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article weapon and testing it on me. ah ah, well, no one much sun augment or what? no, no, what go more serious than what they should know more and i've got to go lesser david. and elaine demand to know, son and you don't know what all single. but it nice little dinner. and you did the remorse shown by one member of japan's top secret unit 731. he and his colleagues killed thousands of victims. well, developing biological weapons. he's the guy who had been in unit
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731 soldier in his young man and killed people. paul johnson, an american director, has studied unit 731 documents at length and knows it's history. well. unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short than build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever. now. japan had a longstanding interest in biological weapons, emperor here, a heater, who had a degree in the room biology, believed that biological weapons would help to pan conquer the world. as a descendant of the sun goddess. i'm at russell, he saw it as his calling in the 19 thirty's,
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the concept of japan's exceptional role in the world, permeated the country society. oh, so hopefully june gets the sunni hummadi condie equal sucking yawn all notches of madonna o. japanese journalist shoji condo, the author of evidence of unit 731 crimes. a book that caused quite a stir is one of the few people who tried to give an impartial account of factors that brought japan to war. tiny to even look up to your schedule for all day to get a quote got it says so to so you saw them what they glint irish but they are. so going us get along for a gun not on that isn't all want on. you saw it fixed on in the early 19 thirty's, and the japanese military carefully studied
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a report by microbiologist, cheryl, is she biological weapons affect the human body silent, causing a slow but painful death. there is no need to manufacture missiles. instead, you can infect clothing, food, or water, or disperse bacteria from aircraft. they will proliferate, and in fact, humans general easy wasn't just a biologist, but also a military man with the rank of colonel. he was very smart, intelligent table, person of high status in japan. he was a medical doctor who was also a pilot and a military commander. he had all of these great talents and skills that sadly, instead of being used for a good purpose, he took his great prodigious skills and took it in the opposite direction to the dark side as a force for evil. ah, japan's general stuff allocated enormous resources to help the biologist establish
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a secret facility to develop biological weapons. china's manchuria region occupied by japan in 1932 and turned into the puppet state of men to co became the testing ground. manchuria is very handy because of its location close to the u. s. s. on it also has plenty of test subjects. test subject. you mean people brought to the unit the test? exactly. those people were meant to die. that's right. from tribunal questions to quiz schumacher. yoshi, a medical service major general ah, in 1938, several secret facilities were established in the hills of manchuria. unit 100 in san john walked on lifestyle contamination. unit 516 in to to come
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manufactured chemical weapons. and unit 731 near hobbin, developed biological weapons, and tested them on civilians. in pen, fun village, they burned down around 300 local dwellings to clear space to build unit 731. the facility was self sufficient and inaccessible. that when the batteries a prison crematorium stadium, a shinto shrine, an airfield, a dedicated aircraft group, and a bow station. the facilities commanding officer was also the projects audiologist colonel cheryl easy way to push it. but it said, you sure shall go. a full komatsu is more than 90 years old and can't sit down for
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very long don't at the dinner. k killed when you suddenly loaded russia. korea, and as i do banish you of death was now on the moral museum here. so it's one of the saddest museums in the world who says i owe she think with a think on congress. how to from factory woman nashua. beautifully counseling out e. sandy cwa can control, shall they get back in 20? sure. i think in it and then push ya mean secret alisha gung. john bates? you your was actually? yes, we do . good luck job. some good. are you the car like cocoa did. saturday. stella
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none aside. you with a knee dick invade. bush did skull by many to go go dangerous. yeah. the know what other mm. you kiko a mommy is japanese and lived near unit 731 when she was just 13. mm hm. and she often visits china now, organizing exhibitions and conferences, to expose the crimes perpetrated by unit 731, korea, denver sets. the guys that dickins corner is kado a bus you're given the may there meet there must cut it. oh, i don't know more than i will. yeah. more like a day. but that's your song on olga. no. any got them? mm. the camp has a gruesome reputation among the locals. ah,
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ah, exactly what went on behind little since they'll never know. but they are sure that no one ever came out alive. after you infected a person, would he get treatment? yes. what happened to him next? he'd be used for further experiments. until he died. yes. none of the prisoners came out alive. from tribunal questions to medical service. major general, how was she mac yoshi ah, thousands of people became test subjects. they were from various nationalities around 60 percent which i knees around 30 percent russian. and
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a few koreans and mongolians. they were referred to as my router, which means logs in japanese into i yonder my slender stagger them all by day at all. not at that. do you know, are you on more more general market that is met, new them or more like i've been there and i got them myself. she miss. it was an intern at the unit like other teenagers he was sent there to work and study materials. i had a problem with her mother and all everybody b. oh, can you go? i thought, coward that. oh, boy does little to go at madison on what? on this the law she my a new on it. all site is an all on all m on gateway and i don't, they are not on all the lot. the think about it, she said,
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good. so did all mazda law? oh, oh, because it's a couple of mothers show. got crushed up. so when i hit or not, i could not put the la jolla, but she knew i'm showing no, not people there even lower than livestock breached shadow issue, the audiologist and mastermind behind everything that happened in the death camp to the chinese population of harby were the equivalent of lab rats. these weren't human beings who had rights to life, who had rights to freedom from torture in sickness and disease. these were people who he could carry out tests to further his goals, which was to create the world's greatest biological weapons program
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in test subjects were injected with cholera. typhoid anthrax, bubonic plague, and syphilis. the progression of their disease was studied carefully. victims were later dissected, well still alive. with for herman by dreamer shapes are those with
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policies. if you're sick and for the want to live a few more years, you consillio life insurance that way you get more money right away in the company, collects your insurance payment off to your death and there's a group of people out there i guess hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation is i give them? when i start crying about him dying? that's usually what it's about. it's just the sheer unfairness of at home. oh ah. was really gonna push to look at it. so no cable,
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no cable like that my my this guy again, we've told us he took did with it. oh no. we needed to know. oh 0 one is a unit. doctors monitored the dissections waiting for samples some needed a brain or heart. others deliver. mm hm. that's how to breathe. a deadly super virus capable of destroying a human body in no time said shadow. you see a fish. it is a great joke literature to our country. it stared long cables from you would assume they had to look on those 3 little kids or not. we're not. no, not broke up. i really surreal. he'll fornia soaring.
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the guy you can do, you know, it still knows i knew go on yoga chi voicemail but it's hard to know how many were killed by unit 731 alone estimates. very some say 3 to 5000 people. others put the figure at 10000 to something. yeah, well then, yeah, there's no money in a couple years old. i give them all nonlinear ah, most the army, general staff and emperor here a hutto will well aware of the units, goals and methodology. unit
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731 was established in 1936 by the secret order of emperor. here he thought i saw the order with my own eyes when i served his hand of unit 73 one's general department tribunal transcript, major general campbell. she marquee, or she is interrogation oral cocoa mean, does she go? she se, sir. so she is a little more short than all outdoor use. and so she's always stuff. i mean, there are course chris should i know mama, he or she we shall talk to you. he amazed ok. like, you know, he did. he own jan oak was all shinji talking to say so. laws near hong won't dial georgine even law. we cannot short and no longer. okay, let ya know. don't shorting or hate i. e bay or
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walkerson in 10? no, no. cook on nation. you walk us without their kids made a little pause short then no, no. made it on a general. yes. sue g, a camera decreed the nor of sancho saxon the 3 oles policy which said, kill all, learn all loot. ah. mass killings took place all over the japanese occupied territories in just 6 weeks more than 300000 people were tortured and killed in none. king
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japanese soldiers believed that they represented an exceptional nation and had a license to do anything in local took on in those who though not dora, got out of cornwall picking out oratory knolls on i thought it means accessible to know what all night. so i got out of my, of the english nation when it comes to colonization, it has accomplished the impossible said adult hitler with many historians claim that famine was a common event on the british rule in india. and that millions died of starvation. ah, also that in the mid 19th century, british business sold huge quantities of opium in china, making considerable profit from the drug trade. ah,
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it also said that in congo, half of the popular it died during belgium's colonization. ah, algerians have alleged that a chain of gruesome murders took place while france governed the country could ever do. what does she thought though, the road you this still curse? very good nora. so nanny dudgin are good though there scott, if you are sorry, july disco. chorus theory, most agony. another. do you think is joanie, you must. oh, the mother you and i discussed with scott bennett is a leading counter terrorism expert and a former u. s. army analyst, you now investigates, crimes against humanity. ah,
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the american indians were seen as a scourge as a social pariah that needed to be expunged, expelled, and exterminated from much of on the eastern seaboard poisoning blankets with smallpox. with this virus that caused the eruption of sores and death upon the american indians. blankets were distributed to indians and military installations under the guise of helping them ah one out of the thousands that unit 731 killed only 8 names have been preserved in history. 6 chinese and 2 russians. a
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red army soldiers are called dmca anchor, and maria ivan, over with her 4 year old daughter when women and girls became too we can no longer fit for further experiments, they will put into a special glass walled gas chamber. the doctors took meticulous notes. the daughter suffocated after 3 minutes. the mother of to 5 to do was simply abducted from a st. carmen hulu. many russians lived there because china's eastern railway had been built by russian engineers in 1898. ah, many stay to avoid the revolution and civil war.
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i the cities gendarmerie based at the railway station, constantly received a new odors. they wanted men, women, or children of a particular day age, heightened as necessity. when the unit needed new subjects, the japanese police snatched entire families from the streets. part of my job was escorting inmates from ha, been to unit 731. they were referred to as logs and used for experiments tribunal transcript sergeant major characters who sat auto. john damari special brown chief ah, that has given us as board creeping nor the something of a good deal of the stuff is not new bye form of riley seems somebody is
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a born in the gym. you mean mr. july shamiqua, power buy at the more now little boy im gonna go editing. i just got a little skewed oil. i serv, so this bank, but it says something not well should you was, lets banyon though mike had said to provide you as a selenium puts us um, oh, i see the apology category order. mm hm. it should. ling, i'm a fixture. the ocean for the double sd numer blisters registers. ah, women and children played a special role in unit $73.00 one's activities women were raped and once they were pregnant, infected with syphilis gonorrhea and other diseases. are they within cut open so that researchers could extract the fetus to observe any changes of that go now i go on monday for kind of wish dinner. i've got your, your horny and all you didn't do. oh gosh,
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more or less enough. i draw nagoya, got kind of a little trail a future war with the soviet union might have been fought and extremely cold weather. that's why they needed to know how to treat frostbite. to find out they drove inmates out into the cold, doused their limbs with water, and kept them outside until severe frostbite set in to the next frost night doctor who sat a yoshi motor conducted experiments on women and children. he later st. detailed reports illustrated with drawings and photographs. martha shall know. hila wants me to get their select quartet mothers should not go can i cut quote on more law hill home on the way on the hill home. so that
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before we thought that a let none, they're gonna work with on there. so that a lot of all, some victims were literally mummified alive. they were put into an extremely hot room with no water and kept there until they were completely designated. the bodies were weighed before and after 78 percent of the human body as water as that experiment proved. leader. so no, no similar castillo, though. they can read it about the loan of sharon casa. mean they're not getting luna thunder. although the all center at the moment on the scene digital enough, some experiments were conducted out of my curiosity inmates had various body organs
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removed, limbs switched, also monkey blood injected all their sensitivity to x rays and electricity tested ah, mix it out. and these will work with along with your matter, we can go down to the mayor cuz i don't want cosby
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with in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, community. are you getting the right way or are you being led to some with direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted you need to descend to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah ah ah
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ah, ah! a ah with oh, if you had expressing the of non government could be in the image or with a seat, and i'm sorry, this is a wrong expectation be you will have to see. that is non. you want me to go with julie entities. you've got to compose the estimate democratic system on both on sunday, he was and didn't go to order a
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from tanks to tankers, brittany called in the army to alleviate pressure at the petrol pumps as people panic by fuel. the polls say that the public blames the media port stoking hysteria, although many points to the government. the news is the ne, playing the media. maybe our government tried to play while europe, so gas prices hit a new hi with the german government warning people to prepare for a chilly month ahead at the same time as the countries energy regulator. it's still yet to grant a license for rushes. nordstrom to gas pipeline, and a paramount challenge shaken by officers outspoken criticism and the hasty
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withdrawal from afghanistan, the u. s. army.


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