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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 5, 2021 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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it's all about proximity, and as we've talked about before, the can tell an effect. if you're close to the central bank, you get the money 1st and you get to put it into things like assets. and then as the money works is right through the economy. those assets go up a lot and this is how the weapon income gap is created. the return of on celebrates taking full control of don is found after declaring they've defeated the last remaining armed resistance. however, onset and 5 is still claim to hold. paul told the eastern time share a convicted rapist and several 2nd terrorists discovered among the asylum seekers and lifted germany pro. i've got a song and a trailer post is a bill to get for it. have access to internet accounts and devices of anyone under
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investigation that was a quick check over the headline this out coming up next thing to national if the kinds of report the hi, i'm either this is a kaiser report you know lot of people see me on tv ripping out money like crazy wondering why are you doing that? isn't that crazy? oh, boy, i got a story for you, stacy. well, let's look up some epic mind blowing. actually, money ripping. this is a mind blowing graphic in today's times on what? $85000000000.00 worth of last equipment means in practice for the taliban. full just name a few of these taliban new arsenal. they have 8000 trucks. 22174 humvees. 120
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. 6000. 295 pistols. 33 helicopters, am i 17 as well? some other aircraft, right, well, this is a problem when you can just print money for free, right? with big coin, it's called proof of work. and you have to actually have a working network to produce it similar to like a gold standard, but on a pure of fee or money standard, where the central bank can just print billions and trillions of the worthless paper money. it allows them to do things like we're going to fight terrorism by invading a sovereign nation and giving them $85000000000.00 with the weapons of mass destruction and see what happens. right. so obviously that's been the same thing to do. but the money like the us dollar and others, encourages and sanity. and that's my so many people are finding it difficult to survive in this world. yeah, a few things because these same weapons, contractors, finance the cable news and you've got to put on
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a show. so like when floyd may weather fault with fault, jake paul, there were many who said, he obviously held him up to make sure you keep on fighting because people were paying big bucks for the live stream for it to be in the stadium and things like that. so you've got to solve the machine, you've got to make it like it, some sort of competition. and the other thing is like just compare this to the programs that with huge fanfare on the same cable news channels are saying like were helping all the people of america. so they get $85000000000.00 worth of equipment. the taliban. remember the, the rent moratorium? well, we paid the rent. we were, we allocate and funds for the rent and never made it there of course, but $47000000000.00. that was 85000000000. this is pretty substantial. they want to tax crip crypto for $30000000000.00 over 10 years. so this is just show you the fives of how much, how much gear we gave the taliban. it's all about proximity. and as we've talked
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about before, the can telling effect if you're close to the central bank, you get the money 1st and you get to put it in to things like assets and then as the money works its way through the economy, those assets go up a lot, and this is how the wealth and income gap is created, but there's also the proximity of the military, right? the joint chiefs of staff and the generals, they are right there on the white house. so they're all day long talking to congress people and they're talking to the media and they're talking to president, give me more money, get my money. they don't say why they want more money. they have no mission. they have no purpose. they have no agenda. they have no plan, but proximity to the money makes it easier to get lots of money. of course, they pay themselves lots of money. and there's now richard zip code in america than the ones around the military industrial complex and washington d. c. thanks all the money they get because of the proximity, they are to the money. and then when catastrophe happens, they just walk away and say hoops. speaking of the white house and the military industrial complex in the white house,
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lieutenant general michael flynn was in the white house. he served under obama and then serve for a few days. under trump. he was the head of the counterterrorism in afghanistan and iraq under obama. so he was there allocating a lot of these resources messing up a lot of these resources. but this is an important story because this is like senior senior senior guy connected guy, military guy. you know, and listen to this breaking chase. bank councils is credit card accounts with general when citing possible reputational risk to their company. in case there was any doubt about what is happening in this country. and it says we are closing your credit cards. after careful consideration, we decided to close your credit cards on september 18th, 2021 because continuing the relationship creates possible reputation on risk to our company. the letter allegedly says, and on top of this, the daily mail did cover it and they say, chase, send
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a letter to general flint wife telling her they're cancelling her card because she's a reputation risk to the bank. them backtracks and claims. it was an error, and this is all coming from general flynn and his wife. so just bear that mind. but nevertheless, this is what we said here on kaiser for a few years ago is 3 or 4 years ago. we said once china introduce their social credit score, that it will be coming to america. and if you think that you, jo bag don't sitting out there and you're so folks working from home is going to somehow be immune from this. like if they're doing it to somebody like this. sure, general plan is a bit wacky, but the fact is like he is a powerful guy by chase. chase bank. we mean j. p. morgan chase? yes. from by jamie diamond. course, jamie diamond, a big coin. and now we know why, because we're big point, it can't sense or a transaction big for political means for lens. true. but over there at the bank
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chase, he can censor general when by cutting them off from his credit card, which is a form of censorship, which is violation of the 1st amendment, right? freedom of speech. so it's at the constitutional breaking the law jamie diamond. again, remember, he's paid hundreds of millions, a few billions of dollars because he's been a receipt of as the law breaker for years now. and that's is, that's his party trick. when he shows up somewhere and the hamptons are new york, they say, hey jamie, hi and nice to see again. jimmy here can spell backwards. what can you do? i can commit fraud and i have to pay a small fine. they're just pay my slip a $1000000000.00 from committing fraud. i'm jamie diamond reporting trick. right. well, unfortunately, when you undermine the country like that, the country is going to go into the garbage. jamie diamond party trick is, i'll just show you this simple google search. what it gave up just for the past year. if you search for j. p. morgan,
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and that is j. p. morgan to pay $920000000.00 fine for manipulating precious metals . that was september 29th, 2020. and on november 24th 2020 us regulator, find j. p. morgan chase $250000000.00 for fail. i was $1200000000.00 and $5.00. yeah. ok. he gets away with it because the government relies on jamie to do things like sensor general friend in overt action of political corruption, overt political corruption, the kind that the us says that they invade countries to stop or we're going to invest this country. it's been billing through don't be that country. we need to protect the women of the babies. oh, here's a guy who's openly corrupt and spending billions and stealing and sensory and breaking the law. but he's all we look jamie. oh, we love jamie. well, of course we do have censorship resistant money now, which is bitcoin. but in terms of this, obviously it's a hyper partisan sort of environment,
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especially right now in the united states where we're observing. and there are a lot of people under this article, and they're really happy like half the country is super happy and think such should happen. yes. so say people will look at china's say that's who knows, like if you can just observe other countries who, what would be tolerated their own, maybe that would provide some more understanding nevertheless, like in this situation. so if indeed, general plan is a risk to their reputation, how about his water company or his phone company? his gas company providing heat for us has the electricity. why, how about clothing? should he have any clothes like what it, why should he be able to wear any brands? right? like where does a stop, what? what's the end of this road of the social credit score? it doesn't stop day now it's just slippery slope and every utility, every interface he has with the economy is subject now to be terminated on a whim for political reasons and to be completely corrupt. and it is like
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a chinese social credit score. and if you comply with the state and you are part of the collective and you have your little green jacket in your little red mal book, then you'll be allowed to get a protein pell and survive another 6 hours. if you want to express your rights under the constitution of the bill of rights, you're considered by this government that's running the show here in america today as an enemy of the states. the constitution has been outlawed in america. and i think the people who share that on are the same people are going to come crying to the big coin or, and saying, i can't afford my bread anymore because the inflation because of all the money printing by jamie diamond to bail out all his friends and i can eat and i'm starving. and of course the answer to them will be ha, well this sort of authoritarianism and the mindset is setting in just like the mindset of inflation. the principles don't actually matter. so let's look at a headline from may 2021 china, the social credit system ranks citizens and punishes them with throttled internet
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speeds and flight bands of the communist party team. some untrustworthy people be punished if they drive badly by too many video games or steel. it's not yet a unified nationwide system, but china plans on eventually making it mandatory for everyone in their own documents of 20142015 when they release as they say, this is an order to you know, to, to buy by the principles of the socialism and communism whereas everybody knows like they're not even communist the communists are socialists, right? they're over capitalist. that's because there is no i, i the ology of communism behind this. they might call themselves a communist party and you have to pledge allegiance the communist party. but there is no communist party for real. and yeah, you got to look at the history of china. they have a long or a long, multi 100 year 1000 year tradition of entrepreneurs building up the economy. and then the state coming in and destroying it and shooting itself in the foot. south
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entrepreneurs in the ninety's and the 2 thousands built up the economy in a strong way. so we can re, i'm, i'm sure that china will kind of shoot itself in the foot. i'm more concerned with the u. s. torching the constitution. that seems to be a more pressing problem. we're following them as we warned like when china 1st analysis that we suggested based on what we're observing on the cable news that the demand for a similar situation would be here in america. and sure enough the d platforming started accelerating. so the did monetization. and now cutting people off from financial services. so let's look what they do in china as well. and how you could imagine that here with negative interest rates and cbd sees coming well. other potential punishable offenses include spending too long playing video games, wasting money on frivolous purchases and posting on social media. what happens when j powell decides that your purchases are frivolous that month and he like,
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take some out of your c, b c account. you're such a digital currency account, right? exactly. it's just to be a nightmare, very chinese and respect. now let's go back to america 1st. so i can, you know, it's built with checks and balances throughout the entire system. you've got various branches covering the freedom of the press and other things. one of the ways that america kind of saves itself is another checks and balance system. we have a lot of power in the states and we saw that in the civil war. you know, the way out of civil war and america may go into another civil war situation where the states who are going to abide by the constitution are on one side of the civil war. and those who want to become chinese social credit score mimics are going to be on the other side. i think, you know which side i'll be up and i'll have all the bit going, hey, we're going to take a break. and when we come back, much more coming here way, the me ah,
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ah, i think what your mind indeed gets up again with a great decision over the last 30 years it, it was the 1st decision which did not follow the course of the event and history was an attempt to change the course and the biggest task or the statement is to contradict history, is to change the historical part from the national for important and what actually job, why didn't do the the families that mark sounds good. i took market function you up with a lot of people, like i said,
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well that's good to know. how do you all done? got that. i don't know whether you got that limit and i wanted them to be skills that you know on the left on the left about the me and the me welcome back to the guys report. i'm as the guys are time now to turn to mish shed log of miss talk dot com miss.
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welcome back. it's a pleasure, rebecca and the guys are show. it's been awhile so it's good to do. good to see you and stacy, you know, we've been following you of course, as always and need to pick your brain on some things. there. stock markets and property markets are out all time. shipping rates have gone parabolic shorted years are everywhere driven in part due to record demand, but also a shortage of workers. what's going on? then you get the word, it's transitory. max. now the question is transit story to what the bad it does. the fedex is trying to make up for past inflation, which is absolutely crazy. if you look at the housing market or the stock market, we don't count that way. we just, we just count the consumer inflation, not monetary, inflation, not housing models are not the things that matter the most, they actually. so if you believe the bad and the last inflation running, oh,
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well i that 5.4 percent or so year over year on the c b i. but all that does is just make up for the negative past inflation, at least. so they plan. i don't buy macs, i don't know anybody with like amazon to buy something that's new. as far as i know is this work or shortage driven in part by the transfer payments that are coming from the government and workers deciding it's better to stay home. they make more staying home than they were making minimum wage at the job. and they were saying it show up in real time, you know, you go to the store, went recently to some stores and they just don't have people working there. how, how are they going to get out of that? is that just mean they're going to, is that, that kind of a substitute for m m t? haven't they haven't been introduced? i'm empty, doubtfully miss. that's essentially what it is. i've not heard of described that way. it's also what andrew yang at this proposal,
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you know, to give everybody free amana there's been, go quite to everybody. but it went to almost everybody. we had 3 rounds of stimulus to did that. and then they continued this with, you know, pandemic unemployment benefits essentially paying people not to work. of course, there were 2030 states maybe that said, you know enough of this, we're going to end these ban demik benefits. and guess what workers returned in those states. big time and but didn't in the places where they kept the benefit. this is all going to and of course, depending on what they democrat hide or get passed in this $3.00 trillion dollars, stimulus package that they're working on. and the amazing thing about that,
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and max is, i keep saying these reports, we've got an outline we got while i go look for the outline outline there. no one knows what is in this thanks because it's been at the mercy of a handful of i excuse me, of to republican senators and a handful of house representatives. so they're really just starting to work on this outline and we're not going to have it until the end of the month. when you mentioned working there. and people deciding whether to go back to work and go back to work in the asset world where we seeing price appreciation going up 20 percent a year or more due to the money printing and the content fact or all the asset holders get the money 1st they don't work, they just sit on assets, then you have another class of people who are now sitting at home. they're not working either because they're getting free money. but it's that it's the same
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there too. we have 2 classes in america right now that don't work, hedge funds and transfer payment recipients. we have 2 distinct classes that don't work and to get the asset guys to work. how do we get them to start working again? because all they're doing is just a raunchy economy. they're just ripping people off the hedge fund world. how do we get them back into the workforce mash? i think the distortions are going to continue actually max until we have a huge correction in the stock market. but, you know, as you know, i'm not exactly a profit here. i, i never thought ever thought that we would blow another bubble again as big as we did kind of mutual cooperation. the ben bernacki one said that the only 3 are paying into matter. we're the fed, the vice chairman of the fed,
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and the president of the new york bank. i think the new troy is jerome file, the fed chair, janet yon. and they, you know, of course, congress is in, on this with, you know, these best will stimulus package is never going to. and, and the most disturbing part about the proposal on deck from the democrats is, is this energy tax matched by a c? are pushing for 80 percent clean energy by 2030. right. this anyone? what side? the progress thing. but this is actually possible and if so, what inflation is going to result from that. i think that's the ticket to study
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play she. we don't know what classes yet. we don't even have an outline. but that's the big share on my mind here is, is something completely on the same pass by congress or going to see stable place and from it. and of course tanks, lation is increased inflation and lowering of gdp simultaneously. in other words, it's very recessionary to really get into this, you need to kind of do a forensic look at the numbers. and of course you always do a great job looking at the numbers over there and mesh talk dot com. you wrote recently that quote, housing adjusted real interest rate sank to record low negative 8.5 percent. all right, so what is exactly, does this mean elaborate for our audience? how you get to a negative 8.5 percent and why?
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what, what this means, the fred says the, the cpi to be says the c b i and the fed project that inflation is 5 percent year over year. ok. 5.4. actually the that's as of june they if you put housing end of the picture, keisha or home price index was up over 18 percent year over year 18.6 percent year over year owners equivalent rat, which is the medical price that people would pay if they ran their own house for themselves. unfurnished without rent was only up 2.5 percent. i believe it was year over year. that's the largest component of the cpr by fall 24 percent. if what i did was said ok, let's substitute housing prices back in there. so instead of
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going up 2 and a half percent, we look at prices going up 18.6 percent and that's 24 percent of c p i. now you're talking interest rates, a negative interest rates, not negative 5.4 percent, negative 8.5 percent roughly. and that's all i did. there's so many things, you know, of course, housing bubbles aren't reflected in the cpi and that's the spotlight is all wrong. everyone looks that consumer price inflation, that's what matters. it's inflation that what matters. so economy is running the bank of international sediments as come out many times. and it is and has talked about that deflation or negative prices that the consumer level isn't really even. what matters,
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it actually gets more goods to more people standards of living rise when, when goods are cheaper and more people have access to them. bad is help on producing a rise in the cpi which it now has. but still it's happening with because wants to make up for, for lack of loss, inflation. you know, if it's crazy, so how long as his transitory for it's transitory until we have the next crash or until democrats do something even sillier. which is put this energy tax on driving a prices for real rates, negative 8.5 percent. so you take the 10 year interest rate, any subtract the inflation as you're describing it. if you add back and the things they should be adding back in, in the housing actually not everything. right? and you end up with a negative 8 and a half percent of the real rate. the most shocking negative rate we've seen. and
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so this is something that the fed is telling us they're trying to fight. they're, they're trying to tell us that this is not the outcome that they wanted. right? so you're saying is not exactly that match. what they're saying is, it's transitory. that is actually welcome, paul. use the word welcome. better finding under the fact that they don't think this is going to last. well, if home prices are going up 18 and a half percent max and the, the mortgage rate is only 2 and a half percent is the wonder we have a bubble in the money printing that there, that they are engaged in, is making then the interest draco, moring negative so there are more like they're,
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they're in same. it is also convoluted. it's because it's hard to get a grasp on this. i don't think we're going to have more on this inflation picture until we say what the democrats propose and whether or not it passes. but depending on what they pass, i'm looking for a nasty balance tagline. so is that the resolution of the grade inflation, deflation debate we've got about 50 seconds left and segment why not carry over for segment to, but is this the great inflation and deflation debate we've been covering with you for 15 years or so on? is it, is it gone all resolved in a massive stagflation? is that the end game? i don't know, because we don't know, we don't know actually what they're going to pass. you don't know how the fed is going to react when they do that. and certainly if interest rates start going up, i think we're going to see a stock market crash. of course, i've been talking about this for a long time. a crash itself will lower the demand for housing. so i don't
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think, i don't think this is resolved. it is not yet clear that stagflation is be, is the scenario. what happens to the stock market? and, you know, we need to see then a stock market trash is very, very deflationary for all kinds of reasons. ok, well, quite a cliffhanger. we're going to carry that over to a 2nd segment for now. thanks for being a cause report mesh. always the pleasure to be on max pay for having. and that's going to do for this edition of kaiser report with may max guys or, and stacey everett want to think, i guess miss shed lack of mesh talk dot com until next time via the me. ah ah ah, i think what your mind indeed is up against and with a great decision over the last 30 years it,
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it was the 1st decision which did not follow the course of the events and history. was an attempt to change the course. and the biggest task over the statements ship is to contradict history, is to change the historical part from the national foreign policy. and actually, july them days the the, i lose
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me the we went to have gone down twice in the last 6 months to record this footage. many people warned us that filming the opium, a crop being eradicated, just wasn't realistic. and that our chances of finding villages willing to show us the crops when next to 0. they said we'd never be able to find.


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