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tv   News  RT  September 30, 2021 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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the me, the it was an extraordinary disaster. we didn't have a president that was so adult. you all would be fired. i don't think anyone can trust anything. this president says about afghanistan, us all like his school, joe biden. bananas top ross over was subbing congress, according washington's humiliating withdrawal from a gun. and we also have a whole us gun campaign. my been even biggest failure than just the pull out itself . also coming up the role of shame that was the graffiti spells out. not how some empowering have come to view the yeah, a suburb in the cities up in arms of the construction of a wall designed in theory to keep drug addicts out,
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but they say it's in humane and in practice somebody makes matters worse. it really feels like a zombie apocalypse. last we have the soul or soul tie . and i'm only going to 2nd again, only gotcha chaos pointing over the u. k. of the fuel shortages. it's pretzel stations across the country where the government know deploying in reserve tank a fleet on the army in an attempt to try to resolve the crisis of poly boy could join the cues in one of those pucks. ah,
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o. my fancies will des, age cues. kevin, in here will welcome to the program this thursday, the 30th of september, just and 6 in the evening. moscow time. so the 2nd day of tough talks in congress is us lawmakers, yet again tried to lash out at joe biden, and his top military command is over the canister withdraw the bud administrations received a heck of a lot of flack over it in recent weeks with some calling the pull at humiliating from washington. here are just some of the accusations that have been filed. the president and his team, the president said, none of his commanders said that he should keep troops in afghanistan was at a false statement by the president. remember, you do not have a duty to cover for the president when he's not telling the truth. i've given you my judgment on it now. we'll think we all know it was a false statement. i have been frustrated by the lack of someone in charge on the biggest national security fiasco in a generation. there has been 0 accountability no responsibility from anybody. we
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poured cash and blood and credibility into a gunny government. that was a mirage. it fell immediately. we were buying into the big line, the big lie that this, that this was ever going to be successful. here's the thing. there's only 3 possibilities here. either the president lied to the american people, or he legitimately cannot remember the counsel of his top military advisors in winding down the longest war in american history. or you have not been fully accurate under oath. we didn't have a president that was so adult. you all would be fired in light of all those like his ations that many are asking whether there's been any real changes, in fact, enough kind of time security situation. if the american troops had remained there, kellum open next, looking deeper into the probe and explaining why washington, the biggest mistake might not be to pull out the whole afghan campaign from start to finish. the testimony before congress was damning. not only was the pull out of
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afghanistan, a fiasco, but the campaign failed to achieve its primary aim. it was an extraordinary disaster. it will go down in history, is one of the greatest failures of american leadership. we have 0 presence in afghanistan. it could be as little as 12 months before our kato will use afghans as a base conduct as a base to conduct air strikes or strikes against the united states, frankly, after this debacle withdrawal. i don't think anyone contrast anything this present says about afghanistan. we need to consider some uncomfortable truths that we did not fully comprehend the depth of corruption and poor leadership in their senior ranks. that we did not grass a damaging effect of frequent and unexplained rotations by president gunny of his commanders. and that we fail to fully grasp that there was only so much for which and for whom many of the afghan forces what's fight. so after an entire war aimed to eliminate a terrorist threat to america,
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that threat could now be worse to real possibility. in the not too distant future, 612182436 months. the time of timeframe for recalls to smoke are isis terrorist organizations seek on govern spaces so that they can train and equip and thrive. and there is clearly a possibility that that can happen here. going forward. afghanistan in effect now has become an entire terrorist state tele bond, even though they may think that they're trying to govern that place itself is split . and already we're seeing isis attacking caliber on. and there's no guarantee them that taliban can ensure that attacks will not be planned and launched from that. but from afghanistan thought there were more revelations in the testimony, apparently behind closed doors. the biden administration was more divided on afghanistan. i think while we, it's conceivable that you could stay there,
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my view is that you would have had to deploy more forces in order to protect ourselves and accomplish any mission that we would have been assign. it appears that the department of defense was not fully on board with pulling out of afghanistan, and they are arguing for maintaining some presence in the country. my view was that we needed to maintain about 2500. and that we also needed to work with our coalition partners. we had about 6000 troops and there nato and other cor countries that would, that would remain there. this flies in the face of the biden administration's claim that pulling out was a unanimous decision. it's unclear what would really change if the united states stayed in the country. it has been 20 years after all, and the security situation in afghanistan has not improved. so maybe the mistake wasn't pulling out in 2021, but rather going in in 2001. now that's a discussion you won't hear on capitol hill, but it's probably taking place in many american mines for officials on capitol hill
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to attribute that solely to the somewhat chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan is completely absurd. if us official had dealt with the crime on september the 11th, that's what they were and found out who was responsible and brought them to justice . you know, they would have been, you know, at this point something that just something that happened 20 years ago that was dealt with. instead, they used september the 11th as a pretext for 20 years of war. what the so called war on terror was steering with feeling terrorism on the resistance in country after country the united states has, has actually increased the risk of terrorism tracking.
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this one next angus mounting in a paris sub over the construction of a war that's been designed with the idea of keeping drug use is all good in theory, maybe for the residents been sort of solving the problem. local sets actually made matters worse. on his turn, their area into a living hell shall davinsky takes up the story that the writing is on the wall. quite literally the wall of shame, that's what the graffiti spells out. and that's how some encourage have come to view this. this barrier has been built to hide one of the cities, ugliest problems. crack addiction for months, drug use is turned hawk. it will in the 19th, decent paris and the surrounding streets into a living nightmare for locals. now they have be moved to around this location, meaning the problem haven't been tackled. it's just bought a new set of glucose to deal with what he'd really feels like
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a zombie apocalypse movie. last week we have faced assault after assault. after my neighbor telling hostile, after trying to catch a drug addict, you robbed him. he was beaten on confusion. noel says, this neighborhood has a long suffered problems. but this addition of more than a 100 drug addicts on the doorstep only creates greater insecurity. that's been done yet. we are almost a breaking point. it is a feeling of nervousness when a violent we think about it every day, even after all myself, with protective equipment. it should take us a taser or a but why? because just last weekend, there were 5 fight that happened on friday. then saturday and sunday. they just didn't have jo got to come every day because they need crack. this was hastily built with the authority saying that it was necessary to protect glucose from the drug uses, but it happened to walking around in the neighborhood. we have seen everything from
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spilling over into commercial areas and drug deals, taking place openly in the metro is mounting here, locals, all protesting against the fact that they have essentially been bed doorstep just left. i'm angry because these people i've been treated like animals, we countries and people like that. we can just move them to place further away from very well known color. why are we angry today? because of everything that's happened? well, we've been attacked, it gets worse, and worse, women are being assaulted threats and we must find a solution to the problem and we find that counselors, there you go, we have to do something cooling. so do you still want to sort of relocating people to good neighborhood that we are moving them to areas that already have difficulty was up. they just shifted the problem a few blocks away. instead of building the infrastructure to accommodate the people
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have a son accepted. so they'll call left us, we are angry because instead of taking care of the deprived migrant population, we put them to one side like animal. it's along western tradition the most to segregate me, come to put problems to one side instead of helping them. it's nothing like the fashion we're very good at the medical supervision have been approved by the government. but every time a location that you suggested positions from people who are buying some lightening the plan and putting in the menu and schools get injuring children. cool is some things that are dresses like a logical and also the psychiatric needs. there are about a 130 and a 150 men and some women living in a kind of shanty town on the outskirts of paris in totally unsanitary conditions.
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they need social and health care, not this type of security response. they had already been there, but this is the major play of insecurity which really upset one of the house. okay. solid, even sometimes sitting on no fuel in britain. the army is being called in to try and help, and the u. k. government launched its reserve tank a fleet as a country continues to rage of petrol shortages spot, chaotic scenes this last week as people panic bought fuel in one extreme and even so, violence of the pump with a man in the capitol. apparently confronting a driver welding a knife the beside me
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few lang diety than the massive cues and panic bod kicked off last week after all the people that it would have to temporarily close just some of its petrol stations because of a lack of laurie drive it needed to deliver fuel to the pumps. so no escalated after that really probably boy could took her turn to try and fill up those pumps. i this is patch or crisis time and the day has come the finally need some petros in my car. so i am going to go and try and find some. now i'm on a bit less than a quarter of a tank. definitely less than quarter of a tank close to kind of dangerously low on patch roll. first thing we're doing, by the way, as a little aside,
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is picking up from jerry can or from my friend who is pregnant and has run out of petro. this is the find the stuff that's going to get you be to know what a petrol station going to be like red rags to both social media has really fed this crisis. so there is a nation ahead of me, me petro station number one. look at, i'm sorry, no fuel. you haven't been able to watch for delivering clued. yeah. you're delivering and you've been unable to work from the day because there's been no petra one or was that near the the neighbor drive drive. because that's so this is federal station number and it looks like there is absolutely nothing. this is pretty di,
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and i believe we talked about you guys, you have your own supplies somewhere. you know, of any places where there might be petro, that was a policeman. just told me that the b p petrol station. it's about 10 minutes drive from here. how did delivery this morning? but apparently it was mental that and where we're going to go now in order to give it a go. oh my god like it's rammed because they've got the actual it must be so this is patrick station, number 3, and look at the kid. i've been to the of was already monday and tuesday. i'm just kind of what tomorrow and i noticed people here that's been enough fuel talk to terry kendall to it's actually crazy. the amount of people that don't feel, i don't think that that choice. there will be no, this is basically blocking off traffic access to the schedule station is blocking off traffic. people actually getting around the round about you did not get to you
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and in britain, i tell you, this is what i'm going to pull up. i'm wondering if i'm only my customer just one way. know children. why don't please? yeah. the police, i was like, oh it meant the love it looks like we may actually be able to get patch or if it doesn't run out right in front of our noses. yeah. can you tell me what's it been like for the past school day? we don't, we're going to cancel my room. i spoke to thank you very much. if you don't know any problem so i don't know, full garage is nothing more money going to panic. 5,
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number 3. thank you very much. i also have jerry times which might get me be to not shaving going on. i'm going to get a thing for the jerry finally happening. i can only fill up towns about the petrol because that's the thing possible things to do. i'm making a real mass. you've never done this before, i haven't done this, the tune up so that so well if you want when you want to just fill out the the key, the q that the fine with that was excited. i got into a bit of a flat because i feel like i thought i'd be filling up the jerry can if somebody
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stockpiling petro whereas i was just getting it for a friend. now about an hour and a half we started, i mean, the street said really a little bit of emptiness as well posted. well, the u. k. mobilizes the army, they're going to try and curb it's curb and fuel crisis. europe has been struggling to keep its consumption of coal in line with the green energy visions. it's gone rather right. i'll tell you why here from our international after the break. ah, the
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ah, me a try now where we were so many inputs on a daily basis that are completely unrelated to reality. so think about how in social media filters and they basically were present themselves in very unrealistic way. and so we come out of fomo, there is any, be involved more than that. it's about the sort of envious or something. it may not exist. and it's also really tied to the fact that as humans, we want to be part of the crowd. ah, again,
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this is our international, my name is kevin, i will track it next. and those gas prices in europe will they fit a new high you know, reaching $1150.00 for 1000 cubic meters. prices have been rocketing since the beginning of september, and it's not only gas, which you'd have desperately needs europe screen struggling to reduce his consumption of coal lately in line with policies and of course limiting greenhouse gases. but next is dimitri. pug explains. those green energy i'm patients might have to take a step back for a bit anyway. environmentalism is all the rage right now, but mother nature doesn't always play ball. winter comes whether there's wind enough or not to power the turbines and where it's freezing cold. no one actually cares if gas and coal are green. energy prices are skyrocketing in europe and environmental initiatives seem to only be making things worse. the fact that wind farms are useless when there's no wind is
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a big problem for the likes of the u. k. for example, where they're supposed to produce around 20 percent of the country's energy supply . so it's back to dirtier forms of power. less than that we need to learn that fossil fuels are still needed in the energy mix in order to back up renewable energy. because if we continue to remove all the bases capacity that is coming from sources like gas call, the nuclear, without having something that is like come backups the intermittency of wind and solar. then we will be having types situations of the ones we are experiencing at the moment. take the current unreliability of wind and solar, add the increased demand and low supply of coal and natural gas throughout the continent, plus all the carbon permit fees for coal producers. and you've got a perfect recipe for energy crisis, but somehow no one saw it coming. not a good start for what the likes of ursula underlines they will be
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a defining era for environmentalism. it's attention it welcome you to this conference on the make break decades for climate action. the next 10 years might be italian point, 1st and foremost for global c o 2 emissions. good luck with that 3 month after she said that and you lawmakers are already extending subsidies for fossil fuel gas until 2027. all the while the u energy commission insist that it had nothing to do with the crisis. the current increase in energy prices has little to do with our climate policies and much what to do with our dependence on volatile foreign fossil fuels. right. and the price of coal permits which have more than doubled over the past 2 years. probably also had nothing to do with the current situation, but higher coal prices and a shortage of supply isn't justifacts in europe right now. china is also having a hard time with the whole environmentally friendly approach to energy. large sectors of the country's industry have been crippled by energy shortages and
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regions are being forced to ration power with chinese governments calling for an increase in coal imports. and we're not even into winter yet. going green is trendy and it sounds nice, but in reality we're a long way off before it's actually practical until then it seems non green energy sources are here to stay, trying to limit them without thinking of the consequences is simply a recipe for disaster. at the moment we have to state that physically, it's impossible to get rid of all the fossil fuel sources for energy production. if we did not get now nuclear power production and a little later on and achieve production from coal, we could maybe use less natural gas. but natural gas seems to be the major backbone. so usually for promot providing
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a stable energy production with natural gas, you can quickly lift up energy production levels when when to stop blowing, when it's dark, brown, you in the white house is admitted is teaming up with the a you to try to stop china getting access to high tech know how do you as come as chief making revelations of the top trans atlantic trade tech summit. we had to work with our european allies to deny china the most advanced technology so that they can't catch up in critical areas. the talks general monday, so they're branded brussels, an indispensable partner. the meeting also focused on artificial intelligence, say i climate solutions on the development of 6 g networks. but that it hasn't gone as smoothly as those us come in suggests for france, among others, is opposing
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a statement about the some its goals. paris is still bristling over the new orcas puts between the us, the u. k. and australia. the so camber, a scrap of $40000000000.00 submarine deal with france, france calls that cause a stuff in the back raising fears about the future of the western alliance. one political expert telling us europe simply can't trust washington. have been cheated by the us many times every year looking country like for ladies often then the us yes. come there, dunker so you can not the date also deeper decree. i believe that being the american, i've been hoping to maintain independence, political, economic, and even military actually be companies in europe. i cannot fully
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free to be china is the world largest down to market read. if you can have a large man for 2, if they don't fail to china and those company, if you look at the trade date of this year, you know, 1st the primary care step trying to train you looking countries. a schooling rep might have increased up by 20 percent and even the 30 so yield me is china's market. and the china already strained relations between the u. came france having tested further by surge and migrant crossings across the english channel. the number of refugee boats making a perilous journey to britain has doubled since last year and is seen london in paris, exchange threats over what can be best done about it. we need to see less channel crossings each month. not more. it's vital. france acts to stop boats
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leaving and work with britain on returns. the former lives a lost front won't accept any behavior that reaches maritime law and financial black, male, great britain must own its commitment. the friendship between our 2 countries deserves better than posturing that undermine corporation. between our services. as far as the u. k is concerned, the, the french have obligations and duties to alleviate the crisis and seeing as they've not been met, it all, use the 54000000 pounds check to the french should be ripped up. the situation is only getting better, and the statistics speak for themselves a numerous single days this year, over $700.00 refugees made it to assure bringing the total to at least $17000.00 and up from around 8500 last year. and now the government says it needs new laws to deal with the crisis. this is a complicated issue, requiring changes to our laws. the government's new plan for migration provides the
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only long term solution to fix the broken system and delivered the change required to tackle criminal gangs and prevent further loss of life. pretty good for town has in recent times, wrapped up rhetoric declaring that the english channel route would be shut off entirely. and all full of policy has been sold off to make that happen. most recently, the nationality and board of bill which criminalizes such coughing so far, i have already been $300.00. the rest were 65 convictions. plus the bill ground border forces further powers to 1st baffled back into french waters, which is apparently prevented will than $12000.00 attempts. a campaign to say these policies are totally inhumane. every time the home secretary talks about people smugglers, she ignores her own failure to open up safe and legal asylum routes. we urgently need new approach to asylum in this country. i spoke to local people haven't days or about what should could be done. who is to blame and whether the government has
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adopted the right approach. they could face stone from the other side. it fails into thousands of people. it seems ridiculous. the french don't care because they say go to the british problem is we really need to work for the friends to stop the people whole process as long as the french are completely wrong. the french are happy, just bump him in boats is really nice when they should be born here in a different proper way. not for onto a given money to, to get them here. seems to be the french don't want to stop. and if you come into the country, you have to report to a playstation police station say now once they come in, you lose and they go to ground. so you don't know where they are. people don't know where they are the asylum because attempting to course the tunnel being crowned into tiny boats and things that are designed for 21 mile journey. not lease at
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times with triple the recommended capacity. it must also be said, the english channel is one of the well busiest shipping lane. so when people say it's a life threatening journey, it's no exaggeration. despite the dangerous thousands are still taking the risk, which perhaps the volumes of just how desperate they are to escape, where they have come from. shot edwards dash the all to dover. if you wanna commented any of the stories you see from us go to r t dot com or any of our social is you can have you say, there course i love to hear from you, but now it's half past the 6 moscow time, whatever comedies, with you hope your day is going good and for me, kevin, in the team. thanks for watching t international the i
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