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the us military lost even more hope celebrations, parade, mach funerals for americans and nato allies were held, and a gunfire was heard throughout the bull. as the taliban not only celebrated their victory began to inventory all the millions of dollars of equipment which was left behind. and while the vitamin stretched continues to compliment the taliban and say, the military equipment left was decommissioned and not working, condition, disturbing images and videos of taliban members, gloating and u. s. gear carrying us weapons and flying us helicopters surface. this is, calvin leaders boasted the air filter will now be a base for jihad, for almost. we're going to bring you the latest from the region as well as the truth about the weapons left behind are still capable of. so here in the usa, the f b, i found a recent attack on a police station in dallas, which called a lift driver, was inspired by foreign terrorist. is this assigned for the future and worried your
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children are spending too much time playing video games? well, one country has decided they are going to be the ones to turn them off. we will tell you which one and their justification. i'm kind of using. you're watching new views right here on our to america. let's get started. ah, we start with the latest rock and stand after president joe biden address the nation now that the last military flight has a couple artist john had he is following the latest from the administration and joins us now to discuss. so john, what's the message the president was trying to get across and is very, what's the word i'm passionate speech he gave. the bottom line is that the president really maintained and continues to maintain that it was the right decision, ultimately, to leave afghanistan for america to leave afghanistan, as we now know, as messy and as deadly withdraw. as it turned out to be,
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the president saying, america will maintain the fight against terrorism and afghan to stand while also lauding the u. s. his efforts to evacuate in this massive air left, both americans and afghan as afghans from the country. as it fell into the hands of the taliban, call it not a mission of war, but a mission of mercy was in here. in april, i made a decision to end this war. as part of that decision, we set the date of august 31st for american troops to withdraw. this sumption was that more than 300000 african national security forces that we had trained over the past 2 decades and equipped would be a strong adversary in their civil wars. the tale bond. that assumption at the afghan government would be able to hold on for a period of time beyond military draw down, turned out not to be accurate. president biden taking shots and asking the
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president sharp connie for as he described, flea in the country when the taliban seized control as the taliban was seizing control and the government corruption that ultimately led to the afghan army and governments disintegration while also president biden, also through shade on former president trump who bite and said made a deal with the taliban and released $5000.00 prisoners, including taliban commanders that put his administration according to president binding in a tough position. so we're left with a simple decision. either follow through on the committee may by the last administration and leave afghanistan or say we weren't levy and commit another tens of thousands more troops going back to war. now the president maintain that the massive vacuum evacuation effort and airlift that he called an extraordinary success was never expected to be an easy or
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seamless effort, but instead designed for stress an attack. still questions remain. what happens now with afghan, a stand. what will be america's involvement going forward and further? how will the u. s. extricate any and all remaining us citizens or africans with dual citizenship, who helped america, and want to leave. also those with special immigration visa, special immigrant visas as these were those were green cards. us permanent residency with us bases and neighboring countries bite. and also said that america can carry out what are called over the horizon operations, including those on ices k. but luck with so many questions remaining in such a deadly and complicated history in afghanistan really still haunting america and the heated political battle raging state side. here in the u. s. the country and world will likely hold president biden, to his own promise and his own words. i refuse to continue a war and afghan stand. the war should have ended long ago, scotty. well, john,
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how are you? thank you for continue to watch all of the vantage funding. i you have the present speak then immediately afterwards you have it's press secretary, she gives her white house press conference. it's like she's cleaning up what the president did. and then i imagined the pentagon, we've already seen a scheduled a press conference for tomorrow. so obviously it's like, can you guys all get on the same page? do one press conference because each one seems to change the story. but good news is we have you following every single detail. thank you, john. heidi. as of tuesday, the taliban had a full control of couples airport. a day after the u. s. completed its final withdrawal ending its longest for ever. r t a senior correspondent moore. i guess you have is incredible, with the latest developments there and the taliban message to the world law. how y'all was going to have a message to any possible invader. but anyone who looks to us again, done with bad intention, they will face what the united state has face today. there is something of a sense of relief here and that sense of relief isn't because the americans have
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gone not that relief is being felt by diplomats but by civilians here. and that is the new, more into the took place as the evacuation was wrapping up at capital at the talent that went to the airport proper. they are now in control of the airport. they, when they inspected the place, allegedly they're now in possession of even more aircraft left behind by the asgard military left behind by the united states and its allies. though, from what we've heard, many of the, the jets, the aircraft at the airport were made dysfunctional. so, so they were purposefully destroyed only one province. that is still holding out against the taliban. though even that even that is surrounded as for the evacuation, what the united states has been said, while aside from them, praising almost the tide about saying that they were helpful and useful and holding
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up firm perimeter around the airport. the united states sees this evacuation. what happened here as a success we worked in, tends to evacuate and relocate and work alongside us in our particular risk reprisal. we've gotten many out, but many are still there. so many people, hundreds of american citizens alone. never mind your opinion, citizen. just yesterday we met people who had british possible to australia impossible. and that was just a small number of people that we met and they've all been left behind. they were unable. and even if, if they were able to get to the airport, they weren't allowed inside either by the time but by the truth. then the native troops there who wouldn't let them in despite them sure, and papers, and passport they wouldn't let them in until they had prior approval. the taliban itself is said that yes, these people will be allowed to leave. i but less to the taliban of the obviously
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once international recognition. nevertheless, only time will tell if these people will be able to get out of of got to start. so while the white house might not be able to have an accurate count, as those americans still left afghanistan, those and they are left are in despair. their safety becoming more dire when the last american troop left as reports of door to door hunting is being done by the taliban. for those who sympathize our health native forces and public safety executions of those not complying with telephone taliban roles are happening. what options are left for those in the region? who want to escape? to help us with answers, we are joined by journalists below sar warry, who left afghanistan, i think last week with his family law. thank you so much for joining us on what can be can term is a very historic day. well, that's a positive or negative mark in history. i think it's probably very negative for the united states. thank you so much for joining us. thank you. good to be with you. i
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have to ask you how dangerous is it right now for those americans, or anyone for that matter who worked with usa and nato and our allies in afghanistan who are still there? well, there is a sense of fear and uncertainty prevailing in the hearts and minds of especially generation who are working with the united states, military government or other western countries. they were promised that they wouldn't be evacuated, but then that evacuation and the 11th hour came with artificial timelines. people are still standing for their lives, not only problems and across many provinces. as far as the american and other citizens are concerned. i don't know exactly how many people have fed and why, for example. ready the conditions on the ground, that sense of fear and answer can be applied to them because the political
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leadership are very savvy and the end of the stage it did miss the international funding, for example. but then the military commanders and the need to ship about or the thought, said it on rigid one, been victims of us now. yes. like nitrate from last family member? then they've been really influenced. i, for the, for example, they have known all the destructiveness that one can think about. the insurgency inflict americans mostly. busy on the outline and then you've got the level from rural and they've been brought in to basically offer a city of at least 6000000 people who are very complex neighborhoods in alleyways i crime rate unemployment rate at the moment. you know, it's important to note that
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a lot of times have a functioning government. people still are waiting outside of the bank, waiting to take out money. that does not really exist. $200.00 limit that is not enough to buy food commodities, cooking or rice bread, for example, cookie. and even that means that people have to wait for, you know, days and hours and that's going to take time to set up now. so take structure and organization and there's a lot of different dynamics that are going to go into that. but they are having to deal with this present situation. those that are there, whether they are americans or they're aft, can use it as they have. obviously a generation, it's grown up underneath the last 20 years. are there ways actually for them to get out of the country that you have heard of the, you know, of. and how is that with us for the nato forces being officially withdrawn? what i want to son is a landlord country and the roads, for example,
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leading up to iran as a back stand in that might be safe for the 1st time over the last 20 years in terms of you know, there's not fighting, but there are roadside bombs for example, the highways are infested by the roadside. bombs, tyler bond are in control. but these countries are really close their borders. and whether you talk about that illegal ways of going into these countries, you face them being a member of the forces of these countries. and you also have a situation where trade is something that is not happening in us. i want to sign is an agriculture you can see, but it's always the light on importation of weekend. right. and i remember covering this war over the last frontier specific over the last few months. i noted that i think started the season. so farmers
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a lot that form of brian is that awesome this right. and these losses are huge, massive when you talk about fights and fighting inside the major cities across a lot of stand businesses but also impact and so all along. i'm afraid i want to vote ahead is one of our ships and i'm certain prevailing and it's all about not being able to really make that transition from fighting and governance. and so far, so far like failed to form an inclusive weight which seems to be a predict with said by the western sense, the right amount of one missy and future funding. and they're going to have kept finding their african for the people real quick before i let you go, there is this real money answer being given by the, by ministration regarding whether or not us officials provided to the taliban. a list of those they had worked with a kill list. let's say it's true. what is the fate of those names on the trip on
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the, on the list? will they actually be able to go through some, for some sort of judicial, to is judicial service to find out whether or not they're guilty. i can't really comment on something that i don't know, but i can tell you that a generation of, of one, especially those who work with the americans and everyone else are exposed. dan bernard, especially at the village district level. and they was promised that they would be evacuated. and now that number is very big. i know, personally people reaching out to me, people are so stuck, so it is not the rosy picture. and the u. s. president this fan thing and it was off for on an evacuation, then they live and out no matter what the reasons the u. s. president for the company, the former men that such a question will trigger a crisis of confidence. generation of 5 on the field said by their own government, leaders will fled up on them, but they also feel a bit said well, i think that's
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a feeling right now that the a lot of americans can actually understand and very much feel deeply sorry for what they've done thank you so much for joining us, and my prayers are best for the continued safety for you and your family, and all of the other afghans. now, i discussed the capabilities and the thousands of us made a weapon to machinery that were left behind. we bring in former pentagon official, michael, michael, you just heard loud. talking about, you know, doesn't about kill us, but obviously there's a lot of, of things that were left behind in afghanistan. we went to a lot of weapons behind. now the u. s. press secretary said for the pentagon said, oh, they destroyed it. they actually took out, was the most important pieces of these key pieces of military machines. but can those not just be replaced or repaired and back up and running. so sure, of course, and your and the higher a lot of foreign contractors come on in. they've got the money now and, and there will be interest in and salvaging what's there. yeah, it can all be retrofitted and consolidated and used again. and this does not what
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was left a bad room. it does not include the equipment that they capture from african security forces that just left their equipment and that's all operational. now the question will be on some of the more sophisticated like helicopters and especially helicopters in the plains, the bomb or any other plains. yeah, it's going to be difficult to keep those fly high maintenance. they are high maintenance, there's no question about, but they can use them for they can then they can cannibalize from others and bring in foreign contractors all over again. you offer money, you're going to get foreign contractors and it's, it's, we basically left them a treasure trove. they'll deal with what is there, it's more than what they've ever had. and i'm afraid that it can be used not only by tele bob, but could be used by other military groups that might be in the area. and certainly, isis is there and they can, they,
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they know this stuff as well. and they're very familiar with the equipment and you're seeing, you're seeing the, the telephone flying around and, and using the home v. so what was, what was really destroyed and why, why, what was the point of not destroying it completely for my other thought? is that the, all of these other foreign entities that can come and repair it? can they learn anything that they don't know about american military technology? they didn't already know. it's sort of aged. perhaps the technologies that were embedded in some of the more sophisticated equipment like, like in the helicopters, that might have been destroyed. but so what i mean, either that or replace it, everything that was left, what do you consider to be that the biggest sure the most dangerous going for that we used against our own soldiers. well, believe it or not, i think just simple guns and howitzers, artillery and communications equipment, night division was any of that destroyed. we have no account for all the time we left our military drones or the love of god. just step on. i've been crushed them
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before you. i mean, why would you not in any way, what would be a justification for the americans as much as we did sitting right there for what we have fought against the last 20 years? well, they, they can use it at any time or repair, replace it, or they may have, such as, i don't take it face value, what the pentagon said about destruction. i want to see the videos of them destroying it. i haven't seen that, and we just have to take their word for it at this late stage of seen the, the how things have just fallen apart. you can't take the word for anything at this point. well michael, what we're learning here and i think the taliban leaders had the best. anybody else to try to find us, they're going to face the same thing that the american face. they see this is a victory, and it should because like you said, they have a treasure trove, a weapon that they've never, in fact, i think they've got more weapons now under their command than many other nations. and they're absolutely, and the telephone is going to be challenged ultimately by isis. well, that's it. there's lots of other terraces already. i would like to have that power
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. like always thanks for talking with me. my pleasure. now detectives are looking deeper into a shooting that happened in a dallas suburb on sunday. the f b. i are now involved as invest, looking determine whether the shooter was motivated by foreign terrorist or to correspond natasha suite has more on this developing investigation on bizarre shooting. and texas, sunday is still under investigation after a man hughes to blip the driver. he then uses her car drive for local police station at an open fire, but doesn't have terrorist ties. on sunday, 33 year old iran li rashid ordered a lift from his home, and garland, texas, a dallas suburb, isabel lewis picked him up and at some point was shot and killed by rashid. her car was found in front of a local police station. that's where she'd open fire, according to police officers responded in the lobby of the station, where she was shocked and later died at the hospital from his injury to sunday. now where she left a letter, according to the f b, i office in dallas
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a little keep investigators the impression that he may have been inspired by foreign terrorist organization. however, at this time, police see they do believe rashid acted alone. it's also unknown why rashid shot. louis, as police said that she reportedly did not know each other. now this is not the 1st time the f. b. i had heard of her. she's name back in 2010 through 2013 where she was a suspect in a counter terrorism investigation. the case was closed after a. she was determined to not be a threat. a special agent from the guy dallas office said the original terrorism task force is also cooperating in this investigation. now back in 2018, the f b. i also let off nicholas cruz who was being investigated before carrying out a florida school. shooting and local police were not notified of any red flags. reporting for news view, choose the suite, our key word, your children are spending too much time playing video games. one country is decided they are going to be the ones to turn them off. that story after the break,
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the the look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with existence.
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join me every 1st day on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me only one main thing is important for not as an internationally speaking that is a nation's pickups. are allowed to do anything, all the master races, and then you have the mind, nations who are the slave, the americans, rock, obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this dangerous go. you man, that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy. so i'm a little bit on your own. i english v i v. i not leashed off in one tablet block,
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nato could. it's our we move east. the reason us had jimmy is a dangerous is the lie, the sovereignty of other countries, the exceptionalism that america uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nature, what is found, the shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large companies would lose millions and millions or is business and businesses good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is faster. ah, time spend online playing video games during the global pandemic reaching all time high as 76 percent of us homes had at least one internet connected device. one country, however, has decided to put a limit on how much time
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a child can play online. and there is nothing those parents can do about it. joining me now is a bridge of, or has to boom bus chair on our team and our resident gaming expert. sorry, you will always be there as a game or with me or my, you my, for your own have great conversation. you probably a lot of them so fine with it. okay, well good. well, this is a good sort of can it also involves kind of commerce because had some stock issues as well when this came out. what is this story and tell me the details on these rules? well, so these details on these rules are essentially children under the age of 18 will be limited to 3 hours of playing online games because they can actually monitor those, the online game. and it's one hour per day friday, saturday, sunday, that's between the hours of $8.00 and 9 pm. the same hours can be used on public holidays as well. so you get an additional, a week said range a year and the lunar new year and other things like that. now, the way they're actually going to be able to monitor this is you have to because it's an online game, you have to sign it and you're going to use a real name of verification id basically. so for me it's branch bore. i've logged
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in, you know, that tie back to me. i could only play an hour, so there is no real way to circumvent the system. and that's where the owner goes on to the video game makers. they're gonna have to make sure that i'll get put in there. and frankly, as we've seen with this increase in regulation with chinese tech companies, what's happened is a lot of these companies, you know, where the united states they would fight against that they have no, we don't want to do that. you know, the pay the fines to try to get around it in china, they generally say absolutely, we're on it, we're working on it. and that's my 10th that which is the world. the biggest video game company is based in china. they're saying, hey, we're already working on this, we're going to try and get that done and try to help move this process along. ok. and i'm sorry, i probably did not mean to interrupt you, but i also want to point out there's a lot been made of this in the last couple of days since they came out on monday. but the fact that they had already had 2019, they've actually had rules on the books for children playing online game that would stop them. beyond playing one and
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a half hours per day. i don't think it was only limited to 3 hours a day, but there were already limitations. would kind of use at the same time and you like my $14.00, oh, it's going to be going right. i was like, well, i could have my 3 hours mom. i can also log in under you or my sister who definitely doesn't play for 3 hours. are there? i mean, are they going that over or, or do they just followed by the book? well, so that's something that happened after. after this whole thing came out, there was a lot of conversation on chinese social media like we boe, which is essentially the response to twitter base to think that you know, what's going to stop me from using my parents' account. well, i mean, that's going to be up to the parents, you know, the same thing that we have here in the united states. if you want to limit your child from playing video games would have to do you have the parental controls, you have to stop them. so that is going to be something that happened in the family there where you're already think this rebellion against mask and parents and within the school boards. be interesting to see if the parents will go for that in regard to their children. doing, playing hard enough to get people to where we started to try to limit the games that might be a big problem. and more importantly,
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how to send their children. you know, this comes as a latest from the chinese and here's the bigger picture in regards to targeting, i commerce and online education real quick. what is the problem with a tech sector? why does the chinese government trying to rain in essentially, there were some people out there who were saying our companies, our tech companies are bigger than the chinese government. and the chinese government, i think, hold on, hold on quite a bit. so they're trying to reign them in a little bit and they're trying to bolster other parts of their economy. like manufacturing autos are starting to become a big thing and, and what that's doing is giving them kind of a backup plan. so if they're closed off from the rest the world, if there's a big trade ward, they're not forced to say that's all we need. bring clarification, thanks for talking to me on this. absolutely, that's all that we have for today. i've got a quick in the meantime, follow me on twitter as guardian hughes. make sure you download the doc tv app on your android or apple phone. thanks for watching. ah, ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community, are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to this end. the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, my financial survival, john. today we're all about money laundering 1st. to get the get started. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe,
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something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you never know all the banks are complicit in their club piper. so we just have to give me a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious laundry. okay, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for safety. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about like the automobile again for mag? you know what? money laundering is highly regal copier spots because of course the family is jennifer. mark, mark your function, you would like to get some idea of who shots? miller definition me. what is your number? how do you john? i got, i've got that limit and i wanted them to be
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skilled that you left me about the less about me and the extraordinary success. and this mission was due to the incredible skill, gravely and so post courage is united states military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals. us president joe biden called the mission and i've got a santa success despite the chaos in bloodshed during the final days of the us. military presence.


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