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the, what's driving the be able to make it for me . ah, ah, the headlines now at the united states school for a strategic review of the block, the front warning, the political dialogue within it is non existent. that is the wrong deepens, over security deal between alliance members, the u. s. u. k. destroyer. also this europe worse energy shortage in decades, roughly the politicians, consumers facing the chilly winter ahead with that fuel system really escaped with filmmakers demand that moscow pump, small gas. but the way the story has captivated the nation has many
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wondering, one at the same media attention when people of color go missing. well, the answer actually has a name missing white woman syndrome with us police on a massive man hunting. the suspect is murder of a young white woman, mainstream media focused on whether her race is the real reason why there's been such a public outcry. ah, hello, there's mid day here in moscow, you're watching artie international, nighttime and mr. calling forever. he has the line see, strategy is the crisis grows over a new security agreement between the u. s. u k. and also a stray leah with paris less out of the loop, frances defense chief says that political dialogue between nato states has all but disappeared. let you to do it as you need the attitude of the united states. one of
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the submarine program is a further investigation of zation that we have been making for months today. political dialogue is non existent within the atlantic alliance with the court. and i looked at the driving risk within the military block night, worse to buy britain's leader, apparently laughing off the damage done by the new or casteel. what, what do you say? you have going on to say every mutual protection, a greater common purpose. all this seems to go out the window and there's a bit of money to be made. the recent controversy surrounding the u. s. u. k and australia as new security pack has left in new leaders scratching their heads about what even means to be in nato anymore. the reason for nato existence is transatlantic security. this is what we want to remind the united states off. therefore, our partners decided on our initiative as well as on the initiative of germany to revise the strategic concept of the alliance. being allies does not mean being
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hostage to the interests of another country. at 1st, the spat seemed confined to only a few powers. france being upset with the suspension of its submarine contract with australia, which resulted from offices provisioning of nuclear sub technology to the country. turns out, though brussels might now postpone a major summit with the us over the disagreement. and the entire strategic alliance is feeling the reverb. it is such a difficult issue where we see traditional alliances in some way torn apart are certainly changed fundamentally. but the issue doesn't stop there. one that doesn't even feel like they've done anything wrong. it 3 very like minded allies, standing shoulder to shoulder, creating a new partnership for the sharing of technology. it is not exclusive, i did not trying to to shoulder anybody. i did not at the stereo towards china. you states feeling like they were left hung out to dry, the u. s. and u. k. making decisions without consulting their friends with nato's ongoing
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friendship. crisis airing it's member states dirty laundry. many are finding it hard to see a strong united future for the west over 7 decade long military alliance. nato was considered by france and months ago began to go back cuz my whole has brain dead. a brain dead alliance, best strong words within nato. they want to revise the concept, the teacher concept and bring it back actually to the north atlantic. because if you follow america, nato will soon be in the pacific, cruising around china with the others. this is not the way nature was conceived, and it shouldn't be there. europeans should not be in that region of the world markets that repeatedly, that we should enlarge, our vision any desperately look to something to do. that's the reality. you know, we are in the, i mean, maintain what's in the scanner is in iraq to train the forces. that's the
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limits of the extension. this is not the north atlantic anymore. is it? now, with the nato dominating the headlines, then the secretary general has met with russia's foreign minister. sir kayla, for of mister latrell was he was in good spirits to even cracking a joke to reporters don't regular during the, during the night to set aside about. he's going underground. germany is former nato representative does explain how the balance of power is shifted within the lines and also the world. you can see that him full on saturday, but here's a taste of what he said. there are discussions among allies, among europeans, about variety strategy towards russia, and the same applies to asia, please. we have, let's say, developed trade and investment interest. for example, if china,
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yes or with india. yes. and you count the solve or separate your trade in investment interest from let's say, for security policy. and please don't forget the whole situation. at least the perception in the area has changed in the last years. and china is in the perception of your trends as of us, is the fret for the whole region. and therefore, think it was normal to some extent that we have been consulting that say friends from the past and this moment, but very short. have talked about this during the french because the french could have offered to the same solution nuclear submarines. but on the other end, let's say the term was clear up to the us to underline, let's say, to reassure, to some extent, the allies and friends in the, in the pacific area between allies and friends. such
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a procedure is not at all acceptable. and therefore, you have to see clearly the reaction that say over you as of governments and over your commission, it's normally the ny, waller london, and washington do highly orca still by that ties between them may not be as good as they claim. joe biden has played damn the chance of a new k tray deal after meeting with boris johnson. and that has res, further ives over the much vaunted special relationship. simon wright explains. remember the old joke. how can you tell a politician is lying because their lips move? well, joe biden. and boris johnson sold that problem when they met in washington. the last event is the western well dashed down for new york for a special meeting in washington. the kind of weird news conference where everyone
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pretends the special relationship is still a thing. even though we all know is not really the facade in these days. they don't even really use the phrase and then the absence of anything else. they just thought the bond over trying you down with amtrak. is that right? i did. and you did. i did 1000000 miles. i'll stay the rest of that. the train back to wait on for that to many. the mission for the british prime minister was to spin the very obvious truth. the post brack that britain passed basically no chance of getting a free trade deal with us at any time to see yet. biden said no without actually saying not true. we're going to talk about trade a little bit today, and we're gonna have to work that true work it through. indeed, some report suggests that britain is going to try and bought in the back door of a trade deal that already exists between the us, canada, and mexico. anyway, every time someone brings up the idea of a free trade deal with britain buy and does that weird thing where
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a bank loan about the new marriage border and they will, how is a very keen to try and show how united they are ahead of the 26 climate summit in glasgow. come november. you made a commitment on supporting the the world to adaptive to climate change, doubling the american commitment that very important for our school. so everything else is just the diplomatic share reports in january, suggested the u. s. o britain to get a grip on how it was planning conference, essentially washington selling britain to plan its own party. so the special relationship is in the kind of place now where every now again, washington throws a burning britton's way. keep hoping to. so boy finally got an invite to the white house off the 2 years down close they of course they have the job, the bottom, the orchestra in the military lines in australia. because while trade deal, the hard military deals to a penny with a lot the most telling my, with this one,
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he's want how staff ending the news conference was for it was so literally in the middle of a sentence before the boy himself said on the plane over to the u. s. continents sure abide in the law of fish to fry . critical time mass high energy. be any human energy minister, sorry, has the record spike and fuel prices crunch talks over the crisis in the blog of the european states, particularly britain, our horses suffering massively at the moment with supplies getting bust and even warning that the situation could lead to food shortages there's also a familiar target for blame and it's russia, as peter oliver reports, there's never a good time for a black house, but there's probably few worse than when you're trying to reassure people. the power outages aren't on the card. did you have an active role in the governance of any of these companies,
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attendance or any other or didn't risk committees or anything like that? so we don't attend the audit risk, which is what we call a politics one by the lights have gone out. it may last year of gas and the price. so, but gap is big news right now, but the world energy watchdog said russia should do more to increase supply. russia could do more to increase gas availability to europe, and insure storage is filled to adequate levels in preparation for the coming winter heat and season. russian supply a gas prom say that they are currently fulfilling all of the track trill obligations when it comes to the delivery of gas to europe and say that they are trying to increase storage facilities in russia. wholesale prices for gas have doubled in the last 2 months, which the russian side, se shows the benefit of signing long term supply deals, as opposed to trying to pay market price. the united states has also chimed in
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saying, the situation in europe could get bought this winter. certain countries are going to have the ability to purchase gas, it'll cost more, but other countries, it won't only be of recessionary value and have a konami considerations. it will also affect the ability to provide gas for heating and in cold winter when you have to ration gas for heating. that is something that not just about jet political games or markets. it touches everybody's lice. here in germany, over $300000.00 homes could be set for a more than 10 percent increase in their energy bills while around a 3rd, the $300000.00 could see their prices go up by around 4 percent. the node stream to gas pipeline was completed earlier this month. that can provide an extra 55000000000 cubic meters of gas to europe each year. enough to power 27000000 homes. it hasn't been an easy ride with sanctions from the us and pressure from
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eastern european countries snarling up construction with more energy demand in europe that the new pipeline could be instrumental in supplying the gas needed to help countries like germany transfer away from coal power and use for yet into the visiting the projects purposes, to diversify our future gas demands. mainly because the gas reserves of the u. k. norway, in the netherlands, are dwindling. this means that we are well aware of this demand. and in this respect, it certainly makes sense to implement this project, particularly in view of the fact that our storage facilities are quite empty in the run up to the ottoman winter season. furthermore, not just in germany's interest, the commissioning of north stream 2 at a time when the north stream pipeline is operating at the limit of its capacity, will allow us to insure energy security across europe. while some headlines have depicted rusher as attempting to hold europe to run some, those representing businesses that will feel the pinch of a rise in gas prices,
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particularly hardest. se, sorting out supply with russia must be a priority. if you'll be transplanted, clarissa f o b is now combined with the green climb and ideology that completely forget that we will have to deal with these natural resources for many, many, many years. considering that we're not going to give up natural gas anytime soon. i think devastation, 3 modern pipelines remains a logical and not only economically viable option. the german government continue to say that nor stream to not only essential to germany's energy needs, but also those of the white european union. they also stress that the current increase in energy prices is down to multiple factors according to holler information. russia complies with exists in supply agreements. the price bike is associated with manufacturers, a tough winter market changes and increased demand for gas. underneath this whole issue lies a very simple state of affairs. europe needs gas, russia has gas,
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and very soon a new pipeline will be open running capable of transporting more of one to the other. while moscow maintains that this is purely a business venture, others will continue to suggest that more nefarious games are a foot feature all over all t. berlin economists, richard wolf says, given the current circumstances, it is embarrassing for europe to blame others for the supply shortages. energy is something that has to be planned because it takes a long time between having an energy shortage, for example, and drilling the wells and bringing up the extra supplies and processing them and storing them. in other words, that has to be complex, multinational advance coordinated planning below the way politics weren't as soon as they need to shift the gear they will and they will now talk
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about a shortage and pretend that they didn't try, particularly the americans that they didn't try to intervene and stop the deal between russia and germany, but the noise stream pipeline. it's an embarrassment literally within weeks of the completion of that line that has been in controversy where suddenly hearing stories about inadequate supplies of gas, which is precisely what the noise stream gas pipeline is designed to avoid. that it's pretty search for the prime suspect in the apparent murder of 22 year old gabby potato media have focused on the racial aspect of the story. a numerous outlet suggesting that the mass interest in her disappearance is mainly because the victim is white with the accusation is being led by joy. read of m s m b c one at
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the same media attention when people of color go missing. well, the answer actually has a name missing white woman syndrome isn't saying that gabby, bettina is not important. what it is saying is that there's an over representation in media when white women go missing. i told you this would happen. somebody was going to play the race card on the gabby petite, who story, and most likely it will be joy read. i don't feel it was appropriate of jewelry to inject race into the conversation about gabby potato. the parents grieving that their daughter very insensitive to turn it into political discourse. a big question should be, how do we prevent these crimes from happening while potato and ivy? braga had been traveling around the u. s. in a van with her fiance brian laundry, her body was fine, they were national park suspicions have focused on laundry to who returned home to florida alone and then disappeared. authorities are asking for public information on his whereabouts. well, the thousands reported missing in the us. every year,
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his ref, victims, to get such attention. critics point tank almost 40 percent of those who do go missing a people of color candidate for new york state governors says so that race should not be the main issue. this time in about a mason murder or whatever. sure, we have nothing to do with the call. we created all one people, god created of all and i had a love a man can in my heart, read this book and inside to the family, all that young lady, it has nothing to do a call at all. we just highlighted in the news. it was, it was brought to the news, me and the news media ran with a like they should do when other stores in a one message. but racism is kind of big role in our country to keep nice left is there by america. so they can tell you, i think it has been a fish for them so they can take control of america, wants to contradict, embrace slavery. so now people are going back to what happened years and years ago
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. andy, i use the next day to pay all the stuff into a a proficient. our power from the beginning is just a car that is being played though, raised caught to so demands. i want you to elevate the wicked to a leadership position the next time we've got some dramatic pictures to show you now because i have all kinds of corruption in spain's canary islands has led to mass evacuations with flows of lava endangering residential areas that are off is to the threat, could spread as far as continental europe. we're more than 6000 people have fled home since volcanic activity escalated this week. officials call the situation kinda straw fake for at least $200.00 buildings damaged in the fall. i came cleanest by and also due to visit the effected area on thursday me model authority to trying to stop the lava from flooding into the ocean. because when molten rock does mix with salt water,
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it produces claims of poisonous gas next worn. that could then drift to parts of africa and even mainland europe. english turing price is dropping half of its orchestra in a racial diversity drive. the company will not renew the contracts of 14 white musicians to comply with guidance from the arts council. and the council has hit back, claiming that it never wanted the staff to be fired. not poly boy co has more. you may not have heard of the english for in the upfront pull. the company's past repertoire include a midsummer night's dream, like the space dog and james, all i know, but the e p. o that the english pouring opera has finally hit the big time by shooting itself in the foot. the firing almost half of its regular musicians
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from being white in its rush to be increasing and us adhere to the guidelines out by the u. k. r count, which pays for the tools. the english toys have been accused of carrying 3 for the other way and now faces accusations of racism. 14 pretty long musicians who are age between 40 and 66, some of whom worked on a permanent basis. and talk with the company for over 20 years, all got letters saying that they wouldn't be hired the oper next school. i'm the director at the opera company. so i paid prioritizing increased diversity as the reason i said that it was all in line with guidance from the arts council that the governing body, that funds culture and in the u. k. interesting, a, the council itself has tried to distance itself from the company over the moon, and even suggested that by acting so drastically backing musicians,
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they may have screwed themselves out of government funding in the future. the council said we did not instruct the english touring. all right to send this letter when now in conversation with the e t o to ensure no funding criteria have been breach. the musicians union is up in arms about the story. the union says it's all for diversity, but not when it involves a mass call of people based on their identity. and that has been a di upon the musicians and then there's a long cold winter. i had one black musician, friend of mine, put it, orchestra pit are the final vestige of the fine not to stable white, middle off and change is needed. but for many, this story seems to be a case of sensible policy applied on the blame and a bit of a shame because a story like this is a gift to racists. finally, this in a special series of report,
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syrian british germany richard met hers continues to explore the repercussions of the american war on terror. initiated in the wake of the 911 attacks this time he focuses on the east african state somalia, that has been at the forefront of a long standing us military presence. somalia. when is the last time you heard anything about somalia? the us media apparently can't be bothered to report on a country that min bombing for 3 decades, which is great, right? because unlike iraq and afghanistan, which have proven to be deeply unpopular, no one talks about somalia, right? the american public can't complain about a war that they don't know about. now asked what it's doing there, the u. s. claims to be fighting a group affiliated to all kinds of cold as shut up. and in a nutshell, fury of a situation again, western powers claiming to fight the same terrorist groups that they helped create with britons making up 25 percent of abs, foreign fighters in 2012 for example. and in order to justify bombing somalia, the us did what did you all know the countries targeted by the war on terror?
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it either exaggerated or just made up ties to al qaeda. at 1st, george bush was using ground rates than air strikes. and then obama becomes president, and he starts using those drones that he loves so much. when trump took over, he just ramped up the drug strikes even more. now of course, the u. s. claims that the majority of the people that kills our terrorists and not civilians, which is hard to believe when they consider anything that moves to be a terrorist under humanitarian purposes, slaughtered dozens of somalis in july and october of $993.00 and went in full to injury to us then tries to pain itself as the victim and the hero in this movie black hole down, which is, you know, not surprising when you find out the department of defense co wrote the script. sometimes turns up. yeah, literally, that's the thing. the pentagon subsidizes pro war movies, it's propaganda. so whether it's state building or counter terrorism, the us always finds a reason to be there. and even when trump withdrew us forces earlier. busy this
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year they didn't actually withdraw, they just move their bases next door to do booty and kenya an attack from their instead. just last month, joe biden. what did he do? he bomb somalia picking up where his predecessors left off. so as us intervention an occupation made somalia safer and better or more dangerous and poor. if you look at 2016, there were 150 unique armed groups in somalia, which is 3 times more than in 2010, according to the brookings institution. and just like iraq spilled over to syria of gallon, standstill over to pockets on this war has also spilt over the kenya, there were been a $150.00 attacks while she, bob and kenya, including one in 2015 that a kenyan college campus that killed almost a 150 people. so not only is somalia more dangerous compared to before, but so are its neighbors. and then the last decade, hundreds of thousands of people have left somalia because of war and famine. according to the u. n, there are 750000 somalia,
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refugees in neighboring countries and over 2 and a half 1000000 displaced internally. and if we compared to 1990, the number of somali refugees and migrants outside the country has literally doubled. somalia is even poorer than it was in 1960. the poverty rate currently sits at around 70 percent. centuries of european colonialism, followed by decades of us bombings. and this is the result that you get. so if you've been paying attention, you should know that this has nothing to do with humanitarian endeavors or counterterrorism. the real reason america is in somalia is the same reason the british and italian empires were for their jewish strategic and economic interests, somalia, located right on the gulf of aiden on the doorstep of the red sea, where so many of the worlds cargo ships, oil tankers, and vessels come through carrying valuable supplies and cargo for the west. not to mention that somalia itself also happens to set a lot of uranium in oil. how practical to bond somalia,
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the united states already stretched the a o. m f 2001 beyond belief. but there is an entire shot, a war in africa going on in order to run its empire more effectively. the u. s. divides up its military according to different regions in the world. one of those is african or africa command. out of 54 countries in africa, the united states is military advisors in 50 of them, and even the most blood thirsty war mongers and neo cons, like lindsey graham and john mccain apparently didn't know the us had thousands of troops in niger till it was reported that 4 of them were killed in 2017. i didn't know there was a 1000 troops in niger. you're in center graham there. he didn't know we had a 1000 trips in the air. did you know i did not. as you can see from all the is predicament, is the result of america's endless imperialist projects and the products of its war on terror, it's emblematic of where the things bleed. if united states had never interfered and done nothing at all in the 1st place, everything would have been much better for everyone everywhere. art and contributor
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richard met her sir. so that's how the news is looking. you're up to date me back again in about 15. mm. mm mm mm mm mm mm ah ah, ah, the
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ah, ah. the max kaiser. this is the kaiser re poor. things are kicking off in france. oh gosh, here at a fortuitous time, stacy. yes, we were here during the very 1st time that france has ever withdrawn. and ambassador from the united states, at least in 1776. so it's been interesting and i do want to alert twitter to
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a tweet. they should perhaps put some sort of warning label on diplomacy is back. that was from poetess, president biden, on june 11th, 2021. he said, diplomacy is back, the encyclopedia britannica. so i go to a u. k. source to see why france might be upset about this whole australian u. k. america submarine deal. diplomacy, the established method of influencing the decisions and behavior of foreign governments and people to dialogue, negotiation and other measures short of war or violence. modern diplomatic practices are a product of the post renaissance european states system. they do point out that the defer, the term diplomacy is derived by a friend from an ancient greek word. of course, everything comes from greece, right? and it's a folded document. i fold the document that are a print prints or a king used to give you to travel and you were an.


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