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things away dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people in our society. so that makes sense for them to throw it out and write it off, rather than give it to somebody who could use it, then that person is not going to buy it. ok. they're connecting germany's federal election with exit polls. putting the said to that s p d party just ahead of the ruling c d, singling what could be a change of direction for the country. the post medical era special coverage of was billed to be a very tight reg. the chancellor ship now in the weeks of the top stories on r t, the russian city appear more than the loss of 6 people killed in the university shooting. correspondences retrace the steps of the gunman. deadly rampage is the exact road. the perfect trader took while he was carrying out his vicious planet.
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franz says the political dialogue with a nato is non existent in america and britain, struggle to come french anger of our day, security packed made with strayer. ah, the great have you with us you watching the weekly on our to so it's for you the vote serina the count is own in germany's federal election with the outcome set to determine who will replace angular michael as chancellor and will be the 1st change at the top in the country for more than a decade and a half the so we've been taking a look at the exit polls and they all indicate support for merkel c d. u. c. su
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party has shrunk considerably since the last vote in 2017. germany said they have the news channel, but the social democrats in the lead, with 26 percent, the ruling christian democrat, set complaints $24.00 and a half percent devoted. 3rd is the green policy on $13.00 and then come the free democratic party with $11.00 alternative german to germany. party gone at 10 and a half percent according to the exit polls with the left part, the only just getting 5 percent threshold. now let's look more closely what the vote actually means. germans on sunday were not direct me choosing the next chance . so they were lighting, members of the parliament, the buddhist. tar. and it is they who will go about picking a chancellor to lead. what in practice is always a coalition government each vote gets to ballot papers. the 1st of them is to elect a candidate in each electro district. there are 299 such constituencies in germany
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. and the 2nd ballot paper was for choosing a political party with $47.00 of them vying for safe only parties more than 5 percent of the nationwide get to end of parliament. no single policy is expected to secure an absolute majority meaning coalition towards our inevitable correspondence in berlin, p to oliver breaks down the possible coalition option. it's about as close of thing, get here in germany. as it stands, the social democrats, the center left party, are ahead by a whisker in this most recent poll. in fact, they look like they're about to put on around an extra 5 percent of what they picked up back in 2017. this would be one of the biggest come back since lots of us because just even earlier this year, they to well out of the running. and that's probably one of the reasons why they're candidate for chancellor. all of shots seems quite a beat. if i make the affiliates, then i'm happy to see so many here today. and of course, i'm happy about the election results. not the germans have decided that the social
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democrats are on their way to make success. this will be a long election. make sure, but what's the certain as well as that many germans put that cross next to the s p d because they want to change in the government. and because they want the next chancellor of this country to be our last shot. so there was quite a different mood on show at the headquarters for the center, right? conservative union that's made up of the christian democratic union and in bavaria, the kristian social union. they look likely to drop around 9 percent of what they put back in 2017. i mentioned the christian social union in bavaria that for on 32.5 percent. if that comes in that around that well, that would be the lowest numbers date posted since 1949. farrah thought the conservative block set for pops that worst ever showing in the bone the stock. they have spent the last 16 years in power with angela merkel at the helm. it's now
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looking unlikely, or looking, uncertain whether that will be a part of the next government at all. this is nick and neck race. the selection is an exceptional situation. a president, we don't have any certain outcome, any certain figures, but we can already say that we can not be satisfied with the results. and yet, the outcome of election still unclear this will be not current, yet shawn's eigen. well, germany is all about coalitions when it comes to who rules the country. so let's have a look at some of the, the mathematical possibilities based on how things look at the moment. the grand coalition is between the center right in the center left. that's what's real germany for the last 4 years or unlikely that is what's going to be going forward basically, because it's, it's unlikely it's unknown whether they'll get over the 50 percent needed of seats in the bonus tag in order to form a coalition. government will then start looking through those coalitions that involve 3 parties, the traffic light coalition, so called because of the, the colors of the parties involved. that's the red of the social democrats,
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the greens of the green party, the yellow of the free democrats. there's also the germany coalition that deutschland coalition, or sometimes called the mickey mouse coalition, by those that don't particularly like it. that's because it makes up the colors of the german flag or the other colors of disney's mouse. that's the rates of the social democrats, the black of the conservative union, and the yellow hold the free democrats, and that is particularly popular with business, not so much with anybody else. that brings us on to, to national flag coalition that you make a coalition, which is between the conservative union, the green party, and the free democrats. plenty of questions would be raised with that one. then there's the kenya coalition. so called because of the can you flag as i mentioned, that's red, black and green. know mark is zada, who's the leader of the various christiy and social union. quite finds these a jamaica coalition will of course he would, that would see him or his party at least to remain in government. what we are
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hearing though is when it comes to coalition talks, it may well be the free democrats, the pro business, low tax policy, the greens, the group that want to see more taxes on the pro environmentalist agenda that they may have to hammer out. coalition talks before they involve the parties that have won the lion's share of the vote, because if those to conform a coalition, if they can work together than they can be the king. make his decide. who gets to be chancellor? a long way to go. yet though we knew this was going to be tight, i don't think we really realized exactly how tight until we've seen these figures. ok, let's take a closer look. now what each of the 3 leading parties stands for, the social democrats who lead to those polls one does a much more drastic action taken on climate change. they are in favor of more immigration and more free trade. the policy also supports the creation of a european army while upholding germany native commitments and the s d p. c's good times with russia is being vital for european pace. second in the polls,
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it's the c d u c s u alliance, which until now is from angler medical the campaign slogan to make good things better. the post medically are the promising to tighten immigration rules and to cut taxes for low to middle income workers on foreign policy. they see relations with russia and china as the main challenges that face germany does. the green party in 3rd place. we just have a 14 percent of the vote, i think, to combat climate change to develop the infrastructure. they're also in favor of more immigration and a rise in the minimum wage while also supporting a universal basic income. despite a proving of germany's native membership, they do stand against nuclear weapons. and the greens want tough policies when it comes to russia and china. and something with mentioning there were some polling stations in berlin actually ran out a ballot papers. it said that they weren't able to get deliveries in quick enough because roads have been closed due to the cities annual marathon, which was held on sunday. and la medical's preferred choice in the political race
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and lush. it also grabbed attention to the polling station when the accident revealed and followed paper to photographers. i need also fill it in already let's bring it maximillian car is a m e p for the alternative for germany party. welcome maximilian. so 1st of all, just 2 days before this election, european union's foreign policy chief published a statement that warned russia against malicious cyber activities. now the germany elections weren't explicitly mentioned, but i don't think it's rocket science that this was a direct attack. well, it and i mean, wanting for, from russia, they are quite unusual now, whenever did something wrong with jim, and there's a lot of good things that go wrong with gemini recognizing attack. so i get new one independent public, takes the will to, the more the, your party said that it's,
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it's happy with the the exit poll results saying that are around 11 percent. i mean, how do you view it is, is that course the celebration? i mean, we are more or less stable, which is not that it's always better to do, but the other party wants to gain. we didn't gain. so it is a result for us. it's important to, to see on the regional change in my home state. and secondly, we increase, so we know the strongest political party with more than 30 percent, but especially in western federal state. so we have now to do some research. what went wrong and what, what better made the call,
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especially as it is a result because a little bit better, the thing resolved to that we have to broke and they have to become better if we talk about the european union now anglo michael would say she's been, you know, the face of the e u, a dominant figure politically for it. how the things change. now with her departure, how, how does, how will the face of the, you look as a group thing bubble and they release to doing well as from my, from an alliances, several countries into a federal civil this will not change and get america had the ability to soften into russian and anti chinese develop, but this will change to even her own policy because the democrats voted what majority went over to this entire russian declaration of to paula,
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even though she the way main that the radical forces in germany will increase. and the problem will be, have, and all that europe she meant to people who want to bend them, recalls people who want to order for the who wrote people who believed preach ended, an offense to this extreme liberal friendship will increase what she never stop, but cheap otherwise, do i think that we will have an increasing instability in europe when she leave. on the other hand, she was the person who opened the full dose extreme and tough to so i'm very sad that she is away. but i think that what we expect now become worse,
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at least for a time until the do you think among my trauma will see himself now? was one of the senior statesmen in, in europe and tried to set himself more from bond when it comes to european politics. no, i think that everyone knows the problem is playing a game that is that the potential is a number in the do you like for me? you know, 3 and you know out cook has a former president. so the question is will draw a line with the call deficit thing, but at the very end, if you number is numbers, if ever times gdc number is nothing what a gym and constant. so we have to wait, what shows will become the next chancellor. we already know that baseball is trauma,
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european union booth, not openly against russia and china for the time until we have the new coalition, i would recommend to have a live, i'm druggie and it's lasha bushel. they are both very similar. and so i don't think that we will have a hoss change in german politics, but we don't have a slight change at the green in every case will become part of the new government. and the greens are code what policy code, what policy. so you can expect a more hostile policy against russia in china with a possible rein foreign minister in germany. but until we know exactly how that up and drop me, that would be my recommendation. the green parties to wish really against the no stream to pipeline. they looks like the greens are going to be part of whatever
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coalition is formed. it's not going to have some kind of repercussions. and when it comes to the pipeline, it's built, it's about to get operating, surely too late to do anything about it now. but they've, they all going to be in, in principal opposed to it. i mean, we have, we have, you know, we have the entire rest of the coalition. and part of the coalition was the, the sentence, but don't seem to should never become operators and even 50 percent, ester christian democrats in brussels. important. but i don't think this become reality, but you have to be aware. the greens are a code what policy, the greens are policy that are and her rational china very much aligned with the american states and the read. i don't think they will ever power to stop most people to become a race. the continue to sanctions against russia. they
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will try to interfere entity or chinese and they will lead us to a ice i time to $2.00 to $3.00. then we have what because they are really much aligned with the left. busy side, the state and maximillian car as well. i guess a member of the european parliament will turn to the germany party maximillian. thanks. thank you very much. so the voting has been completed in germany. the exit polls suggesting the country could be heading for a change of direction, s p. d, just only fractionally ahead of actual c d. c su. according to the exit, polls still stays too close to go away. the results will keep you updated as things develop ah
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ah, a convoy, serbian tanks has reportedly been spotted headed towards the cost of a border video circulating on line suggest grade is deploying troops, mid soaring tensions with christiana, serving canadian films are at the bar, a smaller gorski is, is be right now explained to us what was happening. these are unconfirmed reports. the tanks have been spotted heading towards the minister crossing with serbia, southern province of coastal. that is the site of attention that it's been going on for days after cosmo authority is decided to do you recognize license plates from serbia, which is a very controversial move and is not in line with the brussels agreement that was signed back in 2013. but said, this is only one of several controversial issues that
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a variety of areas and between for seen and belgrade. for seen, of course, not adopting many of the points of the brussels agreement to view the cleaning association of cert. municipalities would have been a major issue between christina and belgrade christine, as absolute occupation of northern casa, and metro hija is taking place in that international silence. however, everyone starts to worry immediately when they see serbian helicopters and planes over the territory of central serbia. apparently they should not take off without the approval of the prime minister of kosovo, cutty or someone from the international community. yes, as we heard the serbian president arguably frustrated with what is going on. we heard, you know, the, you having a very little form response to the whole issue, basically calling on both sides to de escalate. when it is actually one side, christina, which is causing the player contentions, costco and serbia must find solutions to defuse the situation and agree on the way
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forward. the you will actively support these efforts. both cost of an answer been lead as a fully responsible for any risks to the safety and well being of local communities . the perceived authorities are trying to put pressure on belgrade by the recognizing certain license plates that with the ultimate goal of putting control over in northern coastal, which is dominantly inhabited by serbs and take control over all of and in doing so, pressure serbia into recognizing the independence, so something survey is refused to do because is not in line q and security council resolution 1244 for survey consider course, or the southern province as many other countries, including russia and china. but the west is aiding. proceed in these pressure is at the same time, super, critically calling on both sides the escalade while it's only one side of the equation. and that is the proceed on government. the central russian city of pen is in morning after this week's university gun massacre. 6 people were killed
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on monday, allegedly by student to classmates, described as a silent and lonely teenager. a warning you may find these images coming up, disturbing. the 40 people who ended in the shooting. most of them students, many of whom are still fighting for their lives on constantino's coffers. retrace the steps taken by the killer. this is the exact road the perfect trader took while he was carrying out his vicious plan. and this is, by the way, the exec street, where he fired at a passing car as he was making his way towards the campus. ah, the gunman showed up at the university faculty building. and this is where he was 1st film by terrified students. they were staring at him as he strode across the park with a hunting rifle, ammunition wrapped around his body. he doesn't use the
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me i didn't know this, but when i was leaving university, a group of people had already got tons out. 15 minutes earlier, we could have been in that situation. it was very scary. we usually eat a building next time we are in the but notice that it was this little even today. ah, that's the building. where are these horrific scenes unfolded just meters away from where we're standing now? people were jumping from a height of about 4 meters spalding heavily onto the ground. many of them have suffered serious injuries because of that hasty evacuation to my fee was among
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those who jumped. this is him on the video falling from the window. fortunately, he didn't suffer any injuries, unlike other students. movie didn't. we saw a guy walking across the square holding a gun, aiming a top building. he fired a shot and then disappeared from our line of sight. we realized we had to do something better with us. student has been identified as an 18 year old freshman at the university and a social media post he made. shortly before he embarked on the shootings. he talked about hatred for mankind in general, and that he'd been planning to commit a mass murder for several years. yeah, well it looks like nobody's in there. this is the suspects department, that is where he lived with his mother. and they told us that after she was called in by the investigative committee, she then decided to move elsewhere away from the media. attention near the house. we met the suspect. former classmates remembered him as
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a silent and lonely teenager who didn't have a lot of friends. they also run into him the morning he went to shoot people all to quibble when he was quiet and shy, not very sociable, and he always slow when he walked out of the game that day, he walked differently. that day he worked with confidence quickly with broad steps . of course, the main question in everyone's mind now is how 18 year old got hold of a firearm. while he bought it legally, he passed the medical test. he was headed by say, hi teresa here apparently hadn't found anything odd about this quiet young man. there was a big push taken in one of the gun stores on the outskirts of berm right here. where are the light shooter? purchased himself ammo as he was getting ready for the mass. murder, ah
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ah, we were welcome at the store. what is your name? was crystal clear about this tragedy is that it could have been much worse if it hadn't been for 2 heroic traffic police officers who just happened to be in the vicinity. when the shooting started, both officers rushed to the campus with one of them and quickly running into the attacker open fire. that officer constantine calling in return fire, wounding the suspect. and then he administered 1st 8 or the gun mans and hospital in a serious condition. although he has survived and even regained conscious, i can say that about the city though hard because the permit is still trying to come to terms with the nightmare that has just happened. and as you can see, people are still gathering up this makeshift memorial to honor the memory of the
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deceased the u. s. in britain, scrambling to mander rift with france, after sidelining, their ally, and a security pack made with strayer buttons now mentioned. it was wrong to strike the bill behind paris, his back after the french defense chief said the political dialogue with a nato, it was all but disappeared. latitude is it, as you knew, the attitude of the united states. one of the submarine program is a further investigation of them servatius that we have been making for months today . political dialogue is non existent within the atlantic lions on quarter polls. now, in the cracks, appearing within the western military lines and how the british prime ministers handling the pressure. what, what do you say? you have always say mutual protection, a greater common purpose. all this seems to go out the window and there's a bit of money to be made. the recent controversy surrounding the u. s. u. k and
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australia as new security pack has left in new leaders scratching their heads about what even means to be in nato anymore. the reason for nato's existence is transatlantic security. this is what we want to remind the united states off. therefore, our partners decided on our initiative as well as on the initiative of germany to revise the strategic concept of the alliance. being allies does not mean being hostage to the interests of another country. at 1st the spat seem confined to only a few powers friends being upset with the suspension of its submarine contract with australia, which resulted from hawkess's provisioning of nuclear sub technology to the country . and the entire strategic alliance is feeling the reverb. it is such a difficult issue where we see traditional alliances in some way torn apart are certainly changed fundamentally, but the issue doesn't stop there. london doesn't even feel like they've done anything wrong. it 3 very like minded allies, standing shoulder to shoulder,
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creating a new partnership for the sharing of, of technology. it is not exclusive, i did not trying to, to shoulder anybody. i did not the stereo towards china. e, you states feeling like they were left, hung out to dry, the u. s. and u. k. and making decisions without consulting their friends with nato's ongoing friendship. crisis airing it's member states dirty laundry. many are finding it hard to see a strong united future for the west over 7 decade long military alliance. nato was considered by franz a month ago, year to go back to my whole as brain dead. a brain dead of lions stuff, strong words within nato. they want to revise the concept, he teaches concepts and bring it back actually to the north atlantic. because if you follow america, nato will soon be in the pacific, cruising around china would be almost. this is not the way nature was conceived and
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it shouldn't be there. europeans should not be in that region of the world markets that repeatedly, that we should enlarge. our vision, any desperately look to something to do that the reality can all we are in that. i mean maint what's in the scanner stuff is in iraq to train the forces. that's the limits of the extension. this is not the north atlantic anymore. is it? london? washington the both welcome the all kasteel. the ties between the countries aren't exactly going to plant joe biden. play down the chances of post bags and trade do with the k, and that's raise further doubts about the so called special relationship. some right explains, remember the old joke. how can you tell a politician who's lying because their lips move? well, joe biden, and bar johnson sold that problem when they met in washington. the last event is that the west and well dashed down for new york for a special meeting in washington. the kind of weird news conference where everyone
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pretends the special relationship is still a thing. even though we all know is not really the facade in these days. they don't even really use the phrase and then the absence of anything else. they decided the bond over trying amtrak. is that right? i did. you did. i did 1000000 miles. i'll stay the rest of that. the train back to wait on for that to minute. the mission for the british prime minister was to spin the very obvious truth, the post break that britain passed, basically, no job of getting a free trade deal with the us anytime. yep, biden said no without actually saying we're going to talk about trade a little bit today and we're gonna have to work at true work at 3 deed report suggests that britain is going to try and bought in the back door of a trade deal already exists. between the us, canada, mexico. anyway, every time someone brings up, the idea of a free trade deal with britain bind,
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does that we thing we bang going about the north border. and they were, however, very keen to try and show how united they are ahead of the 26 climate summit in glasgow. come november, you made a commitment on supporting the world to adaptive to climate change, doubling the american commitment that is very important for our school. so everything else is just the diplomatic show reports in january, suggested the u. s. o britain to get a grip on how it was planning the conference. essentially washington selling britain contra plan it's own policy. so the special relationship is in the kind of place now where every now again, washington, throw that in britain's way to keep the whole thing taken. so boy finally got an invite to the white house, off the 2 years. down close. they are, of course they have the job at the bottom, the orchestra in the military lines in australia because while trade deals hard, military deals to.


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