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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  September 18, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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get through, let's take a look at some of those parties hoping to win the seats, 1st of communist, russia and not to be confused with the better known community parcel of the russian federation. it promotes a marxist, lenin if ideology and wants to see a massive re nationalization campaign. the policy gonna be a little more than 2 percent of the vote at the last election, but has no representatives in the stay d. my and another content in this election is the liberal, conservative civic platform. it was founded by 1000000000 in the higher pro her off before an internal bus stop. so him quit. the party says it's support small and medium sized businesses and wants to say stronger domestic production instead of in pools. civic platform has one season be current, parliament and one almost one percent of the vote in 2016 a year after day join us. the more news and around 30 minutes of the next on our
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scene to national and c, u. k. it's redox tonight with host li camp. the hey, you know we've moved on from just lots of money and incurring lots of data for dom reasons to printing lots of money and incurring lots of debt for extraordinarily dom reason. well conquer redacted the night. this is a show where americans in america covering american news called foreign agents. hilde amazing media will occasionally cover how rough most americans have it right now. sure. they spend more time talking about which billionaire went to outer space
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for 32nd field in the overhead carry on ban of a rocket ship shaped like a but still they might squeeze in an eviction story here or there. however, one thing you won't hear from your mainstream media and even most independent media, is that we don't need to be working this hard. you know, i'd add starbucks trying to explain to pretend just customers that know you can't sell them half a penny federal wrap. and no, you can't give them and you the law may rely, be melt because that's not a thing all while trying to keep friendly eye contact from binder sweating, face mask, or whatever your job happens to be. we don't need to work this ard at jobs. we hate and now there is a country who has studied it and made it a reality. the world's largest ever 4 day work week trial in iceland. was it overwhelming success and didn't destroy the businesses?
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did all the fish go bad and the ice cream melton? the i phones get act in that kitty kid jungle gyms get smelly. that's all the products i can lift. i don't, i don't really know what businesses produce anymore. i r l i. i feel like every business model nowadays is an app that collects data on what people g o location says about their subconscious sexual hang ups. point is on patent that do not feel it. did everything collapse in iceland because workers got 3 day weekends. nope. the study found the well being of workers improved dramatically across a range of indicators, perceived stress and burnout, as well as health and work life balance were significantly improved across practically all groups. so you're telling me that abuse been last time labouring in a miserable office place. you end up happier. well,
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that can't be true. now you're going to tell me dog. what's up with we do what? that seems uncalled for. anyway, working a little last makes people happier and healthier. ok noted, but still i bet productivity. totally greater during this study. right. and isn't that what capitalism is all about? your happiness and health doesn't matter, as long as the widget get made and shipped and, and very rich fat people get richer, right? but actually, productivity and service provision remained the same or improved across the majority of workplaces included in the trial. but it gets even easier after iceland review this study. they did something bananas. they took what they learned and they applied it to their society.
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as a result of new agreement struck in 2019 to 2021 after the trials ended, 86 percent devices, entire working population. now either a reduced hours or flexibility within their contracts to reduce hours. but here's something else you'll never get from your mainstream media or any politician. capitalism. deals your soul. i mean, like, literally sorry, this is getting a little deep if you want, you can like you can, you can put on, you know, mario brothers theme song in the background, a light and things up to read about it. but it's up to have that conversation. you know, that's very deep with that going on in the background. anyway, think about this for a 2nd existence preceded essence. you are here on this planet alive for
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a brief period of time, and you find, or select your actions, your meaning, your purpose. what you are and what matters to you, you find it and you select it, that's your soul. but many people never get a real chance to do that. 3 can ahmed force many labor a job? they don't like exhaust themselves good at work day have and sure you may have some free time, but it's usually spent with other responsibilities are recovering from all day at the job. so most people never get a chance to really find their passion, their purpose, their sol. therefore, capitalism deals or sole. like a zombie, biting your neck, your whole life. i me not, not, not for everyone, but for a lot of people. i take 78 percent pay pay, pay, pay,
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pay for the debt at that that, that come to think of it. maybe the mario brothers didn't even want. 4 to be plumbers, casing turtles, maybe they just never got a chance to find themselves in their true passion. maybe mario wanted to be an ice dancer. maybe luigi was a body body painter deep down inside point being if the work week were cut down to 4 days, your soul would be stolen one day less per week. sounds like a dive in the right direction. but now that the workers of i've got a taste of 3 day weekends did they like it? a poll found the 63 percent of the public support, the idea of a 4 day week with no loss of pay, lonely, 12 percent, oppose, only 12 percent, oppose it. and i can promise you, i can promise you those 12 percent hate. and i mean, i hate, they are children,
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they just want any reason to get out of the house. and i'm not saying i blame them . i really don't blame their, their kids probably probably do bags. have you met? i find a 7 year olds. but i said, i just wanted to say him, but just because you have your offspring does not mean that a 4 day work week isn't a more sane, more humane and more healthy choice for everyone and for the world. so now i'm going to play a clip of all the american politicians who have talked about this about cutting the work week to 4 days with equivalent productivity. and you get the same pay and really giving you a large percentage of your life back. take a look and, and hope you enjoyed the montage company from los and do you see the belly? the base is redacted and i the
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i welcome. i'm can now let's take the news. remind, as you might recall in july, ben and jerry, the ice cream, took action against the rolls apartheid state by saying they would no longer sell products in the israeli occupied territories. there's marked a big step forward for the b b s movement and the june step backwards for chunky monkey. but this action has proved too much for the state of arizona. their treasure. kimberly ye announced on tuesday that arizona state is this investing in ben and jerry parent company unit lever, saying that the boy cut decision was inviolate of arizona law. she said arizona will not do business with companies that are attempting undermine israel economy. yes, yes, way. arizonans will not fit here while
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a certain brand of ice cream is not a whole israel. okay, that way we, we draw a line right there. when we were 1st heavily investing in raytheon and lockheed martin and the such, we ask those companies when you drop bombs on children, does it ever harm ice cream sales? and they said absolutely not. so we were in, and when we were putting a $100000000.00 of state money into produce pharma, we asked them all of the $600000.00 americans that you've killed recently with your over your eyes were any of them have ice cream consumers. and they promised us that they in no way decreased sugary snack sales via their serial murders. they told us they smell serial s e r i a l. and that actual serials are not impacted by their killings break. ok, so we were like, we're on your team, but ben and jerry's on the other hand in ski,
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they have gone too far. and therefore una lever, no job for you or money actually, we're not. we're going to, we're going to just invest money. not so, but yeah, but arizona is not the only abortion that's been in the news. there has been much finger pointing concerning texas as new abortion restrictions designed to make it nearly impossible for a woman to exercise her rights over her own body. i think the new law says women dispose one of their unfertilized eggs, then the sheriff puts their photo up on the wall of shame at the big glass and of men anywhere. but inside someone, then they're charged with 500000000 counts a manslaughter. for every sperm god rest their souls. so yeah, something something, laws are law strict will strict. and some liberals with the mental acuity
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use q temp one to blame. the assault on women on the left wing, someone to blame susan's veranda. bernie sanders or her jill stein, even though the law was passed by republicans and the establishment democrats, have chosen not to protect women. as margaret kimberly rode for black agenda report, the democrats could pass the women's health protection act, which would make roe vs wade federal law. and do away with all abortion restrictions across the country. they could have done this when bill clinton and brock obama had democratic control of both houses of congress. and they can still do it. now. democrats have been lying about their ability or lack thereof, to protect abortion rights for the past 30 years. that they could have protected women. is this whole time i feel rog,
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good trade. i feel a little gassy. what i think is related, this is the only time the democrats and let me down. except when i found out the democrats having the presidency and both the congress could pass a $15.00 minimum wage, but choose not to, other than that they have never. and when i found out they could protect all immigrants but choose not to but other than that, and when i found out they could extend the eviction moratorium indefinitely, but choose not to but outside of the and when i found out they could and all the wars but choose not to, but outside of those move for. and when i found out they could are raised all student loan debt, but choose not to but other than the and when i found out they couldn't find all public schools or ought to bed or all the pentagon for real or band the pesticides that are killing all the bees or stop their job duties for big oil that are killing
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every thing or answer the question. if the whole of a donut is empty space, the why isn't the box i don't, i to holes empty? an empty box? i don't, i, i need to know it to be an empty box. the whole empty to me and everybody to know and why i've been calling someone and as a compliment you are the absence of you are the space that is not really that point is the democrats could have done all this stuff they chose and choose not to because they don't really care about you or me, or anyone who's not worth several $1000000.00. and of course, neither do the republicans thinking of the democrats, a o. c, u, this week is getting a lot of credit and criticism for wearing a dress that said tax the rich through the met gala full of some of the richest
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people in the world. but there is a problem, even her critics don't seem to be talking about. tax rent is already a week compromise position. you can tax the rich at 50 percent and they would still be destroying the planet, just throwing people's life, committing endless war crimes, you name it, you know, how much would still be worth a $100000000000.00 that he be using game plan micro chips in is day laborers brains, and then fire them into the stratosphere to see if they can handle the game forces, taxing the rift in the band data on the situation of our capital. if death spiral a o. c might as well have warned address that was been dazzled with the words slow, moderate centrism do have energy. feels like the 1st days of the class. so if a o c is considered the most the left when gone great person in the world,
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the way she's talked about a mainstream media, then true left when politics is already admitting defeat. if that's it, if that's the best you can do. her address should have said there should be no rich or abolished property or eat the rich. or if you wanted to sound similar to tax, the rich, it could have said attack the rich. that's the position that could actually get again, they are up opt futon. every negotiate or no, you don't start with a compromise position, get jack quads. if someone says they're going to steal all your stuff, you don't respond. how about you steal 95 percent of my stuff. now you start with golf yourself. so we started with the physician, lock up, jeff bezos tattooed, gone to his bald head and feel all of his money and divided up to the poorest
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americans, thereby solving extreme poverty and hunger in america instantly. then you might get firmware. then jeff pages would be happy if we left him with just a $1000000.00 and didn't tattoo his stupid head. that's how negotiation works. don't start out with, can we moderately tags capital gain to the level the slightly higher than it was in the mid nineties. please mister wal mart, please mr. bill gates. that's about as hard core as diluted. unsweetened cashew milk. we've got a quick break, but i'm coming to los angeles september 18th for a live taping of my podcast government secrets with graham l. would get tickets at redacted. taura dot com, i'll be right back a lot more. ah, ah,
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the transparency for the powerful receipts and the bell. this bit cares about privacy. what people care about is power. antonia and sons is become a symbol of the battles of brevity. information is power. that's what's going on, or a huge struggle with the government's corporations who want to keep information secret and others who democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know what to do. watch houses help to shift the conversation around transparency and see what that battle has done to him. i feel like julian's life
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might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest and most powerful employer. in such a situation. it's remarkable to survive. i welcome back. i'm still a camp now that the far right is having trouble reinstalling the lord and savior. donald trump. several of them are looking to south america, where they hoped to help jerry boston ro crush brazilian democracy for more we go to our intelligence failure and usually i, ah, it's but canny season today and every day here in brazil, where noted beach bod, steve bannon, is looking this joke up, some raise in his new pacific sun where big weather sick. ok. so i'm hearing. that's not why he's interested in brazil. where did i get this
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photo of him and i can't even, don't show it. it'll make the audience go blind way. fine, okay, so what has been and have to do with brazil. that's right. he's helping out his pal, brazilian president your balls and our thanks to balls in ours cobra. denial is a brazil has the 2nd highest death told of any country after. well, we don't have to say, but it's not just cobit that's making sure you're unpopular. economic troubles are also hitting brazil heart. currently 14000000 brazilians are unemployed. according to balls genora. the biggest problem facing brazil isn't the pandemic or the economy, but cultural role martin, he's been having a hard time lately convincing people who are jobless and dian, that the real culprit isn't the government and it's policies. it's your teenager going off the college eating off sharpshooters boards and learning. michelle fuko famous maximum that gay sex is one cultural marxism is also steve bannon,
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the biggest bug bare been and recently hobnob with your son edwardo balls in our old, in south dakota. for mike lindale cyber symposium, about the secret cultural marxist plot. this deal, the 2020 election. not only are the marxist teaching or kids about my role gressick . they're also showing them how to rig voting machines. you can major in rigging voting machines. now went bard lindale, read things at the symposium or too much even for ban it. who said in his speech that in laying that taste out, you've got to bring receipts. oh damn. you know, you're bad. when steve bannon says you need proof. but when it comes to the 2022 brazilian election, bannon claims that balls and r a will win unless it's stolen by guess what? the machines. ceeback brazil started right before september 7th when balls and rose supporters planned shut down brazil supreme court and make him dictator for life.
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american viewers. that may sound familiar, but brazil has far more precedent for this sort of thing than we did. they had an actual cool, 964, followed by 20 years of military dictatorship. here in the us, our military has only been running the show for. okay, maybe maybe it's fortunately that he thought thankfully though september 7th in brazil, wound up being just as much of a fort fast as january 6 in dc. sorry to get all your fans to show up. there's something when so many of them are tired from being dead, but it doesn't look like this will be their last rock given balls in our support from police and lower ranks of the military. their biggest fear isn't just that balls in our will lose. it's the guy who probably lose to former president lula ignacio de silva. lula was 1st elected in 2002, and over the course of 8 years in office lifted millions out of poverty. according to steve bennett lula is the most dangerous leftist in the world, a criminal,
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a communist, who was supported by the entire us press. of course, sloppy steve is exaggerating that part, but he could be right about the most dangerous thing. lula was all set to run in 2018, but after a trumped up corruption charged, the supreme court opened an exception to the constitution under pressure for the military to jail. x president lula during election season in order to remove him from the race and open the door for your balls and right now, lula is eligible to run again in his gearing up for a showdown with a very same capitalist class that threw him in jail 3 years ago, to keep him from moving back into the president's palace. this is what brazil's presidential palace looks like, by the way. of course, he wants to live there again. this makes the white house look like the inside of steve bands, apartment where the walls are dyed orange from cheese doodle dust. speaking of which, hopefully soon,
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that apartment will be the only place that the bannon is able to influence from brazil. i manders late with redacted and i and now it's time for another installment of the art of debate. the. 2 far right from the borders are gearing up to hold a rally, a capitol hill in protest of the ongoing criminal charges against the january 6th writers to debate this topic. we have jaffer con, representing the prompt reporters, and they don't care about representing democrats, or i guys say, a good, dirty gross american debate taken away from the criminal charges. these patriots are facing represent the absolute worst treatment of peaceful protests that's ever taken place by any administration at any time period in any country, ever, any country, any time period, peaceful opp,
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you guys are oppressing me. just like those said, just like those siblings charged in the protests politely asking for their ankle monitors to be removed. so one can give a water birth and the other can just go hiking the treatment of these citizens at this gathering. it's like canada and squared times 2 p m in squared. that's not how math works. first, they take away these patriots, right? to assemble then what's next? are right to bear arms in a federal building that's already a legal not in my america. in my america, the right to bear arm exist at $100.00 foot radius around nancy pelosi at all times in my america, joe biden is not the president in my america. my ex wife is dead and she never left . i'm sorry about the divorce, but you can't just say your america and make it whatever you want. joe biden is the
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president joe biden is not the president, and you are not the host of the show, but right, you've gone rogue. let's move on now. me your rebuttal. hello li. wrong shut up. january 6th was worse than $911.00. been 311, been 711 at 11 pm on a saturday. see we treat these domestic terrorist better than we treat foreign terrorists. and that's racist. we need to treat these white men just as terribly as we treat muslims. it would be a step towards abolishing white privilege. white privilege. that's absurd. the war on terror has been abroad for too long traveling backpacking finding itself, hooking up with italian men. it's time for the war on terror to come on. no, i have heard that we got lessons here. see the federal government greatly expanded its powers of surveillance, detention, and assassination after $911.00. i mean,
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we already have a torture playlist for god sakes. instead of undoing all these powers, which would be so much work, let's just apply them to our own people. it's only when none of us are free that we are truly equal. what that? but i totally agree with that, callum lee. now i'm not your side either. i'm saying it's not good that the democrats are pushing to apply are dystopian anti terror machine on all of our own people then? no. oh, our own people. just the ones that i don't like the american citizens. i need your help if you have a co worker, a boyfriend, or a loving mother who was involved in january 6 inspection, we need you to switch to the f b i snitching to the f b. i the cool thing to do right now, please. we all know the f b,
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i hasn't been cool since the civil rights movement. now that f b, i was terrible. the f b i going after from times of russia. that was cool. know the f b i after hillary emails was cool. no, it was cool when the f b, i ensnared a bunch of white supremacists and the michigan governor kidnapping case ensnared the f b i pretty much created and lead that plot themselves, which is pretty cool. dampier look stop. there has never cool. never look. obviously the january 6 as need to be punished by the 2, but we also shouldn't be using this as an opportunity to expand our illegal surveillance states that thought i'd like to submit a to, to the record live my ankle monitor. you were at the right. i wish i've had to kill my wife, new boy,
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damper variously. there's no crime. there's only do anyway, that's our shell, but to get my commentary on many other topics, check out our podcast called moment of clarity on i food, spotify, stitcher, and check out my live show in los angeles, september 18th, until next time, goodnight. keep biting. ah hey, you know we've moved on from just lots of money and incurring lots of dad for dom reasons to printing loss of money and incurring losses that for extraordinarily dom reason ah, the war may have become americans. but wanting to see had become even more
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important and what is unfolded? watershed moment. okay. down in history books, as a mocking beginning of the end of american preeminence. this is the end of the the i am now convinced that as many of the innocent, including up to 7 children were tragically killed in, that's right, it was a mistake. and i offer my sincere apology. a copious general admit the trans try can cobble last month, send civilians including 7 children, a leading human rights for playing portions and only own up because it'll increase in global terrifically. for us has been support of the arrested during the january 6th right. held in washington they wanted.


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