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the ah, the chaos confusion and i've got a couple of orders. the us pulls out his remaining staff and verified the video, show crowds running across the field in a desperate fade to cling onto the us military plane and get out of the country. at least 7 people are reportedly been killed and our mission at gannett spam was never supposed to been nation building provide and has given his 1st speech, since it's about to take over left america's international reputation in taxes. however, some remarks raised eyebrows efforts to blame the afghan government seemingly contradicting previous statements. while the un security council halls and
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emergency session over going on with representatives voicing concerns over the assistant terror threat in the country. we have to concern why the ongoing presence of terrorist threats and afghan stone which can spill across the board is thus threatening security the neighboring countries and central asia the life from oscar. thanks for joining us. and i thought i'll take that i shall on daniel hawkins. welcome to the program. we continue on special coverage today of the dramatic events that have been unfolding in afghanistan over the last 24 hours where the taliban has now declared an end of war. that software find is effectively captured every major city, including the capital cobble after being overthrown on a us invasion 20 years ago. and whether it's a group is now back in control of the entire nation. other on confound reports
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facing at least 7 people have been killed in the capital, therefore, and warning you may find the following images distressing. the. c bodies can be seen on the ground at the airport this morning. the images come off on verifying video emerged on line, reportedly capturing the moment to us troops open. what they call preventative fire at the airport is not confirmed if that lead to the death. if that was the us soldiers say the only shot in the air, some reports suggest they might have been victims of a stan paid as people rushed towards plains to leave the country. well, this is how the airport looked earlier on sunday night. it's the only part of the said he was still remains out of the ton of hands. thousands can be seen desperately searching for an opportunity to lead. commercial flights have again been suspended after they were resumed with the orders. now the only option to get out of the country as a waterfall said to be on the taliban control. now the return of the taliban is
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a huge concern for those who been working for the coalition forces over the years. so much so that some of been taking desperate measures to leave the country. a warning you may find the following footage distressing. this is on verified video on social media, claiming to show somebody falling from a plane as it was taking off from the airport is claimed online that the person had been hiding in under carriage of the cross. however, as other objects were also seen fooling from the plain, it's not yet been confirmed whether somebody was killed. a local news agencies or taliban storm that office in kabul militants are reported to have entered talos compound and seized weapons from security staff. but also already a couple of ways journalist explains more, it's a massive embarrassment. it's a hard break, it's a tragedy. and it's also the end result of what the last 20 years, all the money,
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all the investments looked like on the other fund. we do have some developments of senior alabama leader. i'm in hon with after meeting with a former president because i am chairman of the law, the law, the taller bonds position publicly through statements is that everyone will be safe, no one will be harmed. it also instructs it's fighters not to go into people's homes and not to bother anyone, but we still don't have any clarity on when the government will be formed. what type of government id will be? we discussed the ongoing situation. i've got to start with formal us navy intelligence officer, steven rogers, who says he can't help but draw parallels between cobble and cycle. the goal was to ensure that the app in government was strong, that it was a nation where the people were free. it was a nation, ruled by a constitution and not ruled by any dictator or
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a terrorist organization. so the goal was never achieve. 20 years of work was put into that we have seen is a for caster feet. how do you leave all these people behind the aft and citizens to, to, to be met with the baby, torture and murder. this reminds me of us. i got, i was in the air force during the time saigon fell. and when i see helicopters in bul landing on rooftops in an airport and giant us air force planes, having the refugees board, those planes reminds me of saigon. and when we see its history repeating itself. so there is no bright future, obviously for again a stand, but until we make a change in our nation with regard to our foreign policy, we don't have a much of a bright future either. us president joe biden is finally broken his silence on the fall of that kind of on to the taliban. more than
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a day off prevents unfolded. i mean, washington has achieved its gulf. we want to have can stand on was 20 years ago with clear goals. get those who attacked us on september 11th, 2001. and make sure our car could not use afghan a stand as a base from which to attack us again. we did that. we serv really degraded al qaeda in afghanistan. we never gave up the hunt for osama milan and we got him. that was a decade ago. the recent speech from joe biden has certainly raised some eyebrows. at 1st he was saying that the collapse of the afghan government in the face of the taliban was not inevitable. but then later it seems like he's saying that it was a national security team. and i've been closely monitoring the situation on the ground and began to stand and moving quickly to execute the plans we had put in place to respond to every constituency, including, and contingency,
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including the rapid collapse we're seeing now. on take over that gas that now inevitable is none. because you have the afghan troops have 300000 well equipped as well as crypt his any army in the world and an air force again, something like 75000 taliban. it is not inevitable. now job and also said that the mission of the united states and afghan a stand was never a nation building project. quite an interesting remark makes you wonder what the purpose of the us occupation of the country has been for the last 20 years. here's what he said, our mission afghan. stan was never supposed to been nation building. it was never supposed to be created a unified centralized democracy. this has critics of joe biden, wondering about his reliability and credibility when it comes to foreign policy.
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this is certainly not the 1st time that joe biden has zig zag when it comes to international issues. he was at 1st major supporter of the invasion of iraq, then later was opposing it and took moves that may have strengthened the i feel terrorists during his vice presidency under morocco. bama. many have pointed out that he was a vehement supporter of us intervention in libya before later admitting that it was a big mistake and a big disaster. so a lot of questions are now being raised. people look at the situation in afghanistan and say that joe biden is pretty much to blame for a catastrophe. and that there seems to have been a lot of miscalculation and mismanagement, and lack of planning on the part of us forces. and the commander in chief may have a lot of explaining to do about what's happening in the country. we spoke earlier, the former executive director of the libertarian national committee. he claim spot and flip flopping on. foreign affairs didn't help. i've got to stop. you know,
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it's hard to know what's going through biden's mind because he does change his mind on, on strategic issues. and he doesn't have any clear set of guiding principles when it comes to foreign affairs. so yes, there is certainly a risk that there will be a vacuum of power and the people that we may think are bad are going to come into power and might support terrorism. is to be expected. is to be pretty. you know, a lot of us who thought it was wrong to go into afghanistan in the 1st place. also expected when we leave, it was going to be bad otherwise. and that's why you don't want to go in in the 1st place. so, yes, i think our 20 year war on terrorism is likely to generate more terrorism in while additional us troops continue to be sent to have going to start off to biden earlier, increase the number he was sending to help get american citizens out an additional
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$1000.00 and now being deployed on top of his $5000.00 already allocated over the next 2 days. helicopters and planes were seen flying over the gun capital as nato seek to ensure the safe evacuation of foreign citizens. hundreds of americans have already left the country and thousands of others are trying to follow suit. the u. s. embassy and the capital load its flag off. the old stuff were transferred to the airport was claimed the lives of almost 2 and half 1000 us soldiers with many of their colleagues questioning what it was for to us veterans and who didn't want to help. to reopen the u. s. embassy and cobbled back in 2001 shed bethel. well, at this point for all of the men and women of our country have served in afghanistan who have lost friends, who, who seen people injured, have gone through terrible emotional and physical trauma. as a result of this service and had hope that that in some way they were helping afghan stand for all of these people. most of them are sad, some are angry,
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but really they're sad and they're asking the question, and i think it's been reported widely. why, why was, why were we there? what were we really doing? because we did not achieve any mission that was sold to our soldiers. jar, young men and women who served there. what they were told they were doing was not, i'm sorry, it was not the mission that was accomplished. ok. we didn't accomplish that mission, whatever mission that biden and trump, and george bush and obama were hoping to accomplish that was kept a secret from our troops. i troops were told of very positive things about the future, but again, a stand and none of it was true. and i until committee knows very well that most of it was based on falsehoods, in imagining imagination. the bedrooms on iraq, the veterans of afghan to stand. all of us veterans ought to be going to our congress to say no more wars. because every one of these conflicts, as they ended up not only with hundreds of thousands, if not millions,
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millions of citizens of the countries we've gone into being dead or wounded. but certainly the veteran population of the united states that continues to suffer suicides at $22.00 a day and long term mental problems that affect not only them personally, but their whole families and their communities. it's something that our us congress and our politicians ought to be held accountable for forgetting us into these endless wars the, when was for the defense contractors of the united states of america. they got really rich and those afghans that helped them on a high level, not really rich, but those that actually implemented the projects didn't get rich and now the, the retribution and retaliation from it's all about who said you'd never should have been working with the u. s government in any of this anyway, is tragically going to happen. of the un security council has held an emergency
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session over. i'm going to start with the countries invoice highlighting the taliban conducting how search is saying people's lives are in danger. representatives of other nations also express concerns for the well being of people in the region and those who want to leave rushes invoice stress the importance of addressing potential threats that exist in the country prison we spoke with. we are still concerned by the ongoing presence of terrorist, french, and spanish stone, which can spill across the borders, the threatened security of neighboring countries and central asia of concern also are the flows of refugees across the border. it's created an additional burden for to jackie stone, rebecca, stand around and pakistan not to mention the risk of fighters infiltrating the region by pretending to be refugees. one european leader who's given a speech on the situation and i've got astonish french president who might have all micro and the countries embassies been shifted to the airport in kabul and microns
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. my, when i says air force will be evacuated of french citizens to fall asleep explained a short time ago, we heard from the french president in manuel kwan in a televised trace to the nation and very much what was anticipated is in fact what he said. and that was that he does not want of counties done to become a sanctuary for terrorist yet again, of course, the hot potato for france and the waste of the european union is the issue of the migrant crisis. people here certainly do not want to see a repeat of the 2015 crisis that happened. you have a situation in fonts where us comes, make up the 2nd largest refugee population. and there is division amongst european countries in terms of what to do with those guns who've reached these shores, but don't actually have the correct paperwork in terms of being recognized as refugees. and not such a long time ago, a letter was written to the european commission in which
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a number of countries stated that they had the right to the port of guns without the correct paperwork back to have gun. he's done subsequent to that several countries backtracked. so you have this division with in europe in terms of what to do, but the doesn't seem to be division in terms of the fact that the european union does not have the capacity to handle another major migrant crisis taken. listen to what the french president has to say. on t c. p. we must anticipate and protect ourselves against major irregular my great re flows that would endanger those who use them and feed trafficking of all kinds. we will therefore take the initiative to build without delay, a robust, coordinated, and united response that will involve the fight against irregular flows. now luckily witnessing is a change from the previous positive approach from the blocks major powers. when it comes to dealing with refugees and asylum seekers, the german chancellor,
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anglo merkel also talked to the floor and she was extremely bitter. she said that it was quite clear that countries had not managed to build a country enough gunny done with a democratic structure. she said that there was no connection between the afghan security forces and the local african population. and she also questioned whether or not they had achieved anything by intervening in the country. in this way, she said that they need to look at other ways of dealing with such situations. her conclusion, nato did not succeed in afghanistan, stuff unblocked as it's now we given that car to can no longer carry out attacks against the united states, from a canis done as they did on the 11th of september, 2001. but everything that has followed hasn't been a successful and hasn't been achieved in the way we had planned. now you'll notice there that merkel here's the reference of $911.00, which was actually a little bit silly because it was saudis who were involved in the $911.00 plains.
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and at the same time the taliban is not the same as our kinder. but certainly here in france, the party at the moment is on evacuation as it is within other european countries. and on monday we did see these slides getting underway with france, placing the power sheet, bringing home and evacuating both french citizens and ask guns who have been assisting the french government. meanwhile, the french, the 1st batch rather of british troops, arrived and cobbled on saturday to save god national health. we locate former staff . $600.00 soldiers are expected in total. are the states evacuating man nationals and suspending diplomatic missions than walk and noir temporarily shutting bare shared compounds with germany and finland also closing their facilities, citing the deteriorating situation more than 60 countries of cool. and i've got to start to ensure the safety of those who want to leave given the deteriorating
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security situation. we support a work into secure and call and all parties to respect and facilitate the safe and orderly departure of foreign nationals and afghans who wished to leave the country . those in positions of power and authority across of vanished on their responsibility and accountability for the protection of human life and property. and for the immediate restoration of security and civil order. the case, foreign secretary has been slammed for not cutting is holiday short. earlier as a ton of man took over the dentist on its own ra, returned to britain. only on sunday, correspondent shuddered. it was dashed, the reports from them. for the questions here in the united kingdom is, where is the government and where is the leadership in responding to the crisis in the stone? in fact, the last time we heard from the prime minister of ours johnson last week, he says the president should be incredibly proud of. what is the chief in the region? obviously in light of this complete, tiny bon, take
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a very questioning response. indeed. today, the prime minister is hosting a cobra meeting. that's a meeting where the cabinet should all be attending, but the foreign secretary dominic rob is known to be seen as he's on holiday. and obviously it's his job to try and deal with these international issues, particularly in regards to foreign policy that has respond to instigate as a whole host of criticism against him. so the foreign secretary to go a while during an international crisis of this magnitude is nothing short of a shameful. i think it was amazing, staggering that the foreign secretary was still on holiday, while f canister was collapsing to the taliban. you've got to be on duty during that sort of period where we're so deeply and intimately involved in it. we haven't heard from the foreign secretary and about a week despite this being the biggest single foreign policy disastrous in suez. so i don't know what the foreign office is thinking over say the united kingdom has
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been part of this nature occupation over the last 18 years, the brit 1st and initially went in under the international pretense of a pro, humanitarian and pro democracy mission. however, all of you believe, but the very fact and speed of this taliban take as many people point to the defeat 1st. militarily. politically, the sounds is a very humiliating time for the west and that foreign policy because the west has always predicated its entire regimes on being the most robust. and it's not just on to will activists that have this point of view. but even some tory back benches in government, this is completely humiliate for the west. we assembled the most incredible technologically advanced lines. the world is ever seen and were being defeated by an insurgency that armed with a k 40 sevens in all p. jeez. this will be the biggest own goal made by the west. so far this century, the humanitarian disaster that is about to unfold will be catastrophic. the
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migration challenges will be huge. we will see further terrorist attacks. we know over the weekend, 600 troops deployed as a rescue mission to try and get these people back safely. that includes british nationals, but also gone is that help assist the british army during the occupation already around 300 people have been flown back. the idea is around 121500, throughout the next few days till the total $4000.00 and brought home. but we've seen absolute, chaotic scenes cobble. what we do know is the military side of the port, as in the british side where. a the british planes are in the airport on this point in time. secure. however, the defense secretary ben wallace here in the united kingdom, speaking how they are today. and a radio interview became, is they're very emotional. he even became quite choked up. some people get back and we will do our best and countries, the processes people. why do you feel it?
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so personally mr. wallace can undersold because it's 20 is a sacrifice. is what it is. parliament is being recalled back from some a recess on wednesday. i'll be thinking of everything from the war on terra's gender and foreign policy in the 1st place to the very fact that 5 weeks ago, the prime minister for johnson said that the takeover would be out of the question of this lee. that is actually wrong at this point. so many people will be questioning the prime minister on all of that. but what about the intelligence that provided this nato, ex, this in the 1st place? and crucially, what will happen, stuart, of these refugees over the last 18 years, millions of people in australia. so i have been displaced, and now we are set to see quite undoubtedly another refugee crisis, and as much pressure here in the united kingdom to provide safe and legal passages,
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but in light of quite a hostile context from the home office in terms of its refugee processes, there's a lot of criticism against the government at this point. so what we'll see on wednesday is a huge array of persons. most of all, of course, $50000.00 civilians died during this 18 year occupation. 500 british troops. many people, question, what was it all for? well, that's the wrap for all this house cover of the unraveling situation in afghanistan . we have been across the story closely getting as much inside as we can from. bows on the ground is, was analysis from exports all across the world. will continue to bring our view is the latest as the comes in over the coming hours and days. do say she and here with us here on all things and asked the the,
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you need to descend. the join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows. ah ah, remember when abide and there's a tale bond take over stand now and editable. no, it is not because you have the african intrigues. have 300000 well equipped as well as crypt is any army in the world and an air force against something like 75000 colleagues. it is not inevitable. and then even went on to say this, there's going to be no circumstance for you to see people be lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all come from
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. well, the shy of 40 days later we have images like this one coming from google. and yes, there are the images of helicopters, listing americans off to us in the state. and now the taliban has announced the renaming of the country. the law mac m. look that up, dana, dan. so why did president biden? it's totally get the future for us, get us in so wrong. and what is being called biden's? gone moment as a reference to the failures, the u. s. suffered in vietnam in 1975. we're going to discuss the long, outspoken critic of the war, and i'm going to stay in congressman and i'm going to bring you at the latest comments on the africana stand from the president following his emergence from vacation. as was the $360.00 view on whether or not the biden administration deserves a blame for the expedius class of the african government. considering this was something president trumpet declared. he was going to do as well. with the same
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chain of events have transpired under trumps direction. i'm sorry now you've and you're watching news use use right here in our t america. let's get started. ah . the caliber has taken over afghanistan with an unexpected strength and speed that has the body ministration. scrambling to evacuate remaining americans and afghans who helped us forces during the 20 year war artesia, john putty has more. tells a tragic story. desperate afghans hopelessly clinging to the side of the u. s. air force, c, 17 gen. some reportedly falling to their deaths as it took off over cobble inside the jet, or some 800 people flown to the u. s. air force base in doha cutter. they were the lucky one. at least 7 people were killed as thousands of afghans rushed. the how
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many cars i international airport and cobble trying to escape afghanistan as the taliban continued its fast defensive satellite photo show the airport over run with people, men, women and children. futilely trying to leave aboard any and all planes. taliban leaders took over the presidential powers in cobbled sunday, lowering the afghan national flag. president sheriff gunny fled the country. taliban forces continued to advance over the weekend, taking control of cobble afghanistan's other major cities. the taliban leader mall . abdulla gonna die called on taliban fighters. not to be quote unquote, arrogant as they continue to take control by dar will join others senior taliban leaders in cobble attack. their spokesman and cutter, meanwhile, said the town that will protect the security of atkins and their property on the security of the call. the city and that the, the properties of people,
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the honor, are not autumn, harder, and people are not killed. it is important for us to take all the necessary meteor for the security of people. so they actually are going now, but some fear it will be anything but a peaceful transfer of power with the taliban, despite its messages of inclusivity and peace. hunting down those who helped us in western forces and further subjugating women and other africans, the rushed withdraw from the u. s. embassy and cobble has drawn comparisons to the fall of saigon in 1975, president, inviting, cut short his vacation to fly back to washington. d. c. to address the ongoing crisis as his administration scrambles to do damage control. and president by.


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