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tv   News  RT  September 11, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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and the world depart. we choose to look for common ground in the the the reports of injuries in france, those rallies against colbert restrictions turn violence. the police are responding with tear gas, pepper spray and stun grenade, head months and 25 days old. this is america's legacy. their strong, sabotaged equipment. a country brought to ruin and steel in control of the taliban . exactly 20 years after 911 in the start of its subsequent war on terror,
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america has fled. f dana, stand in disgrace and defeat as our corresponded describes the conflict failed to achieve its goals, but left behind a trail of destruction. horrible smell that smell like i mean i don't, i can only describe it as nettle and flesh. i was angry because excuse me. remembering the worst terror attack in modern history, the world commemorates the victims of $911.00. on this 20th anniversary, we talked to those who suffered during the tragedy had its aftermath. plus we bring you an in depth investigation into the collateral damage of the war on terror and it's multitude of civilian casualties. we speak to a former us drone operator who believes he was responsible for killing innocent men . every shot that we turn like they're cheering,
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congratulating each other. they're high driving each other. people getting promoted because of this stuff. ah, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's time for our tea international. i am your host donald quarter. welcome. now to paris, where a violent protest against coven restrictions have once again erupt, it on saturday, right? police deployed tear gas and pepper spray, while injuries have been reported. the ah was the end of the demonstration in its disposal. it became very tense. notably,
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i'm really st. paul, a real square. there was a theory of confrontations. please actively deploy guests and flesh grenades. now the situation is stabilized somewhat. as you can see, there are not many left on polar rail square in front of the state council building . but there is a huge number of police just a few minutes ago. it was impossible to breathe here. just as demonstrating against coven passes, which they consider an encroachment on freedoms. listen to some protested that i manage to speak to other thoughts of the rally. in a few days times many will lose their job over covert passes. don't watch, i'm not rallying against vaccines, but against covert pulses. if i'm for freedom, all people must live as they see fit, make their own decisions, stop forcing them to do what they don't want to be reduced. what i don't like most is that no one's even asked our opinion. we have m p 's meant to represent us, but there's silence on on. we could hold a referendum. why does france so longer hold referendums early on. don't know what
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the concept couldn't be. many calls to come out and protest on september 11th. and because the pulse activist wanted to land the decisive blow today, the loose laid out the strategy. let's listen to this illusion was not done up. and i thought also called in everyone to come out in paris to force the government to refuse this and to freedom on cobra clauses. we think it totally contradicts the 1789 declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen. it contradicts republican principles and freedom and equality. we call no french people to come to paris to show the man mccrory that were not in minority. you will see us in paris, the seat of decision making, authorities and mass media headquarters. they will see that many against covert pauses, called but sunny day supplemental. today in paris, full rallies were organized. and even despite the fact the protest as a spread across the city and wanted the standard one for the government which is
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refusing to budget, olivia baron permits a very hard to respond to medical workers who don't want to get vaccinated. you can see that the day ended like this home with baton. well, there's on the weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the worst terror attack in modern history. when u. s. airliners were hijacked and flown into the twin towers of the world trade center in new york, killing almost 3000 people. earlier i spoke with our team caleb bob and who's following the memorial events in new york, as well as with our senior correspondent for ad gas df who is currently in the afghan capital of global hello 1st to you. it's a solemn day for all americans and new york in particular. what's the atmosphere like in the city right now? well, it's just gotten dark here and the lights commemorating the events that the world trade center have gone on. there have been people gathering the sites all day, leaving flowers firemen,
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rescue workers. survivors have been gathering. we heard interesting remarks from comma, la harris, who spoke in pennsylvania. we also heard from the president the states former us president, spoke elected officials, survivors quite an interesting ceremony all coming amid the decision by the united states to pull out of afghanistan. jo biden's, chaotic pull out of that ghana stand seems to me the shadow that is hanging over today's commemorations. now when the vice president con harris and the president joe biden spoke, they called free unity among the american people. not a message we've often heard from us elected officials, here's what they said. i hope and prayer that we continue to honor their unity by strengthening our common bonds by strengthening our global partnership. and by always living out our highest ideals, we saw
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a national unity band. we learned that unit is the one thing that must never break . unity is what makes us who we are. america is best. now those calls for unity that we heard are pretty standard from us. elected officials, however, they were pretty strongly contrasted from the words of former us president george w bush. he was president, when $911.00 happened, he launched the us invasion of iraq and afghanistan, and his tone was rather bitter on the 20 year commemorate. and here's george w bush when it comes to the unity of america. those they seem different from our own malign, 4 seems at work in our common life. that turns every disagreement into an argument and every argument into a clash of cultures. so much of our politics has become a naked appealed anger, fear and resentment badly. just worried about our nation and our future together.
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quite an interesting tone from the commander in chief who started america the longest war and also went down in history for the weapons of mass destruction that turned out to not be there in iraq. but regardless of the moment in american politics is certainly not one of the unity. there is bitter division in the united states. recently jo biden's decision to pull out of afghanistan and the chaotic results have his opponents in the republican party up in arms. at this point, republicans are calling for joe biden to either resign or be impeached for his actions in afghanistan. this is what we've heard from joe biden's rivals in the republican party. president biden said that he wanted to take this afghanistan off the plate for future prose, since he's done the exact opposite for the next 20 years. american presidents will be dealing with this catastrophe, and dana, stan, we call upon most somberly the resignation of this president joe
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biden billed the case, start doing the work and figure out how to get this done and impeach joe biden. joe biden deserves to be in peach. for a higher crime and misdemeanor of dereliction of duty. now, at this point, those sentiments about the fear that afghanistan could be a hot bed for terrorism, terrorism that could once again be exported to the united states. seem to be being echoed now by the us secretary of defense. he pointed out that these spheres seem to be justified. and it's worth pointing out that the taliban, which the united states considered to be terrorists for many years, are now running afghan stan and ices k and other terrorist groups seems to have set up shop in the country. after 20 years in afghanistan and 20 years since the horrendous 911 attacks, a lot of americans are looking back on the war on terror and saying, what was it all for what was really accomplished. it's been a sombre town here in new york city at the site of the world trade center,
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a lot of questions, but not a lot of closure and not a lot of relief from victims. let's go now to you moran. the $911.00 attacks set in motion, of course a tragic chapter in african history. can you tell us about the consequences that america's war on terror has had on the afghan people? well they're being felt all over the gt law over. i've got to start as we speak thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people are now going hungry because foreign aid was cut off almost entirely. was united states troops. the last of them left kabul airport. the taliban has been celebrated. guys have their supporters again all over the all over the country. we saw fireworks today on the 20th anniversary of 911 all over the city. not quite as it teds is what we saw when the american troops pulled that. but nevertheless, there you have it. the taliban has been busy, busy, solid,
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define its rule here in that in i've got to start, it's its authority, which at this point is almost i've disputed more than that we've, we have seen from the, from the new government that they have announced that there is no compromise, they don't feel like they have to compromise to anyone given how, how quickly, how rapidly they took over the entire country, how quickly they reportedly crushed. much of the, much of the resistance to them in patch here in patch here valley. we know that the taliban was so desperately now into the recognition at once access to the funds that have been froze at at once. humanitarian aid to resume. because all over these long years, the united states and its allies, they, they got of, i've got his thought, almost addicted to foreign aid, many people desperately require it to leave to,
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to get by. and that aid has been cut off for now. it is no exaggeration when i say thousands, tens of thousands, just in capital, where we are now in the streets with their families, begging for work, begging for food. so things, things are certainly very desperate here with much of the country demolish both politically, financially and socially. as a result of the us occupation him, i don't you patients that, as i reported earlier, is very difficult to cool, successful in 2001. it began with, with righteousness and pump, invade of the start to fight for freedom to fight terrorism and make the world a better place. 19 years, 10 months and $25.00 days on. this is america's legacy. they're stronger than sabotaged equipment because we bought
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a ruined and still in control of the tallow. but that is the ultimate tragedy of the afghan war at was entirely and violently pointless. years and years of an obliging little questioning media. fooled billions into believing that there was progress that america could win. to tell a bond to taliban fled to the end of the taliban. taliban leadership on the run. and now the question is, how do you handle that success? ah, with the it wasn't supposed to be this way. the taliban wasn't supposed to sweep the country in me. a weeks, the pentagon spent a decade preparing to leave of got to start. and even though they weren't ready for this, together with our allies, we will complete our mission there. by the end of this year, i announced
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a timeline for drawing down our forces. we are working to finally end america as longest war, and it's time to end forever. more the america's proudest movement of the afghan war wasn't supposed to be a humiliating evacuation under the guns of the taliban. but it was there is absolutely nothing else to celebrate. the united states ended 20 years of war and can stand the longest war in american history. we completed one of the biggest air lists in history with more than 120000 people evacuated to safety. no
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nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all the history. the only the united states had the capacity in the will believe you to do it and we did it today. where was the afghan army? where was the western back government? where did all the money go? the united states sank more than a $100000000000.00 into rebuilding of data stock for reference adjusted for inflation. that is more that the united states sped on the marshall plan to rebuild europe after world war 2. and the tragedy of it is that for a civilian the side from all the american weapons and the taliban pads, berries almost no evidence that any of that money ever passed through here, from broken roads that lead to nowhere to abandon hospitals from twisted contractors and corrupt leaders of get this done can arguably be called the largest
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money laundering operation in human history. the united states is also committed to playing a leading role in the reconstruction of afghanistan. ah, in i i tell it in now has more black hawk helicopters than 85 percent of the countries in the world. me and i just k still exist in our growing and janet stand and eventually they acquire
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me. ah, the we now have americans stuck in afghanistan, the taliban in charge with more more weaponry they've ever had in the past. and a border that is, the taliban now controls more of the country than it did before. the us invaded the new government the field with what dynamo, bay, inmates, and terrorist medina, dean who even have american bounties on their heads. what washington achieved was the absolute opposite of what it intended. the bombing at capital airport during the evacuation. and pretty much the afghan war, a senseless act, devoid of reason, which needlessly cut short so many lives. we will not forgive.
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we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay. we've heard the same promise before 20 years ago when america was united and when it thought that it could change the world. but it thought it was invincible. and when the people believed a president's promise more, i guess the f r t couple of cada's dot. now among those who watched those awful events unfold, 1st hand on $911.00 is a current r t employee who remembers that day. with a shiver. john burns ran into the streets of new york city with his video camera after the 1st plane hit. for all these years, he's not been able to find the strength to watch what he filmed until the day of our interview. the.
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i knew something was terribly wrong and i immediately wanted to get out there. and for some reason i, i wanted to grab my camera, put on my skates, and i, by the time i got my skates on, that's one of the towers had fallen already. and i was just so unbelievable. and so i, i ran outside and there were already crowds of people outside gathering. i just felt i needed to, i wanted to document that i wanted to to be able to, to see it, you know, and, and it's funny that because i did shoot some video and i couldn't look at it later . i, i never looked at it. i put in a box and i just put it away in the 1st thing i remember was a commercial airline. i had flown overhead and
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everybody just screamed and thought it was coming down also. and everybody sort of ran for cover. and then you could see people with ash on them and they were just walking with just the last 4 eyes and i was just very unbelievable. and then you saw the plume of smoke that was once like the towers and you looked at that and you just couldn't believe that that that skyline was gone. i think everybody was just in disbelief at the time. i remember the smell that came over the, the city. it was this horrible smell that smell like, i mean, i don't, i can only describe it as metal and flesh and it was so strong that you could taste it in your mouth. and we were all wondering if we were going to get sick from
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this the you know, doesn't seem like 20 years ago. all of a sudden and yeah, just you think you lose these emotions and, and they just seem always sit there somewhere and they and they come up. you know, i think about it, i think about my friends who've off their family, their friends. i know a lot of people that have lost loved ones and it was just a constant funeral, basically with name after name, after name of people who died. and we saw their life stories on tv. and it was just never ending funeral in new york for a while. the media was constantly bombarding us days later with
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a message that we should live our lives. like normal to show that we eat this. but i was angry. weight power. excuse me. i was angry because the people saying that were in big white houses a lot of security and they were saying to go with our lives and we had to walk around and we were afraid to go in public places like times square. we just never knew what was going to happen at that point. and i remember, you know, thinking i'm going to bring my son into the world. you know, what kind of world is this going to be? and, and that scared me. an innocent african aid worker was recently killed in
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a u. s. drone strike in cobol. according to an independent investigation. washington says it was targeting the terrorists group, isis. k. u. s. forces said demands vehicle match the description of one that used by the terrorist group. they also said that there were multiple blast suggesting he was transporting explosive devices, but it turns out the accusation with false, according to the investigation published by the new york times, the aid worker had even been employed by an american n. g o is brother who was 10 relatives in the attack tells us his story as part of our special series on heard voices where we bring you the 1st hand accounts of civilians and soldiers immensely impacted by america. as long as the will use all tools at our disposal and killed our children to united states was bringing people to the site. it was
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a pointless exercise. brendan, brian is a former u. s. military drone operator who has spoken out about such attacks as he believes he was responsible for the deaths of innocent men. after my 1st shot i took with the 3 innocent men killed, that i believe are innocent. i called my mother afterwards and cried. and she told me that it was good that i felt bad about it, because if i felt good about it, i would just be another psychopath. ah, anyway and in the military showed up one day and i will pay for your education if you sir, for a minimum of 4 years. and how can anyone ah,
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sergeant comes down and turns around now go to the military prater. actually since your job is to kill people and break things, so you got all these young enlisted and girls gallon and guys who are out of high school who have no experience in anything who are now basically video game snipers for months of training. made that put in the position to make these decisions. the are i the 1st 3 months i was in active missions. i watched enemy forces die or friendly forces die and be forced to die and then innocence, innocent people die. and so i got to see like the impact on everybody.
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ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, degredation the proper term. every shot that we took there cheering their congratulating each other. they're high fiving each other, people getting promoted because of this stuff. it's like a withering away of who you are. me when he were hunting, a man named and want all lucky. he was
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a mom from human. ah, i was told one day going in that president obama himself would stop and give the order himself to me. and i got this euphoric feeling. the death of the lock is a major blow to all kind of most active operational affiliate. and then his 16 year old son was killed 2 weeks later and drawn straight when i asked some of the people that i knew why they struck abdul romanella lucky. they said that because they didn't want him to come a figure. the 1st thing that trump did in office was kill and we're lucky, 8 year old daughter. well we see that the only thing is with the terrorist. you have to take out their families, maybe to them, it seems practical, but to me it seems even, oh i,
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there was an incident involved killing of civilians. they might have been to new zealand white civilians in afghanistan. president obama got on television himself and was saying it was not the fault of intelligence or the military leadership. it was defaulted to drone operators that cause this and that really upset me because we didn't know until i felt like he was blaming me. commander in chief of the united states military was pointing a little me and saying, oh, all those things that were other people's fault. it's actually your, ah, i didn't know who i was anymore. i didn't know what i believed anymore. i didn't know my purpose anymore. i almost kill myself with a 9 millimeters 6 p t u 266,
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our german law enforcement weapon. and the only reason i don't is because of him. he said he just wants he wanted to go for a walk. and i'm sitting there with the guy in my hand and i'm ready to do it. and he's just like dad, let's go for what, let's go for walk. i'm going to go for one. i . ready got more 1st hand stories from people whose lives were forever changed by americans. longest war in our special series on heard voices, on air and online. if you want to check out more of that series, you can always check out our website, r t dot com or follow us on your favorite social media platform. we'll be back with more news in just about 30 minutes. so stay do the, the war on drugs noted as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation,
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not just of north dakota and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check. he told us that andrew was competent short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like something else to be happening. welcome, jo redacted denied. this is a show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents . were coming up on the 10th anniversary of occupy walter, a blessed that thinkin got a lot when i caught up by making us all feel like old stones. yes. also the 1st home alone movie came out closer to the vietnam war than it did today. seriously.
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