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tv   Documentary  RT  September 11, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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no doubt about the, the effects of this war, not just on the individuals, but on the nation as a whole of whom the soldiers are representative. me has gone to the shop and unity types were destroyed. the united states produced a senate to report on torture, but not a single person was ever bought for charges for these kind. recently i gave evidence the international criminal court for their investigations of abuses by americans, and gunner said they were investigating the united states, the national army and the taliban. the only ones who responded by threatening the international court was the united states of america. they said that we will sanction all members of the international court. we will arrest any members of the icpc who come to the usa or elsewhere that want to investigate us. i think the
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united states of america needs to step back if it wants to help any of any assistance to the people who understand it's got in a position to negotiate those conditions. it has, it has been an aggressor. the taliban already made gestures towards russia to its china, to it's the wrong to it's pakistan to within an easier would be like states and britain in particular. i think the feeling very upset because this is a defeat that's a military defeat. however, you want to look at it and that imperial hubris, as it were, will not allow them to say that we need to move forward and continue within negotiations that we began in doha, that they cannot be any more saber rattling. it's no good for the african people. it's no good. that's not what the britain or america you've really got to find a way forward. got more 1st hand stories for people whose lives were forever changed by america's longest war in our special series on heard voices,
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on air and on line. you can check out that series on r t dot com or seen any other details on your world news stories on are your favorite social media platform? join us again. just about 30 minutes or more news. ah, join me every thursday. i'm alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me the look we're in that war for 20 years. wow. but a junkie, now contributed with most of the proceeding to do project cannot troubleshoot the
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united states did what we want to do in afghanistan. one is john john. i was going to put a whole new level of my city way with john away. i concluded that it's time to end america longest war his time for american troops to come home before we mark the 20th anniversary that have this attack on september 11th. the september the 11th 2001 a day that reshaped the modern world. having never known war on its own soil, america was struck at it.
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i remember watching the world trade center burn on a tv at the cia and i was standing there like this just looking at it. and a colleague of mine was standing next to me and he said, my god, do they have any idea what they've done? you can, we're going to kill everybody now. everybody alive, apocalyptic tv images provoked the u. s. into declaring its war on terror. i think almost no americans regret invading afghanistan because we had to destroy
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al qaeda. we had to the one or 2 with a sentence, 2001 the us and it nato allies launched operation enduring freedom. the objective was to kill the terrorist leader. someone in loudon and the off gun telephone gave him safe haven. in the beginning wasn't exactly a major success fee either says because, but we went in there was such a life footprint. under donald rumsfeld, that the arcadia and the leaders of the taliban escaped the me. it wasn't until 2011, 10 years after the campaign began. that american forces finally tracked down and killed a summer, been loaded by then the world's most wanted terrorist, but found refuge in neighboring packets done. so the united states is over, extend it in a part of the world. it has no understanding of and is causing great,
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great damage. everywhere they came after me out of the tragedy of september, 11th, 2001 me can we begun to look forward with tremendous hopes towards the future. but then they began to bomb african villages and holders and get all people hurt and killed and homes destroyed. that is where the trend towards the negative. oh though the bombs were aimed at the taliban. many schools, homes and hospitals in the area also suffered extensive damage rates called hundreds of casualties. a great many women and children among them.
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the jungle. my way to you, my good man. i despise achieving the declared objectives. the western coalition continued to pursue the taliban, seeming to ignore the resulting heavy collateral damage, suffered by civilians. america flag squadron patch.
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named air force. ah, i joined the mill us military at the age of 19 in 2005. when i joined, i believe in protecting people and standing up to bullying. and i kinda felt it was my duty to do. so i wanted to be a hero. i wanted to help people and do good and do something constructive and productive. and i was sold on the idea that joining the military to fight for my country was a bad thing. oh i brandon brand is a full me you a v pilot. he flew drones and opened fire on targets,
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enough galveston and iraq. but brandon himself was based in nevada. my 1st job happened in eastern afghanistan killed 3 individuals watched and man bleed out from the way that he was with the those happened on a regular basis. and there's probably about $300.00 bombs dropped a year from drone. in general. it's really just a mass. it's, it's point click and kill man it's, it's so easy that anyone can do it. it's treated like a game, you know, in a perverted way. i believe it's almost thrilling for certain people because it deals with real human lives. there's no, there's, there's a hire today. ah,
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and i think that some of these generals and military officers, that to heart made these kinds of activities, had that to sort of thrill for the action i use. i was the guy who had follow orders. i got really injured in the military and thought that this is going to be, my dad said confessional one particular instance where i was part of a crew that killed a child. it's like a knife every time i right. it's like i feel this dagger in my chest and i don't know how to reconcile that. but my original intent was just a free this burden from my soul, die in peace. if you will. children were written off is innocent, people were written off as collateral damage. just tally marks in a book, equations for a higher promotion,
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those types of things. and it really was horrible. ah, me because i witness innocent people being killed and children being killed. it makes me angry . it makes me infuriated. alright. so this is my very 1st area which even metal given to me by the united states air force. i had 36 of these when i last the military. this was my 1st on this box is what's left over of my military memorabilia. i don't know how the united
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states, whoever get this vietnam off of our consciousness, it will be very, very long time and almost impossible to do. i just want to say that it's a colossal failure. probably one of the most embarrassing events in military history. the me as a project that comes to the board, if you catch washing media release about us i, when you staying as you are, you are sure to russia work. i don't enjoy, i think it will be someone you got interest and you kill this and you, my chillies will be your study of us could not talk with joe. he still can you really i'm going to be wishing just that. we may have done some processor was out with the horse nears, a supposition was shut him, but he has no idea. can you believe it won't be in your study of 100?
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you're going to let you go to your home. what do you think it was in your home or that was fun, fun going on with care medicaid. however, focused on a lot more here to jo. hurry over to tell you how would you, mccarthy? i'm ready for your heart. i'm not going to find a function of the old, i'm again, the ones that go by the, by the me, their names that the entire us military campaign in afghanistan was marked by torture, murder, and rape me. what you'll be able to get from i will do a general dentist at our authoration enduring freedom,
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lasted 13 years and officially ended in december 2014 to be replaced by a new nato mission dubbed resolute support. in practical terms, it meant america's military presence would be reduced while retaining the military bases. and i've got this revised operation serve the barack obama. well as a positive p r exercise. at the beginning of 2015, we will have 9800 us serve members in different parts of the country together with our nato allies and other parts. by the end of 2015. we will have reduced that presence by roughly half one year later. by the end of 2016, our military will draw down to a normal embassy presence in cobble with a security assistance component. just as we've done in iraq.
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the but i know the bulldog shelter the jungle is that they're not. we're to form the to solder, to your motto, or they can be that another feature beside him. i thought about to be about that picture in the me that way afghan troops had a bad the brunt of military operations. afghan army, what was the reality afghan army? united states has been tens of billions of dollars to build up this army of $300000.00 people. 90 percent of the recruits, the african army are illiterate. these are the kids from backward, rural villages have those belief in the army know supported the central government and a very backward and a lot of ways. the result was that within 2 years of operation enduring freedom,
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coming to an end, afghan troops had suffered 4 times more casualties than the entire nato coalition had. in 13 years of being in the country on to look at that a pay money to buy him out of the phone. his phone came on most like it was more money by him and it put, it hasn't been a 1000000 could have been told by your glorious how folky a good holiday. yeah. good luck. a button on the vision of what you know hot or the last one is on. oh, not a nigger. vertica bows the boat on her own, but not in canada, but i was on the and i got, i got i got on the call that a cough just dig nice. i gotta get as much i did, but not on the booster law. not bizarre. could the longer i just, how does that mean boat upon that go that up? but i
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there's this thing in the koran attributed to the prophet mohammed, the dreams are threefold. sometimes they represent divine guidance, sometimes sorrow from the devil, and sometimes there about the complex of dated living and past events. this applies also to women's rights in afghanistan, today, encouraged in the past to live out their dreams of being fully fledged human beings, african women. and now being told that this amount to satanic possession when they turn to and on what can they count in this time of existential struggle? ah,
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the war on drugs noted as a way to come back, a great problem? what's the, why? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check, told us that andrew was competing insurance form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that thing else to be happening the so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy frontier and let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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a very critical time. time to sit down and talk the extended trucks crossing i can extend on the way to iran were being hijacked by bandits criminals gunman. and so they decided to take afghan students who were studying and mother assess in pakistan to guard the trucks as they cross to iran. and then they came up with the idea that maybe it would be better to just put the students in villages along the truck. the, the word means student. the plural is taliban. the the limits taliban movement emerged in the 1990 is
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as an entirely new military power for the students stood for law and order and they had weapons. and little by little they took over the villages and then when they took over the villages they took over the region. and then finally they took over the whole country. that's how it started. this was an operation launched by the side of intelligence or in september 1996. the taliban captured campbell without a fight established the atlantic m. a risk of africa has done and imposed cherry a law. the claims to have created a peaceful and stable islamic state, free of corruption, lawlessness. but sheltering a sum up in london and destroying ancient and sacred buddhist monuments helped cast the taliban in a negative light. in the court of worlds, public opinion of the foreign troops would apply enough. gunners done
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the taliban? well, voluntary defeated and the rest went deep underground. but for 20 years they continued to wage a bloody war against the foreign military presence. i made it can't. they cannot say it, don't say any new ideas, little must fill them in a coop. now that's what i've done the ticket, the just name and we will do it, but it comes to materially. so who in us leisure for teachers? we years the center, but i didn't sit up in the yellow william, good italy now in the wake of the u. s. military withdraw. the taliban have regained the upper hand while seeming to distance themselves from them militants, predecessors of the 990. s. italy been now claimed to be a multiethnic movement. that does not, as it did before, consists solely of stones. it actively recruits residence from the pakistani border regions, which were always a perfect foothold and training ground for well disciplined islamic soldiers.
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valuable you shall store good pictures which are used to me. the 2nd one valuable stud muffin water at the bottom at the be rainy controller and more of the ship if you're interested. i could polish to i just gotta bring it up this, this little guy was from. so when took implant is tyler bond be listed as terrorist by the united nation is the cause of the action. of course there is no alternative because there are no alternatives. things went wrong, things went wrong and they began to re emerge and part of the population went with them. so yes, talk to them. there are some p is no other alternative. while some wanted to enter into dialogue, others have taken up the process kind of fish there and i was, well the most you told me what was your home? it is picking up kind of like the bulk of much. these are the outskirts mazata sharif, the largest city in northern afghanistan. this is where the taliban met the fiercest
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resistance from the local population. the militia formed of local volunteers required no additional motivation. these people were fighting for their last name color, hold on the shoulder junglin and told him father, my last william william, follow him on monday, him him and so they can make him miss mom more affordable care thought what they saw to the just just had enough job regression with the was a put it you give me a 2nd while you're with them was a fish that was can you learn fast enough? i got an enemy guess short. my son got so far. so i'm also with mine as a means of other stuff now with madness me. on
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august the 14th 2021, one week after this video was filmed, my daughter, shari fell to the telephone. about one of the love key cities still under government control. apart from couple was captured the following day because of the, you know, you know, i grew up with them, all of them in order with and then the phone, the phone. so looking in mall, it is on a mac. she met him, but it don't go on monday. met them, typically developed by tomorrow beginning in order to get some volleyball ball. if you want us to change the you know the the john the sean dawn. yeah. good coach that was a kicker. and before you had 24 hours later, the taliban took over the country and became the true masters of afghanistan. couple fell and the afghan government soon followed.
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the what i want to be done with the call to yours, i want to voice base with nominee. should be what was, but it was not me that i want to phone. who's your, your choa? my exactly one. do i go to his music? sure. that would be. that's actually it was famous. i me and it's all about with much and in bought a model, notional care physician been on medicare, none of them, not all of us him more than anything to go on your car. on saturday, spent several years working 1st with american troops. and then with the german forces, he has repeatedly requested asylum for himself and his family. but all his requests
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have been denied me. but you know, it's all in love. i was calling the charter streaming by boat, or you know about my job and get your job all the time. she was all one but ammonia and i'm going to get more that sure that i did for that are below. i'm also going to get dish or the fish danny, all the more nice you dish a lot. there were literally thousands of gun interpreters alone. people who worked with the foreign troops for many years held mass rallies as soon as the us announced their full withdrawal from the country did manage to leave the united states. so europe under special programs but most were left to their own devices. manami, the football alignment is awesome. nick as mccarthy minyard caught him on the leroy
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on one of my larger company when i started working with foreigners, he was barely 18 back in 2008. his job was seen as quite prestigious in a month. so i'm on the phone, the new on monday con like us like i'm on long passport. my money to post on monday or to sean, but on the long summarize bush where you find your life filled up with them, cuz you all thought it might not take about a loan. on marshall rose bush, auto mall. you know, you know, the guy stream everything changed after 2014, when the foreign troops began to withdraw. so my mom lost his job off the staff cars, and he's been unemployed ever since. bob, it's your joy. john, enjoy memorial jack. i don't think it's all the really want to perform. i can get
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that all the take or you go to a team without going to be one moment of them to solve that. they call you mark. i mean, roy, already you can enjoy news all me. all one us with that i forgot my car of them, but he joy model like the fun. i get a fun but the lily she with it i asked in national hoping to join him on the visa and his concerns proved to be quite justified offline. let me call almost boss, for did you boys off but as an all myself killer calona, i'm one rock on the phone with laura book room on paul brought 11. i don't know what i would like to buy for a moment yet shown above on the phone. i mean ramon was if i saw you, but i was your though. okay, lose. and there's only one year, but i thought that was the next available when you get a quick ring, a couple of which it process will probably later when you start them,
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you've got over shops that's almost like a store, which is something that you can send me a thumbs to me, you'll send me your store range. what was the price? i was asked to boot induction. ah, [000:00:00;00] i know when i would show the wrong one. i just don't need you to fill out the thing because the kid
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an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves with the parts we choose to look for common ground in the ah reports of injuries in france, those rallies against colbert restrictions turned violent. the police are responding with tear gas pepper spray and stun grenade, head months and $25.00 days on. this is america's legacy. their strong sabotaged equipment. a country bordeaux brewing steel in control of the taliban.


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