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with sure my to log in and out of the fact that aunt jo a little girl a lot. oh mm mm. the way we look the color of our eyes and the shape of our news. these traits are all embedded in on dna and passed from generation to generation. interesting if i want to have them cause i piece maybe to plus good with. oh, no paperwork, no school in the go to college with the cube. good. let me try it out. the whole she's to me at the ocean by short jokes. got that. i'm like, is much to with with me. we asked geneticists about some of the rest features. people might have. after all, there's
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a lot that they can explain scientifically and medically, ah, cars beach where you're going to be sure. it's either which way you're completed from the knob look for he's researchable them most dish. they took a picture of connecting to some fixture each other because we're sharing the most of them are pretty new connection on this road leads to named little village near rep lump in the state of maggio per dash. india almost sharma often travels. yeah. he's a social worker who takes care of a local resident with bailey bottom and a little makeup. but mccarthy, our students are get to work. botches leaking body. mm hm. his appearance might surprise anyone all his life. he's been asked the same question. who are you?
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i look back to that and then i looked on that at all in plasma. we'll talk with you on the cochrane syndrome, but it doesn't exclude you from not knowing your bush beaches to she's teaching are still plenty of give it a 3 course that were lydia is from u. k. sasha media because the one year katara. but even at the gym store, which live your current natalia practitioner enough, she with lily has several friends, mostly local kids who go to school with the demands on them. a very simple for now don't tacitly adults to help the family and stay healthy. because not everyone around here can afford medical care, a 0 dollar
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and move out there and knock on there while out there. now all i'm gonna get a with a, with a, with my sheet that is a chill when i nice magnificent jeopardy. again, catalytic lead parkway is british nearest to ross. well, it did not enjoy an enviable childhood thing cuz we're constantly pointed out to him. and in fact, pointing wasn't the worst part. like i said, well then you gotta,
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i gotta double location. okay. is it the both i yeah, a is 1st years of school with the most disturbing for late i come in a new one. i mean i've been with no one else in the family looks like the elite he's quite unique with tristan? no, mostly that. so he spoke great programs to courteous book aline mclean. you can use the most of the bridge parkway, squishy cur, seem you gotta be at a reasonable deal if it was a very ma'am. with that, said the noah. no, it begins east coast to stay in yet. osha and he was a very new car or some nino, i lead his never hidden away from prying eyes,
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but the family seldom talks about him either, mainly because they have no idea what caused it. but i thought that i would use this is a. busy traditional came in and out. i did, i say i have been controller with that kid. boy, i have been that i get bullies are inevitable. yeah. what will much help slowly to learn to know them and encourages friends to protect him. dub silly. a good aster. he said, i boy shows well, i neglected. george will be in the field. it was so many keys. oh, mash his teaching. well it everything he knows, meditation and yoga become his favorite activities for school. but i need clear your, i am get my gms id id and that we got some kind of data that is
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the roaring lion posture. ah, it relieves tension in the vocal cords and laughing can also be a good yoga exercise. ha ha, ha ha. thanks to his sessions with will mesh? leslie has come to accept himself as he is a social media electron. me dab okay much. oh, to go and josh, have a good day off a load. it doesn't look like it may have a telephone. every visit from mesh was a reason for lily to celebrate. now he can show off how skilled he's become at writing is grandad's motorbike. he now has a true friend and we'll mash about who missed his greatest gift to the lead. was
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teaching him to have dreams. i went on when financial sna in math, but i don't recall monica buffalo again. my dad is a little girl. i really thought to dad who's a very rare medical condition, but as is often the case, while science can confirm that the disorder is hereditary, the gene that causes it has yet to be identified. oh jennifer morgan, what's been the reason to know which way you're not to put you wrong? there were no chest and then car car to restart the card. you root coke with the 4th. so we have one more, which is me young session that i was making your stuff with me union normally is to put as much to norma parker, other pretty much nuclear, only be elegant, which will shamela there. now, of course, dr. vendors, payroll or them, couple of little fish, new subsidies from god do i do not have clear where to leave at the grocery store to the gym wasn't photographed but medical science is littered with cases where
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genetics can determine that explained which part of the dna contains the false julio from germany also presents a unique story. but in her situation, the scientist can say for sure, exactly which of her genes is damaged. a syndrome was ship, lena? key e nike, that's isabel ivonya washington. it's got more about us on demand and all of us on that. it's a she and then does disney acceptably, woochie and loss, isn't she? she was the victim of g shep the sigmoid on federal grandma sama. e listener daughter. a place to category which area kick bellini is not a oh daddy is his. did he is the so louis is there
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who yeah. i'm dentist met online several years ago. yes, ma'am. i left a family called understand from dimensional mom, blue common todd is almost on is for how did most of what made a saw different committee unknown was to listen to cement low homes in do so blurred off or even accuracy in on the i just wanted to talk to me about the dimensions aren't compliant with the bi lavonne database list of id varnish measure for so as advanced son's face as an old machine colors or don't as marvelous. mamma, about one touching carousal, missing a bracelet. kenny sanger, that's why it's on his own hired star. it's manon pasco, was feel out via vicar. can i come of the vote on manhattan because in the e. m ratio puddle him a harbor car, polish to smell from dish. by all the dennis saw in the photos online was her face
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. once they reached the point of wanting to meet offline of course, julio sent him a message. i am working. it's time that the shampoo hip and as long as it's like whatever up does their vice off as a shy unless i've seen a doctor scream, white embassy and no this design is mad at the end of the median hemp rather than ours. then are those who are about why has the meeting band and had are globally as much looking listens. oh, okay. as it is when i to this progression to somebody's over me sort of after all the help just asking items in there for the emergency needs. my present level as a garbage is part of our from attraction for lead to didn't side front on the side, about new or a little benches. how does he have to remind from them from the age of just 2 months until she was 6. calia had more than 20 operations and spent most of her childhood in hospitals. but tomorrow,
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the tag is peer. my order does come out of my doctor's diagnosed the problem straight away. it was a genetic disease. and julio wasn't the 1st in her family to have lim disorders. i didn't anticipate me either. this is for on a feel bid on. not only america that the sprinkler, they're not up your own. why it's in my po, alchemy still by mine for i transmitting vine and idle de smet act and put it aunt is madame julio, went to a regular kindergarten and was always sociable. if she couldn't do what the other kids could. she always found a way to compromise, instead of giving up because she was different now and adult, julio hasn't changed much. she still refuses to change her surroundings to suit her condition as it's a hold of them, as well as the mileage. no, my varnish with
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a bit of i me out after a relationship, lasting several years. julio was waiting for a romantic proposal from dennis. except thing is that there's a dentist when to me unpack master, my question was the oddly you should and i come with with the thing been shipped to bonham elementary. it's i wanna send it a lot, a lot of this my. i love it monday i go home because i'm from ah ah
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ah ah, the lack of universal health care makes america the country of every man for himself . we have a retirement crisis in this country and we have a health care crisis for seniors in this country as well. so private business has come up with a special mechanism for that. it's called the live settlement market. we are a life settlement provider, which means that we buy life insurance policies from primarily seniors throughout the united states who are no longer want or can't afford their life insurance policies. if you're sick and full, want to live
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a few more years. you consillio life insurance, that way you get more money right away in the company, collects your insurance payment off to your death. whenever there's a group of people out there, i guess, hoping that people die soon will kind of motivation as i give them. when i start crying about him dying, that's usually what it's about as just the sheer unfairness of it all. with some she was a little girl, julio has attracted attention. of course the have always been people all to ready to point out that there's something wrong with her and finish ever me. my son can ish below to have it in my hinder get sacked as a floor when i'm b o, then who's the caregiver? you know, other homes up stuff from higgin, mom. i thought there was kid. if we go out there one minute therefore does the n in
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had missed schemata. mr. pre a tom it comes with them. it's celeste might have would. after with others popping up my nephew right now configure your war i. that's the cmc. i'm flat or less on the help because that is most of the modern lesson white glove of any ship of m. i may, i think i hated unconscious. continue from alex. my, my coffee shop to get around julio, exploit every means at her disposal that home. she mostly cross, but outside she uses either her wheelchair or chris that limbs as mile and a half today and the other day for me. yeah. jaeger. no doesn't mind to put in was the process, is me them handy. you must not off. glad and then the banner, something to compare to dive when it can then ah, polio dentist travel a lot and always bring a camera with them. dennis can't imagine life without photography,
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a fisher efficient government. when he started, we used to filter it. i live in front photocopier decent official. that wasn't for the curfew. i initiated a few impact when the but there was time for a method exec glover. mr. medina, against you mentioned that agent comes, one doesn't have a social mom. vernita also put ian by the dentist as a familiar with toilet you didn't have a julio and dennis the scene on instagram for 4 years now have around 50000 followers. and it's the thought alerted from just the past. mr. sparked. it's a bit of that the him, the home. yeah. kind of fit. does it for less money than unless maha i bought as
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a school to select after tightened as and as i would just unless dine in and pushed ation and assign zone. sunday execs off the ladder. so tying the story else, no mile is good. is that fair? i look into, she sent me the model for him. uh huh. tango this monica was blooming for just over a year ago. julio became a mother and that was the most important event in the family's life. yeah, it was the other side kind of my kid does that name game defects such as anc on the songs lashonda that to entrust this kim. so very com delta new lead martin field of amish. different ones are kendall volume. this was a bypass around the dark. it wasn't an easy birth. the doctors had to fight for little rennie's life. for julio, they were the most terrifying days she'd ever known as flies and what is more men voice and guns quit and i had to have her on down fell scout. we'll never make him
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out for hope. we don't have enough because in via the cottage floating dialogue. morgan be it at us, is that a shaft or live that needs the mirror? the ether. as what you're doing is months, each one isn't darker country, darker blue. the baby's already taking his 1st steps and is in perfect health, which is what matters most were julio. dennis had 2nd thoughts. i thought i was in my leave, proceed with not come mark, i know really suddenly however, if you look up in my live and out there on my side, madison. mr. mazel blight this is of an english limb. is that what some come the skid awful by and in one coffee there let's go to his rush on the market. been knocked me out. does he see the dog for like talking to me for your king laptop or
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something, but always nic finished with a few people are as brave and buoyant as julio. and that takes a special kind of talent. it's not been able to talk. so if could hook up to level throws age, or if we would tossed upon because player was full reasoning. so far there's no genetic proof the talent can be inherited. unlike physical appearance, that remains an open question. it's up to every individual to decide how to develop their skills and who they want to become. here with me for i will never pay again. i'm in new york. i'm with the young. he was diana. he would have taken thief, your convenience, pneumonia, vc, hydro shit, the block where that he stuff. nicholas a getting me here, a young lady with the diesel,
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finished with my with ship would then you know, of course the methyl a storm, a still arrested it due to the number here. where would millen did, how to show the as a lost opportunity cross. can we really move to angela be certainly display. see it that's. that's the busha group. barley's name carter proven it's g. i knew the janetta, sorry, not on in our camp to snuggles cannot cost muscular pampers, ira boucher. that is when you good the story from it. i went up or down the pathology. yeah. you knew that such?
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not brian s as anyone. yeah, of course. next talk to one car, e for chris. yeah. yeah. i was i don't know which one down would ship. i'm with my city. yeah. your mom with the site. yeah. it doesn't look in your facility. i'm not interested. you was it. it's been a feature like some woman who had been getting picked up a note straight to the quick. please. can you come when you so blue? i thought she starts looking discontent. believe i am no, no coconut, boy. can you go on tom? then one must william yoke. oh, when you bought quote from tom,
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you slid id please that all of that say she woke up her persuade for him anyway, you know, again, use my preschool. it go quit these mean you gotta be, would cur, premier iranian knowing what that's it got dory 3 weeks almost at julia carter had you on with that jenny, come done those. i'm really when you done the same, you get those to read. you claim on your bill that or no, that is all the it's gotta be up the one of the mostly yeah. what that weight, but obviously other than what is the most the regular coke no later than that was built up. so i was talking to joe up to the spanish me if john by doubtful. and he just knew that i was my and user nutritional and we'd like he was in his wiley, so you can move your stuff, the wires wiscoe, that's a high turnover. so no i to still, but the choice still top one you will still claim was because i film,
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but when i chose to be on the what i to will for communities, goodesky books, good mom, you pursuing mine. you need to do the rocky number shown in my new little mini else book. i will i love to swing yeah. with you and mr. daniel with a say what it is which way me yes. yes, that, that the well show them will be used to more weight. yes. will. so another overall it's more. yeah, but really don't understand. no problem. let me tell the piece, newman hugo can yes or no good idea. so we'll get that in store. he a suit in the style is to suit the key look which, which is a t p it, it was linear who daniel is now well famous, an incredible performance. so him,
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when the voice cute competition, people started talking about him everywhere. that marked the start of his path to achieving his goal. i rather go wishing to roll with i missed my miscarriage though you have told you, sir, i big. even the nor dogs are mixed in like a short cut, or i'd send you a video. the child, so any with me thought about their chief mission of the players. i thought, according to many people are attractive when you're starting from the years by your sri. it's which of those, by the way, why didn't goals may have to watch seen as a new weapon. you saw the new was our stay in the area you were, you've been a little boy with jeff. even though i may have to pay, we will. but it didn't work too much to look now that wouldn't still be too narrowing a circle thing. daniel went to a jazz college and started
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a band with some fellow students. and you might think that the biggest thing with them when you get a group plan, they would actually actually mirror more so quickly. a request if you could let my little patients to here, i don't text it. sure was a shot record with the band members have long been the best of friends after sharing their dream of devoting themselves to music with
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women on board with everyone here has a story about how they met daniel. now they each reminisce about it with a smile with more wish both with the miss live with me much. thanks so much. no worries. have a bill from us. okay. oh yeah. yeah. when is kim? you have shells lana springs, chris osborne, michelle. well, tom ford, she has to pick up the michelle a bit. now what i've been with them is a problem at b. shelby. no. none yet. and yet, and sure. law my close to say is dan jobs in
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oregon mosse. ah . a do more onsperger. i think one is like, when he's back up for one of them group and then you know, watch and lessons that a couple of non look at them. but them with shortly. genetic science may have some on says when it comes to physiology, but it can't even estimate quality of life. society does that with behavior attitudes and actions, because more to pick him up in the middle. not steven horton, gra, our physical. what on all of the more you though all it does as long try
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a clinician teacher, could you ship to the blue or nicotine to school bureau? i've not yet seen you through a flock there. i will know quickly tooling your blue cross. so you see what you're seeing them as tim started deal, we snatched on yoga, the butcher. we're still that. okay. the comes to move here. i was amazed. lucas was if it was able to, can she still did not come. we would have you been with us and then elise adjustment got to meet people love to set rules and standards. but nature shows us that appearance is far from being the most important part of what makes a person beautiful. ah ah,
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what a tease and use as a marriage we don't have a terribly. we don't to look back seen the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with
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ah, so of course go time breaking news this hour, at least 12 people reportedly killed and more than 30 injured in a blast herself noted. cobbled 2nd biggest mosque, the taliban saying it is already detained. 3 people allegedly responsible it was an extraordinary disaster. if we didn't have a president, there was so adult and you all would be fired. i don't think anyone control anything this president says about afghanistan. i'll tell stories from the week us lawmakers lambaste president biden, and his top ross of war, some congress called washington's humiliating withdrawal from afghanistan. we are through the whole afghan campaign, might be a big failure than just that pull out itself. a form shell report alleges the cia
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