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you wouldn't recognize the results of how parliamentary elections leverage said there's no information on not due to existing data and also discuss the issue with the ease chief diplomat, joseph, for all still there was a lot said probably a bit more than a problem was expecting to get looking at his watch listing as a clue. so it took a bit more about press conference now with multi mccauley. he's an author and russia analyst, good evening to market. let's talk about the words of president biden. when he said that america was going to stop carrying out regime change around the world like elaborate, said he, he wasn't convinced. will you convinced will think the, the answer that is you wait on events and the, the pudding is really to be examined later. so therefore, biden may say that today, and he may say that his policy and so on. but president button is a new president and he may in fact adopt the policy. so we have to wait
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to really judge him on that. and the whole world is hoping that america will, in fact, withdraw from attempting to force regime change by military means they use military force in the past. it's fail time and time again. explanation of guns time. and therefore, america may learned that and hopefully we'll learn from that. and hopefully the biden will keep to his word level so said that preparations are under way for relations between russia and america. the ministerial level is not a sign of progress. would you say it is decided progress because every new president wishes to meet this, the russian leader. and they all start off by saying we have turn over the new, leafless prospects,
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very good and so on. and usually by the end of the would be no 4 year term. this average quite disappointing. what happened time and again in so in, in the american russian relations where they begin using the president to begin by saying right, we, i is sunny day, told me i'm going to make progress and so on. and things are going to be different from the past, but after 4 years then they look back and say, well, things of always stay the same. so let's hope this time biden will invite turned over a new leaf. and that relations with russia will be reestablished because they've never riddle this there's level since 1991. if you go back to somebody or there were better relations between the soviet union in other states which is quite extraordinary. but post 991 on the us and because of the very good because america dominate. and since then, since, say 2010,
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they've been veterans strain and president putin is a fierce critic of much of american policy and therefore no waiting for biden to aid. what is he going to do? what you're going to say to president put him, or they're going to come some agreements they will meet, of course. and the danger for the united states is that he would just make a statement, present bootable to make a statement. and we know meeting a binds. so we're hoping know that by you will rough virginity and say road, let's make progress because the situation so soon as in the world today with all these problems, we need to come together to finally covered language and work to to solve some of the international problems with iran, joe barton's definitely his own man compared to donald trump. very different opinions of many things. donald trump, the, the j. c. p. o. a was one of the worst tales ever as far as america was concerned,
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getting the bad, the ministration will take a different approach where they look to, to put back together. some kind of iran nuclear deal is going to be very difficult for them because you're in your leaders. the new re, new leader has said that the sanctions have to be withdrawn before iran would begin to negotiate with the united states. and the united states will not withdraw the sanctions which it is opposed or run over the years. they may withdraw with withdraw or cancel one or 2 but, but a lot of sanctions which will still be in place. so therefore, if you like, around in the united states are not seeing from the same hymn book, they're putting out deposition shane, right. americans want, he's talking about a deal like a deal is an american american conditions and they range say, no, we don't want that. you have to withdraw your sanctions and not treat as, as
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a 2nd read power, respect us. and we can negotiate again. so therefore the outlook for that g p a is in fact not very, very bright indeed. circle of talks about crime error as well as far as he's concerned about issues done and dusted, he thinks it's a spot of rush it out. so it's an issue that makes a little headlines in the papers in the west. still, they've not dropped this and see very differently. do you think this, this will ever be put to bed in terms of western acknowledgement that this is not part of russia the wish you will never exceed to the russian desire to regard columbia as part of russia, as well as part of the soviet union before and i want to stick with which the west can be rushing with saying, hey, it was an illegal international intervention. and we don't accepted an illegal sean
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and perhaps in the future we might come some agreement. because if you go back to 968 in czechoslovakia, the soviet invasions the americans said ok, we accept that nothing we can do. and we will not intervene and check to come in at present is not important enough for the next stage, or even the west of the european union to actually intervene in any meaningful way . and ukraine is a major problem because i'm really not really stable. and therefore, it is a problem. so we're interviewing in drugs or trying to do something to change. the status come here, i think is not only on the agenda for the united states of europe union. and so they will keep on saying that crimea, we recognize crimea as part of your grade,
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but they will not do anything. i think that would be this 76 general assembly of the u. n. some would say it's politicians doing what they love to do. most talking a lot, so might say it's a bit of a grumble, fast country standing up complaining about the things they're not happy about anything, actually get a change or the things that you'd take away from this assembly so far i think that is an opportunity for all the world's leaders to come and to make grandstand speeches because they're talking to their audience at home as well. the other machines are going to be respected, more than 7 world states. speaking of the world stage, the speaking stage and so on. and that's really important to them, so therefore they will in many ways be talking to organs rather than international orange. and of course they will then say problem. they will complain about the actual real estate. and they will call united nations children questions. but we'll
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publish the written skill of the un is it will talks that take behind killers, doors, and private, and they are very, very important. and then i reported a course that is where the real debate takes place on the assembly, the television cameras, and so on. let's see if you like those old stage speeches and so on. the real discussions and they doing a deals and perhaps the beginning of deals is done behind chose doors and secret. and very little is revealed of those for the you and plays a very important part because if one of the leaders can come together and they have an option of meeting and private prompt ringing of issues which are very important to them. brooks can be resolved. so therefore, the un general assembly is very important for, for 2 reasons. one is you have this general only speech has made by the
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international learner personalities and sean, but more important aspect is a meeting behind in secret, in close session. and the progress can be made in those meetings, and that is the most important part really of the un general assembly. really the un un as an organization because the average listening to all the speech say that that is just talk. what about act? there's no action you need. the un does not have an army. can look at it in the, in coordination with those dates for the most, bowden meetings and discussion show and take place in secret about close doors. essential. so essentially the one who call it the un grandstanding assembly by the sound of it. but the good to know that business does actually get done when the microphones and the cameras are switched. awesome, great insights mounts,
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appreciate it multiple, truly my guess ortho and russia analyst. and we have just been listening seem to quite a long time the russian foreign minister, he will be back there in about an hour and 20 minutes according to the schedule. so stick around so that that's want to be addressing the the grant funding assembly will continue with more news after the show break. ah, ah, the ah,
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join me every thursday on the alex solomon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me ah, working machine. she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we said there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a r 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act. when we're filing on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs. why do you wear again?
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were you scared? took it off and i think the people need to take responsibility in their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number down i i welcome back. a dutch court has ruled that it's legal for border guns. stop and check people who entering the country based on the ethnic city. the case was spine agirri, man who said border police have stopped on racial grounds and lenses within the shank enzo meaning that people entering from the member states are not generally required to show the passport amnesty international conduct. the latest ruling is unconstitutional. a lawyer involved in the case says that it could encourage, legalize discrimination in this issues and at least can still be part of risk
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profile from selection profiles. we think that least the door opens wide discrimination and racism basically every time that i'm coming home to my country and that i'm being stopped and the city can play a role. this is basically what the court is saying and to us is really shock. the dutch ruling comes into migration surge in the european union. the blocks are 115 percent jump in 1st time asylum claims interest. the 2nd quarter of this year, the largest increase came from african refugees and figures expecting to accelerate in the wake of the taliban takeover. it was also a sharp rise and arrivals from syria and pakistan, where the belgian politician, frank, could aleman and racial equality campaign only just for their views on europe. long running refugee dilemma. hey, codification of racism. and to touch know how
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come wanna decent nationality by ethnicity in the world? kind of habit, mississippi is a category that for mocking our suspicion amongst individuals. i don't know the figures that i suppose they are similar like in belgium, 6 of them. prisoners are illegal immigrants for me to offenses, so it's normal that police and customers with more who know why, if they want to control someone, maybe the blacks to go so sure thing is anger, who is only color brothers who are the reason for his problems. i wonder about the general trend across europe, which is moving to was continuing legion legitimize ation hall, common racy spirit slides through racial racial profiling through, through criminal justice systems. holidays indicate continued, right. we drift across the world with groups that are there. there are parties more
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ethnically, the left wing, and they have their own political parties. so the 1st thing they knew separately, profile themselves into their own was eating some around the world traveling that will have based on their mind as well as their residents, multicultural communities. so we'll have a, an impact on the international reputation of the dutch who are previously thought as progressive in europe in terms, but increasing as we see the trend to move right with in your spread even to those most progressive european nations. really, you should look at your own community, you should look at your own group if they are overrated. they are too much in trying to see that it's quite normal, that they make the police and customs and all the the security measures. when politicians bang, the drum about racism, immigration, and the need to be self and the need to be able to justify that racial profiling
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and discrimination against minorities is uses. the government itself is seeking to distract the population from more serious matters than the mexican luxembourg belgium. and holland are full, we are, we are the smallest and the most countries in the world. if you do a thing like this, then it's maybe the best to make it. and then finally, an end to political correctness and then saying, go, don't come to home because before it we stop, stop giving them money when they come in, let us give them the alls and give him the schools getting in everything that i've loved before. when july they say that they've uncovered widespread fraud involving coven health, passes according to the country's health insurance fund, up to 270 medics. all suspected of being involved. and out of the number just more than half the being prosecuted. 36000 passes of also been canceled. people found to
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have given out fake certificates, facing up to 5 years behind bars, and fines of up to 150000 euros while anyone discovered carrying such a document could lend themselves. 3 years in prison was a 45000 euro penalty. we spoke with bruno mega ban doctor in paris. he says that the intense pressure on medics may have prompted some to bend the low if it might be asleep. with the introduction of health passes, mandatory vaccination of nursing stuff, the constellation of financial compensation for current of ours tests. there is a risk that a certain number of people who do not want to be the law tried to circumvented. unfortunately, just like in the general population, their own st. louis, medical workers who are trying to earn money by fortune documents. firstly, it's a criminal prosecution for the documents face, imprisonment of up to 5 years, and find several 1000 euros after the use of the state documents. and of course, even the medical workers in public hospitals will be relieved. the position if
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found guilty, was just the latest in the series, the setbacks for the french health service in the past month. thousands of stuff has been suspended without pay for failing to get themselves fascinated against coven 19. is mega about, again, who thinks that government policies are overly harsh. protect the beak. unfortunately, public hospitals are now in a difficult situation. this is primarily due to restrictive policies, as well as financial management. and it has been happening for about 20 years in accounting policy and the financial balance sheets have become the guiding principles in decision making, frequently to the detriment of the medical interest of society, which needs medical care and hospitals. accordingly, the number of bits and stuff has decreased because medical care stuff is the main expense in the hospital. and if you want to save money, you have to reduce the number of stuff. at the same time, the population in france is aging the need, her medical services is growing. the number of destitute migrant persons of no
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fixed the boat is growing and therefore public hospitals are experiencing an increased load and their resources remain the same or even less at a time of record natural gas prices. the united kingdom now has another energy crisis on its hands, namely a lack of laurie drivers and panic. buying is left petrol stations up and down the country with a shortage. 90 correspondent shadow dusty saw at 1st hand the pumps. the u. k. is running on empty right now, as hundreds of stations in britain like this one have run out of fuel just to give you an idea this time green, sorry, out of you, sorry, out of these, sorry attribute on every single pump. and this station says exactly the same, why? when so, because the country is run out of fuel. but because there's not enough laurie drivers to get the fuel to these pachel station. but as usual, the government's messages keep calm and drive on. the advice would be to carry on
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his normal and that he won't be p saying as well he may say carry on as normal, but empty tank just isn't normal. cd admit it's running dry and hundreds of stations and now affected were even seeing cog laptop outside open chill stations up or down the country to get the last drops of petrol as people go back into the panic buying mentality that we saw at the beginning of the pan demik, i just saw the mchugh in the morning as well now as well. and i was just told that there was no deal now. so i'm literally on to the trip tomorrow, so i don't have any diesel in my car. again, i am going to do that and i don't know what i will do. what yesterday, so i don't update either the few of the 2 weeks, but the price is i think you'll be fixed on it because i have to work with a call. we don't work with all these icon go to walk. if i go, it will cost you a lot of times well before the pandemic, anything that went wrong in the u. k. everyone said brick set and coupled with cove
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. it, it's chaos. the survey shortage of laurie drivers in the u. k. is following an exodus of truckers from countries who went back during the pandemic and stayed at least 100000, all of whom drive trucks that supply the u. k with essentially like food and petrol . and crucially, they haven't been replaced. the government is came though to say this is more to do with the pandemic than breaks it be the rules my have to change to find the quickest. we have ample fuel stops in this country, but light countries around the world, we are suffering from a temporary coven related shortage of drivers, needed to move supplies around the country, while looking at temporary measures to avoid any immediate problems. but any measures we introduce will be very strictly time limited. i'm sorry, things are in such a state that the all me may have to be drafted in to deal with this contests, but any one step won't be a quick fix. and the shortages in the supply chain could see more than empty petro
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palm as the country as left fuming to edward starting out a london. okay, let's turn the attention back to the united nations general assembly. today's rushes turn to take to the biggest states. the country's foreign minister, saggy lover, will be delivering his address within the next hour or so. ahead of that though, he had a press conference with global media and he touched upon a whole range of topics. let's find a bit more about that now. from our correspondent kayla moulton, who were a, just outside, i believe the secretariat building. like if i can plastic skyscraper, i was following that media conference. just pick out the key points from your point of view that caleb lover had to say. sure, well the foreign minister of russia, sergei lab rob spoke to the press for over an hour, taking questions from many different news agencies, both russian media as well as international media, us media,
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media from the arab world, etc. much of the press conference focused on afghanistan and concerns that russia has about security in the aftermath of the sudden withdrawl of the united states. now, i actually had the opportunity to ask the foreign minister about turkey and why it was that turkey was expressing concerns about the voting of people in crimea in the state duma elections in russia. why would they were expressing concerns, despite the fact that russia has offered so much bye, on support in terms of humanitarian colbert 19 relief? as well as in terms of military cooperation, why we didn't see turkey stepping up to the plate? russia did speak about the hope that you know, relations between russia and turkey could improve and the 2 countries could further cooperate. i also asked about the presence of russian military contractors in molly and frances, concerned about that and received a very long answer from the foreign minister regarding the reason that these,
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these military contractors were in the country. now other issues were discussed as well. there were concerns about victor boone, who is a russian citizen who i was being held in the united states. you know, on, on conspiracy charges, etc. there's the possibility of some kind of prisoner exchange on here. you know, the russian foreign minister made clear that dialogue is always important and having back and forth conversations about these issues with the american counterpoint. parts would be a good thing. he didn't really say anything further regarding that issue. we also did hear the arab media press, the russian foreign minister about the issue of palestine and the situation between israel and palestine on he expressed a desire to see a 2 state solution and that with his feeling, he felt that a one state solution was not realistic, it would lead either to israel ceasing to be a jewish state, or it would lead to an apartheid stately and created. he argued that a 2 state solution was necessary. so a very interesting press conference. many different questions asked about many key
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situations around the world. many different international media outlets called on and allowed to ask. b their questions, it was quite an engaging press conference. we heard from the foreign minister and pretty soon we'll be hearing from him in the un general assembly hall. his remark had been moved up. is scheduled to be speaking very soon. be thinking around caleb, i presume you will be talking to you and you'll feel filling in a lot of that later. absolutely. good man. i knew you'd be a professional that will speak to indeed about that later on this evening. for now . thanks very much. ok that so look forward to going to the very short break. more news coming your way in around 4 minutes time. the main across the board of the 3rd to focus bittman lowball. mm.
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oh yeah. oh oh i i, i got me. ah, i understand i i financial survival guide. let's learn about be allowed. let's say i'm
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a joy and your grief. i'm grief based of the site walk 3 prod. thank you for helping me with joy. 6 that way ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation for community. you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? the what is truth. what is faith? me? in the world corrupted. you need to defend. ah, so join us in the depths. all remained in the shallows, ah,
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in the land of universal healthcare makes america the country as every man for himself. we have a retirement crisis in this country and we have a health care crisis for seniors in this country as well. so private business has come up with a special mechanism for that. it's called the live settlement market. we are a life settlement provider, which means that we buy life insurance policies from primarily seniors throughout the united states who no longer want or can't afford their life insurance policies . if you're sick and for want to live a few more years, you can sell your life insurance. that way you get more money right away and the company collects your insurance payment after your death. there's a group of people out there. i get hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation is i give them? when i start crying about and dying?
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that's usually what it's about. it's just the sheer unfairness of it all the work in them or should she popped in? she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and we, we said there was a good device to another, shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a r 1570 automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're filing on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there, i was walking. don, why do you where again, were you just took it off and i think the people need to take responsibility in their own hands and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available.
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we wouldn't have a lot of shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number that ah, the ah, all eyes are on the un general assembly because it's russia turned to take for the big stage forum. it's the 2nd law rob phase 2 to deliver is addressed to seizing dutch court rules. police can continue to select people for extra identity checks the board based on less necessity, an issue. we put up devices to codification of racism. i don't know the figures and i suppose they are similar like in belgium, 6 of them rhythmic or illegal immigrants. origin francis.


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