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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 15, 2021 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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ah, the dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah ah, ah hello and welcome to cross top where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle, is the biden presidency in terminal decline. this administration's handling of the coven pandemic, the economy, and not least afghanistan, these, this president underwater, in the polls in a big way in the country today is just as divided as under trump. can this president turn things around the
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cross hockey in the binding presidency? i'm joined by my guess internet panama, in london. he is professor of international politics at city university of london, as well as visiting professor at the london school of economics in atlanta. we have robert patello. he is a civil rights attorney and radio host, and in bulgaria, we cross the julio rivera. he is the editorial director of reactionary times identifying crossfire girls and a fact that means he can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate it. let's go to our guest in london, interested sometimes when you have distance from a situation, you see things more clearly. so tell me what you think of the by the ministration. what 9 months in now is it what you expected? and what do you take away from the, the praise he's losing patients with tens of millions of the american people, voters, by the way, go heading london off. i think yes, of course, the 1st 9 of any presidency, there's very high expectations. there's
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a major change which occurred, obviously from the trumpet ministration, that major crises which president biden inherited, including the cove it, but also the, the economic effects of it, the polarization. so i think after 9 months you could say, i would think overall out of 10, i would say probably 7 and a half, which i don't think is far off what i would have expected. because i think we have to recall that in addition to the more immediate crises that president biden inherited, there were also kind of longer term cry, feasel crises of legitimacy of the american political system itself on which president trump, to some extent, was a lot of symptom as well, so i think you would be hard pushed to go any further than he has. but i'd say one big thing which is really shifted is that he actually has an approval rating of about 4 percent on the corona virus among the public opinion. so i think that's not
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a bad indicator of the way in which things have gone on that particular front, despite the frustrations, of course, with the, the people who are very skeptical about the vaccine itself. ok, and so far in this program we've heard the most generous answer to my question. now i'm going to cut a, robert and robert. you go ahead and react to the same question we, we are guests in london, says 7 and a half points. go ahead, jump it bigger, we're giving it a numerical number, i would say about a 7. ok for, for president bite. and for a couple reasons. nothing. president biden is the 1st us present. they have to deal with obese regime running in shadow government from the sidelines. probably the 19 thirty's. i think the hand off between hoover and, and f d r was acrimonious to the point where the former president was still walking around the country pretending that each president pretending that he did not lose the election. that makes it impossible for the nation to heal. you have the senate and how publicans and still refuse to simply say that joe biden is the president.
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you have a higher political wing of the country, which instead of simply saying, we want to come together. and in the pan demik, they're telling people to take horse b warmers, they're telling people to not take the that seems to not follow any public health protocols. you have governors around the country, outlawing the math mandate. thing that children cannot wear mask in schools. what do we know or do and preventing the spread, the virus, not to mention the fact the president bite and it was 10, were walking in the door. one ending a want to send through panoramic to ending a 20 year war in afghanistan, where the agreement was already reaching for you walked into the war in the door. 3, stabilizing an economy that was, and that was already in free fall of free fall because of the previous administration. prioritize cuts were building air over stabilizing the bottom of the economy and keeping job growth going. so i think, given what joe biden was walking into 7 is about where i would put him, i still think he could have done more to twist the arms of the people in his own
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party, p y mansion instead of wanted to get more of his domestic into through and for that i'm document several points. i do think the sample could have been done better, but he was left in a hard situation, but he also get pollution points for that. okay, now, julio, you're going to give the opposing opinion. go ahead, my friend. i mean, you know, in all honesty, i have no clue what robert is talking about. the fact that the matter is, joe biden has been an unmitigated disaster in every single way. i mean, i would attach a negative number to the performance. he's given so far on day one of his presidency, he came out with a blurry, of executive orders that did everything to undermine this economy. that he claims that he inherited a terrible economy from, from the fact of the matter as he did everything to be basically stifle american energy independent, you know, that's had in the direct effect on the cost of everything. you know, his build back better plan earlier in the year supposed to produce a in jobs. it didn't even crack 300000 new jobs in the report where they had
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predicted a 1000000. in addition to that, you know, you've got the cybersecurity posture of the united states. we've suffered an audience, basically a measurable amount of damage in terms of having all these attacks coming from different countries. obviously advance persistent threats are permeating all over the world under joe biden. now we finally got a new head of sea. so that's looking to address that with the help of the private sector. but the border crisis, his executive orders stopping board walk construction and basically putting up the messaging that he was going to look to legalize 11000000 new a legal residents coming in through the southern border from the northern triangle and from mexico. we. that's the reason why we have the border prices that we have. and if he knew that he wanted to get everybody out of afghanistan, he should have, when you know about it in the proper way, as far as getting out, you know, americans, 1st our civilian cooperators, dinner afghan,
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these people who are going to be at risk, people who are being hunted now in the street like wild game by the taliban should have been removed 1st. so there is no possible way to spin joe biden 1st 8 or 9 months into success. i in my opinion. ok, so we have 7.5. we have 7 and negative territory. let me go back to london. obviously not being trump was one of biden's biggest advantages in running. ok, because for whatever campaign he had the basement strategy and all that. but i mean, a lot of people reject the donald trump, but more people voted for him in the last election than in 2016. so my question is now, is that the fact that he isn't donald trump has that worn off now? is that kind of past, say, because you saw the media giving a bite and a lot of cover. and then the events in afghanistan happened and you saw a little bit of different directions where internet, what do you think about that? he's no, you know, it is not trump, at least he's not trump is that is that me,
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me warn off now go ahead. well, it had, it was bound to be a bit of a problem with even his base if you like, because there were those who were opposed to trump and very kind of vociferously so, and clearly they voted negatively. so biden is better than trump, but there's a lot of people who also on the left who wanted to not only oppose trump, but they also want a positive change. and i think to a large extent, president biden or candidly biden, and then president biden actually surprised me somewhat because we came up with a sort of an agenda which was much greater focus towards change. so the infrastructure plan, for example, was a very, very significant and quite radical step. for someone who's got a very moderate central kind of background. the whole idea of the, the state and the role, it would mean the economy, the reintroduction of science and expertise into the handling of the pandemic. the,
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the stopping of criticizing scientists like valgy and others. and i think those are pretty big steps forward, which will take him. so i think there was already a kind of, i'm by the not just, not trump, and i think going towards 2022 and the midterm elections. i suspect that the, the biden will probably have a negative rating among public opinion, broadly speaking. and i suspect that they will fight the election on the fear that trump may be back in 2020. okay. that, that's exactly what i would want to getting at, in that questionnaire. ok. that their fear mongering element here robert is, is the joe by that you expected because i mean, you know, i probably, you know, the oldest on the program here. i mean, i remember when he call 100 with, with segue. segregationist. ok. and now he's, he's talking about, you know, the gym, the new jim crow and things like that. i mean, somebody my age watching his politics, like, by the really quite astounding this is got it, but a version of joe biden. i've never seen before. go ahead,
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robert. i think you're interesting because i think the way to joe biting campaigned in the way that he won the election. yes. there was a very, very large amount of anti trump ism, but at the same time, there was a very strong domestic agenda that he campaigned on, and much of that had ground to a halt of result of us senate. have you look at the infrastructure deal which we thought was done in early summer, we're still lingering now. we're still mansion is instead of not voting in favor of the $3.00 trillion dollar human infrastructure deal. you look at what we've voting rights of voting rights before the people at george floyd just policing. there have been absolutely no traction on those thing. so i think going into 2200 people, people are going to want joe biden to add to absolutely be more aggressive on his domestic agenda. nobody is voting for you to be trump light. nobody is voting for you to carry up the tea party in the mega agenda. you get the agenda done for the people that you want to get it done for. and that's how you, when elections. ok,
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but wholly, i mean away. what is the democratic party right now? i mean, be a, oh, see the bernie sanders and all that? i mean, i'm very, very confused because i don't feel whole lot of leadership. if the president is going to have the genuflect to these people, what kind of leader is that of the party? yeah, go ahead. exactly listed. i think the democratic party has kind of morphed into the party that'll say whatever they feel that they need to say at the, the time that to sound good or to win an election. these are the people that were saying last year that they wanted to the fund, the police, then you had a summer of unprecedented violence. we had writing crime rates all the while. these are liberal areas, really areas that are controlled by democrats. now they're trying to reverse on that, so that's why bad legislation like the george floyd policing act and all these other attempts across the country to try to defend the police are grinding to a halt. now the human infrastructure is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard in my life. this is not what america need, not after spending trillions of dollars that we didn't have to try to sustain the
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american populace during an on president a pandemic. this is like if doubling tripling quadrupling down on bigger government and wasteful spending. yes, it at the end of the day with inflation rising with the economy grinding to a hole in all the problem that we've had as a result of the pandemic. and now joe biden, coming in now on top of that, they're going to try to raise taxes on job creators. and they're going to attempt at some point this war to use reconciliation to pass a package of tax increases. now that's really going to be bad for them headed into, i think, the midterm. i don't know that there's only a whole that hold that thought we're going to go to a short break. and after that, you're replica, january discussion on the biden presidency. stay with our gate the ah
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ah ah ah ah, ah ah, ah, i in the 19 twenties and thirties, several 100 african americans moved to the soviet union, and many of their descendants still lived in russia. law numbers,
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but i still have yet to be truthful. nice on things that richard lum duck back home, black american, suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. you said last month, that ill be losing one by one by the 15th. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all. some of the african americans who went to soldiers union in 1830 found great success to monet, boys. he belong to whom and now almost a 100 years later, history is repeating itself. my great grandfather, george time, went to russia on probably the worst time to go anywhere. why not mean? what if i come here?
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ah, ah ah, ah. the welcome back. across stock were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the biting presidency in the okay,
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let's go back to london. well, viewers of this program though, that i self den, if i is a conservative, but i'm a basically a populous conservative. i'm not much of a libertarian, and i don't have a problem spending money on people. i think it's good investing in people is very good. but what, what was with being interjected into all of this that i find very disturbing and i find both sides of the aisle doing it is the culture war. and i don't think joe biden is very good at it because of my previous reference that he is an old segregationist. i mean, he's just been brought up in a very different time when i hear to go by and talk to you about equity is like, what did you just learn that word a few months ago. okay. good. that's not, that's not you. ok. and again, they chose to kind of the, the influence of the party and members, different elements of the party have on him. and i find that really, really destructive you, as you know, we, there was the commemorations of 911 over the last few days here. and then having
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the former president, the united states, george bush interject january 6, and comparing it to 911, i find personally ghastly. and what that does is divide the country even more. we need unit t. joe, isn't that guy isn't up to the task, go ahead in london. well, i think joseph biden has the very long political career. and as you said, he's, he's more of a weather way, very politician than a conviction politician overall. he's a centrist democrats, from a state state of delaware. massive number of corporations are domiciled there and so on for tax purposes. i do use at the center of the party. but, you know, if you look at the opinion polls in the run up to 2020, the democratic primaries and so on. the people who oppose from one to 2 things, one they want to trump out on 2nd, they wanted someone who was a relatively mainstream, old white guy, politician who wouldn't shake things up too much on the one hand. but there's a lot of people who want to change and you know, a president biden combined some of those characteristics. and he's the sort of
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a lot of people wanted, after 4 years of, to march us politics. and i think that's what american people really voted for. and to some extent, the fact that he's inherited these crises and that he is 878. and that he may not necessarily have a 2nd term. i suspect of created a condition or a context where he would probably be more radical. and his ideology may suggest that is to say, you know, about demick, you're going to have to do something big through government, about the panoramic unit and economic crisis. you're going to have to do a lot more to bring the state intervening into the economy and, and quite frankly, you know, the kind of home market driven strategy and philosophies into reagan era. grinding to a halt under the whole weight of polarization, partly driven by commonwealth inequality, or easy narrative, very large number of things in a way. i think he 40 think about his place in history. and i suspect that he's
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going to be more radical. and he is, i already proven it in a way compared with what we might have thought. so i wouldn't sort of condemn him for that. i don't think he's pretty radical enough. that is, he can't actually go against the wall street case, which is so significant still for the democratic party. and i don't think he can do as much in regard to taxation all big corporations and so on. which is, i think what the left of the party would want. well that, that is that that's what makes all of american politics toxic on but on both houses a play gone both their houses in my pin here. i'm going to mix the order up here, julio. i mean, we heard that, you know, during the campaign during the inaugural address, that he would be the unifier. but he says he's losing patience with tens of millions of americans. what kind of unity unifier is that, i mean, that would be, that would be tulsa commemoration was very, very defensive here. i mean,
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is this an intentional strategy? i mean, they basically intentionally dismissing a good chunk of the electorate. i mean it's basically, he's doing a dirty harry make my day, is that good politics, julio? go ahead. oh, it absolutely is. and there's no possible way that this guy could have been, they unify or, i mean, this is a guy that said he didn't want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle. this is the guy that said if you had trouble deciding between him and trauma, that you weren't black. and quite frankly, i want to take exception with my counterpart there in london describing that from president to mall, to the from presidency was to multi with. but to many in the international community, because trump decided that he wanted to take care of the interests of americans birth. so that marginalized, all of the things that america had been doing previously money that was being spent on the givens of war nations, money that was being invested into international groups like natal. and that's the reason why the perception of him maybe internationally, was that his presidency was to move with. but it really was in america,
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had an unprecedented economy the best we've ever had. gdp rope which was bought to be dead and stuck at the 1.4 percent level under president obama. this is going to be the new more and more that's guy rocketed to more than double that president from president. he was very, very successful. the problem is, the democrats have control of the media and the media has been perpetuating lies about racism and division that is manufactured by left. this bought leaders to go ahead and to try to steal this election in the midst of the colbert pandemic, with all the new changes to the election that went into effect. obviously with male voting and a lot of rules changes to extend days. president trump will win probably in 2024 and that they're getting out in front of it by trying to create these optics. that all we can have president trump back. he was such a failure. all these problems that are happening now is because trump left them, you know, all the left basically bite in a mess,
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but none of that is actually true. ok, who we are just as a footnote here. nato is more angry at joe biden now than they ever were with. yeah . okay, robert, i mean it's, they, with the uni, being the unified here. i mean, can you convince me in our audience that he is the unified because the language he, he's using is, is basically, like i said, doing a dirty harry. he did. he seems to be completely dismissive of concerns with people of the people that disagree with him. in a liter shouldn't do that kind of thing. i mean, as much as you just like donald trump, donald trump, didn't intentionally is as far as i remember, try to alienate people. go ahead robert. well, i've never been a person who dislikes donald trump, i'm a, i'm a policy driven individual. i think president trump's policy failed america, and that's the last electron by nearly 8000000 votes. mathematic to the thing. i don't think any president can allow a half 1000000 people to die on his watch and is but to win reelection. then i love
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the myth making of the right where they've decided that we don't believe your line guys believe what we told you about president trump hills, hunky dory, it was north. everything was great. we were walking on changing field streets and all those things. well, joe biden was realizing, he still believes in a bygone era people, he was an error when the senate would pass judicial nominees, 99 to one point and the arrow down over cocktails. and you, you and trip lot, and from durham, and you can have a discussion and then you tackled by these are, these are the things to do not existing where you have a militarized right. in this country. you have a president of former president who has never conceded the election, who has told his people to by no means work across party lines. even if it is in the best interest of the american people. these people have decided that they are trumpet before they are americans. they have decided that in support. the january sits writers war, so they need to court law enforcement. this is why on september 11th,
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instead of president from joining the president, a former president and install and commemorates and what happened to people that we lost. he had his own pep rally across town because he decided that his own personal ego, his own personal brand, is more important in the united states of america. the constitution that we all whereby this is why is crucial to joe biden understand the fight is before him, and this is why he has become more house about him. so many statements. he's become more aggressive than things like the vaccine rollout and mandate as well as robert robert, you know, if i give you time, if i could stay with you cuz we have diametrically opposed narratives here and that's, that's okay. that's what i like on cross out here. but do you think that tag in icing trump supporters is the way to go about it. i blossom. i'm losing my patience is that leadership rhetoric because i think it's called it's very counterproductive . go ahead continue. robert. or i think this is working with you. understand where america is that today, where you have people who are willing to take horse the worm are like i've come out
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with that. you know that robert, please. that one in exaggeration. you know that i'm surprised that you go for that talking point. ok. this is a, this is a medicine inter, nationally recognize for so many multiple purposes and, and defaulting to that is not a fair characterization here. let me hang on. let me ramos, out of time, you go to london because i want to be conciliatory. i want to be that uniter, okay. it's go back to london. what is joe biden need to do to reach across the aisle? because it looks like he's just doesn't care. maybe i'm wrong. maybe it's an election ploy. and you said, you know, he's, you know, may not run for another 4 years. he probably won't. what you know, it's 2022 is coming up and it's looking to be a bloodbath. and not in favor of the democrats. go ahead in london. i think there's 2 things i would say to one is that president biden does operate, and joe biden before that as well as all pretty with this idea of grassroots
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bipartisanship. yeah. and there is in, within the infrastructure plans, although the 3 trillion, i think he wanted to go above the party politics and into the state with various kinds of infrastructure projects which create a lp, a more stable economy and quality. but the problem is that the future in terms of his political future lies with the handling of the pandemic. and if the pandemic continues to roy long than the political climate, boy and his party is going to be very, very negative. so to some extent, losing patience in a way is backing the majority of the electorate and population. yeah, but, but isn't it, but aren't you say i want to finish with you? isn't he saying i'm losing patience with the electorate in the media? because my legacy is at stake, it seems to be very focused on joe biden, instead of really what it's agenda should be finish up the point we're going to the program, go ahead. well, as i said, any president,
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and i think this one in particular perhaps is looking at that place in history. and history is going to judge in 1020 years time. what did you do when you came in and you, you inherited all these prizes? what did you do as a one of the most experienced politicians of this generation? and how did you handle it? and your name is going to be $25.00. i can totally, oh, go ahead. 25 seconds, go. i looked at ultimately, i think joe biden and his, the people were out there defending him, trying to make it seem like he didn't really foul up afghanistan, like all these issues were inherited from president trump. i think it's just been, he was not prepared. he did not have a proper agenda that was good for america, the border crisis and all the other problems that were having are an example of that. i think that next year the republicans will retake both chambers and in 2020 for whoever runs for the g o. p will be the next president. okay, we end on that note. many thanks them i guess in london, atlanta and in bulgaria. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at ortiz,
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see you next time and remember, cross dot cross the the the transparency for the powerful cares about privacy. what people care about is power. julian, a son just become a symbol of the battles of brevity, information is power. that's what's going on and a huge struggle with governments and corporations who want to keep information
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secret and others who democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know what to do. watch how it sounds helped to shift the conversation around transparency. i'm see what that battle has done to him. i feel like julian's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest and most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable survive or ex markets. the thing food shortage in and with big claim, you don't need it for the market. that's the plain and simple truth and country after country is beginning to realize that going to scape the b matrix for ag dominated by current players who control us dollar. and they can have sovereignty true sovereignty. if you have reliance on the us dollar,
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you do not have sovereignty. both the, the, the, the, the breaking news on r. c, natural gas prices search to an old time record in europe, currently standing at $950.00 per 1000 cubic meters, and rising by the hour sparking fears of a winter energy crisis. so this out welcome has gone mad with racist overtones that get some of the reaction to a new goal. professors take on 911 academic called the terroristic prophecy, which killed him at 3000 people, an attack on white american capitalism. but the retired us army colonel gives us his insights into the motives behind the military and.


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