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ah oh, driven by dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh no, she was here with
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you and your birth was account for staying up your child and of course what the new feel from well was that oh no, no. i discovered us as a sophisticated name. i spoke with miss mitchell. sure. let me start with that. ask jeff madras', i wrote down commit access. i don't wanna, oh mm mm. the way we look the color of our eyes and the shape of our news. these traits are all embedded in on dna and passed from generation to generation. interesting,
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if i want to have them cause apiece, maybe 2 plus good with missing each version of what college i think you will get a moment while i load the whole system here at the ocean by short jokes. got to them like is much to with, with me we asked geneticists about some of the risk features people might have. after all, there's a lot that they can explain scientifically and medically, cars beach where you're going to be sure which way you believe it's in the knob. he's peaceable than most dish notify peach up connecting to some fixture, a temperature because we're sharing the mobile or screening for national going on this road leads to none. let a village near rep lump in the state of mateo pradesh. india almost sharma often travels here. he's a social worker who takes care of a local resident with
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bailey bottom and a little makeup mcguffey, our students to get to work. botch is aleki body. mm hm. his appearance might surprise anyone all his life. he's been asked the same question. who are you? i do that and then alert on that at all in the plasma bill tech were terrible residual cur syndrome. but that doesn't exclude you from the new bush beaches tissues teach enough to plan you get a 3 course at the door. nidia is from u. k. sasha, but here because it will run your carter finance the gym store chill out of your current. not celia practice enough. she with a little several friends,
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mostly local kids who go to school with the demands on them. a very simple for now, don't tacitly adults to help the family and stay healthy, because not everyone around here can afford medical care. i will come out and move out there and knock on my lot there. nemo, i'm gonna get a with with a j, a n k, a sheet that is cheryl with any smugglers have kept touching the gym,
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cataract, but it lead parkway is british nearest to ross. well, it did not enjoy an enviable childhood. fingers were constantly pointed out to him and in fact, pointing wasn't the worst part. like i said, well then you gotta, i gotta go to the case. you're not getting it then that both i yeah a but to be picked out on his 1st years of school with the most disturbing for late i come in a new or with no one else in the family. looks like a lead. he's quite unique. but with the dominion krista anonymously
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that he spoke to curly sparkling of petroleum. you can use the more to be star course which you are familiar with the batteries, the value if it was a very ma'am. with that, said noah with no tossed it again. g scarce the state yet georgia, and he was a very new car or some nino, i delete is never hidden away from prying eyes. but the family seldom talks about him either. mainly because they have no idea what caused it. but when they say i i, i would use this is a dish. i all came in a table that gated well that i have one that i get bullies are inevitable. yeah. what will much help slowly learn to know them and encourage his friends to protect him. dub, silly, good after you say,
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oh, sure. well, honestly, georgia will be in the field. there was so many keys oh, mesh is teaching. well it everything he knows. meditation and yoga have become his favorite activities with school, but i need to clear your that i am good. my fiance is currently done, but we got some kind of data that is the roaring lion posture. ah, it relieves tension in the vocal cords and laughing can also be a good yoga exercise. ha, ha ha. thanks to his sessions with will mish lately has come to accept himself as he is a social media electron media. okay. much oh, to go. if you're gonna, josh, have a good day off, load it feel,
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but i'm gonna go get my payments. okay. ceiling there was a telephone. every visit from mesh was a reason for lily to celebrate. now he can show us how skilled he's become at writing his grandad's motorbike. he now has a true friend in mesh about who missed his greatest gift to the elite. was teaching him to have dreams. i will then finish off now when nap but idea and call monica buckled again. like i little john, that is a little girl and i really thought to da has a very rare medical condition. but as is often the case, while science can confirm that the disorder is hereditary, the gene that causes it has yet to be identified. oh, jennifer morgan, what's fit? the said you reason to know which way? unit to put is wrong. that will chose them. car got to restore to the root coke
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with the phone, so we have one more which is me on session that other stuff would be why this is museum normally is to pretty much the normal curve or the p much nuclear only be elegant, which which mother now, of course, talk to them. very nice, probably them couple of to learn the book of business, of se in go do i do most closely at the blue cross, my storage and what's in the photograph. but medical science is littered with cases where genetics can determine and explain which part of the dna contains the false julio from germany also presents a unique story. but in her situation, the scientist can say for sure exactly which of her genes is damaged. a christopher syndrome was ship lina, ki naggie. that's isabel ivonya, washington led scott moore to reach out to us on demand on top of us on that issue . and then there's a peacenik simply woochie award and tish. she was the victim of the chef, the sigmoid on steroids. grandma sama, e se, her daughter,
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a place to category which area of kick bellini is not a oh dad, because this is the. so louis is who yeah. and dennis met on line several years ago. it is a soft undercooked of anguish jobs from dimensional back of my blue, common child is almost on is for how it most of what made a so different committee unknown to listen to so many levels in diesel, blurred off or even accuracy in on the dimensions aren't on the divine of, on dod safely abide, yvonne, which measure so as advanced shawn's face as at all mushy colors or don't as marvelous. no. my about one touching kovasos missing. so bracelets, county, sanger,
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that's why it's on his own hire. it's manon pushed with feel out via vicar can either come of to read on manheim, because in the video puddle him a harbor could polish to swell from this place. by all that dennis saw in the photos online was her face. once they reached the point of wanting to meet offline, of course, julio sent him a message. i am working at time, does she put him in as long as it's like, whatever helped us there myself, as a journalist? i was miss aucker, scream, white embassy and no there's designing them. yeah. let me get a smith. had the advertisement in him rather than ours. then are those are about about this meeting, buying another globe as much looking listens. oh okay. i'm actually about gosh, and somebody over me sort of after all the help just asking the emergency needs my proposal as a garbage 5 are from
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a station for leave to didn't side front on the side a little benches. how does he says with my family, from the age of just 2 months until she was 6 calia had more than 20 operations and spent most of her childhood in hospitals. but to mother take care, my order does come out of my doctors, diagnose the problem straight away. it was a genetic disease. and julio wasn't the 1st in her family to have limb disorders. i didn't text me as early as the summer on a field bid on. and i don't remember that that she didn't know that you own why it's in my po, alchemy still by mine for i transmitted by known as a day smith. and i'm putting aunt ish, madame, so julio went to a regular kindergarten and was always sociable if she couldn't do what the other
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kids could. she always found a way to compromise, instead of giving up because she was different now and adult, julio hasn't changed much. she still refuses to change her surroundings to suit her condition as to how the baby in so that i can pass ultima. does my alice? no my vow in michigan me, i'm with the hobbies to some spirit of i'm yelp after a relationship lasting several years. julio was waiting for a romantic proposal from dennis except thing that does a dentist send me a lesson unpack master martisha was the ugly. and should i come with with what is it been here to bonham elementary? it's our understanding i'm up is it is a good a lot of the next hour monday got to go home because i'm from like ah
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ah ah ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be in arms. race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger and survive something on survival. one, the hardest things that had to face was not having a face at a low expectation of life. i accepted accept the fact that i made that we had no
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fears. joel changed pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. since she was a little girl, julio has attracted attention. of course, to have always been people both who ready to point out that there's something wrong with the start of collecting finish government licensing, then it should be low. don't have it in mind hinder good site as well. so when i'm, i believe the pang of leave, the mother comes up stump from higgins, mom, i thought that was kinda if we go out there one minute therefore does the end in hand. mr. schemata. mr. pre a tom, why it comes with them. it's celeste. i would after with others parking up, my nephew's not finger in war. i said in for eyes, that's this in p. i'm flat, i would have one less on the help with that is most of the smacking lesson. white glove of any ship of m. i may, i ping, i hated country. continue from alex mama coffee shop to get around julio,
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exploit every means at her disposal at home. she mostly cross, but outside she uses either her wheelchair or chris that limbs as mile and a half the day, monday. for me, yeah, i can now, doesn't mind to put in was the post as is me on hand, you know, half glad. and andy painter, something to compare. dive when he can then he'll often ah, polio, and dennis travel a lot and always bring a camera with them. dennis can't imagine life without photography or web builder matter. for me, all of us over the fisher data image, official government. when he started in, we used to live, i live, or we should be in front photocopier decent, official dot one for the coffee. i only had a few mer impact when the but there was time for the coffee. i'd message next. slobber. mr. medina, art gun scans for you mentioned that i can come on,
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don't have it. i can still just 8. yeah. and then obviously the value is that a social mahumphreys, roneesh asp will be in by the dentist had super, as a familiar with guns guns toilet you didn't have them proper polio. and dennis the feed on instagram for 4 years and now have around $50000.00 followers. and it's the sort ordered from this past, which is partly to build the him the home. yeah. kind of fit. does it for like mind that unless maha arbor is a school to flight of the time that this, and assist on this, unless dine in and pushed asian, and assign zoned exec tufts of other thoughts, hiding the stories else? no mile is good. is that fair? i look into, she sent me the model for the coffee ha tank audit. it's monica kaufman, was blooming for the government just over a year ago. julio became
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a mother and that was the most important event in the family's life. it was the same kind of my kids as hut name gained effect, such as anchor the chunks lashonda that so untrusted it garvey diskin. so very com delta new lead, marson, field of amish. the 3rd one is our kent volume. this was a bypass around the dark. it wasn't an easy birth, the doctors had to fight for little rennie's life. so holier they were the most terrifying days she'd ever known as flies and what is more men voice and guns quits and i had to have to on downfall scout whenever i should make him up. i don't have enough cause in via the cottage floating dialogue. has happened to be it does, it does say a shaft or live that needs immediately. i don't use honest mans. each one isn't darker guns, darker blue. the baby's already taking his 1st steps and is in perfect health, which is what matters most were julio, dennis,
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her dad. i thought i was in my leave, proceed to not come up with the son. however, if you look up in my live on the out there on my side and let us mr. mazel life, he says, of an english limb. is that what? so come the skill awful. by and in one coffee there. let's go to is russian, the much been? yes. knock me up that you see up a dollar for like talking to me for your can laptop or something, but always makes me start with a few people are as brave and buoyant as julio. and that takes a special kind of talent. it's not been able to put if could hook up to love those h, or if god we would, she tossed at all because player was full reasonable just so far there's no genetic
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proof the talent can be inherited. unlike physical appearance, that remains an open question. it's up to every individual to decide how to develop their skills and who they want to become here with the private and they say again i'm and i'm with him. he was diana. he would have taken thief, your convenience. the money is a vc hydro street, the block was a 1000 years me put a new helium louise with with the diesel dish with my with ringing you boom, histone ship would it then you know,
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of course the metal a storm, a still arrest teeth are due to the number good. where would he milam and get out how to show the s e. o. st. opportune. across many of those to angela be certainly just why see it that's. that's the busha group. barley's name, carter freeman, it's a g character. i knew that jeanette assert not only in our camp to snuggles, cannot cost muscular pampers. i when militia that is when you good mystery from it . i what's up or done that the tower? yeah. you're new, that's touch now. brian s as anyone. yeah, of course. next talk to was one car, e for chris. yeah. yeah. i was i was down would ship. i'm wish you might city yeah. the such. yeah. it doesn't the can you have to so you're not interesting. he wasn't, wasn't it?
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it's dan, a wanted to be sure we didn't pick up a note straight to the quick please. can you come when you so they told me she starts looking disconsolately like him. no, no couldn't. boy, can you go on tom solution you can when you bought, quote from tom you said is that all of that's the issue that will occur personally, no matter what you know, are going to use my preschool. it broke with these mean you got to be work for me and i want you knowing what that's it got to do with thomas starten chilly. got already on with him that jenny, come done those. i'm ready. when you done the same, you don't to write, you claim on you because that kind of stuff with all that's going to be up to one
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of the mostly. yeah. what that way. but honestly, other than what i was through the local a lisa and i didn't, that was open. so i was talking to joe up to the spanish me if john, by doubtful and here's me that i was my and user nutritional done with his body. so you. ready can leave your stamp wires wisco it's a high taylor so now there are 2 still with the choice of start up when you will still things cuz i don't what i feel sort of doing what i will for can you must goodesky books from good mommy and pushing him on you doesn't need to do to rocky number showed him when you were told minerals for cable for swimming. yeah. with no up if you don't live in the studio
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with which way me? yes. yes. with more with yes will. so another property which more. yep, i really don't want the problem with new and you go, can you not go ideal solution? stole own book a date in store? yes. at the can the stay away store. so to key the windshield, which schools academy t p t a at the living room. daniel is now well famous and incredible performance saw him when the voice kids, competition, people started talking about him everywhere. and that mark the start of his path to achieving his goal, a fortune to roller diabetics that age. 19000, i missed your mom was cause h though. yet belgium i became the law dogs havanese. even late the shoal cutler. i'd sent you
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a video video ad senior with natal. i spoke with chief national to players. i thought, according to mary poplar, cognitively, you're starting from the years by your she. it's which of those, by the way, why didn't goals we have always seen as a new well new stuff, but the new was our stay area. the why we've been a boy. even though i may have to pay, we will, but it didn't work too much to look now that i wouldn't are still richer merilissa . quoting daniel went to a jazz college and started a band with some fellow students. and you might think that the biggest thing with them, but he had a little plan there, but actually actually very much so quickly. a request with love,
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my little patients to here. i don't jacks. they it sure was a shot record with the band members have long been the best of friends after sharing their dream of devoting themselves to music with swimming water company would do it with everyone. here has a story about how they met daniel. now they each reminisce about it with a smile with more
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with much thanks so much. no worries. have a bill from us. okay. oh yeah. yeah. when is kim you have shelf, lana friends? all strong. michelle. well, tom ford, she is a michelle, a bit media for i'm with them. it's a problem at b shelba. oh, nibbling and yet, and sure. la, my close to say is dan jobs, van lloyd gar mas ah a do
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well, i spoke with you about the food phone plan at the group with william lessons that couple of normally got them on them with shortly. genetic science may have some on says when it comes to physiology, but it can't even estimate quality of life. society does that with behavior attitudes and actions a lot, steve, in the court, anger, or physical. what on all of your from will you do on business? loan? troy mcneish. if he's interested, if you have to the blue i, nick with the school bureau of knocker use letting you through a flock of that i will know quickly when you're blue cross. so you see what you're going to be them as tim still has dual re snowstorms yogurt, which we're still q. the thompson with me is lucas with malcolm. we would have you been with elise? just mac meet people love to set rules and standards. but nature shows us that
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appearance is far from being the most important part of what makes a person beautiful. oh ah, you should expect to be of random and put me in the image or with a seat. and i'm sorry, this is a wrong explanation. you will have to see if that is done. you want me to go on as a big julie entities. you can't impose the democratic system on both. on sunday, he was, and then when it could order a
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the all of your assets of hundreds of the world's most powerful and riches people are revealed in the biggest ever league of such data called the pandora papers. and while it confirmed us as a top global taxi, even no well known american people or firms are mentioned despite president by the pledge to plant down on tax evasion. also at least 12 people are reportedly killed and more than 30 wounded in a blast at cobblestone. the 2nd biggest mosque tell them says it has to pay the free people allegedly responsible plus in our review of the week.


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