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for us, let me use the the, the the parties headline news the united states hits back at isis k enough. got us done as a drug strike kills 2 of its operatives and leaves one more wounded. it's the 1st reprisals, the thursdays, cobble, apple plumbing, in which 13 americans were among the many killed shots of fighting cobble to disperse crowds as people continue to flock to the airport. desperate to flee, despite ongoing warnings about terror threats and its emerged. amazon
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web services have been hosting an eyesore propaganda site for months, taking it down only after a tip off from a watchdog following the cobble atrocity reporting continues online 247 where the board, but it shows the storage. you won't find anywhere else at the da com. tusky taylor will be here in an hour or 2 mondays through the biggest headline news of the past 7 days, as well as sundays developing stories as well with the weekly the i a mass guys are, this is a guys a report, you know, look at the blow global economy, see what's happening as the goal low ball banks perpetuate their global money printing. all kinds of things happening, stacy?
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right, you know, i just want to give you a heads up for the 2nd half were in phoenix and the 2nd half interview on gerald. so one day just to give you a heads up on that because it's something to look forward to. but in terms of the global money printing from the central banks and from the private banks and all the banks. well, there is an interesting thing going on, right. we've covered the fact that michael berry, the famous hedge fund manager, is short, treasury's now, you know, he's short by $250000000.00. so his position, he was also short by the way, bitcoin so it's positions aren't looking all that great right now because look at this bond bubble keeps inflating. value of global bonds has hit fresh all time high at $69.00 trillion dollars despite rising inflation. yup. you know, we've been doing this show for 13 years and almost for that entire time. we've been talking about various money managers,
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shorting the bond market. and for 13 years that's been losing trade. michael berry, a joins 20 or so other money managers. we've covered over the many years. curve decided to stick their neck that and say hey, the bonds are topping out. we're going to go short bonds. so looks like he's losing money on that trade just like everyone before him. and he also wants to our big coin and he's taking a colossal law on that right now as well. so the thing about money managers, if you watch our show for years and years, you know that, you know, one year does not make for track record of any duration or, or magnitude. anybody can have a hot hand for a year or maybe 2, but very, very few can extend it out 5 or 6 years. that's why almost no money manager or hedge fund is ever beaten. the dow jones or the s and p 500 consistently. pretty
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much ever you know, that brings up an interesting point because i'll say that just by an index fund, track the s and p 500 or the tao and you'll out perform all the private equity and hedge funds and you don't need to pay them $2.20, you don't need to pay them, you know, 2 percent of your at their assets under management every year or 20 percent of your profits. and that brings me to this interesting data point here. in that, as of this past week or to the u. s. has this new mandate whereby hospitals have to provide transparency about how much things cost out their hospital and look at this data for cash, somebody who paying cash, and it's the blue dots in this chart, i'm going to give you paying cash. i individual joe, bank donors, the ordinary schwab versus the red dots which are the biggest, major insurers and what they pay. and it's pretty much equal, you're paying those ensures $12000.00 a month to negotiate on your behalf. well,
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you're doing a better job, ordinary job bag donors with cash is doing a better job than some of the major insurers. so the new hospital priced transparency roll just hit the prices they charge, clearly have no relation to anything more dysfunctional than any essential planner . so this is the prices for me, m r i, the red dots are the major insurance, as i said, the little grey dots or other insurance. and the blue dot is the cash price. so baptist memorial and memphis is the 1st one. you see the blue dot there down there with most of the major insurance, but there are a major insurance up over that halfway point. that's people paying 10 x, what the medicare reimbursement prices, beaumont hospital, royal, oak, michigan. as you see, cache is out performing a lot of the major insurers and only a mass general in boston. are they up there paying with major insurance as well?
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1010 acts. what medicare, the government i reimburse, as these hospitals for that same the r m a m r i. right, well again, we've been talking about this for a number of years. the medical insurance industry, the obamacare program is a complete scam. and that does not include the so called deductible. so when you add the deductible into the mix, what you find is that paying you pay cash anyway for the procedures, right? because your have like $8.00 or $9000.00 deductible, you're paying $20000.00 a year in medical insurance. if you need to go to the hospital, you have to pay the 8 or 9000 for the procedure. so what's the $20000.00 for? it's a complete extortion, every layer imposed by corporations to extract wealth from the many that's government sanction. so the government sanctioned extortion racket with no benefits whatsoever. yeah. at least like in new york and new jersey when they used to have the mob they'd come and shake you down once a month,
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just like these obamacare insurance policies. right. they shake it down once a month. they have to hand it over and over the money, at least they provide a service, right? they used to provide a service and they wouldn't break your leg and you wouldn't need an m r i. but also they would, you know, provide the trash collection, make sure nobody robbed your store or anything like that. here you literally get nothing back. you're better off just paying cash or it costs the same anyway. why guys we went out living in france, for example. we used to go right to the american hospital to get medical treatments, pay cash, and it was, you know, 110th or, or less of what you would pay in the us. and this is that a world class hospital like the american hospital and in paris. and it's, we look at pricing around the world, you know, you can sell that in the u. s, they have an interesting situation that falls under the heading of health care. it's just like banks are constantly getting bail that with free money. the hospitals are constantly getting the, essentially the right to extort, and that is,
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of course, highly detrimental and causes incredible problems. right? and i just wanted to reiterate that those major insurers, the c e o 's there are getting paid 10152025 even up to $50000000.00 a year. the average american is making like $50000.00 a year. and yet those, that person may be working, you know, retail job or any 50000 a year is able to negotiate the same price that those guys making 50000000. so what are you paying those guys $50000000.00 a year at those major ensures like this is the whole system. that is, the can tell you in our system they've, they're being paid handsomely for no discernable talent, no discernible merit. i have no idea why americans have this mental gymnastics. they go out of their way to save $0.02 a gallon gasoline. they'll drive
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a mile away 5 miles away. they go to costco and buy 80 pound bags and dog food. they go to walmart and buy a $2.00 swatter they love to get a bargain. they and the whole industry and on line with groupon, you know, get your group on together and go get a sushi lunch for half off. but when it comes to health care, all the money they saved, and all those different discounts, games, they throw out the window and pay 5 times as much by catering to these extortionist who just they, they don't actually provide any cost benefit with the insurance because of the so called deductible and on top of that they charge $20000.00 a year for somebody to get absolutely nothing at this shoddy product. and speaking of shoddy products, inflation is also you see that in shrink play sion as products shrink so that you don't see the sticker shock bye, even with that sort of stuff. we're actually starting to see more and more
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inflation. and in fact, even cnbc is reporting on it. i might add a few months after we started reporting on this. but for every day americans, inflation is a double blow to bank accounts. the latest consumer price index, which measures changes and how much americans pay for certain goods and services. find prices rose an average of 5.4 percent and july compared to a year prior, mostly driven by food and fuel costs. that's tied with june's increase as the highest inflation rate in 13 years. and i point out importantly, max, this is the important thing, inflation to make it easier to pay off debt and even help bump up salaries. but it also makes savings less valuable and goods and services more expensive. and currently wage gains in the u. s. are not keeping pace sky high inflation. right? this is why the government can't use the word inflation. because that would mean that responsibly,
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they would need to raise interest rates and wages what have to also rise. but if you are in the business of was a where you are leverage to the tune of 100 to 201 and you rely on that cheap credit at near 0 percent interest. you can't use the word inflation. as a matter of fact, if all of your package goods are shrinking in size for the same cost or all of your necessities are rising in cost, that according to the government is deflation, right? as it's are wealthy and double speak, they actually call that inflation because they're in the propaganda business. and we haven't seen government propaganda from american policy makers on that on this scale railey. and really for quite some time, you have to go back to the 31900 thirty's. speaking of propaganda, many of the democratic policy is encouraging u. b. i a whole bunch of stimulus checks, war money printing, and they say they're doing it to help the people, the poor people, the ordinary people. so this is an interesting bit of data that by july any tweeted
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out top 5 most on the equal states according to the genie coefficient index. d. c, new york, we, the ana, connecticut, and california, the top 5 most equal utah, alaska, new hampshire, wyoming, and hawaii. as you can see, most of the top most unequal are all very, very highly democratic areas. versus the top 5 most equal are the more republican voting areas. so even though though the left will say that there is so, you know, for the worker for helping poor people for economic justice and stuff like that. what you see is actually economic injustice. we believe brought about by the sort of policies of money printing driving up price houses for example. and who owns
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the houses. but the same professors, doctors, lawyers, the creative class that are the, i'm a product voters in new york in california and the hedge fund guys in connecticut. right? well, the left in america, just like the socialists in other countries or communists. they love to be in control of the money printing because they love to give it to themselves or, and we see that reflected in the genie coefficient in those states that are identified as the most left wing states in america. well, it's easier, i suppose, to control people in the way that make them happy think they're doing better by just continuously giving them a 2000 dollar month check right now. there are millions of americans who signed a move on dot org petition to introduce a u. b, i of $2000.00 a month for every american. and that makes it feel like you're getting something. but as we point to that when inflation keeps on going up,
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when you're at cost of healthcare keeps going up. when all those costs keep on going up, out, piece is always going to outpace whatever free money you're purchasing. power is guarantee to fall. when you print money, we're going to take a break. when we come back, gerald, so one day don't go away. the me ah, when i would show the wrong, why don't i just don't the yes to see out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground cataract
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drugs are essential for millions of patients. or are they, they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and rapidly in the short term. they really work. the problem is in a long term, they're mostly disastrous. suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition that was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines ending up to something wonderful. very often they're harmful effects and up to something terrible can bill so of all ills. or are we trying to mitigate life itself? i just think i was like i was just scared scare a little girl. the 24. and like, didn't have to be so complicated the
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me like a back care the kaiser report. i my size or yeah, we're in phoenix, arizona. i have the great pleasure of introducing none other than geralds a lot of trends. journal. gerald, welcome back. thanks for having me. so the timing was the job i was going to stage a remarkable passing of the charge and torch to the taliban as part of the 91120th your anniversary. instead. on the 50th anniversary that the us drop the gold standard, we want to purify money world. some would say that that's what created the crisis of afghan as dan, that's when the capital fell. well, is going to fall at any time. and it was only a matter of time and fish. another war that america started the last, they have a want to watch and watch him several on the korean war, they was the vietnam war. it was the iraq war. there was the ask and we're just
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thinking about this afghan war and of course, going back 10 years, you are very vocal talking to the mainstream media at the time and about quite point blank saying, hey, you know, we're probably going to lose the afghan, stan, and kind of agree with what ron paul, his sentiments at the time, and you're immediately as you describe it more or less black balls from mainstream media. so what is it about the us that they just hate to hear opposing voices, to anything that's against the war machine, go back to the mainstream media, go to fair and accuracy in reporting, read their reports. when the iraq war happened, they had about 10 percent of the people on their less that were against the war. and then after it started about 68 percent of the people were also government. people supporting the war. you know, remember, like i feel donnie that they fired from for coming out against the war. so as george collins said, it's one big club, you 8 in it. and the big club,
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the military industrial complex is controlling the country. and you don't have to believe may, there was a guy named by the name of what dwight d eisenhower fivestar for fivestar general supreme commander of the allied forces to turn president farewell address. january 17th, 1961 warning, the american table that the military industrial complex is robbing the nation of the geniuses sciences. so what are the labors and the future, the children? and again, you go back to 2001, when i said, now we're going to lose this war. and they did a movie on it with z, as in boy from my book, which was a funny boy. i was black wolf from. everybody. don't want to hear the truth and again, you're in control, the bang sters, the military industrial complex. what morons and imbeciles called big pharma, how the drug deal is. and big tech, they were in control of everything. there is no freedom in america. you who do they have on the main street media. only the people that swallow the dispute out,
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coming from the government. if you don't believe with a gun and says, well, you're a conspiracy theorist. how could any body with a brain bigger than a p? listen to the coming out of these morons mouse, others like doing a song, actually de brilliant investigative journalism on this point. and he's writing in a jail cell in london right now, being tortured because he told the truth and think about it. if those facts were taken seriously, the mainstream media and the military industrial complex, as was called, how many lives i can say, and treasure 2 trillion dollars wasted. i saw something online that was funny and yet sad. at the same time, the court goes like this, about what happened, an afghan us trained afghan army, fail to defend us back afghan government from us funded afghan warlords. there's out about some of those who had subs it up and i get a line to with a pulling out american soldiers and contractors, one of my 6 years old contractors,
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i mean whether they were the leg brick. i mean, he's of mercenaries. yeah. they're not contractors. now are scenarios for hire and they make up a disproportionate amount. it's made the u. s. going back to the vietnam war, we used to actually see the bodies come off the plains. and that was the kind of sensitized, the public to what was actually happening. the atrocities in vietnam, but they of course, outlaw that the never see that. and they talk about contractors that like soldiers, and they voided conscription or the draft in this way, but it costs a lot of money. in their case to trillion dollars. speaking of money and money printing to fund all this and the vietnam war prompted next to shut the gold one down went on to an off world. and so that's why the $2.00 trillion dollars for the afghan invasion, had we not been enough money? standard though, probably $1.00 of cost less than a 10th of that. but nevertheless, according to the un food and agriculture organization,
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food price inflations of 331 percent from last july. is this transitory is we're being told gerald. yeah, i mean, how could anybody swallow that? so i miss guy, jerome powell, you know, the bank, you're heading, the federal reserve, you know, he said this was temporary. how many months ago? what's temporary, and now you, the shortages are happening again. they're closing down ports. you're getting china needed, it's a portugal backed up in california again. now there's going to be inflation is going to keep increasing. and again, the standard of living is declining the facts of them. the facts are there. so inflation is going up, wages or wages are going up, no wages are going up, but they're going up much lower than inflation. so no, this is going to be again, the big getting bigger, the richer getting rich. what did, according to the data, the, the billionaires got a trillion dollars, richard, since the cold war began. and by the way, that's the term that they used when they started. this were fighting a war, were fighting a war, were fighting the mid war. and you keep hearing it,
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whether it's from the netherlands, whether it's from israel, whether, whether it's from australia there will show we're in a war where we're in a war, we're in a war. and the people want us to war. seems like there are not only quite for in vocabulary choice, everything. if everything is a war, then nothing's a war. you know, we had the war on poverty, the war on drugs stop this war, stop war, the war on called it. but they're also about geography. you know, apparently spent $2000000.00 trying to find saudi arabia and they landed in capital . well again, who is the guy that started the kid? was name jimmy caught a. yeah, right. remember the saudis bringing him in to get russian defeated in afghanistan. right. so they can spell, they can't add, but they're entrusted with our money printers. and the only thing they not to do is to print more money. and the public now is had a taste of the way a hedge fund lives. you know, this guy now runs the new york mass cohen, he's
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a guy who just gets free money from the fed. and as does the hedge fund industry like bernanke ban, bernanke, he works in the industry now, but the public sense, they've got all the stimulus checks, they know what it means to live like a hedge fund. you just sit back, take all the free money, and you don't really have to work. so now they're insisting, you know, they want $2000.00 a month, stimulus checks. why shouldn't the average person in america be able to live like the average hedge fund manager in america, just get free money when they're going to do, they shut them up and they keep them quiet and they follow orders. i mean, why would you want to get a job if you are getting $15.00 an hour by doing nothing and staying at home and everybody and whether you need the field people can find workers. this country's going down so fast, sali here, it's all over the world. i mean, was charlie's lockdown. new zealand walk down, you know, one place after another roll lockdown. you know, as you can't go anywhere in a restaurant in france and italy, in new york city in california without your passport, we in israel again, they were walking down,
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know this economies not back. this thing's going down big time. it's going down big time and we're going to keep printing more and more cheap, muddy pod officially propping man, propping it up and making it look like everything's okay. i mean, you and i a little long in the tooth perhaps. so some of the people in the audience were, remember, guys like paul walter who, when they got into an inflationary conundrum they raise, right? they raised rates. ok here, inflation is running at the same rate today as it was and bolt or raise rates. the 16 percent and rates are under 2 percent. and the thinking is that there are so much debt out there. and so many derivatives that it would be, in fact, impossible to even raise rates by one and a half percent without triggering massive defaults across the entire financial spectrum. every bank, every insurance company right across the, the entire financial spectrum. is that accurate? but look what just happened when the fed came out with their numbers, their, their, their report on
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a wednesday last week when they came out and said that they may raise rates as sooner than they expected. the markets went down. the whole thing's been pumped up artificially by, by, well, the sheet money, you know, they didn't teach me about negative 0 interest rate policy or, or quantitative easing. isn't that a nice word? how about making up a word like that by junk bonds? oh, capitalism. this isn't capitalism. i think we shall lead, he called it fascism, the merger of state and corporate powers. one of the content of quantitative easing, financial, monetary laxative, bailing out your buddies like bailing out the bodies, and there's no end to it because you can always add more zeros and but the wealth and income gap, j. powell and others and then establishment or adamant that money printing doesn't cause wealth, inequality your thoughts? why would anybody believe this guy when any very thing, he said is wrong. the facts are there. the billionaires got
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a trillion dollars richer. look at the numbers coming out from the united nations, about the hundreds of hundreds of millions of people that have gone into extreme poverty. since they started the coven war. look at the numbers of people that are falling out of the middle class. look how big the bigs of god. here's of them before you 47 percent of the businesses in america. always employees of $500.00 or less. so the small business is gone. then you take that number of 500 out and you have hardly any small businesses, but hey, big world law, you got low, who's got home depot, you know. oh, and how about staples, when i was the young guy, they had to think was stationary stores, hardware stores, which he shops, grocery stores, no, no,
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not grocery stores. we have grocery chains. the biggest have taken all the everything, all the people have become, or plantation workers on the global plantation of slave lad. dia seems, i'm on that day, the vaccines were still in a period of discussing how effective they are, etc. but it seems like it's almost like when they need another pump on the fed gas to stuff on the gas, there's all we need and other booster shot they've now tied booster shots to fit to monetary using. right. so there's a, yeah, they have it. right. so you can make the power came out and said to get to get opposed to right, there's another variance so the economy won't improve. so we need both a booster to bail fighter again. and we need monetary easy using to bow wall street again. they've, they've, they've done the impossible, gerald. yeah. they've, they've, they've been able to create monetary policy a hi printer,
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mac natal. now it's fantastic. it is thing trying to do. so on the trans watch. 2021 is more than half over the 2nd half. we got about 20 seconds left. one of the some little watch out for the crash markets. the market, the market crashed. market crash may happen. october. we'll start the bond market. maybe because this is a 40 year boulevard can it seems extended. yeah. and again, it's the whole thing is artificial. it's all artificial and they're going to be come a point when they're going to have to raise interest rates. and when that happens, this thing goes down. and again, you're looking at the slow down from the variance and it's big. you look at the numbers and tours look at the numbers and hospitality. look at one after another, restaurants, they're all going down big time. so ok, you heard it from gerald salenti from the trans journal market crash in the 2nd half of 2021. i can bring on the cars report and thank you. all right, not going to do it for this edition of the cars report with me. my guys are and stacy are part of the thing. i guess gerald salenti until next time by the
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me ah ah ah ah ah, the news ah
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ah me. the government has to determine which owns the going to ensure and which is it not going to insure and it does that based on a racial, makeup of neighborhoods. neighborhoods that had a certain number of black residents would have literally read lines drawn around them on the map. and they wouldn't insure mortgages in those areas because they believed that the properties would not hold value. the main turned down alone. they said i'm a bad risk banks take up that same practice. they decide they're not going to land .


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