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tv   News  RT  October 5, 2021 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm hm. headlines for this ally live on our tea. facebook stuff was one of its worth outages in its history. for 7 hours, millions of people were disconnected from the world's biggest social network, along with instagram and what's up. and even company engineers had their electronic products is denied. shocking revelation in france as a prob, flags more than 10000 cases of child abuse in the catholic church, dating back 70 years. an independent commissioner will be releasing as findings later today. and europe's energy crisis deepens with italy bearing the brunt record, gas prices have left many people just unable to pay their bills. okay,
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i mean, i really shocked i'm aware of what is going on. and i have to say we are upset, an absolute shame the italian state, instead of protecting its citizens, does exactly the opposite. it is raised the tariffs of goods such as electricity and gas. what a shame. ah, it's a big program for you today here. want to auntie international re sushi i live in moscow now straight into your top stores. 7 hours without facebook and instagram, old watson, and a $7000000000.00 personal hit for c o mob zuka bug. a facebook services are now back online off to a global outage. and an essay whistle blow, edward snowden took the opportunity to imagine what life would be like without the social media giant. the internet joins go a flying today and never return. what happens? tomorrow?
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a golden age dawns or collapse, and we dine on rats. so edward snowden, yesterday tweed out whether or not this, if all the tech giants went down at the same time, would it be a good day or a bad thing for society in surprising enough you overwhelming majority said that it would be a great thing for society if the big tank giles were taken down permanently, i kind of tend to agree i would like of the ability to organize. but i guess if we still have telegram, we do have the ability to organize. so, but it was interesting to see how many people viewed detect jives going down as a positive dang versus a negative. twitters picked up traffic significantly. somebody were joking about saying, you know, if face it's, it's facebook, down of twitter goes on next. and they'll be posting all their rage tweets in food pictures on tinder instead. and in other people, of course that have tinder goes down along with all those other 3. well, they're not exactly sure what they're gonna do with their lives because, you know, given all the shut down and things like that, people's love life is already hanging by
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a thread and of tender facebook and twitter girls and i have no idea. i any one's gonna find her soulmate and so it's pretty hard situation, but hopefully it does get reconcile because, you know, beyond the social aspect of facebook and instagram, there is a business aspect and a lot of people's businesses are on these platforms and do communicate using these platforms and it will be pretty sad to see people lose a good marketing tool. you know, we do want to see facebook out accountable, but we do want them to be held accountable in the right way. not something that hurts a lot of people. we spoke with a journalist and comment at a chadwick more. he questioned how such a vast company can be so vulnerable to a technical glitch. facebook. oh is a one trillion dollar company and i like these outages happen a lot. it happened in april in june of just this year. you don't see google outages or any of the big companies apple happening quite so frequently. so it's a bit bizarre that facebook has a problem with this. it seems to be that all of their, these properties oculus, instagram, whatsapp, and basically all run through some sort of similar server. facebook is now sort of
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saying they were making upgrades and program or gotten locked out, or something. sounds fishy sounds really strange. the fact that this and facebook always a privacy problems and they always have problems there, and they always go offline one to one. so it's very suspicious, and it's also suspicious that facebook seems that they are problems and most tech companies with these issues. and i would whistleblowers as well, i cannot get back. this has a look at the dangers of these monopolies if they can blink out of existence so quickly. hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue was lost in 6 hours today till these companies have it so much control, so much power. they are monopolies and look at how they can just wipe out revenue, whether the ship that was intentional or it was just a mistake. just a bit earlier, i discussed that brief taste of a world without facebook and walks up with all these ecos was quite and quite inexperienced now was in and it was like going in some version of a cyber and
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a co chamber if you like. and just, you know, completely, you know, muting out the rest of the, the rest of the world. yeah. it was, again, it was quite an experience. and in fact, it was one of the longest outages that facebook has experienced in its history. so yet it was long and there were long, tense hours because nobody seemed to know what caused the outage. how long it will last and well, we'll what we should all do with it. so well, it seems all seems back to normal now, but it wasn't easy because apparently when facebook service went down, they took along with themselves the so the infrastructure inside the, the, the facebook headquarters or wherever their services are located. so engine is when they tried to get in, they found out that they have electronic cards, their passes simply did not work. so they had to literally forced their way into the server room to manually reboot them. so, and it took mark zuckerberg also hours to come forward and explain what was going
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on. facebook, instagram, whatsapp, a messenger coming back online now. sorry for the disruption today. i know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about. so again, there were hours of radio silence before that statement. maybe because mark was trying to, well, put out a statement on facebook, not realizing it was down, but that's just my well guess. we'll eagle it 11 window closes perhaps another window opens any other services out there. taking advantage of this historic crash for facebook. well, short answer, yes, but it's not that simple because you might think that it was just facebook, instagram and you know, facebook sista companies essentially, but no, a lot of other companies, a lot of other businesses that do not necessarily rely on facebook as a social platform but rely rather on their technical physical infrastructure like service. they all went down to from well tended to netflix to zoom, to literally websites of airline companies and well, bank apps as well. so a loss of the lots of sites, a lot of services that were used to using they,
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well they went offline. but one apps seem to take advantage over it and mainly to take advantage of whatsapp not work. and that's the telegram messenger m, they s m m, their social media team even had their fun on twitter before twitter went down as well. and well, they try to attract new uses and i did well, they successfully did. so because it is estimated some 50000000 new uses join telegram and it almost went down as well, but not because of the facebook thing, but because you had to process so many new accounts being registered. so yeah, and there were a few funny reactions on line to this whole mayhem unfolding. have a look. we're working to get things back to normal. telegram you single, come over, the servers are up and my parents aren't home. so yeah, being a little tongue in cheek, the s m. m team there by probably, well, capitalizing on the whole situation. but in general, this whole thing,
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it underlines especially the fact that other businesses not, not well. a pankey linked which didn't appear to billing to facebook, that they experience troubles. it really points out how much people on the gerald massive massive companies rely on the infrastructure of one particular tech giant. millions of businesses rely on facebook now and many other, many others use facebook in order to, to connect to other apps. it sends a huge warning across the bile because here we have a major social network site. but you know, this shows us the extent to which we rely on digital technology across the board. and cyber attacks of sorts can bring down whole systems. and facebook is just one. it's a social networking platform, but a lot of businesses as we've said, relying on it, but imagine a much more in trend, sick infrastructural, so attack,
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i'm not saying this was a, a cyber attack. in fact, i have a theory about what happened. but this shows you the fragility of the entire digital infrastructure that we're relying on. facebook meanwhile, insists the service outage did not lead to any use a data being compromised. but it is an additional setback because just weeks ago, it was a former product manager who claimed facebook knowingly allows uses to spread hate and misinformation all. guests gave us their views on the story. what's interesting about the leak documents of the wall street journal published is that they show quite clearly that facebook is in decline and knows it's in decline. and so you see all these desperate measures of attempting to attract pre teens and children. i mean even children. so there is a kind of convergence of several bad instances. i mean, not just to shut down, but to any trust effort to break it up,
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coupled with now what these lead documents show is and understanding by facebook officials, that crest of the wave is now headed downwards. that facebook is not infallible. and what's up is definitely not infallible. what's that also came under scrutiny because there were reports that even though they claim that the user messages were encrypted, that they were actually sending some user data to authorities in order to help with different types of prosecution. so if there's a message to take away from this, i think it is absolutely that we should be very skeptical. the claims that facebook whatsapp, if you all the subsidiaries are making about their ability to keep your, your data private. because clearly it seems like they can't, at least for the moment, i keep their sites even online. natural gas prices are still edging up in europe, off the hitting an old time record. now, italy is one of the worst effected as it relies on gas for more than 2 thirds of its entire energy needs. people therapy hit by soaring bills and they fear. it's just the beginning. oh,
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determined i am really shocked. i am aware of what is going on, and i have to say we are upset, an absolute shame, the italian state, instead of protecting it citizens does exactly the opposite. instead of saving the citizens already condemned by the cove it in the pandemic. despite this general economic crisis, it has raised the tariffs of goods such as electricity and gas. what a shame, the increase in electricity, gas, and petrol is 40 percent. i would say it is too much. many people have lost their jobs. many people have been penalized by the pandemic will have great difficulties . it will not be easy. what a drama about the future i see is quite bleak, negative. i would say that if things do not improve, there is a real risk of a social revolt. people are tired if they can't even pay these bills, things will get worse and worse, their basic goods. you can't pay for gas or electricity that much. i fear that very bad things could happen. people could become violent home done. italy's government has warned that electricity bills could rise over 40 percent over the next 3 months
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. their prime minister has now announced 3000000000 euros of subsidies to try and keep gas and power bills down this winter. however, experts warn it will not be enough. and many citizens want a more drastic state of intervention and growled over, busy with our man for the government should increase subsidies for the people. it should help people who have no money. it should make a policy not to raise these rates. but i know it's too late now, it's was very difficult situation where we only have one salary and we will have to make many financial sacrifices. it will not be easy. we are very worried. we will have to give up little things to maybe we did before, like going out for dinner. some holidays, some gifts we'll have to give it up to pay for these increases. it's not fair, but unfortunately we can't do anything else without who with us for this program, a long running probe and france as uncovered at least $10000.00 cases of child
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abuse at the hands of catholic. a clergyman, later today or commission will be releasing his findings. the findings go back 7 decades as ours. he is at charlotte, who whiskey now investigates from pears. the lead only decades of abuse by the catholic church in france is about to be blown wide open following scandals in other countries, an independent commission was set up pare it spent 2 and a half years investigating the clergy hotline opened in 2019 and it received more than 6500 calls from those who were victims of abuse or witnesses to it. the scale is horrific. ah
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oh. from 1950 to 1970. the church is completely indifferent to the victims. they don't exist. the suffering inflicted on children is ignored. mm. while the full details of the report won't be released until late on tuesday, it's expected to seriously send shock waves through the vatican. it will have the effect of a bomb. this report will show the collective responsibility of the church. we will finally have figures on the scale of the abuse collected scientifically. we have been waiting for this for years. some french priests have already been tried for abusing children, including bound, i pray now. now $76.00, he was found guilty last year of abusing boy scouts. his victims were aged between 7 and 14 accusations that go back to 1991. but the church allowed pri not to
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continue teaching children for his crimes. he was sentenced to 5 years in jail. the head of the independent commission says d of 22 cases have been reported to the police. 40 other cases have been flagged up to the church where some alleged offenders are still employed. however, for the majority of victims, that may be no redress. 9 out of 10 people cannot get justice because the statute of limitations is passed or the perpetrator has died. financial compensation has been suggested as an option by the french catholic church, but the victims, i mean the amount of money will never be able to repair the damage that they suffered at the hands of p defiles, often protected and hidden by the church itself. charlotte, even sky artie, paris the french catholic church is not directly committed on the upcoming report,
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but it did a post, a prayer on twitter. on behalf of the victor now in the wake of breck said some in poland, a wondering whether they should follow the you case example and head for the door. a war source currently locked in a series of disputes with e. u. as on his peter oliver. now reports politicians from the ruling law and justice party in poland talking about the country's future inside the european union. so even suggesting the potential of a pokes it time for an honest assessment, whether the british path is better for poland. poland fought the german, occupies in the 2nd world war. it fought the soviets occupiers. we will also fight the brussels occupies with warsaw and brussels bumping heads over rule of law in poland. the polish constitutional court may well be set this week to rule that it's domestic law,
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supersedes that of the european union. the problem for the firebrands and polish prime minister mateusz moreover skis party is that while savor, ruffling about the country's willingness to remain in the e. you may send out the message they want. it doesn't strike a popular court with the polish people. almost 90 percent of those polled. busy said that they are in favor of you. membership supports risen steadily over the last 18 years. poland has the lowest levels of unemployment in the e u. it's the 3rd most attractive member state for outside investment and inside the block it's an important supplier to others. here's what people have to tell are see, it's better if we stay in the european union. bond is one of the most subsidized countries in the e. u sold by making our contribution to the ear budget and what we can get out of it, as well as receiving funding for various projects. this is a better option for us. we gain more than we lose. if the european leave prices for
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european integration and a creation of a united states of europe, we should think carefully about that because the policy of some french or german governments. but also the european commission towards poland is harmful to us and causes losses for us. we must be ready to implement our own poll exit plan. if such a departure would be necessary for us. nobody wants to leave the european union. if someone says they want to leave the you, they probably lost their mind. a lot has changed. our country looks different thanks to the you, but this union should love us to. currently it's been keeping us on the side. it's a bit distasteful opposition. activists don't think there's any real plan to take poland out of the you does own justice bicycle hit the wall if it keeps escalating the dispute with the you. as soon as money's involved ideology takes a backseat and there's plenty of you money already involved. warsaw is the largest beneficiary of the cohesion fund, and it's set to receive 75000000000 euro over the next 6 years. add to the 10s of
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billions in subsidies and cheap loans and the idea of war. so quitting the club looks less and less likely, all of that is at risk. if poland continues to fight the european union on the rule of law case, warsaw hasn't received its coven aid money yet, while some other member states are already spending there's. that may be why the prime minister is putting himself over in a far more diplomatic fashion than some of his m p's on this issue. i think we will be able to clear all doubts without create an unnecessary tash and here, of course, there is no talk of pol exit while. glancing over to the united kingdom, the only country to leave the e u club may provide more of a cautionary tale and been careful what you wish for than any shining example of sunlit uplands. upon leaving the european union, peter oliver r. t. berlin told lineup for you in today's program,
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afghanistan's sinking into poverty after the taliban take over and us pull out and, and a horrific practice is a merging of families selling that children will be reporting that story. and just what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk to rob is driven by a dreamer shaped bank. concur. some of those with
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who dares sinks, we dare to ask a mid morning on tuesday here at moscow. political gestures have become a well, i should say, fairly familiar site at sporting events in america these days with athletes, either taking the neo, just refusing to sing the national anthem. but now there's
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a new trend emerging with fans chanting obscenity against the increasingly unpopular u. s. president ah, ah, ah, the challenge went viral after appearing during an nbc broadcast of a nascar race in alabama. and embassy reporter who was interviewing dr. a. brandon brown said the child actually sounded like, let's go brandon. well, nascar shared the video and then suddenly deleted it. that was certainly enough to trigger a barrage of jobs on twitter. this sounds literally nothing like let's go brandon. can't wait for the see. and in fact, checks to tell us that the crowd was in fact saying, let's go. brandon jonas have a difficult job to keep licking dems and bite. and as per that channel bosses,
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we spoke with a georgia molar from the global policy institute in london. he gave us his perspective on joe biden and why he's become a figure of ridicule for so many americans. american people like the presidents to have a certain swagger, a certain self assurance. so biker just doesn't inspire that. so that's one aspect of it. with sports fans, you know, young people, they can relate to a, a kind of a dog ring. man, you know, this is frank of civility. his policies are popular. i think the, the afghan debacle is unpopular. i think people are getting very concerned about all the signs of inflation in the economy. i think the of the border. busy which is completely out of control is very unpopular. finally, get some other stores from all around the world. now making headlines will start with the unrest in bolivia.
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oh, right, it's all continuing in the capitol pass over the crow, used to make cocaine a police. you tick asked the disposed, coca farmers who responded by throwing stones a several arrests were made. a fall must have been protesting for months over what they see is a government monopoly on growing the crop, which is legal. but heavily restrict chairs and dramatic pictures are not see a major volcanic eruption. now it was good. we can lot, paloma in spain or canary islands. authorities are closely monitoring the area off to part of the vote. kind of create a collapse that on least a cascade of fast moving lava. not more than a 1000 meters wide. we understand so far, the lava is destroyed, more than a 1000 buildings. and in new york, hundreds of teachers are protested against compulsory vaccines. that's office staff are put on paid leave of failing to get the shot. protestors held out banners
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denouncing what they called. coercion. i've got his ons. banks have almost run out of cash and people are running out of food less than 2 months after the taliban take over. but foreign aid is also in short, supply with western donors, apparently reluctant to deal with the new government. and 8 groups, a warning of a major humanitarian crisis in the making. and i know this is not easy, but that needs to be some solution to the financial flows into afghanistan to ensure that at least salaries can be paid and that essential supplies, power and bowl to being 2 of them can be procured. the absence of that will seriously exacerbate vulnerability for ordinary afghans, severe hardship and afghan hassan has prompted some people to take desperate measures. a hero nazi we spoke to a man who try to sell his kids in order to feed his other children. here's the
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story. they go up to cambridge anxious to get, had a good business and a happy life and could do smaller. but then the war began, we migrated here and my savings were exhausted formula. they said some people got some aid here. hodge, but the others did not. my pockets are empty now and i have no option left but to sell some of my kids in the world to fight for the survival of my other kids with the money i get that way. but if you get this and they give my patient, when your stomach is empty, you can't think about the dark side out of, of energy. i'm forced to sell a few of my kids to feed others. there is no option left for the previous government did not help me, but i hope this new one will support me. i'm not asking for support for myself alone, but for all these people living here, like they are all from my tribe, that image, all of us refugees. here are one families. i asked for financial help for everyone . oklahoma donald trump is calling for 2 newspapers to be stripped off that pulitzer prizes for their reporting on russia gate. the former
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u. s. president wrote to the prize board denouncing the new york times and washington post for falsely accusing him of colluding with moscow. as has been widely publicized, the coverage was no more than a politically motivated foss, which attempted to spin a false narrative that my campaigns supposedly colluded with russia. despite a complete lack of evidence underpinning this allegation, i would expect that you will take the necessary steps to rectify the situation, including stripping the recipients of their prize, and retracting the full statements which remain on the pool. it's a website. the 2 papers are jointly awarded the prestigious prize in 2018 for almost 2000 articles. and linking trumps 2016 election campaign to russia. but a year later investigation led by a special prosecutor, robert waller concluded there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the president . the special councils investigation did not find that the trump campaign or any
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one associated with it, conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u. s. presidential election or thomas renewed attack on the liberal newspapers comes weeks after a damning revelation against the democrats. in the russia gate case. last month, a former clinton campaign lawyer was indicted on charges of lying to the f. b i. when talking about a legend links between trump and russia, but our legal analyst are jennifer masters, things that are the new york times and washington post these days lean more towards propaganda. well, it surprised him do what it was. is there an entity? so they could result ease awards, they could issue a statement, retracting their formal statements or former statements. it could accurately state that their prior award was based on what's clearly now been reported by actual legal sources and misinformation. so they could do all of these things, but the question is, will they do it? the problem is in new york times and washington post,
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i become propaganda outlets of either the democratic party or whatever. now peace or narrative on the fits their board, their owners not only people stop researching for themselves, but a lot of times they'll just read headlines even if the article itself might have clarified information. they'll just read a dana g headline. and so that's where it becomes dangerous, and no rush, a collision. we know rush alex is a lie, but the mainstream media did not report on it when all of their anonymous sources and fabrications were found out on the thanks for sharing. some gro, tuesday with us here in moscow, are now just about a half past 10 on tuesday morning. we are back at the top of the hour with more of your worldwide headline. ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we
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should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with awe. i am match kaiser. this is the kaiser report that show you love stacy.


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