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he won the latest chapters being written in london in a case that has made headlines time and again for 10 years. for the u. s. prosecutors a hackers on trial, a public enemy and cyber terrorist, for others, pioneer of investigative journalism, on whose pay press freedom in the west could depend on the case. it is a war war where they could or they didn't have the rock go into the mission. busy and if this, if the say to you guys don't guess don't if it's a recent response into the sort of
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dimensions there was someone outside the monitoring by the way, to people this side of things going on as a license just anyone's coming in. okay. and what do i do? is broken ah, ah! in august 2012,
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the british authorities threatened to storm the ecuadorian embassy in london. they went to arrest julian, a sonorous, which would provoke a diplomatic clar. why is it so important to seize him at any cost? moving to move along. i mean, moving along with me to understand things. let's go back a few more years. 2010. julian assange is at the height of fame wiki leagues has published thousands of secret u. s. military documents on the walls and of canister, and iraq. there might be a couple of deals of wiki lakes and julia, his his hero view. he's got the dangerous trouble make a view. i'll come all the news caught up on the internet. whereas the truth and all of this in this official document,
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both parties stayed the facts before the british supreme court. during a visit to sweden, fountains, sexual intercourse with 2 women, the women talk to each other and go to the police. they want to some time to go a medical exam to rule out sexually transmitted diseases. a preliminary investigation is opened, both women are questioned. the chief prosecutor and stuck on concludes that there are no signs of rape case closed. ready a possibility man, modification has yet to be clarified. the phone voluntarily stays in sweden and answers every question during a police interrogation. but a higher prosecutor, mariani decided to reopen the preliminary investigation of each grade dues. ready ready astonished was to be questioned by marianna,
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knew. ready but the prosecutor's l. ready in the end, she grounds of songs permission to leave sweet and he has a lot to do. julian, a spanish can claim his greatest, who yet a quarter of a 1000000 confidential cables sent by us diplomat. they've been released to 5 newspapers. they contain many explosive claims that were never intended to be made public. a few days before the league, sweden issued a european arrest, boring for his sons, and interpol issues, a ret notice. a man who hadn't been charged on the list of the most wanted criminals. in london, julianna's sons goes to the police again. this time he's arrested. he's kept in prison for 9 days in solitary then he's released on there are more than 280000 euros,
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raised by his support in the me. well, it's great. well, again, i don't get much check those chevy failures. very frustrating. fun. in addition to wearing and electronic trekker, some must report to the police station every day.
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the when expedition seems to be unavoidable. as sonya make them, am expected move june 19th, 2012 life within 30 square meters. begin this distance and give it under the letter except julia if you end up in yeah, i see logo in the yeah. it's the prism into the fun to know. yeah. yeah. we'll do that. can you pull it out of the technical get up yet. so we're going to, diplomatic was, it was in the did the police to come in to see no political e commerce going up, at least i can set that to the clinic. there are some
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when julian called me and said, said he was going to ask our cars on, we thought that was the best idea you could ever have. because it's international stature, would allow him to deal with governments all over the world as well as he was a great lawyer. amazing prosecutor. when the senior listen, you'll be, you'll get a chance to get with us in the day wor, no c, k. ok. i somebody especially that she was p authority or any woman told them, you know for kiss yet we'll visit the lad. look at his wish be so good or not practical. mucho sh, i'm the diva. elicit that a more my,
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you're not for my sort of political kingdom o'clock, microsoft got from already new wiki leaks through the platform. he had learned his name appeared in the u. s. secret documents his work and the national high court did not go unnoticed. outside of spain, during his 30 korea, cassandra investigated drug trafficking networks, all types of organized crime, terrorism against the state, but also the state dirty wall and terrorism in the he was the only judge to prosecute osama in latin. but he also investigated systematic torture at guantanamo, according to this confidential report from the u. s. embassy in madrid, he investigated everything. all this gave him a reputation as ambitious,
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wanting to be in the spotlight. i know the truth is that got on soon understood that in a globalized world, justice cannot be limited by national border from madrid. he prosecuted the leaders of the dictatorships in argentina, and she couldn't do the same at his attempt to investigate crimes committed on the franco blocks by the spanish judiciary. his unorthodox interpretation of the law and him, many enemies in 2012. while julian, a son, means under house arrest, judge buster saw got on sits in the dock before the spanish supreme court
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got on was investigating the country's largest political corruption network at the time which all to involve the ruling spanish conservative party. he's accused of misconduct and the supreme court delivers its verdict. in anonymous ruling he's been bought from practicing for 11 years. the court said he could not appeal against the decision. shortly after gus on opens a law firm and the judge becomes a lawyer and the lawyer takes on a son just came up with the julian
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people and my high yeah. you know, i got in place in my life, but on the being locked up, it's not yet the main problem, a phone has to defend himself on many levels. cyber attacks, against wiki leagues website and it's service attempts to cut off their financial flows. he needs an army of lawyers who don't have instruction out in terms of legal team. we have val design and michael radner and garrett p. s here in the u. k. operating at the top. so we have a big legal team. and why about this? is responsible for the overall strategy, especially where we intersect the spanish speaking. well, i got
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on as good context in ecuador, just at the time he's advising the co dorian government. on the traditional reform process launched by president korea his 1st step as a son just lawyer is to travel to ecuador, to convince the authorities to grant his client political asylum, not to flee swedish justice. to protect him from the united states where the continuous leaks had generated angry reactions within the government. and the conservative media, the the
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ah, me when i will show the wrong one, i'll just don't need you to fill out the thing because the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart,
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we choose to look for common ground in the, in the moon, along with other members of the administration that condemn the action. that wiki weeks has taken. it puts at risk our national security. we have an active, ongoing criminal investigation with regard to this matter. so let's be clear. this disclosure is not just an attack on american foreign policy interests. it is an attack on the international community. the way to deal with this is pretty simple. this guy's a trade or a treasonous, and he is broken every law the united states, the guy ought to be. i'm not for the death penalty. so if i'm not for the defense, i want to do it illegally. shoot, the son of this guys, gotta go and know what your hold this country. we do agree with each other, bought
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a new and me know what i think they're trying to make a change. if you don't you never tell the course i'm going to make sure i tell him that was way here. that i wanna bring into
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the ah, the storm and before teacher maximum amount that i'll touch when you focus on is if it, if something happens, it's very frightening as people need to think about how they respond to that violence more react. credit is okay guys. it's worst case scenario. someone comes into this window, right? yes. so obviously,
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let me check you ground that soya went away as soon as something loads up this system get a meaningful leads to learning. when they start, if you want to have a fair trial, might have a point that will come into it. it will be really close to him. you know, i think this will be going to be in the the in
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today because i cannot be there review today only after a threat was i believe you came in and i over the u. k. the not throw away the vienna convention and i believe because the world was watching and watching you go do it in a son, julian, a song is what it is. this is because you haven't done. machines are going to have what other leg disappointed by the statement by i could also minister today that ecuador has offered political asylum to julian fund. we will not say
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no or that any will do. so. it's important to understand that you're not active at wiggly or the attitude of the american. ready one alligator of sexual offending in d, i get in there in just a little bit of them in as soon as he doesn't go vicky another, she's always i'm putting on. she's not 100. hello. she'll bring me into this. we are not she will not. i don't in that into this like with eunice here long. what i give that really i'm going to see the
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ritual women, sheila, but i was going to deal with this or call i would i feel a feel for the recall in the name of benefits. i mean, to bug him, but he didn't see whether assuming julian or something, i don't think it has been live tv shows up in all of the, in the history. but struggle 30 though. she's got a formula above another julianna's, you know, silly with a key if you want to speak to me, that's what they said they wanted to do, then you don't make an expedition request. you pick up the telephone like in any other case, we have a situation where i haven't even been charged where the acting
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a very abnormal manner. and they can come to the case. they are like, they gotta feel political children. just at the moment. if you have any left, strict sending out the ending and know in the new ones will actually go into the audio. is this loaner model in like more beta feel for the entity in just bed. official documents research by journalists define jamar 18 show that britons and suites cooperating, and that nothing is normal in this case. in an email to this, we just colleagues. the british prosecutor's office recommends that the funds should not be questioned in london, because his case would just not be treated like any other around the bank and
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see how, how much, i don't know what that's for him. so i'm not gay. who was on the 100, and some will do home with his own fee not to yes, the firms will not move, although the case is at an impulse, son has not just sitting back from his confinement. he continues to send his messages out into the world and the world. all part of the world comes to him. in the world, propaganda may, in 2013, a son speaks the u. s. secret services, once again with help from sarah harrison had of research had wiki leaks, he organizes edward snowden escape from hong kong. woman took it, but there's no sierra unless because it's
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a play concert on the work and playing on you esl said, or let's see the school. she'll you know this young 1st way in france. you know the globe in the middle, she'll flee. i will not really support it because the need for when it will hold my fellow i'll give one of the local dealer because she wake, but i really like or actually dealing with this you. they come in dasanya
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dos that has been very significant, mis reporting on his case. and the file is partly because it is so complex for women in sweden have accused me of the serious crime of right that is fault. i have not being charged with the kingdom for any reason. any flight you can imagine being detained in various ways in the country without jobs, before. he is embassy for 2 years, which has no outside area. no sunlight is
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environment in which any healthy person will find off will be united nations is one hour day outside exercise. he just said that it's an untenable situation. i hope that it's solutions if he found that he could at least leave the embassy for an hour at a time like he was actually allowed to do what he will do. once with prison, i was kept fully set shortish and told him the stay must be considered out of the field and he went last year. he's a julian,
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this is a camping trip in c s. s e kid. in long. this gives a record till you see fit in. she see it so much and pretty sure if you will, and they will not please young and de la, seeming one of those villages to compose. don't appreciate it. when he bought it, i don't condone the city. yes, leave me does hand this to kevin and then i'm going to have him and i lose my produce this down. it says i decided by a you the be what things work for about our white glove. we turned it off
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to fix the other element. anyway, and just now we know it is about 2 hours later so much during the on the left side. right side it will seem to be probably writhing in pain sometimes. ah, ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality? bill safer? tyson nation community. are you going the right way? where are you being direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah,
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ah, in the 1920s, in saudi several 100 african americans move to the soviet union. and many of their descendants still live in russia. no, no rush, but i still have yet to be. i chose for nice things. richard lum, duck back home, black americans suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. a just not much real be losing sure. one by else but by the truth. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all. some of the african americans who went to sylvia's union in 1830 found great success is always going to call me and now almost a 100 years later,
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history is repeating itself. my great grandfather, george time, went to russia on probably the worst time to go anywhere. why not mean what if i come here? i the the a stop.


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