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ah, it sits on the river that runs on the russia china border and was for many years the far eastern capital. ah, there is no shortage of historical sites here. the officers club is one of them. this is where in december 19, 49 and 12 members of japan's. quinton army stood trial. mm. that was the only time walk criminals have ever been tried for creating a biological weapon and testing it on. mm way to tell you. no one must send another, augment or hook up, learn
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a little more serious than what they should know more. and i've got a letter to read it and a letter to my son and you can tell nobody else but no little dinner on. you did the remorse shown by one member of japan's top secret unit 731. he and his colleagues killed thousands of victims, well developing biological weapons. he's the guy who had been a unit 731 soldier, one young man and killed people. paul johnson, an american director, has studied unit 731 documents at length and knows it's history. well. unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was
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to simply do nothing short than build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever. now. japan had a longstanding interest in biological weapons, emperor here a heater, who had a degree in the rain biology. believe that biological weapons would help to pan conquer the world. as a descendant of the sun goddess a matter aso. he saw it as his calling in the 1930s, the concept of japan's exceptional role in the world permeated the country society . oh, sorted out. so june gets the sunni, how many gandhi eager, sucking yawn all that she's a montana. oh, japanese journalist shoji condo, the author of evidence of unit 731 crimes,
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a book that caused quite a stir. he's one of the few people who tries to give an impartial account of factors that brought japan to war. tiny to even look up to your school for a junket to cook. got it says so to so you wish so than what they glint irish but thick star. so going us get along for a gun. not on that isn't all want on. you saw it fixed on in the early 19 thirties and the japanese military carefully studied a report by microbiologist, sharon, is she biological weapons affect the human body silent, causing a slow but painful death. there is no need to manufacture missiles instead, you can infect clothing, food or water will dispose bacteria from aircraft. they will proliferate, and in fact, humans general easy wasn't just
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a biologist, but also a military man, but the rank of colonel. he was very smart, intelligent, capable person of high status in japan. he was a medical doctor who was also a pilot, and a military commander. he had all of these great talents and skills that sadly, instead of being used for a good purpose, he took his great prodigious skills and took it in the opposite direction to the dark side as a force for evil. ah, japan's general stuff allocated enormous resources to help the biologist establish a secret facility to develop biological weapons. china's manchuria region occupied by japan in 1932 and turned into the puppets state of manchu co, became the testing ground.
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manchuria is very handy because of its location close to the u. s. s. on it also has plenty of test subjects, test subject. you mean people brought to the unit, the test? exactly. those people were meant to die. that's right. from tribunal questions to quiz. she ma kiyoshi, a medical service major general. ah, in 1938, several secret facilities were established in the hills of materia unit. 100 in san john worked on lifestyle contamination. unit 516 in its he come manufactured chemical weapons. and unit 731 near hobbin, developed biological weapons, and tested them on civilians. in pen, fun village, they burned down around 300 local dwellings to clear space to build unit 731. the facility was self sufficient and inaccessible. that when the batteries
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a prison crematorium stadium, the shinto shrine, an airfield, a dedicated aircraft group, and a bow station. the facilities commanding officer was also the project ideologists. colonel cheryl, you see one to push it. but it's, i guess you shall go awful. komatsu is more than 90 years old and can't sit down for very long don't at the dinner. pe killed when you suddenly would have to rush of korean as i do banish you of death was now in a moral museum here. hello
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. it's one of the saddest museums in the world who says i owe she think with a if we can conquest how to from factor you will my nashua. but if we count on out e soon equal can control, shall they get agony? 20 sure. i think nick and then pasha means he could alisha john, john bates, you don't with that one yet? we should be too good luck. some got the use of our latin cocoa did. saturday. stella none aside. you with a knee. dick in thy bush did scowl by many to go good din garcia. didn't know what other. mm you kiko. mommy is japanese and lived near unit 731 when she was just 13. mm hm. she often visits china
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now organizing exhibitions and conferences, to expose the crimes perpetrated by unit 731, clear them visits against dickins corner dis, could o at the shop, given the may there meet them as cut it. oh, don't low more did i were yeah. my mom, i got it. but as you are so good. okay, no, any. got them? mm. the camp has a gruesome reputation among the locals. ah ah, exactly what went on behind little since they'll never know. but they are sure that no one ever came out alive. puffy infected a person. would he get treatment? yes. what happened to him next?
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he'd be used for further experiments. until he died? yes. none of the prisoners came out alive. from tribunal questions to medical service. major general, how was she mac yoshi ah, thousands of people became test subjects. they were from various nationalities around 60 percent which i knees around 30 percent russian. and a few koreans and mongolians. they were referred to as my router, which means logs in japanese into ion demoss lender stagger them all by day at all model that the, you know, are you one more more general market that is meant new them all more like i've been there when i got over marcell she miss it was an intern at the unit. like
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other teenagers he was sent there to work and study materials. i had a put a with her mother and all. yep. body b. o. can you go? i thought coward that. oh, boy does little to go at that isn't on what that on this the wow she my a new on it all site is an all on all salmon gates and i don't the year you know a lot on or put them out. the think of us together. well, we say good. so to all most law. oh oh because it's a couple of mothers show, krista said all on it or not, but not quite the la jolla but she knew joy. you did to . no, not people there. even lower than livestock breached shadow issue,
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the audiologist and mastermind behind everything that happened in the death camp to the chinese population of harby were the equivalent of lab rats. these weren't human beings who had rights to life, who had rights to freedom from porter in sickness and disease. these were people who he could carry out tests to further his goals, which was to create the world's greatest biological weapons program in test subjects were injected with cholera. typhoid anthrax, bubonic plague, and syphilis. the progression of their disease was studied carefully. victims were later dissected, well still alive. ah,
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ah, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being that some with direct? what is true? what is great in the world corrupted you need to descend a join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. of course, after 40 years of fed interventionism by simply expanding and pretending and printing a lot of money, they got into this cargo called
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a you call it mentality where simply waving a flag, you know that this actually printing more money is going to make all the problems disappear, meanwhile, politically, what we've seen in america is really remarkable. the, the liberal left and their cohorts in the media. even though that this policy is causing credible to human suffering in america. they effectively marginalize those people as quote, deplorable and really made scapegoats of the victims of j power. and they've often said that this is a victimless crime, money printing and extortion that's practice at the fed. and yet i look at those 90000 debt american last year from opiate overdose. i'd say j pal, you've got blood on your hands because that's a direct result of mal investment, money printing, and rogue economics that you're practicing as a charlatan. ah and looks it out and they used to work with
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with the mayor because i don't want ah cosby, toyota. the shirts under which wire completed from the log new quote is recent you book can listen. can eastland live. chateau lock ah, if you are expressing the of random it could be in the image or with a c. i'm sorry, this is a wrong expectation. you will have to see
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a peculiarity. you've got to impose the democratic system on top of the wall, and the political order ah, was little sheila cooper still took a look so, no cable, no cable like that, my my, this guy, when were you told us, kato did with it. oh no, really needed to know. oh oh, hold on. mm. unit doctor's monitor, the dissections waiting for samples. some needed a brain o heart,
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others deliver. mm hm. that's how to break a deadly super virus capable of destroying a human body. in no time said shiro, you seem so organ on fish there. good, good. it's a good joke. your luggage into a country, it stared long cables from you would assume that the candle see little is or not we're not. no none. dr. luca, i really surreal. hill for his ring the guy can do you know it, don't know if i knew gay on you. kai were still it's hard to know how many were killed by unit 731 alone estimate very, some say 3 to 5000 people. others put to figure out 10000 to
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something. yeah, well then, yeah, number a couple years old. i give them all love, linear ah, most the army, general staff and emperor here a hutto will well aware of the units, goals and methodology. one unit, 731 was established in 1936 by the secret order of emperor. here he thought i saw the order with my own eyes when i served his hand of unit 73 one's general department tribunal transcript,
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major general campbell. she marquee, or she is interrogation. oral coco mean, does she go to say, since all, she's all short in all outdoor hughes. and so she's always stuck on to our course cuz should i know mama, he or she, we shall talk to you a major. okay. like, you know, we did, the haunting oak was all shinji talking to say, so laws near home won't. i know. george will need an oil. we turn our short end on on august. the yona will die shorting or hate i. e bay, or walkerson. 10. no, no clock on lashing you walk us without their kids there a little pause short then no no made it on a general.
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yes, i can go to decrease the nor of sancho suckles in the 3 oles policy which said, kill all learn all loot. ah. mass killings took place all over the japanese occupied territories. in just 6 weeks, more than 300000 people were tortured and killed in none, king japanese soldiers believed that they represented an exceptional nation and had a license to new. anything in local talk on in those or north. dora, i thought was going to connect to her over 20000. i thought that
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means ok sense so to know what all night. so i got out of the world. i admired the english nation when it comes to colonization. it is accomplished to the impossible, said adult hitler with many historians claim that famine was a common event on the british rule in india, and that millions died of starvation. ah, also that in the mid 19th century, british business sold huge quantities of opium in china, making considerable profit from the drug trade. ah it also said that in congo half of the popular and died during belgium's colonization ah mil jerome's have alleged that a chain of gruesome murders took place while france governed the country. what do i do? what does she thought the order of this still curse?
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very good, dora. so nanny, dudgin. i got there scott, if you are sorry, ya, disco? curos theory, most agony, another doyle thing is journey. you must oh, the mother you and i discussed non scott bennett is a leading counter terrorism expert and a former u. s. army analyst, you now investigates, crimes against humanity. ah, the american indians were seen as a scourge as a social pariah that needed to be expunged, expelled and exterminated from much of on the eastern seaboard poisoning blankets with small pox. with this virus that caused the eruption of
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sores and death upon the american indians. blankets were distributed to indians and military installations under the guise of helping them ah walk out of the thousands that unit 731 killed only 8 names have been preserved in history. 6 chinese and 2 russians. a red army, so jackal deemed shanker and maria if an oven with her 4 year old daughter when women and girls became too weak and no longer fit for further experiments, they will put into a special glass walled gas chamber. the doctors took meticulous
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notes. the daughter suffocated after 3 minutes, the mother after 5, so simply abducted from a st. carmen with many russians, lived in because china's eastern railway had been built by russian engineers in 1898. ah. many stay to avoid the revolution and civil war. ah. the cities gendarmerie based at the railway station constantly received a new owners. they wanted men, women, or children of a particular age heightened esna city. when the unit needed new subjects,
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the japanese police snatched entire families from the streets. part of my job was escorting inmates from hobbin to unit 7. 31 they were referred to as logs and used for experiments tribunal transcript sergeant major characters who sat auto john damari special brown chief ah. how about us keeping us as bullets creeping nor the something of a good deal of the stuff is not new. bye form of riley sim. stumble is appalling in the gym. you mean amused. july shamiqua power by the more now will it's more dim concord already? i just got a little skewed all i served shows us bank, but it says something apple should it was live banyan, though mike had said to provide you as a civilian, puts us to some lowest dull poly jacob tore order in which it ling i'm
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a fixture the ocean for durable s t m, a blister registers. ah, women and children played a special role in unit 73102 bodies women were raped. and once they were pregnant, infected with syphilis gonorrhea and other diseases. are they within cut open? so that was such as could extract the fetus to observe any changes of that go, no, i got one underscore kind of wish dinner. i got your horny and all you do. oh gosh, no more for lunch dinner. when i draw nagoya, corckalone will have to do with the future war with the soviet union might have been fought and extremely cold weather. that's why they needed to know how to treat frostbite to find out they drove inmates out into the cold down to
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their limbs. with water and kept them outside until severe frostbite sat in one next frost might dr. you santa yoshi mora, conducted experiments on women and children. he later st. detailed reports illustrated with drawings and photographs. mo, at thus young all hill wants me to get their select. for their mother, she's not going can i got caught the law law her home on the way on the hill home. so that before we thought that a live long they're gonna work with on there. so that a lot of our some victims were literally mummified alive. they were put into an extremely hot room with no water and kept there until they were completely
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designated. the bodies were weighed before and after 78 percent of the human body as water as that experiment proved. leader. so no, no similar castillo, though. they give gazette about the long run of shannon gutter, meaning they're not getting newgate. luna, thunder. although the old sent over at the moment on the scene digital enough. mm hm. some experiments were conducted out of mere curiosity inmates, had various body organs removed, limbs switched, also monkey blood injected all their sensitivity to x rays and electricity tested in a time. now, where we receive so many inputs on
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a daily basis that are completely unrelated to reality. so think about how and social media filters, and they basically will present themselves in a very unrealistic way. and so we come to other fomo, there is any involved more than that. it's about being sort of envious of something that may not exist is also really tied to the fact that as humans, we want to be part of the crowd. lack of universal healthcare makes america the country of every man for himself. we have a retirement crisis in this country and we have a health care crisis for seniors in this country as well. so private business has come up with a special mechanism for that. it's called the live settlement market. we are a life settlement provider, which means that we buy life insurance policies from primarily seniors throughout the united states who are no longer want or can't afford their life insurance
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policies. if you're sick and for the want to live a few more years, you consillio life insurance that way you get more money right away and the company collects your insurance payment off to your death whenever there's a group of people out there, i guess hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation is i give them? when i start crying about him dying, that's usually what it's about as just the sheer unfairness of it. all these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger and survive something on survival. one with the harness, things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation to life. i accepted the accept the fact that i made that work. we had no fears. good dell change pretty fast for shots. different
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stories behind the bullets with a top stories is sila, us activist, jailed for a series of cyber attacks on a hospital to protest. its treatment of a teenager is said to be on hunger strike while being held in solitary confinement . we hear from his wife the last time anyone heard from in september 23rd. that so scary. i spoke to a lawyer the other week that told me that it's the worst president of united states . this book is just like, big to back up. it's chosen growth over children's mental l i. t stands for instagram, but it also stands. but inst agreed and also this our u. s. lawmakers roast facebook after.


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