so that given more money to just the bottom, like 50 percent, they don't name a number, but given give them more cash to jump on to the scheme of an economy based on something so stupid as a ponzi scheme like this. like you want the asset inflation doesn't build anything . it's not. wealth creation is just like number go up for no reason. plus is fallacious argument because for example, with block rock, they own tens of thousands 1000000 brabs residential homes. now that they purchase with free money from the fed, yet there when they say we're going to flood the lower class with money to help them achieve a good, some kind of objective. what that is, is simply
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a cloaked way of saying we need to bail our wall street again. wait a bell on black rock again. so this is just another's chapter and the series of money printing to bail out. this'll increase the wealth and income go and it will increase as the economists calls it, social cohesion risk. i think they're saying is you need to take that asset. so if black rock owns a 1000000 properties, they don't need to own a 1000000, we'll let them on 10000 we're gonna take, sees those other ones, give those to the people or letter them by a bid for it with the free money we give them. so were they just wanted keep the free money going, keep the spigots open, but just try to push the spigot somewhere else. it doesn't change the system itself . where in a reign of terror sort of moment where we, okay, they got rid of the monarchy, but then what were they going to have? and there was this chaos right until order was restored by napoleon and perhaps
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that wasn't the best solution. who knows? but nevertheless, like here were in this moment of like, trying to keep that system alive when something else needs to happen. well, something else has already happened and it's called big white. and i think this sort of story has bitcoin revealed this truth about what the economy is. it's set up on a, basically an, a modern not asking yacht system that's an aussie not economy. right? so it says there are nationalizing jeez parts of the economy, which is generally what happens also after an insurrection and the harbinger of communism. all right, will be back right after this. don't go away. ah,
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for is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? high selection community. are you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? was his faith in the world corrupted. you need to this end.
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so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. these are the full people who pulled the trigger and survive something on survival . one is the harness, things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation of life. i accepted death. i accept the fact that i made that work. we had no fears. del change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. ah, welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser time now to return to lawrence leopard who recently spoke at the gold show in new orleans. with a speech about, quote, fix the money, fix the war. all lawrence, welcome back. thank you very much,
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max. nice to be with you. i haven't actually given the speeches. it's coming in a couple weeks. oh, excellent. all right, well, get a bit of a preview now. you are speaking about some money gold and big going are you will in this space to a gold mine crab. and what do you feel like they are and what are you anticipating from that? i don't know. i suspect to get some pushback from some, as i've said in other interviews, i think that there's a part of the gold community. it's really missing and misunderstanding bitcoin. and part of my mission as a goldberg, long term, goldberg, and still remaining a gold bogus. to educate a gold people as to why bitcoin is a is another where we're at arrow in the quiver of those of us. we're fighting the central bank as human pitcher moment. so i think there are allies, i don't think it's a case of them being a mutually exclusive. i think, i think when you both in order to take down this cropped system course called bugs are well aware of the price manipulation that goes on and galled it's been gone on for quite some time. central banks on huge quantities of gold makes it easy for
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them to to interfere with what the price discovery and but you know seneca planning shit and called bugs chest, dump it, dump golden, and joined the perfect money. me. now i'm a coin i why complain if they just they appear to be whining unnecessarily. at this point i hear your point actually. i don't disagree, but christ got a lot of great qualities. i think they both have good qualities and they're different right now, you know, as a, as a money manager and my job is to balance risk a reward for a bunch of investors. some of them are older, some of whom don't like volatility and 85 percent brought out would be shocking to them. so, you know, my view is that a, you know, goal has worked not the way it should be, i would say as you and i both know because of the price suppression. but if you look at the last 20 years, it's been up on average 9 percent a year, which is, you know, more than more than bonds or indicate some case actually more than a lot of stocks, not more than the triple cues, but you know, it's, it's
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a case of what you want to do if you want to be of the absolute fastest risk on asset, which is bitcoin monetary asset, which is bit coin. or you want to be in the slow and steady taurus monetary us at which was gold and gold not going to be completely demonetized immediately. i know there are people who think it will be, and i don't disagree that over time it could be, but i don't think it's going to happen instantly on the notion that goal is that i think is incorrect. i'm in a $6000000000.00 people on the planet, and less than 10 percent of them understand bitcoin, all that about say, curves gonna drive bit points, price fire. but when, when the inflation that i see coming, i'm, i'm believe you see coming as well occurs. they're both going to win. you can win in either place. and so people should be comfortable with whatever they want to do in terms of a sound. my asset, as i say, you know, i, i've got investors who paid, you know, bought bitcoin and 17000 and in the fall of 2018 or 17, they would have, you know, they wouldn't been able to handle it when it went down to 3500 and so, so there's
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a place for both and that it depends on what kind of an investor you are, right? well, it may just be cleared bitcoin as mathematically guaranteed you increase purchasing power, whereas gold is guaranteed to maintain purchasing power. so it's a question of whether you want to maintain your purchasing power or whether you want to increase your purchasing power. that's the fundamental question. right? i grew that. yeah, i mean, so, i mean if you're an investor and you manage money for people, your job is to make people money. so for, for fiduciaries, if the choice should be bitcoin over gold. and if, if, if in fact, you're just a hobbyist and you like to pretty rocks, that's another question. so now you talk about these 2 as being sound of money as a moral issue. all right? so elaborate on the moral issue aspect of this is, i think you would agree with me back the matter is that i'm printing money is counterfeiting, pretty money is lie. and so, you know, it's stealing from the working person that the middle class and the lower class and
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a lot of the problems that we've seen in the world and the past, you know, since you off the gold standard really i'm 71. i believe we're driven by the abandonment of some money and of course, but going to exist 2008. so gold was really your only choice. and you know, that honest weights and measures are something that through millennium have been proved to be an important characteristic of how you're running the economy you're running efficiently. and the fact that we moved to dishonest, weights and measures off the gold standard. and it's only gotten worse, it's compounded over time and got worse, as in my opinion, why, you know, we've had incredible technological development since 1971. and yet it's been enjoyed by the one percent, not by everybody. you know, the fact that matter is the productivity j a n e we. ready share, and the reason for that is the money's on so that i should point out it and remind folks that you are in a, a rare group of folks and that you are both
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a big coin and gold advocate. and you can speak about both. and this is a highly sought after demographic, you know, people like and actually talk about both sides of this debate. so we appreciate that and, and do a great job doing it. and then, you know, we can talk about sound money all day long. what we run into lawrence is that when you talk about morality and money, the other side of the debate equates money printing west morality because you can provide universal basic income. i meant a one trillion dollar platinum coin to rescue the economy. you said, i'm saying so morality for the money printers, you know, they're taking the high moral road. lawrence, well, they think they think they are, but we've got history on our side. you know, i mean the fact of the matter is that every time they try and experiment like those are the last 5000 years, it's fail. i mean, you know, m m t is nothing more than you're maps, theory of state money and journalism. and that's what led to the weimer hyperinflation. you know, they, they, they are telling a lie, and you know, for
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a short period of time, they can tell a lie and get away with it. because, you know, cheney said that was a, don't matter. and guess what, to some degree, they haven't matter, but it's, it's science law, right? i mean if something cannot go on forever, it will add and the fact of the matter is this cannot go on forever. this might printing eventually and becomes monopoly money. we all know that and it's accelerated. i mean, we're getting really, really close to it now. you know, let me just touch a little bit if you don't mind on this in place, just transitory narrative. trying to shut down our throats. but i found it hysterical it as recently as a few days ago. 923 in the wall street journal headliner and further visuals now see transitory in place. lasting quite a while. ok, transitory last and quite a while. all right. what's that all about right now? you know, the fact of the matter is they've got a serious problem. and the problem is that they're running a ponzi scheme and they're running it by printing money. and you know,
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it has to get ever bigger and they have to continue running that scheme if they don't implodes. so and so you know, the end point of that is when everyone realizes the running a bronze justine brush and lock it in. and we all buy sound money, which is, you know, in my opinion, goal ambercorn, right? well, we know one of the reasons that they do manipulate the price of gold is to prevent gold from signaling to the market that there's inflation, right? there's a lot people to think that their fear money is sound money. but now after decades of pulling every possible accounting fraud, entricken the book to hide the inflation by not calling asset price inflation inflation. or by um, recalculating how c p i is calculated or lying about g d p members or shipping america's productivity to china. for example, that worked great for 20 years to hide the inflation. but now they run out of
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tricks right, that david copperfield, he reaches into his bag of monetary tricks and it is got nothing right there. that there is no more trek. so than flight inflation is here. the signal, it's signaling to people that the purchasing power of their paper money is and grave jeopardy. so this sets up inflationary expectations which are self fulfilling. prices go up because people are panic buying. i'm starting to see this already both on the consumer level, but on the industrial level we hear various commodities. industrial commodities are, are in short supply. and so countries and companies are panic, buying these commodities. what are you seeing? i see the same kind of thing. i mean, shortages are occurring all over the placement here in boston. as an example, having trouble getting a bus drivers for 2 schools and they were talking about premium people from the national guard drive the buses, which i found shocking. and you know, just what happens when you don't when you have shortages on your supply problems.
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just to your basic economics, one, a, one less supply prices are going up. and it's, it's outrageous. price is going up. i mean, you know, in the last year owns you're on europe like 19.7 percent. that didn't happen in the housing bubble. you know, the, the i some study was out just this morning, month on month. i assume prices paid report went up to point 2 percent and twitter was kind enough to compound there for 30 percent a year. i assume price increase, you know, and we've all seen the container shipping. of course, the other side will cite the lumber example as well, lumber, triple that came back up. all right, fine. so there are some problems with the sawmills and number one, but the bottom line is, as you know, as i know it is anyone who seriously looking at economic data knows there is inflation raging everywhere. absolutely. everywhere. and, you know, the friend is playing steri fab, right? you know, they're going to taper, oh my goodness, you know, we're going to get this under control. even if they do tape or they are so far behind the curve, but it's insane. you know, i mean,
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it's going to turn and it's going to turn, bitcoin is going to go a lot higher goals. going to go a lot higher. and people who have, you know, assets in the sound money category. and we're going to make money with childlike cheese. i mean it's just going to be unbelievable how things are going to get transferred into our can you certainly politicians dictate economic policy? i mean if i look at what's happening in the u. k. then britain and ok, the politics in that country led them to branson and they lost a $100000.00 truck drivers. right dated the brakes. it let the, all the truck drivers went back to the in you and now they're trying to get them all back. right. now i'll have that in the space of 36 months, and then they can make deliveries on, on gas and other and food. so it should, so the, the level of financial literacy and the political class is the anna insanely disproportionate to the amount of power the politicians have in, in our lives. shouldn't,
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shouldn't politicians go to like economics one a why and or something at least to learn how to add 2 plus to lawrence? well, one, we certainly think and obviously, even if they did make a note better, a promise, the incentive structure set up. so they get power by, you know, by wielding power over us and, you know, that's why nancy pelosi can trace stocks. and that's why, you know, even read recently. i mean, are, those are the important part of the soul narrative max, i'm sure you're, you know, focused on as well. so that is really starting to lose credibility, right? they got a serious problem and you guys, insider trading, heterozygous. i mean, it's, you know, things are coming fast and furious now and, and, you know, as you say, you know, it's, it's a cycle. once you know, one guy sees prices go up, you want higher wages, then another set of prices go back. i want higher wages, i mean this is we have got a serious, serious waste from. it's going to be much bigger than anyone can ever imagine. and i can kind of remember this because i was
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a teenager in the seventy's and i remember the issues. i mean, it was, it was amazing at the price of everything just went up relentlessly and i think the next, you know, 10 years going to be the 70s on steroids. oh, exciting. the 70. i will talk about that in another segment. thanks for bringing on this part of the guys report. all right, that's going to do for this additional crash report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert want to thank our gas, large law part and dental next time bio. ah . ah ah
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ah, ah. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century water, the chapters cold gun violence from school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job, then it was my family didn't was my savings. i have nothing, i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is passing the
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road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees. it's this very idealized image. all those older america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modem. history of the u. s. a. lie america, kona t ah, it's a but i think the most basic, but i see you back, please go. he did. who bought? i bought a dial tomorrow. i'm more than you quite buy that. i know from politicians to athletes and movies, delta musicals does it seems every big name in the world has been here this year. hope of ms. you can check out. this goes to school. ah. and when you get the call, when you finish with give me
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a glover you spoke with said basil makes dreams come true. the every one who falls in love with people like what? mm. a facebook whistleblower, a test to follow before the usaa. it's accusing the social media giant of spreading hate and taking a. did you all? it's users. is the latest headache for the platform coming just a day after millions of people who are disconnected from the world's biggest social network, as well as instagram and walks off for 7 hours with even company engineers. seeing their electronic passes stop working. europe's energy crisis deepens with italy burring the bronze record gas prices have left many unable to pay the bills.


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