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tv   News  RT  October 3, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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idealized image, all this older america, native americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a mountain history of the usa by america. oh, naughty. ah, the store is a shame the week on our t a bomb shell report, a ledger the cia plan to kidnap or saturday week helix read the during the sound, the agencies former chief mike pompeo. at the center of the plot. russia threatened sir, block you tube off to the video sharing platform, permanently deletes artes german language channels. moscow believes the u. s. company would not have acted without approval from berlin and also coming up to it was an extraordinary disaster. if we didn't have a president that was so adult, you all would be fired. i don't think any one controls anything this president says
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about afghanistan. you are. so mike has lambasted president biden is taught bras in the week of what some in congress had calling washington's humiliating withdrawal from afghanistan. we asked the if the whole afghan campaign might be a big get failure than just the pull out itself. ah, oh, hello. this under the 3rd of october life, marty's will do use h q moscow. welcome to the weekly with me, kevin, now in a low back in some of the made headlines from the last 7 days. now we're going to where the some breaking news. i want to let you to that's coming in from afghanistan, breaking news from the capital. in fact, cobble wearing explosion at a mosque has been reported to be hosting the funeral of a senior tele by members. mother at the time, parties killed several civilians as well in the explosion. they were believed the
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taliban confirmed the incident, but as yet no further information, i've just been checking myself. nothing else available on the wise about it. but just to recap again, so we believe a terror attack, it's thought not confirmed in the afghan capital. kabul or an explosion or mosque is reported to to have happened at the time was hosting the funeral of a senior taliban members mother and has killed several civilians. the taliban is confirmed that instant, no idea as to who is behind it at the moment we'll keep you posted. i'll see, to correspond to that is, is in cobble, hopefully getting to him later knows, reveal the cia plotted to kidnap or assassinate the wiki. likes found the julian sons when he was in the ecuadorian embassy in london a while back. the u. s. media report was based on statements from 30 former u. s. officials and sent it on mike pam pet pompeo. while he was director of the agency during the time, donald trump was impala oh, of his part, pompei,
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i was denied the accusations and indeed one's action now taken against those who made the claim. they should all be prosecuted for speaking about classified activity inside the central intelligence agency. maybe they didn't, maybe as a cap, just made it up. but you should, i take seriously my responsibilities to protect that information. this can be seen as pompoms confirmation of the assange kit, not or kill story. why else would you want to prosecute those sources? speaking about classified activity, kidnap ariel man, hunt and shootout with russian spies and central london. a new james bond movie. not exactly. in fact, these are the highlights from a reported c. i a secret plan will silence the journalist, saudi, who revealed americans for dirty secrets. location london, the year 2017 starring julian, a sorry, a man of interest hiding yet the doors embassy might compel. then c, i achieve that evil mastermind behind the operation. the russkies. the essential
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ingredient for any good spice dory. doubtless. ja! great. every possible law to silence independent journalist. stay tuned. the upcoming details may surprise you. we are recording chapter one. the fascination my campaign wanted the cia to be create, instructed, subordinates not to self sense of themselves when it comes to dealing wiki links. sometimes, oh tricks work best they might have thought and came up with a good old assassination plot. detailed sketches options on how to murder sounds, reportedly with disgust in the white house on the biased possible level. why would a cia chief plots of the killing of an independent journalist? well, it was an act of personal vendetta. back in march 2017, the newly appointed cia chief found himself in a very difficult position. when wikileaks released top secret c i a papers. they
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were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about vault 7. they were seen blood chapter to kidnapping. but somebody in the white house might have thought paid, no killings where a civilized nation that's kidnapped this journalist and sentenced him to death by american law. the plan was simply break into the embassy drag assange out and bring him to where we want one small issue. the u. s. justice department failed to keep up with cia fantasies. they were still processing the case. it didn't filed charges against the wikileaks found them. so the cia was doing to kidnap the foreign citizen from the capital of washington's closest ally with no legal basis tool. a perfect master plan deed do could possibly spoil the fun russians. of course, chapter 3 fighting russians will do. vladimir putin intelligence gets there,
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1st of dumps a sound and then flies him to moscow. that's a possibility. the paranoid, see i any offices thought, brace yourself. the plan to counts of russians may just blow your mind. the cia left, nothing to chance bisons gets into the car with the russian operatives. the cia initiates a car crash with the russian diplomatic vehicle. god knows how many other londoners collateral damage is. they say assange gets on the plane. the cia blocks is on the runway by shooting it's tiresome, as well as anything. and anybody else, wait? the plane take self with a flat tire. the cia hub is a helicopter over. it still manages to leave the ground. they demand that the european countries close their aspects. we are still talking about catching julian assange, not the number one terrorist. oh, well,
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if you are an independent journalist who happens to cross the american governments pass the cia, it's pretty much the same thing. rule of law may not advise you, but for now, chile, the sounds remains at a maximum security prison in the u. k. despite the british judge ruling against his expedition to the united states of, of fears about his mental health, he faces a 175. he is imprisonment, america or he's wanted on charges of hacking and espionage. in 2019 assange was forcibly removed by police from the ecuadorian embassy in london after the country terminated his 7 year asylum there. flung the recent developments we heard them in the week from former ca, analyst, and whistle blower, john kerry acute, and also wikileaks editor. in chief kristen have forensic for you. so stunning. revelation is quite shocking. conseula. this was being conquered, cousins in the states, so the kidnapping them, graham, possibly killing. if julian is expedited to to the other states,
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it will be in the hands of the seo his shades. on you as ground, it would be in the hands of those who were planning tool kit, kill him when these discussions were going on, there was no indictment out against julia. he hadn't been charged with anything. so if there was any doubt about the political nature of the indictment and the creational, did i went on the entire case, it is now confirmed to be so it is a political persecution and nothing else. the world understand that the united states is trying to criminalize journalism. they refused to accept the fact that julian assigned is a journalist, that the american people own this information and they have the right to know what it is. and that the government behind their backs, the backs of the american people, is trying to assassinate someone who has not been kid victim of a crime. in one of the things that we learned in this article was dad,
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the british intelligence service, the external intelligence service, and my sex was apparently involved, you know, where they were talking about, shoot out the potential pursued outs in front of the ecuadorian embassy. that was the british that were supposed to be doing this shooting when they talk about shooting out the, the tires of a russian plane that might have been taking jillian assigned to the, to russia. and that was the british that were supposed to be doing the shooting. so i would certainly hope that the british courts finally say enough is enough. there's no way that jolina signs should or could be extradited to the united states, and he should be free to go rushes threatening to block you tube off the video sharing service. deleted ortiz, german language channels, in the wake for allegedly breaching community guidelines than monica described. to move as an actors of unprecedented information, aggression with the russian foreign ministry saying the measures against r t could not have been taken without berlin's permission. there is no doubt that
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youtube was acting with the open and tacit support of the german government and taking these unjust measures. they have exposed correspondence of russian broadcasters to years long harassment, including the blocking of bank accounts and public slander. the purpose of this aggression against the russian media holdings projects is obvious to drown out sources of information that clash with a media background, that is comfortable for german officialdom. the german government is denied the allegations melanie harvey spoke to a correspond constantine, raj, coff about the ban of the possible ramifications or you know, the popularity of r t in germany among the germans speaking the audience has been grow in, especially in the recent years. and just to give you some numbers, artie doors had a total of almost 547000000 views and over 600000 subscribers and not a small youtube channel that placed it among the top german news channels on that platform. so artie, george has managed to put up
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a fight against major german news outlets. and of course this hasn't gone unnoticed . odd, there are a lot of politicians in germany who have repeatedly called for curves on r t in a in the country. and rti has been struggling to start a teeny broadcast in germany for many years, facing both overton hayden resistance. so all in all is been an extremely harsh environment. hostile environment for our fellow colleagues in germany. so these been, seem like kosh treatment what, what was the, the potential crime that was committed? well, as usual, in these cases, the response from me media platform is vague and ye tube send our colleagues in germany message saying that there were, quote repeated violations of community guidelines. so, you know, that's it. you get out of the platform. google, which owns you tube, a gave us a more detailed response. so let's have a listen. ye cheap has clear community guidelines which explain what is allowed on
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the platform. all t deutsch was issued a warning for uploading content that violates our rules in relation to cov, at 19 medical misinformation policy. this results in the suspension of their right to upload videos during the suspension. the channels owners tried to bypass the restrictions by using a different channel. as a result, both channels were closed for violating you cheap times of service. so to give you some context, our 1st rti george, his main youtube channel law, was given several code related strikes and that led to a temporary suspension. so because the main page was suspended, its team decided to continue sharing his content on different page that belongs to one of its, ah shows. ah, it was different content. ah, not that which had been flag by youtube, of course. but nonetheless, both pages were completely deleted by youtube without any warning. now what's interesting is that there are no clear rules saying that you can a run a separate page, or maybe even start
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a new page if you are suspended on youtube for whatever reason. besides those 4 videos and question that rti door to receive strikes for are contained criticism of the government's approach of the pandemic voiced by other medical experts not by journalists. so, ah, to claim that this was medical mis information, misinterpretation, well, in the eyes of archie george that saw debatable. so is ality denying in the wrong doings it challenging this been while they're saying that they receive an unfair treatment. and actually the 1st to common on that story in russia was our own editor in chief museum, co leads for several months before a channels were banned. the german media had been publishing care stories about r t, german becoming 2 influential to significant according to their own calculations were ranked forth in terms of influence in germany were bigger than, well were bigger than germany's own chinese like daughter, well, no one expected that of course, we also didn't expect that to happen so quickly. i mean,
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that would attract so big an audience, have so much success. they made us out to be a boogeyman. they refused to give us a license. they forbade banks for working with us. they pressured luxembourg. so we couldn't get a license there, and when all that didn't work, they deleted us from youtube using the far fetched pretext that was predictable because no normal person believes that freedom of speech exists in this countries. the question is, how we rush respond. we're looking forward to it as foreign ministry spokeswoman money as a ha also weighed in by saying that would just happen. ah, was an act of aggression and that there is going to be a symmetrical response directed at german media working in russia. now the message she didn't clarify what exactly that means, but i guess her driven colleagues work in here to be bracing for a bumpy road ahead. it got sold so well. it's under noise for jody's less party the week. and also with a woman who's a politician for the c d u party, they say both of them in their view, it's
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a step backwards for press. freedom in europe does isn't oh, clearly this situation does not with european freedom in a positive light. we have to acknowledge that deny media space has been subject to censorship and manipulation, which reminds me of the worst times in germany. it's in our interest for our see to make an even greater contribution to german and european media diversity. as i've said before, r t has become an integral component of european press freedom. we as citizens have the right to be informed and have access to high quality journalists regardless of its origin. fitness, you know, i considered it a challenging situation that now the russian point of view, public or political is being more and more suppressed. archie deutsch does not have a particularly good reputation in germany, not with readers, but rather among their colleagues. they don't like r t deutsch because it has broken their monopoly on the dictate of opinion in german journalists and journalists who practice journalism that preaches the authorities instead of critical journalists, do not like such competition. they don't like it that
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a mirror has been put in front of them in which they can see what they really should be doing. a bunch of ranking these, if you listen, couple of minutes ago coming in from afghanistan of a capital, kabul has been an explosion that we believe it a mosque, it sold its killed several people. an inch of many others details. still sketchy at the moment, but our seine correspondent were gazda of, as you well, may well know throttle this has been covering a while. the unfortunate developments coming in from canister is incredible. now, at what he got 1st they moran small. kevin, we hugged the blood. it was somewhat muted, it was evident that it came from a long distance away. the northern sector of the city. i believe we will be trying to collect information to find out what happened in the taliban has now confirmed that there have been a number of casualties. they haven't specified how many people boy were killed or
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injured. but even at the distance, we heard the explosion that it was evident that this was a powerful of blas, those almost a tremor, a deep bass to it. but more than that, we have also heard that it struck near the ear, gar mosque. it is the 2nd biggest mosque here in capital, and this has been confirmed by the taliban. what we have also heard of these. this is unconfirmed, however. is that at the time of the blas those a funeral underway at the mosque, where by the, the mother of the taliban spokesperson, as a beulah mujahid and his mother, her, her funeral was being held at the mosca at the time. nevertheless, these, these unconfirmed for now, details are still coming in, but we are hearing about more civilian casualties at the she and this is, this is just the latest such attack here in, in cobble, never mind the rest of, of guns on there are regular fire fights here in the capitol, i with,
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with the taliban facing off against what it cools, various sir, terrorist elements as well as isis. there is an extensive isis presence in cobble in afghanistan. and the taliban has a long waged, a war against them. now with the taliban trying to solidify control their regular raids around the city, again, fire fights between at taliban fighters and isis fight us around the country. also over the weekend the yesterday there was an attack on on taliban, on the taliban office in july. but where by 4 people were killed out, we heard as a result of a drive by that locals blame on isis in other areas of the country. they have also been attacks on, on taliban convoys and fighters, carried out by ice a some that they have claimed some that have been attributed to them. but as i say, the, the united states may have pulled out their allies also. but that hasn't had the ta
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still, it is here in afghanistan, they are ongoing with the taliban again at duking it out with not only isis but other islamist terrorists groups in afghanistan. we're a guest here for now. thanks for the update to kerry self. no, i looking back in some events, had run up to this is last week. so tough talks in congress's us lawmakers lashed out. and joe biden is top military commanders over the afghanistan withdrawal the by the administration's receipt. a lot of flack over recently with some calling the puller humiliating for washington. here is some of the accusations that were fired at the president and his team. them. the president said, none of his commanders said that he should keep troops in afghanistan was on a false statement by the president. yes. remember, you do not have a duty to cover for the president when he's not telling the truth. i've given you my judgment on it. now let's think we all know it was a false step. i have been frustrated by the lack of someone in charge on the
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biggest national security fiasco in a generation. there has been 0 accountability, no responsibility from anybody. we have poured cache and blood and credibility into a ghani government. that was a mirage. it fell immediately. we were buying it at the big lot. the big lie that this, that this was ever going to be successful near. here's the thing. there's only 3 possibilities here. either the president lie to the american people, or he legitimately cannot remember the counsel of his top military advisors in winding down the longest war in american history. or you have not been fully accurate under oath. we didn't have a president that was so adult. you all would be fired, thought a small chest to pull out this been attack the entire off can campaigns now coming in for increasing criticism? is caleb moped on it? a testimony before congress was dancing? not only was the pull out of afghanistan fiasco,
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but the campaign failed to achieve its primary aim. it was an extraordinary disaster. it will go down in history, is one of the greatest failures of american leadership. we have 0 presence in afghanistan. it could be as little as 12 months before al kato will use afghanistan as a base conduct as a base to conduct air strikes or strikes against united states. frankly, after this debacle of withdrawal, i don't think anyone can trust anything. this president says about afghanistan. we need to consider some uncomfortable truce that we did not fully comprehend the depth of corruption and poor leadership and nursing your ranks. that we did not grass a damaging effect of frequent and unexplained rotations by president gunny of his commanders. and that we fail to fully grasp why there was only so much for which and for home. many of the afghan forces would fight. so after an entire war aimed to eliminate a terrorist threat to america, that threat could now be worse to real possibility in the not too distant future,
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612182436 months that time the time frame for re constitution about kite are isis terrorist organizations seek ungoverned spaces so that they can train and equip and thrive. and there is clearly a possibility that that can happen here. going forward. afghanistan, in effect now has become an entire terrace state taliban. even though they may think that they're trying to govern that place itself to slit and already we're seen isis attacking caliber. and there's no guarantee then that taliban can ensure that attacks will not be planned. and launched from that from afghanistan. thought there were more revelations in the testimony, apparently behind closed doors. the biden administration was more divided on afghanistan. i think a while we've is conceivable that you could stay there. my view was that you would
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have had to deploy more forces in order to protect ourselves and accomplish any mission that we would have been assign. it appears that the department of defense was not fully on board with pulling out of afghanistan. and they are arguing for maintaining some presence in the country. my view was that we needed to maintain about 2500. and that we also needed to work with our coalition partners. we had about 6000 troops and there nato and other court countries that would, that would remain there. this flies in the face of the biden administration's claim that pulling out was the unanimous decision. it's unclear what would really change if the united states stayed in the country. it has been 20 years after all, and the security situation in afghanistan has not improved. so maybe the mistake wasn't pulling out in 2021, but rather going in in 2001. now that's a discussion you won't hear on capitol hill, but it's probably taking place in many american minds for officials on capitol hill
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to attribute that solely to the somewhat chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan is completely absurd. if the u. s. officials had dealt with these crime on september the 11th as what they were and found out who was responsible and brought them to justice. and, you know, this would have been, you know, at this point something that just something that happened 20 years ago. that was dealt with instead, they used september the 11th as a pretext for 20 years of war. what the so called war on terror was doing was fueling tech terrorism. and the judge about armed resistance in country after country the united states has, has actually increased risk of terrorism for chaotic things that you can petrol stations over the last 7 days, some remain,
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try to spot the fuel crisis, easing massive cues have been forming a full courts, those frustration, bold over things at times got really heated. you drive home. so in a very i thank you one then. so plenty attention this week. the massive cues and panic, buying kicked off after all for a b p ward initially would have to temporarily close some of its petrol stations because of a lack of lori drivers needed to deliver fuel supplies. and the u. k. government no says deeds going to bring in the army from to morrow to help deliver fuel. he's a reminder of how it all kicked off the last 7 days. oh,
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many you work a she worked inside the u. k. left new dr. a. did not enter a peer professional piece. all came together in depth. the supply chain champ the stops. ah, the government for more than anything, the government isn't making the sector. to be honest with anything, mary. she's taking a phineas back, doesn't feel competent to people. there's always a plan b, y loose a day. so come into the room. i'm believe we don't know what's in the next level. what's the next stage with a leash, the potential of the entire people of this country. ah,
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fish offering or p shot shows hyper is totally no strategic strategy to solve the issue in the, in the 3. and this will not be, shall thread, pending are 5000 feet. if no face v strategic action is taken, it will also only become more worse. and thus a snapshot of the many very stories he brought you here over the last 7 days. thank you for watching us international this weekend. you can find so much more and i'll see though camaro social's. kevin, i was reporting for you from the rest of the team. enjoy the rest of the weekend. ah ah ah ah,
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come with me to work with you on a y a nod, normal quote is peaceable. can he's not live too? sure. right. ok.
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awe unit 731. did everything from exploding bombs laced with anthrax next to prisoners who were tied to steaks in a feel. we have evidence that they gave disease infected chocolates to children. i plead guilty to having exercised to direct guidance of preparations for conducting biological warfare. chiefly against the soviet union, biological bombs were to be dropped on vladivostok, but a shill of abolished jetta and blood go. visions. tribunal transcript general yamato otto commander in chief, japanese quantum army. ceramic bombs containing typhoid cholera and
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anthrax. well all. so she will, you see is brain child you may go on level russia. no, nothing to do with it more. my get it. you gondo that up. how did serial not sonia. so i wish i could build a pitch hooked. aah! bombs packed with deadly bacteria. were meant to be dropped on soviet cities. o june 24th 1945 victorious soldiers marched across red square. ah, many of those present with marshal vassilyevski as their leader would be re
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deployed to the far east immediately after the victory parade.


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