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tv   News  RT  August 18, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, the taliban on leashes ahead of put us on a crowd off the people raised the gun national flag and said, well the militants have replaced across the country with that on us. it's not the only shows with this since as $10000.00 down soldiers reported the rally in the rule of the country under the leadership of the vice president, princes, he's now asked on a song, but need them. it's claims they've already rest of back areas. cobble about a have a reps open old words in europe with our melting pot for repeat the 2015 micra
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crisis plus 20 years of 3 trillion dollars later us political pullman said his thought was the war was, was about we invade the inner cities of america and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine, those people, we bring counseling to those people. how about we invade america? and we start trying to help america. ah, bring you the very latest from the russian capital every hour of the day. this is our national good to have your company. this our was focusing on afghanistan. 3 people are confirmed, killed in the city of july. the bad weather had upon flight, has opened fire on a protest against the group seizure of power a dozen more were injured. it comes
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a day off to the medicine foul to bring peace to the country, the fiber and all the people start to take down the groups of black and white and fly, the afghan national flag instead. public resistance to the town upon takeover has been limited. so similar approach has have been seen and also provinces. for example, for the south and city of cost, people also told down the ton of bod spine, from the main squared points to the old can flag instead of on fighters and fires soon enough, but no casualties. have been reported. michael john, the last word says the militants under greater scrutiny these days with everything ending up online on one's going to install the african national flag. if you are the taliban, you would have not expected this 20 years ago. today. it's a different up on it's been there, the younger generation people have access to social media. so we will have to see
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what is the official position of the alibi about this issue right now. this is a major headache for the taliban soldiers trying to police the city a city. i don't. busy know a city that's too complicated and this vacuum, some people have just thought ok, this is the time. let's go and pick up some vehicles and weapons. for more facials at the taliban have been shedding their what's up number, the number of cell phones asking visit and to basically get in touch if they saw such incidents. and they have been rather twist and quick in terms of responding 20 years ago. no one could speak and had access to social media to did i want to stand is watching the world is watching. in the meantime, a more theory, a threat to a ton of bonds, power crop, is forming in the countries north. it's reported around 10 pounds enough to count all the soldiers, all riding and pun, ship province. in theory, region of afghan on that still contested was not in output installed to ton of on
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resistance back in the ninety's was never captured during the civil war. also held out during the soviet invasion. punch problems is located within a valley of steep mountains that form a solid, natural defense spearheading resistance. and now is the afghan fust vice president onward a solar unlike us nato, we haven't lost spirit and see enormous opportunities ahead. useless caveats finished joining the resistance. sala has declared himself afghanistan's legitimate acting president of his former, but both fled to the country, amid the tattered bonds advance on kabul. he has fought those limits before and also in charge of spying on the militants leading that national security directorate and other key figure is helping him raleigh, the resistance together. that's a flood. my sued the son and namesake of a prominent african warner that oppose the 1st upon rule. his massage was saying about back in june about defending his homeland. they're going to fight for the
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rights of the people. they're going to fight for the rights of women, and they're going to pay for many other values, the 2 chairs and you look at, you can see that you're the 1st line of defense. we are defending europe, you're defending division, and i've been fighting not just for themselves, but for everyone. and videos have already started marching on line. all those resistor full says, hey, can see the troops fly, the green white flags of the northern alliance. and all this was formed off the town on foss came to power in 1906 for the group until the us led invasion. but jonathan steele and international commentators says the current alliance won't achieve much without foreign support. in doing, in the, in the short term, not get very big. but i think one big question will be whether any foreign countries don't recognize north and line any other resistance group and to join and ostracized. and i'd like to try to do,
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but the northern line was in existence before the between 996 in 2001 was various countries impurity in russia, helped arms and so on. and taliban reserve recognized by 3 countries focused on non dire beverage in saudi arabia. it looks at the moment as a ton of it's going to be recognized by other countries. puting, perhaps russia, including china, cured in iran, and pakistan. so very much depends on how this resistance, if it's going to fall away or develop, whether it's recognized by the outside powers. the fight promises to be a bloody one. has the taliban has got at the hands on the high tech also was billions gifted by the american for the afghan army. the u. s. national security adviser face rather embarrassing questions about all what weaponry left behind those black hawks were given to the taliban. they were given to the african national security forces to be able to defend themselves. we don't have a complete picture,
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obviously of where every article of defense materials has gone. but certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. and obviously, we don't have a sense that they are going to readily handed over to us at the airport taliban fighters hopping parade to around kabul, showing off the new made in america, rifles and humvees. comedian jimmy, to have some advice for washington on how to avoid such humiliation. the shadow would often return on off you going on? do you want a us intervention, a military intervention, tell me about which country you want the u. s. intervening. and i think it's about, i mean, because a lot of people are saying we need to stay in africa and help the women. i say, how about in the united states takes about 3 or 4000 troops and invades los angeles and brings health care and medical aid, and shelter to the 60000 homeless people in,
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in los angeles. how about we invade the inner cities of america? and we bring health care to those people. we bring shelter to those people. we bring medicine to those people. we bring counseling to those people. how about we invade america? and we start trying to help america. when is, when is america gonna care about the women? and, you know, one out of 5 kids in america lives in poverty. so if you want to help people, why don't you give women and children want to give women a living wage in the united states? give them health care and give them an education. ironically that's what the government up gave us then did up until we invented taliban if you took. so there are 600000 according to statistics or 600000 homeless people in america. lot of those are women. lot of those are children. now if you gave them each a $1000.00 stipend a month, a $1000.00 a month, to go get housing. that would cost $7200000000.00 a year. 7.2000000000. you know,
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we've been spending 2 trillion dollars or the last 20 years, 300000000 dollars a day to bomb and killed people and to get it then. so the united states ever really cared about women. they could spend a $7200000000.00 to do or take care of the homeless people in the united states. give them a 1000 that they won't do it. so yet joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell, all the leaders and both parties. they know that they're, that one out of 5 children lives in poverty in the united states, along with their mothers. and they don't care. ah, as for us, on the on itself, it's international airport in the capital for more themes all calles on wednesday. the songs verified food here shows african women at the hub teaching with us gods to let the men america, the western countries prioritize in getting neuro national out. fuss. meanwhile, with crowds of sounds,
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cuing outside the printer. it's now being confirmed american troops fight warning shots as quote, a crowd control nation. the area surrounding apple bow is being patrolled. why the hell upon fighters who also opened fire to disperse the crowds? that not reportedly shooting at people long queues of also formed outside different embassies and cobble made up of people. of course, hoping to escape france has moved us embassy to the capital that ought to speed up processing and ensure greater safety for those trying to flee. a full outreach has beyond to ask honest on boarders to several european nations are refusing to take refugees from the country ripping wide open old divisions over mass migration would many fearing a repeat of the crisis of 2015, one more than a 1000000 people came to europe well, let's call live now to paris and all t is a pool assess for more on this. i mean paula,
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everyone has had the heart torn out by the scenes of people trying to flee. these are people who are desperate. so why is europe closing that towards to africa, migrants well, what you say is so completely true and certainly your pin leaders seem to be expressing concern, but their actions don't match. their words. and increasing number of european leaders are saying that they refused to accept african migrants. the biggest concern, of course, is that they don't want to see a repeat of the 2015 refugee crisis. so you have, for example, austria, which said it is against migration. the interior minister said that the bulk of the population in afghanistan needs to remain in the region. at the same time, hungary is refusing to take in refugees. it says that it's citizens won't pay,
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won't pay for the floor decisions of the united states. hunger. we hadn't, we, one of many countries refusing, now as forced to vignette. it has to wait for this that it will take him 5 refugees, not 50, not 500, not 5000, but 5. how many times in the last 3 days have we heard you have him eat, is saying the right things, expressing compassion, talking about human rights and justice and love. but the reality certainly is quite different. they have a huge quarrel on the go between brussels and member states over the issue of quoted over the issue of how these refugees should be treated. and at the same time, we hearing your opinion leaders literally weeping over woman's rights. but it all seems to be fancy, p r, because the overall sentiment is one that we will not want immigrants. we are not going to offer a helping hand. and certainly this is seen by action. for example, if you look at germany,
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the bone and government has come under fire for using its military ships to bring $65000.00 can be. now this as hundreds of guns, particularly those that assisted the german government and the families have been left behind in afghanistan. they haven't been gone to the visa and they certainly haven't been evacuated. the german president said that the african turmoil, shame the waste. take a listen. the images of desperation at campbell airport. shameful for the political west. we are experiencing a human tragedy for which we share responsibility. berlin must do everything it can to bring our people and all afghans who stood for years by their side to safety. non increasing number of germans all worried about an influx of refugees. more than 2 thirds of the population has said that they all concerned that the country could be
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a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis in france. you have the french president in manuel mc kron, who gave a speech and has also come under fire for using the term irregular migration coming from africa. ask any stand, take a listen micron disorder and france. he mainly wants people to stay there. he doesn't give a damn about anything. it is important for him that no one comes to us. what about the right to asylum? what about these children? these women, these men fleeing the terror of the taliban? france must not stand aside congress actions and needed not for those pictures of desperate us guns, trying to get on to a plane and getting to cobbles, made a port. it was reported that the americans had saved seats on the plains full military dogs. so people have been left behind, but the dogs have been taken out of the country. not all of this comes ahead of
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important elections here in europe. just next month. you have germany holding its general election. and then at the beginning of next year, you have from holding a presidential election, and this issue of migrant is going to be a hot potato, which is why you have many politicians here floating over. the whole issue of migration was torn between gil, what they've done, but not wanting to take any responsibility a day in the life of european politicians. he was up paula slid, reporting from paris. many banks. what we heard from free but easy. the daughter of a british national, stuck in afghanistan, she told us, british officials have done little to help bring back her elderly mother from the country. my mother's a 79 years old, fragile disabled woman was previous history of a stroke. and she is currently going through severe and authorized and which is waiting for a surgery. and so she cannot travel without
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a wheelchair access and she has services from the on freshman issue. it's not say that twice at the airport by crowd passengers trying to get into these slides and other civilians who was friend lee couple so pressure and she wasn't able to afford the slides because of her medical condition. when she attended, the office was on and the couple on threat. surely she was constantly being dismissed by the guard. i tried literally bombarding their treasure accounts with social media current, trying to get their attention to and bear in mind and pay attention to my mother's condition. unfortunately, every time i've contacted them, i was getting the same call continues on. the embassy was interesting and encouraging. all citizens to trying a commercial life, which on question may be full, been suspended because of the us troops trying to control the airport. the u. k.
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parliament has been recalled from some a recess to debate the situation. can don including repub, treating people and taking refugees. britain has pledged to resettle 20000 gallons, but only 5000 in the last year. with pool and and few in chaos. left many m. p. 's incensed the reputation of the west to support democracy across the world has suffered recent offence not gonna stand, shade the west trying to impose just a weston example of democracy possibly was a route that we should reconsider. we look at many options with the speaker, including the potential for staying longer ourselves. factoring complacency from our government. was our intelligence really? so whole what would, what would i do differently? i wouldn't, i suppose sexually failed shattering now shop. take the time of doing everything the con,
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to get these people to what does everything that can mean that evacuation had to go ahead. we get this done in a expeditious fashion as we can y'all sacrifice deserves better than this. and so to the people they say on lives on their lives for that fellow, when i'm for the whole it will support just 5000 in the 1st year. what the 15000 men to do, i know round and wait until they've been executed. k officials are working, run the hundreds of thousands of british people of flowed talk going to serve the private to flew to avoid public service. this is off the mac marketing point for our fail to find them system the politicians decided to withdraw. the politicians must be responsible for the consequences. while parliament was debating inside, protest is gathered to condemn the government's response to the current events. among those who gathered people with family trapped in the country. with some carrying signs,
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saying afghans had been left to be butchered. the protesters demanding more people be brought sooner to new k one also in the crowd. the british sex opposition lead. i'm hoping that the government will both explain the chaos of the evacuation would agree on a much larger number of refugees, counties. this count for them to drop the anti refugee rhetoric prejudice, battelle has been with the past few months and a global give us coming thing. they're going to learn the foreign policy lesson. britain, after all, is returned to the training, the afghan. i, britain, after all, set up a training cool to the army and the result has not been a good while the world busy discussing have gone a storm the countries i was did president chef county has resurfaced in the united arab emirates in a video message streamed on facebook, connie defended his decision to flee, saying it helped to avoid math bloodshed. he also pledge to return to afghanistan
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in the near future and rejected allegations he'd fled with 5 stolen cash. the african embassy into jacob's dawn accuses him of taking a $170000000.00. exact on government advisor torak fardy says corruption on to connie flourished brazilian ganley's presidency had transformed into a mafia system of clipped crat customs. revenues were collected, but half of it was stolen by people in the government of president danny, to the american government. they had said they had 300000 soldiers, but he got a special inspector general for african it's done. rick construction issued reports that in fact, they had goals, soldiers, and they were also pocketing the american tax money and they defrauded the american
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state as well. what's interesting for the outside is that the son becomes a stable country. volleyball would have a truck conservative or you like saudi arabia, like iran, if the tale one can demonstrate that they are controlling international terrorism. and they are not exacting human rights violations. in the long run, it's possible that china will recognize them and possibly even russia at the end of the day. even the european countries and the united states, my drink ignite them at the time and they would like to see guarantees that there is no violence against the people. the health continues over in the us. joe biden's previous remarks have come back to haunt him in a comment made a decade ago when he was vice president, he brusquely and coarsely dismissed any humanitarian objections to withdrawing from the country. noting the same had been done in vietnam without too great
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a political cost. well now he says the afghan mission was never about nation building. comments you made 20 years ago, so just otherwise you course donal reports. it didn't take long for the taliban to fill in the power vacuum left after the now infamous us pull out, defending the withdrawal. president biden pin. the blame on the african government . political leaders of afghanistan were unable to come together for the good of their people. unable to negotiate for the future of their country, when the chips were down, they would never have done so while us troops remained them can stand, bearing the brunt of the fighting for them. america's mission and of gaston was never supposed to have been nation building, says president bite and in 2021. the alternative to nation building is k. s. senator biden retorts in some parts administration. nation building is still
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a dirty phrase. but the alternative to nation building is chaos. a chaos the churns, how blood thirsty warlord drug traffickers and terrorist. when the u. s. failed to swiftly hand down ben loudon in 2001. the mission shifted towards remodeling the country into an ideal society that does not breed terrorists. george bush used the exact words nation building when looking back, flashing back at american efforts in the country. we know that true peace will only be achieved when we give the afghan people the means to achieve their own aspirations. peace, faith will be achieved by helping ab ganna stan, develop its own stable government. but to do that meant to break the spine of the traditionalist as good society and implants, a new one from reconstruction and aid efforts to overseeing the formation of the new african state army. us trained, of course,
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and that did not come cheap. the me i the the real the wealthiest country in the history of the world. and yet we have the higher trial poverty rates of almost any country on earth. critics, even brandon, the ex president of gannon and astra ghani, a u. s. protege, he is
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a familiar figure to the american establishment, while washington's european allies also didn't have any illusions about what exactly the aim of the mission was. i didn't succeed and weren't accomplished as we had planned, the realization and the mid one is terrifying for the millions of afghans who supported the more free society and who, with the support of western states, strong for democracy, cation and women's rights, and made important progress. moreover, the volumes of books studying us nation building in galveston once literally called exactly like that word for word. but the bite and team refused to capitulate and just admit defeat. instead, they're trying to hide their intentions behind the abstract facade of the war on
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terror. and branding it as an actual success. we succeeded in achieving those fundamental objectives. and the idea that we would sign up for remaining there in the midst of the civil war for another 510 or 20 years, was simply not in the national interest, killing bin laden 10 years ago is arguably the only achievement. the u. s. has to show for its mission and i've got to stand other benefits which the country well did enjoy under the u. s. protectorate, like an improvement in women's rights, a lower infant mortality rate, and more children going to school. all of that is now left at the taliban mercy. while the ruling leads in washington, too busy writing, revisionist history. u. s. army combat veteran coronel says they're always to clear objectives of the african mission, one, eliminate the terrorist threat, to rebuild the nation. what went wrong, the minute that americans thought that we were in the business of nation building, what we went over there to do in the very beginning. and i was part of that was to
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eliminate the terrorists who are responsible for the $911.00 attack and also stop it being a safe haven terrorism that have been done and perfected with cpr operation irregular warfare. a symmetric warfare and spent operation forces with the, with the support of the intelligence communities, basically going out putting together h b, t packets. we then got into this ship of nation building and they wanted to continue to perpetuate this idea that we need to stay there and arm and build and defend and help to create a democracy. you know, because we're american are arrogant. see that every other country needs to market like us just never ends when it comes out vanish, dan, this was a lot. busy of plans to begin with, and i, i tell all my veteran brothers the sisters who were out there, but it was the suit, not the boots who was responsible for this failure, the taliban and all of the terrorist networks. and then we had the watches americans, but they had the time, they never had to leave and they knew they could weigh this out on biden's approval
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ratings have plummeted. open use of the top on takeover. plunging 7 points to its lowest level yet on friday, over half of americans thought the president was doing a quite good job. but 3 days later on one paragraph, the figure was 46, the sons of people in the u. k. and the us, well, they thought about recent events in afghanistan, the whole politicians throughout the world should be smoothly hanging their head in shame. what's happening? absolutely disgraceful. with cd effects no longer was the, everybody, not just a gun to some european america. everybody was and it has created a great deal of difficulty for people working there. and obviously for the native, a people of afghanistan, shame, what's happening over there, but have dentist and they've been fighting for 102 years. the fact that we've been over there for 20 years, we really haven't stabilized the country. there's no reason for us to be over.
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there are the women that are left behind. i know what is that you know the taliban regime saying that they will allow women to have the freedom that they've enjoyed have 20 years. but i don't believe it was a problem. this as coverage of the unraveling situation, enough danced on. we've been following it closely. we'll continue to do so. this is auto international, like from oscar, the ah, the, the the,
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the, the news. the time absent or 10, you're watching the season finale of going undergrads as the world potentially witnesses. the end of the so called american the are coming up in the show, the ambassador to the united nations of regional power broke about his time and why he was not allowed to speak of the emergency security council meeting on afghanistan. and what is next? the de facto ca created taliban that finally defeated the usa, u. k. and other nato nations occupying the so called graveyard event highs. and why is the military industrial complex allowing us president joe biden to withdraw from afghanistan leagues out in the global scale of u. s. m, those to the jimmy door show jimmy door,
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all the more coming up in today's season finale of getting underground for any nature veterans watching this show. there are multiple help lines in your countries


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