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and there's a group of people out there, i guess, hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation is i give them when i start crying about them dying? that's usually what it's about. it's just the sheer unfairness of it all. the neck and neck in germany. federal election with exit polls. putting the said to left s p d, just add to the ruling c d u signaling. what could be a change of direction for the country in the post merkel era, special coverage of volt, built to be an extremely tight grace for the chancellor shed in the week sort of stories and r t. the rush and city of pierre, more than lots of 6 people killed in a university shooting, correspondent traces the steps of the team and the deadly rampage. this is the exact road the perpetrator to, while he was carrying out his vicious letter and frances political dialogue within
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nato, is non existent in america in britain, struggle to come french anger over security pantene just straight ah good evening. thanks for joining us for the weekly or naughty 1st for you, the votes are now in the camps continues in germany. federal election. the outcome is set to determine who will replace angular. michael is chancellor. and what will be the 1st change at the top in more than a decade in a half the ah, well, the 1st exit polls have been done and they all indicate support for mantles, c,
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d. u. c. su thought he has shrunk considerably since i last spoke in 2017 jim and he said a news channel for the social democrats in the late 25.7 percent. really, christine democrats are in 2nd place and 24.6. 3rd come the green party with 14.4 percent and then is the free democratic party on $11.00 alternative germany of gone, the 10.7 percent left party only just squeezing past the 5 percent threshold. now in terms of how things work regarding this vote germans today, we're not directly choosing a chancellor. they were electing the bond, just talk. and it is those members who will go about picking a chancellor lead. what impact is usually a coalition government hbo to receive to ballot papers? now the 1st of them was to select the candidates in the district. there are $299.00 such constituencies. the 2nd ballot paper is for a political party. there are 47 of them that only parties with more than 5 percent
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of the vote nationwide are allowed to enter parliament schedule correspondent in berlin, who's following this tight race speech oliver we we seeing what looks like what everyone expect to the coalition, but it's very hard to predict this point, what form of coalition? how do you see things? well, things are about as tight as they can get. we've got the center left social democrats . it would seem ahead, bye, bye. well, the smallest of margins by a whisker, as it stands out, the moment it's been a good night for them. if you look back to 2017, they've looks like they're about to put on around 5 percent of the vote more. but if you look to the last few years, this is really one of the biggest comebacks and love the risk they looked dead and buried about 12 months ago. not so much now, and that's one of the reasons why there comes the candidate for the chancellor's job. all our show looking pretty happy right now. if i make it,
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then i'm happy to see so many here today. and of course, i'm happy about the election results. none the germans have decided, the social democrats are on their way and that's a big success. this will be a lonely lecture tonight. sure. but what's the certain as well does that many germany, that crosses next to the p d, because they want to change in the government. and because they want the chancellor of this country to be lashonda quite a different move at the center, right? conservative union made up of the christian democratic union and in bavaria, the christie and social union, that of course, the party, the, the group. the uncle of miracle is presided over for the last 16 years. as chancellor. not a good night for them, it would seem their set to lose around 9 percent of the votes on what they got in 2017. if we go down to the varia, the christian social union, they're looking to post around 32.5 percent. if that's how it ends up,
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it would be their worst numbers since 1949. as i said, a very different mood at the center, right? in fact, they run into a whether they will be in government this time around us. all. this is nick neck race. this election is an exceptional situation. a president. we don't have any certain outcome any certain figures, but we can already say that we cannot be satisfied with the results. and yet, the outcome of election still unclear this will be the current, yet sean sagen. while germany is ruled by coalitions and it's mathematics that will be tapping away through the night, as people try to get over that 50 percent of the seats in the bond, the stock total that you need to, well ro, germany at the moment it is looking very unlikely that a grand coalition, that's the coalition between the center left and center, right? would either get over that mark or whether we'd get sufficiently over that mark so
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that they'd actually be able to have a functioning government without needing huge support from opposition parties. let's have a look at some of the other options that involve multiple parties. then there is what called the germany coalition, sometimes by those that don't particularly like it called the mickey mouse coalition. that's because it involves the colors of the parties, black, red, and yellow, both the color, the german flag on the course of business may encourage that. that would be popular with business, but own popular massively with the greens who would put up a pretty staunch opposition to it. there is said the jamaica coalition that's made up of the conservative union, the green party, and the free democrats called the jamaica coalition because the colors of the jamaican flag, the issues you get with that is it would require the greens to overlook comments. they may, going into this election saying they thought it was about time because the union said some signs in opposition. also there's problems between the free democrats who are a low tax party. the greens want to see more taxes put into play. we stay with national
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national colors then as the kenya coalition not make up of the black of the union, the red of the social democrats and the green of the greens. again, problems between the greens and the union. there also that's a very untried coalition. and then you have the traffic light coalition calls because it's because of a traffic light between the union, between the social democrats, the greens and the free democrats. again, problems between the greens and the free democrats, in order to get that wall over the line. basically, we were promised this one would be tight, hasn't disappointed, and he will not know for a while i would guess exactly what form the government will take here in germany. when all of the doctors settled and they've decided what type of government they go to have, what type of coalition will rule this country going forward? a lot of bartering to come between those relative parties, piece all over with the latest for his in berlin. thank you. okay, pita gave is
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a bit of an atlanta. some of the parties are close to that. now a lot, each of the 3 leading party stands for now, the social democrats who are the leads in the very top race, they want to see more drastic action on climate change. they are also in favor of more immigration and free trades. the party supports the creation of the european army while upholding germany's native commitment. and the s t p. c's good times with russia is vital to european pace. currently, 2nd place sen, rice, c, d. c. issue alliance, which until now was fronted by anglo michael. that campaign slogan is to make good things better in the post medical area. they are promising to tighten immigration rules and to cut taxes for low to middle income workers and foreign policy. they see relations with russia in china as the main challenges, the face, germany in 3rd place with just a full team said that the votes are expected. the dream party seek to combat
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climate change. obviously. also, they want to develop infrastructure and they are in favor of more immigration under rise in the minimum wage while also supporting a universal basic income. despite improving of germany's native membership, they stand against nuclear weapons. and the greens want tough a policies on russia and china now some general election information for you've been reports coming in at some calling stations in berlin. run out a ballot. papers have been said that they were not able to get deliveries quick enough because roads were closed due to the annual marathon. also held this sunday . the bankers preferred choice in the list, the rates and lashes. everyone detention at the polling station when he accidently revealed his balance to photography after it was already filled as well as we've explained to you, a coalition was anticipated in this election. and that is clearly what he's going
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to happen very tight from rice at the moment. between the s p d, you have more of the vote than the c d u. c su alliance. we're talking around the 25 percent more clearly these are going to be small mondays, relatively compared to other countries that you would see certainly in the european nations. we're getting updates from our correspondent regularly our, just to look at the way negotiations are going and be an awful lot of back room bartering going on right now between the, the relevant parties as a 4 or 5 minutes to get a significant percentage. now to put them as part of negotiations to form a coalition and this assert pietro of rose, explaining several different formations of coalition that could be formed at this point. and we will what grade interest to see. which of those turns out to be the reality in terms of the next german government?
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let's get some analysis now from amanda. can put a bit more clarity on this for us. steven meisner is a political analyst joined me though. we just want to get you on the line. appreciate you. coming on, steven. it is very complicated to the uninitiated, the german political system in the forming of the various combinations of coalition that all seem to be up in the air at the moment. what do you think it's the most likely outcome as it stands? that's pretty much a talk to the coin by the looks of it at the moment. whether it's s p d or a c, d u, conservative lead government. nobody can say right now. i would take a guess at the shoulds and the s p d are going to lead a new coalition, a 3 year coalition. the interesting thing of the course is that the, the big coalitions of the past are of have, are now impossible, even that basically to them together might only barely make up to 50 as it looks like. so we're looking at a 3 year constellation now for
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a stable government. now i'm sure this is absolutely normal way of life for you and it comes to polling in germany. but the people from other countries might seem a little strange that the party that gets the most votes doesn't end up in power quite possibly. i mean, a you in favor of the system. generally germany is fully behind this. yes, i think that that's actually one of the, her aspects of the political system here in germany is these, these coalition, the way they arise. i actually grew up in the, in the english system in canada. and that the 1st past the post system. and it makes for stable governments, but the representation is really skewed, not, not nearly as fair as it is here. so i actually do approve that it's done that way here. when you got these multiple 30 coalitions, we're talking about the possibly 3 parties joining to here. is it easy for each of them to get what they want out of that agreement?
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no, obviously not. it's a lot easier to come up with an agreement between 3 parties of it with to everybody is going to be fighting more about the points. and in the end, these 3 party coalitions are going to be less stable in the long run than to party coalitions. have been, especially in germany, we've had a lot of stability because the coalitions, as far as i know, i've always been to party coalitions. and now we're heading into, i think, a whole new year of 3 party coalitions. i don't believe we'll see 2 party collisions. ready in germany, probably ever again. this is going to be the new norm going forward. well, and presumably this could take quite a long time because the vote is so close for the parties to come together and form a coalition sent me an angler. michael stays in as a, almost like a cad. take it just keeping an eye, keeping the lights on, so to speak in germany. yes,
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that's actually her official function that she will be doing that until a new government is 4. and i could take months. i mean, 4 years ago it took a long time to form a government. they were talking about a jamaica coalition, and that would have been that it took months to figure that out. i think 34 months or longer. i mean a long time. i wouldn't be surprised if monica was still. busy chancellor, at christmas, it could go right into the new year, even. i mean, it's different from country to country, but i mean, is it possible you couldn't get that? they won't agree on a coalition. i mean more up and send it, do go back to the polls. that's a good question. we haven't seen that yet, so we don't really know, but i think i think they'll come to a coalition of some sort. but it is possible that the leading, i mean it's going to be so close. 242625 point 524.5, something alone in the ballpark, it looks like the last figures that i saw it. it's conceivable. even the
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the party that is, that comes in seconds still ends up forming the coalition at least mathematically as possible. i don't know if that would actually occur, but it's definitely in the cards as a possibility. so it's what, what will come out of this is praying for a toss the coin at this point that nobody can tell. i'm teasing slightly, but it looks like at the moment in time when it was, we're going to say goodbye germany saying good bye to angela michael. time to let her go. it's almost like germany's we looked into let go. the con overwhelmingly. find a way of replacing it. it's just going to make it worse for whoever eventually gets to become the new chancellor. it's almost like, you know, the, the, the shoes are too big to fill. i don't know over the shoes, a big too big to fill. i mean, she's basically left a disaster in her can we, let's think about this in 2013. the vote for her was like 44 percent and then it
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became i was doing the commentary 4 years ago here at rti and she had dropped the 33 percent on the for the cd. you and that was like a big disaster because she a b c loss. her whole right wing vote to be f d which had just come into the into the bonus tag at that time. and now she said he was taken another hit to the got majorly to dropping from 33 down to 25 for the for the c d u. and for michael, it's an absolute disaster tonight. i mean, let me, there's no way around to say, oh, this is the yes, it's an end of the euro, but she's basically left train wreck in her wake. i mean, no strong leader there. and the party is very, very weak. i mean, they've never the c d u has never had any, any elect results anywhere close as bad as they have tonight. so it's if,
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if lasha doesn't for the next government, i think the knives are going to come out in the c d, u. and there's going to be like real butchery going on. and they have to basically do this to renew them to renew the party and have any hope of ever regaining above 30 percent again. but i kind of think that we're headed into a phase of basically the same parties we have right now going forward. and it's going to be very difficult for any of the parties to reach probably over 30 percent going forward in the future. this. this is like, i think the new norm now probably similar to the other european countries which have a lot of parties that are small and often have difficulty forming coalitions because there's no real overriding powerful people's party as it is called here in germany . so that's probably the new new, new future for our view as any of our views. he don't have
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a dog in this political 5. no, no allegiance is the probably just had that interest really picked while your comments suggestion of a night of the political long knives really appreciate the commentary, steven steven meisner political unless my guess. thank you. well, we said that the voting has been completed in germany. the exit polls have come in, they suggest the country because they had to for a change of direction. the s p d, just the head of the c. d, still too close to call the let's be honest at this point, but we will keep you updated as the results come in. ah, ah, let's move to some of the weeks of the top stories now the russian city of p. m. as in morning after this week's university gun massacre, 6 people were killed monday by a student to classmates described as being a silent and lonely teenager. a warning you may find these images coming up
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disturbing. now there were another 40 people who were injured in the shooting, most of them students. many of them are still fighting for their lives. i think correspondent concentration rush coff has been retracing the steps taken by the kill. this is the exact road the perpetrator took while he was carrying out his vicious plan. and this is by the way, the exec street, where he fired at a passing car as he was making his way towards the campus. ah, the gunman showed up at the university faculty building and this is where he was 1st filmed by terrified students. they were staring at him as he strode across the park with a hunting rifle, ammunition wrapped around his body. i me
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i didn't hit but when i was leaving university, a group of people had already gathered that tons out. 15 minutes earlier, we could have been in that situation. it was very scary. we usually can be a building next time we are in the 1st building out that it was this little davis and today. ah, that's the building where are these horrific scenes unfolded just meters away from where we're standing now? people were jumping from a height of about 4 meters spalding heavily onto the ground. many of them have suffered serious injury because of that hasty evacuation to my fee was among those who jumped. this is him on the video falling from the window. fortunately, he didn't suffer any injuries, unlike other students. movie gillian, we saw
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a guy walking across the square holding a gun, aiming a top building. he fired a shot and then disappeared from our line of sight, and we realized we had to do something better with us. spin has been identified as an 18 year old freshman at the university and a social media post he made. shortly before he embarked on the shootings. he talked about hatred for mankind in general, and that he'd been planning to commit a mass murder for several years. yeah, well it looks like nobody's in there. this is the suspects department, that is where he lived with his mother and neighbors told us that after she was called in by the investigative committee, she then decided to move elsewhere away from the media. attention near the house. we met the suspect, former classmates remembered him as a silent and lonely teenager who didn't have a lot of friends. they also run into him the morning he went to shoot people all to
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quibble when he was quiet and shy, not very sociable and he always slower when he walked out of the game that day. he walked differently. that day he worked with confidence quickly with broad steps. of course, the main question in everyone's mind now is how 18 year old got hold of a firearm. while he bought it legally, he passed the medical test he was headed by. it's a high interest who apparently had found anything odd about this quiet young man. there was even footage taken in one of the gun stores on the outskirts of berm right here, where the light shooter purchase himself ammo as he was getting ready for the mass . murder ah ah, we were welcome at the store. yesterday. what was
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your name? was crystal clear about this tragedy that it could have been much worse if it hadn't been for 2 heroic traffic police officers who just happened to be in the vicinity. when the shooting started, both officers rushed to the campus with one of them quickly running into the attacker who opened fire. that officer consented calling in return, fire, wounding the suspect, and then he administered 1st 8, or the gun mans and hospital in a serious condition. although he has revived and even regained conscious, i can say that about the city though hard because of perm is still trying to come to terms with the nightmare that has just happened. and as you can see, people are still gathering at this make shift memorial to honor the memory of the deceased united states and brits enough scrambling to men direct with
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friends of the sidelining. there are like a security pack that was made with the straight president biden's now admitted it was wrong to strike a deal behind paris is back. that's up to the french defense chief. had said political dog with a nato was all but disappeared. let you to visit as you knew, the attitude of the united states. one of the submarine program is a further investigation of them servatius that we have been making for months today . political dialogue is non existent within the atlantic lions artist. on quarter reports on the cracks, appearing within the western military alliance and how the british prime minister is handling the pressure. what, what do you say? you have knowing that i'm going to have a great evening, mutual protection, a greater common purpose. all this seems to go out the window when there's a bit of money to be made. the recent controversy surrounding the u. s. u. k and australia is new, security packed has left. the new leaders scratching their heads about what even
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means to be in nato anymore. the reason for nato existence is transatlantic security. this is what we want to remind the united states off. therefore, our partners decided on our initiative as well as on the initiative of germany to revise the strategic concept of the alliance. being allies does not mean being hostage to the interests of another country. at 1st, the spat seemed confined to only a few powers. france being upset with the suspension of its submarine contract with australia, which resulted from offices provisioning of nuclear sub technology to the country. and the entire strategic alliance is feeling the reverb. it is such a difficult issue where we see traditional alliances in some way torn apart are certainly changed fundamentally. but the issue doesn't stop there. wondering, doesn't even feel like they've done anything wrong. it's 3 very like minded allies, standing shoulder to shoulder, creating a new partnership for the sharing of technology. it is not exclusive,
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i did not trying to to shoulder anybody. i did not at the stereo towards china. e, you states feeling like they were left, hung out to dry, the u. s. and u. k. and making decisions without consulting their friends with nato's ongoing friendship. crisis airing it's member states dirty laundry. many are finding it hard to see a strong united future for the west over 7 decade long military alliance. nato was considered by franz a month ago began to go by president my whole as brain dead, a brain dead alliance that strong words within nato. they want to revise the concept, these teacher concepts and bring it back actually to the north atlantic. because if you follow america, nato will soon be in the pacific, cruising around china with us. this is not the way nature was conceived and it shouldn't be there. europeans should not be in that region of the world markets
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that repeatedly, that we should enlarge, our vision any desperately look to something to do. that's the reality. you know, we are in the, i mean major, what's in the scanner is in iraq to train the forces. that's the limits of the extension. this is not the north atlantic anymore. is it that brings about it today watching r t. how about with more fuel? 31 in the look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs
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with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with join me every 1st day on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the the in the me
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i turn the welcome to the part in the english language. it's hard to find a more ontologically low this more than intelligence. it may mean anything from the divine line to the distinct human ability to apply knowledge to information about the enemy, as well as the agencies tasks. the painting is what turns information into intelligence. can intelligence be done? and what goes into sharing intelligence with your adversary? of to discuss that, i'm now joined by the director of russia for an intelligence service simply and that is going to give us to nourish can thank you for joining us today. let's start with the most burning show on the international agenda. yes. is draw from, can you start a new summer where she can move her different assessments in the russian media ideological, political, strategic. my question for you is, was how will this affect the methods your agency uses and the priorities you said
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in the street, gent. yep. that i bought the washer with them to join motion. first of all, i should say the, the foreign intelligence service. and he has always had a special focus on afghanistan and he's been near me as yet q seals. that because of it was strategic location is tranie. you or she little as well as potential and actual terrorist threats coming from that country. she is a jeweler, is still going to stun. they'll still stop was slid after the us and its allies invaded afghanistan. the territory, it is threatening the prevalent thinking of the international community has been that the americans had everything under control. and what does that? yeah. i mean, cancer and she was, situation was getting better in place with us than nato military presence at the.


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