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tv   News  RT  October 2, 2021 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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ah ah ah, you gay authorities call in the army to alleviate pressure at the pet food pumps as people panic by fuel, public and blaming the media. the crisis, though, according to likes to polls, although the government isn't off the hook, either. the news is the media media. yeah. government across in europe, gas prices is a new record with the german government warning people to prepare for chile month ahead. that is the country's energy regulators still yet to grant a license for russia's gnawed stream to gas pipeline. and the paramount challenge, shaken by officers outspoken criticism, and the hasty withdrawal from afghanistan,
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u. s. army suffers a spiky military suicides. we look into what's behind the trend in america's armed forces. ah, i good morning, just gone 11 o'clock in moscow. you watching arte international. now the u. k. government says it is bringing in the army to deliver fuel from monday that after a chaotic week, which has seen massive keys at petro stations, across britain, around $200.00 service men, will be on the road with the country's defense means to saying they are still needed to ease pressure on petrol stations, even though the situation is stabilizing, while the crisis began after fuel deliveries were disrupted, due to a shortage of tank drivers. me mileage pressure builds at the palms. anger has spilled over with some members of the public, lashing out a journalist,
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reporting on the fuel crisis. a recent poll does suggest that many people believe the media is responsible for the panic buying with more on who's to blame. his shadier at which dashti the u. k is still in the middle of the pandemic. no, no. the co with one of the petra, $17.00 whole days of backed up cause drive is way 3 hours to fill up and public transport diverted to avoid the gridlock. anyone in a car that's been running on empty will tell you, it's been chaos and many blame the national media for it. a quick search on social networking sites like twitter and facebook show thousands upon thousands of posts, letting news outlets the causing the panic. buying. if there are no shortages, and while you are putting on the 6, b, p, petro stations closing temporarily should have been an old story. maybe the old saying some things are better left unsaid applies here. there was no excuse for any vitriol aim to journalists on this or any other topic,
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but you must acknowledge that the way this has been reported influences the decisions the public make. and you have a responsibility to consider this in your reporting. i'm journalists have even suffered philip calling a b as to, as soon as people recognize that i'm a reporter in the shop. you know, when those you've course, this is even bit of point my concerns. i go to place anyone that's reading the news is not read it carefully enough. if they've read the headline, the, sorry, with the text within the story properly. because it wasn't sure that there was no reason why journalists across the country have done. they've reported on the situation after the headlines, which accuse a little way down the road blocking roads. we would look really silly if we just ignored it. he's not to learn the last week. i was also told by a driver to get a proper job and stop lying to the public. the report to simply point out, it's neither the media know the public spoke. this simply isn't enough, laurie drive is to get the fuel to the petrol station. the news is the media
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with the media is that it won't be what see what is happening. they don't say we're gonna pay, it's not going get paid for all. i think it's probably mostly will just logical reactions. her love hardly being worried about petro by the hispanic violence people going when they need the immediate, always manipulate in muscle car huffman bar. well, either have a myself, a curse or an early to the this pro and by her those. so with the buses, a, some proteins as well. so far the noise is all related also would ex media government trick play. you k as lawson, astonishing a 100000 laurie drivers, but the government says the situation is now totally under control. the patch of the keys, the government of gaslighting, the nation. some of our members haven't had any fuel deliveries for nearly
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a week. there's been no easing off of the pressure from driver's wanting to fuel whenever they can, wherever they can. trying to calm this down appears to be a monumental task at the moment. cabinet ministers, warm though top level intervention will be required if the situation gets even worse. we're still seeing strong demand and parts of the country are around fuel. the distribution mechanism is trying to respond to this unprecedented demand. i think if thing started to deteriorate, further, obviously the prime minister and the secretary of state for energy, whose responsibility this is, will have to review the situation in is the sense that the government says it's localized in the army to help with the supplies. and even looking to dish out temporary visas to get laurie drivers on the road. charge. edwards, ashley, archie, london. what is the u. k. struggles to solve its fuel crisis. mainland europe is also facing an energy headink of its own with winter just around the corner. record
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gas prices continue to sweep the continent on possible way as of that they would be rushes newly completed nord string t gas pipeline. however, germany still yet to grant it all the necessary paperwork is, and sir tom the chosen now explains. winter is coming grim reality for the either he is unprepared. the german government has even released educational leaflets and videos, showing people how to cope this here. i rash is vast nor steam to gas. pipeline to europe could have filled the energy void, but slow moving e u bureaucrats nips that hope and above the certification of the pipeline. as far as i know will be so light,
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it will probably not be able to help was out this winter, nor to stream to delays were hardly an issue as recently as august when gas and germany cost to relatively cheap $515.00 per 1000 cubic meters, but 10 barely more than a month. prices have more than doubled past the $1200.00 mark and wild brussels accuses gas from of manipulating prices at a time of urge in neat. they had of german green party went even further. and alina burbock, accused moscow of black mailing europe by limit tanks, gas supplies. despite international energy agency calls to pump more buds, the ration energy firm notes, it's meeting all contractual obligations in their entirety. and ration gas may become even more in demand as europeans dont want production in their own backyard . here is that a nick, just north of berlin. a company looking to tap it's natural gas reserves, but not of locals get their way. gas production just doesn't fit into the regional
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concepts, it doesn't fit the time. it doesn't fit the climate crisis. many anti fossil activists demand more renewables, but even with europe, extremely generous. green subsidies, they're still just 15 percent off the energy mix, not to mentor renewables, notorious unreliability. when to when stop slowing or the sun doesn't shine. so green power appears to look good in theory them, but in reality, at the moment it's been forced to suspend the use of 19 wind turbines, over safety phase, and after one here collapse in a forest in west, in germany, just hours before it was supposed to be officially launched this week. the 240 me to talk structure with it's huge. rotor blades abruptly fell over officials and they're trying to work out what happened or back when he was prime minister, the russian president vladimir putin did joke about the difficult choices that germany faces when it comes to fuel with. so the german
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community doesn't like nuclear power. my don't want to make any comments here, but i don't understand what you're going to use for heating. you don't develop your nuclear power. what are you going to use firewood? what of you'd have to get it from siberia to open. seem to get a laugh from the german media back then, but it has become an issue that is far from funny. i with this in mind, a former austrian foreign minister talked to us about energy politics. energy politics has also to do with securing supply with affordable prices, with bringing allergy to the customer. and here we have seen mismanagement that we have been focusing only on moving out of forsythe, not anymore, but allowing companies tool to invest and foster let, but it's
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a completely whole made dilemma. it's definitely not that the russians are not delivering dell, that russian energy companies, such a gust from our fulfilling contracts. but the issue is manifold. and so the situation that we are in is one of our chief transition. and in an energy transition, you cannot simply move out of anything without moving into something. and this has been the case in germany. mass suicide among us troops is on the rise. according to a new pentagon report, they are up 15 percent from last year with the usa creve defense. now calling the situation troubling and paramount challenge for his department. last fall, me only a she to facing america's armed forces over the past 2 months. offices of publicly spoken out against the military's top brass over a range of issues with the most notorious claims coming from marines. jewish sheller,
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he called for leaders to be held accountable for the fraud withdrawal from afghanistan, but is now awaiting trial for speaking out. caleb martin looked into why the u. s. army has been thrown into such disorder. the case of lieutenant colonel stuart sheller certainly raises a lot of questions as criticism of the military certainly happens a lot these days for officers came forward publicly recently condemning the u. s. military over a whole host of issues including vaccine mandates as well as alleged marxist indoctrination. apparently they've lost faith in the u. s. military and instead of obeying they are revolting. all i'm doing is asking open strategic question. this is about principal, i can say this about the freedom of the american people, and i swore an oath to, to protect that freedom. why would you want to serve you play your life on the line, potentially to defend that one of them was even promoting coven 19 dis, information and vaccine conspiracy theories. now that's wrong, but the fact is,
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the number of military personnel who gone public against the policies is alarming. there has also been a spike in suicide 3 and just 2 days. now, one of those soldiers had recently returned from afghanistan. however, the army says they don't believe his death was related to deployment. in 2020, there was a 15 percent increase in the number of suicides by u. s. military personnel, 580 members of the us armed forces took their own lives. suicides among civilians actually decreased by 5 percent suicide rates among our service members and military families are still too high and the trends are not going in the right direction. as i have said, mental health is health, period, top military brass are now expressing concerns over the mental health of soldiers. but the conversation they do not want to have it seems, is about how miss leadership may have contributed only after pressure from lawmakers. can they finally admit strategic failures outcomes in a war like this?
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an outcome that is a strategic failure. the enemy is in charge and couple, there's no way else to describe that. that outcome is the cumulative effect of 20 strategically strategically the wars loss. so as i public criticism of commanding officers demoralization, all of this is not the sign of a healthy, effective fighting force fail. marvin r d, new york, or washington is not the only country at the moment suffering from the fall at after the rapid withdrawal from afghanistan. because the british government has faced plenty of criticism to for failing to evacuate afghans who were working for the u. k. army, one of them, a 28 year old british trained sniper was killed by the taliban just a day after he sent his friend and a former afghan interpreter vis play the help. rush, brother, and one of the triple threes. i'm sure you remember me. hope you're doing well in
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your family's fine. i have already sent you my documents. let me know if you need anything else. make sure i'm on the list. thank you. all the murdered soldier had a wife and 3 children. he had been in hiding had a relative's house, but was caught by the taliban fighters when he went to a nearby store. he was short, 4 times for my afghan translator, raffi hot act, the man he addressed his play to told us he was included on an evacuation list, but it was too little, too late. i did include his name and that list which i was preparing. ah, which i've submitted to the u. k. government, i, i saw the dirt, he is one of those who should be evacuated. and by the way, this evacuation was conducted on, it was a very poorly and am and not managed properly. and as a result of that poor management, in many of these triple trees,
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interpreters and other partners, were turned down and told that you cannot be evacuated because you, you, you, application hasn't been processed properly or we do not have capacity at the moment . or are we cannot take your hand because of the, the, the crowd at the gate. so many other reasons which was given to them and that they were left behind. i'm not included in, and those are evacuation flights become a while the u. k. withdrawal from afghanistan was completed by august 31st, but more than 250 afghan interpreters and staff remained abandoned in the country. and i made impassioned. please to to be. i lifted g to face at the taliban. ne, kill them. raffi hot ac again says the u. k. government should take responsibility for the chaotic pull. the stopper was killed only because the u. k. government, i could not, i'll reach to reach out to him. i could not evacuate him in time. although her he
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put his plea out to the u. k. government, all those who have served alongside the british forces. the interpreters and many others are especially from the special units who served alongside the british forces. they free, let down. i feel that the british government betrayed them. they feel that they have been let down in between. so we feel said we feel angry, the way they have been treated. watching us some food, the sour, every transaction in american makes over $600.00. should be reported by the banks. that's what j biden wants to help. calm down on tax thought use, but he's facing a backlash and claims of big brother tactics. we'll have a look at the details in a couple of minutes. ah,
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join me every 1st day on the alex simon. sure. well, i'll be speaking together for the world of politics. sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. ah. with
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ah, c. o again, you without international now, every transaction and american makes over $600.00 should be reported by the banks. that's what j biden wants to do. to clamp down on tax thought is a money laundering, but it's well below the current threshold of $10000.00 and has provoked plenty of pushback, amid claims of big brother tactics by the authorities. this is one of the most unprecedented examples of invasion of privacy in the history of our country. a government overreach like this has never happened before. are you aware of how
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unnecessary this regulatory burden is? do you distrust the american people so much that you need to know when they bought a couch or a cow? treating the american people like they are subjects at the government is unconscionable. this is big brother government. at its worst. this is one of the most outrageous proposals coming from this administration. and there have been a lot of them over the last 9 months. well, those in favor of the building the site will not seek details on individual transactions. just aggregate employees and ag flows often account new requirements have being suggested as part of congress is 3 and a half trillion dollars. social spending bill and the treasury believe that the proposal will actually generate about $460000000000.00 over a decade. but each american invest at an bank can make then stein believes that
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biden's proposal i will target less privileged people. the proposal is designed to go after people they want to go after it weaponized as an agency to persecute people that they want to persecute. you know, because they can accuse anybody of anything that they want. i mean it's really draconian, it's draconian measure and it's total overreach into people's privacy. this is more of an authoritarian dictatorship than anything else. it's going to be a massive problem for the financial institutions are going to have to hire numerous thousands of people to do this. but you know, none of this is about a disease called cove. it, it's about politics, it's about power. it's about ensuring that there's a plutocracy that takes over america. you have companies like amazon that don't pay any tax whatsoever, and you know what they want to do, go after the mom and pop shops that are i have all closed down because of cov id. and go after the individuals to try to make up the massive amount of spending that
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they have with this crazy $5.00 trillion dollar spending spree, the 5 and a half trillion dollars that they claim is going to be paid for. it's not going to be paid for and it will spark massive hyperinflation. and then use the f. b. i is under fire, off to a node, it found significant lapses, and had the bureau had followed percentages under the foreign intelligence surveillance act. it sets guidelines for investigations and the issuing of warrant to snoop on american suspected of involvement in crimes. the wide spread noncompliance that we identified in this audit, raises serious questions about the adequacy and execution of the social security administration review process in place at the time of the applications. we reviewed well with over 7000 applications from the f b. i checked almost 200, turned out to be missing important files or have errors and omissions. the report also made recommendations to the national security to security department and the f
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b i, which says it has already started working on them. although it is still much to be done now the way it was launched off for a proven to the f b i z 2019 investigation targeting form a trump campaign official cart page more than a dozen major emissions and there is the revealed back then for me u. s. marine corps intelligence officer scott ritter says the f b. i's non compliance to show his disregard for the law. the inspector general's report shows that what the f b i has been doing is not only a violation of procedure, but a violation of the law. and it's something that every american should be deeply concerned about. any organization that is tasked with carrying out activities that touch upon an important constitutional rights and has a duty and obligation to ensure that what they do conforms
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with not only the intent but the letter of the law, the f b i is. it calls itself the premier law enforcement agency in the united states. if any agency should you know, comply with its own regulations, its own procedures. it should be the f, b i. and any failure to do so must be because he believes as an organization that is above the law. now the nefarious influence of the russian media. he is in the spotlight once again because the germans state broadcast, at deutsch a valid has claimed that serbs consider russia to be a friendly country, only because of strong needy oppression. it alleges there is a substantial gap between the countries actual relations and the way they are depicted by the russian press. the answer lies in the influence wielded by russian state media on the serbian press landscape and beyond it on public opinion. not
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only in serbia, but in the entire western balkans region, in particular, the serbian edition of the kremlin funded news portal and radio station. sputnik depicts, an image of world affairs that has little to do with reality. so is it propaganda then away asked us serves what they thought of the article. no, no, no. the foundation of our good relations is our brotherhood and the fact that we are practically the same nation that is stupid and nonsensical to talk about any kind of marketing or propaganda. those russian said the a had good relations. they pack good relations and maintain them. $20000.00. i don't think that's the fact. i think the key issue is political orientation of our government towards russia. our political ideas are closer to russia than to others . but that's not true. i am for russia and for russian people. i love russian people and they love us. i think deutsch avella is behaving like western propaganda . i think they have their own agenda that they're pushing in the balkans. they are propagating german foreign policy in the balkans. they are not trying to be
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truthful. they're not looking at historical facts, they're not putting anything context. there. it just blaming our teens putting for everything. it's the blame russia approach as we've seen so many times in the past . so we hear in serbia very well know that western media outlets regularly behave like propaganda. and the reason why our teens putting are very popular here is that we can see that what they are reporting is the truth and they give now turn and a viewpoint on events that are happening, not only here but around the world. so that is where this trust is based on the are threatened by anybody imposing a different or propagating a different narrative from the ones they're propagating. and this is why i think they're very much upset with r t. a split thing being very popular, not just in serbia, i have to say it very popular in macedonia, in north macedonia, in bosnia, herzegovina, montenegro. so all of these countries, i want to hear a different narrative and this frightens germany which that has a very tight economic group on, on the balkans, roach, not
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a thanks to company this morning. we'll be back with most stories. and the headlines here in about 30 thought minutes ah ah, if you would expect to be of random, it could be in the image of a c. i'm sorry, this is a wrong expectation. you will have to see a entities. you can't impose the democratic system of, i'm sorry, the wall and the political order. with
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awe unit 731, did everything from exploding bombs laced with anthrax next to prisoners who were tied to steaks in a feel. we have evidence that they gave disease infected chocolates to children. i plead guilty to having exercised a direct guidance of preparations for conducting biological warfare, chiefly against the soviet union. biological bombs were to be dropped on vladivostok, but a shill of abolished jetta and blood go. visions tribunal transcript generally
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amount auto commander in chief japanese quantum army, ceramic bombs containing typhoid cholera and anthrax. well also cheryl, issy's brain child. you may go on level russia noon. i think to do it more my get it you candidate up. how did serial not donia? so i wish i could build a pitch hooked. aah! bombs packed with deadly bacteria. were meant to be dropped on soviet cities. o june 24th 1945 victorious soldiers marched across red square. with many of those present
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with martial vassilyevski as their leader would be re deployed to the far east immediately after the victory parade. ah you fornia the meal of one of those in your service, cassius? yes, near cheerfulness. you gotta stay to a young man yourself. can gather your poignant preceding years, but gagging your money issue. so up young may i use super litski is a medical call, colonel and military historian who researches the history development and use of chemical and biological weapons. he's also studied the checkered history of japanese russian relations in dearborn universe. i usually can give money and we were to say, years ago, sasha, vedic of a thing in with only will se is
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a question. yelton's given a solution. it's a restriction away and i have questions. silicon jews ah, on august the 6th and 9th 1945 american pilots dropped atomic bombs on the civilian populations of hiroshima and nagasaki. sheesh. and on august, the 9th soviet troops launched a massive offensive against the 1500000 strong quantum army. the manchurian operation has no match in military history. the red army defeated the cons on the army in just 10 days.


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