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oh, sure, my a new other. oh, i can send more. oh shipment, good student, i don't the you your love on all put them out. thank you boss. hope stories this hour you as activists jailed for a series of cyber attacks on a hospital to protest its treatment of a teenager is said to be on hunger strike while being held in solitary confinement . we hear from his wife to i'm coming with her from the in september 23rd. that so scary as of july. the other week been told that it's the worst president of the united states as weaponized childhood vulnerability. i g stands for instagram. it also seems what seems to agree. although this our u. s. lawmakers rose to facebook after leaks internal research. she just the companies instagram platform could hom,
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children's mental health passing made kind of a lack of legislation to regulate social media content. competence, justice minister lashes out at the ritz threat to withdraw funds from the country if it alive, regions declared themselves free from l. g. b t ideology, although some in poland. think think this too much interference from the european union. city authorities have the right to not promote algae between. everyone has this rise. you are being union should find another way. i believe that the european union should not interfere with what's happening in poland at all. hello, good morning. you watching out international just on 8 o'clock a in moscow. now the us hack to face martin got his felt he was jailed for carrying act, a cyber attack on a hospital, which he claims was to expose its questionable treatment of
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a teenage girl is back in the spotlight and it's the case we've been following for a number of years. ah, well martin got his fels wife donna claims. he is currently on hunger strike. and in solitary confinement, she says she's worried about him and has not had any contact with him for a back to week earlier, donna spoke to my colleague colleen brian. the last time anyone heard from him is september 23rd. and when he is put in, in solitary, it usually are almost always comes with a hunger strike. and the conditions are still deplorable from a water in it drinking water. they corrode metal, q hot steam pipes. it's very dangerous that places so scary. i spoke to a lawyer the other week that told me that it's the worst president in the united
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states. and the shield is different than even the shit they use for the rest of the facility. it's. it's really scary to say that martin's been stripped of his phone and i was shortly after your last conversation. why was that? it's just a temporary punishment. will you be warned that communicating with us here at r t could violate prison rules. we believe that it's retaliatory and for speaking out against the prison, rape elimination act, violations, friend the unit manager, there's not an iota of evidence that he's done anything wrong, nor can they provide me. it doesn't seem to matter though, because they've already thrown him in the shoe. i don't know the extent of the punishment whether that includes more or how much time this is going to take her there early this month, go to fels, wife claimed that he was stripped of his phone off to. she gave a recording of a conversation between them to us here at our tea. she'll so shed. a recent letter
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from martin inmates may submit telephone numbers for any person. they choose including numbers for members of the news media. the relevant program statement says nothing about limiting media interviews. no. where does the incident report a ledge? let alone provide a scintilla of evidence that i circumvented the ability of staff to monitor frequency of telephone youth content of the call or the number called federal bureau of prisons knew the contents of the call as it purports to quote its contents in the incident report b o p knew the number called where we are have requested comment from the prison facility about this, where martin got his fail is being held lower and to comment to on his solitary confinement and hunger strike. and we'll let you know when we get a response. now his a recap of how got his failed found himself behind bars. either his fight for what he believed was right now. oh,
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i think oh right now i need it. do you have my family in? she has been totally medically abuse with finally common sense prevail with i just don't know how this really hopping because it doesn't feel like it's real acute, so good to be home with
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. well, in a series of revelations, he also alleged that he was sexually abused by a unit manager in prison and that his complaints were ignored. something we also asked the prison to comment on his wife again, shed some light on these accusations. the man in question was the unit manager for the ceo as well as for death row. he has sexually abused in numbers and mates. in marty's case, i, he looked at in while he was in a nude and jessica aiding, as he's done with other people. he stuck his hand and occupied showers and he's gone into cells and escorted and off camera in it display i guess of dominance and
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sexual intimidation kind of rules on the books about korea and that's the prison, rape elimination act. and how the people that accused others are supposed to be protected and have investigations, and none of that is happening. bmw, not facebook's head of safety has come under fire in congress. i with the effect the company services have on young people's mental health. it comes off to lead internal research from the company suggests it is foti sharing platform, instagram, harm's children's well being. lawmakers blasted the type giant for exploiting kids for profit. it has weaponized childhood vulnerabilities against children themselves, its chosen growth over children's mental health, and well being, greed over preventing the suffering of children. this seems to be
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a recurring theme with this company. do everything and anything to mould the world into your own image. for your own profit, without any regard for any harm that is going to be done because your focus is on your pocket book. facebook is just like a big tobacco pushing, a product that they know is harmful to the health of young people, pushing it to them early. also facebook to make money. i g stands for instagram. well, it also stands for insta, greed. my facebook has already been grilled in congress for failing to police extremism and hate speech as well as it's poor handling of members personal data, yet the still no bill to significantly regulate social media content. meanwhile, the company has claimed it has stopped developing a new platform for kids and mopping. as more facebook had to postpone the rolling
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out of their new app directed at children under the age of $1313.00 and younger. ah, because of a wide spread outrage and the barrage of criticism that facebook was facing after the wall street journal revealed that facebook was well aware of the harmful effects caused by instagram. we make body image issues was the one in 3 teen girls, teens blame instagram for increases in rate of anxiety and depression. according to what is being reported among teenagers who are suicidal. 13 percent in britain and 6 percent in the united states actually listed instagram as having a been a factor in their desire to commit suicide. the tech giant a has, you know, basically accused of these reports of, quote, cherry picking facts on the eve of today's hearing. they did release 2 of their own
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internal reports, but many are looking on with disappointment because this is certainly not the 1st time that facebook has been caught suppressing data and channeling information in their own way. the research that we've seen is that using social apps to connect with other people can have positive mental health benefits. many people across the political spectrum in the united states, democrats, republicans, it seems like a consensus in the united states that there should be some better regulation of big tack and social media on that. the harmful effects of social media should be controlled. but despite there being such widespread feeling and they're being ongoing hearings on capitol hill are, there doesn't seem to be a real legislative agenda being rolled out. other don't seem to be a real legislation being put into the works to limit the power of big tack and the social media monopolies despite of some colorful hearings. like we just heard. the
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answer over here is for free voluntary action to shut down facebook and whether that's something like a small business, refusing to advertise on facebook or over a government agency refusing to share information through facebook. the key here isn't to regulate it, because that's gonna end up only favoring facebook, but rather to leave facebook and especially for the government to show an example and to set to remove all government agencies from facebook. so if the government simply steps away from it, and that includes also as well, i think, rep or elect to represent representatives have a moral responsibility to leave facebook. that decreases its values, utility and lee. that is what it should be, is basically sort of a small ship, a small site to share some basic information. now patterns, justice minister has lashed out at the ye, fritz threat withdrawal funds from the country if it allowed regions declared themselves free from algae b t. ideology. he says it's an attack on the country and local governments, but 3 more published regions have to come to the pressure and revoke the
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declarations that stood against gave rights. when early this month, the european commission tell 5 polish regions that it would withhold. i were a 120000000 euros if the declarations remained in force. it comes 2 months after the block initiated a legal action against the country for leg violations of algae, the scene brights. but many are apparently unhappy with how the ye, his intervene. but a person was only out of his head, i believe that the european union should not interfere with what's happening in poland at all. they should not act like that, especially if the city deserves that money and should be given it. penalties and sanctions of his type should not be imposed horse. and as for l g, b, t people, if they want to live in our country, they shouldn't bother any one too much. they shouldn't make it all their lives so public. they should respect our religion and how we live here, my own. but i'm, the city authorities have the right to not promote algebra t, everyone has this, right? so here they should also have this, right?
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you have been union should find now the way that is done, i think the european union is right. how government is very homophobic. i agree with europe. if i am the father, i'm not a sign of pro l g b t zones. that on the other hand, everyone has a right to their own life. williams are gonna you, in my opinion, today's modern society should tolerate all kinds of so called deviations. if we use this term and l g b, t restrictions are not for to day, it's the 21st century. i on prov, up whenever i myself, do not agree with all the postulates of the l g b t movement. but i also cannot imagine that these people would be locked in a basement in their houses and not show up in public. not we should slowly strive to treat l g. b t couples is normal, is heterosexual. once a local governors have justified them, they've saying that they are not ready to be accountable for the financial loss with the justice mister t. repeating that it is blackmail by the you. when expert we heard from says that such an approach by thee to maintain unity in the block is
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a path to dictatorship. every local power should act according to the wheel. and i have a lot of a degree of power, especially in this case, especially in this case. so, you know, i'm not entering into the subject of nato, not talking about lesbian, gay, transgender, and saw them talking about the general view, the general principles that should be a while respected by the european union. our last, the european union wants to become like the south for assault or talk, receipt or dictatorship. i think is a very democratic choice. i think the informal communist count is like paul, on the local municipalities, local provinces. so local powers, they have power enough according to the constitution to act or called you to they will, i think it is something which is completely legitimated and should be understood
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and should be allowed also to santo watch knocking still adding the south a university in england is being accused of sidelining education to promote white indoctrination. that's author. it required the students to take a white privilege course. we'll hear from a student who's exposed to a similar module last to come to stop the break and join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess on the world politics sport. business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. oh is your media a reflection of reality in
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a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for prim unity. are you going the right way? or are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, welcome back. you with archie now the university of kent in england is facing allegations of thought. placing that as is diversity course, including
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a test on white privilege, has drawn public attention and sparks a backlash from some professors. encouraging people in the academy to narrow 0 filled of reading and narrow students reading seems to me to be simply philistine and irresponsible students her being instructed through this module, that there is a correct way of thinking. i'm going to tell students not to do it well titled as expect respect the for our online course is compulsory, uncovers such issues as racism, bias, sexual harassment and consent. and it also includes a white privilege quiz in which students must select dozens of benefits, presumably enjoyed by white people in the u. k. some example shoes include wearing secondhand clothes and using swear words without being judged. now, in defense of the module, the universe, he said that the course designed to ensure every student is treated with kindness and respect. and it's also part of his commitment to being inclusive. the
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university of kent isn't the only one, either him the u. k. to ro lagged this kind? of course we heard from a student at durham university and the diversity like how it was actually thought about what we called matriculation, which is the welcome into the college. i wasn't expecting this to be a part of the circulation, and i don't think it really should have been a part of it either going into university. i expected that this would be the case because there is a widespread amount of left wing indoctrination happening across all campuses in the u. k. not just my campus and there was no debates afterwards. and i think that was actually what i found the most frustrating about this entire thing is that they're pushing is all on to us and not give us any chance star question or go against the thoughts really simply talk thought and then left. where is supposed to be about creating inclusive environments, but to be honest, i don't think you need to pick people against each other to make him inclusive
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environment at the moment. she think this sort of thing is counter productive to what they're trying to achieve. and that was really no point about it. it was just trying to segment society and make some people feel guilty because of asking, hello ma'am, i'm all the programs france is that facing at the moment. is conspiracy theories that are poisoning the country, the most thoughts, according to the french president. in response, he has set up a commission made up of academics and journalists to fight fake news. charlie davinsky has more. how do you solve the problem? all fake news, conspiracy theories, people who just don't subscribe to the same ideas that the government wants to. well hearing frowns, it's easy. you set up a commission with months before the presidential elections and perhaps a team desire to control the message. that's exactly what a manual mat goal is doing. it's something that he's been passionate about for
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a while. the key problem is the crushing of the hierarchies induced by a society of permanent comment. the feeling that everything is equal, that all works are equal. that someone who is not a specialist, but has an opinion on the virus, is whether it's the voice of a scientist. but that's not how everyone sees it. some are suggesting that this commission will lead to possible censorship and this idea, beggs, another question. where will the investigations start? will the french government be on the list too? because it's record isn't exemplary. here at peachy sal patricia, a hospital was attacked, the staff were assaulted, an officer protecting them, was injured, unwavering support for our law enforcement agencies. they all the pride of the republic, except that also true. in fact, those who entered the hospital were apparently seeking shelter from
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t a gas that was being fired at them by the police, despite christina being hauled in over his mis information, he was later cleared of spreading fake news. jim found the time members of mac coins party tried to suggest the yellow vest move when toys sinister port organized by trump, supporters in the us and planned immediately after mack corns. except that really did turn out to be back in the spirit z theory. there is also the question about the loyalties and perhaps the biases of those who make up the commission. now, one member has previously expressed concern about journalists at our sister station . oh, to france. i have entire hard drives on some of them, the chair of americans and t conspiracy theory panel. when checks the idea that
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he'll now be leading the thought to police. there is no question of censorship, but strengthening the space for common debate. they're increasingly threatened by succession of opinions, but that's exactly now how some view it societies have long flourished. don't open the page where everyone has the right. see that the points? so could this commission end up doing the receipt of what it's trying to do? moving funds away from its tradition of enlightenment designs of a big noted country, given the current means of disseminating information. monolithic propaganda, such as france practice to during the world, warsaw during the quarterly or was, is no longer possible. so french authorities have to find other means, so specially to support next to presidential campaign. this commission is great news because it's most too ridiculous. the press is already starting to call to
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talk her about the contradictions of its members. the fake news that they themselves have spread. a doctor, a member of this commission has even been called the to order by the order of physicians for spreading fake news. you have, in this commission of the founder of a side conspiracy watch who thinks that we can fight against all conspiracy theories without making an this distinction because they are all enemies. french people are too rebellious. i think in my opinion too, to accept the very i do i do of a kind of ministry of truth or to quote, a famous novel. we are all individual. we all have different ideas and beliefs and they're not all necessarily correct. but it's the ability to express them tend to be limited, challenge them that has allowed humans to thrive,
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to expand our capabilities. if we start drawing a line over what thoughts are acceptable and what ones aren't? are we not waiting into very dangerous territory, geology belsky. marty paris now after last sunday's elections in germany, a number of reports are claiming that serious violations occurred. in one instance, thousands of ballot papers would were delivered to the wrong electoral stations and validating the votes the government spokesperson has since admitted the mistake. this, these incidents have been discovered and they are being discussed intensively in such a major city in germany, in a city where we are. and i think that is exactly where it belongs. and it appears to that wasn't the only mistake nature in the voting is anissa, settle much over now expect ah, it all started when mock election forecast for accidentally at 2 days ahead of the
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vote. the public broadcast to briefly displayed a ticker was a project that results during an evening quiz program. and today's lather. only hours for for pollock station close to the free voters party leader. all depleted forecast results. the publication of paul's and projections on election day is strictly prohibited with fines up to $50000.00 euros. but the party had claims. this was an accident. you'll be an adult smith. impunity. we will clarify this with the federal returning officer. it was just a missile niece, there was no intention to break any laws to push dawson and some districts voters had to stand in line for hours. some even had to wait, well after the official closing time of 6 pm to cast a vote. the delay was caused by incorrect ballads being distributed to the wrong neighborhoods. the labels on the ballad boxes did not match the content resulting in hundreds of people voting for candidates from other areas. and due to high
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number of wrong tickets and therefore difficulty counting votes. one of the berlin districts had to publish estimates instead of results. it also took longer to deliver the correct ballots because streets were closed due to the bell in my refund on the same day which about 25000 people attended. the marathon should not have taken place on the election day. the most important act to which citizens express political will, must not fall victim to a commercial sports event. if the entire city center has paralyzed traffic, that is an extreme obstruction. mm. balance sheet collection official even admitted that she knew about the labeling issue back in august, but ballots were shipped anyway. so following widespread criticism for a serious of organizational and blunders, the cheap election officer has an asked her resignation. zisha leash goodman. we will have to seriously investigate whether voters were not able to cast their vote
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. this allegedly happened because they were not provided with a sufficient amount of ballot papers all the correct ballot papers. an election is only democratic when all voters are able to use their right to vote. finally, a full investigation and to mismanagement is still being conducted. was its conclusions expected next week. after that, experts predict legal challenges to the results that may start pouring in georgia, not international this morning, just coming up to half our state here mosque. i gotta be, company will be back again with the headlines are more stories in about half an hour. ah, ah ah ah
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ah, it's hi now where we receive so many inputs on a daily basis that are completely unrelated to reality. so think about how on social media filters and they basically present themselves in a very unrealistic way. and so we come down to fomo, there is any involved, but more than that, it's about being sort of envious or something. it may not exist is also really tied to the fact that as humans, we want to be part of the wow. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what are the chapters
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cold gun violence, school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job and then it was my family didn't was my siblings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing this passing time, the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees at this very idealized image of older america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modern history of the usa, my america, kona t ah, subarus is one of the most beautiful cities in russia's far east.
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ah, it sits on the river that runs along the russia, china buena and was for many years the far eastern capital. ah, there is no shortage of historical sites here. the officer's club is one of them. this is where in december 19, 49 and 12 members of japan's. quinton army stood trial. mm. that was the only time walk criminals have ever been tried for creating a biological weapon and testing it on people. mm well no one.


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