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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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if those kind of weapons were less available, we wouldn't have a lot of shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number that i use . good evening and welcome to our coverage of the 2021 russian state tumor elections up in our rooftop location, which is well it really having a se tacky view is also very appropriate. today. we're focusing on how these elections are being overseen and finding out the measures taken to ensure the integrity of the voting process. thanks so much for joining me for what his day. one of the 3 in which the electorate can cast will focus on what's happening in the, posing just a few minutes from now. first, the concert on today's will use headline. friends council, that embassy celebration in washington in protest against the new us security plan
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with the u. k. and a strange that resulted in the loss of a lucrative submarine deal for paris. we got reaction on the streets of the french capital. this is not the 1st time that the united states has taken contract from us . they are very good at that. they do not respect anyone apart from themselves. they act like most of the world. they shouldn't have done that because i think the front to done the same, they would have complained giving the game away while washington insist that the new pacific security alliance is not aimed at anyone. in particular, the secretary of defense makes the true target abundantly clear. we spoke in detail about trying as the stabilizing activities and things effort to force and intimidate other countries in this agreement. this relationship is not aimed at anything or anyone and rushes parliamentary election is underway. all polling stations of open doors for day want to vote.
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the who's welcome to say welcome, but it's actually a bit chilly, but nonetheless, great to have you with is up here in our club location to stay with is we've got our election coverage coming up very shortly, but we'll start off with a look at the 1st of those headline news stories, because a diplomatic flash point is developing between france in the united states, paris has canceled the embassy gala to celebrate the country's historical alliance in protest against america's new security pack, signed with australia in the u. k. which french officials have dubbed de stop in the back us extra state insist that all is well france in particular, is a vital partner on this and so many other issues stretching back generations. and we want to find every opportunity to deepen our trans atlantic cooperation in the
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pacific and around the world. the despite anthony of lincoln's assurances, many french citizens are unconvinced. we gazed opinion on the streets of the french capital. but this is not the 1st time that united states has taken contracts from us. they are very good at that. they do not respect anyone apart from themselves. they act like masters of the world. they shouldn't have done that because i think if france had done the same, they would have complained they wouldn't have liked. we'll see if the current president is better than the last one. it represents a lot of money, a lot of jobs, but it would be better if these jobs were for making other things. but it's a little dishonest, i suppose. and the other hand there were closes which allowed them to break the contract before they start making the submarines. no, it's never good for a person to see that a contract has been broken. it's happened to me personally. they're always paragraph and clauses, but it must be justified. you have to have a good reason if i understand it correctly, the united states is
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a competitor. so of course, it's not a good thing. there should have been talks between the french and the americans. now here's a recap of what happened on wednesday astray lee, the united kingdom and the united states who signed a pacific security package called hawkers, seen as countering china. it involves cooperation in the realms of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, a, nuclear defense, while a strongly will acquire a nuclear power submarine fleet with american and british technology. china, which is the dominant power in the indo pacific region, is conducting the deal, is cold war mentality. neither washington nor london of explicitly linked the new deal to the supposed that from basing, but remarks from the us defense secretary, they left little room for doubt. we spoke in detail about china, d, stabilizing activities in beijing efforts to course intimidate other countries. this agreement, this relationship does not aim that anything or any won. while china and france
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angered by the new pact, others are asking what this could mean for nato correspondence only to try and get some of the latest reactions. when donald trump left office and joe biden took charge, it could have been a sigh of relief for some of washington's you allies just when the europe was starting to think that the future would be more predictable under the new president . this happens. i'm very angry today and bitter. this is not something allies do to each other. the world is a jungle. france has just been reminded this bitter truth by the way, the u. s. and the u. k of stopped her in the back in australia fil a v e readers are still really over what the biden and ministration did of ghana, stan. and now paris has been stunned by washington's announcement of a new partnership with australia and the u. k. called all because,
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but haven't the u. s. the u. k. and all these been calls allies for ages? what's the problem? well, thanks to august, australia will now be hooked up with us technology to build nuclear submarines while france waves goodbye to its own multi 1000000000 dollar contract to build 12 diesel subs for a camera. now for some damage control by senior american officials. after that deal was to repeat ode, there are a range of partnerships that include the french and some partnerships that don't. and they have partnerships with other countries that don't include us. that is part of how global diplomacy works are such words enough to calm the fury in paris, which is even called of a gala, at the french embassy in washington to celebrate historic ties with the u. s. good question. anyway, the french government has shown they're not willing to just swallow that bitter pill. plus there's solidarity with paris from b, e. u on the matter. you know, because you're happily, it is
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a good opportunity to recall to reflect on the need to raise the issue of european strategic autonomy. it is a new proof of the need to exist on our own. when the grace of august was announced, none of the leaders of the u. s. u. k. or the trio mentioned china even once. but make no mistake. the masterminds of the new pack must have had keeping beijing at bay on their mind. they're falling. no one, just look at how the article on on because on the b, b, c, is titled find his reaction to the new partnership didn't take long, critical and outright countries should not build, exclusionary blogs targeting or harming the interest of 3rd parties. in particular, they should shake up there. cole were mentality and ideological prejudice. and re you published its strategy for cooperation in the in the pacific. clearly stating the intention not to worse in relations with china, contradicting the apparent intentions of august, the
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e. you will also pursue its multifaceted engagement with china, engaging bilaterally to promote solutions to common challenges when it comes to neighboring countries. new zealand doesn't want australian nuclear subs anywhere near its waters. stria has today voluntarily and secretly entered into a nuclear by defense, the military pac with 2 nuclear weapons site. is that a net gain, parade's stability and for placing corporation in the world. there are a wide range and concern indonesia, the pacific new zealand. many other players are looking in a, the disbelief or anger, or at least concerned about a position to not having gone through all that. let me just show you part of how the australian prime minister, introduced marcus. we must now take our partnership to a new level, a partnership, the 6 to engage not to exclude, to contribute, not tight,
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and to enable that empower not to control or coerce. well, good luck with engaging and not excluding something tells me that this view partnership though, has already stepped on toes and undermined international ties. the former vice president of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. verna believes that the pact raises the prospects of a conflict with china. we live in an excellent corporation with how i bought and i in china and on it is complicated because we just globally and our allies the united states. but if you want to come in and even conflict with china and know on how to do up the you know, the call,
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and i'll make that clear that even the angle will open alliance and being split and then find out what is the leaving behind us which is looking goal quantity, which had been the $967.00 so many, many to be late in the in the in, you know, going into the wrong direction. they're going to dayton, they're going to la finity and they might be going to law. and the 3rd include, not only is the you will be union, but try not in japan colleena and,
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and they're all i think is what it is. the basic actual, far not the global pop superstar mickey menache is found on the hard way that not everyone singing from her functions to face the dell usual criticism. the twitter post made her 22000000 followers, and we she claimed that her cousin's friend had suffered a highly unpleasant side effect from a coven vaccine. with moral not story. i don't think fully. boy, again, one of america's most successful reporting contests, nicky, me and. and britain talk, dr. flash, pandemic, oracle. professor chris with the 2 people you never expected to utter in the same sentence, it all started with the men gall earlier this week that had to be vaccinated. mickey didn't go to the man gall and said that it was because she didn't want to
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leave her baby. but she also tweeted saying that she wouldn't get a job to attend the medical lab and that if she was going to get back, it would only be off the she's done enough research in her after which she received it this week in great detail about a friend of a cousin of hud in trinidad not tweeted to had 22000000 followers. his testicles became swollen, his friend was weeks away from getting married. now the girl called off the wedding . so just pray on it and make sure you're comfortable with your decision. not solid . the story. and mary adds of me and nikki cousins, friend is definitely going to become some sort of pop culture icon and into this very dull and dreary, but obviously very important. corona virus press conference, one of the journalists that professor chris, we see what he thinks of miss human story. predictably the scientists gave it
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a proper sat down. and many of those people, i regret, i think know that they are peddling untruths. in my view, they should be ashamed. and then the hey prime minister or johnston, also commented on the story. and as if this story couldn't get any way, you know, i responded to bar johnson bizarre recording of imitating a british accent. not too bad actually. yes. hello, prime minister, boring. it's mickey menard's. i went to school with margaret that shot. i'm a big, big star in, in the united states. just to be clare. aussie does not endorse me. he's cousins, friends. technical very my, i'm the thing about high school with my dispatcher. that's definitely make news. i'm getting back to they did is great do it. i think i thought that was the end of the story, but i'm here to update to the government of trinidad. tobago. has issued an
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official statement denying that nicki's cousin friend balls was swollen because of the vaccine. now that bull gate has reached such truly epic proportions. the conclusion of this is something that only and a bill made period couldn't call nick, even though i had posted on high instagram this time that twitter restricted her ability to tweet that. got the juices of the pundits really flowing point she's making are worth reiterating. you can't allow people to force you to take drugs that you don't want for that you don't need. the only thing is that have denied restricting nick human knowledge is that somehow she has managed to make a false claim about being in trouble for making a false crying wow. what's going on to national really appreciate your company this
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evening. very shortly. we launch into our russian parliamentary election coverage. we're talking about the race for those 450 seats in the state duma. after this break. i the ah, me ah,
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the war we have become americans. but a warning the feet had become even more important and was unfolded watershed moment . okay. down in history books. as a mocking beginning of the end of american preeminence, this is the end of america. ah ah, the ah, welcome back to retail studios are looking the trend that it's time now for our coverage of the elections for the state data rushes,
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lower house. the modern promoting will be held over 3 days from friday to sunday. that means the election is well underway. all police stations of open the doors full day. one of the voting and international observers have already been busy dropping in on polling stations across the country. despite the numbers being restricted this time around because of cobra, there are still 250 of them present this time round. they represent more than 50 countries and 10 different international organizations and we had a chance to speak to one such observer to find out what he'd so far witness from the medical security condition about. so like all the per say i do so to make the vote and transparent energy to me, i really appreciate is there are so many measures and so many conditions that personally we don't have any, it's only one pulling station in moscow. they had an unexpected visit history stores, not everybody's allowed to go in and vote. and this champ wasn't supposed to be
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there, but the raccoon was able to look around for 7 minutes before being finally cooled by the police. and amazingly, the record had been brought in deliberately by a voter just for company. how politicians are elected, it can vary from country to country. so let's look in detail at how the process works in russia. 450 n pays from 225 electoral districts are chosen for the state duma. they serve a 5 year term, half of them elected by majority voting based on one n. p per constituency. remaining $225.00, a made up by parties which have more than 5 percent representation in parliament. aside from those traditional polling stations, russian citizens are also able to cast their votes on line. moscow, more than a 1000000 people have done just fat on the 1st voting with worn out on how online voting works and how secure the system is, is on takes me to back. voting is an essential part of any self respecting
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democracy. but the way people are voting is changing. the old fashion ballot in a box is steadily being replaced, or at least complemented by online voting and russia. electronic ballads have been around for, for elections already. and the upcoming legislative vote is cetera. the largest share of online voters of any russian election so far, the online system how or is still relatively new. so it's only being rolled out in several regions. but some 2000000 people have already registered for the electronic vote, including an astronaut aboard the i assess and in arctic explore. but as with anything new, especially electronic issues of accessibility, voters, security, safety, and reliability are a priority. so how exactly does the online voting system work? first of all, it's easy to use to register. all people need to do is go to their government service account, request to access to the vote,
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enter an estimate confirmation code and well, that's it. on the day of the vote, they just go to the voting website log in, choose a candidate, and submit their ballot. the process can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, no pulling station needed, just a smartphone or a computer. for security the system as a whole lot more complicated. upon voting, the ballot is encrypted, void of any information about the voter and send to a distributed block chain network for storage and sally for when the vote closes. while the vote is in the system, it is virtually impossible to alter since the vote exists on several nodes simultaneously, which automatically check between themselves to see that the data is consistent. if anything is altered on one node, it is automatically disregarded and information from the other identical nodes is used instead. finding out the result of the vote before the election ends is also impossible. the whole thing is protected by 2 keys, one open key, encrypt all the balance, and the other, which can decipher them,
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is split into segments that are distributed among the participants of the electoral process. when voting ends and these fragments are combined, the system decrypts, the balance then gives a final result of devote individual votes at this point cannot be decrypted. so it is impossible to track how each individual voted with each successful election more and more russians are choosing to vote from comfort of their mobile devices. and who knows if the system proved safe anonymous. and most importantly, reliable, it could become the primary voting method of choice. in the very near future that's election day. the online voting system is up and running and the servers are ready to accept all the encrypted ballads. so let's look don't blank, this should be really fast.
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ah, so that's all there is to it. now the encrypted ballot is sent to the server where it will be stored safely until the polls close. and no one will be able to take a peek at it because the only way to see what is actually on the ballot is to decrypt it. and to do that, you need the special key. and the decipher key has already been split into 8 pieces and handed out to the participants of the election process. sort of like horror crux as in harry potter. though now let's, let's to do is wait until monday when the voting is finished and the 8 pieces of the key are reassembled to finally reveal the final result of the vote. and join the student by a political and listed the in us me. internet media project has to me to publish metrics. it's great to have you in the great to see here, but get a bit of analysis on this. one of the things we haven't really talked about so far
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when talking about the election is the fact that we've got this pandemic, which you would think would be a problem for any kind of public event like this. however, we have this online voting system. so do you think vote is all going to be deterred? first of all, from going to the polling stations, they're going to be then together, just stay at home and do this on my phone or, or whatever. well, i think a lot of voters already decided to do it electronically. i'm not sure that the pandemic was the decision factor, but it was gone over the factors. so already in law school and in some other fetus . a lot of people voted via electronic devices and participation certainly will be higher than in 2016 when we've had the last election. presidential elections coming, governance a different matter altogether in 2024, 24. does this have any knock on effect, depending on the result of this, as to how things will, will go in russia. building up to that electron traditionally duly elections for
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like a rehearsal for the presidential election in russia. and remind you of 1995, making 6. there was a new me election in december 1995 where the also has shown a very poor result than you know, for 6 months. there was a huge, huge campaign in his support in which the west participated and he made it, you know, thanks to vote, undecided voters. he won the election in july and then can they to 6 in the same way. now i think it's very important. it's a very important election of the country because he shows the public sentiment. how much support is united crashing want to get this is i think that question number one, but also i would want to see new partners. i'm sure we're going to see new faces in the doing because the barges. unfortunately, the communist and the liberal democrats have been unable to get new leaders. but if you look at, they are people, you know, that the candidates running,
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the youngest puts you and you know, there will be new faith, certainly from other parties also, united russia also want to younger, you know, they have new candidates. so definitely we're going to see new faces. the big question is i was going to see new partners and how well that brush is going to do . do you anticipate big changes in rushes, domestic policy? i mean, the obviously will depends on who, who wins are. and what percentages are, are involved, but do you anticipate changes regarding what 1st in 9 regions people are electron governess, my direct hold, i guess in for of the region state, bottom and smoke, regional apartments are elected governor, governor governor, some very important people. so that is going to be important. also, traditionally, depending on how many volts united trashing gets in this region, you know, they're faint over the governors, decided because in most of the regions,
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governors are members of united, russia, all the support united, russia. so if you and i did, russia has a poor record this region. if the doesn't get the no holes, the governor may be removed. so i think there will be new governess there will be new faces and into and all radiate. people are getting more interested in politics . i mean, i read the western press that the seduction is so dull, so an interesting but there are hundreds. so logic, most of all in the western media in russian media, new name, some mentioned somehow you know, go and general boundary and go. and when i see these new names in their western media, i just don't know how these people can put their act together. it's not an interesting election and then while right can vote, you know, people or there are interesting people interesting cases that how can they said there should be dope? for me, it's not that that would actually someone who's definitely taking an interest in this election is the bottom and actively threatened to not
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recognize the result of the election. if it's a big if they find evidence a fraud. it's an unusual moved to say, this is the punishment. we're not sure if there's been a crime yet. what, what do you make of that? well, they just want their people to win. so there was definitely a lot of fraud in the 996 when american political technologist team to russia to help with that election. but it was no problem for the you, you remember, it was no problem for the united states. now why is that you so angry? why? why are they so desperate? in the west, in general, they main candidate only is not running. so they registered is bank. you know, either we get every lucian in russia or we're not interested and that's all magic. first is bad for russia because we need rachel change. we don't need or lucian's 2nd, it's bad for the west because entech and nicest russia and also it tries to achieve
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result. it cannot achieve. there won't be an russian, at least in the near future. i want to tie together a couple of things you just mentioned us things, logical experts, back in the 1990 s technology, clinical technologist and also the validate because this issue now about the nevada and the app. but some people have called it dismissal is tactical voting up, which google and apple have allowed access to, which is forbidden by the russian authorities, by legislators that does not been resolved that issue. but some people are saying that that was interference. what is your feeling on that happen and even just like the ethical issue about voters being allowed to collaborate with, collaborate about this, but technically choose somebody, not necessarily some of they want to support, but just to oppose. some of they don't explain that one by you know,
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these problems. so the so called smart audience suggested by navarro. and i think it's a very cynical game. the idea is to support any candidates who can beat the candidate on united russia. so you have a very strange alliance here you have di, munious basically you have a liberal vote in for die hard core minutes will stalinists simply because it allows them to prevent the united russia and then not illegal in the way. is it because, as you said, cynically cynical, was if the west stands for principles, then they should not support the people who you just started putting does not your address that and united trash does not? your job is that some of that position guys from the communist party. unfortunately, if you people in just russia, the party that used to support. but generally speaking, the smart voting tactic, news, cynical, and a lot of people in their position. rewarding evidence key,
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did not support this deck. and what did we get now with been driven press saying that i'm quoting, you know, for the sky is dancing to the pipe of the kremlin. so simply because the criticize the whole idea of smart voting. and he said that no, but when it was not his hero was not the person he would like to see as the leader of russia. then coming back to this issue of the western support for nevada and for the ready to go a position in general. well, when you have in google and facebook app stores, you know, when you have the navarro any you know, imagine if in the united states, russian companies had a new vice that would allow vote us in the united states to find out how russia would like them to.


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