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is trying to play political role and it's to cultivate an atmosphere 1st. and obie had become so popular in several western states that go so that if there are any further international consequences of this, if there's any further reaction from any of the sides, i'll let you know, and i'll help you get through it. okay, that should use for this out. it's got, you know, he was in the washington team are up next for now. go from all to moscow. thanks for watching me. you know, one thing we got to talk about america is class or other countries from class war like where britain is a prime example. but in america to play no. take step now. yeah. the, the me the
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united nations is said to begin this week. search here general antonio gutierrez once of a new cold war. there china in the u. s. don't repair their completely dysfunctional relationship. we will look into that relationship and why even event over the weekend show both sides are headed towards conflict, rather than looking for peace. and saturdays j. 6 rally had more press and law enforcement president than actual protesters. so what was the final cost the taxpayers for the event which led to only $1.00 arrest by cap, a place for a man who was armed. but later, after they found out he was just an undercover federal agent. and president biden continued to stumble through foreign policy challenges in his 1st year of presidency. but at least a bite is pushing his build back better agenda, with hopes of bringing relief to middle and lower class american. and it's failing popularity with members of even his own party. we're going to give you the 360 view
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of where the president currently stan i'm, i know he's the stores are more on stage news views. he's right here on our to america. let's get started. ah, thanks for joining us. you know, we're gonna start this week with france who recalled it's ambassadors, the u. s. and australia, which cancelled a gala in washington and cancel a meeting with its long time ally the united kingdom. now, france did this after the country was snapped in a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal. while the us, you can, australia are trying to kind of smooth things over france is actually seeking support for its e friends in the situation which is actually described as a stab in the back. what is alex? my hell of it has the story. while frances, so called friends try to smooth things over, we cooperate incredibly closely with france. we stand shoulder to shoulder with the
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french. and so we look to work with the french and, and many other like minded patterns. no, france continues to be furious, and it is not hiding it. here is the country's foreign minister on france to you. there was a lie. also, there was duplicity gpc. there was a major cross with you and there were just staying goals. things are not going well between not at all. so that means that there is a great in what many are calling another move by the west to contain china. the us and u. k. have signed a strategic agreement with australia known as office. a part of the deal is the sale of nuclear powered submarines to australia, a western allies situated in the pacific, china's neighborhood. however, the move was made at the expense of an important needle ally, france. paris has signed a $40000000000.00 deal with australia to sell conventional diesel submarines to the country, which was suddenly scrapped when arcus emerged. now australia will be buying sub
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technology from the u. s. in cooperation with the u. k. providing australia with at least 8 nuclear powered submarine i am on while the u. s. and that france was made aware of a deal ahead of time. france denies the claim. the law here is frances ambassador. the united states is a few days before the announcement of last wednesday. there was a meeting to australian and friends of ministers of defense and foreign affairs, in which not only we absolutely were not informed of the new course chosen by railey. and what's more, there was praise once again and about the contract we designed in 2016 and between australia and the frame, the side of the, the french company with an american company. let's not forget it. it was a contract with 3 parties with an american, with equal in reaction to the submarine deal. france has recalled us ambassador to the us and australia, canceled meetings with british in australian officials, and is now hoping to rally its
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u allies to back its cause at the end of the last round with australia which took place in june. it was agreed that the next round of trade talks would take place in october. so this is the current state of play. we are analyzing the impact of the august nonsense. and what is this impact would be on, on this, on the schedule. for instance, foreign minister is a new york where he will be representing his country at the un general assembly. he plans to meet his european union counterparts in the city to discuss the follow from the submarine deal for our t. i'm alex, my hi la bitch. to discuss further, a brand executive director of the ron paul institute, dana mcadam. thanks for joining me, daniel. but i've got a oh, interesting turn of events over the last week or so. when i said that the us in france would not be on good terms. i kind of would've laughed out of it. here we stand. as at one time on friday,
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france withdrew her and passers from the united states. actually, the 1st time ever that we have had this situation happen. now i have frances defense minister cancelling her talks with her u. k counterpart. the british, however, still pretty optimistic, the relationship is going to heal. but is there any long term damaged you believe, to nato, and that might be a good thing of being done from this deal. it's really fascinating because here are the french, they are so thrilled and biden is elected. he is the expert in foreign policy. america is back, the adults are back in the room. no more buffoonery from president trump, who thumbed his nose at nato. he didn't consult him. he did what he wanted. and here you have a snub that makes anything. trump said, let alone did pale by comparison. so you do have your right sit back and snicker a little bit at these people who thought that somehow things would change. in fact, they have changed, but for the worse. well, that's the thing, you know,
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president biden is saying that all the things are great, even today and the press conference to and for saki said, oh, there's not a problem. the deal is going to happen, no matter what, we're going to be friends with the french president but, but it is actually said he wants to speak to president micron in the near future mac crohn. not so schedule it schedule get might be likely. but what can biden say at this point actually helps move over this tension that is happening between the 2 countries? well, it's interesting because a lot of this, this blundering certainly wasn't done by biting because i'm not sure he knows exactly where he is literally at the moment. but a lot of this blundering was done by not only anthony blinking, but particularly the president's national security advisor, jake sullivan, who let's not forget was one of the prime prime authors of the russia gate scan. the russia get lie. he was one of the prime authors. he's the one who, whether he didn't have the courage, whether he was just having a busy day or what have you. they didn't bother to tell france beforehand it's, it's been reported that literally the french prime minister found out through an
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article in politico rather than a phone call from washington. and so the french uproar is understandable because it was the place it is because there was an agreement between the 3 countries actually back in the spring to do this deal. and then one australian french met in june. france had no idea that australia had already agreed on a different deal and was pending that everything was hunky dory. so stab in the back. it's really a light way of putting it. i've never seen such blundering on the international stage, and you would think that would be like an open discussion of this. i mean, let's be adults in the room. you're kind of dealing with some very serious issues. and that's where i think the e u is kind of looking. i found it curious. so that after what happened with australia, the launch this endo pacific plan and new and they wanted to revitalize and they want to strengthen their ties. the japan, south korea, singapore, and taiwan. do you think this means they're looking at the aggression with china and say, you know what, we're going to align actually with the u. s. over this, for our fears in the future of what china might be capable of doing well, i think
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a lot of what you're seeing is, frankly, you know, kind of lucky us blackmail. and when available website has some great analysis on this. if you look at it, essentially the, you know, the us is looking at a straight. as for chinese number one, trading partner, a trying to is, australia is number one, trading partner and the u. s. a said to australia, look, you've got to take sides. you've got to make a choice, you're either on board with us in this new cold war, or you were going to sink you, you're going down. and the same is true with the us relationship with other countries in the asia pacific region. however, these aren't the only countries in the region. we have to stop it as ourselves for a 2nd. what will indonesia feel like when it sees just it's southern neighbor with a fleet of nuclear arm attacks or nuclear howard, at least for the moment attack subs capable of reaching and capable between the region. this isn't known as the, the stabilizing for the region, but of course it's very stabilizing. if you have to be in the submarine ship
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building business, which a lot of washington is, was interesting. you bring up this phrase, cold war because that's actually the un secretary general as daniel as a damn. again, thank you for joining us. it's. we're going to continue the conversation. are we really having a cold war right now? and we'll be back to you soon to talk to more about bad subject alone. thanks for joining us. now is dana mcadam said there is this idea of a code word that is starting to truly grow between the united states and china. and then also find the appearance of a u. s. navy destroyer in the taiwan strait region. the chinese armed forces actually conducted military exercises targeting taiwan. this is, i wanted to now says plan to spend $8700000000.00 of the next 5 years on domestically produced arms, which include missiles which could strike mainland china. but is this actually just the tip of a growing version of war, which the secretary general of the un just called and warned both united states and china that they needed to de escalate to discuss the brand, former naval intelligence officer, john jordan. okay. the simple $1000000.00 question are we here at the beginning of
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are currently involved and a cold war is the united states with china. we been involved in a grey's own war with china for some time. i think we should rename the segment, the wages, a weakness, and this is probably the 2nd, the 3rd episode. the reason i say that, scotty, is that with americans withdraw from afghanistan, this invited beijing to try to test washington's results. you're going to see a lot more of these types of exercises as, as, as mainland china try to feel out where the limits were. washington's limits tolerances really are for, for chinese expansion in the region. well, i think what i'm most worried about, obviously this is not been good for the bio ministration. there's a lot of words like chaos and coward being thrown against, you know, against ministration. obviously, are they going to either go with that or they going to take a stand and go over that? you know what we are going to stand up and that kind of, we're taiwan,
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comes into play. you know, how far will the united states actually go to support taiwan? and while they go militarily against china, if trying to decide to show some sort of aggressive stroke, what if china tries to shoot invades? i won the united states and it won't be just the united states, it'll be the philippines in japan and australia, pretty much the rest of the rest of the pacific won't tolerate that, will come in on the side of one. but you raise a very good question is what happens of the chinese as they try to test the bio regime given the given it's pretty recent perception of weakness and chaos. there is the opportunity for some sort of miscalculation where china intends to do it as a task or to promote washington in some way. and then washington retaliate or in this does engage in some sort of military action that china couldn't predict. they didn't intend to start, but couldn't predict. and so that's why weakness and chaos is a dangerous thing, and predictability and strength tend to make their world a safer place. but sadly,
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we're not in that sort of situation right now. one of the thing that is, sadly ambridge was usually money and finances behind this. you know, i have to think about how the u. s. actually china right now about $1.00 trillion dollars in debt. so we're talking about how much is china going to give or take? how much are they going to push? does that not actually give china an upper hand or does a mass amount of chinese import? the u. s. takes in, is that enough to neutralize any leverage to china. my use to back the united states back down while i'm some credentials in economics to scotty and here's the problem with what we're trying to add that. whereas you and somebody, enough money, a little bit of money that you the, the bank owns you. if you borrow way too much money, eventually you on the bank, in this case, china's reserves, the us treasury is, should they decide to sell it or dump it under the oak open market? would cause would basically damage the value of their portfolio. would actually
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cost them money to try to sell it. so it's not realistic for them to say, oh, we're just going to dump treasury's more over one point. one trillion is only what $33.00 and a half percent of the total outstanding. but at the same time, that would also damage shine, as you point out, china's ability to export goods to the united states. and that's something that china doesn't want. so that's kind of kind of both sides are a little bit of a, a stand off there economically because both sides can inflict grievous harm on the other. well, and i think that's what i'm kind of worried about on this. i me a real quick before i let you go bite and actually lifted the travel band to china . so some other countries, but people, some of the probably is look at this are saying this actually kind of biting cal towering to chinese to let the other ones. but if we're in this fi, we're trying to is that kind of showing that biden's already giving a unilateral concession to g a possibly. and it could be one of those nonverbal forms of communication where they're giving something by the ministration is making a very small, under the radar concession that only you and your producers are able to pick up to
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see what kind of reaction that would get from beijing oftentimes that's how meaningful dialogue is started by one side doing that, especially if it's something, it's a low risk, a low cost gesture. well, i would much rather do that kind of gesture than i don't know. more wargames in the south pacific, like always great to talk with you john the he's got the saturday's day 6 rally had more press and law enforcement present actual protesters . we're going to talk about the turn out and the final cost to taxpayers right after the break. i know when i would show the wrong one, i'll just don't rule out the thing
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because the applicant and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground in me, and i make no borders. to tease emerge, we don't have authority. we actually, the whole world leads to take action and be ready and not a joke. people are judge governors crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each of their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we
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need together in the several 100 people gathered for a rally saturday in washington dc to support pro trump rioters who rated the capital building back on january 6. not speaking the rally, they insisted that the writers who arrested our political prisoners who committed no violence. now since january 6, 600 people have been arrested in connection to the swarm on the capital. but only 40 are behind bars currently. and that's for protesters at the rally were calling for their release. r t correspondence, i haven't jer has the details. washington, police officials have been expressing concern about the justice for 6 event. for weeks capital police were expecting the worse long foresman were taking no chances
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in their efforts to avoid a repeat of what happened on january 6th. when the capital was violently attacked by a mob of pro trump supporters ahead of the event. police said that they detected threats of violence and security was tightened in washington dc with offense. once again being put up around the capitol grounds in $100.00 national guard. troops were on stand by to help protect the capital. organizers had a permit for 700 to attend, but only about 100 to 200 protesters turned up capital pool. you said 400 people were inside to protest area. but that figure included the heavy media presence and police who easily outnumbered the protesters. it's organizers look ahead, america were led by mad brain ard, the former campaign, a to president trump insisting that hundreds of writers arrested for their actions
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on january 6 for political prisoners who had committed no violence. this is about the many people who are there that day who have not been charged with violence, not been accused of the solving please after throwing property and district treatment they received in speaking to our teeth. on steve malls berg roger stone, former adviser to president trump agreed, this is called, i get prop, i don't know a single person in the mega moment is going and say set up. here's my, here's my suggestion. the people who will be there will, i'll be working for the government. nice. try january 6, gave the government the greatest single opportunity they've ever had to a bridge. our constitutional rights, particularly our 1st amendment rights. no patriots stay away from washington. this is what is called a set up and saudi all the about 140 police officers were injured on january 6, defending the congress. only a handful. those protested from january 6,
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feel remained behind. bars bought from saturday, protest, 4 people were arrested and a hand gun and a gun and a knife world by the capital police. but india and the protesters did earn some modest gains, their mark, their territory was bill or any massive oppress coverage. while turned out to be a peaceful protest in saudi, i should mention that even with less than $200.00 protesters, it's still for the federal government to spend millions on enhanced security. the exact number is still unclear, but their estimates are from anywhere from $5.00 to $10000000.00 for that security . and just to give our viewers in illustration, it cost the federal government about $500000000.00 just to deploy to $26000.00 national guard. in the aftermath of january attack, when you view tues,
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i'm excited having your large one other spots saturdays rally was quite humorous actually at times from both sides of the aisle as they were spinning fast. so i think my washing machine trying to clean up the mess. where's the current polarized political divisions have made? now from the left for present had lucid prompts awaiting influence. shown in a very small crowd size adjusted for j. 6 rally. and from the right, who seemed to have a field day with the fact that there was more press and feds came up with means like this one showing boy undercover officers dressed up to be what they thought protesters would look like. but even before the low energy protest on saturday, president biden has not had actually the smoothest run both internationally and domestically since being sworn into office in january. so let's take this temperature check and i know the guys who would've earned talked or it's in political planetary, if there was actually such a thing i would award to them. democrat commentator jonathan harris and a former colorado state law maker. ted harvey, who's been the poetry business for a long time over several administrations now, so i i would award you doctorates,
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appointed jury if that was possible. thanks for joining me gentlemen. good afternoon. thanks for amazon. okay, i want to start with you jonathan. this is kind of, this is your, this is your circus last year was tad, this time it's yours. where do you feel like bided actually doing better on domestic or international issues? well, i feel like he's having to do both. and a lot of times, you know, you can really put the focus on one or the other. but i feel like, with the pandemic here at home and, and obviously the dentist and he's having to kind of do them both at the same time . i think he's actually doing a pretty good job. obviously he took a bit of a hit on his approval rating with the pull out pulling the us out of afghanistan, but also only shows that the majority of americans approve of the decision to leave afghanistan. so maybe some of the details with how things happen on the ground, which was bound to happen, but they approved the decision to leave. and i think also here at home, the way he's handling the vaccines is fantastic. there was
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a pull from actually fox news which was surprising or the fox news poll that showed that the majority of americans actually side with him on issues like math mandates, in schools and vaccine mandates in business. i think it was want to get the number 66 percent, i think sided with him on business mandates. vaccine mandates and 67 percent cited with him on school math mandate. so i think he's doing a pretty good job. i think he's got a pretty good job. foreign and domestic. ok, so ted, you know, i guess him, i feel a bit easier. i think today going from a year ago, when you were having to just pull punches at every side and didn't know which one was going to come next to go on air. but, you know, when you look at where everything has gone on with the findings, action, which actually do you think deserves the most criticism. and it's creating the most anger out the administration outside of the normal base. well, certainly what i would hope would create the most criticism is his handling of afghanistan, and it was not supposed to happen this way despite good. my colleague has to say
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that the previous administration had not had a single person. i'm killed in the last 18 months that front in the united states and f deanna stan and he was working toward a judicious withdraw. everybody in the foreign policy arena understood that you had to pull out all of the foreign service officers out of the united states. first, all the civilians out of me out of afghanistan 1st before you pulled the military out. yet this president told us that we would never see something happen in afghanistan like happened in vietnam, where they were pulling foreign service officers off the roof of the embassy by helicopter. yeah, that's exactly what happened in afghanistan because he pulled the military out before he got everybody off the ground. and he, what resulted is, in was 13 military officers being killed on the, on the air strip as they're trying to area live to people out of the country. it's
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ridiculous. what happened yet? nobody is being held accountable for it, whether it the president or the joint chiefs of staff or the secretary defense. well, and then you look at the retaliation. that's now the controversy we're talking about right now. finding out the bad intelligence had the wrong people killed and what to do about that, but that's on. that's how you know jonathan. it's always about a teammate. do you feel like comma harris is actually a good t major, president biden in the different challenges, and do you think you should be actually out there more on by his side? i just wanted to real quick. last year 11 troops died now kenneth, and that's just, that's just not accurate. i just don't understand as it relates to and i just thought that was important to point out. but as it relates to come on here, where, where are we getting the trips in number here, guys? now i'm going to get my 20 february of 2020. well let me tell you the february counselors last year, february counsel,
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18 months. okay. well, they gave me the details. let's move on. convenient, cut off point. my point is that true 11. she died in afghanistan under trumps leadership. and you didn't hear anything from republicans because they couldn't use it as a political football. what a weird point you would use anyway. okay, so let's good job. continue about truck dwindled troops down to the lowest level since 2001. but ok. as it relates to come on, i do think that she's a good, a good running made for him only because it's kind of unfortunate for her. it seems as though he hands are kind of the more difficult issue, some of the issues he doesn't necessarily want to deal with. and i think that hurts her a little bit. but in a, in a way, in terms of p r, i think it works very well because he can say, you know, we're working on it. the administration is working on it, but it puts the focus on her. so it's kind of unfortunate for her, but i think it works. i think it does work for him. okay. so can i, what are back to you and we're getting these answers for, you know, you know,
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normally in the months and republicans right now you can, you cannot dismiss that. they are actually pretty lining up things already looking at the mid terms. normally though you want those months leading up to election day to be, the ones are filled with the bad press on the opposition. so you think it's too soon continue. we're so 14 months out for the midterm. will republicans be able to keep that same sort of emotion engagement with republicans at this administration for the next year and a half? well, honestly, i don't think what happened in afghanistan in the fact that we did desert american civil service officers on the ground in afghanistan has anything to do with politics. and we should not deal with it as politics. it has to do with the fact that different ministration was an abject failure in protecting us citizens on the ground. my brother is a 30 year foreign service officer. he served in embassies throughout the middle east during his career. he is outraged by what happened and he resigned the administration last week because of it has nothing to do with politics. but having said that, i think that this administration is going to go down as the worked administration
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and going into the 2022 elections. that's not good for any party, right, for your president to be put in that situation. and the democrats in congress are going to lose the house and move the senate accordingly. well, we'll continue that conversation there. thank you, doctors. and that's all the time we have a to show, but i promise the conversation will continue to follow me on twitter as guardian hughes. like always thanks for watching. ah ah ah, the, i don't know. i mean there's some fits in there who are rescuing the food that they were not scavenging or were rescuing resources that are still good. this is best by march 21st, which is in 2 days. all these potatoes, hall panels, onions, all of these came from waste brown sources. the. this is great for me
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because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. dr. because the tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people and our society. so that makes sense for them to throw it out right off rather than give it to somebody who could use it. and then that person is not going to buy it. oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. if possible, to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the obesity epidemic?
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it's corporate, me ah, the headlining this, our a man shoots dead, a gas station cashier in germany, how to being asked to wear a mask, sparking horror and debate in the countries media. as frustration grows at kobe restrictions, us president joe biden sends the ruddy and call to america's allies and talks peace at the un. that admitted unprecedented route with nato allies from the accusations of a cold war mentality from china. and a day of mornings declared in the central russian city of the.


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