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the icy motor, the president joined members of us can he's in a chance family to the funeral and described his death as an irreplaceable person or not. so make a alexander melnik also lost his life in the accident during arctic exercises near the city of norfolk. then the chaff has been posthumously given the hero of russia . reward the countries highest on. ah, and i'm not somebody that's what i'll leave you for now. thanks very much for watching and half an hour and donal court is going to be here to keep you updated all the stories were across for you this weekend here at archie into national. ah . in the pacific leg around the world, expedition by 1000 ocean miles round the
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clock and the dead cob. this done as soon as every country close by like the crew cabins for food and water and to check those for the little blue on the little thing is got everybody locked down or almost no food to know what to do them up. so can somebody call me in the coven, you're living like the female of own. but in the 21st century? ah
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oh. oh i in the year before the september 11th attacks, when the taliban were in power, afghanistan produced literally 0 heroin, no heroine. and after the 911 attacks, they got to a point by 2010 where they were producing 93 percent of the world's heroin. i know this because i was the chief investigator on the senate foreign relations committee staff at the time. and i went to afghanistan in 2009 to study the problem. the positive
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trouble is called polar, so which means dance money, a favorite haunt, the drug addicts. it's easy to buy, how she, she opium or heroine here. me neither during the soviet presence enough gunners done nor after it under the taliban. could this possibly have been imaginable ah. in 2000, in an attempt to boost the taliban image, its leader on a $100.00 band opium puppy cultivation, anywhere on the canister. soil the loop is to get on the little some of them minimum fail. so what is the limits of the question? got the, what is, what is this, this is this of what we're looking for for one, which is still get
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a and he'll be natural supply for on the fish for me to renew last year and then it comes from, i need to go forward, but it didn't get done, i woke up with just what it was not supposed to i. this video was filmed in 2015, and numbers have only grown since then. i've got us down is nobody, undisputed world leader production field acreage has now expanded to rival the size of some european countries. afghanistan confidently hold 1st place in harrowing production. that lead is growing every year by 2009. the corruption index is still the lowest or the next to lois. how did the african economy survive through opium, through drug trade? they were attempts to change that. they never succeeded. and the people in charge
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were very, very corrupt pharaoh and kills and feeds at the same time. to day one, f gunny intend is directly linked to opium production. in a country ravaged by war, trading in the opium puppy ended derivatives has pretty much become the only source of income for afghanistan. rural poll, well giving international drug rings. another way to generate huge profits. well, i went to lush guard guy, which is the capital of hellman province, and that's where most of the hair when poppy is grown. and i very naive, lee went to meet with a poppy farmer. and i said to him, instead of poppy, why don't you grow things with 2 growing seasons, onions, tomatoes, pomegranate. and he said with frustration, you know, the americans told me in 2001 that if i told them where the arabs were,
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i could grow all the poppy i wanted. and now you come and tell me i can't grow poppy. so i came back and i told john kerry, who was my boss at the time, this is a real problem. we have to do something about heroin bobby cultivation. and he said why? i said, because it's 93 percent of the world's poppy heroine poppy. and he said right, and it all goes to iran and russia, and we don't care if their heroin addicts and so we never did anything. ah, it's produced enough canister and shipped all over the world through well established smuggling channels. ah, around the globe of gunners. tom's opm industry kills hundreds of thousands of people every ah, the explosive growth in opium production is one of the main byproducts of the us presence in afghanistan. and arguably,
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america's only real legacy after leaving the country. no substantial infrastructure has been built in 20 years. scorched is all that the of god he's have left when you sign, you see if you go to meet a gun to black usually go the pro these to mean you choose all been done in you get to is with the gun justice you took me ask you to come to go to conduct that a little boy, if you have to put just on the those should be good. so what do you need done with americans of black? you will probably beginning at the top where i would get them now, but it is all a chest, as with your probably should be all some money. but the only real way to judge that 20 years of american present in afghanistan is by looking at the abandoned military bases no industrial or social facilities, whatever built in those years. in fact,
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throughout this time of dennis done continues to benefit from the soviet legacy side up on the status of a shot, or to say that you can put your money that you or somebody can meet with the as a very highly motor facility. there's a place, thank you. must put it in there, but somebody who wants to know what the rules are pretty rural by genius for your son or your buffer. they go pretty know what it can do that. ah, indeed, i've got to stand still benefits from infrastructure that the soviet union built
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with moscow support. 150 major facilities were constructed thousands of kilometers of mountain road, the salon connecting the northern and central regions, as well as dams, oil dep owes factories, hospitals and schools. not to mention a navigation system installed by soviet specialists that helps defeat hunger. ah, so i've got to wish all of that as an option. and jason knew colonial is school about the most policies you have for this. i mean, it was roger with the doors that i tell you guys q, so would you please if she was on your site? no. last only can you go and go ahead and get out of the family at what age was completely out of room. not just get the label when you process the leash vision. ah
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. as soon as i got them, i at the get an extra faster guess and i will also put it when it was 3. so starting serious goes to 0 measure. it goes by some emotion which interests you or mr. mission to certain studies, a map of his homeland woven into an oriental carpet. he knows every province, city and village bookish luck like the back of his hand. as much as a general shape gauge after the nudge of government was overthrown in the spring of 1992 gold jello was one of many high ranking up gun officials who were forced to flee. the country was repeated for them to auction. and i mean, is this one have run in coverage will enable an electrician but initially show the paper source auto insurance from the 1st of
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a new p. s or nettle mass of money. so the initial we'll talk about with the us yesterday. did you still ship here? we don't then you just, we just the little boy, i mean the don't for the don't look to see my address about another man that i'm going to, i'm going to do that pretty much with the mother goes up surgical projects and that was them. doing that, you know, but yes, let's go for several decades. their homeland has no, no peace and no more people than ever are trying to flee the country.
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residency with it origin, which i don't know the thumbs isn't it into against him. when you turn that in the origin, which and through the but the case through the private, based on new interview with me. and when the soviets invaded and 1979, we get into some of that history because important c, u. s. began working with the moves and the reason why the dean hate is the pro soviet government was because that the pro soviet government was allowing women to get educated was supporting land reform and supporting industrialization and modernization. there was reactionary, backward islamic extremist elements of the moon, whether once the united states put in and overthrew the more progressive pro sylvia
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government, that was giving women rights for the united states. now to be the moaning, the fate of women is a little bit of hypocrisy. they're given us history of us involved with my own daughters are going to school against something they go to school right now . they go to shop, they go to pay the school because we are talked by doors, extremist, elements, terrorists who don't want to educate. we must add to august or to send or school children to school or go to school. never give up on that. i would. i'm sure majors off counts wouldn't give me the
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ah, the one i make. no, certainly no borders and my number is emerge. we don't have authority, we go to the back seat, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. not a joke. people are judge governors crisis. we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we
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are together in the moon. oh in oh oh oh, this yoga center and couple was established in 2017 dozens of afghan women attended here every day. hong kong. kathy,
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well educated with strong leadership skills and business pro s. there are very few people like her enough ganawe's done. every day she makes her way to the studio where she is greeted by waiting yoga enthusiasts. ahead of my mom like capsule sunday. last, get to that hall at the head of the city behind these walls does a very different kind of stuff. well then i got sounds like it's all about us. they can they can be taught to check, pushing them on their family can use despite all the precautions. she started receiving phone threats
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that each glass stack. how about that? so she made me chap, fate bother him. i had some sort of command on them each on last. but now with the taliban back, we can't reveal her face with the white flags with the black shot. now fly over every state building not just income bowl, but in every major city. and every check point the taliban brought their convictions and symbols. new rules are now in place.
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women's faces on advertising posters incapable have been painted over beauty cell and boarded up. women are obliged to wear the bercher. as a result, both demand and price have increased $10.00 times since the taliban arrived. and this is just the beginning. i believe in the strictest interpretation of serial law . they will be amputating people's arms. they were hanging people. they were certainly almost imprisoning women when they were in control. it was a very, very backwards society. will it be that bad? now? we don't know for sure, but a certainly the plight of women in afghanistan is not something that i'm very optimistic about me in the 1990 s to taliban imposed the harshest restrictions on women female afghanistan. it could be stoned to death. but failing
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to worry about john in public, they will submit to leave their homes without a male relative. women were denied both and education and careers and even medical care. all these rules were enforced by the religious belief. now they're totally been claimed that they have changed and will let women be educated, have a job, serve, and even hold government positions. these claims lack credibility. they are often contradicted by the facts. yes. be all in this moment to the very, very difficult spot. there is immense violence of kennesaw is this immense unger in our country. there's a vacuum filter of the sun and there was the presence of internation community in americans for for 20 years. natal boys and girls must now attend separate classes. women are banned from all sports without full face and body covering while female
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soldiers fear for their life. totally ban say that despite sure real law african women's rights will be protected. i don't rely or put my faith in the taliban. i know for rick history and the fears that many people in afghanistan have, but we have to we have to hope it's not clear yet that the taliban will be worse than egypt or saudi arabia or israel, or 50 countries that the united states openly arms and supports and funds and trains. so if we're going to get the u. s. government to talk about human rights, that's the 1st step. there's a whole world out there. the 1st step is to stop arming the worst human rights abusers on earth because it's so clear and easy more than $2000000.00 afghans of flint to other countries as refugees. people started leaving in large numbers a few years ago when the americans were still there. they left because they'd
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abandoned all hope of seeing peace restored to their homeland. and after the taliban, the number of people wanting to flee has increased dramatically. they include not only women, but journalists, public figures, interpreters, and anyone else who worked with foreigners and helped to build a brighter future for afghanistan over the last 20 years. mm. but well educated people weren't, you know, the ones trying to leave ferrying life under the taliban. ordinary folks from the provinces had to abandoned their homes too. they tried to save their families from the atrocities of law in the sunsets over a refugee camp of the outskirts of missouri. saudis, another day has passed just like every previous day. it's been a struggle with us. a bible me describes herself as a spokesperson for the refugee camp. is 30 families,
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mostly ethnic was backs me thought a model. madame. listen, a party of us, the none of us the morning get good. that all that on a shout a jack the she's not going to jack, this is a south me on i didn't to jamie, but of mid doesn't go home is done up on in some way. i'm a wait on the co pay out of the i call them a calling you to say that about that whole number of attention all i rags blown in the wind fabric bleached by the scorching sun happ hazard array of impromptu huts that sprouted in the middle of the desert people who abandoned their homes and applause have been gardens of now lived in these squalid conditions for a year. i knew this to guide me.
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yeah. i mean, you have a good luck. i'm going to be the mother that i will need to $1000000.00 at that beta from you can get my new stick you more i number moment over the bodies, our whatever thought. and then they got their mom you had in the you got to do that kind of some of the heavy stuff. i'm one of them that let me get them. i don't know maybe late them. megan the mom on another. him push it on. and now dory might not join me on my son, and amid again, i'm going to go home. comes in the show. like what i can if i'm in the notes that comes in, they get me get that you make out. let them know on a shawl bush are much as damaging the engine was a yeah, no, no, i got all that. what about i don't i, michelle chevrolet you can always i'm you know the women are shut down. they don't
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know what the punjab i got for them. i can be a good mon monday and i'm going and even here the refugee is worry about their children. even among those who regard themselves as a literate, there's a strong awareness that a good education is critical for that countries future matter. the way i'm on the thinking obama as this is not the set. it's for jaylen does. not a more i'm going to look at what is done at the end of the good. she's in this one, a son of worth. nothing. mister mana, after 20 years enough, get us done. america has clearly failed to eliminate any of the problems. those who
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wanted to make money from a war on afghanistan made buckets and buckets of money, the big weapons dealers, the war contractors, the reconstruction, the mercenary contracting firms that do all the cooking and cleaning and, and work that the troops don't do anymore. they made pockets and buckets of money, and the politicians whose campaigns are funded with what we call the rest of the world, bribery. but in the united states, we call it contributions. they got money into their campaigns and got elected. so if that was a goal, it was a big success. i think that president biden's position that he has no regrets is disingenuous. it's meant for public consumption. certainly the americans didn't know what to do long term. we just threw money at the problem and that never works. you know, there's an old saying at the ca that you can buy an afghan warlord,
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but you can certainly rent one, and that is not a long term strategy. so here we are 20 years and $3.00 trillion dollars later we have literally nothing to show for it. over 20 years, roughly 750000 troops from several countries served enough canister on more than 3500 western coalition. soldiers were killed, americans suffered the most casualties among all foreign contingency. at the same time, by some estimates, the african national army police lost more than 65000 troops. the total number of civilian dances impossible to estimate, but at numbers in the hundreds of thousands. this blood buff has brought neither peace to afghanistan, nor succeeded in defeating terrorism. now we're going to have not only the vietnam syndrome, but the afghanistan syndrome and a little bit of the iraq syndrome. but the visuals are so reminiscent of the visual
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just people trying to escape from the helicopters from the roofs of the embassy. you know, the united states hopefully is going to learn some lesson. ah, my genius, that's a few weeks ago. so i was up with the but the much the new smart city of wisdom when you size my to so, i mean i can finish that, not just everything that you would. so then you move up there as little. ha, actually sure. what is it showing us? the curve goes, i'm not the more you know, some of you know, we put out initially the bite and administration plans to end the 20 year war by 91120th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in us history. the to which they responded with the longest military campaign, but they failed to make a graceful exit. their withdraw was more like
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a retreat and bite and certainly expected to crumble so quickly. so he was unprepared. things happened just almost overnight. so same 3 months. it ended up taking 3 minutes before the lapse. the main goal is to strong terrorism and i was it achieved? yes and no. okay. it essentially no longer exists good for us, but diane exists isis, which came out of arcadia. there are certainly other terrorist groups that are worse, but i'll try to look at syria here. the united states is arming and financing the nist of france. that's an al qaeda. how do you explain that to the american people that this is the same group, or at least an offshoot of the group that murdered 3000 americans on one day. and now we're sending them weapons and money.
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oh the day march the 20th anniversary of the 911 attacks. we're going to take a look at america. terror, industrial complex, the war on drugs still did as a way to come back. a great problem. what's the wonder? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check, told us that andrew was competing insurance form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college
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student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening with the after delays and sanctions russia. finally completes construction of the controversial north stream to pipeline set to deliver low cost natural gas from siberia to central europe. and i know they did not. that is not the medical you deserve. not, not these fascism. on the weekend of the not of 9 eleven's 20th anniversary art, he looks at the lasting impact of the us led war on terror. we hear from a former guantanamo prisoner, released after 14 years of unlawful detention.


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