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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  September 11, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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good, tragic, told us that andrew was a competent short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. welcome, jo redacted denied. this is a show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents . were coming up on the 10th anniversary of occupy. well, 3. let that think n got a lot when i start by making us all feel like old stones. yes. also the 1st home alone movie came out closer to the vietnam war than it did today. seriously. and if you really want to dig deep, the t rex lived closer in time to us today than it did to the stand this doris.
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i'm not kidding. go by the door, but when you go, doctor, go and mother pull in. occupy. i think this is the point, argued by turning 10 on september 17th. i was there in new york city the 1st night, and it was only about point 10200 people or so that 1st night. but that tiny occupation grew to one of the largest global protest movements ever seen. do you remember? don't tell me. you need a refresher. yeah. oh, you got me? the ah
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. ah, those are fun times. i can almost smell the pepper spray like it was yesterday. why don't they sell pepper spray scented candles? for one you want to reminisce about your 1st police brutality point. is it pretty whole that game? my little boy is all grown up. some people say occupy was a giant failure, right. they love to say that, and i agree, how gay are a bunch of people on armed, almost entirely, not wealthy people sleeping in public squares around the country, not bring down the largest most powerful, wealthy government ever conceived with the largest, most deadly military in the history of humanity, what were they thinking? did you had gave me a heavy down driver or your sleeping bag servers? people say argued by demand weren't clear enough, and that's why we didn't win. yeah. that's, that was the problem. similarly,
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the other day i saw the chevy tahoe run over a few ants. and it was clearly because the and didn't have their demands nailed down. now, occupy was actually a huge success, even if it didn't result in a revolution. i wouldn't be surprised that one day we view it as the beginning of the end of our late stage capital it exploitation system. occupy wall street tapped into something powerful and gave many people an understanding of the reality in which we live. people still use terminology like the 99 percent in income inequality and greedy bags in casual conversation. well, maybe not. that casual i you're greedy caught back in casual conversation. i don't know, and other people do. i'm not allowed near the normals. the idea is that gain
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detraction, though during occupied, continue to ricochet through our society. and since this is not a casual conversation, all in that last with but only the rich, socio pass at the top continue their greed spiral, driving us towards collapse. the collective wealth of the 7 wealthiest americans has now reached nearly one trillion dollars. and these $7.00 pay virtually nothing and income tax, rather than getting better, rather than seeing the writing on the wall, our corporate rulers, and completely bought off. leech like politicians, simply spiel laure for all of us. in fact, from tax cuts were the biggest wealth grabbed in modern history. well, let me rephrase that. the biggest, well grab in till the pandemic arrived and we got the cares that according to the
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american prospect. as soon as it became clear that a $4500000.00 slash fund would be created for wall street equity markets balloon. the total value of the stock market cratered through 103 percent of g. d. p. about $21800000.00 on march 23rd. the beginning of the pandemic by april 30th. it was back to a 136 percent of g. d. p or $28.00 trillion by that metric $7.00 trillion dollars in stock. market wealth was created in that period and almost all of that goes to the rich. but of course, the stock market wall street is not real wealth. it's false value. it's a ponzi scheme, it's a house of cards stacked on a spider web stacked on kanye west, completely unstable brad, the only difference between the dog market and the original definition of
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a ponzi scheme is that when a ponder game collapses, which it inevitably does, the people who made a lot of money and it wind up screwed with the stock market. the government being bought off corrupt bail out the big banks and investment firms to the tune of trillions of dollars. the rich have a ponzi scheme, we little to no risk to themselves. we socialize their risk as they gamble at the world's largest casino. during occupy, we were all so screaming about the millions of homes that were foreclosed upon after the 2008 class. many of them foreclosed upon illegally using the mortgage electronic registration system known as murderers. the banks couldn't prove they actually owned many of these homes, but they stole them anyway. they just like showed up the court. they were like yeah, yeah, your honor that did that job as well. do you do?
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you have the paperwork, you know, your honor, we drove around all these big words like paperwork or signed a mortgage document and we never really stop to think about what they mean. they mean different, the different people for, for me paperwork means rolling a joint for some tribes in africa. paperwork is this to mo, endangered bird of paradise. usually eaten with hot sauce. so really we all have the paperwork. it's in here. sounds good to me. eviction granted. so how are things going today? well, millions are facing eviction now that the moratorium has ended more than $15000000.00 people live in households that all as much as $20000000000.00 to their landlords
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according to the aspen institute. that amount, however, is hardly a rounding error to our military budget. we live more than $20000000000.00 in the couch cushions on the military base. as we left again are saying last week. are pathetic, incompetent. greedy as government could pay off the the $20000000000.00 with a 5 think he could he put in the pen, put, he's like a lick flick and keep everyone in their homes. but they would never do it had because that wouldn't fit with the capitalist ideals. of crushing the poor and middle class blacks drafting out our life force and handing it to the rich. no, no, no, no they, they, they, they'd sooner made sooner stop sexually harassing the women who schedule their botox employment. come on, let's get serious. also there's the fact that there are 17000000 on occupied housing units across america right now. more than enough to house everyone. somebody get this straight. some company builds
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a home open to make money. they put a family in the home with a mortgage. they extract as much money as they can from the family until that family is completely tapped out. they've been a victim family, can't find someone else to sell the house to, to get empty while the company or another one builds more empty homes somewhere else where the market better, thereby covering the land with empty stupor houses that people to are using and filling the country with homeless and poor people who are deeply in debt and can't find a place to live all so that the investor class can get even richer. that's a great model. if the government, if the idea of a government were to have massive parasite that just sucks everyone dry. * before discarding them, then our government, if they can pajamas, our government doesn't knew anything for the public good anymore. nothing that can go bad. i'm surprised when i feel bench just dub badge of public bench
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for anyone to sit on. i am shocked. i'm shocked at a bench that the government put that they put that there for the people that amazes me. that's a step above a long and i'm amazed, they cared enough to do it. in fact, new york city removed their benches from some of their subway stations recently. and when someone tweeted that they must have done it because the budget cuts and why fi transit responded. hi, jeremy branches were removed from the stations to prevent the homeless from sleeping on them. yeah, young jeremy, it didn't have anything to do with our budget. we have the money, we just choose to kick the homeless when they're down. in fact, we have so much money, we forgot hiring young people to literally kick the homeless while they're sleeping . and those full time kickers get health and dental. but, but, but,
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but not everything is worse than it was in 2011. b back during occupied a minimum wage was only $7.25 an hour. i mean, that's ridiculous. how could anyone get by on 721? sorry, 745 an hour. your car would have to run on dandy lions. your clothes would have to be made a leftover saudi cocoa puffs. your kids would have to be made out of rejected old socks. i've seen it a 1000 times, but nowadays things are different. now the minimum wage is a whopping $725.00, and our total increase of 0. so minimum wage workers are really rolling in and now their clothes are made out of fresh, untouched cocoa puffs. so you see it's been a decade docusign and a lot has gotten even worse, but we're still fighting. can't evict an idea you can't fabric. brian thought we
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might not be sleeping outside wall street and outside city halls across america at the moment. but that just means we've gone back to infiltrating your cities, your towns, your living rooms, your panic rooms. this saying over, not by a long shot. come even watch in the say, the belly, the base is the act of the night. the i welcome i'm late can now take the news remind we've just seen one of the largest most abrupt ends to a government assistance program in the history this past labor day. millions in the us lost their job was benefits at the federal aid was cut off time to get back to
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work. doesn't matter if your kids are home school and because of the pandemic and your wife has over and get back out there, buckaroo, now bring the kid were short staffed, they can help with construction and on clogged those meet grinders with their tiny arms and will pay them and freeze dried meat pucks. but you see decisions like shutting off assistance are made by the rich and the wrench rate. in fact, if you need them, you can find them on their yacht. houses that don't have to worry about late stage capitalism, or 3 level rise as the fund fentanyl actually reported in 2019. when you're kicking back in this 5 boy, $9000000.00 solar powered floating home. you won't mind how high the sea level rises because you'll rise right with it's the sun. fennel continued once your
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friends and family to enjoy the end times with you. not to worry it as 2600 square feet of indoor living space, including 4 bedrooms on the 2nd level with terrace and balcony space it totals 4350 square feet. oh ah, were so rich that we don't even mind if our whole existence sounds like you know and you know article what folks life on earth is changing and rather than try and fix things, your go a different path or save human existence. it's time to live your best life and get all the other losers. so besides the sea level, rise loving yachts, here are some other way to write it out in pure comfort. when you're schilling in the self sustained $4300000.00 hot air balloon, you won't even care that there's been a 4 month long mega hurricane twice the size,
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the gulf of mexico, ravaging the planet for months on end. because you'll be gently blown off ahead of the storm. the mansion balloon is the size of a large apartment and comes complete with a jacuzzi, a tanning bed, and even money blasters in case you feel the urge to help the police down below by showering some of your cash down to them. for here, $4300000000.00, you can get blown in this gold and viewed hotter balloon man she own or you're more of a ground level person. you'll be the envy of all your friends in the chic $2200000.00 fire proves you won't mind that the world gone fire because you won't even notice the suit comes complete with fold out chefs table on the outside of the suit. so that you can just pick up the barbecue while live off the ground and enjoy a home cooked meal. your home will because that's what i mean when i say home
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cooked meal. but you will be look in hot and feeling hot. everything will be hard. a lot of heat going around. and finally, when you're kicking back and the 9700000 wind powered underground bunker, you just grab where their sweet hip to grunge interior design, including a home theater with 932 channels of non stop into attainment, including all your favorites, like nbc is reality show fight to the death for food and p. b. s. is his fight to the death rhetorical favor? the radioactive wind power system will provide plenty of electricity and the bunker comes with sound dampers to muffled the screams of the leftovers who are still above ground gas. they should have gotten their own billionaire bunker by the way, billionaire bunker l l. c is not responsible for the inhabitants choosing to consume each other during the stay. let's just say the future is bright indeed,
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folks. those without at least $20000000.00 in the bank need not apply to that future. we've got a good break, but i'm coming to los angeles september 18th for a live taping on my podcast. government secrets with graham l would get 2 tickets at redacted tor dot com. i'll be right back. a lot more driven by dreamer shaped by those with the in me i think we dare to ask me but as i, when customers go buy, you reduce the price didn't help. well,
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reduce a lower undercutting, but what's good for food market? it's not yet to the global economy. welcome back. i'm still a camp despite active resistance. the enbridge company is building a pipeline across the state of minnesota to find out more. let's bring in our land of $10000.00 and pipelines correspondent, former minnesota, and moved to himself. anders lay anders high anders li here from my home town of saint paul, where demagogue lewdness is sweeping the region. where epidemic rudeness is that a new coven variance, no rudeness, bad manners surliness ever since enbridge announced their new line 3 project. indigenous lead activists have been violating minnesota's principles of stoicism and niceness so far. they've obstructed pipeline construction made
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a ruckus here at the state capital, and even chased away minnesota jolly governor tim walls from jones speech. interrupting used to be punishable by death in this state. ok, but aren't they justified? like now is the worst possible time to ramp up fossil fuel production. oh, sure. you betcha. this plan was put in motion under trump and approved by the army corps of engineers without proper risk assessment or any consultation with local tribes. line 3 cuts through les and that indigenous people have treaty rights to hunt and fish on their word. the land could be damage or destroyed since the pipeline has already spilled. drilling fluid 28 times at 12 river crossings this summer. this sounds like a disaster. people shouldn't be doing everything they can to stop the monstrosity. sure, but this isn't how we do things here in minnesota lee. the pipeline may be awful, but the people allowing it to be built. our neighbors don't show up to
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a neighbor like governor, walls is house and make a big scene like these protesters are doing. know when you're upset with a neighbor in minnesota, you know, let them know. you bought a little up inside and hold onto it forever. or at least until you have a chance to say something passive aggressive like i heard you had a really wild party last night. literally, i heard it smell the do. well, thankfully not everyone. minnesota feels the same way you do for now, but law enforcement and private security are sure doing their best to crush the resistance. cops and hard pipeline protectors have beaten protesters, shot them with rubber bullets, and intentionally hovered helicopters low to blow sand in their ice. recently we even found out that police and private security are basically the same thing at this point. since enbridge has shelled out $750000.00 to law enforcement for line 3 protest costs, at least water protectors are fighting this thing in court to aren't the guess. the wider span of a jibley is showing the department of natural resources for allowing the pipeline
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to be built, since it could eliminate wild rice from our ecosystem. now minnesotans are also not litigious, so we really don't like it when people show each other. but in this case, the wider band has filed our rights of nature suit on behalf of wild rice, which makes it ok. so technically of food is suing the government, right? it's an acceptable measure. the wild rice did gain kind of a sketchy reputation around here. after its custody battle with louis anderson in the ninety's. so far other legal challenges to line 3 have been shot down in court . but ultimately, this isn't abided, administration's hands the president has the power to stop is pipeline. just like he did with keystone. accel has the power to do a lot of things. question is really, i think he might. but only if we ask really, really nicely. thanks and are moving on homeland security as teamed up with our old friend, the amazon, the great news software to help monitor immigrants. i'm sure nothing just toby in,
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in a horror movie ask could result from this for more we turned to redact correspondent job oregon homeland security. the american institution whose islam of phobia has led to the creation of cold classics like homeland 24. and it's been revealed that software used by the d h. s called atlas scans, the records of millions of immigrants and automatically flags, naturalized americans that potentially have their citizenship revoked and ultimately be deported. man, it's just infuriating to see yet another sector of our workforce lose their jobs. the automation. these are good, hard working racist homeland security agents being replaced by technology. now we're going to take all their well home skills, the hatred and harassment, the police, the f, b i the ca, order patrol,
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the military. all right. i guess there are other opportunities that he just says this program is meant to simply detect fraud. but advocate groups are sounding the alarm. there are tons, a red flag with how the software works. the 1st being, we don't know how it works. the d h s refuses to disclose to the public how exactly atlas works or what rules it uses to determine when an immigrant should be flagged to potentially have their citizenship revolt. and other red flag is we don't know most of the places this program is getting its data from 2 of the sources that we do know it uses on a tourist mismanaged, the national crime information center and f b i's terrorist screening database a. the no fly list which is super inaccurate. bollywood actor sharyl con was on the no fly list representative john lewis was on the no fly. cathy griffin was on the no fly list. a 7 month old infant was on the no fly list. that is 100 percent true
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. also, they describe the process. this software uses as predicted predictive data, some spooky. you mean like minority report? those 3. karen's in a bath tub together. 911. yeah, my special dystopian magic powers are telling me that this brown guy does not live in our building. now, we don't have anywhere near a complete picture of how the software is predictive, but the few details we do have are troubling. for example, atlas could be used to target certain ethnic groups or nationalities. if the d h s deems that a security need, sociologists have actually come up with a new term for this racism. the story gets more juicy when you find out who is providing the software to the d h f. it's amazon. wow. are you shocked? because muslims are not. we don't trust anyone who is that into drones. although use of this particular software is new use of amazon working with eyes and homeland
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security is not. so if you're keeping track cons of amazon include assisting our government racist immigration system, destroying small businesses by monopolizing. 3 3 3 3 all of the industries and having absolutely terrible working conditions, while the richest man in the world, flies into space off the back of their labor. don't forget the pros. thanks amazons, one quick shopping. you can now easily get g, a teen parts delivered right to your door. now, if you're thinking, so what all of this stuff only affects immigrants? why should i care? first of all, be a better person? second of all, it actually does the fact you use elfish. that's because atlas is not only tracking immigrants, but also they're wider, so feel network. and so really anyone could be an atlas if you're an immigrant your in atlas. if you're close friends with an immigrant,
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you're an atlas. if you make certain in life, you do not associated with any immigrants whatsoever. again, really look inside yourself and confront those pass cars. but also you might be an atlas. so to summarize, atlas is bias secretive and completely unjust software that because it's made for homeland security, they pretty much nailed it. good job, i guess with the races technology. the future is now and it sucks from washington. i'm job for con, with redacted tonight. ah, here all your headlines from the future coming up in a month, you'll learn occupied 10th anniversary ceremony takes 3 weeks following need for consensus on with recycling. been 2 years. say we can make fun of ourselves. also
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one month from now, your ada argued by 10, then reverse re ceremony infiltrated by 30 f b i. agents 52, n y, p d, 41 da, 6817 p. a 13 p, f, k, 7 raccoons and 3 reality token to us. and clearly the rolling late are scared of us at all. and 3 years from now you'll read. billionaire on sea level rise resistant yod, then the fire tornado coming. ah, that's too bad. that's our show. but to get my commentary on many other topics, check out our podcast, mac, or moment of clarity when i tuned spotify and stitcher, and check out my live show in los angeles, september 18th, until next time. good night. keep biting the
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saying in the koran, attributed to the prophet mohammed the dreams of threefold. sometimes they represent divine guidance, sometimes sorrow from the devil, and sometimes there about the conflict of daily living and past events. this applies also to women's rights in afghanistan, today. encouraged in the past to live out their dreams of being fully fledged human beings, african women and now being told that this amounts to satanic possession. who can they turn to? and on what can they count in this time of existential struggle, ah, kaiser's financial survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price, didn't help well reduce a lower undercutting, but let's get the food market they get to the global economy.
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september the 11th 2001 day that reshaped the modern world. i remember watching the world trade center burn on a tv at the cia, and i was standing there like this just looking at it. and a colleague of mine was standing next to me and he said, my god, do they have any idea what they've done? we're going to kill everybody now. everybody, the, the live apocalyptic tv image is provoked, the us into declaring its war on terror. begin to bomb up can villages and holmes and get people hurt and, and killed the main goal of destroying terrorism and then was it achieved?
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yes. and no. ok to essentially no longer exists good for us. but there are certainly other terrorist groups that are worse than on the report of injuries. and frances rallies against covered restrictions turned violent . the police are responding with tear gas pepper spray and stun grenade. i see 10 month said $25.00 days on which is america's legacy. they're stronger than sabotaged equipment. a country brought to avoid a steel and control of the tyler by exactly 20 years after 911 and the start of its.


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