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tv   News  RT  September 1, 2021 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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me the me the news the extraordinary success of this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless courage is united states military and our diplomat. in the headlines, the september 1st, president biden defending america hasty tools. my son, pressing me up, standing result of emissions. the kale blood shed the us from the tree final days.
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and this is and we don't want to be in that. if i'm please, please, please beg you to do to read us from british national strands in the gun cab with pleading for help. special relationship between britain and the us come to the trade with both countries pointing the finger of blame at each other last week. suicide bought me at the top of the german government, facing a bus last for its alleged failure to cobble evacuation over how many local workers it actually managed to rescue. ah, not i will most time in the morning from kevin. oh, in this wednesday, live from ortiz will use age q of go to our latest for you, for the next half hour does your head and president biden's,
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given the glowing endorsement of america's longest, was even went so far as to say, the african mission was an extraordinary success, despite the chaos and bloodshed of recent days. extraordinary success and this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless courage of united states, military and our diplomat and intelligence professionals. it was designed to save american lives. the family of the 13 american soldiers who died and a terrorist attack and cobble a few days ago would definitely argue with that biden's appearance at the dignified transfer of the remains. certainly added insult to injury. i said, i swear to god. if he checks his watch one more time, i couldn't look at him anymore after that, considering especially the time and why we were there. i found to be the most disrespectful thing i've ever seen. now, after this so called successful operation over a 100 americans are still stranded in afghanistan. the exact number is not known
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apparently, and that is despite jo biden's promise that no one would be left behind. now we believe that about 100 to 200 americans remain that can stand with some intention to leave. and for those remaining americans, there is no deadline. we're going to try to get it done before august or and, but if we don't, if her american force, if there's american citizens left, we're going to stay that we get them all out. now, while the u. s. public overwhelmingly favors withdrawal from afghanistan. poles also show that the public is unhappy with how it was done. over 80 percent of the public says that they wanted the military to stay in and make sure that americans should get out safely. now, republicans are stepping up and calling for joe biden to step down. we call upon most somberly the resignation of this president joe biden,
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and it's the right thing to do to preserve some modicum of honor. and to step down, i think one of the reasons why the past couple of weeks of gaston have been such a shock to some and such a disappointing confirmation to others. is because of that disconnect between reality and how that reality is projected. i believe there should be accountability for what i, what i see is probably the biggest failure in american government on a military stage in my lifetime. but it's not just republicans. some democrats also seem rather unsatisfied by recent events. the evacuation process appears to have been egregiously mishandled. in order to move forward, we need answers and accountability regarding the cascading failures that lead us to this moment. our troops deserve nothing less than a complete and unvarnished truth. i think that timeline is less than what we have to do to get us citizen and others out of the country. and within the military, there is discontent as well. over 90 retired generals and admirals called for the
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highest ranking us general. and for the us secretary of defense to step down the loss of billions of dollars in our advanced military equipment and supplies fall into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. the damage to the reputation of the united states is indescribable. we will be seen for many years as an unreliable partner in any multinational agreement or operation. trust in the united states is irreparably damaged. now, after 20 years, the war in afghanistan seems to have come to an end, at least for america. joe biden is taking credit for finally bringing the troops home. however, the manner in which he did it has many questioning his competency. we've got a situation where it looks like august is wrapping up to be the worst month yet for the biden whitehouse. caleb martin, r t new york. despite his claims of success by it and blamed his predecessor donald trump for the abruptness of the us withdrawal. but the president's words appear
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remarkably similar to things trumpet previously said is indeed an error of major military operations to re make other countries. i think the year of nation building will be brought to a very i yeah, whitening was not found by anything from did. and the evidence of that is all the other things trump has done that biden has undone as quickly as possible. it's a whiten, doesn't care about anything. the trump did that, that he feels held to be, wasn't held to that fight and started backwards by removing our position of strength, like closing back run, shrinking our footprint, you half the size of an airport in the city of 4000000 people and then making it impossible to defend that by drawing down the military as he goes until there's not enough people left. it was a disaster waiting to happen,
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and biden did it all in the wrong order. every death is on him. their blood is on his hands, the only choice he has right now is to claim credit for doing good because that will fool the people who aren't really paying attention. but the whole world knows he did this completely wrong. and in the worst, most inept, bumbling possible way, and i don't see him saving years now. there's been a point of view in the us of the defeat of the soviet union. and i've got to start in the 1980s was maybe a precursor for the collapse of the ussr. what we've got some thoughts on american journalists, the boy malik expanded on that idea. and a really interesting reading opinion piece he's done for our site. they don't com questioning, maybe now them if it america said to crumble, you'll find loads more interesting angles and thought provoking, patients like that. it's not, you know, ready? check it out at t dot com u k. national seal stranded enough ghana sign of pleading with
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their government for help with 5000 british citizens evacuated from couple hundreds there was still believe to be left in the city. one of them shared his fears. a lot for taliban around. yeah. and a lot of people they know that i came from britain and i'm just a scared. if i come i go out and i'm just like looking around and looking might behind. if they start someone gun man come to, to, to, to kill level, to took us somewhere. i'm trying to board johnson and the foreign minister. and we all, we all to sit does and we don't want to be in this situation. i'm please, please, please. i beg you to, to, to rescue from here as break forum. secondly, dominic robs admitted he doesn't know exactly how many you k nationals are still enough kind of stand. he's facing growing anger over the handling of the british evacuation mission, and he put the number left behind in the low hundreds during
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a recent interview. look, of course we, we lament the fact that anyone would be left behind. i know that the number of u. k. nationals, the particular responsibility of the foreign office is now down at a very low level specific, well, low hundreds given that we've taken in total $5000.00 out. and most of those difficult cases where it's not clear around the eligibility of their undocumented robs, also flatly denied a claim in us media. the britain may have been indirectly responsible for letting a suicide bomber to cobble airport last last happened to one of its entrances, where africans were waiting in line to be processed. the flags, at least a 170 people were killed. there appeared to can document the political magazine claims that the u. k. and asked american forces to keep a gate cobble airport open to help get british nationals out despite a possible terror threat, u. k. foreign secretary,
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se legation is just not true. while another government minister, as accused the us of indulging in a blame game, now there is an underlying current of blame which is unhelpful. it's a distraction from the main efforts of what is happening on the ground. if the scale of this attack was known beforehand, old gate should have been closed as a matter of protocol. and they went, which suggest i have a detailed intelligence was missing, or huge risks were chosen to be taken anyway. we are so for when you take has a terrorism intelligence officer shall show bridge about how such an operation should go in a high risk situation like the end of the day. if you've only got one or 2 or 3 days left to carry out your evacuation, it could be argued that you constantly shut down the operation every time that as a town or not. because if you do so, of course you just had an initiative to groups such as the iso, perhaps even the taliban themselves, you could manufacture bomb alerts like that and therefore thereby disrupt the
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operation to act the time even before the chapter plays, the british appear to be the people who actually went public with this, which in a way could undermine any attempts to capture or kill the attacker before he got to the airport. because of course, got disclose the festival. there is a source that is disclosed misconduct information. i'm 2nd, it gave warning to the attacker if he's watching the news, which i'm sure he said he was colleagues, that he was the there was information had been given that he might, he or she might be on their way. so that's why the europe braces for a surge of refugees from i've got to stand europe and commissioner says the best way out of the problem is to look at fixing at least one of the root cause is important to see what we can do now to avoid to humanitarian crisis. this is the best way to avoid migration crisis is to avoid
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a humanitarian crisis. and that's why we need to support africans in afghanistan. elated smith's on tuesday to try to thrash out a plan about how best to prevent a surge of illegal migrants coming in from a gun. this time, they want to avoid repetition of the 2015 migration sled from syria. and it seems things are about to get much tougher than for asylum seekers. across the block news, the news, the
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news, the me, your opinion is proposing that i've got to stand neighbors not accept some of those migrants, but for a start, pakistan is already said, it is unable to take any more because it's already hosting more than 3000000 african refugees from previous crisis when countries have highlighted fears over terrorism issues too. and then back in europe, berlin has been struggling to evacuate germany linked local workers from. i've got to start with the government having to explain why up to 40000 personnel is still stuck in the country despite previous promises. peter, all of his covering that side of it this morning. 4587. that's the exact number of people germany was able to lift out of cobble. a jump
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language merkel was pretty clear about who had priority for evacuation is that you will continue their vocation operation for as long as possible in order to make it possible for afghans who worked with us for security. freedom, the rule of law and development to leave the country. however, while just under $4000.00 of that number were off guns, citizens, and the $138.00 of them were in fact local staff, along with around $500.00 family members. not less than one in 5 of those rescued by germany as for who the rest of the people are. that's still being worked out. but in this case, we do not yet know, at least in each individual case, whether there's any direct connection with local staff. you can imagine how things were happening there. nobody was standing in front of a german plane counting and saying, we're only taking with us those who are coming to germany. and we're leaving those who need to go to italy or belgium. because of this, of course,
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there are people connected with other you countries who have been brought to germany. the chaotic approach to the left is the blamed on a lack of preparedness from both the foreign defense ministries here in lin, when it came to the speed at which the taliban advanced and the limited capability of local forces. in mid august, the german government estimated that less than $180.00 local employees and their families would need to be flowing out. ultimately who got on to german planes, was decided by the taliban as they controlled access to the airport. and as the interior ministry admitted last week, that severely complicated the selection process. we currently have a very pragmatic procedure. we only carry out the security check upon entry to the country. we have now identified 4 cases of people who had already been deported. border now in germany. again and government estimate 40000 people were left behind
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when you factor in family members as well. german foreign minister, high coma, said the safe haven would be offered to more guns, but refused to be drawn on how they should get out of the country. i would not come and turns out publicly in any way. currently, the conditions for securing these routes have not been created at all for that there would have to be agreements with the taliban as well as with the countries where these people will go for hope is that one's cobble airport is open to civilian flights. more people will be able to come here to germany, but make no mistake. the taliban hold all of the cards on the ground and indicates is that any checks carried out on eligibility to fly. won't be able to be carried out until those people are on german soil. peter all over the berlin. for more thoughts on it. we also spoke maximillian christ, a gen, a member of the european parliament who believes the best option would be to get
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the taliban to guarantee it will retaliate against those who helped western forces . we spend a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of life and they've got it all. you may have gone to a more rest and place. you may have got it or a gamma play problem is been ever you have any tension than our integration, the last ring and euro the make the exception to the, to the our, it and all we had about high have people that you're in the gym in a day less than we have to, to take in 70. how that get and tell it on that and, you know, take the land with day to collaborate with us,
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the partners desperate. my courage will be to take it directly to a th on the government that route and get guarantee that they will never prosecute those people re supported the forces coming up to a team and his team to national. good morning for me, kevin, though, and thanks to check it in. i can offer you this reg, lips life on a russian nuclear icebreaker on a mission of the top of the world. shortly. all the border for cruise is a bit of a difference. taken shortly after this break me i hello driven by a dreamer shaped by those in
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me dares think we dare to ask me what we got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy for patients. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk me. ah
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ah oh again, good morning from russia. so this next story, 10 companies spend the run a 100000000 euro every year on lobbying efforts to try to shape you policies or their interests with us firms top in the list of biggest spend as, according to a new study, let me show you about it. that the ago is the graph. these are the ones who spend the most on know being all of them pretty familiar names. so great surprises there . i guess the list is taught by the us tech john. google, which shows are almost $6000000.00 euro a year. and as you can see, the top firms and most of the american companies altogether showing up more than 32000000 euro year to try and push their agendas in the block. there are more than $600.00 companies vying to try to buy influence in the who were there all headquarters around the world, such as in china and france, a large percentage of them. and again, american research shows, industry lobbyists,
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were involved in the majority of almost 300 european commission meetings along the way. and that of that were intended initially to try to rein in the power attack. jones, whether involved in these meetings and how much of the influencing them, but it's something that's left consumer rights campaign is very worried. what is most striking is how big tech is trying to control the narrative around regulating digital markets and services through its extensive use of think tanks, industry groups, high level names and consultancies, and academic research. with big bucks and a towering presence. big tech is trying hard to prevent the emergence of a new rules that will force them to change the way they operate in europe. into that low expert co and told us big tech companies, a lobbying in the you to avoid being held accountable for the dubious activities. the idea that tech companies spending is such huge amount of money on low being in d. u is quite frightening to be frankly,
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not low being in order to benefit their customers low being in order to avoid being held accountable for directions. there is no doubt that the greater involvement of tech companies within the political systems in europe and in other countries as well, is a great threat to democracy. they could be deciding who will be allowed to be heard that can ban politicians from, from the platforms. so there is a very serious risk here. date tech companies will be ending up having almost full control over free speech funding for his promise to re look at life on board russia nuclear icebreaker. the ships called 50 years of victory is one of the largest of its type in the world is mag job. when
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it's working hard is the tank is through rushes, froze northern seas. but on the off season, it also takes people adventurous, the frozen north as well. so 1st, the q particular correspondent is on board emission to the north pole will least explore the course and hardest to reach places normally were on board a russian nuclear icebreaker bound for the north pole. as a journalist, i've been to many dangerous places all around the world, but this trip definitely stands out. we're about to visit police explored an accessible part of our planet and gets only a 1000 visitors year because of this. it has sort of a lead environment that harsh climate. so like a lot, we're going all the way to the north. ah, we're departing from the man's god. the whole board of worlds only nuclear ice breaker played a lot of stuff round,
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as is considered top secret. know technically i'm not even allowed to film here. my throw caution to the wind and check out why the giant behind me is an icebreaker called 50 years, a victory that is going to take us to the north pole. the ice breakers main job is to guide tankers through rushes, frozen northern seas. but in the summer, when it's downtime the ship carries tories to the north pole, normally trip like this would cost up to $50000.00. but this time the ice breaker is booked for russian. a grade students have got taken as a reward for their studies. and so i guess you could say that things are smartest kids in russia. the cream of the crop, we've the press simply tagged along. the vessel is large and heavy. it takes to tug both to pull it out from its moorings and were sailing off into the arctic ocean. so for the next 10 days is going to be ice water, more ice,
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more water and yeah. humming of the ship's nuclear reactors. the 50 years of victory was launched in 1993 and is the world's 2nd largest nuclear icebreaker. it used to be number one until recently, but then the arctic again line, which is even bigger and more powerful. other countries have icebreakers, but only russia hasn't powered by atomic energy. this is a huge, i mean it's basically like a rebuilding apartment complex but place platform because of its size. i guess i keep losing sense of direction around here. so for instance, right now, i'm trying to find my cabin, but i have no idea where it is. i use the 50 years of victory, both the gym,
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basketball court restaurant convention, whole flash disco bar. given a swimming pool filled with salty, sea water. technically, you can swim in the arctic ocean without leaving the icebreaker. let step in dark habit. nothing fancy. why it has everything we need. we've found a couple of big bags in one of the drawers. there were minor of how rough it can get in the ocean. the room has, well look, it even has a humidifier. and it also has a tv, but only 2 channels. one shows you the route and the other one gives you the view from the ship foul. so given the fact that there is no internet and mobile reception whatsoever, this is about all digital entertainment that you will get on board. but you can always gaze in the window enjoy using our big news.
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the icebreaker uses the energy to nuclear reactors which can power small town if need be there operated from a control center that is vital to maintain the ship safety. it's telling that the only books to keep on a shelf in the room are about radiation and how to detect it. as we walk around the shift, i see radiation science doesn't mean it could be exposed to radiation. you know, 1st of all, you're walking by rooms which have only limited axis in case there is an area where the radiation exceeds the sleep level. a special alarm goes off, which notifies everyone then certain measure taken up should be told the reactors are say, it is more likely you will be blown overboard by strong wind legal. there was a radiation on this ship.
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we have the correct coming up next. we were lucky enough to cite our 1st arctic iceberg. it's and we're approaching the edge of the world. well, this is what it feels like. the ice breaker allowing for the ice. everything of doing it's a common misconception that the north pole is the coldest spot on the i don't know . let me say it again. we are on top of the concerts. there were the 1st little part of a small series. logan is experience. the whole thing in fact, is going to be streaming later today and a huge, huge shuttle if you want to see more of it. but for now, the 28 and
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a half and his past 3 hours the round up from the world news center for me, kevin, and the rest of the team. thanks for watching and have a good day. the ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community, are you going the right way or are you being direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us
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in the depths. will remain in the shallows, ah, ah, psychiatric drugs are essential for millions of patients, or are they, they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term they really work. the problem is, in the long term, they're mostly disastrous. suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines, any up to something wonderful. very often they're harmful effects and up to something terrible. can pills so of all ills? or are we trying to mitigate life itself? i just think i was like i was just scared care a little girl, the 24 and like i didn't have to be so complicated.


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