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join me every thursday on the alex, silent show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me. the headlights are on our teeth. i report to be a plot to kidnap and kill julian. a song just those global outbreak of story has now been corroborated a year after the applications were 1st ed by one investigative journalist, but also by us here at our new york computer, calling up the national guard to fill in for medic, thousands of dollars could be bought from was a failing to get the cobra shot. some of his think it'll put patients at risk. health care is either going to suffer become a little slower. i think they should offer testing as an option with angela
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medical soon to vacate her role. as the fact old leader of the e. u. speculation swells of whether the french president tried to fill her shoes on the program. we can compare both of them. also here on our teeth, and each movie that speaks exclusively diverse channel in the wake of russia parliamentary election in a wide ranging interview. the former president and prime minister acknowledged the responsibilities and challenges that had come with his party's victory. the bush. it's a big win for the party. we must not grow complacent. elections are always about trust that you will be able to deliver. so the results are fine, but it doesn't mean that we can rest on our laurels so that russians are happy about everything. ah, the truth, a worldwide news headlines lie for moscow. this is anti internationalists good to
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happy with us. for today's program, john lists under whistleblowers say they are deeply alarmed over revelations that the ca previously planned to kidnap and kill the with helix founded julian s hodge, was allocations come from a yahoo news report, citing testimonies from key witnesses. let's learn a little bit more now with ortiz, donald cord. spy on him kidnapped him, kill him even. that's what the cia under its former director mike. pompey was accused of plotting for wiki leaks, founder julian, a son in a recently published report. pompeo and other top agency leaders were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about vote 7 said a former trump national security official. they were seeing blood vol. 7, series of document leaks, put, wiki leaks at the top of the most hated list in 2017 as it exposed the tools and methods used by the agency in hacking operations. the ca, itself described the leak as a colossal loss. and plans to assassinate
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a songs were apparently thrashed out among the top brass and presumably to get away with calling it all an offensive counter intelligence operation. peo, branded wiki leaks a hostile intelligence agency. what he likes, walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile, intelligent sermon, r t s. the ca for comments on the yahoo news reports claims which have certainly upset many journalists and whistleblowers already. ca is a disgrace. the fact that is contemplated engaged in so many illegal acts against which lakes is now tried scandal, but should be investigated by congress and the justice department. these new revelations which involve a shocking disregard of the law a truly beyond the pale. if you're a journalist, american, or otherwise, you need to understand, turning a blind eye to this story, moves the entire world toward a paradigm where the criminalization of journalism is routine. the u. s. government
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is slowly suffocating silencing and killing someone solely for the crime reporting documents that every major media outlet in the world determined where newsworthy, and few in the u. s. corporate press care because he's never been in that clique while these revelations have now grabbed the attention of many of the key ones are in fact not new. they feature and a 2020 investigation by the editor and chief of the greys own max blumenthal. he suggests that the cia somehow impersonated. you came on our team to tell us about the ca misdeeds. i obtained an e mail in which morales who does not speak english very well, is giving instructions to his employees at the ecuadorian embassy in perfect english on how to set up a separate a secret separate video server to circumvent the ecuadorian security services and feed video back to the united states to the american client, this
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e mail was sent from an ip address trace directly to the venetian hotel of donald trump's top donor sheldon adelson and brian nagle, who has adults in the global director of global security. and this is significant because brian nagle has a decades long career at the u. s. secret service. morales is employees who were involved in the operation just not just spy on julian savage, but revealed that they had even been told to consider an operation to assassinate julian. on the top dissident in the west with poison, with the c, i accused of plotting to kidnap and perhaps even kill julian assange. the u. k. must surely be now asking itself whether can really take washington's extradition request seriously. we spoke with john kerry, our crew, a former c i a and list under was a blower. he thinks the report has dining locations for the issue of press freedom,
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the world to understand that the united states is trying to criminalize journalism . they refuse to accept the fact that julian assigns is a journalist that the american people only information and they have the right to know what it is. and that the government behind their backs, the backs of the american people, is trying to assassinate someone who has not been convicted of a crime, at least in washington. this is going to be a day long story. somebody is going to get promoted inside the ca for coming up with this operation. no one will be held accountable, just like no one was ever held accountable for the torture program or the secret prison program. you know, one of the things that we learned in this article was that the british intelligence service, the external intelligence service m, i was apparently involved, you know, where they were talking about, shoot up the potential pursuit out in front of the ecuadorian empathy. that was the british that were supposed to be doing the shooting when they talk about shooting
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out the, the tires of a russian plane that might have been taking join assigned to, to russia. that was the british that were supposed to be doing the shooting. so i would certainly hope that the british court finally say enough is enough. there's no way that julian should or could be extradited to the united states, and he should be free to go. the state of new york is considering whether to deploy the national guard to medical facilities to replace unvaccinated doctors and nurses . i will be signing an executive order that's going to allow me to deploy the national guard. we're medically trained, deploy people who've been retired and may have had a license lapse, bring in people from elsewhere, new york, so medical crisis comes made a statewide mandate for all the health workers to be an oculus against corona virus . about 16 percent of the medics have not been injected. that's according to the
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governor's office. that means they are bod, from hospitals and other medical facilities. we heard from a local power medical anthony albert keta and john brozowski, a chief executive of the washington pain center. they share their views on this decision. national guards are usually brought out for crises, hurricanes, tornadoes, things like that. this the 1st time i've ever known of it to be for a health care reason. hospitals do require vaccines for the flu and we had the flu for many, many, many years. and you would get a vaccine. there are some individuals, doctors, nurses who opt out of getting the flu shot. and then if so, then they have to, they meet those individuals who opt out, have to wear mask. we've done this now at least for 25 years that i can remember. i'm not sure why this is different and they don't allow that. those changes. i can definitely see that, you know, health care is either going to suffer or become a little slower. and in this state in new york state as well, it would be a cascading effect. if you're taking from one area to a staff,
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another area that leaves the other areas that may need that extra stepping short people that may get terminated. who will help work is it's, it's a tough thing because this is such a specialized skill. you know, when you are a nurse or a paramedic or a doctor, you put so many years of training into it and be seen if they can never work again . i think they should offer testing as an option. meanwhile, president biden is encouraging americans to get vaccinated and he's received a booster shot to lead by example. he also expressed his disappointment at the number of people who are not getting their injections about 22 percent haven't gotten any shots and that that distinct minority is causing an awful lot of us. a lot of damage for the rest of the country. that's why i'm moving forward with the vaccination requirements. wherever i can. i guess it's gave us views on whether
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cobit shots should be mandatory to me, the right thing is getting the vaccine. but if you don't, the other right thing is to make sure you tested weekly and you don't get anybody else sick. i just don't want to see any more people die. you know, from this disease though, i'm over it, you know, we in the emergency medical service community empties of paramedics, we saw so many people suffer this year. and if you look at what's happening in the country at the moment, this does seem to be a pandemic. of the unbox needed many of the unvaccinated tend to be minorities. why? because there was kind of mistrust of the government the government back in the forty's had a to ski experiment and where blacks were been year old diseases and were not treated. so there's always been some skepticism and certainly religious exemptions are always that people do that all the time in medicine, jehovah, witnesses for blood transfusion or other types of treatments. we've always respected an individual's rights to then opt out of certain medical care and
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possibly out here at moscow. germany's oh laugh schoultz and his rivals and are vying to take up the mantel of chancellor after a close for the election with anglo merkel heading for the exit. many of questioning who will now be seen as the de facto leader of europe, is our correspondent ortiz charlotte. i minute my phone like the style himself, a man with a vision for europe, he pushed hard for an e. you owe me the call for rita integration reform and for sending over the single currency though, we have good back on back when at least all the while germany under the still weak guy didn't. so merkel has smiled and nodded. but whenever push came to shove, she made clear who was fall shouldn't benefit from european solidarity while playing against other member states. this solidarity among partners should never
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lead to adapt unit, and it should instead be about helping others to help themselves to have a history. so before macaroni even occupies the a health way as the french economy minister and during talk to help greece avoid crippling or 30 measures. merkle put her foot down. according to a manual, merkel ordered how to keep macro greek negotiations. brickle spell was every bit as powerful as i had imagined with the merkel era slowly but surely winding down. we all know that she's leaving you to fill my corn is clean the keen to them because he's serious kenya would be leaving a former investment fund. russell, more than a few feathers, not just in europe, but also across the globe. what we are currently experiencing is the brain death of nate. so nato only works if the guarantor of last resort functions such frances
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president, her french president, has found rather drastic words to express his views. i don't think such a sweeping judgement is appropriate. obviously we'll have to take all destiny in our own hands. but the trans atlantic partnership for us is absolutely indispensable in relations with other countries of holsten kids to be rude. we do have a very special relationship. in fact i'll get that little piece of piece we have to make them purple. he is perfect. thank you. and your delicious why for your one will come to perfect organization of this trip. thanks to you and thank you very much. no problem. thank you very much. thank you. thank isn't there a strong atlanta movement in trends. the so go liberals that are more on the themes and those are the start, the well, who is being very i pull america and i think he still does so much in between the
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black hole that i didn't know what to do or how to do it. what i needed was a video, a few of them and she was not, i mean she was in the sense because generally so powerful. but maybe a success only be the leader or fewer. but i don't know. i mean, because of him, he's not going to, she's at home. however, i intention have often surface showing twice all quite a strong as my court would like to make out. let you to does it says you need to choose the united states has shown towards the submarine. deal clearly illustrates the point we've been making for months. namely, the political dialogue with a nato is non existent, even a hair at home. he's had his work was being suspected following the international press. his son himself also often irritating the french who have not been afraid to lash out a look like
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the getting the he just didn't come across this from to me. it's like he's got a lot of issues going on, i mean its own country right now. amec with a lot of the union got high unemployment rate with very large minority population. there's a lot of areas that internally, which could potentially put additional pressure in that area from a greater european side. i mean, it be does european area that me, it actually may give him a better view with it internally with the country as well. but he's got some, he's got several internal issues that he needs to deal with, as well as the course of europe. merkel exit the stay back home. i think it's time
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to come by his office shine. however, with the fight of his life to retain the president, the hearing problems, not too far away, he could struggle to keep the dual attention of both the home and european audiences. and right now, it is also clear where the political scholars run through your vision. charlotte, sky off p. harris. well, sundays election in germany drew close interest from us tech giants and the video platform you tube has now banned any materials. questioning the outcome of that vote. don't post elections related content on youtube if it fits any of the descriptions noted below. content that advance is false, claims that widespread fraud errors or glitches change the outcome of select past national elections after final election results are officially certified. this currently applies to any past us presidential election. the 2021 german federal
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election of youtube says election misinformation can cause real world harm and interfere with democratic processes. and one of its key targets is out of hacked materials. and we heard from spike cohen, who was the us military party candidate for vice president and the 2020 election. he questions how evenly this policy will be enforced. it infringes on the idea of the freedom. the concept of freedom of speech is that a government cannot stop you from speaking. now as a private platform, they are allowed to decide what, what they allow. now with that said, the fact that they explicitly lifted the us election and the german election makes me wonder how much of this is this company deciding that their policy and how much of it is actually being poking and prodding and coercion from specific government to do that what i'm interested to see is how uniformly, is this going to be applied? are they going to apply this just as equally in china or russia or a country like that, as opposed to, if it happens in the us or in germany?
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is this going to be arbitrarily enforced or is this basically become a ban on election whistle blowing around the country over the planet? ross are also recently held an election with a ruling united russia party winning a majority of seats. the vote on some of the controversy surrounding it was one of the topics that came up in a very wide ranging interview with russia as former president and prime minister dmitri mit, we will be showing it in full throughout the day here on the international. but for the meantime, a quick preview would probably do it if you do have a new in the room. but during the 3 day vote, central election commission servers were under constant attack. according to the ministry of digital development, around half came from the united states. that's reason enough for a fight, right? because everyone's sick and tired of tech, including the united states, the big tech plays by its own corporate rules, the money they made them up. and now that's how they decide things. they let some
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of the hook give others the chop. they blocked the former us president everywhere he had 85 or 90000000 followers. by, by why, why we don't like him. when i check twitter recommendations on who to follow, of course, the 1st person who comes up is an evolving who is serving a criminal sentence. isn't this interference in the affairs of a foreign country? it's blatant interference. i come here with an optional renown medical journal, raised his eyebrows off. they're referring to women on its front page as bodies with giant will explore the reaction to that after the break. ah hello, driven by a dreamer shaped by those in
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me dares thing. we dare to ask me what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have been crazy for taishan, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. a very critical time, time to sit down and talk me the news.
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ah, i'm going to join us for this tuesday program at school district in the us state of minnesota. has angered parents with this new sex education program, which includes gay and transgender role play for children. this curriculum, sabotage, just deeply held cultural family and faith, believe pip schools against parents and a stand off regarding who is the values should be instilled. this curriculum goes far beyond teaching and respect and tolerance, and is intentionally confusing children about their gender and sexual orientation, teaching k 12 students, it's ok to be sexually active at a very young age. is obviously dangerous. 3 hours describes pornography use as normal activity for teens when in fact,
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pornography is damaging and addictive to undeveloped brains. the minnesota school program is called 3 ours, which stands for rights, respect, and responsibility. in one series of lessons, it asks students to pretend they are gay, lesbian, old, transgender partners in a relationship. it also teachers, kids about anal sex of a school authorities have defended the program, saying it's about keeping kids informed and safe. topics main clued the automatically correct names for body parts at persons. right to keep their body safe by expressing their level of comfort with touch and identifying is safe adult to confide in if needed. we heard from warm, hey i for my trans women and founder of sex change regret dot com, a wall things the 3 ours sex ed program should be raising serious alarm bells, which really harmful is that we are abusing sexually abusing our
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children. this is sexual abuse and the teachers are participating in sexual abuse just not about the l g b t. this has nothing to do with the l g b team. this has to do with the teachers engaging in pedophilia. the teachers maybe becoming sexually aroused by engaging the children and these behaviors. and we need to actually have an in federal investigation into what the children are learning from these teachers. and this kind of curriculum should not be in the schools and any teacher who does this should be dismissed from school and should not be a school teacher. a british medical journal is under fire for its use of supposedly inclusive language. the lancet referred to women on its front page. as bodies with a giant critic slammed the use of language as dehumanizing naming women. his body was a joy. this is in you low,
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all in the misguided pursuit of woke. boring. you can be inclusive without being insults and abusive. are we extremist for objecting to women and girls being to humanized? are we really just bodies with vaginas to medical professionals? just wrote the lun set to tell them to take me off the list of statistical reviewers and cancel my subscription and never contact me about anything ever again . absolutely inexcusable language to refer to women and girls. but if we have the janice or d, a god, you can write that and then talk about menstrual shame in the same sentence. i'm intrigued. what do called the sex formerly known as men. always it's only women that you are raising. we are still onset, a comment on the negative reaction to his peace. they were apologetic saying it was not their intention to offend anybody. they also stressed that transgender health is they neglected. issue. we have conveyed the impression that we have dehumanized
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and marginalized women. those you read, the lancet regularly, will understand that this would never have been our intention. i apologize to our readers who are offended by the cover quotes and the use of those same words in the review. at the same time, i want to emphasize that trends gender health is an important dimension of modern health care. but one that remains neglected. well, finding alternative words for women is proving surprisingly difficult for some of the english speaking world. earlier this year, several u. k. a hospitals told staff the use tons such as birthing parents and human milk rather than refer to mothers or breast milk. and one in the us house speaker, nancy pelosi, early this year said words such as mother father and daughter and brother should be avoided in congress and replaced with gender neutral or toner tubes. but we have discussed the issue with podcast the underwriter, lauren chen. i here we can see being swayed by audi ideology rather than biology.
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the, even the notion that gender identification is something that is brought up when referred to the word woman versus biological sex. that actually is a political statement. so even though they may have been trying to be inclusive by referring to women as bodies with vaginas, i think what they are sibling to many people sadly, is that even though they claim to be a bastion of science and medicine and objectivity, they are being swayed by the increasing woke id, ology, we see, perpetrating penetrating almost every single industry. it seems like this small vocal minority who insists on this extreme exc, inclusive body. they are essentially trying to bully entire professions and we see now that includes the medical profession, even though this is supposed to be about gender identity in general. i do find it interesting. how often times the, the words are the groups that are being a race are actually women for every attempt we see to erase the word man or manhood or father, she would, there are 5 or 10 examples of trying to erase the word mother, woman or the like,
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well, as far as fast to 1st time into a very heated debate, this whole idea of a transgender and the 3 are, as for example, you can read more about the pet section of author dot com. you've got a lot of emotions flaring in that section. of our website right now. for the meantime, do you choose the headlines return at the top of the hour? hope you can join us. ah, imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job and then it was my name was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs. i look for everything. i can to make this pass and all i end up doing is testing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees as very idealized image of the older america,
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native americans look past the death that happened every single day. this is a modern history of the usa america on our t o. when i was the wrong. when all just don't the rules. yes to see out the thing because the after an engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground in this is the i was going to come to the for you let me know when
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you're when the country for putting up your child. of course, what asian you fail from? well, was the 1st one or as much as we speak. this is live. i live in need much. you're going to look for that answers your matter. this matrix i don't want, i me the way we look the counter arise in the shape of our nose. these traits are all imbedded in our dna and passed from generation to generation. interesting for them,
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because i guess maybe the popular mr. mitchell college that, that you will get. let me try it out. the whole system, which my job is to work with me. we'll geneticists about some of the rest features people might have. after all, there's a lot that they can explain scientifically and medically, ah, because the choice of shirts which lay a complete it's in the book for feature. but mostly they took a picture into context chuck because we're sharing the mobile phone actually going on this road leads to none with a village near rep loan in the state of madhya pradesh.


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