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tv   News  RT  August 27, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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i lose hope headlines for this hour live on the international 170 dead. nearly $200.00 injured the aftermath of a terror type of ship comp, lab work crowds of people, both off gowns and floor, and those were crammed together. waiting for evacuation of correspondent reports from the city. there were such as and raids carried out throughout the city over the course of tonight. and the terror threat at the airport is still hot.
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the witness of an explosion who was standing just 10 meters away from it. share this video and his thoughts without more than 30 or 40 people were laying dead. busy i mean, it was a really bad thing. i mean, when i saw them, i just didn't just look at them. just look at the u. s. president touches retaliation for the isis. k claimed tara attack, which also killed 14 us servicemen. we will not forgive we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay. ah,
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the white into the evening. we go here at moscow where it's now just off the 8 pm. i'm will receive show all the international with your latest. well, of course i've kind of on is still reeling from a devastating bomb attack in the capital of the now taliban run. country, 170 people were killed including americans. we understand now at least $200.00 more were injured. the pentagon now says only one explosion took place, although one thursday, the u. s. defense press secretary confirmed that 2 blasts had rocked, cobbled international airport is mix data correspond, which is a regional affiliate of isis says it was behind the atrocity. i should warn you here and potentially graphic image is coming up for you. earlier reports suggested that one of the blas happened at an entrance to the airport where afghans were waiting in line to be processed. the fly out bodies were thrown into a sewer, drain located near by an explosive vest is said to have been used in one of the
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attacks. and the other bloss supposedly shook an area around a hotel where british officials were processing afghans to fly to the u. k, around the sun, 13 u. s. service members were among the dead along with $28.00 taliban. also known that 3 brits, including a child, were killed and other wanting more potentially distressing pitchers to show you here on the program on r t. a covered bodies of victims have been laid out now on the streets with grieving families identifying and collecting last love. we spoke to some of those affected so the belinda belinda dixon. i was i was in the sunday waiting for many, many people waiting on british people that doesn't work properly. and
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some one looks like 20 people other than the tool. again, plus one people like 60 people, the people have no like have no legs. no, that's cross live to cobble right now. where are these more guys? david joining us live from the going capital just off the 9 30 pm where you are very good evening to motor ada. can you give us an update on the situation in the capital also at the airport as well as any semblance of normality returned? well things have been very calm, relatively speaking here in capital over the course of today compared especially with yesterday in the aftermath of the attack at the airport, there was gotten 5, there was ceaseless gunfire. cub coming from all areas of the city. you know, there was, it was endless at the season. it wouldn't be 10 minutes,
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wouldn't pass without hearing a single single shot or bursts of automatic flood. as we learned later yesterday, the taliban began cleaning house, so to speak. they began door to do a search as house to house searches. in fact, while we were doing the lives with, with the, with you yesterday, they were there was a check near us, a building near us. there was a taliban fighter up top and he demanded to know what we were doing there and who we was so. so the search that they carried out yesterday and which continued through today was, was very, very wide. it was across the city and even in the suburbs we hud. there has been information that about a dozen isis members was caught over the course of the search is due to due door searches. but we have no way of confirming that. nevertheless, the taliban did publish 3 people bitterly arrested me approaches
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to the airport and he will planning new attacks today has been very calm from what we've heard. nevertheless, we will had a lot of people staying home because of these searches because of these. busy these get these searches door to door searches by the taliban. the situation at the airport. so he's as it was yesterday, the crowds have disclosed the still desperate to get inside the sales. desperate to get out of the got his thoughts, many of the believe that there is a threat to their lives, if they don't believe on the, on these evacuation flights, which will be binding down very quickly unless the united states and its allies pro long the evacuation and risk coming into conflict with the taliban. by the 31st of august, the taliban has said, united states and its allies must be out. which is why the press of bodies at the, at the airport is still there. people are going home, people as bill,
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they're demanding to be let in pushing, shoving, rushing the checkpoints as security has been tightened, the united states has said that they expect more attacks. the taliban has said that the threat is persistent, that the ice has k with which the taliban has been fighting for many years here in, in i've gotten this done that they will try again to target the airport. the united states says the security there for now, at, at the maximum we've also had, as you mentioned, new details about the attack all attacks yesterday. the story has changed more than 24 hours after the united states said the yes, there were 2 bombings. now we're hearing that there was new car bombing at the bad hotel, which is located at each of the airport, just the crew, across the road from the airport perimeter. we're hearing the all the casualties or many of the casualties due to the suicide
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a that they happened at the northern gate to the, at the, nor the gate to the airport. that is where the 13 american servicemen were allegedly killed the, the death toll. i must tell you each is absolutely, but it is difficult to imagine how a single suicide bomber presumably this would have caused so many casualties on the one had on the other. it must be understood that people are packed like sardines in a cab. you there's, there's no space to move, even if you want to get to the perimeter, you have to push and shove your weight your way through. but as the united states carries out this investigation, we do expect more details to come up. as you're saying, what are the numbers we can confirm here at 170 that nearly 200 injured, of course, that makes of afghans and all sorts of international as well. and what do you live in cobble? thank you. well, the following video was apparently taken right after the attack. it was sent to us
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by a witness. the author, the attacker shop, was reported on site though it's unclear who fired them. we spoke to the mind behind the video who was your sneakers away from the block size. this was something that we are living in probably like 420 or 2 or more than that. i hadn't witnessed a thing that hurt our eyes. i was alert full of here and all through. we couldn't breathe. the oxygen was all like that. there was no oxygen at that time . after that, when that happened, the americans just shot the highest. i mean, they opened the guns at the people. there was only one exam and that was near the explosion area. so when they tried to push me and like i really tried to
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reach my aunts and her. but i couldn't dave for me, and i thought that my aunt and her children drugs, tempe, or they are maybe god forbid, they might be dead by now. so when i went there and saw them, i was really thankful for that that they were like, we saw may and many dead bodies. i like maybe more, more than 30 or 40 people were laying beer dead. i mean, it was a really bad scene. i mean, when i saw them, i just didn't that just don't look at them. just look at it was. so, i mean, this is very bad for sure. and the more unsettling video for year on the program showing covered bodies that line industry i had of the atrocity, the u. k. u. s. and other western nations have been warning nationals about the threat of a severe terror attack, advising them to avoid the airport. the witness we spoke to says the african people
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have been abandoned the course we feel abandoned. that's because all these people, those who are trying to get in there for they are having some documents that they can go. but the other people like actually doesn't have anything. all these do you have the name? the media is in the news store. lots of them doesn't have any legal documents that they are trying to get out. there are like more than $20000.00 we have. but right now this thing is all messed up automated. i don't know why the americans are not processing then anymore. but lots of people just like us are striking and hearing and know everyone is trying, you know, just to get out of this country of this situation and run from taliban. so yes, we left abandon, we are left behind. we just want, you know,
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to get out of this country as soon as possible, before you know the situation and gets more critical. many of those injured in the attack and now in a hospital some fighting for their lives. we spoke to one survivor who described his experience of the blast i had applied for the visit and the foreigners invited us to come near the door. i was near the gate when the explosion occurred. i saw myself fall into the ground and when i stood up, i told the last one side of my abdomen and then they brought me to hospital is one of the wounded for the isis splinter group behind thursday's bombing has been active in eastern afghanistan and pakistan and even launched a savage campaign of bloodshed when it was founded in 2015. we guess there were more details for you right now on this group without is equal down off the dreaded name of ice. it had all but vanished from international headlines. but now, amid the afghan power vacuum,
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the terror group has apparently struck again the . the double strike right outside couple, airport killed dozens. american politicians had been warning, an attack was inevitable, but to no avail. every day were on the ground is another day. we know that i c k is seeking to target the airport attack, both us and allied forces and innocent civilians. as we conduct these operations, we are sustaining the highest level of vigilance for an attack against the airport by isis k or another terrorist group. or commanders on the ground have taken every step they can to prepare for such an attack. isis k is an african off shoot of the same, the tory as islam is state terror group. it's based in correson. hence the letter k in the abbreviation with over 2000 g. hardy's committed to its terrible cause.
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the group targets have ghana stones most vulnerable the the if you think this may have been isis case law strike at the exiting foreign troops before a happy union with the taliban? well think again. the 2 groups are sworn enemies with the taliban just not radical enough. in the eyes of isis k,
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the islamic emerett strongly condemns the bombing targeting civilians at coco airport. the explosion took place in an area where us forces are responsible for security. the bottom line is isis k presents a massive security and reputational challenge for the taliban. given the taliban attempts to look more civil, humane and legitimate, we could conceivably soon see. i mean, strangers, it sounds a taliban lead anti terrorist operation, or isis k might become the perfect pretext for the us to negotiate at least some presence in talib, uncontrolled galveston. we did hear about this group, for example, and i believe, april 2017. when trump and essentially authorized the pentagon to drop the mother of all bombs in eastern afghanistan, i believe in the non ga har province on ices k. but the roots of this group in its existence is poorly understood. and of course,
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when we hear these press briefings at the pentagon, there's very little context. this group actually is a direct byproduct of the us invasion and occupation of afghanistan. it grew out of the pockets, donnie taliban, who were disgruntled taliban members who wanted to carry out attacks on us targets inside pakistan and afghanistan. one of their most spectacular attacks was on camped camp chapman, a u. s. military base where they used a c. i turn coat to attack us soldiers. there are several other attacks on american assets, and this all led to a rise of terrorism inside pocket on directly related to the u. s. presence in afghanistan, 6 years ago, the pakistani taliban, which was widely suspected of being used by the african government, backed by the u. s. against pakistan turned into isis k central. it's the same thing as isis. so most viewers with no slumming state of iraq and syria, isis,
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which was this group that took over in 2014, 2015 big swath of iraq and syria. and by the way, who were able to do that because of massive amounts of military equipment that the us left behind specifically interact. that's where they really got their weapons from. they went into iraq, took those home these weapons and went back into syria, isis k, which is the islamic state of correson, which essentially means eastern. they don't like the taliban, they're not friends with the taliban. they've been fighting the taliban. but more importantly, they'd been fight in the us and i bring up the point about the weapons because we just did the exact same thing and up dennis and left behind. unbelievable amount of us military equipment, massive amounts of weaponry and guns black hawk helicopters from these. we left it all there the same way that we did in iraq. so we could be creating a very similar problem of what we saw. 20142015 with the other isis r t. i managed to speak with a taliban spokespersons a be hello, a he'd on a range of issues that is including fighting drug trafficking and the threat posed
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by potential resistance forces in the country. the gimme which, sorry, really sorry about what happened a couple airport for our part we've taken measures to avoid these unwanted events. of course the responsibility lies with the americans. they tell people to gather at the field. they say we will take you out. there was hustle and bustle. the americans opened fire at people. many were trampled and crushed. many died by august the 31st. the americans must complete the evacuation of their employees. the mall for the pansies had, it's not a big problem. there were only 2 people to who would like to continue the war. amory less and afterward my suit. we repeatedly appealed to magnitude to resolve the existing problems through negotiations. and there is no need for military confrontation. we've not received an answer to our calls, and that's not
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a problem either or on force as a station nearby pension here to keep the situation under control over mall and believe the current situation is entirely dependent on the afghans and no one else even not going to become a threat to the states bordering us using the g o strategic factor. we have good relations with tajikistan is becca menaced on pakistan, ron china. i can assure our neighbors that they should not fear any threats, harm or damage from our territory. the launch i want to get the drugs, we have a far reaching plan to revenge drug production. currently, about 3000000 afghans predicted to drugs. this is a sad phenomenon for us will try to nullify the cultivation and production of drugs in 2001 the cultivation and production of opiates would not read a case work in this direction as well. in some provinces, the sewing and collection of drugs is still ongoing. and here we need cooperation
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not only with the countries of the region, but also with other interested state 13 soldiers killed and 18 injured. that's the grim toll of thursday. attack for the u. s. army, it came off in nearly 20 years, of course of us military presence and ive canister on him, whose goal of course was to prevent terror attacks against americans and america. so that's cross live to the united states. now. he's at john hardy coming on the program. that's good to see you again, john. some of the question now the in the u. s. i should say the blame game has begun the accusations of flying or any flock president job biden's coming in for right now. or yeah, well, you're right, the blame game has started and, and the politics will continue. i want to start though with an update from the white house white house confirming that president biden has given approval to his military commanders to really go after isis k. i says, course on because of what happened yesterday. so that coming from the white house,
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we're just getting that information that you know, the president saying, the military can go after isis. what that will mean, how that will play out remains to be said. but on that note, the pentagon today confirming, as you mentioned roy that 13 u. s. service members were killed 15, others injured in thursday's attack. also correcting some of the information about the attack. specifically that there was just one bomb blast outside cobble airport, not to as previously reported, including one year the barren hotel just outside the abbey gate. where that initial blast happened. the attack, as we know, resulted in at least 170 death. many more injured though, the exact numbers still remain unclear. it's been fluid since yesterday, when all this in this went down, isis k or isis course on claimed responsibility. and today there really continues to be some of the back and forth between the taliban and us officials over who is ultimately to blame for the security breach. you heard the taliban spokesman just
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before the segment, talking about that it was really the, the u. s. security failure as the u. s. was responsible for guarding the entrance to the airport, but the us maintain that it was the taliban failure for even allowing sisters to get through and basically infiltrate the crowds. regardless of the evacuation effort continues at the 100 cause i international airport, the u. s. has so far evacuated some 12500 people accounting from cobble over 24 hour period and will continue as the august 31st deadline approaches. and on that now, there have been $89.00 flights over that 24 hour period. according to officials. it's unclear what will happen after the august 31st deadline. presumably if there are any remaining americans, enough ganeth stand, the u. s. will continue to work to remove them, or any ask ends with what are called s i v. special immigration visas, or us permanent residency along with as president vine and said the hunt for those responsible for thursdays attacked the deadliest day by the way. for us forces in
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afghanistan in a decade, president biden said, the u. s. will hunt down those responsible though this also comes after just a few weeks ago. the president essentially lauding america's success in the region . listen to this mission to degrade the terrorist threat about cod in afghanistan and kilo some been lot was a success. i believed that our presence in that gas dance should be focused on the reason we went, the 1st place to ensure afghans that would not be used as a base from which to attack our homeland. again. we did that. those who carried out this attack as well as anyone who wishes america harm no this we will not forgive. we will not forget we will hunt you down to make you pay so certain.
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so certainly some contrasting statements there from the present on president and pentagon officials said today, by the way, there are specific, incredible threats remaining in afghanistan, including the possibility of more attacks. now whatever the outcome of the ongoing evacuation effort, it is certainly an extremely chaotic and messy situation for the united states. and of course, for the biden administration. the president, coming under fire from republican leaders and officials calling for his resignation and saying that the ultimately bears the responsibility for what happened with some lawmakers even going so far as saying he has quote, blood on his hands if any america has harmed or killed and not safely evacuated or if any of this military equipment or weapons are used to harbor kill an american. the blood is directly on jo biden's hands. this will destroy what's, what's left now because the u. s. has been so unilateral and so clueless that mean for, for the president i states to be rebuked in the house of parliament. that's the 1st
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time it's ever happened. joe biden has blood on his hands. this horrific national security and humanitarian disaster is solely the result of job biden's weak and incompetent leadership. he isn't fit to be commander in chief. it is in raging and joe biden is responsible. it's now clear beyond all doubt, but he's neither the capacity nor the will to lead. he must resign. want to be clear, president viner remain steadfast. the u. s. should continue to withdraw from afghanistan and effort that started by the way, during the obama administration and continued through the trump administration. and keep in mind, who is president trump, who negotiate a deal with the taliban to basically lay off us trips as us troops were being pulled out of the country. and that evacuation effort, of course, continued, and the overall mission continued as the evacuation effort continues, as we speak. and again, you know, this isn't, this is
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a mission. as the president said, that is, was always expected to be complicated. that was always expected to be. you know, fraught with, you know, certainly difficulties. and again, there were warnings about the potential for attacks, and that remains the case still undoubtably. all that said, this will likely be a stain on the bite and presidency on another separate note. i want to wrap up quickly. president biden is meeting today with israeli prime minister and colleague bennett at the white house that meeting by the way was postponed from thursday due to the attacks. prime minister bennett has been among numerous international officials to condemn the attacks offering prayers for the victims and saying in a meeting with the president that israel always stands with america unequivocally. and likewise, president biden said the us will, quote, always stand with israel, so definitely, rory, the blame game is in full effect and certainly a lot of accusations back and forth among officials here in the united states. and
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certainly internationally with this effort, ongoing back to you know, at all to join hardy in miami. thank you. well, we spoke to illegal analysts or jennifer the master uncommon to ed martin. he told us that biden's handling of, of, i've got on and out of the pull out, it's ultimately undermine the war on terror. the global community is lost trust, and faith, and joe biden, in his administration. a lot right now in the united states of america, despite the victory, the games and military providers have managed to completely unravel and, and wine back in a matter of months, putting our military in women's lives in danger. you know biting can get up there and say all he wants to cameras will hunt you down, we'll get you. but he has lots of credibility, not only this rate and the fear of our enemies, but he's a lot of credibility from our allies as well. i don't know how somebody is able to do that in 9 months of administration, but i don't think anybody is surprised that it would be under the biting ration.
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we're watching the bible presidency deteriorate before our eyes. this president is not handling this well and everyone knows in america and the people in the rest of the world know it. so it's actually a very dangerous time. i hope the present is careful and slow and methodical. but right now what we're portraying is weakness. and uncertainty, he says at the end of his speech, and now i am allowed to ask the person, and course as i was instructed and right now, shina is looking to taiwan. and bad guys are looking at america and saying, let's take advantage of this really weak, really embarrassing moment in american life. it's a big concern for that discussion continues online right now at r t dot com. we appreciate your joining us as of friday evening here in the russian capital lava half past 8 pm here. we're back soon with more of your worldwide headlines. hope you can join us at the top of the
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