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lives on the us dollar, you do not have sovereignty. ah, the, the, the, the, the breaking news on r. c. natural gas prices 3rd, to an old time record in europe, currently standing at $950.00 per 1000 cubic meters. and rising by the hour, sparking fears of a winter energy crisis. so this out welcome has gone mad with racist overtones that get some of the reaction to a new go. professors take on 911 academic called the terroristic prophecy, which killed him at 3000 people, an attack on white american capitalism. but the retired us army colonel gives us his insights into the motive behind the military interventions that followed 911.
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fear in re was how they made the decisions they made in the aftermath. that's not a good environment in which to make national security decisions. on the race he help for the russian parliament for the election just stays away. now. we'll be giving you the full breakdown in our special coverage this hour and throughout the week. ah, hello, live for moscow. this is the international. i'm calling bray. we're going to start with breaking news. this could be a bit of a gas bill. this shortcoming. europe's way, natural gas prices, in the midst of an unprecedented search right now. it had an all time record this wednesday. the price is left by more than 50 percent since the start of this month, and the pictures changing by the hour we're keeping watch on it for you. the price on a 1000 cubic meters currently standing at $950.00. the market turbulence is partly
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down to months of calm weather in the north sea, and that's triggered a critical shortage of wind power. it's also raise questions of over reliance on renewable energy from austria and foreign minister told us that countries with abroad energy makes have been able to cushion the blow. the fact that the wind is blowing and that the sun is shining less bluff that the guts inventory, so very low. all that, all together. great stuff, mixed that on the one hand that led to the increase in power prices. kinetic tricity prices, of course, also natural gas prices. and on the other hand, as although the permanent lessons risk of power cuts, electricity, we have tremendous rise. it's only trying to put all the poland, digging up for 50 percent. so this effect of countries, other countries, which for instance have an tricity based on nuclear like in france,
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i'm currently living the situation is different that might not be such a price rise, but we really have to look at it from countries to countries. and again, in my eyes, it's not only about friday thrive. the real problem for many countries, in particular, in germany, where we already have several of the creation of soft, crappy and near power cut in lot in certain regions. this is a tremendous problem when power is also coming under attack from environmental campaigners in germany, they say new turbines near berlin will put some 2000 heck, tens of forest at risk, or europe corresponding peter, all of a travel to the area for a look. in brandenburg near to the town of sausage campaign. as of fighting against the building of thousands of 200 metre high windmills,
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the plan would see nearly 2000 hex is a forest at risk of being chopped down to make way the hum and who the solar wind turbans consume a lot of resources for they production, they destroy nature. they deprived animals of the habitat and we humans are not happy either one, we have to live near them. on the angle of merkel 10 years, chancellor, germany has become one of the world's leading nations in wind energy. renewables currently generates around 40 percent of the country's electricity with over a quarter of the nation's power coming from the wind. last year. the largest energy agency in germany wants to see it become easier to build more capacity activists. supposing the plan though, say that german mindsets are too fixed when it comes to energy is global fuel. or i think the many people are afraid of getting labeled of being excluded from society because they have an opinion that doesn't correspond to the mainstream. if we look around the world, we see that other countries are teaching us how to do it. nuclear power plants,
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coal fired power plants, gas fired power plants are all being built. nobody tries to change their mind because they are afraid that others will reject them in the end. that's not an opinion that's popular on the german election campaign trail. green party candidate for chancellor underlined a bad bulk wants to see 2 percent of all london the country made available to wind farms. current front runner to be chancellor oil app sholtes of the social democrats is broadly in favor. undying a potential coalition with the greens of the real contenders. only conservative almond lasha has been moderate when it comes to pushing climate goals. he's also tanked in the polls. i don't know if it was ever possible for you. mrs. bare bark to stand in front of a 1000 miners and say to them, you are going into early retirement. your plans will be closed. that's the social part that you have to think about when you have such big goals. while the cd you candidate, the chancellor says his rivals putting green politics ahead of realities like jobs
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campaign, as he is a green politics of being pushed ahead of the actual environment itself. they all use climate protection as a cover and don't realize that wind turbans don't say if a single van of c o 2, nature must be protected. following b fukushima disaster in japan angle merkle announced that germany's nuclear power would be phased out. as it stands, the last nuclear plant will close next year. cold power is also set to be closed down by 2038. as a matter of officially, america will certainly be remembered for her climate policy when we think of her withdrawal from nuclear energy after fukushima. but i think she will be very negatively associated with these policies. no one will forgive her for this decision if it results in failure for germany. we can't produce energy that is 3 times as expensive as in the rest of the world and pretend that we are saving the world. germany share of man made c o 2 emissions is 0.4 percent in relation to the
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rest of the world. as germany moves away from nuclear and co, they have to find solutions to provide the energy that is needed. but us politicians push green energy proposals that go into boom pads with people who aren't so willing to change at any cost. peter, all of a r t. brenda berg, germany weekend 911 anniversary has exposed and enduring divide over the core american values. the terrorists was supposedly targeting and now one new york professor sparked outrage by calling it an attack on the quote hetero patriarchal capitalistic system. the white americans fight to protect her comments of sparks of fears. backlash with many calling it woke miss go mad. as katy morgan now reports $911.00 brought the country together. it was a day of shock and terror and fear and americans clung to each other and was followed by massive public displays of patriotism. after 20 years,
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the taboo about how to discuss these events seems to be fading. and some rather interesting viewpoints have surfaced on social media. we have to be more honest about what $911.00 was and what it wasn't. it was an attack on the head, her butree, alco, capitalistic systems that america relies upon to wrangle other countries into passivity. it was an attack on the systems many what americans fight to protect the author of this tweet. assistant professor jen am jackson of syracuse university has done what has never been done before. she framed 911 in a racial context, saying that americans with different backgrounds were affected by it. different like white americans might not have really found true fear before 911 because they never saw what a man to be accessible, vulnerable, and on the receiving side of military violence at home. but white americans experiences are not ascending for america. one can imagine that such comments were
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not universally embraced. i don't really think you're intelligent enough to know what you're saying. so i'll ask, is that an endorsement of the 911 attacks because it sure sounds like it. this is the kind of disturbing rubbish people spout when they see the world through a lens of identity politics. pretty sure al qaeda wasn't attacking us over a hetero patriarchy issue. i am also pretty sure that it's too easy to get a ph. d. if this lady has one, 1st of all, number one is the allocate as hetero, patriarchal, and capitalist as well. so i don't know why they would want to attack the us of those kinds of ideological grounds. us is a powerful secular state which is saw as. ringback therefore, progressive to muslims and raised doesn't really add to the picture at all. in america, america is race upset. so americans assume that race is
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a factor everywhere and everything. but in this case, it was not really any significant factor. there are always silly people everywhere who want to give novel interpretation to, to, to certain events. and to want to interpret 7 various self serving ways. the university of syracuse has defended these words, saying that they are a legitimate part of the discourse. some have asked the university to condemn the professor's comments and others have demanded the professor's dismissal. neither of those actions will happen at the home of the maxwell, school of citizenship, and public affairs free speech for all people across the political spectrum within the limits of the law. and the university's anti harassment policy is one of our key values. speech can be offensive, hurtful, or provocative. still, syracuse university will stand by the principles of free speech and by our commitment to keeping our community safe in the face of dress and harassment. professor jackson is not alone. educators in florida are being advised to avoid
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some of the gruesome details about $911.00, for fear it could inflame anthea lama, bigotry. it seems like the attacks have become yet another crucial issue and an already divided america. questions like why did 911 happen? what were the hijackers motivations, and how was the populace affected while they seemed like automatic assumptions 20 years ago? not anymore so many years about truth and integrity. i would love it. you're going to america in academia, and government run public schools that we taught our kids the truth about $911.00 that we got rid of this mid of american exceptionalism. the drives so much imperialist policy. but this curriculum is determined by government. and while we have a government of losers, by any definition of that word, losers, the victors,
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right the history. and in this case the us, federal government is still winning as term. and in terms of maintaining its authority in the united states, it writes the textbooks, it runs the schools, the government will not put out a narrative that makes itself weaker. so government schools in america for many years to come will continue to be used as tools for propaganda to reinforce the government narrative about $911.00. and today's coming underground here on our team, we hear from a former chief of staff, the secretary of state, colin powell, who reflects on america's post 911 policy and where it might have gone wrong. fear and re was how they made the decisions they made in the aftermath. that's not a good environment in which to make national security decisions for fear, as i indicated was they will get rid of us. but then there was a quick realization really coming after the debrief out,
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and the megaphone in new york, where the president said, and the people who did this will hear from us that is, polls would skyrocket and they did. so they quickly became motivated by political considerations. the poll numbers of the 911 mix up fear ethically with a strategy involving defense companies on k street. and how this can be manipulated into a, into a money spinning idea off the bodies of those who are killed as an hours warning in january 1960, about the military industrial complex we just put on steroids. the complex became desirous of analysts war analysts war that would feed them like a cash cow and keep them alive and breathing, and their ceo is making enormous salaries and their company solvent. that's why we expanded nato to a certain extent to which so we could bring the poles and others into buying these equipments made by our arms merchants. so this complex was largely responsible for
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the military staying. and i've gotta stand for 20 some odd years because only august you didn't believe biden was gonna withdraw troops. and of course, some people say that may well have been advisors to have a chaotic withdrawal to show presidents. this is what happens when you overrule those kinds of defense company. yeah, you said it did a sama been not. and when, i mean you've talked so eloquently about the corruption that torture the heroine, the relations between the cia and the i. s i in pakistan. and now the united states has lost so much so much in this world since the $911.00 attacks are when we're looking at those lines projections directly on that one fall while they are in 1998 . i think he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. i think our empire is going down pretty fast right now. i'm beginning to believe that it's on salvageable.
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american intelligence services, awarding that al qaeda could regroup and attack the u. s. again within just a couple of years. and phase of a resurgence have been feel by video appearing to show the terror group lead up the i'm and also hearing it was until now presumed dead. the cake was posted online on the anniversary of $911.00 former british intelligence off as a child shoe bridge told us that establishing the exact timing of the recording is going to be a tough task. it's difficult to actually precisely time or date, even when this recording was made, we know that there was reference to incident that occurred in january of this year . and really, i think that's the latest time that can be ascribed with any session teacher this because without it, he also talks about the american withdrawal from afghanistan. let's not forget, the thought has been in the office for some time as we get something like this from . so here we or of course, the days before him or in days when he was able to of course,
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not himself. i'm and also a harry was confronted out kind of a 10 years since taking over from a summer, been loud, and it was killed in 2011. the u. s. state department, suffering a $25000000.00 bounty for information leading to his capture. also here is whereabouts remain a mystery. 2 months ago, un sanctions monitoring team reported that if the terrorist is alive, he'd likely be hiding in afghanistan, probably, and pull health. a previous video released by ok to remark, showed some on dated clips of elves that were harry, but no direct evidence of him being alive. child true bridge says the us withdrawal from afghanistan could become an effective propaganda weapon for tara groups. if there is a threat coming from afghanistan in the future, the pentagon suggests the possibility. and let's face it from an article perspective. of course, there's a possibility, but it's not just because the u. s. was occupying largely african stones last 20 years for 3rd intensive, many, many other countries around the world occupied by the u. s. and which doesn't
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necessarily have very friendly relations with that. there has not been many, if any attacks, from these countries talk to over the last 10 years. and during the 20 years, it's a great propaganda. boost for archive. and everywhere got to america as west is actually lost in afghanistan. it's intervention has proved to india and futile and very costly by now or in the foreseeable future, is to be giving countries such as united states, an excuse to mount intervention again in afghanistan on the way down to the last couple of days of campaigning in russia. before 3 days of voting kicks off on friday, throughout the week, here were introducing new to the parties in the parliamentary race,
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the priorities on voters minds and some insight into the countries politics as well as 1st clarify how the election works. so they'll be 450 m p 's from 225 electoral districts chosen to the state duma. they'll serve 5 year term half a reacted by majority voting in single mandate constituencies on the basis of one m . p per constituency. as for the other 225 that's sent in on party lists, but only those parties who secure the 5 percent representation threshold in parliament. when it comes to one of the biggest issues on voters, mines rush is not immune from what some worldwide to save as the mishandling of the pandemic by right leaning governments. the quarter asks whether that could boost left is groupings of the countries ballot box. later this week, super profits for some abject poverty. for others, the pandemic striven. a sharp wedge between the world's rich and poor,
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sending millions of people to the bread line. while the lead, skyrocketing profit margins carry them into space. i want to think every amazon employee and every amazon customer, because you guys paid for all this where he had to make space more accessible to all welcome to dawn avenue space age me in the u. s. support of 18 to 34 year olds found only 49 percent of respondents had a positive view of capitalism. that's down from 58 percent when the same question was asked 2 years ago. and this shift can be seen through the 10000 new people who
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have joined the democratic socialists of america since march. people are really starting to just look around and say, man, capitalism isn't working. if the markets can't have been produced, hand sanitizers the toilet paper masks during the plague. what good as the system? a steep majority of young brits also on socialism. according to a new poll by the institute of economic affairs, almost 70 percent. in fact, at the same time in spain, the socialist workers party has retained its firm, hold on power. throughout the pandemic, for people growing up in the economy far less forgiving than the one in which their parents spent their best years. radical solutions look like the only viable ones. defeating a disease, like this is an activity for which has decided must be prepared. and which is i must mobilize its resources to confront this disease. when colbert 19 came in the late winter of
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2020, the united states was unprepared. and the united states has been able to cope the country. this system as a whole has broken down. and that is a clear way in which the experience of the pan damage has made the witnesses of capitalism and the growing interest in socialism much stronger than it was already before that russia also has not been immune to the rise in global wealth inequality. the countries rich have added $40000000000.00 to their collective net worth since the beginning of this year. so the russian communist party says it's going to tackle the financial gap. it's program titled 10 steps towards people. power promises fixes through policies like nationalization of key industries and banks, as well as an overhaul of industrial investment. although some have criticize the k
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p r ups own relationship to russia's millionaires since the party nominated over 100 of them for its ticket to the state, duma general secretary did not use the gun of though claims that there is nothing contradictory about that most possible for a millionaire to be a communist, i believe it's completely possible for us all to be millionaires. if the $10000.00 minds that this country has created work for every person, there would be plenty of millionaires. but even solon, by 15 scoundrels who don't even want to pay normal taxes if what was inherited from our forefathers and from god work for every person, then the situation would change dramatically. it's times like these when capitalism is not exactly doing much good for many people. that 1000000 struggling to get by start to look for alternatives. well, the socialists be able to step up to the parliamentary play. well, it's not mentioned that socialist policies are hoping to benefit from widespread
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disappointment of the handling of the pandemic. the communists of russia ought to be confused with the better known communist party have a marxist linen est id, already calling for people. power and building social justice of the policy was a little more than 2 percent in the previous election is not currently represented in the state duma. that chad told us why they deserve a chance. lucia james theresa she than your son for the large enterprises in russia that were billed by the soviet union are now in private hands. this is the result of predatory privatization whereby allstate enterprises were simply handed over to specially pointed individuals. and today, these individuals reap the profits from these large enterprises, which were not built by them, not funded by them. if russia returns to a socialist economy, that we provide huge revenues for the national budget, we want to preserve private initiative in various branches of the economy like china, his breed, only accomplished, and we can utilize the successful social aspects of the soviet union. why should
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not mix up communists of russia and the communist party of the russian federation, which has the 2nd largest faction in parliament. those who founded communists of russia, back in 2009, initially were members of the cpr ass. but then at some point, they decided that their comrades had become to bourgeois and to soft on the kremlin when it comes to preserving social justice. now the cpr aft has been at odds where the communist russia all the law and claiming that there are stealing of votes of the countries main left wing political force. yet communist russia say that they have their own unique way of winning hearts and minds of russians. over gifts, reward was the movement for us to do. people need, 1st and foremost, free health care. i often travel to different countries and everyone says that social countries have the best health care. this is true even in cuba,
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which is under restrict embargo by the united states. people from all over the world go there to receive medical care. second, we need to be plaintive housing that the state can give to people for free. 3rd, we must provide free, high quality education. if not, social will degrade that there are great sciences in today's russia is the legacy of the government. well, there are a lot of similarities between the 2 parties and programs. they both want to nationalize key sectors of the economy. they want to call off the recent pension reform that saw russia is retirement age increase. the want to provide free housing for those below the low incomes and regulate food prices. yet communists of russia present themselves as real hard liars and true successors of a light in and marks. well, now it's up to a laugh leading voters of which are plenty in russia to decide if they are indeed true communist, as they claim they are,
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got more to come home the election throughout the day and the rest of this week as well as our correspondence bring you the latest on the final campaign, push the vote to get south and also the results as they come in. the get back to breaking news then. and what we've been showing at the bottom of the screen there in the ticket, the natural gas price in europe has hit an all time record ahead of the wind to demand surge. she'd now stands at $950.00 per cubic meter as a 20 percent increase since yesterday morning, and is rising by the hour, non surprisingly causing alarm across the continent. let's get more on this now without corresponding shall do better. harris. what's behind this dramatic spike in energy prices, and i'm sure there's been some reaction already. well, that's why there has been this huge increase in those prices of the gas whole sale price,
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which is doubled in the last year. as you mentioned that now reaching some $950.00 per 1000 cubic meters, smashing the historic height that we have seen previously here in europe. and all of this comes, of course, as the e. u is about to head into the winter when of course, more people are likely to use things like gas to heat their homes or do their basic cooking. now, the issue is many fold. it's to do with the, with a here in europe at the moment. it's to do with low storage is at the moment when it comes to gas, just to give you a sense that the price is been rising rapidly since april. and that's because it's been below the pre panoramic level of the amount of storage of gas that's been available as a type of reserve. so generally, pre pandemic, we would have seen about 84 percent full storage of gas reserves that's now down to around 71 percent. meaning that, you know,
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many people are fearing that they may not be enough gas to get through the wind t. as a result of that, we're seeing that wholesale price increase, and then of course that will be passed on to consumers. you would think now the e u has been struggling to import gas from a market such as asia. and so as a result of that, there is this huge deficit. this all comes, of course, as you powers are debating whether or not to increase supplies from russia, we know that the new steam, true pipeline was finalized last week, but the gas supplies cannot be pumped through that and to the e. u has gone through all of its customary checks and paperwork and give them the pipeline the certification that it needs. and there are suggestions that that could take up to 4 months. now, the gas problem, the russian companies that it is ready immediately to fill up that deficit in
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europe. but of course, that does rely on the you signing off that pipeline which was completed last week. just to give you an insight into what's happening in some countries here in europe as a result of this huge increase this record price in gas. we've heard that in spain, emergency measures are being taken that the idea is to cap the price, the wholesale price that's put on to the consumers in the country. they saying that they want to combine those high prices as their oversee concerned that customers just won't be able to pay in the result of that is people who perhaps don't turn on the gas in the winter for heating or for cooking could end up freezing. we have seen instances of that in the past, people freezing to death because they just calling to food to heat their homes. there's a real concern that this deficit could have a nasty human impact if it's not sorted before that winter period headphone. and
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what you're about to hear going into the cold months is that triple threat? no storage increase in demand. and of course fuel poverty, which is a big spike in many countries in europe. ok for now in power shall davinsky. thank you. why that's it from the moscow news room for now. thanks very much for checking in with us on calling bray. but with the next update in exactly half an hour the when i would show them wrong, why don't just don't the rules? yes, to fill out the thing because the application and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well the parts we choose to look for common ground.
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