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ah, me the the, the, the, the headlines this our here on our tea. a dutch court rules. it is acceptable for border police to stop and check people entering the country on the basis of this skin color. here on our t, we put the issue up for debate to codification of racism. i don't know the figures that i suppose. they are similar like in belgium, 6 of them, primitive or illegal immigrants, only the offences. hundreds of health workers in france facing prosecution over run, putting fraud in the countries coven health power system. tens of thousands of fake
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documents uncovered the u. k. faces at brand new energy crunch as hundreds of petrol stations run out of fuel. correspondent experience the shortages 1st. sorry out to be story out of these, sorry, out to view every single pump. and this, that your station says exactly the same here. and we continue on special coverage on the eve of germany's federal election as a nation proposed to choose its next chancellor off the 16 years of anglo merkel at the help. ah, well, a very good morning to you from all of us here at the international in moscow where it's now just off at 10 am on saturday. i thought court has ruled that it is legal for border guards to stop and check people entering the country on the basis of the
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necessity. the case was lawrence by a nigerian man who said border police stopped him on racial grounds. now, the netherlands, of course, is in the shank and zone, meaning people entering from other member states are not generally required to show their passports. misty international has condemned the latest rolling as unconstitutional and loyal involved in the case, it says it opens the door or to what it calls, legalized discrimination. this issues and at least can still be part of risk profile in selection profiles. we think that least the door opens wide discrimination and racism basically every time that i'm coming home to my country and i'm being stopped and the city can play a role. this is basically what the court is saying and to us is really the shock. i guess the belgian politician of frank crowman and our racial equality campaign lead jasper weight up or this, well, what people are calling a very divisive issue. hey,
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codification of racism. and to i don't know how come want nationality by the city in the world kind of habit, mississippi is a category for mocking our suspicion amongst individuals. i don't know the figures that i suppose they are similar like in belgium, 6 of them really are illegal immigrants for me to offenses. so it's normal. the police and customs look more who know why if they want to control someone, maybe the black city council. oh, sure, big his anger, who his own go are brothers, who are the reason for his problems? i wonder about the general trend across europe, which is moving to was continuing religious legitimize ation all common race. the spirit lives through racial, racial profiling through, through criminal justice systems, holidays indicate se,
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continued right. we drift across the world. these groups that are there, there are parties more, ethnically, less wing, and they have their own political parties. so the 1st thing that definitely profile themselves into their own was eating some all around the world traveling that will have based on their mind as well as their residents multicultural communities. so we'll have an impact on the international reputation of the dutch who are previously saw as progressive in your opinion terms, but increasing as we see the trend to move right with your spread even to those most progressive european nations. really, you should look at your own community, you should look at your own group if they are overrated in they are so much in trying to see that it's quite normal, that they the police and customs are no longer the security measures. a lot of them,
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when politicians bang, the drum about racism, immigration, and the need to be it's often the need to be able to justify racial profiling and discrimination. i guess minorities is uses the government itself. we seeking to distract the population from more serious matters. random in belgium and holland, our phone we are, we are the smallest than the most public countries in the world. if you do like this, then it's maybe the best to make. and then finally, and then to political correctness and then saying, go, don't go to holland because before you stop, stop giving them money when they come in and give them the aus. and given the school's getting everything. yeah. and it was, i've loved before the french authorities say they've uncovered widespread fraud involving co health passes. now, according to the national health insurance fund,
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up to 270 medics are all suspected of involvement. now of that number 138 has already been prosecuted. and 36000 passes have now been cancelled. people found to have given out the fate certificates that facing up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to 150000 euros. and anyone found carrying such a document could land themselves 3 years in prison and to find a 45 grand i. we spoke with bruno mcgarvey and a doctor in paris. he said the intense pressure on the medics may have prompted some to bend the law if it came on, i think it will be asleep with the introduction of health passes and mandatory vaccination of nursing stuff and the constellation of financial compensation for court of ours. there is a risk that a certain number of people who do not want to be the law tried circumvented. unfortunately, just like in the general population, there are unscrupulous medical workers who are trying to earn money by fortune documents. firstly, it's a criminal prosecution for the documents face,
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imprisonment of up to 5 years and find several 1000 euros as to the use of the state document. and of course, even the medical workers in public hospitals will be relieved that position if found guilty, it is just the latest and a series of setbacks for the french health service in the past month. thousands of stuff are being suspended without pay for either failing to will refuse to get vaccinated. a brutal mega ban again, things government policies are overly harsh that the beak. unfortunately, public hospitals are now in a difficult situation. this is primarily due to restrictive policies as well as financial management, and it has been happening for about 20 years. in accounting policy and the financial balance sheets have become the guiding principles in decision making. people frequently to the detriment of the medical interest of society, which needs medical care and hospitals. accordingly, the number of bits and stuff has decreased because medical care stuff is the main expense in the hospital. and if you want to save money,
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you have to reduce the number of stuff. but the same time the population in france is aging the need, her medical services is growing. the number of destitute migrant persons of no fixed the boat is growing and therefore public hospitals are experiencing an increased load and their resources remain the same, or even less. a covey roles are also being systematically breach in australia. a thousands of people have been defying a stay at home order to attend anti vaccine rallies in melbourne. and police expect the protests to intensify over this weekend. but i guess been fueled by mandatory coven shots for construction workers, adding to excessively harsh lockdown measures. the me
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the me the the reviews back and you got the
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very person the, the right now it's impossible here at moscow at the time of record natural gas prices, the u. k. now has yet another energy crisis on its hands. a lack of truck drivers is left petrol stations up and down the country. running on empty ortiz shot, it was dashed. he picks up the story. the u. k. is running on empty right now. is hundreds of patches stations in britain like this one have run out of fuel. just to give you an idea this time green, sorry, out of you. sorry. out of these, sorry. out to view every single pump and this, that your station says exactly the same. why? so because the country is run out of fuel,
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but because there's not enough was already drivers to get the fuel to these patches station. but as usual, the government's messages keep calm and drive on the advice would be to carry on his normal and that is what b p saying as well. he may say carry on as normal, but empty tank just isn't normal. stevie admit it's running dry and hundreds of stations and now affected were even seeing cars back top outside, open country stations, up and down the country to get the last drops of people. go back into the panic buying mentality that we saw at the beginning of the con demik. i just saw the big queue in the morning as well now as well. i was just told that there was no deal now. so i'm literally on to the trip tomorrow, so i don't have any diesel car. again, i am going to do that and i know what i was subbing for yesterday. so i don't know if either the few of the 2 weeks but the price is i think you'd be fixed on it because i have to work with
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a call without work without abuse. i can go to work. if i go, i will go see a lot of times, well, this all the pan demik, anything that went wrong in the u. k. everyone said breaks it and coupled with kind of it, it's chaos. the survey shortage of laurie drivers in the u. k is following an exodus of truckers from countries who went back during the pandemic and stayed at least a 100000, all of whom drove trucks supply the u. k with his angels like food and petrol. and crucially, they haven't been replaced. the government is came to say, this is more to do with the pandemic than breaks it be the rules my have to change to find the quickest. we have ample field stops in this country, but like countries around the world, we are suffering from a temporary coven related shortage of drivers, needed to move supplies around the country, while looking at temporary measures to avoid any immediate problems. but any measures we introduce will be very strictly time limited, and 5 things are in such
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a state will be all they may have to be drafted in to deal with this contest. but any one step won't be a quick fix on the shortages in the supply chain can see mold and empty patrick as the country as left fuming, edwards dusting all to london. so in just over 24 hours from now, germany is going to the polls to on. so one very big question. who will replace chancellor angle merkel after 16 years? ah ah, on friday kind of it's made that last made to persuade the voters with riley's up and down, europe's largest nation of the outgoing chancellor has endorse her own party candidates in the last year. however, the race is still wide open, and it would be chancellors from the social democratic party. the greens and the rifling f. d, had been mobilizing dest supporters. meanwhile, some e,
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you politicians have referred to the rather familiar russia blaming, narrative. the claiming russian hike has targeted germany days before the election attempting to quote interfere in democratic processes. author saskia taylor has a good look at the allegations. germany has got a lot on its mind. citing gas prices a looming micro crisis. a coven economy, climate change flash floods, and who to trust office? 60 years of only knowing anglo marco. but apparently there is a non problem bunny was mention, no, no, that's a much bigger threat. outta me for you getting from the gym. government has reliable information on the basis which goes try texting it is can be attributed to cyber actors of the russian state, and specifically russia, t r u military intelligence service. this is a danger to the security of the federal republic of germany for the process of democratic decision making and severe strain and bilateral relations. even in these
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uncertain times it seems you can always count on the reliability of russian because of the elective form a tv stars and broken up unions apparently now they've set the sites on bringing down german democracy. now historically b washing madeline cod hasn't been a huge success when it comes to finding well sufficient evidence to some of what moved up all those in germany who in the last election was disappointed to find out . but so far we haven't been able to track down any specific russian activity, but they did find a whole bunch of stuff from all right. groups in the us. maybe the same groups at tap marcos phone. oh no. that was the white house. so despite a pool track record of pinning the blame on moscow. a given how tight and sensitive these upcoming elections are, it looks like the heck a cod was just to irresistible for berlin to not play doh for safe measure. it's
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been combined with another headline grabbing favorite, this information from russia. apparently, there's clearly a huge demand for what russia is selling here among germans. and that by think across the west is deeply concerning. it's clear why this content is coming from. this isn't like a convert information offer where there is some partisan side that russia has spun up. they are somehow out performing most. if not all of the traditional media outlets. yes, all sr channel or to joint isn't big trouble for writing articles. people actually want to read, it turns out the beating the competition on exploring real issues that concern. real voters is very sinister, and an affair is bid to sway that vote. all kissy it 6. lou funny hall tillman media and physicians are constantly talking about a t, v or it's a german elections. the problem is that they can explain how we do that need to
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approve their cleaned by quoting german special services. we'll say that way, it's a feeling by doing live streams on youtube from undergo on a protein. and these are just live streams and real time events, probably the funniest claim was from the human, ensuring they say that we are interfering by mocking the claims between feeling accusations of imagining has become a story as all the time. it's only not troll, i'll troll and trouble brewing. it's always good to have a button came out and ready to take the hit. and the kremlin such a tried and tested one such a farms favorite. now, it would be wrong to break with tradition, wouldn't it? or let's just have a quick look here and see exactly how the selection will work. german voters don't directly choose the chancellor. they elect members of the blender stock who will later take a chance to lead to lead a coalition government. each vote who received 2 papers. the 1st is for
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a candidate in their electoral district. there are 201909 constituencies across the country. second ballot is for a political party and there are $47.00 of them currently running for seats. but only parties with more than 5 percent of the nationwide can enter the burden. the stock. one of the front runners is the christian democratic union, which is angle americas party. that campaign slogan is to make good things better. and the post merkel era, they're promising to tighten immigration rules and cut taxes for low to middle income workers and on foreign policy, the c d u. c. relations with russia and china as the main challenges facing germany . europe correspondent peter, all of a takes a closer look at the favorites on the outside. isn't this election with no clear air referring to angular merkel when it comes to taking over in the chancellor's office just behind me. the only real guarantees we have heading into this election when it comes to who will be the next leader of germany,
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is that it won't be the woman who's headed up the country's government for the best part of the last 16 years. realistically the next chancellor of germany will be one of the 3 people. each of them know comes with their own issues. the outsider for the top job is green party candidate, annalee in a bad book. back in the summer, her party were polling at the heavy heights of 22 percent. right now they've been peg back to closer to the mid teens. while there's been no major campaign mistakes . a lot of it's been put down to a general feeling of a lack of experience when it comes to senior political jobs and some questions over the figures that miss bear book has used when it comes to putting forward the green parties. environmental policies. by the year 2100, the sea level will rise by 7 meters. the sea level will continue to rise for centuries. it could reach around $30.00 to $60.00 centimeters by 2100 even if
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greenhouse gas emissions sharply reduced. and global warming is limited to well below 2 degrees celsius. then she managed to find herself in a very german political scandal involving her copying a number of paragraphs into her new book without proper attribution. i take the criticism seriously, looking back, it would certainly have been better if i had worked with a list of references. statements coming out of the green camp in the last week suggest the realization that they know they're probably not going to win this election. unless, of course, there's been a cataclysmic failure of polling. however, the greens all set to play a big role and whatever coalition in the ruling germany next. the man from anglo merkel, christian democratic union party, arm, and lush. it has, it's fair to say not has a great election campaign. the leader of the state of nor thrown west farley upset many while being caught on camera laughing and joking around behind the german
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president. as frank volta shine, my express comes stolen, says to the families of those who had died in this summer's fatal flooding, which struck hard at luscious state. then there was the cringe worthy interview with child journalist after the 12 year olds eviscerated the would be chancellor over his climate inaction far right elements in his party. and even if the law should function for a cigarette, every now and again, the cd. you mans response was to slam what he called, clearly, quarter to children. so that interview technique under merkel has tried to give him her blessing, including during the chancellor's final speech to them on the stock that didn't go so well. the, the, the, the outgoing chancellor has stood by her mom despite him leading the center right
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party toward some of their lowest polling figures. in postwar, germany that brings us on to the pollsters. favor it to be the next head of the german government. all our shots of the social democrats shows says tactics the things to take a 2nd back from the candidate to talking one another to present himself as a full bath. and despite policy policies, almost certainly meaning new taxes, the german people at the final televised debate shoulders with announced the clear when those polls seem more than willing to overlook more than one skeleton in the closet of mister shoulds is present. never mind his past. earlier this month is fine on the ministry as well as the justice ministry was rated by prosecutors made accusations that a financial watchdog intended the couch money laundering was well not doing its job less than a week before voters cast their ballots. members of the bonus tag were questioning
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mr. show as role when it comes to financial mis doings after the g. 20 come x and y con. we have a negative for the 1st time, the history of the state of germany. i don't have an investigation. you are the public prosecutors against the federal ministry. that's a look through the runners and ride is boring, a major upset. it will be one of those 3 who's the next chancellor of germany, to massively oversimplify, if i may, if germany were a restaurant, the recipes are going to stay almost the same. they are going to get a new head shift. so it's going to be someone who doesn't have the same cloud in the kitchen and certainly doesn't have the same international recognition. these are all of our r t for lynn. we spoke with our current can i feel the former foreign minister for australia she thing so some key issues are just being ignored in the german elections. i miss the real imports. the really important topics we nobody speaks
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about international relations. nobody discuss your opinion yet. nobody discusses the future of the euro. nobody speaks about politics. and so it's rather provincial as to the lecture agenda. what i observed is, and i think this is all the ceiling of many germans. there's no interest in congress match up as much more interest in somebody who administrate this. we have seen this, miss monica, this book, paul, the sub popularity. we're not going to dominate, but with the french, a lot of people have been criticizing her migration politics. i was one among those voices, but i think what will be enforced in more in the long run is tell union actual decision on germany moving out the nuclear and doing this look with energy transmission. this is currently the real topic. rising price is this very
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uncertain sensation in energy supply here. it's really too early to say whether germany will be able to remain and in the country why renewables. why grid that still has to be renovated logic sense? i think this is the real question. so the elections are getting on the way in the next 24 hours or so. people are heading to cost their vote, who will succeed angle at merkel off the 16 years at the helm. all special cover continues here at r t to national. we are back in half an hour. who are the man across the board. the 3rd some focus bittman ovalo here, but i call the oh oh
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i oh god give me. ah, i understand i i i
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use me rather driven by a rumor shaped by those in me i think we dare to ask me the
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max kaiser. this is the kaiser report, you know, life it's diverse. that's what makes it interesting. when you have a monoculture, it's dangerously monochromatic. like when you have only one strain, a banana and a banana gets sick, and now there's no more bananas because there's no more diversity. what am i talking about? let's talk was stacey at 1st i thought you were talking about transitory. the life is transitory. unlike inflation, which isn't permanent. and then you talked about bananas. i thought you were talking about all the coins encrypted currency and modern art. but no, you're talking. i believe about this 1st headline here, and that is a tweet from going greenwald. and he is quoting something from m. s m b c, a conversation that happened on m s n, b c. last week and removing people from these social media platforms works and we
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need to keep doing it and doing it more aggressively. this was the d. c, c's, kurt bar della to joy and read. gland greenwald says more and more censorship. a political speech is a top priority of american liberalism. so the dcc, they d triple c is a democratic congressional campaign committee, according to their own website. the official campaign arm of the democrats and the house of representatives, the only political committee in the country whose principal mission is to support democratic house, candidates every step of the way to fortify and expand our new democratic majority . so what they want to do is permanently removed more and more people and do it more aggressively from social media, our modern day public square, right? it goes against the life force, which is all about diversity. and mutations that create
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possible survival in a constantly changing environment and colors. there are millions and millions of colors and opinions. there are many and the way people shade their opinions and express their opinions and artistic expression and painters and sculptors and dancers. and you put it all together and it forms life. so this idea of adding more censoring to social media. you end up with greg, greg do coming out of the orifice of political hacks that want to just cover the world and the dying feet of grey gu. nonsense. why? because they're greedy, ultimately joy read and the d. c. c, c, and everybody on that side. they see the free candy that coming from being social misfits and by being not social misfits. but by being to tell terry in it and to
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tell terry newsome has never.


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