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new honor. oh, i can send more of semen, good student, i don't a year now and we'll put them out that they give us the fears. grow for us. activists on reported hunger strike. martin got thrilled, serving time for cyber attacks on a hospital, he says severely mistreated, a teenager coming out we hear direct from his wife the last time anyone heard from him is the conventional 3rd. that says gary, actually the other week that told me that it's the worst president in the united states. i. g stands for instagram, but it also stands, for instance, agreed. exploiting kids for profit us lawmakers roast facebook that out to the companies own research shows it's instagram platform harms, children's mental health, but they fail to come up with any legislation. wow,
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i had hit by a wave of anti lockdown rallies, australia, seeds of rise, in cases of alleged police brutality against protest. ah, why they're very good afternoon from russia friday october. the 1st lo from a world news aids q. moscow. my name's kevin over here for the next half hour with our latest news. you heard that and jailed you as activists. martin got shows back in the spotlight today. he's serving time for a cyber attack on a hospital, which he claims had mistreated, a teenage girl. it's a case we've been following closely if you've been watching and now there are concerns today for his own health and treatment behind bars. ah,
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to tell him all his wife done the claims he's currently on a hunger strike on his solitary confinement. and she says she's not heard from him for about a week now. she spoke to call him bray. the last time anyone heard from him is september 23rd. and when he is playing in solitary usually are almost always comes with a hunger strike. and the conditions are still deplorable from a water and drinking water. they corrode metal too hot steam pipes. it's very dangerous. that place is so scary. i spoke to a lawyer the other week that told me that it's the worst president in the united states. and the shield is different than even the ship they use for the rest of the facility. and it's really scary to say that martin's been stripped of his phone and i was showing off the loft conversation. why was that? is it just a temporary punishment? will you warned that communicating with us here at
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r t could violate prison rules. we believe that it's retaliatory and for speaking out against the prison, rape elimination act violations from the unit manager. there's not an iota evidence that he's done anything wrong, nor can they provide me. it doesn't seem to matter though, because they've already thrown him in the shoe. i don't know the extent as a punishment whether that includes more or how much time this is going to take you . i will, as we go to what apparently happens after she gave a recording of a conversation with her husband to us at our t n. a. he talks about alleged corruption in the courts, but it says he still got no regrets. i'm certainly not going to quite a bit unacceptable with
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a we are the present to comment so far they've not go back about it. god, it was jailed in 2018 over his flight for what he believes was right. who i think. oh right now i need you home. my family with she has been totally medically abuse with finally common sense prevails with i just don't know how this really
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hopping cuz it doesn't feel like it's real acute, so good to be home with . and then in further allegations, he says he was sexually abused by a prison official that his complaints were ignored. again, the facility hasn't commented on those claims, but this is what his wife told us. the man in question was the unit manager for the ceo as well. as for gas rail, he has sexually abused in numbers and mates. in marty's case, i,
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he looked at in while he was in a nude investigating as he's done with other people. he stuck his hand and occupied showers. and he's gone into cells and escorted and off camera in it display i guess, says dominance and sexual intimidation kind of rules on the books about korea. and that's the prison, rape elimination act. and how the people that accused others are supposed to be protected and have investigations, and none of that has happened bmw the keep you posted so progress. then another news. facebook's had a safety come on to foreign congress over the effect the company's services have had on young people's mental health. it comes off to leaked into the research suggest is photos sharing platform. instagram harms, children's well being. lawmakers blasted the tech join them for exploiting kids for profit. they said it has weaponized childhood vulnerabilities against
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children themselves. it's chosen growth over children's mental health and well being greed over preventing the suffering of children. this seems to be a recurring theme with this company. do everything and anything to mould the world into your own image. for your own profit without any regard for any harm that is going to be done because your focus is on your pocket book. this book is just like a big tobacco pushing, a product that they know was harmful to the health of young people, pushing it to them early. also facebook to make money. i g stands for instagram, but it also stands for insta, greed. so the accusations against facebook include failure to police extremism and hate speech, as well as poor handling of uses personal data. but despite that,
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there's still no significant measures in place when it comes to regulating the platform content. our callum opens, got more facebook had to postpone the rolling out of their new app directed at children under the age of $1313.00 and younger. because of a wide spread outrage and the barrage of criticism that facebook was facing after the wall street journal revealed that facebook was well aware of the harmful effects caused by instagram. we make body image issues was the one in 3 teen girls, teens blame instagram for increases in rate of anxiety and depression. according to what is being reported among teenagers who are suicidal. 13 percent in britain and 6 percent in the united states actually listed instagram as having a been a factor in their desire to commit suicide. the tech giant a has, you know,
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basically accused of these reports of, quote, cherry picking facts on the eve of today's hearing. they did release 2 of their own internal reports, but many are looking on with disappointment because this is certainly not the 1st time that facebook has been caught suppressing data and channeling information in their own way. the research that we've seen is that using social apps to connect with other people can have positive mental health benefits. many people across the political spectrum in the united states, democrats, republicans, it seems like a consensus in the united states that there should be some better regulation of big tack and social media on that. the harmful effects of social media should be controlled. but despite there being such widespread feeling and they're being ongoing hearings on capitol hill are, there doesn't seem to be a real legislative agenda being rolled out. there don't seem to be a real legislation being put into the works to limit the power of big tack and the
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social media monopolies despite of some colorful hearings. like we just heard. the answer over here is for free voluntary action to shut down facebook and whether that's something like a small business, refusing to advertise on facebook or over a government agency refusing to share information through facebook. the key here isn't to regulate it, because that's gonna end up only favoring facebook, but rather to leave facebook and especially for the government to show an example and to set to remove all government agencies from facebook. so if the government simply steps away from it and that includes also as well, i think rep elect to represent representatives, have a moral responsibility to leave facebook. that decreases its values, utility and lee. that is what it should be, is basically sort of a small ship, a small site, a share, some basic information. a series of anti lockdown rallies in australia, of seeing tempers, fray with allegations of police brutality against protest. as the frustrations
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being fueled by some of the toughest and longest coven restrictions in the world, at least 2 claims of police violence a been made in the last 6 days alone, with some video circulating on line. oh, what i did? well, this footage in from melbourne shows the swift attention of was demonstrator. apparently after he entered a restricted area, they did a separate incident. it's sidney. a mother was allegedly arrested in front of the children from not wearing a mask. it follows a wave of violent anti cope at rallies across the country. ah ah, with
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defending tactics, authorities earlier stressed than some protest as a quote there for a fight and not to protest for freedoms. calling bray talked about it with our guessing whether the police and restrictions had gone too far. peter, i'd imagine the police are trained to anticipate when things like locked down, fatigue, overwhelmed people, and they start to get out to take it towards offices is certainly part of the background of individual offices or downtown county, a little situation. where does this steady development of pressure on the public about a particular angle? very often. and so it may be useful to mind as a country, regardless of that aspect, offices should be acting proportionately occurs. it's a pressure job. we're on grateful. but look what is happening now and i, you can use the brutality. i'm in what i saw in the food charge it was quite disturbing. and that the woman wasn't even, i, you know, doing anything to furnish naive to expect the police to be able to resolve things
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without any use of force. so, and i use of force isn't necessarily groups. obviously, it becomes brutality when it is unnecessary and or excessive. hello. a lot of police time has taken up dealing with anti faxes in their protests and people who are fed up with lockdown, just wanting to say enough is enough. can any of these and evil rallies ever be justified? personally, i think the boxes are precious leisha to reduce the harm of this hard the virus. but i also understand the to many people there are really fed up for is that we need to have some, you know, someone to do to help us not spread the virus, but, and there is another way to do that. and it's not the way that i so there was training policeman to, you know, was doing with that for mother. and i agree that so you know, different scenarios need different tact is if you're going to say the police should stop doing things the way they do them. after years and decades. the organs then are afraid. we want me to be able to come up with a realistic. ready alternative asked for having difference trying to different tom
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says, process posts, i think what would lead to more confusion. we sold them must be it something else that we can do and, and i sure the people might eventually listen more if you treat them in a different way. friday, 1st of october, splendid friday, the 1st of october. why do i say that? we'll get a look at this. we had to the magnificent syn, isaac cathedral in st. petersburg for the 1st russian royal wedding. you hid me, correct. in more than a 100 years, more of the stunning ceremony. a correspondence on the case after this break. ah
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ah. mm live at a time now. where will richie so many inputs on a daily basis that are completely i'm will need to reality. so think about how on social media filters and they basically will present themselves in a very unrealistic way. and so when we come down to fomo, there is any involvement more than that. it's about the sort of envious of something that may not exist is also really tied to the fact that as humans we want to be part of the crowd.
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oh, very good afternoon from russian. and as i said before, the break, if you're watching russia's 1st royal wedding and more than a century just taken place. a lavish ceremony of in saint petersburg grant chic george mc college, romano of a descendant of the russian imperial family. tied that not with his italian fiance, he then is the grand, the son of the last emperor, his 1st cousin who fled the country and declared himself a ruler in exile of the 1917 revolution entered the monica course. though below done on the right roll event. egos, jennifer correspondent. well indeed kevin, i'd say it's the closest that russia has come to staging a royal wedding in well, more than a century. and not only because the room here and who is the grand duke, of course, is a direct descendant of the russian royal family. in fact, well,
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it's not the only monarchy thing about this wedding, and other one is, well the guests. hundreds of people came in attendance which is already quite lavish and royal in its scale. but on top of that, there have been some will quiet colorful figures, i should say. well, also european aristocrats, european dukes, and even the last king of bulgaria were among those who attended this well, truly, truly colorful wedding. now, another crowning jewel, if i may say so of the event is the venue where it was held. the st. isaac, saint isaac, excuse me, cathedral it is a, one of the, one of one of russia's most splendid, most spectacular cathedrals. and it is very much associated with the russian royal family. and while it was, it certainly well as sight to see here. now on top of that, of course, there is as any things royal, really there's a debate going on as to how much claim really this duke,
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the groom has on the throne. if i may say so as to how much rights he has to call himself an air, because he is his relationship with nicholas. the 2nd was russia's last czar who was put to death by a firing squad, along with his family and children by the russian revolutionaries, by soviet revolutionaries, back in 1918. so the groom here he is, his ease, the great grandson of the cousin of this nicholas the 2nd, while the rushes again brush his last tsar. and so his great grandfather, although he well, he abdicated, he renounced all rights to the throne, back in 1917. and, well pledged allegiance even to the revolutionary authorities. as some years later though already in europe, he kinda reinstated himself as a self for claim, the ruler of russia. but of course, well, again, it is all complicated, like all things royal. so will let this to the experts to decide whether or not the
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duke here is really, really has a claim to the throne of rush 8th. that one is a thing still and will just enjoy the absolutely lavish ceremony the attempt at a royal wedding to throw a truly royal party on this, on the russian soil. yeah. whatever the controversies around it, we wish them well splendid. as a said, no, talking about controversies to another one, furious firefighters, or the latest sector of the french population, refusing to bow to new mandatory cove. at vaccine laws, almost $200.00 and the size of the country been suspended without pay until they can only return to work when they have been jabbed. so it was controversial. shall depend ski reports. now getting a sense of what the resistance is here from key work is across france to the idea of not just the obligatory vaccination, but then showing that you've been vaccinated by the use of this health past. this is a health pass which you show not only for some places of work,
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but also for cafes, restaurants, bars, cinemas, cultural places to show that you've either had to vaccination shots a if it's pfizer or astrazeneca, or the one if it's the johnson and johnson, all that you've had a recent test that shows that you cove it negative, but for these key workers there have to show that they are w vaccinated to be able to continue to work. however, in the southeast of france, in region, just above the city of niece, almost 200 firefighters, have since been suspended because their refusal outright to comply with this new regime. they have said, we're not showing you whether or not we've been vaccinated to. we don't know if they've even been vaccinated. this is more for them about the idea that they are refusing to give over that information to their employers. and as a result, they've been suspended, likely, according to the new regulations without pay as well. at now, just to give you a sense of how many individuals that is at this is about 13 percent of all of the
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firefighters in this particular region. so you can imagine that that is likely to have a pretty big impact. it's not the 1st time that fire fighters have shown resistance to this idea of the health path. we know that some unions even took a case to the european court of human rights in august. they may have failed, but the union says it's going to continue to fight for the cause. the aim is not at all to increase the number of strikers or protesters, but to protect staff who do not wish to be vaccinated and who are waiting for a solution. it's not just firefighters, either. this is something that is impacting other key workers such as health workers here grants. we understand that there are around 20000 medical staff. this could be doctors and nurses care staff caregivers who have been suspended since this obligation to show that you vaccinated car came into force on september 15th.
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however, while there are 2700000 workers in the health sector here in france, and you might think, oh, well, you know, 20000 isn't not. many unions have told us every member of staff that is lost. every member of staff that is not working. that has a wider impact, an impact on the services that they're able to offer, as well as on the staff who continue to work. and we've heard that while originate as health pastors only supposed to be in place until about november 15th, the government is already muted. the suggestion that it could be looking at legislating to make that health pass obligatory up until the summer of 2022. she can imagine if people have been angry up until this point, this is likely to only solidify that and get even more if that goes ahead. hollins, justice minister says his country's being blackmailed by the e. u off the block threatened to withdraw funds if some punish regions fail to
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recognize l g b t writes for districts have already back down and, and revoked policies the discriminated against the gay community. early this month, european commission told the regions it would withhold over a $120000000.00 euro. if the declarations remains enforced, it comes to months off the block initiated legal action against the country for alleged violations of l g b t writes. but many are apparently unhappy with this direct intervention like this by the personal network was i believe that the european union should not interfere with what's happening and pulling it off. they should not act like that, especially if the city deserves that money and should be given it handled ease and sanctions of this type should not be imposed on i think the european union is right . government is very homophobic. i agree with europe fully. lou city authorities had the right to not promote algebra t. everyone has this rise in europe in union should find another way of them the voice of i'm not a fan of pro l g b t zones. but on the other hand, every one has
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a right to their own life. in on the part of the european union, it is very unfair. such things should not be combined. here is the man and here's the money. they are completely separate matters. i think nothing should be done by force. if there is no such need in poland, you do not have to force anything. local governors justify the u turns saying they're not ready to be accountable for the financial loss. what expert we heard from told us such an approach or by the you to try to maintain unity in the block is a path the dictatorship. every local power should act according to the wheel. and i have a lawful of a degree of power, especially in this case, especially in this case. so, you know, i'm not entering to the subject of nato, not talking about about lesbian gauge on gender and song. i'm talking about the general view, the general principle that should be a well respected by the european union. alas,
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the european union wants to become with south assault all autocracy, or the dealership, i think is the very democratic choice. i think that in former communist count is like paul on local municipalities, local provinces. so local powers, they have power enough according to the constitution to act according to they will . i think it is something which is completely legitimated and should be understood and should be allowed. also, the santa lab meantime after elections in germany last week and there are reports of multiple violations during voting. then in one instance, ballot papers were delivered to the wrong districts in another paper, the key for hours of various boating stations. the government has since admitted there were several incidents across the country, use it for his army. these incidents have been discovered and they are being discussed intensively in such a major city in germany, in a city where we are. and i think that is exactly where it belongs,
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with more on it and assess caea tomachov. ah, it all started when mock election forecasts for accidentally at 2 days ahead of devote the public broadcast to briefly displayed a ticker was the projected results, human evening quiz program. and today's lab there only hours for, for calling station close, the free voters party leader, also pleated forecast results. the publication of paul's and projections on election day is strictly prohibited, was fines up to $50000.00 euros. but the party had claims. this was an accident. yet, and also with impunity, we will clarify this with the federal returning officer. it was just a mis apple nissan. there was no intention to break any laws to push jordan and some districts voters had to stand in line for hours. some even had to wait. well, after the official closing time of 6 pm to cast a vote,
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the delay was caused by incorrect ballads being distributed to the wrong neighborhoods. the labels on the ballot boxes did not match the content resulting in hundreds of people voting for candidates from other areas. and due to high number of wrong tickets and therefore difficulty counting votes, one of the berlin districts had to publish estimates instead of results. it also took longer to deliver the correct ballots because streets were closed due to the bell in murray. and on the same day, which about 25000 people attended, the marathon should not have taken place on the election day. the most important act to which citizens express political will, must not fall victim to a commercial sports event. if the entire city center has paralyzed traffic, that is an extreme obstruction. bmw balance sheet collection official even admitted that she knew about the labeling issue back in august. but ballots were shipped anyway. so following widespread criticism for
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a serious of organizational and blunders, the cheap election officer has an asked her resignation. this relish goodman, we will have to seriously investigate whether voters were not able to cast their votes. this allegedly happened because they were not provided with a sufficient amount of ballot papers, all the correct ballot papers. an election is only democratic when all voters are able to use their right to vote one. finally, a full investigation and to mismanagement is still being conducted. was its conclusions expected next week after that experts predict legal challenges to the results that may start pouring in? we'll keep across it for you, but that's why things looking for these room so far this friday with me. kevin, i will stay tuned if you can, coming up 30 minutes in the grey. come to the sophie shenadra latest guest or an arty international. ah
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