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tv   News  RT  September 29, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the the, the ah, us will make us haven't been pulling any punches. it's a grill. the american military top brass for a 2nd day of something congress of washington humiliating exit from afghanistan. it was an extraordinary disaster. it will go down in history, is one of the greatest failures of american russia threatened to block youtube in the country, and the video sharing platform permanently deleted all these german language channels says that the u. s. company would've acted without the approval from the native sends extra tools to kosovo and they didn't stand off with serbia over road accessible here from german.
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ah, hi there. thanks so much for joining us on anti america withdrawal from a gun is down. this come into the spotlight as the u. s. secretary defense along with a number of other top ranking military officials answered questions from lawmakers in congress and helping something the by the ministrations received a lot of flack over in recent weeks here to some of the barbs lawmakers aimed at biden. and his top military commanders, we have poured cash and blood and credibility into a ghani government. that was a mirage. it fell immediately. we were buying into the big lie, the big lie that this, that this was ever going to be successful that we could ever rely on the african stand government for anything at all. here's the thing. there's only 3 possibilities here. either the president lied to the american people,
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or he legitimately cannot remember the counsel of his top military advisors in winding down the longest war in american history. or you have not been fully accurate under oath. we didn't have a president that was so adult. you all would be fired because that is what you deserve. you of let down the people who wear the uniform in my district and all around this country. it's been a tough couple days for lloyd austin, the u. s. secretary of defense, as well as the top pentagon brass who oversaw the drawing down of forces by the united states in afghanistan. the congressional committee on armed services asked them a lot of tough questions. many of them revolving around a recurring theme, that it could be possible that the united states is actually less safe today from terrorism than it was 20 years ago. when the u. s. a 1st invaded afghanistan. i feared the president is delusional. this was an extraordinary success. it was an extraordinary disaster. it will go down in history, is one of the greatest failures of american leadership. i expect our witnesses to
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give us an honest accounting of exactly what went wrong. i also want answers on how we're going to conduct counterterrorism operations. now that we have 0 presence in afghanistan according to the latest intelligence assessment, it could be as little as 12 months before l cater. will use afghans standards based and as a base to conduct air strikes or strikes against the united states. and that's an acceptable, frankly, after this debacle withdrawal. i don't think anyone contrast anything this president says about afghanistan. lawmakers are asking if america could once again be in the terrorists cry hairs, because some intelligence sources have estimated that it could only be a matter of months before al qaeda sets up shop in afghanistan. once again. and general milly admitted that the united states exit out of afghanistan was what he referred to as a strategic failure. saying that it will be much harder to protect the country from national security threats that are coming out of afghanistan. and secretary of
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defense, austin, he basically describes the by did ministration as miscalculating a number of factors. we need to consider some uncomfortable truth that we did not fully comprehend the depth of corruption and poor leadership in their senior ranks . that we did not grass the damaging effect of frequent and unexplained rotations by president gunny of his commanders. that we did not anticipate the snowball effect caused by the the deals that the taliban commanders struck with local leaders in the wake of the high agreement. that the doha agreement itself had a demoralizing effect on afghan soldiers. and that we failed to fully grasp that there was only so much for which and for whom many of the afghan forces would fight . since late august, the biden administration has been under fire because of the k arctic scenes the cobble international airport which were widely observed. there was
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a scramble to leave the country. some green hold. green card holders were turned away at checkpoints. there was a situation where several afghans died hanging off of plains trying to get out of the country all culminating on the terrorist attack. the bombing that killed 13 u. s. service members and led to the death of dozens of afghan civilians. ah, the extraordinary success of this mission was due to the incredible skill,
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bravely and selfless courage of united states, military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals. it was designed to save american lives. while the world looks on the events that took place of the usa withdrew from afghanistan and says, it doesn't really look like a success. many are now concerned about the possibility that the country is in danger from terrorist attacks. as a result of the chaos of pullout, now the military voices reassured us that that is not the case, but many have their concern. many wonder if the biden administration will face more consequences for the events that took place and afghanistan other than simply some harsh interrogation. on capitol hill, independent journalist and author, nicholas davies told us the current african crisis could have been averted. if america directed in a more targeted manner following september 11th for officials on capitol hill
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to attribute that solely to the somewhat chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan is completely absurd. if us official had dealt with the crime on september the 11th as what they were and found out who was responsible and brought them to justice. you know, this would have been, you know, at this point something that just something that happened 20 years ago. that was dealt with instead, they used september the 11th as a pretext for 20 years of war in country after country after country. what the so called war on terra was doing with healing tech terrorism. and the jesse had armed resistance. the united states has, has actually increased risk russia has
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slammed youtube for deleting artes german language channels over legit community guideline violations. foreign ministry believes that the move couldn't have happened without approval from the german government. and russia's media regulator is now threatening to block the u. s, video sharing service. the actions of the video platform youtube against those channels violate the key principles of free distribution of information and unhindered access to it. if the owners of youtube disregard the warning from russ kinetzer russian law allows for the full or partial blocking of access to the platform, there is no doubt that you tube was acting with the open and tacit support of the german government in taking these unjust measures they have exposed correspondents of russian broadcasters, 2 years long, harris met, including the blocking of bank accounts and public slander. the purpose of this aggression against the russian media holdings projects is obvious to drown out sources of information that clash with a media background that is comfortable for german official. the german government
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has rejected moscow's allegations. a number of journalists pressed, sterling spokesman on the matter on steve, when this will give one with the german government and its representatives, have nothing to do with decision. anyone who thinks otherwise is in the grip of conspiracy theory miss design. but i'm a bit confused. i've been a moscow correspondent for 16 years and have carefully been following the development when it's russia that takes action against german media outlets, including most recently, it's actually always private companies or private businesses that are taking the action of a german government has always condemned, told the same, however, according to a statement that would have been a conspiracy theory about why in russia these are not private companies or private network operators, but in germany it's difference mr writers to i must confess, i don't understand your question. i'm happy to explain it once again. when russia takes action against german media outlets. russia says it's not the government taking action, it's a private network operator,
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yet the german government still considered it a political step. now we have a similar situation here. you say it's the decision of a private network operator youtube, what's the difference under disease? so in this case, the decision was taken by youtube. it justified the move with reference to its own platform. rules in russia, measures are taken against bar amelia and n g o. we criticized out because those measures were taken by the government and i know in many cases those measures were imposed by private entities. i agree that the government was behind them, but technically, those were private decisions by network operators, for example, would be listen this. let's talk specifically about this case. we're talking about action that you took against artie, and as far as i understand the 2nd channel in accordance with youtube own policies, we are aware of what's happened. of course, the channel control to get the decision reversed, but the bond was imposed by the german government. and since that's exactly what is being said, i must clearly reject it. that's
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a course of robin has ever 2 quick questions. miss disciple, how did you find out about the band? was it from the media? what did you find out little earlier? my 2nd question is when you tell us that everyone should be judge equally today, there are plenty of conspiracy theories about 19 on life. however, the freedom of the press which he defend doesn't why we're all these channels deleted, but not with these distributors of fake news fabric on. as i learned about the bands in the media, my feelings about it does matter. we are aware of the decision youtube explained it and i have nothing else to say about it. it was not the decision of the german government. tuesday youtube deleted to of art in german language channels, thought his popularity among his german speaking audience has been growing rapidly in recent years or do it should rank double was 547000000 views. and over 600000 subscribers, the channel competed with germany's maids and use others on social media, leading to some german politicians,
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calling for curbs on arte in the country. they saw the explanation for the band give my youtube is vague, fighting alleged community guideline violations. google that owns youtube, responded with more information you cheap has clear community guidelines which explain what is allowed on the platform. r t. doyle was issued a warning for uploading content that violates our rules in relation to covert 19 medical misinformation policy. this resulted in the suspension of their right to upload videos. during the suspension, the channels owners tried to bypass the restrictions by using a different channel. as a result, both channels were closed, violating youtube terms of service. following the suspension of the main page, anti deutsche continued to share content, which had not been flagged by youtube fire, a different account. youtube does not clearly state this violates any of his terms and conditions. ortiz, editor in chief, margarita simon young, was the 1st to comment on the story in russia. the gym for several months before
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a channels were banned, the german media had been publishing scare stories about r. t, german becoming too influential to significant according to their own calculations, where ranked forth in terms of influence in germany were bigger than well were bigger than germany's own giant. like don't you well, let no one expected that of course, we also didn't expect that to happen so quickly. i mean, that would attract so big and audience have so much success. they made us out to be a boogeyman. they refused to give us a license. the forbade bangs for working with us. they pressured luxembourg, so we couldn't get a license there. and when all that didn't work, they deleted us from youtube using farfetched pretext. that was predictable because no normal person believes that freedom of speech exists in this countries. the question is, how rush response we're looking forward to it. this is spoke with peasant, i stood foreign policy speak for the alternative at germany party. he sees the g. banners, overtly political. many channels are close only
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because they are very critical about the german government. so of course, there is no proof, there is no hard truth for any involvement, but there is no logic in it. why should capitalistic information on big company close channels with which their earning money? if they was really closing channels that are spreading, mis and formations about medical information, they must close the government channel and the public kind of vision channel and germany, the 5 globally structures against politicians and media who are critical about topics that those global is try to pushed into the society. well, the 1st on youtube is targeted r t in april this year, the google own platform took down several of the channels videos relating to code
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19, including an interview with a renowned by rather just and footage of anti locked down protests. you've accused of spreading medical misinformation without giving any specifics live in there from germany, cd party, things people should be able to decide for themselves where they get their information. does this, then? clearly the situation does not with europe in freedom, in a positive light, we have to acknowledge that the entire media space has been subject to censorship and manipulation, which reminds me of the worst times in germany. it's in our interest for our see to make an even greater contribution to german and european media diversity. as i said before, r t has become an integral component of european press freedom. we are citizens have the right to be informed and have access to high quality journalists, regardless of its origin. still to come tempers for i and the k is dr. is continue to play, fight federal supply problems. we follow our fully voice because she goes on for a full tank in london from the way
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i the the the, the, the, the, the, i the join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the
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world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. in the moon, the ah look back. a feud between serbia in kosovo of a road access shows no sign of abating nathan troops in kosovo now bolstered the presence on the serbian border. the commission president is called on both sides to show restraint. the current res intentions between possible and serbia is very concerning, is worrying. it is essential to lower attention and to return to the dialogue.
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so far though, there's been no sign of desolation from my current journalist boris mother goes. he said this report from the border while the pen stand off between belgrade and prestige and causal has everyone wondering whether the next war in the balkans will start over a license plate route serves here. have been protesting for the past 10 days against this license plate. ban a ban on serbian license plates, imposed by the pristina authorities that call it reciprocal measures. but belgrade actually calls it a violation of the brussels agreement that was signed in 2013 and the violation of the basic human rights of serbs. the freedom of movement and not addition emotions are repeated, new people can no longer tolerate the tyranny, harassment and oppression. we don't want to face the same fate to subs from central cos, who are expelled and ethnically cleansed, believe me that the subs have had enough and will no longer take this occupation.
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and these attacks. also, as we know, has been as administered by the united nations as since 9099 after nato bomb serbia to take control of its southern province. of course, civil that is declared independence in 2008. something that has not been recognized by about half of the world countries, including russia and china, but much of the western countries consider constable an independent country. now, serbia has sent its military forces to the administrative crossings, of course, of all. and what makes this stand off different than the stand off in the past? is serbia as a parent readiness to flex its military muscle? they have called on pers tina to remove the license plate band while christina has called them belgrade to ease up on the tension. however, whether belgrade it's actually ready to use military force to protect the serbs in constable remains a question. we have heard from political analysts nickel america,
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that she thinks that costs are. those have been emboldened by foreign support. just one new crisis. as you've seen many, every, every day in the past years and this is not something actually renewed when deeper . what is new, is that and we see again that in this situation for the 1st time, serbia got afraid, deflection muscle, that red line has been crossed. nato is responsible of this situation if nato had not bomb illegally yugoslavia in 1989, we would not have this 10 situation we do have in coastal middle and surgery. so i think the fact that nato has not been capable of managing the situation which he created. so it is definitely not a good idea to have nato forces, again, on, on the administrative border between central serbia and co, civil and the 2 year. but definitely, western organizations have shown that they have fail totally failed in the balcony, and they should that the nation state were and probably maybe let the surgeons and
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albanians and countries from that region. the situation between themselves, 1st anger over fuel shortages in the united kingdom is continuing with violence even flaring up at some petrol stations. on tuesday, a man in london was seen confronting a drive a while holding what appeared to be a knife. the incident played out of the packed full coat, allegedly, the flare apartment because the driver tried to jump the que. luckily, nobody was injured. those involved had left by the time police arrived. so why is it happening? he's probably boy could tried to find out while on the hunt for a full tank. i think this is suzy in patch or crisis time and the day has come, that i finally need some petros in my car. so i am going to go and try and find
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them. now, i'm on a bit less than a quarter of a tank. definitely less than quarterly. thank close to kind of dangerously low on patch roll. first thing we're doing, by the way, as a little aside, is picking up from jerry can or from my friend who is pregnant and has run out of petro. this is the find, the stuff is going to get you be to know sort of patches station. they're going to be like read rags to full social media has really fed this crisis. so there is a practice nation. me, me, petrol station. number one, looking i already know fuel you haven't been able to watch for delivering clued. yeah. you're delivering and you've been unable to work from the day because there's been no petra one or
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was that a neighbor drive? so i got that. so this is federal station number and it looks like there is absolutely nothing. this is pretty di, and i believe we talked about are you guys, will you have your own supplies somewhere? do you know of any places where there might be petro? that was a policeman who just called me at the bp petrol station. it's about 10 minutes drive from here. how did delivery this morning? but apparently it was mental that and where we're going to go now in order to give it a guy. oh my god, like it's rammed me because they've got it must be so this is patrice nation number 3 and listed the key. i miss today's of was already monday and tuesday. i'll just kind of what tomorrow that i know to people here that's been enough that your talk to terry kendall to it's actually crazy. the amount of people
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that don't feel, i don't think that that there will be no. this is basically blocking of traffic that access to the central station is blocking off traffic. people actually getting around the round about you did not get to you. and in britain, i tell you, this is quite up. i'm a woman. i'm only my couple of just one way. no children. why don't you know the police and was like, oh it meant so good luck. it looks like we may actually be able to get petro if it doesn't run out right in front of our noses. yeah. can you tell me what's it been like for the past for day? we don't we're going to cancel my group approval. i wait to hear one. i spoke to
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2nd. if you don't know any problem, so i don't know, full garage is nothing, only going to work for that. number 3, thank you very much. i also have jerry cad, which might get me be to not shaming going on. i'm going to get a thing for the jerry finally happening. i can only fill up towns about the petrol because that's the thing possible thing to do. i'm making a real mass completely. you've never done this before. i haven't done this. tune up for them to say what companies are around when you really want to cover just to fill out the the key, the q 5.
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sorry, that was exciting. i got into a bit of a slap because i feel like i thought i'd be attacked, filling up the jerry can, if somebody stockpiling petro whereas i was just getting it for a friend. now about an hour and a half ago, we started, i mean, the $0.03 a release and a little bit of emptiness as well. and the parent bid to stand the part in the ear of fake news. cnn presented a started referring to the channel as reality based media. the only problem of course, being seen in the relationship. the truth is complicated. me and you say there are some cowards out there that i want to talk about it. what are folks in the reality based media do in the coming weeks? what's your advice for the press corps? me
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details from intelligence officials in europe of confirm to see an end that russian officers put boundaries on american and british troops serving in afghanistan. ready and i can confirm with you right now that there is no consensus within the intelligence community. on these allegations the, the intelligence community was so concerned about this that they told the white house that any information that rudy giuliani brought to him could be contaminated by russia. me. there's no intelligence that supports that, that 100 by the laptop is part of some russian disinformation campaign. it's simply not true. i
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in and that brings you by that today. thanks so much for company throughout the evening. more on top stories coming your way in half an oh, i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence wheel. summoning the demon a robot must protect its own existence with
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the media, a reflection of reality the in the world transformed what will make you feel safe relation for community you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? which direction? what is truth? watches in the world to corrupted. you need to this end. ah. so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah,
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jamie diamond was critical of the claim starting what it was, $200.00 a point. it's now around $45000.00 point. depending the points out from here. so he's looking for up to point $15.00 to $5.00, about a coin, the imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness. first, it was my job and it was my family. didn't was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i live for resources. i look for jobs. i look for everything i can to make this pass and i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream. paved with dead refugees at this very idealized image of the older america maybe.


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