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to join us in the depths, the will remain in the shallows. ah, the ah, susan linked unconfirmed messages from us military revealed the panic cook. we can't stand with troops unable to rescue fellow citizens. spoken to the former special forces soldier who shed the encrypted tech. our biggest problem getting people out actually the us government is actually not the town. i know that sounds crazy, but the biggest problem is not valid in italy. men of actually it's in some cases of actually helped us over new k angry parliamentarians. rage upon this, the board. johnson's answer over handling of the events that rumbled enough county
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destination fuel the long awaited frequently undermined know stream to gas pipeline project will finally be completed in a matter of days. the last concert, the pipe welded in complex. ah good evening, you're watching t y thompson, at least around 100 americans are still in afghanistan. almost a week out to the evacuation ended some while the administration grapples with the full out a series of leaked messages to shed light on another piece, failed efforts to get every us citizen out of the country and the american citizens . yes, all of them. we are effing abandoned american citizens. those texts which hadn't been verified were disclosed by michael young, a war correspondent, and form a special forces soldier. he spoke to his showing details with auntie of his conversation with high ranking us on the officer. that colonel was not physically
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present, but he was in contact. major general christiana, you who, who was the combatant commander on the ground. and so, so that colonel wasn't physically there. in fact, he was very frustrated. as you can see from that tax, there was more tax those while he was really demonstrating a lot of frustration at one point he said, can you read the gate? in other words, hit it with the car and get in. i mean, he wanted to rescue those people and, and he, i hope that his tags don't cause him any problems. he's the kind of general we need . no, he didn't want to follow those orders. he wanted to get them out. we had 3 jets on the ground that were private jets that were paid for by a friend of mine's team. his name is rick clay, and his team had paid for 3 jets. they were on the ground civilian jets waiting. and the us military was not letting even civilian americans with passports, american passports, our biggest problem on getting people out actually is the u. s. government. it's
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actually not the todd man. i know that sounds crazy, but the biggest problem is not valid in italy. man, i'm actually it's in some cases of actually helped us. you can even make up the stuff. this is like something for a weird movie. so taliban is saying that us forces, happy to come and get them, or call us to let them through. nobody can make up the stuff. i don't care who's fault it is the department of state or the military. it's all of your fault. you didn't let them in period, they were at the gate. then of course, the next day we have a pentagon in the white house that they're going know, you know, all american citizens who wanted to get in could have gotten in. but they couldn't actually make it to the airport and were saying, excuse my language, i don't know if i can say this on russian tv. they definitely were at the gate period. michael young also released conversations with contractors who were in cobble. one of them wrote $45.00 americans, including women and children, were unable to enter the airport. they saw claims some were beaten and assaulted in
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their efforts to get in the audience that she was asking senior officers for clarification on how they could be helped as they faced a terrifying weight. but his commanders apparently refused to step in another contract, wrote the newest generals, new their citizens were stuck outside the airport was still wouldn't grant access, even proposed paying other governments such as the u. k. to help add, if americans and confirmed general mark really chairman of the joint chiefs of staff had made the call to not open the gate. can you confirm general milly was mentioned by name as the leader that is condemning them to death. yes, i can confirm that mentioned by name. the picture emerging from this conversations is in stark contrast to the notice coming from the by ministration. they continue really stressed the situation was in control. no american citizens, i said, will be left behind what we're doing every single minute of every single hour of every single day is working to create safe passage for all civilians, including the afghans who work for us to the airport to get them on planes and get
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them out, i think they're responsible to say americans are stranded, they are not. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home homes be completed. one of the biggest err lists in history, extraordinary success of this mission was due to the incredible skill. bravely and selfless courage of united states, military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals to the evacuation. michael young wrote a scathing letter to me. i command highlighting some missteps. civically, the fact to us nationals were abundant. gates, one, quote, 3 empty jets paid for by volunteers were waiting for them to pentagon clarity, they declined to comment. young believes the lack of transparency made matters worse. that's what americans already say. we leave no one behind and right. and right now we've seen the military leave people behind the gate, but it's, it's a sin to say, well, i'm just going to live because it's humiliating. so we just have to leave behind
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and lie about it. know we're going to try to get them out and we're getting a lot of them out right now. the military in the department state are in our way at this point. so in addition to leaving people behind, they are stopping us from getting them out. now, department state isn't our way where we want the military and the government to get out of our way. we don't need their help anymore. i mean, now that we're getting success is civilians because you know, we can do it. we don't need them, we're faster or more efficient, and we don't have the bureaucracy and we're just smarter than they are. and goes bowling in the british parliament as m. p. 's returned from last summer break armed with countless questions to promised force johnson over the handling of the scottish don crisis correspondent, he sally, has details. those half hazard, chaotic scenes of the western withdrawal from afghanistan continues to have political reverberations. and all of the nato member states and the united kingdom
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being a senior partner in our lives is no different many taking a far as johnson for his government perceived mis handling of the crisis for borrowers. johnson strongly coming out fighting, defending the case record over the past few weeks, a month in evacuating people from afghanistan or just africans, but also people from other countries as well. but also defending the record of the nato alliance when it comes to the lack of any terror attacks that were planned from afghanistan over the past 20 years. one of the most spectacular operations in our country posts will military history. no terrorist attack against this country or any of our western allies has been launched from afghanistan for 20 years. now, critics would point to those comments and say that that's all well and good to there were no guarantees going forward as to whether or not any tara groups will be
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able to re gather enough kind of star know launch attacks from them. but as far as those critics can, the u. k. government is full and short of any type of planning for the post occupation phase in afghanistan and kiss softener is one of those critical voices pointing out that from the time the doha agreement was signed until the eventual withdrawal. that was a whole 18 month. not that was simply no excuse for the type of chaotic scenes that we witnessed. the government doesn't have a plan to get everybody out. cobbler port remains close to international flights. safe passage has not been created to africans, neighbors, and whatever the prime minister says today. there is no international agreement on the resettlement of african refugees. we have a prime minister incapable international leadership just when we needed it. yeah, i know some companies know against the backdrop. you've also been seeing reports
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that some africans were actually removed from their flights at couple airport where just hours earlier bottom of that huge bomb and say can play some one labor m p saying that some amongst his constituents had family members who had thought exact fate before them, the families of 2 of my constituents, including a 7 month old child, was forcibly removed from flight and thrown out of cobble into the sleeve where the seat of the suicide bombing. i was before. mister speaker, i'm absolutely furious. and i want to ask the prime minister, how on earth would this potentially fit decision allow perhaps even after i live these, my friends were ministers less under light and how many objected from the airport
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into harm's way. and just now we'll be up to 3 to the families, but the goal month, port, any danger? we have no evidence of anybody being pools of flights, but i would ask him, obviously, and if the guy would ask him to, to raise it with the raise the particular cases directly with, with my right honorable friend. so bars, johnson, hugely proud of the u. k. f over the past weeks to evacuate many, but there are those who say that there are still those left behind who need help. 5 years of wrangling, length delays, construction holistic your sanctions. the no stream to gas pipeline is almost complete. the final part of the pipe, which pumps russian gas all the way to germany has been welded into place and tests are expected to begin with in days. he's all of the latest. the final piece of the pipe will cause be welded into place that pipe number 200858
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quite the jake. so when you think about it that way, also quite the cheek. so when you take into account the $11000000000.00 price tag for this pipeline, all it's left to do now is a final link cope between the end of the pipeline that originated in russia and is coming in towards germany from danish waters has to be finally linked up with the part of the pipeline, it's coming from the german shore. once it's done estimated it takes around 3 months certificate ation and full safety checks to be carried out. then gas should be able to be flowing through this pipeline by the end of this year. now it hasn't been easy routing for north stream to it was not liked at all by the donald trump administration in the united states. it's not really being lied to by the joe biden administration either, but trump put in place swinging sanctions against the project that cause delays and cost millions upon millions in the money that was being essentially flitted away.
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joe biden removed the sanctions against the north stream to company in may of this year. that's really allowed things to move pace towards the finish line where we're at, but it doesn't mean that the us is happy with it. he said, time and time again, the u. s president, that is that he doesn't like it. the secretary of state anthony blank and says he doesn't like it either. ukraine also not happy is concerned that this could be used to could ukraine out of europe, gas transit infrastructure. what russia is said is they actually want keep gas moving across ukraine and you know, stream to, because there's demand enough for both routes to continue being used, as well as the route that goes across deliveries on poland as well to bring your rushing gas into europe. it does look like we all set to see this pipeline in process in full working order by the end of the year. it's a big job. 1230 kilometers worth of pipe that's been laid. it will
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provide 55000000000 cubic meters of russian gas to europe. that's roughly enough to power 26000000 european homes. political scientist office facing to 5 years behind bars in america to being accused of working covertly for the reigning government. calling for sale be denies charges, gazed and got reckless. revealed has been subjected to the surveillance with thousands of his phone calls recorded. my colleague, andrew farmer spoke to him about the case. can you understand why the u. s. authorities might find your circumstances suspicious? i'm not clear by what do you mean suspicious, because these charges brought against being defined on hours of the trauma ministration, according to their own complaint of my duty as a consultant to your own mission and rational affairs. sure. since 2007,
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which raises an interesting question of why did they wait 13 years, bring the charges until the waning hours of the trump administration? clearly as part and part of its maximum ratio strategy to be on. particularly since all the evidence shows that, especially during the obama administration, when i participated in the number of tribe to us here on diplomacy, including at the us as of un in new york, participated in phoebe based on the voice of america on numerous occasions. the us government was clearly aware of my connections, which was landed the us. this is of the un, completely legitimate. and there was no problem that is or what a decade. and i took part in many lobby activities with respect to the raimie and government on behalf of the us prisoners in iran,
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including the age of missing in iran, which was finally cooperated before. and then the tv interviews, calling for using media release. so despite all that background, unfortunately with these charges and face the prospect of the jury trial in the proximate future, more broadly speaking, have about the foreign agents law. i mean, i know the circumstances line bad, but generally speaking, g, it is something it can be abused or politicized in any way. or the, in this case is inherently politicized. it seems to me that you know, i'm being used as leverage against the iran doing you see school, you know, bring my conversation in order to showcase it to the world. but that's not fair to me because you know, i have my school publications behind me that speak volumes about my big kids. kyle
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is activity in terms of trying to bring us on the wrong, closer to get a breach to differences and, and so on. and you know, all my publications take the case on my last operating in new york for example. but i called for a meeting of presidents of iran and the us from down on the united nations. and i follow the with the meeting with the political attendance of the you on general, urging them to facilitate such a meeting. so on these in line with my sons identity as an agent or piece, which i happen to add that says this or to be began. i published a compendium of my offered articles in a book titled agent or appeal response to the u. s. complaint that clearly demonstrate the absurdity of the us charges against me because there's not one iota
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propaganda in any of my articles and books. and i have asked the other side to produce one single evidence of propaganda on my part and they have failed to do so. and you know, this is really a great injustice to me. and my kids are work as a, as a, as a scholar, to publish books that are highly review of being 40 affairs with journals and so on . and to be cornish, like this to shred of evidence. and i edged your audience to go and read for themselves, my compendium articles on the books that are not just a body or own, but also in the ology ecology and literature. and poetry, for example, either poetry book on 9111 damage and so on. and to see that, you know, i knew i stood back from criticizing, you know,
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when i thought they deserve. so for example, when you know, they hinted at exiting n p t, i criticize them on the issue of women on, you know, using the nuclear agreement as a bargaining chip. and i urge them against military strike out there. does the nation of general, so the money i'm, you know, the list goes on and fortunately, i am, i am pickable scholarly record in my defense. and the truth that i know we engage in the propaganda activity and use all my forward on behalf of the us prisoners in iran. for once. you know, i asked the u. s. government to set aside this political object is and the fact that i am an american iranian citizen gave me the blue process of law. and i, i must be fairly treated in court so far and hope that this will continue in the
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future. but i'm afraid of the political pressure behind this case and found our position groups in iran outside the iran. i will also capitalize on this, then have unfairly accused me, for example, damage kill organization. i think it was me, demonizing that money and i have never even once recently about them in any of my articles and books and you know, the number of fantasies against me just are endless. and you know, if you look at the, so the media for example, they have taken a leading in attacking mrs. since january and, you know, one asked why, why? so there are so keen on my case and you know, constantly reporting your body full of distortions or facts. so, you know, does the complex case studying was hostility, between nations and, and it's kindly politicized the dark cloud over my, you know,
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you, you made very clear that you feel as though it's a politicized case from your own point review. how you feel going through the american justice system. i mean from what you said, it's so far so good. but you still have confidence that by the end of the issue, you will be free to go as you claim that you are not guilty. well, you know, i have faith in american justice system because this is the 5th time in the past 25 years. there are been subjected to frivolous criminal charges. and i think a lot of them from, you know, political objectives and in each episode elevator to prove my innocence in court. and you know, defending myself as a pro se i have experience in battling injustice and casing point. i to harvard university police to judy tried some 20 years ago. and
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then ultimately to the u. s. supreme court. i'm my own as my own attorney and i had the benefit of support, but similar luminaries included in the late mike wallace. 60 minutes historian howard in make david and i met an officer knew i'm chomsky was repeated nice retained in my defense. so, you know, i am and golden by such a past history and support moral support that i can prevail in court and prove my innocence. and the fact that i have been an agent or a piece, not any particular government, because wallace pushed for the mutual interest of both us and iran in line with my iranian american identity unnoticed. cafe that us authorities have said that they've been listening to your phone calls for over a decade. something like 33000 phone calls. when you heard that g feel is your
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case is an extraordinary case or will you not surprise is just this part of the course in today's america? no, i was not really surprised because for example, when i was assisting the daughter of age and missing on mister robert levinson, and she indicated that she was coordinating activities with the be i, anybody had any problem with, you know, any of the, i know that i was assisting you and i said no because i had nothing to hide. so i imagine that and you know, they, the agents, when i was told me that they were aware of my communications, mister livingston's family. and so, because of my participation, for example, in tried to diplomacy, which was the sanctioned by the us government. but, you know, of course, the u. s. government, nobody did, you know, i was an admin support of the union nuclear agreement which are considered to be
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a win win for you on us as well as the international community. and i still feel that way. and therefore, you know, i did not hold back and i was very upfront about it. and i'm really sorry that after all these years, suddenly the us government claims that, you know, i was doing something illegal. that was the case. why didn't they give me a call 13 years ago and say you might be in violation of this? you know, far i have done with a whole number of people. if you go to the justice department's website and you will see that, you know, they made a courtesy call to send letters to these people and say, you know, did you know that you're violating foreign, you need to register and they didn't do that with me. all these years past all these, you know, engagements on behalf of us, iran reconciliation. and if there isn't, see anybody,
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they should have notified me. and i would need to list up because i'm nobody's agent. and what i did as a part time console team is something that hundreds of other people do what countries missions at the united nations. and yet i'm single or something that is tina activity for all the other member states that the united nations and the really not stands. and i was filed a complaint. do you want to speak to the genera and hope that the legal department will look into it? just last liana, and i, again, it's a sort of broader point of view like, but i know the u. s. is often the keys. russia, for example, of using similar legislation to go off to political opponents. do you feel america has the moral high ground here one, you know, i'm not going to generalize and the, you know, politicizing on, on my part, you know, i'm stuck in a legal case that, you know,
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in many ways has to do with still it, it's been us yours and the iran, if the us is going to be fair body, then you need to look at my record of publications objectively and to see that there's not one iota propaganda body that i have says the national interest of both us and on my consistently pushing for died off and reconciliation between the 2 nations, and therefore, you know, if this case proceeds and god forbid, found guilty and so forth, this will be a big stigma for us justices them. and obviously this will have repercussions at the more level as well. okay, can i look, we appreciate your time tonight? i think we're going to leave it there for the moments, but we wish you all the best. certainly with your case and appreciate your time today until continuous. thank you so much. i appreciate it. thank you. will shanti
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updates in 30 minutes the me the pacific leg around the world, expedition by 1000 miles round the clock is given the dead calm. miss wilson in every country close by. it was like the crew, gavin's food, and one or 2 to chat. those
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little little thing is that everybody's love or home or no food? no. what about that? only give them up. so somebody stuck in the cove. it you're living like the the man of own, but in the 21st century. ah ah . is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation or community. ah, you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is truth?
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what is the in the world corrupted? you need to defend. ah, so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah ah, but make no certainly no borders and the blind keys emerge . we don't have authority. we go to the back scene, the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judge, you know. 2 governors crisis and we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for
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the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we are together in my name is jason. whenever you can plug it in or you think you remember me? he'd been searching the river. it was pretty obvious. he had muddy boots on use, arrogant. he was sitting there like this with his muddy boot and you know, flicking mud all over the floor. and he just like he was king of the world wanting thought he was aggressive even at that time as far as as how he
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was we handled himself kind of, he got that feeling that he was searching for a criminal and that's when he told me that my son was a drug dealer you you're here for next semester and she kind of told us that he wasn't just using marijuana that he was actually selling it on campus. and he had a felony against him and they haven't charged him with it yet. but he was pending to all these deliveries and they took place on campus both on their hands. so they're on and then he told us that andrew was a competent, short form. it asked for you to do is to do some buyers for me that were you that.


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