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ah, a gas prices in europe hit a new record with the german government warning people to prepare for a close to freezing month. meanwhile, the countries energy regulator is yet to grant an operating license to the now fully completed nordstrom to gas pipeline. the white house, the declassified report revealing it's suspected for years that the mystery found that supposedly attacking us government staff abroad were not unknown russian weapons, but chirping. cricket and poland accuses you of blackmail for threatening to withhold cache from regions that don't recognize l g b t, right? we get some rational, damp authorities have the right to not from last out to be t. everyone has
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described be would be in the union, should find another way. i believe that the european union should not interfere with what's happening in poland at all. ah, are broadcasting a lot of direct, more studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now with winter just around the corner in europe, record gas prices continue to sweep the continent, but germany is still yet to grant certification to north stream to the gas pipeline is technically completed, but still needs permission to operate from the german energy regulator. here's our t's pacheco. remember the times when bitcoin prices were setting one record after another and every one was going wow, when is this going to stop? well, this is a very rough comparison, but this is pretty much,
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very similar to what's been happening to the prices for natural gas in europe. at this point, when it comes to the gas futures in europe, 1000 cubic meters of natural gas is currently worth around $1200.00. and this is a historic record. but unless you are a crypto enthusiast, the price of bait coin really for now isn't something that is affecting the everyday lives of everyone. but for now, european households are inevitably dependent on the price of natural gas and how difficult the situation is at this point for european consumers is reflected in this ad, which is being played in germany at this point. have a look. i
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while european gas in power supply and demand hangs in the balance, the major participants in the market are looking to rushes nord stream to project as a sign of hope. the project is intended for direct natural gas deliveries from russia to the german northern coast. and it could double the flow of russian natural gas to europe. however, it has not been certified yet, even though it's technically complete, that process has begun at the beginning of september, but it could take up months or even more than that. first, it's the german energy regulator that needs to give the project the green light and then a draft is passed on to the european commission. and we've already heard from one of the major players on the market that because of this bureaucracy, it could be that north stream to may not help european consumers this season. the
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certification of the pipeline, as far as i know will be so light, it will probably not be able to help was out this winter. now all what it comes to gas from the russian energy giant has been increasing exports. and we can name loads of the european countries from romania to greece, finland, italy at the exports are growing even though previous the, it was gas from that was being accused of this surgeon gas prices. but the, the russian companies saying, just give us the certification, give us the infrastructure, and we are ready to send extra deliveries of natural gas to europe. so it could be up to the bureaucracy and it looks like the ball is a now the european bureaucrats court. so to say gas from is waiting for this certification of nord stream to brussels accuses gas prom of manipulating supplies
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and prices at a time of urgent need. but the russian energy firm insists it is meeting all of its contractual obligations in their entirety. a former austrian foreign minister told us that you states only have themselves to blame e, you customer must only compet our customers among many of us, we are competing with china with india is doing it for. so sometimes they pay simply higher prices. it's lack of planning, it's mismanagement, i would say energy politics has also to do with securing supply with affordable prices with bringing anna to, to the customer. and here we have seen mismanagement that we have been focusing only on moving out of forsythe, not anymore allowing companies tool to invest and foster let, but it's a completely whole major dilemma. it's definitely not that the russians are not
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delivering dell, that russian energy companies, such a gust from fulfilling that contracts. but the issue is many fault and the situation that we are in is one of an, a cheap transmission. and in an energy transition, you cannot seem to move out of anything without moving into something. and this has been the case in germany. meanwhile, as germany tries to ramp up its use of renewable energy, one of the world's largest manufacturers of wind power plants has suspended operations of 19 turbines in the country. that's after a 2000000 euro turbine, by hamburg based nordics collapsed in a forest in western germany. just hours before it was supposed to be officially launched this week. luckily no one was injured when the 240 meter tall structure, including its massive rotor blades, abruptly toppled over. officials are now trying to determine how it happened.
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furious firefighters are in the latest sector of the french population, refusing to bow to the mandatory covered vaccine laws. almost $200.00 in the south of the country have been suspended without pay and told they can only return to work once they have been jabbed. ortiz, charlotte davinsky reports. now getting a sense of what the resistance is here from key work is across france to the idea of not just the obligatory vaccination, but then showing that you've been vaccinated by the use of this health past. this is a health pass which you show not only for some places of work, but also for cafes, restaurants, bars, cinemas, cultural places to show that you've either had to vaccination shots a if it's pfizer or astrazeneca, or the one if it's the johnson and johnson, all that you've had a recent test that shows that you, coven negative. but for these key workers, there have to show that they are w vaccinated to be able to continue to work. however, in the southeast of france,
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in region, just above the city of niece, almost 200 firefighters, have since been suspended because their refusal outright to comply with this new regime. they have said, we're not showing you whether or not we've been vaccinated to. we don't know if they've even been vaccinated. this is more for them about the idea that they are refusing to give over that information to their employees. and as a result, they've been suspended, likely, according to the new regulations without pay as well. at now, just to give you a sense of how many individuals that is at this is about 13 percent of all of the firefighters in this particular region. so you can imagine that that is likely to have a pretty big impact. it's not the 1st time that firefighters have shown resistance to this idea of the health path. we know that some unions even took a case to the european court of human rights in august. they may have failed, but the union says it's going to continue to fight for the cause. the aim is not at
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all to increase the number of strikers or protesters, but to protect staff who do not wish to be vaccinated and who are waiting for a solution. it's not just firefighters, either. this is something that is impacting other key workers, such as health workers here wrong. we understand that there are around 20000 medical staff. this could be doctors and nurses care staff caregivers who have been suspended since this obligation to show that you vaccinated car came into force on september 15th. however, while there are 2700000 workers in the health sector here, franklin, you might think, oh, well, you know, 20000 isn't not. many unions have told us every member of staff that is lost. every member of staff that is not working. that has a wider impact, an impact on the services that they're able to offer, as well as other staff who continue to work. and we've heard that while originate
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is health pastors only supposed to be in place until about november 15th, the government is already muted. the suggestion that it could be looking at legislating to make that health pass obligatory up until the summer of 2022. she can imagine if people have been angry up until this point, this is likely to only solidify that and get even more if that goes ahead to the south caucuses and another turbulent twist for the small nation of george's larger than life. former president mikhail suck. actually. he was arrested on friday hours after returning to the country from exile. apparently for the 1st time in 8 years, the georgia prime minister had vowed to arrest him if he returned marti's don quarter explains why soccer shirley's back and why the authorities want him while he is facing some hefty prison time, that's for sure. and now the prosecutor's office is saying that they're investigating him for the additional offense of illegally crossing the border into
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the country. now we have to remember that the former george and president has, has been living in ukraine since 2013. that was after his 9 years of power back in georgia, a key of gave him citizenship. he was even the governor of odessa for, for a quite a while there. but during his time in ukraine, he was actually accused of several crimes back in georgia, 2 of which he was a convicted of in absentia. now those crimes are the killing of the head of the united georgian banks, foreign department, and the killing of a government deputy, which together have earned him 9 years in prison. and we also heard from the prosecutor's office that this sentence is not up for appeal. now the controversy surrounding suckers really actually doesn't and there it was his administration that was power in power when war broke out in the region back in 2008 soccer really tried to accuse russia of instigating this war. but actually, the international community has really has recognized that the responsibility
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actually lies with him. in the missions view, it was julia which triggered off the wall when it's attacked. syn valley in south city with heavy artillery on the nights of the 7th, to the 8th of august, 2008. now why would suck us really return to a country in which she's a wanted man? well, he actually announced his plans earlier in the week on facebook, claiming he was he would return and quote, so take part in saving georgia. now interestingly enough, this coincides with local elections that are going on there in which his former party is challenging the current ruling administration. but as of now we've heard from his lawyer, he says that he cannot get in touch with suckers. really, the georgian ambassador to ukraine has been summoned for more information on to what's going on. so the events co surrounding the store are really developing quickly and will be on top of it as they develop former georgia regional lawmaker and caucasus political expert. so tony, by korea things soccer field has
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a particular goal in mind, bolstered by strong support. the man who cost so much pain for hundreds of thousands of georgians thought if he was invincible. a man, no too great displaying so much covered this while he was around the country couldn't, may be kind of this is. so he's go was to create another, another chaos in the country. that's how he survived. the government of georgia has no choice to keep him in prison. according to the law. some individuals who would love to see their old friend already condemned as a criminal minded georgian courts. actually, i think that was the, the major hope he had while taking this record decision
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with archie international on the way the mysterious buzzing syndrome that left american diplomats and embassy staff sick covered russian weapons were blamed. but a declassified us report suggests a much more natural explanation as archie reports after 4 break stay with frances mc. chrome recently said quote, the europeans must stop being naive when we are under pressure from powers which at times harden their stance. we need to react and show we have the power and capacity to defend ourselves, vold words. but does europe have the political will to actually defend itself? ah,
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with oh, well, come back. this is our to international of usaa state department has declassified a 2018 document indicating that an american noises supposedly plaguing us, buys and diplomats abroad were actually just local insects. but that admission
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didn't stop us establishment and media from spinning it into a frenzy that the sounds actually came from a mystical russian weaponry. kevin owen got the details for montes constantine roscoe. while, according to recently emerged a document. this whole story might be just a big conspiracy theory and it, what's really interesting here is that, ah caricature chirping might have been falsely taken out for the sound of this science fiction weapon on this whole mishap actually triggered the whole thing. we believe the recorded sounds are mechanical or biological in origin, rather than electronic. the most likely source is the end is short tailed cricket. the recorded odo signal is with high confidence, not produced by the nonlinear detection of high pow radio frequency or ultrasound pulses. while it all started back in 2016, a with 21 usaa service members in cuba when they experienced this medical symptoms including ah, had ache, dizziness of fatigue on nausea, anxiety,
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cognitive difficulties in memory laws. and then, similar cases were reported in china in 2018 and then in some other countries. while there have been speculations in the american media, and they often were backed by their cia sources, dads out the russians or the chinese have come up with this cotton edge. never seen before. weapon that targets us service members around the globe, causing this, ah, vicious injuries rushes behind sonic attacks that lead to brain injuries of u. s embassy personnel communications intercepts that suggests that the russian intelligence agency is involved with now russia is the leading suspect nbc news has learned according to 3 u. s. officials, the main suspect of the intelligence agencies. russia did it. well, one of the things that sparked this exact suspicion was this in a weird noise. heard and that recorded by you as diplomats in cuba before they felt ill. while now,
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it turns out that this could have been just rowdy insects and not necessarily the super weapons. ah, what's also interesting is that it's not actually the 1st time this has been noticed. in 20192 american researchers ran a similar analysis. and they looked into the same recording concluded that this were crickets, not something allison. some reason their findings were brushed aside in this conspiracy theory took on a life of its own, some of the mystery. so the think it's crickets, whether drove the people crackers at the end of the day, but you don't know as to speed saying that these people to say they went through some some pretty em, the evy symptoms did have that blue still not really sure why then sure, so the symptoms are for real and in the same report that di shoots down this a microwave weapon theory actually confirms that audio as personnel may have been suffering from some mass mental disorders. a possible explanation for the report to symptoms is psychogenic illness. jason,
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believe such psychogenic effects may serve to explain important components of their port at symptoms and mid september, the cuban, a group of cuban a researcher is also announced. stats are the claims of secret sonic weapons were not scientifically acceptable, and they attributed this symptoms to you, ah, what they called a mass psychosis on the part of usaa service members. now, whatever caused this mysterious illness, it apparently has become a big thing, an issue for the american diplomat serving abroad because we know that there have been around 200 incidents of havana syndrome, stiff date. and just last week, us lawmakers passed the how think american victims afflicted by neurological attacks act. havana act, which actually is given the cia are millions of dollars to compensate. the personnel affected a new fisher in the major volcanic eruption in the canary islands is raising further fears for residence on la paloma lava flows are advancing towards the islands biggest town having forced the evacuation of villages
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in their path for 2 weeks. now, there are also warnings that the toxic gas crated when lava hits sea water could spread to continental europe. a 1000 buildings have been damaged on the spanish territory. with more than 6000 people fleeing their homes, the island has been declared a disastrous of russia's 1st royal wedding in more than a century has taken place at a lavish ceremony in saint petersburg, grand duke george mikhail, which romanov, a descendant of the russian imperial family, tied the knot with his italian fiance, he's the grandson of the last emperor's 1st cousin who fled the country and declared himself ruler and exile after the 1917 revolution ended the monarchy with all of the low down on the right, royal event here is archie's ego stuff. well, it is certainly a fest for russia in many, many years in over a century. of course. that's because the groom, the jew care,
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he is coming from the he's a descendant of the russian royal blood line, but that's not the only thing. monarchy about this wedding, it is also the number of guests hundreds of people have decided to well attend the ceremony. some figures very, very colorful, which is already quite royal in scale and lavish, but also many european aristocrats jukes and even the last king of bulgaria decided, well to come and wish the new to with some luck. and if i may say, so the crowning jewel of this wedding as well is the venue, of course, it's the st. i z ax cathedral i well as an historic church, one of the most beautiful in all of russia. and well, quite very well associated with the russian royal blood line. so yeah, it is a site truly to be hold. but well, this as all things royal, i guess this wedding was not without its controversies because the main question is
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to is as to how much claim on the throne the groom really has here. because his, his relationship with saw nicholas, the 2nd russia's last czar who, along with all of his family, including his children, was well put to death by a firing squad on the orders of while the communist revolutionaries back all the way back in 1918. so this duke, the groom, here he is the great grandson of the cousin of nicholas, the 2nd rushes lost. zach and that cousin will he kind of abdicated and he even pledged allegiance to the revolutionary authorities back in 1917, only to change his mind later in exile in europe. but whatever controversies is the rest about this wedding, well there still, it will let the experts to decide as to what to do with them. and we will wish the newly weds the best of luck. of course. poland, justice minister says that the country is being blackmailed by the you by
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threatening to withdraw funds in regions that fail to recognize the l g. b t writes for districts have already backed down and revoked policies that discriminate against the gay community a last month. the european commission told the regions that it would withhold more than 120000000 euros if the declarations remained in force. and during the summer, brussels initiated legal action against poland for alleged violations of l g b t writes, but not everyone's happy with the you intervention. but personally, i work with, i believe that the european union should not interfere with what's happening in poland at all. they should not act like that, especially if the city deserves that money and should be given at handled ease. and sanctions of this type should not be imposed on. i think the european union is right. how government is very homophobic. i agree with europe. the city authorities had the right to not to promote algebra t everyone has this prize. nubian union should find another way it look like that.
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i'm not a sign of pro l g b t zones. that on the other hand, every one has a right to their own life. in under part of the european union, it is very unfair. such things should not be combined. here is the man and here's the money. they're completely separate matters. i think nothing should be done by force. if there is no such need in poland, you do not have to force anything local governors justified there. you turn saying that they are not ready to be accountable for the financial loss. when expert we heard from told us that such an approach by the you to maintain unity in the block as a path to dictatorship. every local power should act according to the wheel. and i have a lot of a degree of power, especially in this case, especially in this case. so, you know, i'm not entering into the subject matter, not talking about about the lesbian gauge on gender and song. i'm talking about the general view, the general principle that should be, ah,
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well respected by the european union are less the european union wants to become with self assault all or talk, receipt or dictatorship. i think is a very democratic choice. i think that the former communist count is like paul on the local municipalities, locum province's so local powers. they have power raf according to the constitution to act are called into they will, i think is something which is completely legitimated and should be understood and should be allowed also the santo, are there, does it for me this hour? i will be back in about 34 minutes with another full official good news. this is our international ah, feathers, financial survival guide. i don't fight. hey, i buy my teachers. that's not a friday. that's the last time i buy it from
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a teacher. so franco watch kaiser reporting imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job and then it was my family. dealing with my siblings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing, passing time, the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees. it's this very idealized image of this. older america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modem. history of the usa by america r t a
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with hello and welcome to cross spots where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle, frances mc chrome recently said quote, the europeans must stop being naive when we are under pressure from powers, which at times harden their spans, we need to react and show we have the power and capacity to defend ourselves. bold words, but does europe have the political will to actually defend itself? ah, cross stock in european security, i'm joined by my guest donald's eye soon in london. he is a meritus professor of compared to europe in history at queen mary university of
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london. also in london. we have damian wilson. he is a former european parliament communications adviser and in oslo across the gland deason. he is a professor at the university of southeastern norway as well as author of the new book, europe as the western peninsula of greater eurasia. right gentlemen, cross off rules and effect, that means he can jump in any time he want. and i always appreciate damien, let me go to you 1st in london, reflect upon the words of they were french president and we have to say, europeans have to stop being naive. now we've heard this argument about european defense before over and over again. is it bring, is it, does it have more meaning now in life of recent events, or is it just bluster and europe will discontinue down the path that it's been on for the last few decades? go ahead in london. well, peter, i think that term that europe has long had never taught for having its own military force. one of the, the key stomach books to that ever being realized in the past was obviously the,
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the presence of great britain, which, which never liked the idea. it's interesting now that now that they're out of the picture that that micron has now assume the role of fuss spokesman in chief for europe. i was angela merkel. clearly out of the picture. i'm pretty much a lame duck nowadays. the fox is really seeing an adoption, an opportunity hate to seize the initiative on leading on, leading your and changing that into into something that it would lock ah, other time. but before this, you have to do that in partnership with germany, but that's no longer the case. i mean, we don't know how, how long it's gonna take chevy. 2 to 4. when you government on without the backing of all the german chancellor should have on the line of the european commissioner is is pretty much palace. and he, we have maxim stepping, he's and premature on on what he would like to see. to say dumb it's, it's an interesting, an interesting time. not forgetting, of course, that he also has his own presidential elections coming up in april next year. i
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need to be seen as a, a big bold statesman out there leading from the front. and i think this is probably a little bit of mixture of basha, hymnals such as testing the water, the see what water temperature is there in the rest of europe for, for his audition. okay, donald, the same question to you. i mean, i think there is a clear need, i mean, you know, there's this whole mantra about the washington pivoting to asia and we're investing its resources and time there. i and at building a new coalition to back, it's our policies visa be china. ah. so, i mean, wouldn't it be an opportune right now for the europeans to think about their own pivot and have a more of an independent form and security policy it go ahead donald in london, but he's south of course. so having an independent foreign policy, it's to have a foreign policy the 1st, but i agree that you may grant. the european union has not got a common.


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