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tv   News  RT  September 28, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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the me the crossing youtube, the red line is not permanently bounds to german language channels for allegedly violating its community guidelines. us marine is sent to a military prison after lun busting his country leadership for the afghan example. debacle in what had been a series of increasingly popular online video. out of the international criminal court says it will no longer pursue allegations of us war crimes. enough down the some problems in curious rights groups. the accused of being cowed by washington sanction doesn't use hunger cases. ukraine of meddling in its internal affairs by trying to scuff an energy deal with versus gas problem,
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which you can lose out on lucrative transit fee. ah, good evening. thanks for joining us. this is anti internation. ok, let's not some news about our sister project nots on t do it. she tube is deleted to if his german language channels citing less community guideline violations. such bands are new to r t, but this time it is said to be permanent correspondence cost. konstantin us cov policies coast is following this one for it. and i'm trying to get my friend the, the name of all youtube channel as well on t, v on t, which stands for all t deutsch. obviously, auntie german, whichever way you want to refer to it, does a bit more about it popular not. yeah, sure it is very popular. and before i get more into detail here, let me just tell you that this is an unprecedented news because, you know,
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r t has been crying foul over and for treatment need to for years. that's true. and the relationship between the network and the platform has been strained lately. there is no way we can sugar coat this. but when we have one of our flagship, he to channels our t deutsche shut down completely. this is truly unprecedented and used. you ask about how popular this channel is? well, it is really popular among german speaking audience. art. george had a total of almost $547000000.00 views with over 600000 subscribers and was among the top german news channels on the, on that platform. i have some numbers here that in june alone, rti doors gathered over 21000000 views on this platform. and they really came pause to watch bagel to be god, which is what other germans may media outlet. and they've been around for years for
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decades actually. so our tv is quite successful. turman audience grew to like it very much. and according to the metrics presented by a company to bill or labs, our colleagues are fair 3rd on twitter also. so it's not just you tube, i mean, they've been doing quite well on different social media platforms. they came in 3rd and twitter and 5th on facebook in terms of how many views they get and how, how many interactions they get from, from their audience. so all in all our d, george has managed to put up a fight against germans like top news outlets in germany. and of course, this hasn't gone unnoticed. our t there has been growing criticism and calls from german politicians to curb the rising popularity of r t in germany. and the company of the network has been struggling to open its tv
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channel in the country for 4 years. and now it seems as if the media joined he tube, namely, has teamed up with the german authorities to make things even more difficult for our colleagues. such as your popular doesn't mean you should be allowed to operate without any limitations. just look at terms twitter account, for example. what did they do wrong? did they do anything wrong? so, as far as we know, our d george youtube channel was given several coban related strikes recently and we'll get, we'll get back to this. but for now, let me just explain how the story played out. so because our torch main channel was suspended, its team continued to share its content on a separate account belonging to it's one of its shows. they did this before without any consequences, and no red flags were raised by, by the platform. and it's also important to underscore that this is
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a separate channel which has a different audience whatsoever. and this channel has no restrictions, no red flags, no, nothing at all. but now both h pages were deleted on youtube whatsoever. so now let's get back to those initial strikes that lead to suspension of our tv main channel asian, as you know, according to google, they were related to some, those videos that was received strikes. they were related to some medical misinformation and we checked with our colleagues in germany, and they explained that this videos in question contained criticism of the government approach of handling the pandemic. so it's not some ill poor medical advice. verily misinformation just criticism. yeah, i mean it, it appears that way. and so it's also important that as i mentioned, that was another channel where some of the content were published were continue to
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be published. we're not talking about those videos that were strike, they were not published further. right? it was something else. nonetheless, there was a reason why they shut down 2 channels, the main channel and another one channel. they belong to one of the r t george shows. so what does the youtube or is it? what parent company, google, whoever somebody responsibility must have made a statement on this explaining why this is happened and what happens next? sure, so as usual in these cases, the explanation is pre vague youtube center colleagues, a memo in message. but they do not bother to break down exactly what was done wrong or your band get out just no questions. no, i'm just as is right. and google, which owns you tube, they send a more detailed explanation. so let's have a listen. youtube has clear community guidelines which explain what is allowed on
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the platform. r t. joyce was issued a warning floating content that violates our rules in relation to coven 19 medical misinformation policy. this resulted in the suspension of their right to upload videos. during the suspension, the channels owners tried to bypass the restrictions by using a different channel. as a result, both channels were closed for violating youtube terms of service. so like i said, 1st of all, it's not, you know, medical misinformation per sale. we're talking about video containing criticism of the government approach of handling the pandemic. that's one number, one thing. and another thing is the reason, know a clear rule that states that you cannot use your other channel. if your 1st channel was banned, there is no such row. and in the past, their colleagues did the same thing and there were no consequences to run a red flag. so they assumed that if they carry on doing this thing,
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it's going to be all right. but it turns out that it's not like it all comes down to the old chestnut. what's miss information? this information? what's just criticism? we'll watch, maybe we'll get a bit more explanation from google and maybe maybe it'll be an appeal, but it was weaker interest. appreciate the the run down of that development. thank you. now in completely different news, a us marine officer. he recently became known by the public for his criticisms, of washington handling of the guns. it's kind of some pull out, has now been sent to a military prison. left tenant, colonel stewart shall a junior is currently in pre trial confinement. the time date and location of the proceedings have not been determined less tenant, colonel shallow will be afforded. oh, due process, what you are, charlotte did his polarized many americans because there are those who believe that
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he is a hero, that he stood up and spoke out for what he believes. and that is a view shared by many americans at the end of the afghan war, the evacuation that we saw at the end of august was humiliating for the united states. that it was a arctic that had cost the lives of to many american servicemen. and that it could have been avoided if intelligence had been heated. others believe that he spoke out of turn that, that he should have addressed his grievances through proper channels. but he himself says that off the 17 years in the military that he could no longer stay solid, that he knew one of the 13 american servicemen that were killed in an ice. his k, tara attack on the 26th of august had capital airport. and that he much that he had to speak out to get the incompetence of senior pentagon leadership. people are upset because their senior leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we mess this up. i'm not saying we've
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got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table and say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air various before we evacuate everyone. i am submitting charges a guest general mackenzie for his bad assumptions now because i'm vindictive, but because the senior leaders need to be helped powell to the same standard as us . essentially what steward, shallow one sees accountability and he says that he has always been held responsible for those. i bet him and so my senior pentagon leadership be held accountable for those that me who didn't. the 13 american troops killed in the terror attacked by ice case on the 26th of august at the airport of campbell. however, when he went public key violated all manner of protocols and codes of the u. s. military because officers and service went off
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a bid from publicly criticizing their superior officers, as well as speaking with contempt of civilian leadership. both of which he did. he was also issued a gag order, which he willingly violated. and which was evidently the final straw for the military. they arrested him and threw him in the military prison for his parents. that was an act of courage. although sunday is asked the questions that everybody was asking themselves below to sketch to speak out loud. he was asking for accountability, in fact, i think he even us for an apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn't do that, which is mind blow. there have been little by way of accountability. no one has been fired or resigned either at the white house in the biden administration or at the pentagon over what many american c as a fiasco the final days of american present here in again, his thoughts. nevertheless, what we have seen, his continued hearings continued grilling by especially republic republicans,
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but as well as, as well as veterans who have criticized the biden administration, which has been on the defensive with excuses after excuses. the fact that the afghan army that we in our partner strain simply melted away in many cases without firing a shot, took us all by surprise, and it would be dishonest to claim otherwise. i was there a couple of times in 2006. i was there in 2011. i was there, but i every time it got worse and get better. so it is going to be a surprise. isn't it true that you've left americans behind on august the 31st. there are americans, there were americans, there was still and enough to understand and yell are we can tell you right to work to try to get those americans out. yeah, that's a yes let's, let's not repeat please the, the frankly false that we didn't leave americans behind. so in august we all witnessed the horror of praises own making for now missed the shallow who
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office 17 years of service says he, he walked away from a 2000000 dollar pension and he has had it in his resignation. he has also been relieved of command, but he remains an active serviceman. as these resignations can take a while to go through and for discharge to officially be confirmed, he remains of the tension pre trial detention and awaits the most likely faced military charges. while the international criminal court is the human probe into war crimes and afghan to stand, but the investigation will no longer look at the allegations of us atrocities and said, the focus will be exclusively on the taliban and isis k. on the scale. moping picks up the story, military personnel and top brass who were involved in the 20 years of us operations in afghanistan can now sleep easy because it appears they will not be facing prosecution from the international criminal court. the new chief prosecutor of the
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international criminal court has said they won't be looking in to us atrocities in afghanistan because of the taliban take over the country and quote, limited resources available to the international criminal court. i have therefore decided to focus my offices investigations enough, going to stop on crimes allegedly committed by the taliban, and the state correson province and to de prioritize other aspects of this investigation. now this decision to quote de, prioritize as the international criminal court is calling it has upset many human rights organizations. they feel that washington is essentially being let off the hook. the prosecutors telling war criminals around the world that the u. s. playbook of delay and intimidation works. it also validates one of the cool criticisms of the i, c. c that it only takes action against politically we could, individuals or nations while giving western powers a pass. by d. prioritizing,
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investigating us and format africa, national security forces, the icpc prosecutor, it's shamefully hunting him up, get out of jail free card. now, there were plenty of scandals and horrendous incidents over the course of the 20 years of the united states military presence in afghanistan. all culminating in the recent chaotic pullout and we also witnessed the incident recently where there was a drone strike that intended to hit isis k fighters and ended up killing civilians . a family ended up dying at the hands of the united states, but it appears that incident like this will not be investigated by the international criminal court. it's unlikely any individuals involved in such events will face charges in the hague. busy busy
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now the i c, c tried to probe us activities in afghanistan, and in response, donald trump slap sanctions on officials of the i, c. c. here's how then secretary of state mike, palm pale, commented on it at the time. we cannot, we will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court, we have responded any way. the way a responsible nation must, by condemning the investigation by suspending cooperation with the court and denying basis to those most directly responsible for going after our personnel. now, while the international criminal court will be investigating situations in afghanistan, they won't be investigating the role of the united states. they say they simply don't have the resources to do it. they're citing the taliban take over the country . but many observers are looking on and wondering if this is simply due to the fact
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that the u. s. a has been so harsh and placed sanctions on. i think the officials who did look into them, they're wondering if the new prosecutor simply wants to avoid having his own name on the sanctions list to the law. now by an activist the from the anti war answer coalition. that's brian becker. have you and again, brian, i'm just trying to process this personally, something smells very strange about this whole thing. the i c c chief prosecutor saying that he doesn't have enough resources. got enough resources to investigate some organizations such as i say. so the telephone building of resources to investigate the u. s. why, why does it cost more money to investigate america? well, the, the u. k. contributes money to the i, c. c. the united states refuses to recognize the icpc never has recognized the i c . c. back in 19, in the 1980s. the government of nicaragua took the u. s. to the world court in the hague. and the world court found by
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a 15 to 0 margin that the u. s. had violated nicaragua was right, and had committed crimes against humanity by mining harbors in nicaragua. so the u . s. has a historically hostile attitude towards international court, unless those courts are paid for by the united states, like the special us tribunals that tried milosevic junior, flavio, or people in rwanda or of course, the targets of american imperialism in the middle east. so the i t. c, when it boldly said that they were going to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity last year or the year before that the u. s. committed in afghanistan. as you heard in your earlier segment, mike pump pay when the trump administration imposed sanctions on i t. c. officials and their families and sending a clear message that we are top dogs, we irrigate to ourselves the right to punish economically and socially punish
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anyone who tries to hold the u. s. military to account for its war crimes. just one fact that i think is so important in 20182019 the last 2 years of active engagement for the u. s. war. the u. s. drop 15000 bombs and missiles on afghan positions. a great number of them, undoubtedly killed civilians. these are war crimes, these are violations of the geneva convention. they should be investigated. but obviously the kangaroo court here is a kangaroo court in the sense that it cow towering to us into british pressure. yeah. which is why i said it kinda smells strange because you don't have a court, a place of justice saying, we're not going to investigate those alleged crimes because it cost too much of madness. such a bizarre explanation. makes more sense. what you've just been explaining that this is all about pressure, but now surely, anybody else being investigated by this court is going to say, well, you're not,
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you're not just you picking and choosing your cases. indeed, i mean, it's really been ludicrous for the past 30 years. the united states funds, what are called international special tribunals of the united nations. as i mentioned, milosevic was brought to to western europe and put on trial there. but these chords are funded by the united states and they can only prosecute those who have been targeted by the united states, meaning u. s. adversaries. the u. s. the u. k. nato countries, the bond yugoslavia bomb serbia dropped 28000 bombs and missiles between march and june of 1999. they were exempt from those international special tribunals on work crimes in the former yugoslavia. so this isn't just this, these aren't real chords. this is just victor's justice, and other words are in the case of afghanistan, even though the u. s. is the loser was defeated on the battlefield by the taliban. it will be the taliban who will be brought to international chords. again, the,
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the icpc is afraid of the united states. it's afraid of economic sanctions, and it's dependent on the u. k for its funding that want to pick on united states. and particularly here was a recent example with the, the drone strike in afghanistan, innocent civilians were killed in 1st place in the united states. depends on owned up to that. sometimes these things happened by accident. sometimes innocent people are killed deliberately and that's why atrocities have to be investigated by such organizations as the as international criminal court. but effectively what we're left with is what the united states will investigate itself, punish itself. and he's not really going to be impartial and independent, and probably not gonna be very heavy handed when it comes to punishing itself. is it? they will punish the us, won't punish itself at all. i mean, even in iraq where us marine slaughtered almost the entire village and had dita re young girls and then murdered them and set their bodies on fire. the u. s. cords to
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the shock and amazement of the iraqi people actually let those war criminals go and the war criminals. in the case of us soldiers, they were told by their superiors. it's ok, you can do whatever you want to. iraqis are, in the case of afghanistan, kill afghans, drone them, because guess what? it won't be a political liability either for trump or before him, obama, or today for biting. i mean, if the africans die, it's not a political problem. if 13 us marines get killed at the airport and then all of the political blow back comes on the biden administration and then the scourge of, of opposition and the score. and that done the binding ministration, because 13 us servicemen were killed. well, the u. s. as occupied f ganeth stand for 20 years, it's dropped about 100000 bombs and missiles. we knew about the attack that killed the family and cob will because it was in kabul because it was just days after the 13 marines were killed at the airport. otherwise,
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the media wouldn't paid any attention to it, and the u. s. media, the u. s. pentagon would never have acknowledged its criminal activity. and by the way, it's not just a mistake. the geneva convention spelled out very clearly in the rules to war. that even when enemy combatants are present, the, those who are at war must pre precaution the lives of civilians, obviously withdrawn a tags. the u. s. kills 1st and ask questions later or kills 1st and never asked questions, and they do it with impunity. brian really appreciate your your insights, and your passion is all bron becca activists of the anti war unsecured ocean. and i appreciate your passion, you most passionate. you will, you will be somewhere else. you want me watching the stick around if you can, one use up to the break. ah,
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so much happening in paris. they are taking it all in geo politics. gone. birds are australia, friends, the u. k. all battling it out. what appears to be a new york ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tycer lation for community. you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to defend the join us in the depths
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will remain in the shallows. ah, in the hungary, his slammed ukraine, accusing care of trying to sink a natural gas day between budapest and rushes gasped from the hungarian. foreign minister says that no amount of political maneuvering is more important and keeping people's homes will. it's also one for hungary energy safety is a matter of security, sovereignty and economy rather than a political matter. you cannot heat homes with political statements today. the reality is that energy supplies in hungary can be guaranteed most securely through a long term agreement with gas from the new 15 year deal supply hungry with only 5000000 cubic meters of gas per year, mainly using an under see pipeline called took stream,
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which isn't true to through you cry in that movie and give care of you said to lose money from the fee it takes to allow gas to pass through it. both countries of already some of each of the passes of the signing of the deal and crane claims. the agreement sends to favor of russia and not his own national interest. we consider this to be a purely political economically unreasonable decision taken in favor of the kremlin, unto the detriment of ukraine's national interests and ukrainian hungarian relations. for its part, the crown that says the gas fear was my purely freakonomics benefits and there's no reason for what it calls an extreme reaction from ukraine. i spoke with dr. pierre emmanuel, to man geopolitical expert. he says that the current tensions are actually being driven from across the atlantic from the old guy and point of view. they won secure or a supply of god and for most of european countries varies. no, i cannot achieve to rush on god because each geography cordy,
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quite or near near neighborhood and also is cheaper true or gas pipelines, but we know, but behind this dispute ukraine is playing the american game because you couldn't consider as a pilot geopolitical pilot from united states to try to weaken russia and the united states to push ukraine against russia, policies, and also to promote its own no or own shade gas. and we would like to connect ukraine to. we are reorientation the infrastructure which would would be nuts, more east west about north south on to supply reef henrique and shade guy. so i think there is a much bigger game behind this communication war. in an area of increased cyber meddling and elections,
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new challenges of rapidly arising and keeping votes secure. that was one of the topics we spoke about in an exclusive chat with just former president and prime minister dmitri med bed of will be showing me, sit down and folk throughout the day is a preview. what would email but, you know, just to do a new mcclure, but during the 3 day vote, central election commission servers were under constant attack. according to the ministry of digital development, around half came from the united states. that's reason enough for a fight. right. i mean, everyone's sick and tired of the tech, including the united states, the big tech plays by its own corporate rules. they made them up, and now that's how they decide things. they let some of the hook give others the chop. they blocked the former us president everywhere he had 85 or 90000000 followers. by, by why, why we don't like him. when i checked with the recommendations on who to follow. of course, the 1st person who comes up is no. val me who is serving a criminal sentence, isn't this interference in the affairs of a foreign country?
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it's blatant interference. offered our that with updates in half an hour. the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk rather driven by dreamers shaped by those in
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me there's things we dare to ask simply to rti for an exclusive interview. today we're joined by a new dream. inventive chairman of united russia and deputy chairman of russia, security council. and mr. bennett, thank you very much for sitting down with our team. hello. my 1st question is about the party you live. united. russia has retained the majority in the russian parliament since 2003. however, unlike the 2016 election with the 54 percent of the vote, this time popular support was just 50 percent. could you comment on the outcome and why the ruling party losing ground? someone in the party cookie my good senior, the good a little bit, what should i say? it's a big win for the party.


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