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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  September 12, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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the me i don't of welcome to all the they're just saying in the garage attributed to profitable honda, the readings be 4 times their representative to guide him some time from the job. well, some times there about the conflict of daily living impact supplies per se, practically to women. and i've got some encouraging in the past to leave out that dream that we flush the human beings being told by the taliban. this amount to nothing more. but the panic possession, who was the count on in this time of a truly existential struggle. well, to discuss it now joined kabul by what was the rash executive director of athens women, field development center mr. osh. it's
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a great personal and professional privilege for me to talk to you. thank you very much for being available. thank you for having me in your show. i really appreciate it. thanks. i know that you had a chance to travel to the united states this summer, and yes, you chose to return to your country. you have got to sign their time with thousands and thousands of your country. men and women are desperately trying to please. why did you make that decision? and was a very personal decision by myself. i'm an african american, 1978 when i had to pay my country. because of the, at that time because of the russian invasion and the arrival of the communist and the son could not arrive and to 17. but a lot of the members of my family have to get his sons were put in prison at that time. and i left the prison and i went down to the united states. i mean to,
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to terminate them to do 9 states. and the american gave me my, my, my citizenship and i became an african american. and good 1003. i returned back to get it done. i can get it done in and in by coming back here, i worked with the african woman the whole time and women and children. and i have been my, my point was leaving united states in stoughton into the was that i'm going to come to us get to be the voice of the voice. this woman. i'm just now seeing a voice voice with women in your country during the american presence or occupation, whatever you term. it is one thing being at a voice of african women under the taliban is something else entirely. and i know that you came back to your country before the talent them to go over the country. but at the time when it was already pretty clear that the americans were going to
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withdraw pretty soon. now the fact that the former i'm going to administration i gave up so quickly and so effortlessly did it right. you did it child with your perception, your iteration of where your society was at that moment. you know, the thing just that i really hospice and so i really wasn't thinking, i mean i was not expecting that to to, to, to literally i was expecting it. i did not think that that kind of stuff is going to pro maximum 48 hours or 24 hours or something in common city. but it did because the president took off the president to call that was the end of it. because that broke down the possibility of anything happening in afghanistan as far as, as far as going towards settlement, or an agreement or whatever you want to call it. if i mean from what i understand, correct me if i'm wrong, it wasn't just about president for my friends and gone if leading very rapidly,
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but also. # you know, the central part of the african military changing size and joining the taliban. and when you have a 300000 strong, well equipped, military force us without a fight, that does weighted question whether a system they represented the values that that's what supposedly based on whether you have any rational support. i hate to gender arise it. but while we are seeing quite a number of women like yourself, because why are we not hearing just as many participation from the man in a got it? i am, i'm kind of, you know, really surprised that that also myself. but maybe that there's something that is going to be coming on later. i have a feeling and i think it was. but right now, you know the fact that it was not to be 300 pounds and there was 160000 strong. so . ringback much of course. yeah. so they were paid in such
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a way that i cannot for the life of can you will be able to even explain how that whole thing happened. because it was because i'm calling to get a quote withdrawn. i have to call this an tactical death and i need to be in 48 hours or 2040 that was actually proven to. so how is that possible? i mean, we're not, we're not fighting with some jobs who fighting with the line really quick. so something went wrong and that whatever went wrong, the corporate or the mean person that is supposed to be the one that is answering why do you happen? i mean is good. what are the ones that they did and everything for the people of the country could be the man has been got to come from anywhere in the world that he is in talk and talk to the people again, a son and give us this, you know,
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crocodile and you know that he wants to apologize and explained to the people up going to rather than talking about him because he's in a secure location and i'm sure life will be provided for 4 years. and that is to come as well as the last some which walk about the voiceless women. you hear want to represent been 3 weeks since the beginning government. well, what it's like to be in. i've got some these days, especially if you are a woman and a woman cream. yeah, well i know. and the reason why i talked about that show, i need to tell the world exactly how the people of this country feed portrait and you're absolutely right. i should be talking about the women of afghanistan right now. the ones that they do, that they are all absolutely caught in the middle of the between hard rock
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and hard places. they say so that these women are really, really caught. and there's nothing they can do the, the plane and we end up getting on to the 1st week of the toilet on the right to 116000 people. get this done. and i'm still comes in 16 pounds and people there were none of these women that were pretty few of them, maybe 4 or 5, the rest of them are old. and they're scared to death. came that might be happening, how it's going to be happening. and what we're going to do because the needs of the game right now for the woman that just completely put them with cross over the map here. and then the woman was not supposed to even read it was not supposed to be, were not supposed to be seen. so what are you going to do?
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i don't know. you know, as i was preparing for this conversation with the i was many injuries with african women and i think it's pretty clear that what that be pushed to do is not just abandon some of that. right? they're being asked to say, you know, if a special part of that humanity is to me personally, i'm also keenly aware of the fact that this women who have an ability to speak to or in journalists may be a bit more privileged than others. they may have a different view, they may have a different lifestyle. and what i want to ask you is how much of the pain that you're clearly intimating for us? how much does it rather than they did the so called ordinary african women? and you may have african women, i mean, changed from the many african women of 20 years. that is one thing that the world has to understand. what are the same ordinary african women. they are not women
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that they are amongst ordinary african women. they already dictated. they can talk, can be better boyce's when are the right product and building the country. they want to be educated, they want, they want to be in sports. they want to want to think that maybe they're right. and this is one of the reasons why at this time for the, for the policy, for the kind of bond is going to be very different in all day. it hurts the approach trust. shutting the woman up up against on computer is going to be pretty different. because they, us, royces, there's more of us to talk of us to say demand and ask, and that's why that's why the room come. that's where the hopeless also for us to, to be able to raise our voices and be able to get it across somehow by, by the road helping us by the wolf stand behind us. maybe. but to because the road
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maybe what the world wanted to do for what was good for the nothing that was good stuff. despite the numerous questions and prompt saying that caliber hasn't yet articulated. what exactly they mean by women's rights? under sure, we are, we should have many interpretations. what is understanding of what they want to impose? you know, i believe that the most difficult the most and most how should i, should he, i believe it says, you know, implemented and what other countries of the world had the other family countries out on the countries have then how many countries have have the women studying and then we're taking product and, and never they didn't really, really difficult country in the world. the most concerned the most backward one is knowing a few things for the woman right now. so i can kind of run into what kind of shitty
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and they're going to have and how would they run to interpret that? sure. yeah, i'm like, completely not. i don't know how to do that because he knows every single time when i want something. but somebody says something and for them to come in, in the site, a part of the, i'm just saying, you know, this is what it means. and this is what is the meaning of this? bring the fear of god into the hearts of everybody that everyone will become completely silent and won't be able to say a word that's the way to govern the country with only one man or do you really? but yeah, i mean, i, myself, a very avid student of both is on scripture and islamic law. and i know from my limited personal experience that understanding it takes a lot of intellectual resources. you actually have to devote a lot of times to and defending it. let alone articulating it for others are trying to base it all on it. how big is the risk of that?
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deciding on what drop her in the eyes of alex will the last few random guy on the street with it with a rifle. you know, that's where the yes, because because if he is the guy that is on top of him or, or bigger than him or more important or whatever, what a better position might come to standards. but we'll do that. i don't know. and right now you're kind of famine amongst themselves. so no, there's nothing. there's nothing. right? there's nothing that has been announced for everybody really found. we don't want the protection discussion. we don't have, it was in some places that might give us protection. in some cases, it might not rain. we're going to be governing not going to happen. i want to tell you that don't happen, miss harris. let's take
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a very short break right now. but we, we went back to business, passionate and important discussion in just a few moments say to you the me or i, the pacific leg around the world expedition 5000 miles round the clock and the dead calm. miss wilson in every country close by like the crew, gavin's food and water and food to check those for a show them the most liberal in this thing is got everybody locked down or almost no
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food and no one really getting them up. so somebody either the in the cove it, you're living like the the man of own but in the 21st century. i me or i welcome back to the parts with multiple but the rash, executive director of packet and women skills development for mr. raj before they break through, we're talking about the caliber ability to govern. and incidentally, just a few days ago, it announced its 1st interim government, which predictable in feature is no women. but even in terms of ethnic
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representation is pretty homogenous. the mainly the taliban hardliners. what do you think are the chances of such a government as non inclusive with it is all that a practical government? it depends what the kind of her power is going to be given to them by the way that the supposed to be supporting. and that takes all of our, our neighbors, including russia and the world that is going to be paying for this. because i'm going to, son does not, was not the independent country when it came to that, you know, and financially never. and right now is not most cases, what am i paying the one that is going to dictate what they're going to do. so this time, the ones that are going to be paying by not the same countries, the ones that are going to be paying is going to be china. so it all depends,
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you know, what time is going to dictate. so i don't know whether they're going to be agreeing that this time you don't know what to ask the chinese either as far as you know, the people against on. because china i've been, i've been dealing with the whole situation from an entirely different china. it's only interested in getting one of those countries as far as the possibility, what they have land with me and then they can, they can take that they can use it, they can make things and run economy, which is the biggest economy in the world so far but what they're going to be doing pretty good with this country. i really don't. the same time for kind of money comes to get this done or trying to understand how everything is going to be, how much money going to give and how you want to do that. it would be, would be government. and then it's going to be, you know, i will come,
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she's the one because i cannot just cut the whole time with the rest of the world in the world. how they're going to do that is going to be exchange is happening with the united states. so, so what is, what is the demand of the world from, from the, from the economy? if i may, i think the read history, i forgot if it got us and have thought us anything, is that the ability of outside players to influence they bounce some big grounds. very, very limited and very frequently counter productive american, 2 decades advocating eyes, human rights, especially women's rights, which some example lead to the situation that we have today. because having leave the dream, having aspired to dream and saying goodbye, it is much harder than not being used to that dream at all. i'm sorry for saying
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that, but that's, that's, that's true. what would you like to international players to do and to ad from the taliban? and what are the elaborate would have been means of implementation that the so called international community to possessive. okay. one thing i want to pay for me, the most important, the most important thing on the face of the are you know, how, how to make this company. so right. that's, that's to make it the most important. at this point. now again i started, so the women and men of this country or the men and women of this country, we trust the country that has always been the most important. so what i really want to do that is my desire. what is my hope and prayer, and that the world that would get us in a way that toil of us because you see at this point is an extremely wrong place. we're going to be entering winter. we're going to be input and get you out when
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you're not going to have any food right now. and i've got to sunday, we're want to be me. i mean, think that was bringing money in, bringing a sense of, you know, a ton of to the with of economy, which as you know, it's ready and i don't care and the government not happening that has to happen. banks are not there, the government, we do have a so called a government right now, but no, they haven't started and you haven't studied government. so these things are very important. so the, well, what i'm hoping and expecting from the world to do what i've got a son in such a way to destroy us completely break our backs. because right now we are, i want to tell you something. if i'm going to some great start now is going to break it back in a brief kind of a bad way, which is what if it got that's going to craig, really, that kind of, you know, a place i'm gonna put anything that was scandal, including russia,
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in china, and it has become, you know, how should i say it home, a safe place at safe haven for the other powers to come and work together. going to come together and they're going to really destroy the work. well, mister rush, if i may say so, i feel from the russian perspective and i'm sure from the china perspective as well . again, it's and has won't be that a place where no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you see, i'm sorry. that's where that mistaken they haven't. they haven't seen yet to come back. what they haven't really seen, how bad they are not to many countries who are ready to vouch, open support for the taliban right now, but those who have supported the american,
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the job they're doing is with this sort of rationale that. # you know, certain sacrifices, particularly on women's rights, could be made. they are a painful within necessary price or an ad to last thing warfare. what would you say to those who are suggesting or believing, perhaps of a genuine they've got the rights of minorities could be sacrificed for historic chance of lasting peace for all well happen, women who have got happen. why didn't the was such a loyal so because this was not taken into consideration the minority and the rights of women, women being in the right of women. if the right of you manage, you cannot, you cannot just don't give or sacrifice the rights of human beings. and think that, well, this is going to me,
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this is going to be fine and accept the rights of minorities and say that, well, this is also okay because minorities don't come. that's not what it is. and that's not how the word was going to. the reason why we are in such a big trouble, it's only part of the world and that is so much so much disagreement. that is so much there's so many so many things. and so many so much painting so much. everything has been destroyed and it's going to be destroyed. it's because of that . we cannot have, that's wrong. and if the world thinks like that, they're thinking, speaking about the current, but it is one thing to mount an armed resistance. it's quite another thing to try to govern even in the fundamental is context because it requires a totally different skills that how much time do you think is going to take for the taliban to compromise north because of the pressure of outside powers. but because of the pressure of life, well,
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i think i think that's going to be happening. i have a feeling pretty soon because because as i said, we are on the verge of collapse right now. so if we don't, if the tunnel on as far as that in or getting a hold of the government or standing or getting themselves ready to go her, if they don't stop and everything is going to, we are going to we are going to really lose. so much be talking about and they have to contain, they have to contain this whole thing and they have to contain it the right way so that the people are with them to watch the people or what them. then there's a possibility for all of the time on being able to, to govern that game and being able to, to, to run this country the way a government are supposed to grant. so this is just very important and i hope that at some point, you know, these people sit down and talk with some women. i know that it's going to be one of
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them tonight talking with one of the ex ministers, a woman who has an ex minister in a very capable jewish tonight is the program that they're going to be on next. and i really would now for the, for the time that wants to be able to sit down with women and talk and talk to us. i've asked so much that they really would like to talk to some of them and really, and really discuss a few points, some things that maybe as women only women can understand that when we look at the current interim government, it features a lot of previous age males, all of them, most of them are above 50, even, you know, when we talk about representatives of middle age integration, they're not too many. and a question that everybody is hungry this days. whether caliber on a 2021, that is any different from taliban of the late 9. tonight is what's your intuition
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on this front? well, no. the thing is that the right now the way it has happened, they told on the above that they were in the late ninety's the same, the same mendota lot younger than that. now they haven't been talking about. i really, i don't know, not that many of them and that's higher, higher echelon. so i really can't say how they are. but there is a younger, younger generation about maybe about 10 years younger than 15 years younger than them that are i taught to come to much more hardliners than, than, than those. so let's see, this is really, really what happens in watson and why and when and start with charlotte for where and, and who has become lubrication, i think, or whatever. and they have the same school. i don't think their school has been different. they have been school the same way. so for that matter, i think they're all the same. but that is one that i notice that the title of on
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the ones that you know from scanning and be kind of on that are not again us don't probably want. there is, there is a different opinion towards that that can to see the property trying to are kind of different than the tunnel. so then there's always some kind of always a struggle between the school board. i love the much bigger or whatever, but that, that is status going on so, so you know, so pockets are, there's also a country that needs to be watched very, very closely to see how much the, one of the games embedded. and that's gonna start, it's not going to be that much. i can guarantee you about a month ago, i had a chance to speak to the former african american committee, cuz i also happens to be a father of very young daughters and was trying when she was on a visit here, smokers was trying to persuade our audience that if the taliban goes too far,
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half of our population, a cost of live, half of the population, they will be a natural resistance from the people and people of our data will push back again. the taliban is that they're realistic. estimation of, of the disposition of the african society at the moment i do, i do believe so. i don't believe so because because everything right now, as i said, whether the tunnel on the african population or not, i don't think that really do. maybe they know bad about, you know, but they don't know, i guess on the african we are not this kind of people that, that one should take away all of our rights from us and we will just sit there and look at them. i don't think that's going to be, that's going to be the point kind of an expanded tax i might be might be right about that, that there is going to be a perfect. so i have a feeling that it was that, you know,
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being the person that loves peace and i've had enough water enough for killing. i hope that it goes, it goes in a way that, that, you know, gives a chance to everybody, to get to know our mistakes and whatever we are doing, what our wrong decisions and correct them before it gets to go to a place where we cannot predict either me, but if that happens, and that's, that's the case, you know, i always say there's only, there's one and life given to us in once the life is going to be taken away from us . and, and, and this was living in a situation that you don't agree with anything in everything that is around every single road. that's mr. i. so we have to leave it there. i once again let me express my gratitude and respect for you, and i wish you from the bottom of my heart to be safe and well, thank you very much for your time. i really appreciate it. thanks
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a lot and thank you for watching hope to hear again next week on all the parts in the ah ah. driven adrian shaped by those in me who dares
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thing? we dare to ask in the ah, this weekend on the 20th anniversary of the 911 terror attack, the f. b, i has released a declassified, declassified documents about those who carried out the atrocity with the files, though essentially repeating known facts and adding up no information on possible saudi involving meanwhile, in our news review of the week, a series of leave to on confirmed a messages from the pentagon, revealed panic resulting from the ap dana stand. withdrawal us troops are unable to rescue desperate american citizen than one former special forces soldier who shared the encrypted messages gave us his thoughts about what happened. our biggest
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problem of getting.


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