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about what cost is still and what's been the response plus an interview crisis looming in europe as winter is just around the corner. all the while more information leaking out about facebook after a former employee goes public. and we'll have it many other topics to discuss with our 360 panel coming up on these hughes right here on our tea. america. ah, good evening and thanks so much for joining us. i'm natasha sweet in for scotty now hughes. we start in california. we're a broken pipeline has viewed 126000 gallons of oil into the ocean, off the coast of orange county. our t correspondent, bridge desantos has a story from los angeles, cruz, our racing to contain the damage from a major oil spill off the coast of huntington beach. that began on friday. the crude slick has now spread more than 8000 acres, killing fish and birds,
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and threatening local wetlands. bleak originated from a pipeline connected to the offshore oil platform, known as ellie, which sits on top of a large accrued reservoir overseen by the federal government. the president and ceo of amplify energy, which owns the pipeline, says crews are investigating what went wrong. we currently have divers on location that the potential source site. we are investigating the source and potential cause of this incident. i said we will continue to work with unified command to ensure that this recovery effort is concluded as quickly as possible. let me just say also, you know, our employees live in work in these communities and we're all deeply impacted and concerned about the impact on not just the environment, but you know, the fish and wildlife as well. the pipeline has temporarily shuttered operate sions,
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but it's unclear whether oil continues to leak into the ocean. the company says it won't know until inspections of its underwater pipelines are complete. in the meantime, local residents are being warranted to stay away from the beach and out of the water until california is largest spill in decades, is contained and cleaned up for news use hughes. i'm brazil santos. and for more on oil and the energy crisis, we turned to hillary ford, which of the british american business as he association. thank you so much for joining us today. hm. gotcha. and so hillary. 2 on top, the news coming out of california, opec, we understand just announce that they will not drastically increase oil production, and they will stick with the measured approach. so this is pushing oil prices to i said when you're high. so what is this even mean for the ongoing energy crisis that's happening all around the world? well, of course we don't expect opec to help the world. that's not what they're in business to do. the energy crisis is going to exacerbate, and the main reason is obviously supply and demand with asia coming into more of
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a sort of middle class general community. there is a lot of things going on in asia, particularly in china and india, them as ever been in world history. so there's that additional demand and then you have supplies, you just mentioned, opec isn't going to increase. but also there's a lot of the crude areas of oil field shutting down brent crude. you know the u. s . u k oil is always referred to as brent crude. that comes from the brent oil field in the north sea. and basically the la strips of oil are coming out from there. now you do have coming up in gloves, go call $26.00, which is going to be this global environmental conference. take place in scotland, glasgow, it's coming soon. so the u. k. government is very reluctant to make any announcements about oil feels that might be opened in the north sea and in the atlantic, which of course has plenty of oil back to be had. yeah. wow. very interesting. and so, meanwhile, natural gas prices in europe are hitting record highs with, you know, winter on the way. so we have a story from ortiz at charlotte davinsky i. she has
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a story from paris and hillary. of course we're going to get your take on this reaction right after that story. there is a lot of finger pointing going on as the block faces this unprecedented energy crisis. that winter crunch is moving and according to some, this is a problem that has been, is in the making. let's have a look at some of the main issues across europe at the moment. and we'll start here in france, where there has been a price increase this month of 12.6 percent in gas tower. it's that follows several months of, of the rise is the prime minister is your cast excess, they will not be a freeze and they will not be any more increases. but of course, that doesn't mitigate the months of increases that people have already seen on their household bills. then in spain, where price is they have tripled in the last year. i mean, we know that the spanish government is made emergency measures to try and mitigate the worst impact on the pool. but small business unions are just saying,
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this is an impossible situation. coming after the cobit crisis. businesses just cannot take any more. and then in italy, prices are set to so like 40 percent italian government is announced to package over $3000000000.00 euros to try and aid that. and then in germany, we also heard last week that one, the power plants had to completely shut up shop. and it's not the 1st time at all to do the same a number of times in september. why? well, because it couldn't get enough co. this crisis when it comes to natural gas, has pushed more people towards buying coal, depleting those stocks as well. so it seems like this is a double whammy. so what's behind this looming catastrophe? well, the you cannot agree on that, but some member states see that this is a problem that he was cause itself because it's pushed too fast to quit,
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to move to green energy and at the same time has moved away from fossil fuels. and essentially what it's done is, is left the entire brook exposed. well the e u flatly deny is this, it would jack seed. it says actually, this course is shows that the problem is there is too much dependence in the you all know, fossil fuels and the realities that the only way to mitigate crises like this in the future is to move harder and faster towards green energy. now it's charlotte mentioned in her report, you know, is there kind of this blame game happening in regards to this shortage of a natural gas supply in europe? i mean, does that surprise you? since, you know this has been years in the making your right on the past, it's been years in the making and no one wants to take ownership of it. what was interesting from that report as she didn't mention was happening in france. the french have embraced nuclear energy, and that's why the french on so it's quite so hot. of course, nuclear has lots of other concerns around it. that's one of the issues. there's
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been a, this disagreement across europe as to what kind of energy to follow. while there's been this push on green energy sources, one of the issues in the u. k, of course, is that there were so many windmills constructed. no touted is the new solution, the green way to go, and then the wind has abated. so you don't have when the windmills don't turn and there's no turbine energy created from them. so it's a combination and yes, nobody can agree across that. you. one of the factors that is exacerbating that she hadn't had a chance to mention was of course the laurie drive a shortage across all of europe. that's truck drivers in america. the driver shortage has caused the pipeline and the entire supply chain to be affected, which is again, is another ramification and fall out from coldly, with all the restrictions. and many people going back to the home countries. i think that's about 400000 short in terms of laurie drive is across europe. huge impacts certainly. and, and you know, from the report we heard that gas prices are tripling for some households and it's just, it's feasible. they can't afford it. yeah. and so right now there are some,
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like you say, 3000000 european workers, they can't afford to keep their own homes. so you finance ministers, they're meeting in luxembourg to try and find ways to limit those cost to consumers . let's take a lesson. so we are going to discuss walter on the main drivers forms of commission c, c 0. so prices do mainly by doing mainly by 3rd party proctors and fight for natural gas prices. now, he emphasized, you know, these prices being driven by temporary factors. so do you think that means that leaders are actually coming to some kind of coordinated solution, or am i being too optimistic here? well, they didn't have to come to some solution, but projections all of this crisis is going to go well into 22. most people agree on that. i don't think you're gonna see any short term fixes, i think with the u. k. of course, you k r 95 percent of everything that's important. everything in the u. k is
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imported. so this laurie, dr. a crisis has exacerbated it, that europe is a little different, but still, what you're seeing is the closing of so many coal mines in china. they've actually constructed 84 new coal mines over the last few years. they're being shot in europe . and so you can't shot the old way of producing energy without having enough renewable sources to take the place. and that's the issue. this is gone, the push for green energy has really gone too fast, but no one wants to own up to that because it's not very politically correct or favorable right now. certainly, and it's certainly not. and we know that russia is being, you know, criticized for supposedly withholding energy supplies. but moscow has said that, you know, that they're actually happy to step in and help you think that russia could be part of the solution and all. no, absolutely, yeah. but of course, there's lots of political issues that i think the politics have to put aside for the very point that you mention, which is all of the e u workers. and basically the poor. these issues always hurt the poorest. and that's what's gonna happen in
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a cold winter projected across all of europe. and also you can't move too fast away from an old source of supply until you have a replacement. and politicians i think have been focusing on the polls focusing on what's popular versus what's on what's pragmatic and more practical, really great points. thank you so much for your time and insight question tasha and coming up ma, some outages for facebook, instagram and whatsapp. it comes just a day after an alleged hack and a new details from a whistleblower. we'll discuss coming up after the break. ah ah ah ah.
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oh, that guy in facebook has been making headlines recently, but now there is even more to report more than 1500000000 facebook users are reportedly having their information sold from the social media platform. this means their private information is now possibly visible to cyber criminals. and while there have been privacy breaches in the past, this is the biggest one yet. for more we turn to madeline pen, lee attorney with the firm levin papp antonio rafferty. madeline, thanks so much for joining us today. thanks for having me. now, there are several things i would like to cover with you, but 1st, what do you make of this facebook data done as a surprise you, since, you know, maybe user spot after prior breaches or information might have been more secure. okay, so yes and no, it is surprising on the one hand,
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because you would think just like you mentioned earlier, the after this massive data breach earlier this year or 500000000 people had their privacy compromised. that may be facebook would take some action to ensure that this didn't happen again. however, that seems to be too good to be true. so of course, we're in the same situation again. this time it's to an additional 1500000000 people. and based on the data that we have from the 2nd hack, it seems that there wasn't any overlap in the 2 breaches. which means we're looking at almost 2000000000 people independently, who've had their data essentially stolen from them on facebook in just the last year. wow. and now we saw a whistleblower come out a form or facebook employee who claims the company is misleading the public on progress. you know, she went on to say that getting exposed to more anger causes more interaction among users. so what do you make of these claims? i actually find that to be credible. i think it lends itself to common sense
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content that elicits, you know, emotion gets more interaction than something that's passive and mundane. but the problem with facebook is that it, facebook is intentionally providing users with this type of inflammatory information through its algorithm in order to make money. so basically facebook's programming decides what you see and what you don't on your facebook page and their, their own research shows that content that is divisive or polarizing promotes more engagement than other forms of content. and if facebook were to change this algorithm to take this stuff away or hide it from that name, news feed, people would end up spending less time on the page, engage with fewer ads and facebook will ultimately lose money. but the problem is this algorithm tends to show inflammatory information, has very dangerous implications. yeah, and now last week we reported that facebook's own research has showed it actually damage female teams, body image and self esteem. but since then, a facebook executive has refuted those reports in front of congress to go with them
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. we understand that recent reporting has raised a lot of questions about our internal research, including research, we do to better understand young people's experiences on instagram. we strongly disagree with how this reporting characterized our work. so madeline, do you really think after the evidence surface that congress would really believe the opposite. that instagram actually helped teens in their coping mechanisms with depression, anxiety, and body image health? i would hope not. i don't think congress would believe that, but to be fair, members of congress didn't grow up with social media. the way young people are growing up with it today. so they may not be well informed about its effects. you know, social media definitely has the potential to help with mental health. you're keeping up with friends and family, you're seeing content that you want to see, hopefully. but it definitely has the potential to be harmful. it allows people to show essentially, you know, their highlight reel, the best part of their lives without showing the challenges the behind the scenes
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or the boring stuff. which leads to comparison, which is ultimately damaging to you know, egos and self esteem, especially when it comes to young women. unfortunately. and i want to get your take on a heated exchange between this facebook executive and sen marshall blackburn of tennessee and take a listen. did facebook know about content on its platform used to recruit women into forced slavery? and why did you not remove it until apple threatened to drop facebook from the app store? respectfully, senator, i don't. i don't agree with that characterization of what occurred. in fact, we have policies against sex trafficking, or reporting the documents show survey results into the digital interest of 8 to 10 year olds. so with this categorization in mind, does facebook conduct market research on tweens?
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yes or no. that document is actually from an age appropriate design code, something that senator marky and others have actually given to tech companies. so madeline, i know there is a lot to take in there, but seeing the way congress is interacting with facebook on the hill. also taking past hearings into consideration if this facebook whistleblower doesn't fat go before congress this week, you see federal regulations coming to the platform or just another slap on the wrist or will she just be seen as a disgruntled former employee? i think at this point, unfortunately slap on the wrist is probably our most probable option. i sincerely hope that they take these issues seriously. you know, these social media companies make millions of dollars from our private information and our engagement, you know, they need us to keep their business valuable. and they have a responsibility to protect our information, as well as to ensure that they're not facilitating potentially harmful information like trafficking of minors and things like that. and it's frustrating to see these
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companies consistently lie to congress, say that they're not doing anything wrong despite all the evidence to the contrary . and it's frustrating that there are no serious consequences from congress that come as a result. as far as the misinformation issue, i don't see congress doing anything about this anytime soon, as they're likely worried about encroaching on the 1st amendment. rightfully so, and it's ultimately gonna fall in these companies to regulate themselves. 9 which i don't anticipate them doing any time soon. as far as the data breaches, various states have actually passed consumer protection laws that allow citizens to su 4 breaches like these. however, nothing federal has come yet and i'm not sure. a how many of these breaches will need to occur before we can get the federal government's attention? but i hope this will result in some protective legislation coming soon. the story continues. thank you so much milan for your insight. really appreciate your time. well, the pandora papers released sunday, or given more insight into how some of the global elite are putting their mouth
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into assets. now we want a concept is nothing new. the papers are drawing curiosity is some are able to evade taxes. is this really a big deal? joining me now to discuss jonathan harris, democratic commentator and ed morton president of so it's sadly eagles and the publisher of eagles action report that com. thanks for joining me gentlemen. sure, that'd be with the jonathan. do you see a problem here with some of the wealthiest not paying taxes, or do you think this is just another example of the system being broken? you know what it's, it's kind of both when i was reading the news reports about it. i felt kind of like burning. manders, i was like, this is, this isn't how prime example of why the well thing i was little, really reciting a speeches. i'm like the wealthy need to pay their fair share. there was a charity group, oxfam international was saying, specifically this is where, you know, are missing hospitals are and this is a, it's a prime example of and we soliloquy why one of the arguments on the right don't
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work, which is this idea that you don't need the government to regulate the wealthy and enforce them to pay taxes, they'll do it on their own. it's quite clear from this, this nice findings that they absolutely will not do it on their own. and just the links that they will go to, to not re circulate that money and put money toward things like hospitals and things that everyone uses that the tech system is meant, you know, to benefit. and if the us were to adopt something closer to say a flat tax, do you think taxpayers would actually be able to get ahead and spend the money? they make incentive being tax on what they make and then also on what they buy? well, i yeah, i mean there's lots of ways you can try to change the incentives for behavior flats acts as one, but, you know, i mean, i think what we see in the pandora papers and what we see with lots of other investigative reporting and some of it that's been done on our t is that the incentives matter right now. look, the southern poverty law center,
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one of the famous left wing entities. they bought short tens of millions of dollars . why to dodge taxes? don't expect people to see the incentives and act a different way. and i think one of the things that's very good about what's happened, i think we can agree is more transparency. let's see where the money is coming from . who's getting it? we have a president united states who's sitting in the white house. he's got his son getting billions of dollars by reportedly we don't know from the chinese tens of millions from bery smart, and we have him selling his artwork to people and they won't disclose. you're getting it, look, the corruption is when there's no sunlight, so i'm glad append or papers are out. i think that some of these rich people should be shamed. they say one thing about serving the world, and then we discover that there gaming the system. but again, don't be surprised the systems gained, the real corruption is both parties and congress that make sure whether it's paul ryan or nancy pelosi to cover for the wealthy to cover for wall street. i sound like bernie sanders, but i, i agree with the corruption. i just think that the,
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the real best path forward is more transparency, not less as we've seen. now we'll get maybe get to the story we have insiders at the fed trading stocks, trading on insider information when you and me on the tosh are, are stuck trying to figure out what's gonna happen next. so more transparency is good, but don't be surprised that people use incentives and are, are moved by those incentives, care of and, and as you just mentioned, you know, there were several media reports made today regarding allegations of potential trading scandal. so and what are your thoughts on the claims made that the federal vice chair treated millions one day before the chair made a statement about the pandemic? well, it's a scandal and the guy should resign yesterday. i mean and look, i don't even know if these are public. i don't know what positions are. it's just a scandal. the american people. and again, this is where bernie sanders and mog america, the sanders people in mog america come together. we want to drain the swamp, whether it's pelosi going from being worth, you know, $610000000.00 to $100000000.00 in the last 15 years. or anybody else,
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i'd pick somebody i don't mind, but this will, it gets a scandal of the top order. when the insiders continue to exploit their position against we the people and again, my number one thing would be more transparency. let's let everybody see it. and it's up to we the people and, and the, and the media said to get after. now this is where it breaks down a little bit. you covered the story before natasha about facebook and about social media and big tech. they got their blinders on because they're making money off, they get out the racket too. and so this big media. so we've got to worry when the investigative or think about the investigative reporters politico proved a month ago that biden's laptop was real. and yet we have no one of the of you know, woodward and bernstein, they're running around still covering trumps white house when we have a current white house. so we have a broken media, but more transparency is better. and that guy at the fed, if it's remotely true, even if he's got some b. s, about how was in a blind trust. he should resigned tomorrow. so jonathan,
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are these reports also concerning to you? i thought we almost had some agreement there and we were bringing and blaming felicity. i was like we're so close to an agreement. bernie sanders so unexpected. i thought it was interesting that in a statement of bloomberg, i just wanna make sure i read it right. they said that the financial disclosures were done to balance his accounts and that it was done prior to any of his involvement in the federal reserve deliberation. i mean, do with that what you will, but that was what their comment was, but it's, it's just, it's interesting politically, because it does cross both sides of the aisle. and it's also interesting because at least on the right, i mean, this was exposed by a group of journalists working together. in the end result is financial corruption from the elite, which is kind of what democrats have been talking about when they say that we need to tax the wealthy and something that republicans often push back on. so i thought we were gonna agree, but maybe not. was that unfortunately we are address. okay,
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thank you so much. ed martin. jonathan harris, great friends of the show. thank you so much. and a major piece as space is before we go, our own hometown hero hosting. i don't understand an rti america and legendary star trek after william shatner will become the oldest person to fly in space later this month. shatner aged 90 will join 3 other crew members on tuesday, october 12th, and blah stop. and jeff bezos is a blue origin capsule from west texas. and don't forget to catch william shatner's latest work on the program. i don't understand it errors every monday at 12 30 pm eastern time right here on archie, america. and of course you can also catch it any time on portable t v. i don't understand it. i'm going to ask question up peak of a problem is set up be think not out of the realm of possibility. i'm going to ask question. i don't understand. come on with me. we'll make
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a journey together. cry and find out available on portable tv. ah, in may of 2020. well the remains of a 20 ton chunk of the chinese rocket came crashing into where it got me thinking just how much stuff is up there. now do they get there? and do i really need to also be worried that some piece of space dupree could fall out of the sky about big a problem is this. i blended schachter and i don't understand oh, available on the ira t. america and portable tv. and that's all the time we have for today for this show and more download the portable tv app for your apple or android device at night. thanks so much for one. ah
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ah imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters cold gun violence, school shoot, homelessness? first it was my job and then it was my family. didn't was my siblings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees. it's this very idealized image . all this older america, native americans look past the deaths to happen every single day. this is a modem. history of the usa. my america cannot see her is an end. again, you can all the collateral eyes the same thing. so many times you can only sell the
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same, don't it so many times before somebody figures out that, hey, there's no, don't it here that's just the whole. and that's what's happening in america. they're trying to survive on the whole in the don't it. and they're saying away sold this whole in the don't 15 times at goldman sachs and we got rich because we got paid a fee on the collateral ization of the whole and the don't it. and now that everybody else in america is broke and they don't generate enough income for us to tax, to pay down the debt that we incurred by deregulation, under emma's training. going back to reagan, now they're out there for lunch from now. like, what do we do? these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger or 5 something on survival. one of the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face, and i had a low expectations like i accepted accept the fact that i made that we had no fears
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. dell change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. ah, facebook suffers one of the worst ever outages for 7 hours, millions of people who are disconnected from the world's biggest social network, as well as instagram and what's up and even company engineers, how their electronic passes denied, also had on the program, the systemic abuse, and cruel in difference, that's the dumbing conclusion of a probe and to the french catholic church, which claims over $300000.00 cases of child sex abuse during the last 70 years. europe's energy crisis deepens with italy bearing the brunt record gas prices have left many unable to pay the bills.


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