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the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then in the foreign minister, boris joslyn power's out a metro dissipated shade capitol, his cabinet with the biggest change saying dominic rob shifted from his job as for in secretary natural gas surprises session. all time recalls in europe increasing was 20 percent compared to chief se, talking phase when the energy prices in the us secretary of state and ms. hare has no idea who was killed in a striking, i've got a sound left you know, full assessment will be, will be for you don't know if it was in
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a worker or an ice s. k operative. i can't speak to that and i can't speak to that in the setting in any event. so you don't know or won't tell us. i don't, i don't know because we're reviewing the res. he's out for the russian parliament with the election day. the way will be giving you the full breakdown and our special coverage base out throughout the week. ah, was seen to national with me. you last, pamela. thank you very much. we're trying to get. it's all change of behalf of the british government. after prime minister boris johnson carried out and cabinet shuffle. shake out has been expected. the education secretary has been stopped while the foreign secretary has been moved to justice with more details on shake up his on his isa on a quite dramatic re shuffle there by bars on some,
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the british prime minister. and the most notable perhaps of those re shuffles is dominick rob, who of course is or was should i say the foreign secretary, he's been demoted? and now dominic rob is the minister who was presiding or supposed to be presiding over the case strategic withdrawal from afghanistan. that was anything but so those chaotic seems we thought couple airport last month. while all of that was going on in the taliban mer advancing, uncle, dominate grub was on holiday and didn't return to his post a decision which brought him great criticism and a lot of pressure on bar something to get rid of him. and he is essentially been demoted to a lower position within the cabin to the pine. the situation in afghanistan was really heating up. criticism was coming in for dominic rob from all corners of the political world. it's important for us to me,
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what we're doing and way of doing it from when did you were holding me through? i'm not looking to brush over this. i just wanted to know when you went things. when did you little, when in fact, on the surface, this looks like a family of planning on, on grunge scale. when was the last time a foreign minister went to a 2nd stop? went to beck and i'm not sure i'd have to check if you'd like to know the busiest, very have to come back to 3rd grade. but it seems particularly random because high come us was recently in his best ranging the evacuation of german people through tashkent. and it seems to be a route that works really effectively from germany in terms of your own leadership in your own actions. up until this point, did you ever, at any point consider offer to reside? now i consider getting home with the job. rob here still quite an important character, important figure within the cabinet. he's a deputy 5 min sir. busy laura thompson and the justice secretary. so move for him
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. but others perhaps haven't been as lucky. williamson robert bucklin enrollment generate that all out of positions. but you're the chancellor ratio so that he remains i, interestingly privy to tell who is the home secretary she still 2 claims on her job despite creative and yes again of her holding meetings with businessman and breaking the ministerial code. all of those allegations, not enough. that's been pressure on board, so we get rid of her just yet. many of them was clearly sensible that govern williams has been rooted education secretary. he was completely useless and it's also run the w. rob is gone from the foreign office given the failure. i think to deal with the dentist on any sensible and effective way. however, the trouble is that we've, we've had a capital of the advocates at the moment because the guys can show the party has
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refused to have people in the capital or junk staff who don't believe in fractions and eliminates a whole range of people who are quite challenges or johnson as possible. prime minister there was punish, we've had a living memory and therefore we've had people who been audiological reasons rather than because they're any good at the job. so we'll see what happens. but i don't think rob coach remains the deputy prime minister to kind of reward or failure to like, but what will be placed in the back of devon williams has been a particularly useless education. secondary, i don't think those who are concerned about foreign affairs recognize that dominant robinson didn't perform well in terms of a dentist. and i will welcome his and fewer who hopeful that the final outcome of this region will be very much better than we've had before. i noticed you've been quoted for talent position as a secretary to see in my view as always, next process. the johnson of image which i believe book one but one see. many
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chances are in place and the chancellor is probably the one member, the government with some credibility price. so natural gas in europe have hayden all time record increasingly 20 percent compared to yesterday. it's lining up a triple thread, just as a wind to demands about 2 k can as the surging wholesale prices coincide was low levels of stored gas and the spectral, rising fuel poverty. a shot davinsky explains whether it costs. if you reports, of course, as was expected, so people may have used more energy during the summer months, also locked down to cost. you could have impacted the amount of energy people use at home. we also know that they've been a problem with wind energy. low winds have not been able to create enough energy to top up the deficits. and we know that europe in companies have been tough competition over gas supplies with asian companies. all of it has seen that the
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energy tank reduced to water should be free. pandemic capacity was around 84 percent. it's currently standing way down. the 2nd one percent. all of it comes is that you continue to all over the eyes. you think gas supply from russia, as you may be aware, the mood stream to pipeline construction project completed last week and gas from the russian company, who said it is ready to supply you with? it's just a deficit. mean, immediately it's ready to step up to the plate and do that. however, for the happen, the, you have to certify that pipeline. they'll never suggestions that could take some before. that's ready to happen. we knew that some countries in europe already trying to take emergency measures to deal with thought crisis that there are instead of pacing over the wind,
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just around the corner. and this really could be the saw of another crisis fuel poverty is something that find some things that need to have holders to attention on low income. you often have to make a particularly tough decision. do they have to stay warm for themselves, their families, their children, or do they use heating supplies to make food? it's an incredibly difficult position that many people have to take. some figures from european commission suggests that they're all between 15000000 and a 125000000 people across europe who are currently in a few call for the happens to make those decisions every year. so the idea that once again, we could the prices increase. now the historic prices really will bring a lot of fear to those families who have been badly struggling to fall like europe
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. us had things, winters facing is few crisis. we know that the question is now what other governments do and how will be european union react a critical shortage. a wind power is also raising questions about an over reliance on renewable energy. a former old tre foreign minister told us abroad energy mix as a safe approach. the fact that the wind is blowing and that the sun is shining less bluff that the guts inventory so very low, all that, all together. great stuff mixed that on the one hand led to the increase in power prices. kinetic tricity prices of causal, natural gas prices. and on the other hand, as although the permanent lessons risk of power cuts electricity, we definitely have tremendous rise. it's only flying from 40 percent of the poland,
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speaking of 4050 percent. so this effect of countries, other countries which for instance have an tricity based on nuclear like in france, i'm currently living the situation is different. that might not be such a price rise, but we really have to look at it from country to countries. and again, in my eyes, it's not only about friday thrive. the real problem for many countries, in particular, in germany, where we already had several of the creation of a crappy and near power cut in lot in certain regions. this is a tremendous problem. the us secretary said claims he doesn't know who was hate in a recent american trans try and i'm trying to stand antony blink and was being grilled for a 2nd consecutive day in the senate over their talk which co 10 civilians just
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before the western mil. she pull out as a gas deaf reports what we much to bear in mind, the highly partisan nature of american politics is what is the fact that ultimately may be very difficult about it can be defensive. the final weeks of us present here and again, it's on the evacuation which, you know, many people see is, is but chaotic as well as humiliate. will the united states look, we will, we will here. we will put that on the fly, 2 weeks to get a v evacuation. we remember that the terror attacks that put everyone on it, the fear here, the anticipation that there could be more terror attack reputed drew's buzzing endlessly. and this guy's over capital again, watching for any potential threat to the apple. and in this case, given what we have learned, given the surveillance footage that was released,
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it may well be the instance of a g trigger, fingers, a troops on the edge already fearing for their lives as well as the drone operators . the generals are watching this commander, this evacuation of the big, fearful, about pulling the trigger to quicken the guy the binding ministration drone was he an aide worker or an isis k operative? the administration is, of course, reviewing that that strike. and i'm sure that a full assessment will be, will be for you don't know if it was in a worker or an ices k operative. i can't speak to that and i can't speak to that in the setting in any event. so you don't know or won't tell us. i don't, i don't know because we're reviewing. we'll see you think you'd kind of know before you're off, somebody with a predator drones. many people could see this valence book as it was published in the media, reportedly showing the area of the drone strike immediately before it took place,
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showing a man looting empty cad us this into a comp time. this is a lapse may be mistook by the drone of where it is by offers is on the ground as filled with explosives. look, his speculation immediately after about the room strike the perhaps. there was a wrong turn of events because we've seen what, what a top on the destruction it causes a chair which will event packed with explosives. take down the 5 story building get here. we saw a mangled call yet the rule that it was next to was relatively a touch. which would it be impossible if the car would be even hartfield with explosives, that of course we learned about that. the civilian casualties collateral casualties . a child 1st that was revised the 6 children because it'll be very difficult to account for these incidents for this,
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for this through strike. and from what we've seen from the hearings at the blink, the state department and the by the administration completely prepared to do so. and the thing is, is there is blow back to that. i mean, i don't know if it's true, but i see these pictures of these beautiful children that were killed in the attack . if that's true and not propaganda, if that's true, guess what? maybe you've created hundreds or thousands of new potential terrorists from bombing the wrong people, given the general sense that many believe the afghan mission sale that is 20 years of about futile occupation. and given the fact that many republicans have, he's on this opportunity. many of the families of those through us students killed on the 26th of august in that terror attack on the north gave the capital airport as well as the relatives of the thousands of american troops injured and killed over the war. and get this done. it is unlikely that they will lead up the bible administration anytime soon unless it offers and provides accountability
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for what happened in the fun weeks of american present year and have got to start francis taking radical steps to get his health work is vaccinated. new rules require all employees in the sector to prove they've taken covey. charles, or go on, paid leave. the policy applies to wide range of health care workers, including hospital staff, paramedics and those working with vulnerable groups. in total, around 2700000 medical staff must prove they've had at least a one, but the strict requirement was announced by president in mano micron 2 months ago in an attempt to run pop, the nationwide vaccine drive. and it's gone down. well, however, many of frances health care work is on choose the several 100 people took to treat the parents to protest against the policy of french trades. union member told us
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that impacts the rule could have on the lives of the countries health care work in the pull the code, but it's not against the law to refuse to get vaccinated according to our law. those who do not get the job by september the 15th to spend it from work. so these people won't be breaking the law from the jobs. on the other hand, these people are vital for the health care source to say that many hospitals let their employees work, no matter what. in this case, the hospitals were breaking. the law and law is impossible to implement. it breaks human rights, so you contradict numerous international control the forces medical work to get vaccinated and restricts the freedoms. this law can only be used as a last resort. it is no other way, but there are other ways and then not permitted. that's the problem with this law. it's a bad law and we have to stand against it by all means possible. and when i'm moving to the heart of moscow now, election age key overlooking red square, all seen new harvey's day to bring you out in depth coverage of the election to the
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state. duma, which is russia's low house of parliament. voting will be over 3 days, run from friday to sunday, and across the way, we're introducing you to the different parties in the race, giving you an insight into the world of russian politics. for now, let's just quickly tell you through how the entire election process works. ah, the, we saw that $450.00 seats, so grabs lots of competition for them. let's get cracking on the 14 parties hoping voters will be putting a tick in the box. first of the russian party of freedom and justice is among the
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socialist parties, involved it pleasures to build a society based on social justice and equality, promotes free education. and how can the 1st on this body's been involved in such an election. and the chair told us why they deserve people's bikes. william smith, we sent for civil rights and freedoms in good, and people's rights to teach in their own languages and really practice their religion. and we aim to create a social state. we did not have the goal of establishing a left wing party. we are a wrote civil movement, and this is what makes us unique. there is no time to divide people into left and right. we need to call each and citizens can challenge the criminal and bureaucratic system. it is one of the younger policies on the russian political landscape. it used to have the word communism in their name, but they rebranded themselves still though their policies, they gravitate towards socialism. well, a lot there, in fact, their program is built around the idea of well creating
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a socialist state out of russia. he is how the leader of this party described his intentions. my aim is to develop the people as a political nation, rely on national consciousness. all modern countries rely on that. we need people to realize their responsibility for their lives and for their fate. the formation of a civil political nation is our main goal. without russia will be just the colon that is used to serve other people's interests every year. russia's population decreases by emilio, the health care system has essentially been destroyed. it exists only for the well of. to rectify this, we need a clear government funding plan. there should be a decent level of support below which the states has no right to fall. these should be laid down in the constitution and we can be no commercial health care system in russia today. we cannot the chief results at the legislature level guess we are in the minority. our goal is to appeal to the hearts and minds. we have to leave in
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dignity, we have to be a free people without being afraid of anyone. so they may be saying that there is no point in dividing parties to left right center, but still they are an incredibly left leaning party. again, they want to create a socialist state of prussia. they are advocating for free health care. and i just saw 3 health care and education, which russia already has, but they want to expand to the just how free it is and to reduce to drive, to a minimum, the amount of paid institutions in these fears. now, it is also one of the somewhat dwarf parties of russia, but they are wanting, they want to change that and dwell to become, to get the 1st representative in the russian parliament will continue without deep dive into the 14 parties who are running for the state duma, let's take a quick look at those with an environmental agenda. the greens promote. so course conservation of nature this year, the party go this of
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a new chairman and continuous push to unite. all those who care about ecology here in russia. the started as a social movement did $990.00 seeking a so called green revolution of all the one little less than one percent of the vote though in 2016, he's on the parties and new chairman set out his store for this is violet. money, if you were not in a position party where a central policy will bond our agenda, focusing on the environment to be represented in the duma. so we can all slows the citizens and country need every person, no matter where they live, has their own environmental issue, have their own environmental history. have about 10 legislative proposals dedicated to that. the 1st focus is on organic agriculture. we want to support our farmers. so they could stop using come food, chemicals, and that's very important. then we think it's important to impose greater fines and allow for other forms of legal action to make sure business owners and shareholders
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act responsibly. list. take a look at another party taking and be involved in this election. you will know pretty well i would say they are among the left rear parties. the most popular, this is the communists. so the communist party of the russian federation is the 2nd largest party in russia, led by canada, a gun of old time leader. since the 900 ninety's. this is the biggest and oldest of russian communist parties. it's pledge to deliver modernized version of socialism, and it can only program includes the nationalization of the countries natural resources and also a strong support for small businesses. previous election was the full time in a row that this party finished in 2nd place. we spoke to the leader about the gulf for me and it is necessary to increase the living ways to $25000.00 roubles. it is fundamentally important for us to support public enterprises. they all have a high salary to not take anything from the state. have a great social care package, affordable education, health care, and everyone has
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a cool job. everyone is provided with housing. if this experience is extended to the whole country, it's difficult. every 2nd person will have such opportunities. we have a huge outflow of capital that could have been stopped long ago, and we need to take certain measures is necessary to provide support for all branches of small and medium sized businesses and a short sustainable production. it is necessary to hold a referendum on the nationalization of mineral site. so most all countries do it's one thing to steal millions. but another thing is that a man made a british invention and set up production. this is a completely different pitch. another party competing the election is road and this is a right wing nationalist party advocate for social justice and the preservation of traditional values. the policies demanding tougher immigration rules and lobbying for the interest of russia's region beyond moscow. it wasn't just one and a half percent support in the previous election. before this chair took us through
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the main points of the manifesto, which in the morning livery official should pass and test for patriotism and live in russia. if officials administers have families living here and know that they will do everything to raise the standard of living in this country. where are we going to lift russia if they want to work here and live there? if officials are required to live in russia, then a 3rd will immediately disappear. health is one of the states priorities as well. it's possible to rebuild our health care system in less than 5. and the question is whether people really want that to happen with whether the facial is one take here or using the private can also vote again a pension reform. i think the liberal blogs let the president down. they told us there is not enough money, but it's not true. well, let's move to the center of the political spectrum now and take a look at the current majority party and the re election favor united russia is considered the de facto ruling party. so, so the largest in the country is german is the former prime minister to meet him.
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inventive the party supports the program of the president, and among girls is strengthened in russia sovereignty, if he cannot programming to support for domestic industry, including high tech, non russia, the current majority party took more than half the votes in the last election, but can maintain that grid, and if it takes a look at what the new ballot could mean, they are the ruling party. they are the favorites. always pretty much they are the party which 5 years ago, set a record by winning 344 seats out of 450. but how well united russia fair in this year's election, at some point, any long standing champion inevitably phases of career way 2 months before the vote support for the party dropped to 27 percent. it didn't get that low. in 13 years, many have called. busy it a crisis of trust. it required swift, daring, sometimes surprise moves,
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party leader dmitri mate vetted was removed as one of its top 5 candidates. the light up is now a mix of political behemoths who enjoy huge public support and new names who won the people's respect. like the countries beating cova, dr. ah . the recent opinion poll showed 95 percent of those questioned recognized rushes minister of defense survey. sure. you, so if counting on how familiar the most important faces of the party are, was part of the plan. the tactic is beginning to work. lot of our food, though, isn't on the list and isn't even a member of united russia officially, but the president has long been associated with the party and even let it for
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a while. in the past, he's been talking of the immense responsibility that united russia house to bear as the ruling party. you sure you want to reiterate my position. that is one thing to write something that is rights and important and toward if you to flee. and it is another thing to implemented you and i are aware that the ruling political party is responsible for everything and all the countries problems. that's what you have acted responsibly so far. and the program has turned out to be quite feasible. united russia proud the calls. busy it's manifesto, the peoples program. it was put together after considering online suggestions from $2000000.00 russian citizens. the main goal is to boost the public's quality of life with special attention to healing the direct and indirect effect of the pandemic. ah, me, i. so like i said,
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united russia isn't going through the easiest of times. serious blows to the parties, reputation have included criminal charges. and in some cases, jail terms for mayor's governor's cabinet ministers even who had to be kicked out of united russia for fraud and corruption. in some cases lately, however, the party was left red faced because some of its senior members simply forgot about decent matters. seen more reminiscent of a dog owner playing with his boot. where certainly unseemly for a governor given the keys from new fire trucks to a brigade. well, soon after that the official lost his job party membership and definitely lost united russia support in his region. but it still remains the most popular political force in the country. yes, it's scheme to take advantage of the experience and trust behind some old school.
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big names like mr. lab, rob and mr. shaw group. but on like a stagnating bureaucracy, the party is ready to count on fresh faces. it's ready for reform and it's trying to get as many russians as possible involved in its decisions using contemporary online methods. the ah, is the biden presidency in terminal decline this administration? handling of the coven pandemic, the economy, and not least afghanistan, these, this president underwater, in the polls in a big way in the country today is just as divided as you're from can this president
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things around oh, right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is tracy and sugary and all the under the victim. not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change as obesity epidemic. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment ah, what's driving the mac, it's corporate me ah.


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