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tv   News  RT  October 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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america, oh, naughty. oh, it was headlines from i would say the offshore assets of hundreds of the world's most powerful of the richest people, revealed in the biggest ever league of such data called the pandora papers, from what it confirms the u. s. as a top global tax haven, no well known american people or firms have mentioned this by president biden's pledge to clamp down on tax evasion. and also this sunday, at least 12 people are reportedly killed and more than 30 wounded and a blast of cobbles. second biggest, most the taliban says it's detained, free people allegedly responsive bluffs. in our review of the week it was an extraordinary disaster. we didn't have a president, it was so adult, you all would be fired. i don't think anyone controls anything. this prisoner says
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about against us. law makers lambaste president biden, and his top brass over bought some in congress called washington's humiliating withdrawal. from afghanistan, we asked though whether the whole afghan campaign might be a bigger failure than just to pull out itself. and a bombshell reporter ledges the cia plan to abduct or assassinate wiki leagues found a julian assange with former agency chief mike pompei o at the center of the plaza. ah hello its midnight here in moscow is on monday, the 4th of october. i'm calling bry, this is the weekly we'll take you through some of the biggest stories we've covered here of the past 7 days and a few minutes. first though, developments in the past few hours. the refresh revelations on the hidden tax haven assets of global billionaires, world leaders,
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and public officials and the largest ever leak of offshore data is called the pandora papers or t correspond. the double course has been plowing through properly so far. luckily, no. all 12000000 documents in won't go good news for you. yeah. but you'd expect them to open with a blog post, a move, anything explosive in it? right, well people definitely were anticipating something as big as what happened in 2016 when the pat, when the panama papers were released. but actually this one hasn't made as much noise. actually. the guardian sure had a click body picture of vladimir putin face. right. at the front of its article, even though in the pandora papers vladimir putin was not even named. so that's a bit a bit interesting. but the investigation primarily deals with more or less obscure people. i mean, we have some examples being the king of jordan. so offshore properties, personal properties, the purchase of several theatres, by the general director of russia's channel one he was said to have been a silent partner in this operation. but he's already commented publicly that he
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hasn't concealed anything about his business dealings in connection to this. one higher profile mentioned though, the ukranian president vladimir zalinski in 2019 he was elected and most in large part on his platform of promising to rid the country of corruption. and ukraine is notoriously, hasn't a problem with corruption. and according to this investigation, he actually transferred 25 percent of his stake in a foreign at, in an offshore company to his personal friend who is now the top presidential advisor. so, so far he hasn't commented on that seems a little bit shady, but no confirmations. but usually when we think of tax havens right, i mean, you think of maybe a financial center like hong kong or some sort of obscure caribbean island. but the pandora papers actually paint a very different picture there, showing that they, they actually revealed that south dakota has become the new hot spot for tens of millions of dollars that used to be in offshore accounts in the caribbean and europe. and this is despite of jo biden's promise to, you know,
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combat corruption. earlier this year to day, i'm issued a national security study memorandum of the fight against corruption to establish competent corruption as a core us national security interest. the united states will lead by example, and in partnership with allies, civil society and in the private sector to fire this courage of corruption going effect delaware. whereas mister biden, hales from i've got some pretty good, the tax breaks the company's them they. so if his big platform is to deal with tax evasion, as many leaders do where the americans on this list, well, that's a good question. they're basically not there. i mean, we hear report after report, obviously about like a lot of american businessman and a and big corporate corporate owners evade avoiding taxes. and yet this report, for some reason only mentions a couple of very obscure american billionaires that i personally never heard of. and so, yeah, the, the big question is, you know,
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where are all the big american names? i mean, what about the richest man in the world? jeff bezos, his company, amazon paid 0 dollars and 0 cents and federal income tax. not just in 2020, but also in 20182017 elan must paid also 0 dollars and 0 cents and federal income tax in 2018 donald trump paid $750.00 back in 2017. so it seems a bit fishy, that there, there might be nothing important or of value to mention about these offshore assets . now we also did hear from whistleblower, edward snowden. he let out a tweet today about this, this, these are the report on this leak. so let's take alice the humorous side of this very serious story is that even after 2 apocalyptic offshore finance law firm leaks, those industries are still compiling vast databases of ruin and still secure them with a posted note mark, do not leak hats off to the source now it's important to notice or mention
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rather that these are the beginning, these, this is just the beginning of these reports and these leaks about these pandora papers. more of them are promised for the coming weeks. so we're gonna have to keep an eye out for them. ok, maybe some names to come then for now there don't recall to thanks very much for that. i'll journalist and also daniel is our last our shed, his thoughts on the massive data league. us by the way. i is itself a major tax haven. delaware is one of the states which, which is most active and the use of the, you know, and then the use of a, of allowing foreigners to set up a phony corporate fronts and tax havens. and delaware is a small state on the east coast. the u. s and who comes from delaware? jo, but i'm scope scope. biden's. career has been propelled by precisely these kinds of activities in the ukraine had twice they had thought they believe that 39
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billionaires were listed among those nowhere. and in these there's the slightest revelation. joe biden travel to the ukraine 2 or 3 years ago to claim, but he's going to clamp down on corruption. well, you know, i mean the corruptions is crazy. there, as it was ever, as these revelations are, show an afghanistan, the death toll from a blast. and a major mosque has risen to 12 more than 30 others were wounded in the incident in the capital cobble. i'll t senior correspondent and i guess dia called the explosion and reports from the city. we had the blast clot, clearly, even at this distance for kilometres, till it got mosque where the explosion took place, and it was evidently a powerful blast by the, by the sound that it made even even at that distance. also, it is not surprising that the number of casualties is being revised upwards. that
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is the patent of these things. usually, the 1st count that we hear is on the low side of things. 3 people, the taliban says have been arrested in connection with this blas. it is unclear, but organisation they belong to or what their role in this explosion must. but according to our unconfirmed reports at the time of the blas those a funeral underway at the most, the funeral of the mother recently deceased mother of the taliban se spokespersons . i beulah maggio head, so perhaps it may have been isis. it's usually eas, them who, who claim responsibility in these latest attacks that have been happening all over all over afghanistan. and especially here in cobble, we regularly hear and read about fire fights. raids carried out by the taliban. them trying to track down cracked down and isis k cells here. and i've got to saw
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the 2 organizations have been at war for years now. and the taliban is evidently trying to solidify it control over of got to stop. there was also another attack yesterday that has been attributed by locals to isis k, whereby they say that of the terrorists drove by, ah taliban taliban members and began firing at them in a drive by attacking the in a vehicle attack were where 4 people were killed and another attack, another part of, of canister an attack on a taliban convoy, which has also been attributed to isis at 17 people was said to have been killed in that so suddenly violence, the spot, the end of the afghan war, the pull out of american and allied troops, violence here in afghanistan, hasn't abated wanting it back a bit this week. so tough talks in the us. congress says no make us lashed out to joe biden. and his military commanders of the afghanistan withdrawal humiliating is
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just one of the ways the pullouts been described. the president said, none of his commanders said that he should keep troops in afghanistan was out of false statement by the prisoners. it's remembered, you do not have a duty to cover for the president when he's not telling the truth. i've given him my judgment on it. now let's think we all know it was a false state. i have been frustrated by the lack of someone in charge on the biggest national security fiasco in a generation. there has been 0 accountability, no responsibility from anybody. we have poured cash and blood and credibility into a ghani government. that was a mirage. it fell immediately. we were buying into the big lot, the big law that this, that this was ever going to be successful near. here's the thing. there's only 3 possibilities here. either the president lie to the american people, or he legitimately cannot remember the counsel of his top military advisors in winding down the longest war in american history. or you have not been fully
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accurate under oath. we didn't have a president that was so adult. you all would be fired, but it's not just the pull out that spin attack. the entire afghan campaign is now coming in for increasing criticism. as kellum open now explained, a testimony before congress was dancing. not only was the pull out of afghanistan, a fiasco, but the campaign failed to achieve its primary aim. it was an extraordinary disaster. it will go down in history, is one of the greatest failures of american leadership. we have 0 presence in afghanistan. it could be as little as 12 months before al kato will use afghanistan as a base conduct as a base to conduct air strikes or strikes against the united states. frankly, after this debacle of a withdrawal. i don't think anyone can trust anything. this president says about afghanistan, we need to consider some uncomfortable truths that we did not fully comprehend the depth of corruption and poor leadership and nursing your ranks. that we did not
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grasp a damaging effect. the frequent and unexplained rotations by president ghani of his commanders. and that we fail to fully grasp what there was only so much for which and for home. many of the afghan forces would fight. so after an entire war aimed to eliminate a terrorist threat to america, that threat could now be worse to real possibility in the not too distant future, 612182436 months that time the time frame for re constitutional kite are isis terrorist organizations seek ungoverned spaces so that they can train and equip and thrive. and there is clearly a possibility that back them happen here are going forward. afghanistan in effect now has become an entire terrorist state taliban, even though they may think that they're trying to govern that place itself to split . and already we're seen isis attacking caliber on and there's no guarantee then
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that taliban can ensure that attacks will not be planned and launched from that from afghanistan. lot, there were more revelations in the testimony, apparently behind closed doors. the biden administration was more divided on afghanistan. i think a while we is conceivable that you could stay there. my view was that you would have had to deploy more forces in order to protect ourselves and accomplish any mission that we would have been assign. it appears that the department of defense was not fully on board with pulling out of afghanistan, and they are arguing for maintaining some presence in the country. my view was that we needed to maintain about 2500. and we also needed to work with our coalition partners. we had about 6000 troops and there nato and other core countries that would, that would remain there. this flies in the face of the biden administration's claim that pulling out was the unanimous decision. it's unclear what would really change
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if the united states stayed in the country. it has been 20 years after all, and the security situation in afghanistan has not improved. so maybe the mistake wasn't pulling out in 2021, but rather going in in 2001. now that's a discussion you won't hear on capitol hill, but it's probably taking place in many american minds for officials on capitol hill to attribute that. so way to the somewhat chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan is completely absurd. if the u. s. officials had dealt with these crime on september the 11th as what they were and found out who was responsible and brought them to justice. and, you know, this would have been, you know, at this point something that just something that happened 20 years ago that was dealt with. instead, they used september the 11th as a pretext for 20 years of war. what the so called war on terror was
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doing was few ally tech terrorism and the adjacent armed resistance in country after country the united states has, has actually increased the risk of terrorism on a separate development human rights groups a fuming over a decision by the international criminal court to resume a proven to war crimes in afghanistan, but to no longer look at allegations of american atrocities that instead the focus will be exclusively on the taliban and isis k. i have therefore decided to focus my overseas investigations in afghanistan on crimes, allegedly committed by the taliban and the islamic state chorus on province. on to d. prioritize other aspects of this investigation. the prosecutors telling war criminals around the world that the u. s. playbook of delay and intimidation works . it also validates one of the cool criticisms of the i see,
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see that it only takes action against politically weaker individuals or nations while giving western powers a pass. by d prioritizing, investigating us and former afghan national security forces, the i c, c prosecutor is shamefully hunting and get out of jail free card tribunal set up in 2002 as a court that could only intervene if the perpetrators of war crimes could not be brought to justice by a conscious authorities who spent more than a decade investigating war crimes by all sides in afghanistan. but the us imposed sanctions on 2 officials from the court offered started a probe into alleged u. s. atrocities the icy c decisions is particularly disturbing for rights organizations because it comes in the wake of august disastrous drone struck by the pentagon. cobble in which 10 civilians, including 7 children, were killed. oh
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. busy busy i. busy busy lost my, the pentagon probe emitted the drone attack was a tragic mistake and offered an apology. it back tracked on the target it had initially claimed was linked to isis k saying it was unlikely, it actually posed any threat to washington to pull out from afghanistan, relatives of the victims. those say the u. s. official for sponsible, for the attack must be brought to justice. as my country, the only horse i will keep demanding that each person who has committed a crime here must be convicted and punished with the due process of law. it's unfair. if a person commits a crime and then a different person is brought to court to answer, the criminal must be punished, no scapegoats. if americans committed a crime, they must be brought to justice. they should be held to account. americans attacked
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our house, not the taliban. how the taliban will answer for this attack is a logical reco. it's been reveal the c i plotted to abduct or assassinate, wikileaks found a julian, a sound when he was in the ecuadorian embassy in london a while back. the u. s. media report was based on statements from 30 former u. s. officials and sent it on mike pompei while he was the cia director during trump's presidency. our pompei owed denies the accusations, and in fact, once action taken against the people who made the claims or they should all be prosecuted for speaking about classified activity inside the central intelligence agency. maybe they didn't, maybe as the cap just made it up. but you should, i take seriously my responsibilities to protect that information. this can be seen as pompoms confirmation of the assange kit, not or kill story. why else would you want to prosecute those sources? speaking about classified activity, kidnap ariel man, hunt and shootout with russian spies in central london. the new james bond movie.
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not exactly. in fact, these are the highlights from a reported cia secret plan to silence the journalist already who revealed americans for dirty secrets. location, london, the year 2017 starting julian, a sorry man of interest. heidi ecuadorian embassy might compare, then c, i achieve evil mastermind behind the operation. the russkies. the essential ingredient for any good spice dory. down the cia with break every possible law to silence independent journalist stay tune. the upcoming details may surprise you. we are rewarding chapter one assassination. mike compared wanted the cia to be create. the instructor, subordinates not to self sense of themselves. when it comes to dealing wiki links, sometimes, oh tricks work best they might have thought and came up with
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a good old assassination plot. detailed sketches options on how to murder sounds, reportedly with disgust in the white house on the highest possible level. why would a cia chief plots of the killing of an independent journalist? well, it was an act of personal vendetta. back in march 2017, the newly appointed cia chief found himself in a very difficult position. when wikileaks released top secret cia papers, they were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about vault 7. they were seen blood chapter to kidnapping. but somebody in the white house might have thought paid, no killings where a civilized nation that's kidnapped this journalist and sentenced him to death by american law. the plan was simply break into the embassy drag assange out and bring him to where we want one small issue. the u. s. justice department failed to keep
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up with cia fantasies. they were still processing the case and didn't file charges against the wikileaks founda. so the cia was going to kidnap a foreign citizen from the capital of washington's closest ally with no legal basis tool. a perfect master black deed. you could possibly spoil the fun russians of course, chapter 3, fighting russians. what if vladimir putin intelligence gets there 1st, a dunce assange, and then flies him to moscow? that's a possibility. the paranoid ca offices thought brace yourself, the plans accounts of russians may just blow your mind. the cia left nothing to chance. the sand gets into the car with the russian operatives. a cia initiates a car crash with the russian diplomatic vehicle. god knows how many other londoners
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collateral damage is. they say, assange gets on the plane. the cia blocks it on the runway by shooting its tires. as well as anything and anybody else wait? the plane takes off with a flat tire. the c i a hovers a helicopter over, it still manages to leave the ground. they demanded the european countries close their rasping. we're still talking about catching julian, sarge. not the number one, terrorist, oh, well, if you are an independent journalist who happens to cross the american governments pass the cia, it's pretty much the same thing. rule of law may not advise you. but for now, julian assault remains in a maximum security prison in the u. k. despite a british judge ruling against his extradition to the united states of affairs for his mental health, he faces a 175 years in prison. and america, if he's convicted of hacking and espionage charges in 2019, of course the sand was forcibly removed by police from the ecuadorian embassy in
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london, after the country terminated his 7 year asylum there. i'm following the recent developments we had from a former c i a analyst em whistleblower. and also from wiki leaks, current editor in chief you so stunning revelation is quite shocking to see that this was being conquered in the states, so kids moping them possibly killing. if julian is expedited to to the states, it will be in the hands of the seo his faith on you as ground. it would be in the hands of those who were planning to kill him. when these discussions were going on, there was no guide meant out against julia. he hadn't been charged with anything. so if there was any bell to put the political nature of the indictment and the creation of the entire case, it is now confirmed to be so it is a political persecution and nothing else. the world to understand that the united states is trying to criminalize journalism. they refused to accept the fact that
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julian assigned is a journalist that the american people own this information and they have the right to know what it is. and that the government behind their backs, the backs of the american people, is trying to assassinate someone who has not been kid victim of a crime. in one of the things that we learned in this article was that the british intelligence serves the external intelligence service. and my 6 was apparently involved, you know, where they were talking about, shoot out the potential for shoot outs in front of the ecuadorian embassy. that was the british that were supposed to be doing the shooting when they talk about shooting out the, the tires of a russian plane that might have been taking jillian assigned to, to russia. that was the british that were supposed to be doing the shooting. so i would certainly hope that the british courts finally say enough is enough. there is no way that julianna's sons should or could be extradited to the united states,
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and he should be free to go. and that's it for this edition of the weekly get more on the news. we're covering this weekend at r t dot com. i'm calling bright back here in 35 minutes. ceiling blue. ah ah ah ah, a blue ah
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with imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job and then it was my family. dealing with my savings. i have nothing, i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees. it's this very idealized image of our america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modern history of the usa, my america, on our t. welcome to max hazards,
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financial survival guy. looking forward to your best with what happens, dimensions in britain del, at this happens, you watch kaiser report ah . mix your automated work is much more with the toyota, the shirts under which wire contribute it's in the knob. new quote is researchable
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homelessness. can easement liam shy july ah, it was a good price. you go. he did. who bought? i bought a dial. tomato, a couple of pretty then you go quite, but i don't think all additions to athletes and movies don't to musical does it seems every big name in the world has been here. let's see. okay miss, you can look up a let's give me a glover. with said basil makes dreams come true that every one who falls in love with people.
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let me ah, subarus is one of the most beautiful cities in russia's far east. ah, it sits on the river that runs on the russia china border and was for many years the far eastern capital. ah, there is no shortage of historical sites here. the officers club is one of them. this is where in december 19, 49 and 12 members of japan's. quinton army stood trial.
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what was the only time wall criminals have ever been tried for creating a biological weapon and testing it on mm way that you know one mashonda or what? no, no. what go more serious than what they should know more and i've got a letter to read it and i wanted to made to no, no, no, no, no, but no single. but no little dinner. what you did in the remorse shown by one member of japan's top secret unit 731 he and his colleagues killed thousands of victims. well developing
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biological weapons.


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