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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 20, 2021 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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i'll see you then the me the news news hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm futile. lavelle in the us democrats talk endlessly about the so called january 6 insurrection. there were less concerned with the real possibility, general mark, milly, when, constitutionally broke. also the art of stabbing, an ally in the back, france, is furious. me to discuss these issues and more. i'm joined by my guess, glenn,
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these and and also he is a professor at the university of southeastern norway as well as other of the new book, great power politics in the 4th industrial revolution. and who depends. we have george semi welly, he's a counselor of the gaggle which can be found on youtube and locals. are a gentleman, cross off rules, and that means he can jump anytime you want. and i always appreciate it. i always go to george, 1st thing, budapest, george, you know the, if you, if you look at the liberal media in the us, there continue to be obsessed with january 6. even on the 20th anniversary commemoration of $911.00, they had to poll january thinks into it. and then over the last week we have a story about the joint chief of staff, general mark, milly, according to news reports, we have that and have them confirmed. and we know the general be speaking in front of congress before the end of the month. but instead of saying, oh my goodness, what a breach of the constitution of norms coming from such people,
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there seems to be scant really interest in it. i mean, when he did it because he's a patriot. well, since when breaking the law of patriotic yes, this is entirely correct, and we're already used to be around the, during the, from years we had 4 years of the intelligence services actively working to subvert the administration. all duly elected president. and this is what we have in the case of general milly. i mean, let's keep in mind his 1st, according to the woodward book, i mean, his 1st meeting of the conference with the chinese took place on october. the 3rd before the election is before the election. he give them a warning and says, well, i think trump may want to attack you, you know, even when you play weapons and i, the chairman of the joint chiefs will in to see and give you advanced warning. so
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this is an extraordinary thing. i imagine you're going to, an advisor is a great power and you're telling this great power that you will come to mom, any orders given by your president. and this is, it was shocking. and then there are further shocking revelation. remember, we had the previous book in which milly was supposedly worried about a qu, organize by trump. and he said, wow, don't worry about a thing, you know, where the guys with the guns which suggest again that he is the military is planning on using guns against the do like a present. and it was, this was all a complete fraud. he was just simply an accumulation of power, use a patient of power on the father. milly. i mean, trump is given no indication that he's going outside the contribution going beyond his power. you know, he's going to court on everything. some cases, these one,
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some cases he's law, but he's always accepted every decision of the court. everything get it off to the lecture was again, entirely in accordance with the law and the constitution. and apparently in one of the phone calls, the general milles that tells his counterpart, a general li, i think his name is, is that there is no political instability. him, you want us to say something about like mean do you believe that there is instability here at bridge general to be doing that out of the chain of command is breathtaking. really. scary. ok, glenn. i mean, you know, we've seen a deterioration of the rule of law for political purposes in the name of an ideology. george is absolutely right. you could lover hate donald trump. there's never been any indication that he wanted to study of start a war anytime. anytime during his administration and we know because of the poorly sort of president by john bolton. and he had a golden opportunity in like
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a 90 minute window to start a war with iran. and he, he stepped back and he was political capital for doing it. so, i mean, it shows that, you know, these institutions have very little value if you are ideologically possessed. that's what it tells me, go ahead plan. no, i agree. and i think that this a great fair enough trunk would undermine democracy. fuel this future system, which itself became a threat to democracy. for me, this is a church and it's a large expense. the result of what they refer, the deep they've now usually people are hurt them. indeed, been at the very something right winger and bring up all over the place. they simply means that you have an i like about the bureaucrats on the like the military leaders supposed to be an instrument of elective obligations. but instead, the beginning them to function to some extent of the independent power and pursuing
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their own agenda, which can be logical. in this case, often linked closer to the democratic side. and what i was going to call something generally called china general, a li chang behind the president back and gave him a warnings that promised him a warrant if they would use military force. i mean, this is quite extraordinary, respectively banding civilian control over the military. and also not the 1st case . again, george was right, the, you know, during a trump there, you saw the military leader of bragging going for the media that they were able to subvert civilian leaders. and by making well, by rejecting the saying that they didn't want to carry out orders and they leave the whole is call, they tried to undermine him undermined him time after time. and, you know, general milly pointed out, you know, they've expressed the belief that russia was the real out there in china. so that's
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kind of his foreign policy and he is running with it. so it's in glenn if, if, according to general lily russia was the primary adversary. i'm not saying why didn't you call the russians? i think it's a point to point out not. this is not just the case. the one about an indication that it is a stomach because you can see, based on the reaction and how the democrats react to this wall. nothing by them below say they seem to be quite fine with how nearly acted and you know, a rows of the civilian control and the military. so i'm glad you brought up george . this is just not nilly. i mean, this is an unelected official that works in the executive branch concluding when the speaker of the house. now this is what is called a conspiracy. ok? a real one. ok, inspiring. going around the chain of command, subverting the rule of law and to burning the dish,
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no value principle that the military serves the civilian order. george yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right and wrong. but i mean below state is in the legislative branch. she's clearly not in the chain of the and she's a highly partisan. this is here, but this is, this is she has a very much a political agenda and mentally those perfectly well the. she has a political agenda. so when he starts talking to her on the phone, she tells him, well, ignore the orders of the president, and then they, they dressed up in some phony. so we're concerned that you might use nuclear weapons to talk nonsense, but eventually what is going on here? gender, the joint chiefs, he's colluding with a highly partisan legislator to disobey combines, oh they did you like the president? it is absolutely shocking. and so, you know, you measure be to that you will be testifying before congress and we know what's
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going to happen. and the democrats will run interference for him. you know, they'll all be asking him, the usual questions. you know, general milly, you know, you are patriot. why did you feel when somebody like donald trump came along and started undermining the constitution? what you're feeling when you that's, that's not going to be and so glen glen is right to me. you have, the democrats will just quickly happy with this, and it is really quite a shopping face of a radical it's what's, what's even more shocking here is that according to milly and well, we know other people are involved. if the reporting is true, we have to have that can be on. it's very important copy on here. but, you know, trump was criticized endlessly for trying to end wars. and now he's being, being accused of starting a potential war. i mean,
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he can't win for losing this one here. and i'm glad that george brought up what we could potentially see as congressional testimony. i think we know what the democrats script is going to be in liberal media. they've already shown their carts here, but i have a lot of doubt that republicans will be particularly aggressive because of the 2 words that you already mentioned in our program. the deep state or the administrative state of the permanent state, whatever you want to call and ok. because it shows that the, these elected officials either are very dependent on, or you even fear be in the military and the intelligence community. what we have here is we have an inversion of what the power relations should be. go ahead, glenn. there. i remember. yeah, about a year ago. schumer or in the 2018 or 19. you had the schumer and janet from if you go against the intelligence, i don't see if they have many way of getting back at you and you know,
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i didn't see anything wrong with this statement. they can act as limit and power. but again, this is what happens when you have other polarized. so this is the political system . if you consider the political position to be illegitimate, then there's no exceptions for this new center of power. effectively intelligence agent is the military to the couple of in from this was deemed to be the legitimate civilian control and a effectively accept that as part of the resistance to counter the president. so again, i would often going to, it's been ironic. the accused time to start a war with china, which, you know, there was no indication that should've mentioned this at least before calling the chinese 1st, but by the way. and they really around the obstruction, i guess trauma boss when he wanted to pull up from syria when he wanted to pull out from a gun as it was, his effort to stop is worth when they really went in to, to block him. so it's, it's a very, it's a very dangerous development which is not in the u. s. benefits from, i mean,
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and i thought it was great that and brought in the comparison with the rush to get years because of the same. you have intelligence agencies in the branch of power effectively, deliberately spinning different formation that undermining their own precedent. because again, there are, this is agree with this policy. and how else can you define this in a deep state? if you have like the bureaucrats like the security age of this will run in procedure on foreign policy. it's worse for it's, you know, charged for free for years and, you know, anonymous and anonymous source, whoever that is, you know, ran the new cycle. and then you have to prominent not particularly virtuous people in my opinion, but prominent journalists, laying out their sources in their and their findings here. and a few people just kind of scratch their head and say, you know what, what, what's tomorrow is whether going to be, i mean it's, there's them in the face that, you know, want to come to terms of it. and in what the,
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and any president that comes next, or even the current setting. now, how much competence they have, the military is going to be following them. you don't have that competence finish it up. george said, if i knew they really shouldn't have gotten it because the democrats make they, oh great. when you know we've got the, the military on our side, you may not have it because, you know, linda, you know, whoever's the next chairman of the joint chiefs, you may not like the democrats policy. you clearly feel entirely unencumbered by any constitutional inhibition. i mean, we, we talk about russia again, well, i didn't like it policy towards russia, so i'll take a little jump in here. what goes around comes around, all right, we're going to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion and some really stay with the the,
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the me, the news. oh right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. is profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary and faulty and addicted. not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment, ah, what's driving the reason it's corporate,
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me. ah, welcome to cross stock. we're all things are considered, this is the home addition to remind you. we're discussing some real names. ah okay, let's go back to glen and also the french are kind of upset right now, and i think this statement here we, we have the united states, u. k. and australia, inventing a new i don't know what you call it alliance with, but really official. it is essentially it's a p r campaign at this point. that is, everyone knows that is focused against china. but in the process, a major submarine deal that the french were counting on went up in smoke without
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them apparently being notified. and of course the u. s. and the, and the u. k. come in and filled the void. what does this say about nato unit b? because and but you know, why do you feel if you are the australia and they said to him, harry, b, u, k, you know, doing a, or a bending one of their important allies, friends? mean, wouldn't you think? maybe they'll do it to me. i mean, i know very few people kind of thought out the implications of this here. this is how you treat allies. i thought trump was the guy that treated allies badly. go ahead when a little from point to the development on began under obama, then trunk, and they thought them to with by coming in the things will be different. however, this is a much broader change in international system, but it's not a state of new priorities, which means it will focus less on europe, which means that the irrelevant front in the world will diminish. now it's important to point out the west that the unified region only really developed in opposition to russia when it was the principal adversary during the cold war on
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union. and after the cold war, when the west kinda wanted to collect the edge of money which re lined on marginalizing russia as many times the right, the rise of china changes. all of this goes to the us focus and resources will now be directed towards asia. and so there will still be and still follow us. lead by the us will be less willing to devote the efforts and resources to europe in already and something changed. so i think that maybe your p in an american interest are also changing their down prioritizing europe want to be, are being supposed to do. so to some extent, to go along with this, you know, making, they took chinese power as well as the end of the day. america interest is not in europe anymore. so this is, this is why the french, i think, the strategic relevance declining and how else can you really interpret if they friends how to deal with those trail for $10000000000.00. the us went behind their
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back, got the deal scraps and put in a new deal. and it's going to make sense from the american perspective as well because they see the chinese not being the main threat. so they're building up regional, the outlines against the chinese and in this alliances during cold war the americans tend to favor trade deals and the technological transfers and you know, having the interconnect focusing more on its key allies. so simply, the role of france is diminished. and the said, if you're really wants to have some relevance, especially from the really need to have an independent foreign policy because retreat under a u. s. which doesn't care about that any more. so i'm sure right now there's someone in higher speaking about the need to charge a new, an independent foreign policy, especially towards china because this rent and then this conflict having to reduce the ability or the, or haven't in the front office. and it's that it creates reliance on the u. s, which doesn't prioritize europe. so if it's something more than the making and i
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don't know if i did a biden will be different from it through the obsession with child. but he was the source of all evil. it's called national interest here, georgia, me kind of choice words coming from the branch manager. but i can quote, there's been lying duplicity made here marie's thrust. didn't can. this will not do well. what are you going to do about it? you? the french died themselves to, to do nato and to the united states. what leverage did they have 0 george? that's why they were notified. her, their feelings well cares. it's nato. we run it. and when we think it's relevant, it's been for and if it's not relevant, it's not report. okay. you see, i mean, i think it's almost like child's play. the see the french reaction. they mean all this, you know? no, you, you made the bed together and you slept in it. go ahead george. yeah, yes. that's,
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that's exactly right. and where are you? what ideally should happen now is france, germany in europe will reconsider. what may, doesn't matter what the policy is really about, but it's very unlikely to happen. i mean, you know, 1st of all, nato has expanded to co op, a whole bunch of states that are rabidly anti russia because what would clearly make sense now for europe would be to forge some kind of a working friendly partnership with russia. i mean all this that, that should have been the policy in the 990, but it's going to be very difficult to do because you've got all of these things face bowl and then you know the unit for expend remaining. and so i'm very busy at georgia, they are going to tolerate any kind of move towards a rough, rough one with russia. so what's really going to happen, i think,
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is what the americans envisage is a division of labor. they say ok, we're, we're a global, we have the global reach. so we're going to focus on the containing china, you, the europeans, you focus on containing russia, and then we'll have this to, you know, dual complain my balance. and i suspect, but eventually those are the french are taking off. they'll be able to go along with it will probably be, you know, the blue, you know, the next the meeting of whatever the g, 20 or the nato. whatever. no, probably, yeah. okay. with the u. k plays a crucial role here because the u. k is in this agreement with contain china agreement. and i've been also blustering about what we're sending our warships into the south china sea. but do you guys also in nato and is going to push a strongly anti russian line. and so it's going to be very difficult. i don't see germany as really having the will to forge a new direction. okay,
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but we've been glenda that assumes that russia really is a threats to, to the european union. and i would say it's not, but i mean, can, can, can you play that fiction forever? i mean, considering the resources you're going to have to devote to it, i mean, sir. ok, it's still up in the air. what we're going to have the german election that the grains have any kind of real power. i would tend to agree with george ok. but brand certainly doesn't feel that way, italy, spain, and so forth. i mean, it's going to be kind of an internal nature minus us the, the nato members in europe. it's going to be real interesting squabble. ok, because you end up in a way back the dog situation with the eastern. so we know what these to be in their role in the, the coolant in 2014 and in care of. i mean, it didn't serve the purpose of mission, but they got stuck with it to get to get stuck with an anti russian agenda in georgia, suggesting yeah, well,
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that's the problem. that's how the your pm security institutions have been set up where you have, if you going to have the europe completely unified, to accept the largest country and obviously in europe without becoming against automatically, you will have conflicts, someone didn't. so the problem gets them to go back and looking at some of the initial structures in the 990. of course, didn't become an opportunity to maybe reconsider about the of the eastern european members about, you know, they're like, well you and banjo, they just have this rushing component to the foreign policy and what they're loving for. and so, but again, for congress like from there, there is a bit of a dilemma here because if you want some strategic relevance in the world, on one hand, traditionally and for the past decades, they're relevant to hinged on the us having a key interest in europe. in the front line against russia, which is why they have a central role. but now that says, shifting to another place to keep the relevant,
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should it further come into us, which doesn't really care about them, but then they will just become independence. they will, will it become even less relevant, or do they try to form their own independent foreign policy break from us, maybe an independent policy where it's china and russia. but in this case, americans might undermine them again or punish them for this or so. then they had to do have a real dilemma simply because the world shifted this, the central got there is no longer in europe. this is not where the major politics is. what one of the french going to do to remain relevant? obviously this is the price of being irrelevant. you buy your enemies and you tell your friends, this is carla, can explain this. surely they can continue in this way. they all in the germans. they strike deals with russia when the american strike deals with russia and pointed out before the st. probably concerned a little bit as well because, you know, they went against china pulling all this and they lost
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a lot of train to the chinese and a lot of it was picked up by the americans. so they have to start to have a fun point whether or not this is their national interest or the bidding on their own horse. there's a lot of stigma. so george, american back bills, i think that they just continue with one was saying here is that in all of these calculations, the us in the center of gravity. but when that, that's the gravity starts moving around predictable way. instead, the weight is, is less, less attractive. because what they would have been doing us were had. yeah, well, i think, you know, if the europeans want to be relevant, if france wants to be irrelevant and wants to get washington's attention, then you should pursue a foreign policy that doesn't like that. that gets washington's attention, if wrong. a gall. yeah, exactly. if, if macros saying, hey,
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i think it's time for a new relationship with russia and he would stop signing. it was sort of agreement visiting russia put in visiting parents. and so that would get washington's attention. if you go wine a, oh please, please, please pay attention to us where we're still, frankly involved in the well, you're watching those that rebuttal this, you know, we've been hearing this for decades. you know, we know that he was going to come round and do what we say in the process. but the question about germany, but prosperity has an opportunity and out, as you say to you, i goal is the foreign policy. it would then have to go against the u. k, because the u. k. still very influential within nato. and we'd have to see what happens with the weather in germany. some new kind of leadership going to merge that will have your a really con, just go on hiding behind america goods forever. so george, me,
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you know, not telling them the, they're nato outlines. they were leaving dennis den number one. then we have this submarine deal, number 2 in very short succession. we have american patriot missile systems being removed from saudi arabia and other places here. i mean, a lot of things are moving around right now. one thing is for sure, the, these old in stone principles about foreign policy architecture. they're all moving away. they're crumbling, like deaf and, oh, and this is, nato has a good opportunity to rethink. and so maybe we think itself out of existence to start talking about its own real national security, which is gentlemen would run out of time. want to take my son are slow in budapest . i want to thank you for watching us here our next time. and remember, ah ah
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financial guy, i don't buy a guy on my teachers. that's not an almost friday. that's the last time i buy it from the future. so for i can watch kaiser replace ah ah ah, i will. i
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will ah, working machine. she popped in, she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we said there was a going to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a r 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're silent on this issue, the other side wind by default, the lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs. she said, why do you wear again? were you scared? i took it off and i think people need to take responsibility in their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number that
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i joined me every thursday on the alex summon show when i was speaking to guests in the world, the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then, in the sorry is not enough to ny raise the money, the family of 10 civilians killed by us as tried to demand. justice. washington says no one will be punished for the day. no one can compensate. if you give us all the money in the world, it will not be enough. if not possible, we need assurance that next time they will not kill innocent people and children in other countries. the culprits must be convicted and enquiries, us and things are. you treat us live on the line who says she has no rank, hold up a tag with the head of.


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