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tv   News  RT  September 6, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we are in it together. in our headline story, this our a series of leaks on confirm messages from the us military reveal the panic of the withdrawal from us troops unable to rescue fellows. if we've spoken to the former a special forces, children who shares the bid tag, our biggest problem on getting people out. actually if the u. s. government is actually not the taliban. i know that sounds crazy, that the biggest problem is not valid in italy been actually it's been in some cases of actually helping us enough refugee is arrested in berlin after stumping to
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people. just those europe races for a new influx of migrants from the war. one nation, a california school teacher is in the firing line, written missing on the come read to radicalized his students with our lead ideology, [000:00:00;00] the news around the clock across the world. this is archie from the team and myself, you know neil hello and welcome to the news our the white house has acknowledged on rhonda. hundreds americans are still in afghanistan almost a week after the evacuation ended on, while the administration grappled with the full out, a series of leaked messages have shed light on the military fields,
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efforts to get every us citizens out of the country and the american citizens. yes, all of them we are effing, abandoned american citizens. of those texts which haven't yet been verified, were disclosed by michael the on a war correspondent and former special forces soldier. he spoke to us sharing details with our t of as conversation with a high ranking u. s. army officer. that colonel was not physically present, but he was in contact major general chris donahue who, who was the combatant commander on the ground. and so that colonel wasn't physically there, in fact he was very frustrated. you can see from that tax, there was more tax those while he was really demonstrating a lot of frustration at one point you said 10, you ran the gate. in other words, hit it with the car and get in. i mean, he wanted to rescue those people and you know, and he, i hope that his tags don't cause him any problems. he's the kind of general we need . no,
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he didn't want to follow those orders. he wanted to get them out. we had 3 jets on the ground that were private jets that were paid for by a friend of mine team. his name is rick clay and his team had paid for 3 jets. they were on the ground civilian jets waiting, and the us military was not letting even civilian americans with passports, american passports, our biggest problem on getting people out actually is the u. s. government is actually not the todd man. i know that sounds crazy, but the biggest problem is not valid in italy, man, i'm actually it's in some cases of actually helped us. you can even make up the stuff. this is like something for a weird movie. so tally be on this thing that us forces happy to come and get them, or call us to let them through it. nobody can make up the stuff. i don't care who's fault it is the department of state or the military. it's all of your fault. you didn't let them in period, they were at the gate. then of course, the next day we haven't pentagon in the white house. they're going know, you know,
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all american citizens who want to get in could have gotten in. but they couldn't actually make it to the airport and were saying, excuse my language, i don't know if i can say this on russian tv. they definitely were at the gate period. when michael yon also released conversations with contractors who were in car, both one of them wrote that $45.00 americans, including women and children, were unable to enter the airport. the source claimed some were beaten and assaulted in their efforts to get in and added. he was asking senior officers for clarification and how they could be helped as they faced a terrifying weight. however, his commanders apparently refused to step in another contractor, wrote that us generals new their citizens were stuck outside the report, but still would not grant access. he even proposed paying other government such as
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the u. k. to help or left americans and confirm the general mark. millie, german of the joint chiefs of staff had made the call to not open the gate. can you confirm? general milly was mentioned by name as the leader there is condemning them to death . yes, i can confirm that mentioned by name. well, the picture emerging from those conversations is in stark contrast to the normative coming from the biden administration. they have continually stressed that the situation is under control. new american citizens would be left behind. what we're doing every single minute of every single hour of every single day is working to create safe passage for all civilians, including the afghans who work for us to the airport to get them on planes and get them out. i think they're responsible, say americans are stranded, they are not. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home homes completed one of the biggest err list in history. extraordinary success. and this
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mission was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless courage of united states, military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals. well, after the evacuation, michael yon wrote a stealing letter to the army side command highlighting some of the missteps. specifically, the fact that us nationals were abundant up the gates while quote, 3 empty jets paid for by volunteers were waiting for them. we asked the pentagon for clarity, but they declined to comment on the allegations. young believes the lack of transparency is made, matters worse. that's what americans already say. we leave no one behind. right. and right now we've seen the military lead people behind the gate. but it's, it's a sin to say, well, i'm just going to live because it's humiliating. so we just have to leave behind and lie about it, know we're going to try to get them out and we're getting a lot of them out right now. the military in the department state are in our way,
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at this point. so in addition to leaving people behind, they are stopping us from getting them out. now, department state isn't our way where we want the military and the government to get out of our way. we don't need their help anymore. i mean, now that we're getting success as civilians, because you know, we can do it, we don't need them, we're faster or more efficient. and we don't have the bureaucracy and we're just smarter than they are. just something else to show you here in the rush to leave afghanistan, us forces left plenty of loot. behind these pictures were taken by a correspond broadcast fee of abundant basin campbell. you can see there are military metals, backpacks. our crew also find american tools, knives uneven. electronics migrant crime is under renewed scrutiny in germany after enough gun refugee stub to people in berlin on saturday, leaving them with severe injuries. it comes as the leaders of austria, serbia,
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discuss, ways of averting a new influx of migrants. you're sure europe correspond, peter oliver with more. another aspect off gowns coming to europe are very much in focus right now. and this is particularly being highlighted here in germany, following terrible events that took place on saturday in a district of berlin, which a 29 year old man from afghanistan has been arrested following the stopping to death of a 58 year old woman at 66 year old man was also seriously wounded in that a talk. what we know so far about the 29 year old is that when to be reported in local media, that the attack was prompted following him being upset that this woman had been working as a gardener. what we know from the police is that they had no information on him as a potential link to extremism. before this had happened, however, we do understand that he was receiving psychiatric treatment. the arrived here in germany in 2016 and has been arrested on suspicion of murder. i grew
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a through the salt and dangerous assault. this case involving a man from afghanistan has more focus when we look at the potential for increasing numbers of people from afghanistan looking to seek refuge in europe, survosity, and chords. the austrian chancellor has said europe may not be that welcoming towards people coming from afghanistan and 5. previously he said that his country would take no more refugees on his watch. now he's saying that it's nearby countries to get this done. that should be looking to take in refugees were absolutely convinced that the people living african is done should be cared for in neighboring countries. and reach a point where these people set out for europe that the rusty and coats with speaking alongside the serbian prime minister, alexander church, could said that you repeat leaders would not be as welcoming as they had been 6 years ago. there's been a rethink among lots of european officials and heads of state and thankfully,
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jimmy's position today is different to the one they held back in 2015. well, back in 2015, it was german chancellor angle america who led the calls saying that germany could, and europe could accept refugees from the syrian crisis. 6 years on the message has changed somewhat. and what we're seeing is particularly strong pushback from countries like grief and italy as well as countries like serbia and austria saying that europe cannot take any more refugees. and that they are prepared to step up when it comes to accepting people from afghanistan. what we have seen in the 6 years following the message from anglo merkel that germany could help. and jim, you could take people in with the europe's migration and refugee and asylum policies. while they haven't been unified in the slightest and their policies that look like they're going to be put to the test and coming months or following the
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catastrophic afghan, polite job, biden's ratings may be in free fall. but a florida diner. i seen its popularity surge after denying service to the president, supporters. and clearly the policy was to a lot of people's taste because it even run out of food afterwards. news if you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the workplace, you'd have to corrupt administration currently have between the white house that is completed in the depth of our servicemen and women and get them please take your business elsewhere. at this point i'm hearing a lot of people calling me asking me for permission to put that same sign on their business doors. and i think that's freaking great because more people need to stand
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up for more. people need to make the president be accountable for what was happening. that's not political, is not political. i don't care who you voted for, but at this point you need to hold your president responsible and you need to hold him accountable and he should be the commander in chief, not hide behind the teleprompter, and not wait for someone to instruct him on what to do because he is the president of the free world. ah add on to us that threat. i've also gotten a lot of support from the military community, especially. i'm very grateful for me. i think fantastic. we came all the way we came 30 miles here just for the support. i think it's
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a free country and she can do whatever she wants. very good. i fully support it. we've came, came up today from new smyrna beach just to support it. really. that's why we came like the policy. so i agree with the, with the policy and respect, full sizes, politics. ah, why some people in florida are being denied food. its free meals all run for newly arrived gun refugees in el paso, texas. but one of them spark the storm of controversy after suggesting the meals being served up in the old site for that story had on over to r t. dr. well, as the taliban advanced across gala son in mid august, the country's president beat a hasty retreat. shut down, he became leader in 2014. after the election. that international observers denounced as rigged for decades. he held
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a u. s. passport studied to lead to american universities last month and county reportedly fled to the united are of emirates in an earth craft stuff with $170000000.00 in cash. we spoke to journalist ben norton, and he's been looking into the ny former ask our leaders background and his ties to washington. the lead interests in washington, and specifically on wall street and silicon valley. they cultivate these elite figures in countries around the world, especially in the global south to serve their interests for a very clear reasons. those interests are pecuniary, their financial, they want money, they want access natural resources. they want control over pipelines and things like that. so i sure gunny as a fellow member via lee who was born into a wealthy family in a lead family who was educated in the west who lived a half of his life in the united states and had us citizenship and worked at the
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world bank. he was incorporated into this new liberal ideology that says that the solution to all of life's problems our markets are freeing the market. i sure have gone, he was cultivated by these lead interests. just like one why you go who wants to privatize all of the oil and minerals in venezuela. and just like many of these other figures who go through what you could call regime change in the u. s. regime change industry to create these figures. who eventually will try to come to power and then we'll privatize everything in the country and allow western corporation specifically us corporations to exploit them. still ahead an artsy and iranian american author is subjected to run the clock surveillance after being branded a foreign agent. thus story,
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and more few in 90 seconds in company ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy for station let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical. time to sit down and talk with me ah ah,
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the ah, a log in a political scientist, an author is facing up to 5 years behind bars in the us after being accused of working covertly for the iranian government. count a, a for saudi denies the charges. he's been subjected to relentless surveillance with thousands of his phone calls recorded according to court records your shuttle of been following the case. strangers, getting full access to your cool history can be a person's worst night math yet. that's a reality right now for kathy, a for b, as the prosecution is handing over more than $33000.00 of the political analysts
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audio recordings to a court. recordings of his conversations with friends, family, business partners is not one iota propaganda in any of my articles and books. and i have asked the other side to produce one single evidence of propaganda on my part and they have failed to do so. and you know, this is really a great injustice to me, and my kids are work as a, as a, as a scholar, to publish books that are highly review of being 40 affairs with his journals and so on. and to be cornish like this without a shred of evidence for c r b, as is no terrorist. nor did he plan something as dramatic as a federal reserve heist. the prosecution accuses him of failing to register as a for an agent, and being
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a clandestine propaganda to for the rainy and government. the 1st allegedly sought influence the american public and american policymakers for the benefit of his employer, the rainy and government, by disguising propaganda, objected policy, analysis and expertise. so a political analyst and opinion writer for such outlets as the new york times, for instance, has years of his phone calls, recorded and faces up to 5 years in jail on criminal charges of failing to declare himself a for an agent. you'd expect the mainstream media machine stir up a hype? well, at least of the proportion it does, whenever russia labels, news outlets for an agents. you and other journalists and independent journalists
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continue to be blacklisted. and you have now been just the latest news organization to be deemed a foreign agent. the kremlin has been silencing all forms of defense, often using the foreign agents law to target critical media. medusa, an independent new site, founded by self exiled russian journalists in neighboring latvia. was branded for an agent in april. so all this was over, the russian government demand to add a for an agent disclaimer to the content published by select entities. no prison time, no finds no why it's happening. that compared to complete radio, silence in response to washington, secretly listening to years of their colleagues private phone calls. as this report is being prepared, literally to news links on google covering the why it's happening in this case is inherently politicized. i have been an agent or a piece, not any particular government because i was pushed for the mutual interest of both
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us and iran in line with my iranian american identity. i know they stood back from criticizing, you know, when i thought they deserve. so after all these years, suddenly the us government claims that, you know, i was being something illegal. that was the case. why didn't they give me a call 13 years ago and say you might be violation of this? you know, far i have done with a whole number of people, you know, they made a courtesy call to send letters to these people and say, you know, did you know that you're violating thought on? you need to register and they didn't do that with me. even the judge seems perplexed by the timing rating the prosecution for being out the case. i have an assistant us attorney who is dragging out discovery to know and for himself seems to be rather unfazed by the case against him speaking to r t. his revealed that this is not his 1st legal battle as an analyst of iranian
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descent. this is the 5th time in the past 25 years. there are been subjected to frivolous criminal charges. and i think a lot of them from, you know, political objectives in each episode elevator to prove my innocence in court. and you know, defending myself as a pro se, if this case proceeds and god forbid, found guilty and so forth. this will be a big stigma for the us justice system. and obviously this will have repercussions at the moral level as well. washington loves to play freedom of speech, mental lamb, basking others for pinning down outlets. and also journalists were often reimbursed with us taxpayer dollars. striking right as at home with multiply the vigor here. let's move the program on the special forces in the african nation of guinea are claiming to have toppled the president and dissolve the government. there was
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heavy gunfire outside the presidential palace on sunday, with military vehicles patrolling the streets and local media is reporting soldiers have arrested the head of state along with top ranking officials. the defense ministry disputes that insisting a crew has been prevented and that loyalist forces are working to restore law and order. we spoke to an african studies researcher who thinks an uprising was all but inevitable. they can force it on it. we should not be surprised that the crew was a success only that it took this long. the situation is very difficult. for con, they tried to impose his will by force, and he created such political tension in the country that unfortunately the scenario was quite expected. the alpha con, they forced through amendments the constitution, despite efforts from civil society and opposition forces who created
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a national front for the defense of the constitution to prevent him from running for a 3rd time. the opposition except to the election, just to avoid bloodshed. and today we see that the army is taking revenge and the use of violence during elections has destroyed the legitimacy about con days, president set up with a teacher in california has been suspended for apparently attempting to brainwash his students with far left ideology in an undercover video, that's great parents, he described his methods underneath the revolutionary how do you do that? how do you probably have as far left as you can. why are people like, why are we taking waking up arms like i get to say i haven't and the flag on my, on my wall and as soon complained about that made it come to me after 2. i don't,
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i don't really know. maybe you shouldn't be aligning with the value that it every medical gabriel, a guy who was in that video we just saw works to a high school in sacramento. now after the clip was released by investigative group project, very tough. you was placed on leave for violating political action guidelines, and local authorities say they plan to fire laughter. the video guy apologized saying teachers should not be sharing their personal beliefs, but for the majority of personalities, not enough. now they didn't hold back out a recent school board meeting. this is evil, its darkness. it is hell. and these are criminals for abusing our children. maybe we should get a class action law to endangerment of a child. you guys would have done not seeing because you did nothing. when these students come wayne, you stand by this man preaching and people and communism in our classroom. a
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disgrace. this is this too much. this man being fired is not everything that we want. we need our right back is parents. it is your responsibility to know what he's teaching. and if the going on for years and you will allow it to happen, you're going to be held accountable. this is because of you. okay. gabriel guy is a symptom, not the sickness we heard from legal as jennifer de muster. she said better background checks are needed before hiring educators typically in the public school system. i mean, we're seeing over and over these, these public school teachers that are aligning with these very, very dangerous ideologies being allowed to keep children. he wasn't hiding his belief. if he would, that obvious about about his, his belief than what he was doing. i guarantee that students were already talking to their parents and their parents were already complaining to the district to the school board and trying to get something done and nothing was ever done. i think
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more of that is going to come out because in the public schools is different for private schools than it is for public schools. private schools have a lot more leeway and how they want to interview people. every employer these days looks that social media looks up what you say. they have a right to choose not to hire you, but in the government, you know, they are supposed to do that more in government positions like a public school teacher. and so they should be looking into these accounts and seeing that what would startling to be that number of public school teachers that had such outrageous extreme and what we believed to continue to get hired more great programs get their starting moments here in r t the news room, just off camera, busy putting together all the latest updates for you on this monday. i'll bring them to you and 30. see if the
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the the war on drugs noted as a way to come back. a great problem. what's the one? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check and told us that andrew was competent short term. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in the river like something else to be happening long when i was the wrong. when old school, just don't the room. yes,
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to see out the same because the attitude and engagement equal trail. when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground in me, the pacific leg around the world, expedition by 1000 ocean miles round the clock in the dead. calm miss wilson in michigan, as every country close by like the crew. gavin's food and water and food to check those for shelter. later on,
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the little thing is got everybody locked down or almost no food and no one really. i'm not sure. somebody either stuck up in the cove. it you're living like the female of old. but in the 21st century, ah ah, ah ah, ah. hello and welcome across hog we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle. they are growing indications. donald trump will indeed make a 3rd run for the presidency in 2024. the former president remains the most favored
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potential primary candidate within the g o p. but what about the republican party


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