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tv   News  RT  September 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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to shape out the same because after an engagement equal the trail, when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground in the written offices union long as the government for rising the cases. and that's after the lifting of the look down restriction on t luke's, at the lasting impact of the us led war para, we hear from those to leave of god. his son, falling through decades of failed american policy a trauma jones assigned to who before transitioning, served in the us special forces destroyed as fema opponent, leaving feminists and export. got what they call at can really unfair fights.
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and rush to the pools on friday for the general election. all the parties, the candidates and fake special coverage this our i'm throughout the week. ah, this is the news and all seem to national with me. you national all of our hello and welcome to the program. ignorance and bad preparation by boris johnson's government. all to blame for rising co, they'd fatalities said the british medical association. the doctor union. i've that coby related deaths and cases have been on the ramp. st. logged on was cramped at the end of july. 42000 people have been admitted to the hospital with covert and 5000 have died. many of these infections could undoubtedly have been prevented to
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simple mandatory measures and would not effect reopening society one jot. absolutely. dr. try and knock for very, he's the chair of the b. m. a council. the british medical association, really scathing, not just on government ministers, but also of an h. s. england. and the general medical council, which regulates talk to taking aim at all of them for that handling of the pandemic over the past 18 or so months and saying that doctors and nurses and other frontline and a chest work because i've been sacrificing really with poor working conditions and poor pay, and also mediocre offers of pay rises all throughout pandemic. many of them losing their lives in the process and only to be treated with at disrespect by those aforementioned organizations and ministries. and also saying that the doctors that he represents and other professionals will refuse to accept the status quo once.
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and if we get through this pandemic, we will not accept a return to the old pre pandemic days of an n h s. in perpetual crisis. the n h s cannot afford to lose a single doctor where nearly 50000 doctors short compared to e, u averages. and any further reduction in workforce will be catastrophic for the nation's health. now what we've been seeing is a lot of tension in the u. k. in particular, people with huge backlogs and delays to getting the other medical treatments seen to unrelated to covert and of course, as well tensions to do with how the government have handled locked out measures. and we've seen again clashes between protesters and police and security forces. when it comes to the question of things like lockdown and of what bows, protest is anyway, would see as threats to civil liberties. the
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now over the weekend we've seen the government announcing utah yet another one. people would argue that now scrapping plans for the introduction of vaccine passports in the u. k. or at least in england anyway. now some of the protest as we've seen clash with police would welcome the scrapping of those on civil liberties drives. but we've seen in the past the government making you turns on how it's handled cove it when it comes to things like the opening and the lifting of all restrictions and delays and perhaps justifying. some of the criticisms we've heard from the b may check today, but as far as the government concerned, they've reached this decision off the careful consideration of all the facts. we've
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looked at it properly and once we should keep it in reserve as a potential option. i'm pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports. these extraordinary times required necessary but intrusive measures, but i'm determined to get rid of any powers we no longer need because of our vaccine defenses. now one of the main pressure points on the government, what their own m. p 's back bench conservative m p 's deeply opposed to many of these locked down measures throughout the pandemic. and also deeply opposed to the introduction of these vaccine. paul sport, it's thought, but they're really strong and strenuous protestations to the government was one of the factors which led to this. you turn meanwhile, the european ly. chris stayed sound marina has cuz he's triangles of a different kind. the countries foreign minister has the e. u. to let in any one, we've had this picnic the job, the blocks medicines washed over b. m a is dragging its feet on approval despite most of some marino's population.
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already having gold, the russian shot was settled and split v d to delays in the supply of n. mae approved vac. since for more than 2 months, despite resigned agreements. and we believe that europe in institutions obliged to recognize the freedom of movement of anyone who has antibodies to cove at 19, regardless of the type of shot, almost 20000 people to the sun. marino's population has been in ok. lated with nick v. but the inability to move freely is particularly problematic, as the land looks nations entirely surrounded by e. u. member states. equally, i didn't use conference russia and some reno's top diplomats railed again, the policy is ation on the job. maps with russia has delivered the sputnik the vaccines in san marino for the vaccination of population are on the collaboration and really help to improve epidemiological situation in some marina see. and let me
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open to these should be no place variation to scientists should speak about math, we are talking about the use. thank you. nice son. marino's house cheap says cheer politics. have no plays. when it comes to inoculation. we have some problem to, to. ready the moment in italy, there is some jubilee nickel issues. there is no doubt that to fight coby is necessary to dispose of as many vaccines and treatment as possible. 94 percent of people actually did that with the school that be has antibodies infection. so do tv amber under control. we are talking. ready about $58.00 positive people to date,
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and we have had not death since april and our next 2 years are currently moving on now on see investigation as special projects unheard voices. the stories of those who suffered often unjustly, during the war, tara, and our latest report would talk to those, forced to leave. i've got to stand out of the disastrous pen to then pull out the we'll use all tools at our disposal and killed our children for united states. we're bringing people to this orchard site. it was a pointless exercise. and we're here from both an african john lives who fled with his young family and a teenager forced to cross through a treacherous mountain past safety. after the taliban started making frequent
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visits, my office in my home. busy and i was forced to leave cobble when i was in afghanistan, things got worse and worse every day. i never thought about coming to turkey. the me ah, father became extremely respected cobble, became very dangerous, with 2 sided with the roadside bombs, with sticky bombs. i go to korea and working as an african journalist and as i continued telling the world about honest, i became very hard broken. there was very little good news that i could tell the world. it was often about violence carnage. busy destruction, you know, targeted assassination. and i think that over the years really destroyed me from when i had many dreams. not even one of them could have come true and afghan to stand with the economic problems. the lack of jobs and opportunities are leaders,
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are politicians, are all traders and thieves. all of them fled and live in other countries. while the poor people of afghan stand have been left in misery. i i to be honest with you, it was, it was a journey between hope and fear over the last 20 years. and a lot of a lot of sacrifice is a lot of killings. and then result is an epic failure for the international community for the west, for the one on the americans came and we believed in them. everyone saw another life. but in the end everything happens so fast and we were left all alone. we were abandoned. everyone was trying to survive. i ah,
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turkey has no duty responsibility. obligation to be europe's refugee warehouse. there were problems everywhere on the way to iran. our car flipped over, we crossed into turkey, through the mountains, people di trying to pass through the mountains. i was really scared when we tried to cross the border. soldiers were following us. i came alone. i wanted to bring my family, but i didn't have enough money. i'm here now and my family is in afghanistan. i really worry about up to in the stance future i saw someone who fell into the valley. soldiers were pursuing us at that moment. nobody looked out for one another on fall, but i kept going. i got injured too. i still have bruises on my feet. we had to go on without him, otherwise they would catch us. i still see that day and my nightmares me what you know. because a lot of political bickering,
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everyone saw the piece, buses a milking cow. it was a lot of selfishness are against those too much pride and other result. what you have the taliban, who are top bone in a matter of weeks by the united states in 2001 literally came back with tory is defeating literally everyone from america to near to country to the africa and national security forces into the african government and it's all about have declared themselves as victor, victor ah, i would want peace jobs, opportunities, and education, a peaceful country. i would like simply to live calmly with my family without a war. i wish there wasn't any slavery in our country now that the taliban is empower. i don't even want to think about going back. our future is uncertain. i
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always dreamed of being peaceful. i had no intention of leaving a fine because i have been to the west. i have been all over the world i studied in the u. s. and i came back with a sense of commitment to be living in cobble hoping that my daughter in my family could live the normal life that everyone else is living on will use all tools that are disposal killed. our children for united states was bringing people to watch a sight. it was a pointless exercise. the birds have victory of a trauma trans, mixed martial arts fighter and full pentagon. special forces sergeant or a female opponent has played critics with closing it as a case type to equality, but others are pulled about, they call a dangerous mismatch between
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a female and the biological male. kevin know and sat down with his alex figure shasky to get the details. the atlanta mclaughlin from south carolina is only the 2nd athlete in the history of mixed martial arts to compete being an open transgender. she want her fight last friday against a female opponent, and that ended in a 2nd round with a rear naked choke, which is quite a brutal way to and, and mixed martial arts about that caused a lot of control. the see among pundits and experts who said that this was an unfair advantage, primarily because atlanta was born ryan, mac laughlin spend 6 years in the us special forces before starting her transition in 2010. and before that transition, as we can see, ryan was quite a muscular man. so that's why many of the pundits in m, m a and very renowned pundits as well said that this was unfair, irrespective of how one treats the rights of transgender people. they all said they
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supported. ringback the rights of transgender people, but from a sporting perspective, this was unjust. let me listen atlanta mclaughlin in transition 5 years ago. which means that she lived 33 years of her life as a man tonight mclaughlin fought in be to buy a logical woman. what a shock this is nonsense. this is a lot of mclaughlin, that female through one or 1st m. m a fight against someone born a women. i think people can identify with whatever they like, but i don't think this has a place in combat sports. you all think this is okay and empowering to trans genders. interest to me enough, not only my, my pundits were outraged with such fight taking place, but also feminists. a couple of prominent feminist accounts tweeted out that this looks like basically a woman's abuse from a biological male. let's listen to that as well. male violence against women as a public sport. no, thank you. whether you took it up or chopped it off. take estrogen pills and or die your hair pink. the mail will always be a male and cannot change into
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a female. this is so hideous. how can anyone bear to watch or even think that this is normal or acceptable? a lot of herself said that she didn't buy any of this criticism, stating, 1st of all, that she was batted for 2 rounds being fought against by a very equal opponent. and also the fact that everything and all the kind of credit is coming her way is just me a transfer be that's what she described. but i have to say, this is not the 1st case of, of the some, transgender and more. let's go back to the tokyo olympics in 2020, where for transgender athletes made their debut for the 1st time in the history of lympics. and it's also the 2nd time in may. there was a fighter, fox fall and retiring into 2014, also a transgender. but as we can see, this issue is still very divisive, especially when it comes to convert sport us to development. anthony blinking currently is testifying to congress about recent events. and i've got to stand and faithful decision by the binding administration. americans need
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a ship has come on the skating criticism over they have got to stand tobacco. at least 100, your citizens remains turn it into water country now controlled by the italy bond. and less now cross life to our correspondence. katie, katie. hello, that's a saw the main take away some blinking testimony so far. we saw us secretary of state anthony blank and testifying before a congressional committee and answering some tough questions about what went wrong in the us withdrawal from afghanistan. now interestingly, the share of the committee representative gregory he spoke and said the united states should have left afghanistan 1900 years ago, but it stayed in because of what hubris and a desire to remake afghanistan. now that's what we heard from the share of the
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committee. and then we had a situation where anthony blanket admitted the fact that the pull out was done on a rather chaotic way that there are hundreds, there's at least $100.00 americans remaining in afghanistan. and it got rather intense, he faced some pretty, pretty tough grilling at the hands of republicans. the situation we find ourselves in is far worse. in my judgement. as a former chairman of homeland security committee, far worse than pre $911.00. to make matters worse, we abandon americans behind enemy lines. i can summarize this in one word, the trail. this administration's bungle pull out from afghanistan just maybe the worst foreign affairs disaster in american history and american history. american families have never been a greater risk of attack at home than today. as the global war on terrorism is not over. it has been moved from abroad to american home so
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we now have a situation where the u. s. secretary of state was kind of on the defensive. now at this point we did see the democrats step in to defend him. they accused republicans of taking cheap shots at the new administration and overlooking the errors of previous administrations when it came to handling afghanistan. now blanca and he tried to put a positive spin on events. he kind of echoed some of joe biden's rhetoric calling the pull out despite all the things that went wrong. and the things that were not predicted, he argued that it was somehow a bit of a success. here's what he said. we achieved those back as long ago or sound good. lauren was killed in 2011 a decade ago. ok. this capabilities were degraded significantly. we completed one of the biggest err lives in history. much of the equipment that was left behind,
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including in the hands of the afghan forces that then fell to the taliban. much of it, based on what i understand from my colleagues, a, b, o, d, is an operable or soon will become an operable because it has to be maintained. it's not of any great strategic value in terms of threatening us. now when it came to the issue of whether or not the united states would recognize the taliban, anthony blank and said the taliban fell short of the international community's expectation. and before the united states would confer recognition on the taliban government, it would need to ensure more freedoms for the population in particular, freedom of movement. now it's important to note that he did step forward and say that the government of afghanistan needed to be more inclusive. and he feared that afghanistan, as a state may break apart along ethnic lines. if they were not more inclusive, as the taliban did not take more measures to include different figures and different ethnic groups within the new government that emergent. 8 now it's quite
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interesting to look at some of the scenes that we saw on the hearing that went on on monday, some, some of the interactions, some of the most electric moments kind of shed light on how intense the debate following the pull out of afghanistan and then let's review some of what went on in the halls of the congressional committee. on august 16th, mister secretary, president biden said that the administration had considered every contingency and was executing the evacuation. according to your plan. was a part of your plan to rely on the taliban to ensure the safety of americans trying to flee the country. because that's what happened. we were not relying on the taliban as you know, what happened was the afghan security forces in the government collapse for the space of 11 days. we certainly relied upon it at the airport. it didn't work out. so mr. secretary, president biden has delayed the blame for the evacuation debacle. i can see on,
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on others rather than on itself where it really belongs. he blamed president trump as we've discussed already, to some degree here, basically claiming that he was just following trump's policy. but he haven't hesitated to disregard every other major trump policy or southern border the keystone pipeline, the parasite climate corps, the iran deal, mexico city policy and on and on. yet this was the one trump policy that he had to follow. do you understand why this is pretty hard to fathom? for a lot of people? i think what's the perhaps caution hard to fathom, or people just don't understand is that the agreement reached by the previous administration required all us forces to be out of afghanistan by may 1st. mr. blink and assuming it's not classified, can you tell us where you are? today yes, i'm at the state farm. it could couldn't be bothered to come down here and see congress or right that's great off next to own. i'll see international after the
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break, the special coverage of the russian state to my elections, to stay with us for that. the in the wake of biting, humiliating exit from afghanistan. there are those in the gentry class again, revisiting the possibility of a pan farm. and also, why does washington stay in syria after being defeated in join me every thursday on the alex simon show, and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me. i think we're going to say something remarkable going to senior economy,
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take off the gdp, salvador is about to explode, hire and that all ravens about to go fully pick going. i pointed ation, and that's going to filter up to some bigger countries is going to go global and we're all living to something that is absolutely remarkable. the, the, the, the, the welcome back to the heart of moscow and to our thesis special studio set up here throughout the week to bring you the very best coverage and reporting on the election to the state to do about the russians. loa house for voting itself takes
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place over 3 days from friday to, to the end of sunday. throughout this week, we're going to introduce you to the parties involved in the rice, and also give you a deeper insight into russian politics. why it matters to beyond lesson for the 1st time. i'll please konstantin raj. cobb explains why the elections are so special this time around more duties, more responsibility, more power. the upcoming election marks a new chapter in the history of the state duma. russia's lower house of parliament, the 2020 constitution referendum gave russian legislators, new authority hands. whoever grabs these seats now will have greater political weight than their predecessors. the doom is now responsible for approving the countries prime minister, deputy prime ministers and most of the cabinet. what remains intact, however, is the duma structure and there are $450.00 sees for grabs, which will this time be contested him on the 14th political party, the president can still appoint minister, is responsible for national security and foreign policy without parliament's
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approval. but even with that loss, the newly elected m. p. 's will gain more influence and play a bigger role, same domestic economic affairs. and this is just a fraction of their newfound authority. the 2020 amendments have also solidified the so called parliamentary control, a range of legal actions. the duma can take over whole different aspects. the countries governance like finances, for instance, and peace can now summon russia. central bank chairman, who now must report both to the president and the parliament with new powers come new responsibilities. there would be m. p 's, now phase. how for scrutiny to be allowed to run, no foreign citizenship and new money, or acids in banks outside of russia. the pandemic has pushed authorities to increase the online balloting 1st tested during the 2020 constitutional referendum . 7 russian regents will provide this option for those who can't or don't want to go to a polling station. in addition to vote is going to be held for 3 straight days to
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avoid lines and unnecessary commotion at ballad boxes. the increased role of the country's main legislative body along with organizational challenges make this election. one of the rushes most significant about the last decade, k or i, that's the technicality of it. all about expecting later this week, let's get cracking and talking about those 14 policies that constantly mentioned that green alternative. that's quite an interesting participant to keep watch on in the race for the 2. but this week until last year it was only a social movement. it was standing for prominence, environmental agenda in russian politics. it also backs the youth climate movement, which is called fridays future. you'd have heard about that a lot before the pandemic. it organizes campaigns and petitions. it's the campaign that's inspired by aggressive simberg correspondent, 80 katrinka profiles the poppy central most got very new, very young, but very ambitious. the average age of the members of the party is just above 30. now the question on everyone's mind is, how is the green alternative,
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different from the traditional greens here in russia? well, here's how the party's leader answered that question. and he's saying it's all about the generation gap shapes. first of all, we have different view. we pursue international goals, prioritize 17 sustainable development goals, set up by the united nation. the other green party, unfortunately, doesn't see their idea of further than community work. this is an example of a generation gap. this is what makes us different, because we look at the world and the agenda globally, and through a broader lens. we look not only on the scale of russia, but the whole world, because russia is a big geopolitical player, including on the issue of the green agenda. the green alternative isn't a rich party. they're not supported by any big businesses or corporations. they're saying that they don't want to receive cash from those who are causing harm to the environment. now i can tell you that when they were asked about whether they're
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ready to build some kind of aligns as with other political movements, the answer from them was no because they don't see this possible given their goals . and given what vase down for security in terms of ideology, we are of course, close to parties on the left. but in general, ideology, in reality, i don't think compromises with the other parties are possible because it's again going to face a generation gap. once again, we're the youngest party where the voice of the generation that is not being heard . officials start carrying about young people only before their retirement, their understanding of how to work with young people comes from their childhood and labs, 40 years behind. well, on the one hand, these words that they represent the younger generation, the fact that this is the youngest party, this is something that could give them an advantage during this election. but the experts are saying that for now, for this alternative green party,
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the chances of securing some seats in the duma are quite slim. all right, that's all from reaction studio for this. but our coverage is really only just beginning plenty more for you in the coming days here on the international. because we explained the big issues facing russian versus the people trying to win that balance this weekend. the me, the who's i'm absent as you were going underground broadcasting from the arrange.


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